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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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his legislative agenda and getting it through the congress. that includes replacing obamacare. fox business will stay on this and bring you any new developments. thank you for having us in your homes. making money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. president trump kicked off the first business day of his presidency meeting with top business leaders and speaking with union bosses. trump vowed his executive actions to withdrawal the u.s. from tpp and other accompany manufacture the products on u.s. soil will greatly benefit union workers. >> we have a lot of planned expansion and a lot of brand-new plans. we met with the head of ford today, the head of many great companies. johnson & johnson. they're very, very excited about what we're doing. you guys will be responsible for getting those plants built in nine months instead of 18 years.
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charles: so did the democrats just lose their union base to discuss a political and economic ramifications of all today's white house events brian, heather, ford o'connell, and van. we've got competing articles here. so i'm going to go with heather first. but we're going to talk about yours. but heather wrote a piece about the promise of president trump. the first business day, are you happy with what we saw? we didn't get 200 executive orders, but i think what we saw was a very good preview of what's to come. >> i'm thrilled. we had a piece that was in usa today that we talked about and actually the first executive order on health care was exactly what i had hoped he would do. the meeting today is clearly one of the points i make is that this is the first president we have who totally understands marketing and branding. this was a clearly well thought out day that underscored his message and underscored the fact that he was the president of all of america, not just a partisan president by bringing in the union leaders, by bringing in the business guys, and having a very different outlook on
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the role of business in american life where it's not the enemy that needs to be regulated and sucked dry for taxes. but a source of security and opportunity and jobs that benefit all americans. charles: right, in fact, progressives are doing trump a big favor displaying their content. and it's going to make it easier him being the peoples president. and you wrote that now mr. trump is not your president. don't leave the forgotten americans behind. of course referring back to a quote that richard nixon made a long time ago. do you think he did that today? do you think he set the right tone where you have the big time ceos, but you also have union workers, many of who ironically had never even been invited to the white house. >> he's off to a great start, charles. and i think one thing's for sure. this is not a low energy president. this is a high energy president who listens. he's listening to the ceos. he's hands on. he's asked them to come back in 30 days with ideas to
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stimulate our economy from a manufacturing standpoint. and you're i argue in my piece that besides keeping america safe, his top priority has got to be rebuild the economy in rural america. and in the rust belt. and when i see him appointing poom he like wilbur ross to be secretary of commerce. someone who has decimated economy and revitalize. i think he realizes that he can't let these people down. they're the ones who elected him. and i think they saw as the last chance to save the america that they once knew. charles: wilbur ross known for going in the most distressed areas and building them into enterprises. brian, from a business point of view, you have the ceos here, the ceo of dow chemical kind of cobbled together this crew. and what i found interesting
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is if you look at the most interesting quarter, dow chemical his company, 65% of their business comes from outside -- came from outside of the united states. johnson & johnson, a big chunk almost half their business from outside the united states. international paper, i think the name says it all. so within 30 days, how do these guys come back with a plan that says i do a lot of business in china. can i build a factory there at least for my chinese workers? >> well, i think what they have to do is they have to make the case that the regulatory cuts can really be big here in terms of helping american businesses come back. they love the sound of that. and frankly, i think it's the most important thing trump is talking about right now. so they have to go back and say, look, if you can really do this regulation piece right, it's going to be great for us, we're going to reinvest. it's going to be great for new business startups, and it's going to be great for the foals you have in your office. let's focus on that win, win, win, and not something that can create a win lose situation. charles: on that note, ford, barack obama, he leveled
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regulations that add up to $800 billion a year. so when president trump talks about removing 75% of it, yeah, that's certainly music to the ears of manufacturer, homebuilder, or anybody out there looking for a job. >> no. you're absolutely right. look, charles, when was the last time union leaders and business leaders came away from the white house happy? i think it was 1984. and it's a great way to go. if you want to unleash 4% economic growth in america, you're going to have to focus on three sectors. that's going to be manufacturing, energy, and tech, and they've been hobbled greatly by regulations. i think the other great thing that president trump also said was that he wants to drop the corporate tax code from 35% to 15 to 20%. obviously the devil's in the details. but i think we're off to a strong start on day one of donald trump trying to make the case that he wants to unleash jobs, higher wages, and america economic growth going forward. charles: here's the thing, though, brian.
