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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  January 21, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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we have become an increasingly secular nation. donald j. trump taking us in a new direction with those comments. oman of faith and i talk about it openly. i'm a believer. but i believe in first amendment rights to freedom of religion. i don't push that on anyone. what i liked in what president trump did, he talked about people whether they are in detroit other middle of america going to sleep at night under the pro tesks one higher power. he did it broadly in a way that didn't feel like he was i am peegd or enforcing anything down anyone's throat. lou: we appreciate it, and it's been a glorious day, thanks so much for being with us. earlier today the president
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assured all americans that they, that we, this nation, has nothing to fear. >> there should be no fear. we are protected and we'll always be protected. we'll be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. and most importantly, we will be protected by god. lou: and joining me now, fred fleitz is senior vice president at the center for security and policy. great to have you here. it's so -- i would just say exciting to have a president of the united states be reassuring to the military to law enforcement who really to this point over the course of the past 8 years, those men and women in law enforcement in
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particular have felt the president's scorn rather than their support. >> it was refreshing. we have a president who was not obsessed with political correctness. as a conservative it's been frustrating listening to the jujitsu, politically correct language, especially on radical islam. it's important to name the threat. what a great administration. >> this is a president who says he is committed to our old alines and create new ones. that should reassure many people. but some people are suggesting this president has lacked sufficient nuance talking about nato, for example. talk can about the alines that should be in his judgment more direct and toward the war against radical islamists.
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>> trump is going to support nato. if there is some need for troops in syria or iraq, it can't be mostly americans. we have to have a nato contingent. nato has to be restructured to deal with conflicts of this era, not the era of 50 years ago. lou: where he goes, the nation will surely follow. we are told the traditional honeymoon will be in effect. this is becoming critical because he has to go to europe to shore up the nato after he lines and reconstruct it and to insure at the same time that they are going to fully meet their obligations under the terms of their support, 2% of their budgets into nato. no president has succeeded to this point.
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do you think he will? >> it has to be part of the agenda. i think germany gets 1.2% of its gdp.
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lou: joining me now, fred barnes, fox news contributor and trump transition team member, jeff dewitt. west palm beach. what is wrong with you. this is the greatest day. you took a day off? >> i spent my whole day watching walk down pennsylvania avenue. this was such a unique day. he gave such a unique speech
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that was so different. 8 years ago president obama talked about creating a world without walls. that was his quote. a world without walls. that doesn't work. donald trump said something different. i think he's different from ronald reagan who said government was the problem, it wasn't the solution. donald trump wants to use government and help people in ways with -- to build bridges and we pair tunnels in a new space program and so on which makes him a different kind of conservative. a big government conservative. and that's what rules conservatism now. lou: it's interesting you say that. i want to bring in jeff in here on this who is joining us tonight. but he didn't talk about conservatives and liberals. he didn't talk about republicans and democrats. he served, i thought, a very
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strong notice that he's about solving problems. he is about insuring this nation reaches its destiny and that the american people, many of whom have been short changed, ignored and all together as he frequently remind us, forgotten will be forgotten no more. it was exhilarating for jeff to hear the president say. this is a country, a government run by its people. >> fred barnes brought up an interesting point which is the world without walls which summarizes obama's globalist agenda which stripped our country of manufacturing and jobs. what you saw in donald trump's speech today was over and over he said america first. that's what has got the rust belt on board and broke down the blue wall on november 8 was that we have to put america first, and every trade deal we done
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every decision we make has to put the american people first. lou: the left which i basically abhor, fred, is trying to make of this, this is a contest between globalists and nationalists, american economic nationalists, trying to distort what this president says when he talks about putting america first. it's not an exclusionary statement. he's he bit as much for international trade as he is for any other person. but he's not for trade that is one way. that benefit, for example, in the case of germany which runs a mercantilist trade policy. we do not have reciprocity in our trade policies and haven't for 0 years. the mayor -- haven't for 40
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years. the american people understand it won't be tolerated no matter how long the "new york times" and other news outlets support ways utterly unfair trade or as donald trump might put it, stupid trade or smart trade. a new era is upon us. >> i thought trump explained pretty well what he means by america first. he said for an american president and americans, we'll be concerned most about our own country. that means we'll be involved with the rest of the world, but they are not going to take advantage of the united states anymore. they will not take our jobs or money. they will not take money to build up their military at the expense of ours. i thought he explained that extremely well. lou: jeff, that contest between globalists and nationalists between the american people and the elitists, many of whom
