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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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president of the united states. melissa: quite a next 24 hours then more. that does it for us. david: "risk & reward" starts right now. ♪ we left texas on a windy night >> do swear i will faithfuly execute the office of president of the united states and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend, the constitution of the united states. liz: it has gun -- it has begun, you are looking at live pictures of kick off celebrations, mr. trump will be speaking this hour, we'll bring it to you live, welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. make america great again welcome celebration at the lincoln memorial in washington.
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you will see appearances and stars, including country singer toby keith. it has been a really busy day so far, thousands of people gathered at the mall in washington. a lot of make america great hats, connel mcshane is on the ground. reporter: we've seen a number of those hats here. the president-elect arrived a short time ago, he is sitting just behind the bullet proof glass to the side of the stage. and he will make remarks later, this concert had a military feel to it, many contemporary performers and others out earlier. we hearwe hearing from lee greed later on. when president-elect speaks more not sure the topic of his remarks, but they will be the final remarks before he is sworn to office as 45th president of
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the united states tomorrow, here. when that happens we've been told by trum adviserso expect a short address tomorrow. president-elect watching the concert there at lincoln memorial. has been working on a personal level on that speech, acting almost at his own speech writer and editor, going over it again, hoping to get it just right. it has been a busy day for him today, he started off at his home in new york in trump tower, through down here in washington, with military aircraft. and a presidential scene, as you know you get off the plane there, it looked like air force one situation, a military aircraft. until you have a sitting president on the aircraft, you do not have designation of air force one. he has moved around district to his hotel where he made brief remarks and thanks his staffers
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who have worked so hard, and arlington national cemetery with a somber wreath laying ceremony there. and from then they made their way back here to the district and lincoln memorial. we'll see later in the hour, what he says to the crowd, this is the last one as a private citizen, before the big speech here, tomorrow. we have seen people piling in from all parts of u.s., bigger crowd at lincoln memorial, people here coming to the mall too check out the 69, and what -- to check out the scene it has been a mild day, you can see by the attire, by people performing or watching and weather has been around 50 degrees, no precipitation today, however tomorrow rain is in the forecast forked middle of the day. other than that a lot of
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excitement building for the big day. liz: thank you connel, good reporting. >> withs rethan 24 hours to go to the innin inauguration, final preparations are underway including security, wra wrap ra, let's take you to fox news carl cameron he is here with details. reporter: well big party is underway, at west end of the mall, here is the capital, at other end of the mall, there is still a tremendous amount of security and preparations, the streets have been closed there will be thousands of police and law enforcement agents across the see. there are more than 3 dozen law enforcement agencies in the district of columbia that will take part in the security tomorrow. here at capital, podium is set they brought out teleprompter a moment ago, people could read their necessary remarks tomorrow, there is earlier today there was an appearance by chuck schumer, the democrat who will introduce the ocean for vice
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president-elect mike pence, and as we pan up on capitol, they have have been scrubbing, and painting and preparing, there is a children's choir that is rehearsing. we heard from marine corps band that was perhaps. it -- that was practicing. it begins tomorrow early very early we'll be here at 6 a.m., the actual even will begin at 9:00 a.m., the oath delivered midday, then real work will begin, there still tension in this capitol, chuck schumer suggesting it is possible they would slow walk a number of president-elect trump cabinet nominees, but he didding is at - suggest that part or at least top 3 of national security team would be confirmed on before friday, this would be general kelly, and james mattis, and he
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is to be confirmed friday, and possibility that mike -- pompeo would be added. so at least the two president would have fop three positions on his security team. this is not about donald trump or barack obama but it should be abouts country. from some speeches we heard today, it is clear all participates, democrat and republicans, are trying to set the stage for what they hope will be a fro from duckive -- productive next 4 years with donald trump. one out of three democrat in congress will not becoming tomorrow with said, this is a very exciting day, a tremendous amount of buse bustle that conts
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here. liz: trump's family, and his adult children are there, i think his grandchildren were at the laying of the wreath at arlington at the tomb of the unknown. are the grandchildren here tonight? reporter: i believe they are. we have seen mr. trump's kids. eric and donald jr., their kids were there. not add lincoln memorial for tonight's celebration. and welcoming party but we do understand that the kids will be involved throughout all this. liz: thank you carl cameron, terrific job thank you. >> thank you. liz: with more on what to expect tomorrow, trump's great america chair eric beech is joining me now, here is what is going on, this is trump's time. it is his moment to talk about
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this common experience we all share as members of this nation, and a time not just to make bold promises but for trump to show his animated vision. this is what america has been rate waiting for, right. >> this is what they have votedded for, he is talking about reducing government waste, and staff, and reducing the corporate tax. you know talking about securing our borders, these are the things he ran ohe ran overwhelmingly in though states because he is talking to middle america, he is talking to all americans, we see that with his appointment, with his policy positions, i am excited to see his execution of the policies come january 21.