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ere's ecomic purists out there going, hey, if you go down to 15, 20%, you're talking about huge deficits. it's going to balloon, we're going to be in huge trouble. especially if we don't have a border adjustment tax, which might have brought in a billion dollars. so how does he square this, even within his own party. >> he has to get serious where they're going to cut spending. he has made promises around medicare, for example, and social security. it's tough now because that's really where you're going to get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of being able to cut costs. those are long-term programs. he has talked about spending cuts. he's going to have to get serious about it because you're right. when you do corporate tax reform, you're going to lose out on revenue there, and you have to find a way to plug that hole. charles: where do you want to see now? by all accounts a hugely successful day. beyond the energy that van hip talked about was he hit the key areas that people wanted to see hit. a whole lot of other things that a lot of people are really hoping for, especially these tax breaks. >> well, i would disagree with you ever so slightly because,
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yes, in the static model you really lose revenue. but you also have a lot of money that can finally be repatrioted and come back and be used towards the growing economy. but as donald trump himself said or president trump now that we should be calling him that. regulations are even more important than tax policy. and we have had the wrong model on regulatory policy so that the interstate highway system took ten years to approve and build. it now takes ten years just to do the approval. it's all of this obsessive micromanagement on a lot of rules that make absolutely no impact, and they're a waste of everybody's time and effort but hugely expensive and a real deterrent to construction effort because we've taken human responsibility out of it. so i hope that phillip howard and his proposals that he has been advancing will get high play. because then we're not talking about one or two for every one that we put in, we're talking
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about 20 for every one that we put in, and it would be smarter for what we want to accompsh. charles: van, how do you want to see the rest of the week play out? >> this is a great first busiss day. i want to see it continue. and it's great having a president who is advocating mainstream capitalism. that's how woulder going to rebuild this country and erase the $20 trillion deficit. charles: i love that. main street capitalism. i may steal that one. well, sean spencer had strong answers and to be quite frank, very candid answers. next
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. charles: the trump white house holding the first official press meeting, sean spicer was grilled relentlessly. >> it's not about one tweet. it's not about one picture. it's about a constant theme. it's about sitting here every time and being told "no." well, we don't think he'll do that. he can't accomplish that. he can't win that. it's not going to be the biggest. it's not that good. the crowds aren't that big. it's not that successful. the narrative and the narrative is always negative, and it's demoralizing. charles: it's demoralizing. that was his reply. that was sean spicer's reply after a third time a reporter brought up saturday where there was some dispute about
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the crowd size, he came out, more or less chastise the press, walked away, wasn't really a press conference, per say. and of course they kept going at him, and going at him, and i was shocked that he said that the whole thing was sort of demoralizing because to agree, it almost humanized donald trump in a sense that here's this giant thing that everything bounces off of. but, hey, every once in a while, these things bother us because you guys have been on attack day one. >> even after the inauguration press. two days in, nbc, msnbc, they brought up one name. not donald trump, not ronald reagan. adolf hitler. because he uses a slogan called america first. making an argument where economic protectionism. it has nothing to do with race. so that's why it's demoralizing because even at the moments where the media should be a little bit.
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guy just gave an inauguration address. it's the 45th president. should be a happy time. and instead, you're invoking hitler. and then martin luther king a bust in the white house, it's reported by time magazine zeek miller that it was removed. you know how sensitive that is? and then they say, oh, he apologized foot. well, a lie can go halfway around the world before you can get the truth on it. charles: i think it can go all the way around the world. >> and i agree with them. charles: people who understand history that know there have been a couple of political parties in this country. one years back that was supposedly anti-semitic. donald trump and his team probably know about that but to joe's point what they're trying to say is that, hey, in this particular context, we understand our role in this world, but we've lost our way because we've supported the rest of the world at the detriment of americans. >> yes. i think the trump team could have made a better argument or slogan from the i couldn't tell youth set. because myself it was a little bit -- put me back on my heels. not the best one. . charles: but does that slogan
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from here and forever, does it always have to be identified with enough obscure political party from 100 years ago? or can it be applied with another meaning? >> i would hope that we can reapply it. but considering within the campaign, the anti-semitism that came out from the right, that makes it a little bit more sensitive. however, what donald trump should focus on and sean spicer himself, they should pivot. they should go out and say, hey, we're here to talk about the big issues. not what the slogan is but what the results will be. and we can do this. talk about his infrastructure plan. talk about how he pulled out of tpp today. . charles: do you feel somewhere there was a -- sort of a reversion, if you will. it felt like maybe there was that pivot point during the course of this press conference, and i think it was when sean spicer talked about how demoralizing this nonstop attack on donald trump has been from the time he came down on the escalator.