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populate the establishment of both political parties, and certainly the bureaucracy of this town which is in dreadful need of a draining. this is a new direction for this country. and was not even a moment, any sense that donald trump meant anything other than 100% of everything he said. >> that's what you saw in the inauguration speech, basically a up are you of the campaign speeches where he's saying he's going to deliver on everything he promised. that's the promise to the american people today. i woke up this morning like a little kid on christmas to get through today. i can't wait for the draining of the swamp to get started. >> this is even better than christmas. this is a republic that has just been saved by the outcome of that election. the presence of that particular
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fellow taking the oath of office, i believe it to the bone that he is the right man in historical terms at the very right time to save this nation. and, jeff, great to see you. i wish you all the very best. fred, good to see you. i have to say, i do envy the climate down there where you are this fine day. we'll celebrate for you up here. thanks so much. fred barnes. >> it's sunny down here. it's sunny up in washington today as well. lou: president trump vowed to bring back jobs and restore prosperity for all americans. >> the wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all
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across the world. but that is the past. and now we are looking only to the future. lou: trump campaign economic advisor, steve moore joins us next. we are coming you to live from our repatriated nation's capital. the people's government once again. thanks to donald trump sworn in as our nation's 45th president. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition
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lou: joining me now, trump's economic advisor, steve moore. in which the president laid out his values. his policies and the direction of this country on nearly every issue imaginable. >> i think the people in this town are suffering from cardiac arrest. we were talking off camera can you turn that elephant around and make it go in a different direction? i believe if he can pull this off he will go down as one of the great presidents in american history. sometimes eats people like that and spits them out. lou: i think this town has more than met it match in president trump. president trump said as clearly
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as can be said, that the american people are holding primacy and policy in he respect. i believe that is the reason that so many people supported him and he is the president of the united states. >> one of my favorite lines in the speech is when he talked about the forgotten man and woman. i traveled with donald trump and did events for him across the country. you go to silicon valley and squall street, people say wha are people complaining about? it's when you goo michigan and ohio and michigan and illinois, people aren't feeling the love. but people here don't understand it because home here are getting rich. lou: you are a man of numbers. let's talk about the middle class which has shrunk. the middle class the net worth of which has diminished over the last 20.
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>> the reason donald trump wouldn't election was for 15 years under 8 years of bush and 7 1/2 years of obama. real wages and middle income of the median family in america has fallen. that is to say they are poorer than they were 15 years ago. that's the cause of the anger. lou: it am not a statistic. it's a fact of american life that we haven't felt since the great depression. >> except this town is in denial, that's my point. lou: to hell with this town. i proudly wear my credentials here because i want it to be understood by all, i am not -- this swamp, i don't want to be a part of. >> i'm with you on that. lou: donald trump is making it clear, jobs are going to americans. we are going to hire american. we are going to put america first and we are going to buy
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america. >> i love that message. it resonates well with t american people. lou: mr. is considerable irony that we are coming to you tonight from the roof of the chamber of commerce. the leading lobby for multi-nationals and corporate america. >> i believe in trade and the benefits of international trade. and i believe we've should put america first, every decision we make should be the metrics should be how is this going to affect the middle class, working class american. that's not something we thought about for the last 15 years. so you have to get back. the capitalist free market system isn't going to advance if people keep falling behind first and further. trump will be judged four years from now whether he can bring prosperity and development back to those areas that have not felt the prosperity of the last -- lou: he's the only candidate who
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talked with passion and confidence and assurance of infrastructure and the bridges that are decaying, whether you are talking about airports, highways, you name the infrastructure, this country is in trouble. if he is the only person who can speak to it and connect with the american people. >> what's exciting about this, donald trump in the effect 48-72 hours could start signing executive actions and get infrastructure projects started all over this country. the obvious example is the keystone xl pipeline. 10,000 people, middle class union jobs. barack obama held it up for 8 years. why? why what you deny america the project we need? there are 20 of those. lou: the issue for president trump now is straightforwardly.
