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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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watch a whole new episode, two of them of strange inheritance of jamie colby tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only right here on fox business. i love that. >> i do too. i do too. absolutely. and, again, for the next -- for the rest of the year, we're going to be following every tick inside the beltway. >> risk and reward now. liz: it's action monday, president trump signing a number of executive actions making good on his campaign promises on obamacare, jobs, trade, and reducing government. the question is are executive orders on border security? are they coming next? welcome to risk and award i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. happening right now, hosting a congressional leadership direction at the white house. both democrats and republicans are there. we're on it. we're monitoring it. we will bring you any details as they come out. and to the next hour, the president plans to meet one-on-one with house speaker paul ryan. last friday the new president
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quickly signed an order instructing federal agencies to minimize the financial burden of obamacare as they could. today, president trump took swift action signing executive orders, ranging from withdrawing from the transpacific trade deal to stopping u.s. taxpayer dollars from paying for overseas abortion. to a federal hiring freeze that does not include the military. and also this, the president also called to the white house top executives from major manufacturers, including dow chemical, ford motor, and lockheed martin to talk about increasing u.s. manufacturing jobs. >> we're going to start making our products, and there will be advantages to companies that do indeed make their products here. what we're doing is we are going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class and for companies. we're trying to get it down to anywhere between 15 and 20%,
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and it's now 35%. i have people that tell me they have more people working on regulations than they have doing product. and it's out of control. it has gotten out of control. when somebody wants to put up a factory, it's going to be expedited. you have to go through the process, but it's going to be expedited, and we're gng take care of the environment. liz: wheyou ok at the tape, the ceos lk likehey came out of the meeting pretty happy. >> the team was incredibly engaged. but to say the president was engaged is an understatement. the meeting went way over the time allotted, and we listened very carefully, and he listened to us about the agenda that this administration wants to put forward to really make the manufacturing company better. we create jobs, create jobs and ecosystems, and we create jobs across the value chain. >> i come out with a lot of confidence that the president is very, very serious on
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making sure that the united states economy is going to be strong, policies, tax regulatory or trade to drive that, and i think that encourages all of us as ceos as we make decisions going forward. so very, very positive meeting. i think very positive meeting for the united states of america and manufacturing in general. >> i would take the president at his word here. he's not going to do anything to harm competitiveness. he's going to make us all more competitive. liz: plus, labor union leaders who normally back democrats just moments ago praising donald trump. >> we just had probably the most incredible meeting of our careers with the president, the vice president, and the senior staff when the president laid out his plans about how he's going to handle trade, how he's going to invest in infrastructure, and how he's going to level the playing field for construction and work all workers across this country. and then took the time to take everyone in the oval office and show them the seat of power in the world. the respect that the president
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of the united states just showed us and when he shows it to us, he shows it to three million of our members in the united states. nothing short of incredible. liz: that was labor leaders from who represent factory workers. steel makers, machinists. let's take this to senior washington correspondent peter barns in dc. he reports that even more executive actions could be coming up, and i think, peter, you may have information of what president trump could still do on his own, via executive orders. yeah. that's right, liz, and of course one of the big ones is immigration and the president -- i keep -- i still have to shift over from president-elect to president. but president trump did not get around to doing anything on executive orders on immigration today. but president obama did do a couple of major immigration executive orders as you recall. one to allow young immigrant children of immigrant families
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to stay in the u.s. about 700,000 of them a few years back. i recall 2012. and then he had another executive order that allowed another 3 million or so undocumented people here to stay in this country through enforcement of certain immigration rules. so a lot of trump supporters have been expecting him to sign executive orders to reverse those orders from president obama. but today, sean spicer, the white house press secretary indicated that there was nothing imminent in the next day or so on that. he was asked specifically about whether or not they would sign -- president trump would sign the executive order to reverse the provisions covering the younger people, the children of undocumented people who are living here, and he suggested that there was nothing imminent on that particular agenda item. we're also watching the rex