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>> i think it actually came when sean spicer walked out and made the joke about him on saturday night and how he will never be the most popular press secretary of as josh earnest. and he was able to put a very factual list of accomplishments that president trump had made in his first three days of office. so that was a win for trump's team. charles: we've seen unrelenting from hollywood actors to reporters. and do you think it will change at all? do you think no matter what this will change? is this is? this is what we're going to have to endure for the next four years? >> all the money, charles. this is a money show; right? all the money. the money leads to clicks here. clicks, ratings. and attacking donald trump is very good for certain businesses. charles: even if addressing done in a press conference. are they trying, for instance, cnn make jim acosta some sort
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of sympathetic figure? oh, they haven't gone out to acosta yet? >> 45 minutes in and jim acosta hasn't been asked a question. and, oh, by the way, during president obama's first 36 solo press conferences, fox news wasn't called on 22 times. not everybody gets a trophy in these situations. not everybody gets a question. and if you're an anchor, stop whining about that. >> because you saw many reporters complaining that the apasn't given the first question. it was the new york post. they thought that the sacred cow, which clearly the constitution outlined that the ap gets the first question at any press briefing was somehow vile. charles: there's a new sheriff in town. by the way, i thought sean did an amazing, amazing job today. he answered so many questions. he was patient, and he was humorous. thank you, guys. >> a little bit like sean spicer. can we just get a quick close-up? . charles: when they do a movie. when they do the movie, he can do the stunt scenes. coming up, the hottest company in china looking to plant $7 billion roots in the united states. we're talking about making
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>> going to spend a tremendous amount of money on building a massive plant and probably so that's what we want. we want people -- we want to start making our products again. we don't want to bring them in. we want to make them here. and that doesn't mean we don't trade because we do trade, but we want to make our products here. charles: president trump pressing his america first platform this morning commenting on reports that taiwan tech maker may make a $7 billion plant right here in the united states. the fact is that a lot of foreign companies could be lining up to build in america. i think the caveat is if donald trump can make it attractive to do so again, here to discuss heather higgins. $7billion. we should remind the audience
6:22 pm
that this is the company that essentially makes the iphones, the samsung phones and, you know, it's been an economic miracle. th have ne from nothing to one of the biggest manufacts in cna. >> yeah. this is a company that has brought in a lot of migrant workers in china. it's part of china's shift from rural areas to urban areas. but i think the challenge here is that in china, you do have cheap labor. you do have a lack of safety in many aspects. and it's going to be tough for the u.s. to compete with that. i think the focus is going to be on creating economic conditions that foster that competition, rather than trying to pull them over here by subsidy because that's something that comes at the expense of local businesses. charles: well, i think some of these businesses are starting to negotiate with donald trump in public, heather. similar to the way he's negotiating with them. remember, baehr saying pass this thing, we'll do business with you, we'll bring more business to america. we've heard the automakers kind of saying, hey, if you can get rid of these cafe standards, it will be easier for us to compete.