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he wants to hire american. he wants that money to go not to mexican cement companies and portuguese labor. he wants to focus those projects on companies that will be hiring american, using american materials, and there are limitations to that. but it's part of the change, and i'm con if i didn't he will do it. >> here is where you and i differ. i believe if he does the tax bill helped design, does the deregulation, and promotes american energy, those jobs are coming back. i don't think we need to build walls of trade protectionism. i'm saying the main way to get these jobs back -- lou: you name one free trade agreement in which there is free trade where there are no barriers to trade for the united states. can you name one?
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there are none. >> i think on balance nafta has worked out pretty well. lou: that's a different statement. but it's not relevant to what i asked. the impediments are significant. >> i think we agree on trade. if we are going to have trade agreements we should do them in a bilateral way. lou: it's preposterous. this swawsm has been operating on this precipitation for some time. if you can't solve a problem, enlarge it. that's why you hear every one of these morons who pretends to be a wonk or have real policy knowledge. each one of them is enlarging the problem and they want to have a comprehensive solution. it has to be comprehensive trade and immigration. if you hear comprehensive,
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ladies and gentlemen. you have got someone trying to run something at you. >> people can't understand why something called free trade needs 3,000 pages. lou: you and i most answer to that. it's because it's not free trade. >> 4% growth for five years if donald trump pulls it off. that's the difference between going 20 miles an hour count highway. i'm so excited. i love that speech he gave today. if he can pull it off. if he gets the staff behind them and the congress behind them. this is going to be a great period of prosperity. lou: take it to the bank it's a done deal. up next, donald trump ringing in his new administration with promises to tomorrow the washington establishment. that's not going to be a problem. he already returned power to the people in the person of
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president trump. >> this is your day, this is your celebration, and this united states of america is your country. [applause] lou: joining me next, matt schlapp and g air, l trotter. president trump. president trump. i like the sound. i'm looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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general james mattis also signing our papers to give up is to general john kelly to take up the office of the secretary of the department of homeland security. we have also received incomplete information about the executive action that he is signing. we are told that it does act to relieve some of the burden of obamacare which has been of course a priority of this
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president from the moment he threw his hat into the ring on june 16 of 2015. he is now in the hours, over seven hours since he was sworn in as the 45th president. he is signing the first executive order to ease those burdens of obamacare. more to come without question. >> thank you all. thank you all very much. >> reince priebus as you see in the background of vice president pence. this is a historic moment. white house press secretary john spicer there as well in joining me now, attorney, political analyst gayle trotter and the chairman of the american conservative union match flat. good to have you both with us. here we go first executive order , sort of vaguely stated as a way to ease the burden.
7:35 am
we are going to get more precise details without executive action it may be an executive order in fact to ease the burden of obamacare precisely what the president had promised. >> we see the obama legacy fading away. now donald trump's using the same pen to reverse what really has been something on these regulations that are fairly hampered small businesses in particular in the united states. lou: your thoughts on obamacare and the burden he is in with the first executive action matt? >> rip, rest in peace. it's time for to go away. yes there will be elements of the new bill that talk about covering more people which as long as they are done through proper sense in the marketplace but i think gail and i were talking about this what happens today in the oval office is the president is simply doing what he said over and over again and people are still shocked that he
7:36 am
talked about these things it's amazing. >> only depresses shots. the people weren't. >> they were plotting. lou: the statements he was making most specifically the statement that the government has been returned to the people. there is nothing hollow in any part of that and i think -- i will make this prediction. you will see the left-wing media in this country absolutely stand on their heads and react in horror as they realize this president has just done what he promised and restored government to the people something that the elite of both parties have been careful to apprehend if you will over the course of the last 30 years, republicans and democrats. it is an amazing feeling to know that there is a man in the white house serving as president of
7:37 am