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liz: we're panning back, showing live shots of crowd, a lot of people standing expup clapping, and it looks like crowd is stretching into the thousands, this is donald trump's chance to repair the social fabric. a however a time for losers, it their responsility t to report the -- respect the legitimacy of the outcome, will the boycott hurt or help them? >> i don't think it matters. when harry truman loss to kennedy, i believe he did a press conference talking about the inauguration and maybe boycotting it. we've seen things happen when george w. bush won in 2000. you know, it will really boil down to first 100 days, him cominfamiliar following through- him following through on what he ran on. liz: lee greenwood, who said
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yesterday, donald trump is a patriot, he is singing now, let's listen in. >> ♪ gladly stand up next to you and defend her until today, because there ain't no doubt i love this place ♪ god bless the usa ♪ from the lakes in minnesota to the hills of tennessee ♪ across the plain of texas, from sea to shiny sea, from detroit down to houston, in new york to l.a., where there's pride in every american heart, and it's time we stand and say ♪
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that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that pride to me, i'll gladly stand up, next to you and remember still today, for there ain't no doubt, i love this land, god bless the usa ♪ i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me, and i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her stilled it,
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because there ain't no doubt live this land, god bless the usa ♪ [cheers and applause] liz: look at that, lee groan greenwood, he will be on the show within the hour, donald trump and his family stood up when lee greenwood said, stand up, god bless the usa. and then you can see so many people in the crowd they are jub jub lant. it is a unifying moment, your thoughts? >> look, i can't tell you where, but we're having a party tonight as well. we this is a patriotic moment.
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you know not just for you know, certain people, not for one audience, but for all americans. people are excited about the real change that is coming with donald trump tomorrow. liz: stay on that. nigel farage was on fox today, he was talking about the statues kuo -- who don't like change. you know career politician, that status quo is that why the establishment backlash against donald trump mas been so ferocious, but at this time, there are so many people in this crowd that so love this country, and what is going on with donald trump, they stood up out of their chairs, with the lyrics of greenwood 's song. >> not just politicians, it is
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elite media,. and what donald trump did during this election he was able to bypass those establishments. and the way he did that, he spoke spate to th straight to te was courageous enough to say what was on his mind, that was refreshing. you may disagree with donald trump on some of his rhetoric, and some stuff he has said in the past but you know where he stands, he has paved the way for a new kind of elected official, we want to hold our politicians accountable, when we vote we' our vote to matter. liz: to take viewer to what is happening now, lincoln memorial, three doors down is performing, melania there and the children. eric. here is the other thing that is going on, paul ryan said, what we're about in this country, is putting society at the center of things not government.