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tillerson confirmation hearing. the senate foreign relations committee is voting on that right now, and it appears that he will be voted out of the senate foreign relations committee. rex tillerson, the former head of exxonmobil and that his nomination will be sent to the senate floor later this evening and that a full vote on his nomination as secretary of state will come and perhaps as early as tonight, maybe tomorrow. liz: peter, got a question for you. i have a question for you. >> sure. liz: i think that we're seeing president trump could suspend immigration from terror-prone regions and countries. are you hearing anything about that? >> well, remember, as far as allowing asylum or allowing immigrants from -- originally called for a ban on muslim immigrants. but then he walked that back a bit, and he changed that to countries that have experienced terrorist activities, terrorism of some kind. so we do expect him to follow
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up on that at some point. no specifics on that today from the press secretary or the president. liz: peter barns, always terrific to see you. thank you so much for your great reporting. thanks again. >> thanks. liz: president trump beginning the overhaul of the federal government on his own by signing the first executive orders. right out of the gate, obamacare, jobs, trade, and cutting the size of government. but president trump supporters think they want border security. that's what we see in the polls. so let's ask that question of retired lieutenant colonel and former florida congressman allen west. colonel, president trump he can largely move on his own without congress, the executive orders to suspend immigration from terror-prone countries or kick out criminal illegal immigrants. so to you, sir. which should president trump do first? >> well, it's good to be with you, liz. and i think one of the most important things that president trump has to do is establish a -- an ideology, a theme that america's open for business. you know, we just
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came out of eight years from an administration with someone who said that if you own a business, you didn't build that. well, that's not what we want to have. we don't want to have policies that force businesses and corporations to leave america to corporate inverges. we want them to come back here, we want them to bring the trillions of dollars back. and then we can shift very easily to have those orders and look at our border security, it's v that we don't allow people to come into the united states of america that are coming from countries that have terrorist sanctuaries operating there. and if you look at what has happened over in europe with germany, i think we have an issue with single military age muslim males that have come and infiltrated through this refugee problem. but i think first and foremost is economic growth. and i'm sure the president can walk and chew gum. we have to focus on domestic security and international security. liz: okay. getting back to the domestic security that you bring up, colonel. the president is now moving off nafta.
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but oddly many of the ceos at the white house today, many of them had mentioned that they had never been invited to the oval office before. what do you make of that? will go to has been it's very simple. again, i go back to the previous eight years where you had an administration that was not focused on the private sector. they were not focused on economic growth. if you remember in 2008, then candidate obama when he was a senator, he said everyone is better off when we spread the wealth around. that was the really the undermining philosophy, the underlining philosophy of how he sought to govern. and when he could not get the things right as far as governing through legislation, he just did it by a pen. so it's not about washington d.c. being the center of power, and i think that's one of the things that president trump talked about in his inauguration speech. liz: yeah, colonel, the democrats right now committing political malpractice because they are having a fit right now. they basically are not letting
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the new guard coming up to get excited about the new democrat leader -- leaders. it's the old guard still there, and they're basically saying we're just going to attack personally president trump. we're going to attack people who work for him. we're going to try to bring him down with no energetic electroifying vision for their own plans for job growth; right? do you see democrats doing that in any way? >> well, look, that's the incredible delusion and dangerous game that chuck schumer is playing because if he is seen as an obstructionist to the economic growth policies of president trump as well as the national security policies, it's incredible that we don't have the secretary of state that was in place, attorney general, the head of the department director of national intelligence. you know, chuck schumer think so he's playing this partisan political game, and he can play a price by losing members of his senate in 2018, and you know the thousands of positions that the democrats
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have lost in the house and senate. liz: colonel, the democrats can't even take credit for creating any of the manufacturing jobs if they are coming. even o'neal worked with reagan. even newt gingrich worked with clinton. i think they're icing themselves out of the process, the way that they're behaving, i don't get it. but let's stick to the next one. one of the ceos met with donald trump today will be talking exclusively to maria bartiromo tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. going to tune in, this is what you're going to watch. fedex founder and ceo fred smith. he's the guy to listen to. president trump cabinet picks now delayed by democrats. president obama by this point he had seven confirmations on the day of his inauguration. president trump only has two of his nominees confirmed so far. and here's democratic chuck schumer saying why? he's trying to drain the swamp. >> we call it the swamp cabinet. billionaires and bankers.