6:23 pm
so i understand that part of it. but the notion of $7 billion and perhaps 50,000 jobs is amazing to me. >> it really is extraordinary. but it's also a testament to trump's -- dare i say it. political skill; right? he understands the impact that he can have at this juncture by simply a tweet. and companies like apple and foxcon are smart enough to get ahead of the curve on this stuff. they don't want to be taken to the woodshed for not doing it, so they're coming out advance of the game to at least lay out in broad concept, even though there aren't any specific plans yet what they might be doing. so they're on the right side of the ledger for pr purposes and to inoculate themselves against the wroth of the president. charles: so here we have foreign investment in america. peaked $200,810,000,000,000. i think 2014 it was 100 billion. if there's a way to lure 100,
6:24 pm
$200 billion of foreign money investing in america. isn't that a game changer? >> yeah. it absolutely is. and, again, if we do it a more competitive regulatory environment. and one of the things that fox consaid would be important to them. that pursued renewable energy sometimes the cost of affordability. and so -- charles: you don't like the subsidies, though. >> no. i don't. charles: because subsidies would play a major role. elon musk who has gotten very close it appears to donald trump. he was at the meeting today. he just built this gigafactory, the first phase. this thing is going to be one of the most ultimate. government welfare. that's something that donald trump -- >> i'm not a big fan of that approach, here's why. the administration big corporations. and i think that it would be a misstep to the companies that are big enough to come because ultimately it is taxpayers
6:25 pm
that are funding that in many instances, and i felt the local businesses aren't getting the -- charles: the local -- >> besides that, the government has a terrible track record. . charles: so you filled in simply 15% corporate tax, 20%. that's the ultimate one, two punch. >> i'm i believer that prices and profits are really a marker for a successful idea that's really needed. if it's a really good idea, then you should not necessarily need those subsidies, particularly sometimes you even have regulations and subsidies that lock in technology at a particular level without letting it really advance to where it becomes successful. so letting markets work again, really, and letting that creativity flow, which is what made this country so great in the first place, that's what we really need to get back to. charles: i have a feeling they will do it. also, being close to the customer; right? because they're going to be selling
6:26 pm
these display units mostly to americans. ladies, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: trump team still duking it out with senate democrats and republicans over his cabinet picks. the latest on political boxing match. next (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that,
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charles: the senate is convening as we speak. we expect the senate to vote on mike pompeo at 7:00 p.m. trump is starting his first week with just two cabinets secretaries. this is the lowest number in decades, especially compared to former president barack obama. rex timer on's nomination for secretary of state was pushed through by the foreign relations committee and will go to the full senate for a vote. katie, it's so interesting that the media had its fascination with donald trump and how quickly he would put his cabinet together. he made the selections very
6:31 pm
quickly. all the food drags was going on. >> i mean of course that's democrats, that's dragging out the process as long as they possibly can. they don't have the votes to stop anything. now they are going to drag things out as long as they can. and they will say see how many cabinet members he has, look how divisive he's being. he's selecting people for his cabinet secretaries that are pulling people apart. we are just doing our jobs by pointing out and dragging out this process. chles: doesn'tt iseem like a dumb political move? >> absolutely. >> i don't get it. over the weekend you had
6:32 pm
mcconnell and graham saying we are going -- we are okay with rex tillerson. today marco rubio followed through. there was something ominous about the way he gave up rex tillerson the okay. what the heck is he talking about? >> this is the one nomination that concerned me the most. to have senators graham, rubio and more tells me the 52 republican senators will stand together to get all of the president's nominees through. but i think what he's talk about. he's sending a signal that tour
6:33 pm
assistant secretaries need to be prepared. president obama put forward people to be am bass doarts of countries who knew nothing about those countries. and he had to pull them. this is a good signal today, and i have got to tell you friday went and was over with and we did not have a cia director voted on and confirmed by the u.s. senate is inexcusable. >> you make a good points. but understand something, senator marco rubio didn't want to encourage trump's wrath and it would be a bad time to stand up against rex tillerson when the world is unstable. we talked about the 15 cabinet members. but you are going to need almost a thousand total confirmations. what the democrats are doing is
6:34 pm
not only stupid, it's also down right insane. they are telling you they are putting parts of political differences ahead of progress. charles: the pompeo thing was supposed to be done on friday. chuck human were pulled the switch-a- >> . switch-a-roo. when you get to the point when you start to lie to your colleagues -- >> you are going to huff and puff and drag everything out as long as you can, and there is no reason why. it makes them look bad, it makes them look liar sore losers just because they want to give trump a hard time. they are not giving him a chance or doing accurate, truthful vetting of his secretaries. look at sessions and the way they used racism against him. it's not fair and it's not
6:35 pm
right. charles: thank you very much. really appreciate it. investors showing some concern over what's happening in washington, d.c. for importantly, they are looking for a catalyst. do not panic. my market commentary is next.