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and so, what we saw you know throughout months leading to the election is the american people responding to that message. that is us that matters not the government. is that when you diagnose of what is going on and what happened with this election. >> in is right, you have to think about policy that we're implemented by this current administration, until tomorrow, you had tons of executive orders that bypassed congress, who represent the american people. you had a health care fix, if you will, obamacare, that had no real support, they now you know irony is, they did a 60 senator rule, and you know they don't need any more. you know, from harry reid, thank you harry reid for, that it seems that there was an elite club in washington that could not be penetrated. the american people penetrated that club through donald trump. liz: trump swept into dc, laid a
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wreath at arlington memorial at the tomb of the unknown soldier. and inaugural concert kicking it off. what do you think of celebrities that have been canceled. >> well celebrities get a backlash, there have been pretty good ads from hollywood against donald trump, we have jon voight coming to our event. i think he is you know, a great celebrity, we have sheriff clark, i mean the power is with the people, i think that irony of donald trump is, he is the world's biggest celebrity. but you can see, this inauguration message is about getting back to work for the american people. forgotten with the ads and media are american people, and donald trump will remember them. liz: thank you eric, fox business is all over the inauguration tomorrow we start
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bright and early with maria bartiromo. at 5:00 a.m., follow by varney and company, i'll be on that show with ashley webster, and. neil cavuto taking over from all of the inauguration action from 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., then lou dobbs from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. followed by trish regan with the intelligence report. and tune in for that. just hours now, until president-elect trump is sworn in. a time that the nation comes together to celebrate what binds to us each other, a time to transcended politics and celebrate democracy, you are looking at live shots of the celebration under way at lincoln memorial, the ban 3 doors -- band 3 doors down is performing, protesting continue to mount, nearly 70 democrat lawmakers refusing to attend the inauguration. a boycott other democrats including california
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representative adam schiff, he is criticizing it as wrong time and place. wrong battleground. still no softening of the angry politics. that ripped country apart in this elect, and -- has kept dcin gridlock, did they forget worlds of ronald reagan. here is the quote, in eyes of many in the world this every 4 year ceremony we accept as normal is nothing less than a miracle. joining me now, colonel allen west, is this about celebrating the strength our democracy and each other? my question is, will this democrat boycott hurt or help the lawmakers? >> well, i think that it will end up hurts the democrats, liz, it'se good to be with you. they are turning their back on our constitutional republic,
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saying they don't respect the will of the people, and our representative democracy, and their political party and there are agenda is more important, if 70 republicans had said we're not atrending inauguration of barack obama in 2008 because we don't like him, he had not come into office, it would have ban an uproar. when you have to understand, is that ifs american people start to see the economic growth policies, that will hit their pockets, they feel that they are safe and secure, again, if the democrats continue to stand as obstructists to this, they will pay a huge price in midterm elections in 2018. liz: should they show up? just to show they are ready to fight for what they believe in? >> well they think that in not showing up is way they should they are fighting. but, you know, it comes to question, what are they fighting for?
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for america? or just fighting for their own partisan ideaical agenda. you the fo forgotten man and won voted for the person they believe will represent them. they want to fight for an agenda that trying to guarantee happiness to people. liz: we had a number of cabinet nominee hearingsoday, rick perry and tim m ma against "newk times," facing harsh criticism after admitting it had one source for a negative report go rick perry, that rick perry initially misoong misunderstoodb
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of energy secretary was, wok source quoting -- is it media bias going to continue? >> well, of course, it will continue, they did not get the memo. when you read about story of what happened with former governor of texas rick perry and department of energy nominee, you find that person they supposedly use as their source, he was not part of the transition team when governor perry received that nomination, from president-elect, and a quote from perry he understands what goes within with with being secretary of energy. you will see a media that will lose their validity, their intention is to try to undermine this incoming administration. liz: thank you colonel alan west, we appreciate you and your
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service to the country thank you. >> my pleasure, liz. liz: a live shot of make in great again, lee greenwood performed god bless the usa earlier. elect tried the crowd, stretchinstretching into the th. quite a moment to watch. 3 doors down is playing right now, toby keith is coming up, we'll bring that to you, president-elect will speak, we'll bring you president-elect trump's when he speaks.