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the number of wealthy people. the number of people with conflicts of interest, and the number of people who have disagreed with what trump has complained on is so much more than any other cabinet we've seen. liz: colonel, how is this going to play with the general population? >> it's going to play horrible with the general population. and i don't remember charles schumer or chuck schumer saying anything about john kerry, who is quite the billionaire himself when he wanted to be secretary of state. look, right now the american people want action. they have an election in november. we don't need the democrats to stand in the way and act like all of a sudden to like they're some guardians of the sense of ethics or corruption or elitism. that's why they're not in power in the senate, they're not in power in the house of representatives, and they don't have the white house. so the fact that we don't have an attorney general, cia director, secretary of state, director of national intelligence, that's a reflection on charles schumer, and he's going to have to answer for that because the
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american people want a transition of government, and he is standing in the way. liz: you know, the country you would think to be healthy democracy, there is an opposition party. so where do you see the new decratic leadership? all you see is the old card suppressing the new democratic leadership. to me, that's political malpractice. you can't get energized behind the old guard. >> no. you can't. and the fact that you saw in the house of representatives where representative tim ryan of ohio stood up to challenge nancy pelosi and what did they do? they put nancy pelosi back in and you have charles schumer. so basically you have people from new york and california that are trying to, again, represent the very progressive socialist left, and they're not going to change their ways. the democrat party needs to do a self assessment of what happened to them over the past eight years and in november 2016. but instead, it's the violence, it's the intimidation, it's the threats, it's the marches that continue, but they're not looking at the failure of their policies. liz: you know, it's the blame
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game; right? it's russia, it's james comey, it's everything else and not their lack of policies create job growth. i mean, even democrat factory workers are saying we can't vote for hillary. we don't have a job. so here's the question to you, colonel. would democrats rather have unsuccessful people in the cabinet. remember senator sanders went after that small business man recently and said i'm not concerned with your income. small businesses create the jobs. go ahead. >> well, it's about the denial. and the thing is that they don't understand that it is time for people from outside of washington d.c. who have been successful who were part of a thriving private sector to come in and run the government as a business, and not as their own little slush fund, which is what we've seen. remember when hillary clinton went to west virginia, and she sat down with the coworker after she said that we're going to put coal out of business? and this young man asked why would you want to put me out of work? and she said the government's going to take care of you. that's not what the american people want. the american people want to go out and work hard, they want
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to see the fruits of their own labor. they want to pursue their happiness and not have a group of people say we're going to guarantee you. liz: that's true, colonel. is it fair that president trump is getting a slow start? do you think it's fair that -- or unfair that many of his cabinet members not even being confirmed yet. what do you think? >> well, i think that there's a little bit prior planning that goes along with that, having those people lined up. but right now, you should have had the senate majority leader and minority leader saying, you know, who are your top picks here? who are your national security picks? what's your next important round of picks? your economic team? and we're going to work with you to get those people through, and we're going to facilitate their transition. that's not what you see. when you have someone that is asking the nominee for secretary of education "have you ever filled out a college student loan?" well, guess what. i've never had to fill out a college student loan. liz: all right. thank you very much. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure.
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liz: we want to give you an update on rex tillerson. senator rand paul just voted. it's now tied 10-4 and ten against rex tillerson as secretary of state. they're depending on the tiebreaker, and he has expressed support for tillerson. that's a real neck and neck vote right there. just been named president chairman as president trump. he says he's looking forward to working with the new administration and get the benefits of the digital leads to all americans. we're going to bring you any further updates than that. we're on it. law enforcement and peaceful protesters now say professional "yes." professional anarchists and rioters, they feel the violence in dc over the weekend. more than 230 were arrested, breaking shop windows, breaking car windows, dr. keith is going to give us his take on the protesters. we're on that story. but first, after hammering the press yesterday, white house
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press secretary sean spicer, he held his first press briefing today. we'll bring you the highlights after this. >> there's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. and i'm here to tell you that it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable as well. the american people deserve better.
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>> i just think the magnitude. >> are you saying there's a conspiracy here? >> i'm saying there's an obsession by the media to delegitimatize this president. and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. we are going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. liz: the trump white house vowing they will battle the media in their first days in office. it's happening already.