the united states who is serving the people and not k street and not the establishment of the orthodoxies of either party. >> that's right the left-wing media has a vested interest in keeping the old order and yet we have seen president donald trump's not going to do that so i hope you won't put down his twitter habit and he will fight past the mainstream media. he's able to put the message out there before the left-wing journalists can set the narrative and they are always playing catch up. lou: there is a real sense of change here that is palpable because you can see it on the faces of many of the republican officeholders and democratic officeholders who were on that platform. they were not quite ready to hear the words donald trump so eloquently and easily, articulated today. i also love the idea that there were so many critics saying particularly in the left-wing
7:38 am
media. he was blunt as if it were a bad word and a bad thing to say about this president when millions, i believe nearly every american said my god at least we have restored to this nation plain speaking and straightforwardness on the part of a national leader specifically our president. hallelujah. >> one of the shortest in our girl addresses in decades and people are saying there was no poetry. this is not a time for poetry. lou: can you believe it? >> if you could look for an elitist remark would have have to have poetry in it and to actually try to criticize him the president of the united states for being blunt and plain spoken and to not let the poetry sore that would embrace the hearts of all americans block, block, block. >> i saw the cutaway shots and
7:39 am
you know what hit me, i thought of all the ex-presidents and all those elected officials and republican leaders and democratic leaders is really what they have done over the last 10 or 20 years that resulted in this movement and resulted in donald trump. i wonder today if it finally hit them that it's in many cases because of what they did or didn't do that gave rise to what happened today on that dais. >> those leaders build that. >> that's right. lou: this president famously tried to sell americans on the idea that they didn't build anything in this country which made possible what we call our federal government and much more. it goes beyond public service and moves to the private sector which does now have a role in the economy once again in terms of policymakers. it's just an extraordinary time to contemplate donald trump back
7:40 am
there in the oval office confirming, citing all of the papers confirming his new secretaries moving this government forward. i have personally have the belief that the whole town should understand there's something called trump time now. i don't believe government will ever again the permitted to move at the pace that it has to tolerate problems rather than solve them, perpetuate them rather than solve them because he is bringing a mindset that i think most americans prayed for but they never dreed there was another american citizen alive who could possibly deliver that and providence can sometimes offer up. donald trump's here to do just that. >> you can't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need, right? >> there you go. lou: that's exactly what we have got. the idea too that there's going to be resistance and opposition
7:41 am
and obstructionism, and i don't know if it's just a the moment and the exultation and the exhilaration of it all but i have a feeling that is going to melt away much faster than anyone can imagine. what do you think? >> i think it's exhilarating. we have seen in this country the more small businesses that are dying than businesses that are being created and he's going to be able to use the bully pulpit in a very effective way to move this congress to make it better for the american people. >> i think donald trump get something about politics than a lot of politicians never figured out. the opposition that can be your image and he's on offense all the time when they take him on. he takes them on double and i actually think that's going to serve him well in this town where people are afraid to bring up certain topics. they are afraid to talk about certain things. he goes there and i think he
7:42 am
will be rewarded for it and he continues to be bold and brave. lou: all right, matt schlapp by the way mercedes must be pleased they look so splendid and your tie. >> when we are inth chamber commerce this is how we dress. [booing] lou: a good choice in any symbol of allegiance whatsoever in thanks so much, gayle. up next president trump saying today's inauguration is about much more than having a new leader in the white house. >> we are transferring power from washington d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. [applause] lou: the former leader of the uk independence party nigel farage joins me here next. we are coming to you live from our nation's capital as the people's federal government, well i'm sure it everyone employed by it is celebrating
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lou: this is video of just moments ago vice president of the united states, vice president pence swearing and general james mattis as secretary of the department of defense. this was just moments ago the vice president also swearing in general john kelly as secretary of the department of homeland security to obviously an important secretaries of the national security sector being sworn into office tonight. joining me now the former leader of the uk independence party, the man who led rec said nigel farage now a fox news alert to bitter and nigel, good to have you with us tonight. what do you make of that des doing it?