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liz: let's take you to what is going on right now, three doors down. right now. later tonight there will be fireworks from the world famous fireworks company.
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tonight also new york city mary bill de blasio. and michael moore, and baldwin will join thousands in a protest here in new york outside of trump tower. reporter: thousands of people are expected to be here at 6:00, between 6 and 8 p.m. for a ray front of trump international hotel and tower in middle of manhattan. stage is set for people like mayor big de blasio. that is interesting with the mayor, he has been pushing for this rally. called we stand united. they want to sustained a message while president-elect trump will be president tomorrow, they will not stop fighting for what they believe in. which is they are holding president-elect feet to fire with affordable care act, and policy, they believe in, and so mayor will be speaking
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here. mayor de blasio and donald trump have no love lost, calling him the worst mayor in u.s. city history. and mayor de blasio called donald trump a third world dictator, a con artist, they met in november to open dialogue, but it is interesting that the mayor will be here tonight at a rally, before inauguration, to stand up against what his administration policies are intended to be in white house. we'll have mark ruffle. michael moore as well, said this rally is the beginning of a hundred days of resistance to the trump administration. mark ruffalo is a supporter of bernie sanders, and mr. alec baldwin will be here, he plays
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donald trump on snl . a show that mr. trump say its totally biased. terrible on nbc because of the way they portray him, he calls it a hit job, all those actors and mayor of new york citying will be here tonight, for a rally be they are expectings, am now, people are holding up their signs, things like love trump. liz. liz: thank you so much brian. >> you know, historic moment like these, there are instances that are captured on camera. one, look right now, donald trump standing up again, his own standing ovation for the ban band 3 doors down, and a historic moment, donald and melania trump walked down lincoln memorial, and donald trump saluted the statue of abraham lincoln. 50 government agents working
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tomorrow to protect during the festivities. 28,000 security personnel will be on happened. a million people will gather to watch donald trump sworn in a fryth president. joining me now, bernard carrick, hugh will be at several inauguration evens tonight, you are comfortable with security plan? >> i am. i have to tell you, getting around washington last night, today, looking at frozen zones, and seeing resources they put into the security here. is phenomenal. but it is yo you could not imagine of amount of work that that been done, the fencing, the barricades. you know and in it is all working well. i think that president-elect should be proud of the secret service, the local police and all other federal agents that are charged with protecting him, and his supporters, and
5:30 pm
the people that will be guests here, they have done a tremendous job. liz: bringing in viewer to date this is u.s. army band, with fence there. extraordinary security measures, you are talking about, how has security changed in the last three years for inauguration? >> well, listen, you know, i think with every presidency, there is an increased amount of threats. donald trump has had an enormous amount of threats on him his family. you have not only physical resources, the manpower, you have a lot of technology that being used today that was not used 4 years ago. or 4 years before that and i think that there is a lot of security up there that people are not going to see. it is all one combined package, that here to guarantee or at least do the best they can to make sure that president's safe and
5:31 pm
evens go off at scheduled and people of washington are safe. liz: bernie -- sorry. hugh i how is it going to work with protester, we heard they are not going to be cordoned off in a separation section, what are you hearing? >> they may not be cordoned off where they are, where they are permitted to be. but there are exeme frozen zones, where they will not be able to get into. they are not going to let the protesters anywhere near the president or any of these events they could be on the outskirt, i don't think you will see much problem the. based on what i have seen tonight, on the way here, to fox news, which is just blocked from the capital, the frozen zone, in amount of barricades, i think they will do a pretty good job on keeping the lunatics out. liz: bernie carrick, a live shot, bringing viewers to spied, inauguration
5:32 pm