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white house senior adviser kellyanne conway calling out time magazine for mistakenly and incorrectly reporting that the trump team had removed a bust of martin luther king from the oval office. that did not happen. >> we allowed the press to come into the oval office and witness president trump signing executive orders. and what happens almost immediately? a falsehood is told about removing the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office. no, that's just flat out false. >> and it was corrected immediately. >> why was it said? chuck, why was it said in the first place. >> i don't know climb in the head of that reporter. >> no. excuse me. oh, no. no. in. that falsehood that spread 3,000 times. >> excuse me. it does not excuse, and you did not answer the question. liz: let's take this to the political power panel. they are here, fox news
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contributor angela and democratic strategist danielle. danielle, first to you. what is going on with the media in the trump white house? do they feel the trump white house is spinning like crowd sizes, why get in fights like that? is the media giving the trump administration a chance because they're moving ahead of policy here? >> i think we have to make a distinction between, liz, is the fact that fact checking is not attacking. and we all know that donald trump has been a little bit loosy-goosy with the truth in the past. even in the inauguration speech he talked about rising crime. liz: well, crime is reducing overseas. >> well, violent crime has been decreasing over decades now. but same thing with employees liz: i'm not sure about the violent crimes decreasing. i just feel, angela, they're getting into these fights over crowd sizes. we get it. we know that donald trump has been known to, you know, get
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in fights about his net worth. and now he's going to get in fights about the success of his jobs policies and crowd sizes. angela, here's what happened. white house press secretary sean spicer's first press briefing today, he made the unusual move, sean spicer did this. he took questions from the back of the room. and what do you think about that move? >> listen, a decade ago ago i wrote this book bamboozled how americans are being exploited by the lies of the liberal agenda, and it is a conspiracy. and, yes, ma'am, you should - liz: wait a minute. what do you mean conspiracy? nobody is getting together as a network to do this for the trump administration; right? >> no. no. no. i said the liberal agenda. you do have liberals that do get together and the bottom line is they do put lies out there. and i'm glad that sean spires well played. well played. he's holding their seat to the fire. congratulations, president trump. the american people need to know the truth. and my american out there that wants to protest, write the
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federal communications commission. if you know of a newspaper or reporter you're not happy of, you own newspapers, you own the airwaves. so the american people need to protest. people need to get the facts out there and people are tired. they're sick and tired of being sick and tired. liz: now we have wear in the media really? i mean, this is what's going to happen? this country has a lot of problems, danielle, and now sean spicer, you know, he had a lot of announcements to make about meeting with president trump meeting with ceos and union leaders to create jobs. but reporters from abc, cbs, and cnn, they only focus on the fake crowd numbers at the inauguration. that's their narrative. i mean, let's take a listen. let's watch. viewers, take a listen. >> do you stand by your statement that that was the most watched inaugural -- >> those who acknowledge in the room that senior leadership were not among those hooting and hollering and there were some 40 people in the first front rows who were brought in by trump and pence and pompeo.
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>> why make this crowd size issue something to talk about at all? and why get into it? did it bother the president that much? . liz: that's that's their question? there were many other reporters at the meeting asking policy questions. but, danielle, journalists seem to be stuck on the crowd issue. pole moves made today by the trump administration. >> that's exactly right. this is an hour and a half news conference, and there were some questions about it. but you have to remember the crowd size thing came from the trump administration. sean spicer was sent out there on saturday to talk about the comparison between the inauguration and the women's march. and he stood at the cia in front of the stars of the anonymous heroes and talked about crowd size. i really think it was on trump, and he has the power to end it. liz: angela, can you just answer what danielle just said? go ahead, angela. >> the liberal mainstream media are really good at deflection and distraction. people care about jobs.
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they don't care about crowd size. and i think it's great that people came to washington d.c. to protest their grievances. that's what being an american is all about. but now we need to get down to the business of creating jobs. of creating national security liz: yeah, angela, the thinking when you watch the media saying you look at the crowd numbers, they feel like the administration was top spinning and inflating crowd numbers. and the theory is that donald trump and the administration is going to topspin jobs performance and other policy success stories. go ahead. take that on. >> elizabeth, a great journalist whearticles, or you m give the news is when you don't know who they are. if they're rapport democratic. they need to report the news. whether the administration is spinning, it doesn't matter because you are a journalist and american people need to know the truth. and -- >> it's not that the administration is spinning. . liz: let angela finish. go ahead.