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charles: secretary of defense james mattisweighting no time attack the islamic state.
6:38 pm
charles: the market spent the day spinning its wheels as investors were rubbernecks trump's actions.
6:39 pm
will the actions come at the expense of profits? 22 conference calls have mentioned trump or the trump administration. it was brought up 27 times. tax policies and regulations were mentioned most often. trump policy 41 times. with respect to taxes and 30 times wherect to regulation. trump talked about cutting regulations and taxes massively. additional regulations that discussedly crush regulations and homebuilding. it's music to the ears of investors and home builders.
6:40 pm
but how is the administration going to mete out punishment for manufacturing outside the united states. scenario b, a company in fact a lost these companies that met with the white house today get their money from abroad. dow gets 65% of its revenue from outside the united states. johnson and john, the say thing. they do robust business out of this country. what would be the punishment for manufacturing overseas? i think they will be okay. kevin blank was in the white house. all under armor gear is made in asia, southing with central america or mexico. would he be forced to bring some
6:41 pm
of that manufacturing back to america to avoid criticism. on that one the question is still i don't know. it's going to be fun to watch, i think they will more or less get that done to bring jobs back to america. as long as down days are like today, i remain upbe. there weren't any disasters. after the bell, yahoo beat on the top and bottom lines. you have got two companies in attendance at the white house. i can't wait to hear what they have to say. coming up, remember when liberals said everybody must accept the result of the elect. they should now take their own advice. we'll be right your insurance company
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charles: november 8 was a heartbreaker for liberals, including ground rules for the loser, accepting the next at administration and no pouting. as it turns out the pundits were wrong and all those rules were tossed out the window. from attacking barron trump to hijacking a women's event and making it about anti-trump. this enraged trump hater had to be escorted off a plane after she berated a donald trump supporter.
6:46 pm
>> i would like to change seats. you don't have that right. >> you put that man's finger on the nuclear button. that man doesn't believe in climate change. do you believe in gravity. charles: as elizabeth warren would say it's time for liberals to put on their big girl and boy panties. jamie, it's so great to see you. you were down there and saw some of this. >> in washington i saw first a patriotic inauguration. then i had the privilege of covering the military at their ball. then i hit the streets and i couldn't believe what i saw. destruction, anger. and way too much people complaining based on the number on the liberal side to vote.
6:47 pm
when i arrived in new york the same thing. so i started to read the signs to see what they were complains about. other than the i borings issue, it seemed a lot of the things they wanted trump has southeast addressed and said he will take care of. if you are going to teach kid that you are going to bring to a protest. take them to the voting booth. 8 your case in a vote, then see what happens. charles: i guess this could are been authentic, legitimate women's march. they pushed out all the pro-lifers, then it became anti-trump. >> that's what we are seeing on the left. we are easy to say we are inclusive, but exclusive with some political ideas. i think it was a good weekend for democracy. we had a peaceful transition of power. and i was evenraged toee
6:48 pm
my entire instagram feed by my friend agreeing with trump, disagreeing with trump, taking to the streets in peaceful protest. i think that peaceful protest is our expression of america's rights. it has to be done with civility unlike the woman on the plane. charles: madonna didn't seem peaceful talking about blowing up the white house. ashley judd had it going fire and brimstone. >> these protests, a lot of them have been riots ever since donald trump was elected president of the united states. there was a lipolit on fire. a bank of america broken into. i want to know where is elizabeth warren, where is obama, where is hillary when their base is descending into chaos and their taking a vacation because they are sore
6:49 pm
losers? harry reid made things worse. it's their responsibility to take care of their base and tell them to knock this stuff off. charles: the guy on the plane, the husband, he looked pretty hen pecked. he looked embarrassed. jamie's show "strange inheritance." when have two new episodes. you meet a family, the father was associated with the u.s. mint. >> he was, and i learned so much about error coins. he had one that his dad tossed in a baggy. when a son inherits the coins he checks them out and he gets the surprise of his life. charles: a quick sneak peek?