celebration of donald trump, as united straights 45 president has begun. he started with a flight to washington, a tribute to u.s. military veterans, we are now, awaiting for mr. trump to speak. he is expected to speak this hour. we will bring that you to live, musician lee green wood performed for president-elect earlier, greenwood said it was an honor, he is here to talk about it next, don't go away. wg requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, don'because we're here,gal we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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liz: welcome back, we're looking at live shots of the trump inauguration celebration. it is official, it has begun. you see the piano guys performing right now. we want to bring you this breaking story, we're learning that supreme court chief justice john roberts invited president-elect and vice president-elect to visit the supreme court before the inauguration. schedules did not permit that though, however the chief justice and mr. trump were able too greet each other briefly this afternoon, and discussed arrangements for the inauguration tomorrow. looking at live look, we're expecting donald trump to speak any more announcement, we're less than 24 hours away from the inauguration. many trump supporters packing
5:37 pm
up their recreational vehicles, they traveled cross country to be a part of this momentous occasion. we go to rich edson live from college park, maryland, where many of the travelers are parking their vehicles, rich. reporter: 6 luxury buses have come here 650 miles last night from atlanta, they drove up in make america great wrapping on the bus. you have a cook out. they are cooking out now, they are getting ready for the inauguration, we suld talk to another liz, who is has made this possible, liz craig, she is a driver with star coach, the company that put thises together. what was the drive like? >> we have just an exceptional drive, great traveling. we had a lot of love and support the whole way up, people were hanking and waving.
5:38 pm
-- honks and waving, folks on bus having a great time eating up that love, i have to tell you, what kind of place can you be blessed in america to have a job like this, be leading this 6 bus caravan, for such a historic events. i have to pinch myself. reporter: what are you looking forward too tomorrow, and next 4 years? >> i am ready to get everything started tomorrow, i can't wait, i am so excited for the country and for president-elect trump, originally from detroit, leaving in atlanta now, i am so excited what we will do in many ways, see him working for us, in negotiating to keep ford in detroit and those job, i can't wait. reporter: liz craig thank you for joining us, a long drive last night, it will be a long trip tomorrow too, about 10 miles from the capitol that last 10 miles could be longest with security checks. so, there it goes, liz back to you.
5:39 pm
liz: you can ask liz, did she drive in from atlanta? where should did another people drive in from? hugh fahow far did they drive? reporter: that was a 650 mile drive they took last night from atlanta, that is these 6 buses, we have folks in the park from tennessee, and sight of, a good reputation of that neighborhood. liz: all right. thank you, rich edson. next up we have gramma award winning country artist green lee wood, he just performed moments ago, singing god bless the united states, he is joining me by phone, fresh off the page, lee welcome. >> thank you very much. liz: that is your fourth inaugural performance, how was it tonight. >> it is unbelievable and
5:40 pm
fantastic. in this particular election, and cong out donald trump asked for me to be there and sing, i walked out on stage, i i-- saluted him first, i will always give respect to president. after my performance he stood up and came and greets me add well, i o was not just flattered but blown away. liz: how does this compare to other inaugurations? >> bigger, more electric, the crowd was electric. electric. >> you are known for your patriotic sangs, how did it feel to look out in crowd and see people standing up, was anyone crying? >> i don't get emotional about a lot of things. but when i saw people stand up and wave their hands when i sang proud to be an american, i have reflected on years that america has had in the past,
5:41 pm
where we have not been proud at times, we're make america proud again, and i can't congratulate president-elect trump enough too have the slogan, markin making america great again. liz: what do you think of people not accepting our incoming president. >> i am so excited for him and his family, it has been a long hard campaign, i tell you, the other night, at -- vice president dinner, he just, said it like we all believe, he out worked everyone else. liz: how great of a moment was it for you personally? >> you know, as an artist, and having to say that i sang this song a number of times, never in this setting, never that kind of moment have i had in my career. career. >> we were watching your performance, we were showing a live shot of you, and where donald trump had embraced you and hugged you afterward. we saw vet -- veterans
5:42 pm
standing up and crying as you were performing. >> people told me about that afterward, i have had many military moments, we have done 30 uso tours, and we work for wounded warriors out of the -- all of the time, this was mixed emotion tonight. liz: you can see donald trump dancing a little bit there. your thoughts about several musicians, including jennifer holiday, they had to back out of performing, they were thinking of performing but did not? >> well they missed a moment, if you are bury your head to the sand, just be negative about this moment, that is your choice. that is what america gives you, the right to choose. but this a fabulous events. and i so happy we're here, and i so thankful we gottie to i -- got to see it in person.