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>> i didn't interrupt you. okay? the bottom line is the american people need to know the truth and prott. write your congressman and put these people in line. sean spice keep up the good work. liz: danielle, go. >> my only point is that it does matter that the administration is spinning, and i agree that journalists need to do their job. the idea is that cnn as an organization is somehow fake news is just nonsense. and hearing that from the president-elect, and he said it, you have to look behind it and figure out -- liz: but, danielle, do you get the sense that donald trump doesn't feel respected? that he feels illegitimate? that they're delegitimatizing him? >> no. and i think what he has done, he has sort of created a foil in the press, and it's something he has done on purpose. liz: he has done did for a reason, though. he's been personally attacked and wrongfully attacked with falsehoods in the past. >> but attacking him whether that was against the press or what he ran against. i think he likes the fact that there's a foil there and the
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americans have to watch the media -- i would say consume media from all sources, that's a smart thing to do. keep critical thinking but also the administration has to keep on. liz: go ahead, angela. >> i think she's right. we do have to have critical thinking. we do have to do fact checking ourselves as american people. but bottom line, again, trump won. how can you say that he's illegitimate? we voted him in office. it's time to stop. liz: right. 63million. yes. all right. we have breaking news. hang on. we have donald trump taking to the microphone in just a few minutes. there was another event, an already busy day. he met with congressional leadership on both sides of the political aisle. both democrats and republicans in the state dinning room of the white house. attendantees included house speaker paul ryan, nancy pelosi, new york senator chuck schumer and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell.
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so what's happening right now, have you seen a president so active on his first day in office? he has done a bunch of executive actions, danielle and alsoet with ceos, labor leads as well. >> absolutely. i thk what he's doing here is strategically really, really smart, and i think it makes sense. he's coming as a -- like he has policy positions from the left and the right, and the idea he's meeting with labor unions as a republican president, it's unheard of. and he's doing the job that america elected him to do. so kudos to donald trump on this. i'm not going to attack him just the fact he's a republican. liz: angela, we're looking at donald trump now, angela, talking to senator chuck schumer. nancy pelosi is there along with paul ryan. so this is a bipartisan meeting right now. >> because he doesn't just represent republicans. now he represents the united states of america, and i'm
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pleased that the democrats and republicans are coming together. because that's what it's going to take to save this nation. we're in trouble. we have so many people on the welfare, so many people with hopelessness and despair, we need to see a leader. you had president-elect trump that brought what? 1,000 jobs to america before he went into the white house. now imagine if we all come together, kumbaya, we can rectify this thing that has been destroyed over the last eight years. barack obama did not create a more prosperous america. barack obama did not create a better america. liz: it was also in the meaning a number of democrats in the meeting. and what's striking here, angela is that earlier in the day, donald trump met with factory union leaders. and this is a democrat. these are historically the guys and the women who back democrats.
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what is going on here? >> i really think that this president will be historical. i think he's going to have a great legacy, and he is going to right the wrong. he is doing it in a little unique way, and they are standing there, and i would suggest tone it down, pull it back, and do the job that we elected you to do. we're making everything about nothing and a lot about nothing when a message is not out how bithe crowds are, it's not about who thinks he's not legitimate when john lewis testified before the senate. it doesn't matter. you're president. you're in the white house. work. . liz: okay. angela and danielle, thank you so much for your time. president trump used his first executive order friday to one of them -- one of the very first to ease the regulatory burdens of obamacare. it's a move that could be aimed at rolling back the laws of so-called individual mandate. here's donald trump's adviser kellyanne conway. >> 20 million who rely upon the affordable care act in
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some form, they will not be without coverage during this transition. lots of folks got caught in that trap and that gap, and he wants to make sure that through that you can buy insurance across state lines, you have health savings accounts. liz: my next guest is a doctor. he says obamacare collapsing under its own weight. joining me now fox news dr. mark siegel. explain to me what you mean by that. >> i'm excited so as to what the doctors office of the future will look like. with all of these regulations rolled back, you've got to imagine what it's like now. a patient comes in, the first thing i say is, well, do i have to cover this? do i have to cover that? is the doctor that i want a refer to participating? because many doctors are dropping obamacare entirely. also truth for medicaid. less than 30% of doctors seeing new medicaid patients, medicare, much less new medicare patients are being seen by physicians these days because we look at the benefits that obamacare mandates, and it's literally
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like a prefixed meal where you go into i arestaurant, and there's a seven course meal that you're paying into. liz: meaning stuff you don't need. >> yeah. and it's cost. have you ever gone seven meals? it's high cost and half of the entrées you don't want to eat, and you're buying them because someone else wants them. and i don't mean to disparage that because i'm a big believer in mammograms, cono cononoscopys, blood tests, a 20-year-old doesn't want to pay for a 50-year-old colonoscopy. if you get rid of all the regulations, premiums are going to go down. and you add an option that's more catasopc where you say to someone here's the minimum. no one ever said that under obamacare. and we're going to pay for it under tax deductible dollars. liz: meaning health savings account. >> exactly. and that's what cassidy was saying today. we're going to start with health savings accounts. everyone is going to get a big tax deduction.