7:48 am
>> the whole thing was very impressive. in terms of the ceremony and the way it was done. and then trump took the stage and in the space of 14 minutes i think he said more than most people could say in several hours. he made it clear that when he campaigned on these issues he absolutely means it. the crowd is going mad with joy, delirious. what i saw on that dais was class. former president looking like they were lemons. there is a really big shock coming here. genuinely president trump represents not a change in a president, this is a revolution and you are seeing it already. lou: he declared from this day forward it would be america first. i could not quite believe some of the just take statements that
7:49 am
fell from the mouths of the observers from the left-wing media in particular. how blunt and politically incorrect, how dark to recognize the many problems of working men and women in this country and the failures of policy when it came to manufacturing, when it came to leading this economy to 4% growth instead of one or 2%. barack obama today as president left without ever this economy during his two terms in office achieved 3% growth. donald trump makes it clear he is going to do everything he can for working men and women and their families, the middle class and for this nation, all americans to enjoy a return to prosperity. >> yeah and you know what, i think you will do it. i think his policies on energy, the reagan agenda and wanting to
7:50 am
deregulated help small to medium-size businesses. all of that is going to help in the everything that we are talking about enough is the fact that $2.5 trillion of u.s. company profits are sitting in bank accounts around the world. stupidly america has to highest corporate tax rate in the world than what i expect to see is president trump cutting deals with the corporations who will bring back tens of billions of dollars into this country to invest in jobs and infrastructure. i think he has taken over the right time. he has got the right ideas and frankly i'm a little surprised the wall street has reacted in the past week the way that it has. when it comes to economics unlike obama he's got a clue as well. lou: that's more than we can say
7:51 am
for many the prognosticators that said with the election of donald trump we will see markets crashed. it will be a time of immense justice despair instead of as you note the trump rally well underway. nigel, it was great to have you with us. go celebrate. we know that you have contributed much to the trump campaign and have been an example for us all across the pond with the success of brexit. good to have you with us. up next president trump breaking through politics and petty division as he begins the next chapter of american history. >> whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red load of patriots. [applause] we all enjoy the same glorious
7:52 am
freedoms and we all salute the same great american flag. [applause] lou: nigel farage was right you know, in 14 minutes he said far more than most people could say in hours. after this, i will talk with national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality, he joins us next. stay with us. rodney and his new business.
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now you're even smarter. this is truecar. lou: joining me now is national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality and conservative commentator niger innis. great to see you here. >> thanks for having me on. lou: in the, well we used to call it the swamp. >> i think that's the draining of the swamp. lou: you are exactly right and i think there is a shared view that he's going to do exactly what he said and that is draining the swamp. he started eloquently i thought. some left-wing media types seem to think he was being overly blunt but i thought that speech served notice, here we go. >> short and sweet.
7:57 am
14 minutes but even less. what struck me is that the theme america first, his theme of bringing jobs back and revitalizing the economy and revitalizing inner cities. he said consistently at the beginning of his campaign and in the debates when he got the nomination when he became president-elect and now as president of the united states. lou: it's going to be fascinating to see this president and the way in which he engages because he is so committed to everything he has said that the inner cities, it's going to be a contest with the left. the republican party has hardly a knowledge to in the course of time the cities and this man says it's going to be a different outcome than anyone expected. those who have given up all hope because of the benign neglect to use daniel thatcher moynahan's expression has been practiced by the democratic party for half a century.
7:58 am
>> a monopoly is coming to a quick end of the inner cities. the blind loyalty to one particular ideology in one particular party for that matter. that's coming to come to a crashing hault and there's going to be a row competition for ideas in the inner-city and i'm looking forward to an exciting time. lou: i agree with you and what it is however and it's hard to contemplate and to accept as we have allowed to generations of americans and all of that potential loss because as donald trump has made clear the democratic party came to town every four years and asked for votes and then said thank you very much. we will see you and another for it. beauty of it lou, i think in of his new patriotism era that he is ushering in pcs revitalization of the inner cities and rural communities
7:59 am
across this country is the cornerstone of the new patriotism. lou: you used the expression. there's none of that in anything he has done. he would have been very very angry with me for saying millionaire. he is connected with working men and women in the middle class in every part of this country. it's going to be wonderful. >> it's going to be fun. lou: niger innis it's always great to see you. thank you. we are going to go now if we may to the salute to the armed services ball. this is i think there are three underway right now including the freedom ball and another that is underway. tonight is opening up to the concluding festivities of what has been an extraordinary inaugural day. the president has been president
8:00 am
now for just almost eight hours. can you imagine that? already, a third of the day he has been president of the united states.hank you for being with s and good night from washington. kennedy: history is being made in history is being celebrated right here tonight. just a few moments melania and donald trump will take the stage for their very first appearance on a phenomenal day. it's time to celebrate right now. good evening i am trash and you are watching live from the armed services ball at the national the same in washington d.c. where tightly honored not just our new president that all members of our nation. people are making


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