5:43 pm
liz: i hate to ask you, but have you received threats. >> no, none of my fans would do that. liz: okay watching donald trump take stage at make america great again celebration live at lincoln memorial, he is thanking performers there. we will bring donald trump's remarks you to when he started to speak. it looks like he is approaching the podium, we are looking at live shots thousands have gathered. they are going into the night, right now. it looks like donald trump sat back down. a president's inaugural words can be important. we have presidential historian doug wi, he will tell us what he thinks that donald trump will say in his inaugural address tomorrow, don't go away back in two. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during
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treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. liz: live shot. toby keith, expected to for
5:47 pm
tomorrow within minutes at trump inauguration celebration at the lincoln memorial. as we prepare of the inauguration of the 45th president of or country tomorrow, many wonder what to expect from president-elect trump's speech, let's bring in activitial hit torrean. -- presidential historian, doug wead, taking us on a trip down memory lane. besides make america great again, you are expecting any other one liners from donald trump tomorrow? >> i am a hi historian not approveet -- prophet, but i suspect, knowing his personality, he is a master of brands, i suspect he has great one liners we'll hear in his speech. and hopefully he will incorporate some he has tested. knows they work well. liz: i have listened to and you watched you, i am a fan of yours.
5:48 pm
you have talked about how jfk it memorable lines, and fdr, they delivered on those lines. can you explain that. >> you know, i have read all of the speeches of presidents, if you do it blind without knowing who they are, you say this a great speech, but if it was not a great president ro president roh body -- nobody remembers it. we remember speeches of lines of presidents that him impacted our country for the better. liz: jfk, ask not what your country can do for you and fdr, nothing to fear but fear itself. we have toby keith. we're going live, country
5:49 pm
singer about to begin, let's listen in. ♪ i'm just trying to be a father with his daughter and his son. ♪ be a lover to their mother, everything to everyone ♪ i'm dressed up for success ♪ my head down to my boots ♪ i don't do it for the money ♪ ♪ i got bills that i can't pay ♪ ♪ i don't do it for the glory ♪ ♪ i just do it anyway. ♪ my responsibility. i'm damn good under pressure, ♪ being all that i can be ♪ , i can't call in sick on
5:50 pm
mondays when my weekends have been too strong ♪ i work straight through holidays, sometimes all night long ♪ i stan ready, when the on the the door ♪ i'm solid and i'm steady and i'm true down to the core ♪ i will always do my duty ♪ no matter what the price ♪ i have counted up the cost ♪ i know the sacrifice ♪ people i don't want to die for you but if dying ask asked of me ♪ freedom don't come free ♪ i'm an american sol -- soldier ♪ my brothers and my sisters ♪ when liberty is in jeopardy i
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will always do what's write right ♪ i'm out here on your front lines ♪ american soldier ♪ i'm an american ♪ soldier ♪ an american soldier ♪ an american ♪ beside my brothers and my sisters i will gladly take a stand. when liberty's in jeopardy, i will always do what's right ♪ ♪ i'm out here on your front line people. ♪ sleep in peace tonight. american soldiers ♪ i'm an american ♪
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an american ♪ american soldier ♪ on behalf of my family, my band, all my fans. i want to salute the army, navy, army, air force, marines, and coast guard. thank you barack obama for your service, thanks to the 45th manti o president of the united states, donald trump, i salute you. ♪
5:53 pm
[cheers and applause] liz: toby keith performing american soldier, donald trump visibly moved there, wiping away a tear. the band 3 doors down singing here without you. and lee greenwood singing god less the usa, have you seen an even like this? >> this is amazing this reminding me of kennedy's quote, ask not what your country will do for you but you do for your country. he is talking about the pain his own family went through when they lost joe and his own brother-in-law was killed, very close to his sister. it was a traumatic time, in the kennedy family. and that is what he was talking about. when he knew that we were facing this soviet union -- cold war. he said what you can do for