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you can use that to buy the services you need. and guess what? health care of the future. i'll tell you a big secret. it's genetic-based, it's individual, it's personalized medicine. what works for you doesn't work for you. you're sit there and say what about this option? what about that option? it's going to be like a buffe b. liz: there are some parts of obamacare, though, that people do like. yeah, they like the tax subsidies by insurance. but the question is if obamacare gets yanked now, what is the republican's replacement for people who need coverage? because, you know, maybe because of premiums as you point out have skyrocketed so high under president obama that they maybe can't afford coverage right now, and they're scared. >> okay. first of all, all of these plans -- anything you buy is going to be tax deductible with your health savings account, it's going to be tax deductible. secondly, all of these plans are going to allow you to keep what you have. that's one untruth we're not
5:35 pm
going to reproduce here. where president obama said you get to keep your doctor, you get to keep your plan. well, doctors were fleeing, so you couldn't keep your doctor, you couldn't keep your plan. you're going to be able to keep your plan if you like it. that's number one. number two is the medicaid expansion for sure is going to stay in. so the idea that there's suddenly going to be 20- 30 million people without insurance is not going to happen. if anything we're going to be able to insure more people because we're going to offer them catastrophic insurance tax deductible purchased by a health savings account. and one more thing. at the state level. liz: okay. >> one of the key problems with obamacare is it's all superimposed federal regulations. going to be replaced with the states getting back involved again. and as tom price says, the doctor and the patient are going to make this -- liz: got it and maybe insurance across state lines. >> hugely important. liz: come back and give us an update. you're great, doc. thank you so much. look at this story.
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a woman on a antitrump tirade gets kicked off a plane for heckling a supporter of trump. both she and her husband were kicked off the plane. >> well, you don't have that right. >> pretend you have the moral high ground, but you put that man. that man doesn't believe in climate change. . liz: again, the husband and woman. the woman and her husband, rather, were forcibly removed. is cheering broke out from the passengers on the plane. this following multiple inauguration day protests across the country. some have given what is going on, especially when it comes to people getting upset and fighting with strangers. that in particular has some analts upset. they're calling it tds. trump derangement syndrome. with me now fox contributor
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dr. keith. okay. so this is from people standing up for their first amendment rights and speech. because if history tells us anything, sir. people just got off over it as some are telling the protesters. some are upset that many groups would not have rights. but something else is going on with this behavior. in other words, strangers attacking strangers. go ahead. >> yeah, and i think it's not that they're supporting people saying what they have the right to say. first amendment rights because they're suppressing those. i think this is a direct descendant of, well, we kind of understand why there's stuff breaking out at trump rallies. that was toxic. what's happening here is they're detoxing from huge lies that said that they're not responsible for anything that happens in their lives of a negative nature.
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that the state will parent them completely as though they are infants. and you know what they're feeling? they're feeling as if they're being told to grow up and take care of themselves and that we're going to make america a personal automate. and there's a detox effect when you are drunk intoxicated with the state supposed desire to care for you, which is really a desire to control you. this is what happens when you have adults turn into children by the state. they don't grow up right away when there's a new president elected. it takes time. liz: you know, doctor, what we're looking at right now. we're split screening, and there's images right now of black-hooded protesters. they marched unmasked. hundreds of them. and these are the professional anarchists that the fbi is always warned about. they take to these protests, and they commit a lot of violence. and that's what we're showing on the screen now. doc, we didn't see this really in the '90s, and i think it's
5:39 pm
start to change starting in 2004 to your point where people feethat if yodon't vindicate my point of view, we're going to go out and bully and commit violence. so when do -- does this ever get into the acceptance phase? again, nothing wrong with protesting. peaceful protesting is fine. first amendment. but it looks like people to the left. and 63 million people voted for trump all right has now we can see who the intolerant ones are. we didn't see donald trump supporters marching saying we're going to cause all kinds of havoc because we believe that the state is taking away gun rights and taking away other individual rights. no, they did it through the political process. now we see that there are millions of americans who aren't so willing to roll with the process and we have barack obama who will continue i'm afraid to insight division amongst people, even after he leaves office.