6:50 pm
>> they can't be very valuable if they are still sitting in a ziplock. >> those aren't, necessarily. but there is one that was very valuable. >> where is it, can i see it? >> i don't have it. there is a little bit of a story. jamie: he episode we are completing has a story and a half. we basically went and did our investigation and found out there were great stories to tell. so it is on tonight. we enjoyed it so much. it's 9 to 9:30. if you missed the lincoln episode you can see that tomorrow night. >> ladies. thank you very much. president trump promised on the campaign trail he would wipe
6:51 pm
isis off the face of the earth. is first day in office made an impression.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
charles: we are learning that "saturday night live" writer katie rich who put out that unfortunate tweet about barron tweet has been suspended. katie rich who went often do *'s son now suspended. defense secretary-general mattis hit the ground bombing. 31 strikes on isis targets during his first day on the job. captain nash, this is stuff we want to hear. >> absolutely. this is going through centcom. what will be interesting is not the ongoing military operation,
6:55 pm
i'll be interested to learn what the changes are to the rules of engagement. of the 31 strikes, 25 very interesting were around in this area, and 22 of the 25 were in raqqa. that sends a strong message. charles: we talked a lot before the election and after about the morale within the military. how do you have think your former colleagues in the military feel right now. >> general mattis did not bring a knife to a gunfight, he brought a grenade. he stated we need a military on the battlefield so the enemy has it longest and worst day when it encounters our force. we need to make sure our
6:56 pm
adversaries understand what we'll not demonstrate. he demonstrated that today. he made it clear, it's no longer a cocktail party, boys, i'm here to kick some rear end. charles: apparently russia has taken the leads in peace talks with syria. with the trump administration what do you think will be our role. donald trump said anyone who helps us kill isis, we are in. >> to send a representative there, by going, whatever they come up with it's almost like a silent seal of approval and it may be a booed deal. i see that as something that is a lose-lose. i don't see is joining into that. syria as a whole. since the russians and the syrians have the predominance of force in country and the turks look like they are siding with
6:57 pm
the russians. the train has left. the train left a long time ago. for to us run it down, we look foolish and weak. >> jack ma is the richest man in china forra for alibaba. he says america mass squandered its wealth upon war. does he have a point there, and should we consider that when we put together foreign policy from heren out? >> i don't think he should have any influence on our foreign policy. >> this also a man who wants new world leadership, an says that will lead to us prosperity. that sounds like a globalist. he does have a point about waste. we have $125 billion alone in
6:58 pm
the pentagon that has been hidden and wasted. meanwhile our troops have not had adequate equipment but we have been wasting dollars within the pentagon. can we assure we are not wasting money? absolutely. but what we also have to do is expedite and finish the job. otherwise we'll be in this war for another 10 years and we'll have more money going down the drain. charles: i think the feeling in america itself is that weave squandered our financial riches and the blood our best young people in theaters we should have never been in the first place. the europeans have figured out main that isn't a good idea either. nations are strongest when they
6:59 pm
are unified not when they are celebrating their divisiveness. they should be celebrating the common denominator. we've need to celebrate that americanness which is why president trump did such a powerful job. americans looked at that and said america first, yeah, america. charles: from here on out the use of our force -- we know we have some unfinished business to settle. after that how would you like to sight played out? >> we have to insure we understand our enemy. i don't think we understood what we went into with iraq. when we withdraw we even made it worse. we made a bad faith situation worse. we have a problem with isis in 34 countries where it didn't exist before. we must face this enemy and resolve this, otherwise it will
7:00 pm
go on and on. i think general mattis has the right idea. he's going in and making a brusque statement to the world. charles: i feel fantastic that he's there. lou: in the first few days of his presidency mr. trump is demonstrating his administration is in the business of keeping promises. president trump's focusing much of his day on job creation, trade and the economy. sinning we want to bring manufacturing back to her country. lou: establishment elites are panicking. senator chuck schumer is losing on policy in votes and he's making a desperate pitch to oppose everything president trump proposes. >> it's a different cabinet than we havever seen. we call it a swonk cabinet of llionaires and bankers and there are so many of them


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