5:54 pm
your country, it is moving to watch this, and a reminder, they hated kennedy, he was a catholic, they hated reagan, farewell from peter jennings, this man-made the wealthy ye yet -- wealthier and destroyed middle class, when the statistics show the opposite, so trump is in good company. liz: thank you so much historian doug wead. >> thank you. >> one day until donald trump is sworn in as our 45th president of the nation. let's take it to chief national correspondent for fox news ed henry, he is live at national mall, can you tell us what you are seeing there? reporter: a lot of people behind mer here gathering, they are coming from every state in the union. coming by, and saying, they
5:55 pm
are honored to be here to here to witness history, and happy, about the fact yes there is heavy security they can still move freely around nation mall, it is mild weather, people are everybody sited about positivebilities of witnesses that inauguration tomorrow, i spoke with toby keith last night, he said he is angry about other performers, who agreed he said to join him up there on this stage, as a sign of unity, but they saw the attacks on social media for artists who came out to perform for donald trump, they all got scared and bailed. toby keith said i'm ashamed of the famous people who told me they were going, and looked
5:56 pm
down to their shoes and realizing they did not have a pair, i am sure he was not talking about shoes but a lot of people without guts tonight. liz: thank you, ed henry. >> good to see you. >> toby keith jump thanked president obama in his song american soldier for president obama's service to the nation, my next guest is one of 6 clergy men to take part tomorrow, he is great faith ministry pastor bishop wayne jackson, he is with us now, good to have you, why did you originally decide, i think you hosted donald trump at your church? >> yes, i have a television network called impact television network largest african-american television in not nation, i interviewed candidate trump at the time, that was a good interview, he came into our church service, and gave a wonderful speech to
5:57 pm
our congregation. liz: what is your role tomorrow. >> i am giving a benny -- bendiction one of the 6. liz: what do you want to see happen tomorrow, in terms of clergy men coming together and basically doing the bendiction and services, what you are expectations from donald trump and his reaction to what you are delivering? >> well, i believe that president-elect trump picked a good group of clergy to come out to represent. you have a woman, a catholic, a jewish rabbi, you have a hispanic, and i am african-american. out of all of the ones that he has chosen, i believe it will represent what america is all about, also, i believe that each and every one of clergy.
5:58 pm
will have something great to say to this great country, a lot of energy down here, a lot of people down here, a lot of celebration going on, i pray, that america would heal. liz: donald trump is with you in detroit, you can tell us about that? >> >> when i met him, because i never met him before, until that day. i first of all, he was just a different man, he was a man that he listened. it seemed like he connected with the people, while he was there. and certainly he had a spirits of wanting to find out about the african-american community, and he wanted to make promises, on what he wanted to do if elected. liz: this is first inauguration you have been too bishop.
5:59 pm
i know you are excited and you so sound thrilled, final thoughts. >> i will say is, that a lot of excitement here. and our prayer that america will come together and everyone will give the president's chance to govern, so we can have a great country. liz: b.f bishop jackson thank you so much, sir. >> toby keith still performing .
6:00 pm
liz: he said the crowd was electric. two doors down also performed. donald trump visibly moved after singing and swaying along with the music. charles payne, "making money" next. ♪ american girls and american guys ... charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. in 18 hours donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. we expect the president-elect to speak at any moment in washington, d.c. let's join the conversation. rich lowry, bob you sack, and ja


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