5:40 pm
he's going to hang around to remind people, listen, it could be better for you, which is not true. because you could be cared for by the state from cradle to grave. and this man is trying to tell you that that's not your due. well, guess what? it's not a favorite to anyone to disempower, but these people are behaving like children. why? because for eight years we're told that's what it means to be american. that's not what it means. but it's going to take a long time and for some people, they won't ever grow up. they're going to be like the walking dead vampires; right? what do they do? they don't have marrow. they don't have blood, so they take yours. they disempower you. liz: so you're saying they're going to continue to threaten and bully until you agree with them? >> until you agree with their point of view or make it clear that you're not going to change your point of view. or even better when they finally get the data, which
5:41 pm
they will, that there's a better way, and that means relying on yourself with a little help from the government for those folks who can't make it no matter what. but that's a great feeling, self-reliance. autonomy. once they see things start to change in a positive way, there's the pe more of them and more of them come aboard. but we're not going to have elizabeth warren stop lying about being a native american or stop bullying people whom she interviews in congressional forums. so until those things stop, a lot of followers are going to come aboard who also like lies and don't feel they're empowered. they like to be taken care of. liz: i want your comments on madon't even a,she said she thought about blowing up the whitehouse. a lot of still rebelling going on. that gets a little tedious. has she gone too far? >> well, he has she gone too far? what redeeming thing has madonna done from the start of
5:42 pm
her career? she has coaxed people into hypersexuality, let's say, i know we'll get cards and letters. but it's all about her. how do i sell tickets? how doyen rich myself. this is a very, very wealthy woman who is now a champion of the common person and saying, hey, we should blow up the white house. listen, where did personal responsibility go? there are people who live sadly, and i treat some people who live on the edge. when a supposed role model says something like blow up the white house, she could be talking to the wrong person at the wrong time. this is an example of the hyperdramatic hollywood culture that seeks to hijack people's better judgment. liz: and madonna now saying those comments are taken out of context. >> how can you take them out of context? wow? . liz: we'll be monitoring the story. thank you so much for your time. great to have you. >> same here.
5:43 pm
liz: inaugural protests on the left violent. many police officers injured. many more arrested after president trump's inauguration. more than 230 arrested. next we have a trump supporter who showed up to watch it but her coat was slashed with a knife while she was wearing it. she joins me with her husband to talk about a enlightening experience after this. don't go away your path to retirement may t always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then.
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or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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5:46 pm
. liz: we've got breaking news. president trump met with bipartisan congressional leaders today. he is looking to get his agenda moving swiftly through the legislative branch. let's take a listen. well, that was also -- we're staying on the story again. developments are coming thick and fast all day long. the president sat down with house speaker paul ryan, senate majority mitch mcconnell, also chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi. he's trying to get that
5:47 pm
legislative agenda through congress. and the antitrump madness continues during president trump's nothing. infiltrated the protest. cops were injured. and my next guest is a trump supporter who is hoping to honor the peaceful transfer of power. just wanted to watch. instead, she says she was pushed and slashed by one of the protesters. wait a minute. what is going on? i'm sorry we're going to give you that story in a minute, but we want to get you back to the update for the vote of rex tillerson for secretary of state. they have voted favorable for rex tillerson to move on in the process 11-10. senator portman was expected to vote "yes." he's on a plane. tillerson nomination now goes to the full senate for a vote. looks like he's headed to be secretary of state. again, let's get back to these protests. my next guest was apparently wearing a fur coat, and she says she was pushed, and her coat was slashed by one of the protesters. she's with me now.
5:48 pm
emily and thomas, thank you for joining us. we're really glad you're okay. emily, can you tell us what happened? >> yes. we were heading to our original gate to enter onto the blue section, and they diverted us to another because the protests were so vicious, they did not want us down there. we finally get to a gate that we can go through, my husband being the gentleman he is was in front of me and to the right because that's where the majority of the protesters were. one of them came behind me, and i thought just pushed me in the back, and i turned a little over my shoulder to see if anything else was coming. nothing was, i ignored it, i went through. we went to the inauguration, didn't think anything of it. that evening when i went to put on my coat, i realized it wasn't a shove, my coat had been slashed. liz: when did you realize your coat was slashed, emily? >> that evening.
5:49 pm
this fur coat is very thick, thank goodness. if not, it would have cut me if the coat had been any thinner. liz: thomas, did you see this happen? do you know what this protester looked like? >> no. i have no idea. it was hours before we realizing what had happened. and she leaned over to fix her shoe during the inauguration, and i kind of thought it was a natural cut of the coat to allow mobility. i didn't know any better, and it wasn't until later on that afternoon. but i suspect somebody with razor blades in their fingers must have gently brushed us or something like that. and if it hit skin, we would have known about it. but it almost did. but it wasn't until the afternoon when we actually realized what had happened. liz: emily, do you have the coat with us? can you hold it up and show the audience what happened? wow that's a slash. so did you talk to the police about it, emily? >> it's over my shoulder. liz: it's over your shareholder? >> it started the back of my shoulder and went down. we did report it to the -- we
5:50 pm
started at the dc police, and they said when we typed in where it happened, we had to go to the capitol police, so it has been reported. liz: all right, emily and thomas, please come back to the show. we want to hear what happened. we want you to stay in touch with us and let us know what happened. okay? >> thank you. >> we sure with. thank you for having us. liz: sure. now, after a busy day, president trump about to hold a one-on-one meeting with republican majority leader paul ryan. we are monitoring that story. but first, how much do you think the most valuable penny ever is worth? what do you think? strange inheritance host jamie colby here to give us the details on tonight's all new episode. that's next. don't go away achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. that's howeel aboutknow blue-emu pain relief spray.
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5:54 pm
kicking off with a bang on friday. shocking discoveries are going to continue in a new episode. tonight it's a penny. probably the most valuable penny anyone has ever seen, and here's a sneak peek. >> well, they can't be that valuable i guess if they're still sitting here in a ziploc. >> well, those particular ones aren't, necessarily. but there was one in that bag that was quite valuable. liz: where is it? can i see it? >> well, i don't have it. liz: there's a little bit of a story. . liz: look who's here. jamie colby is here to tell us a little bit more of what we can expect tonight. >> oh, wild ride, liz. a lot of fun. great families that tell their stories. and this gentleman was so proud. when he was a kid, and he would go to school and people say what does your dad do? and he would say my dad makes money. no, really what does he believe? he worked at the u.s. mint in denver, and he came across these error coins, which are
5:55 pm
the ones that don't come out quite right. through them in a ziploc bag and when he died, he gave them to one of his sons. and one day he goes to a coin shop to see what they're worth, and he gets the shock of his life. liz: how much were they worth? >> at least a million. liz: one penny worth one million? >> one penny in a bag. liz: did he get the one million? >> you've got to watch. liz: i think the government took that penny back. >> it's not. it's complicated. liz: it's complicated. >> but it's so interesting to learn about what can happen one minute you have a fortune and then next minute you might not. liz: so how did you find this story? >> we have an amazing research team but now that the show is on, we have people righting us. 11 of the episodes this season are from viewers. and we are learning so much about -- liz: give us some teasers about what's going to happen this season?
5:56 pm
>> the second show is about a pan am stewardous who collected 5,000 beads from a fortune. i met someone who inherited a magic collection that you would not believe. i went to a puppet opera. i learned about roller derby. animals. liz: you could have something in your drawer. listen, you have to watch strange inheritance at 9:00 and another episode at 9:30. it's only on fox business. it is the coolest show. >> we'll watch it together. i'll aisle make popcorn. liz: i'll bring my button collection. i don't have one. well, actually, i do. after a busy day, president trump about to hold a one-on-one meeting with republican majority leader paul ryan. we have all the details after ts
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
liz: president trump said to meet one-on-one with house speaker paul ryan right now. they're expected to discuss
6:00 pm
his legislative agenda and getting it through the congress. that includes replacing obamacare. fox business will stay on this and bring you any new developments. thank you for having us in your homes. making money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. president trump kicked off the first business day of his presidency meeting with top business leaders and speaking with union bosses. trump vowed his executive actions to withdrawal the u.s. from tpp and other accompany manufacture the products on u.s. soil will greatly benefit union workers. >> we have a lot of planned expansion and a lot of brand-new plans. we met with the head of ford today, the head of many great companies. johnson & johnson. they're very, very excited about what we're doing. you guys will be responsible for getting those plants built in nine months instead


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