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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FBC  January 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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payne is next. [♪] charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. president-elect trump determined to take his victory latch. insisting he's bringing jobs back to the u.s. and slamming claims companies are touting old business plans as new creations to get on trump's good of side. he tweeted totally bias abc news went out of its way that jobs coming back to the u.s. had nothing to do with trump is more fake news. joining me now to discuss.
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shelby holiday, tammy bruce and liz peak. we wouldn't be getting these announcement if it wasn't for the new bully pulpit of twitter. how much of it do you have think is authentic? >> i think all you have to do, engage something occurring right now, is looking at the past. you can determine the pref by the past. the fact of the matter is we've had 8 years where weiss kinds of announcements and dynamics have never occurred. you had factories being built in mexico. the announcement was we are shutting down these factories, thousands of jobs will be lost. now we are getting the opposite. that's not just because of hatchen stance and timing. it's about the attitude and what he projected. they do know because of his history he will deliver. it's not just rhetoric. so of course he can take credit for it and i'll ends with saying mainstream media the left know
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that this is his strength and with these small wins and what will be the big wins is it highlights what the left and obama have chose not to do, and that's what they are panicked about. charles: yesterday hyundai saying we'll increase our investment in america by 50%. but they have also said they will break grounds on this planted in mexico. what i did finds interesting is they are not sure about production. but you can see something has gone wrong. >> there is no question. they are not just bowing to pressure donald trump. they are also attracted to the idea with different tax rates and approach from government, and less regulations, it will bed a van stay day just to produce in the united states. the ceo said it's a new game in town.
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trump is saying he's going to make it attractive for to us do business in the united states. everybody wants to do business in the united states. it's a rule of law country. the supply chains are shorter here. the decision business auto companies have been in the w for many years. but there is a change afoot. trump has got to get over the idea that the mainstream media will ever give him credit because they will not. charles: the top five importers of drugs into this country, none of that has to do with cheap labor. ireland is number one. it's because of tax policy. i think that can be addressed fairly easy. what do you make of the fact that corporate america is learning how to game donald trump. sphch for general motors to say we are going to do a billion dollars this year. if i'm donald trump, i'll say
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i'm moving the needle but i don't want to get played by you have guys either. don'tlet it get away with just a billion. >> last time i was on your show i have said done are attracts attention by creating chaos. but so companies are watching this play out. they know how to play their cards the right way. they are capitalizing on investments already in the works. and in many cases, gm, they are saying they had this plan but it's being accelerated. trump does deserve credit for helping create jobs. does he get all of the credit? it goes both ways. it's not all donald trump. it would serve him well to tout the benefits of his business-friendly plans. >> what we are talking about,
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after the inauguration when he is president he will get a chance to put in place thosetar. >> all the decisions should lead to doing business here. if you don't it will hurt, if you do it will be great. at the same time even the rhetoric coming out of these come any, being public about the choices they are making, why they are making the choices indicate they know american public opinion matters. they know why donald trump is in the office. we are also the consumer base. let them all so have to win us over. that's a fabulous side effect of the nature of what this campaign has delivered. twitter i think remains important. it allows him to stay in front of these efforts to demean him. and he's successful at it. >> it's within the public marketplace. and if people feel like they are anti-american, then americans aren't going to buy your product. >> think of the money charitable
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corporations spend. i don't might's inexpensive. but people want to see a company produce and be all-american, if you will. they are going to respond to that. charles: these companies are negotiating in public. bayer with the monsanto deal. saying do something about the barack obama emissions of cafe standards we'll never meet. and we've may want to take over general motors, wink, wink. >> i'm sure donald trump has created jobs in the p.r. departments of many companies. donald trump has to be careful. he's meeting with executives who are not approved for their big merger deals. but we don't know what he's saying behind closed doors.
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that looks like a major ethical problem for him. if he's promising bayer in return for a couple hundred jobs. >> he's promising less pressure on drug prices if they bring more drug manufacturing here. he's a big negotiator. because the government has gone the so involved in every aspect of this country, he can be the big negotiator. charles: the government has gone the involved from a punitive point of view. i don't know of any administration when it's been something where we tried to have a symbiotic relationship. what's wrong with that? >> nothing. as long as this isn't about promises being made behind closed doors but an offer of i'll be your champion, let's work this out. we know what we both want to accomplish. let's find a way to do it.
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that's different than making promises, dealing with lobbyists. scratching everybody's back. at least that's something that you are noting. it's about let's be a team. charles: i think when donald trump does the math at the bottom, the bottom of the equation has to equal more american jobs and opportunities and lower prices. >> in a trance parent way. i think it amazing thing is obama never tried to do this. he never sat down with corporate titans and said how can we make this economy better? >> he saw them as the even knee and the source of money. coming up. trump may be change his tune on an important economic issue the
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gop wants. are you familiar with the border adjustment tax?
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charles: donald trump saying a border tax is something that will be discussed. this of course after donald trump criticized the house republican bill for that border adjustment tax, calling it too complicated. joining me is scott greenberg. i think the house republicans are saying this is not just about trade, i think what they were trying to achieve is some sort of source of revenue for potential downfall once you adjust corporate taxes, particularly when they go as low
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as 20%. the idea is you generate 1.3 trillion the next 10 years and that offsets any lost revenue to the government. is that feasible? >> well, you have got numbers and you are correct. i think it is feasible. there are over 160 countries in the world with a border adjusted tax. the youth is one of the on ones with. basic concept is simple. it turns the tax system from production to consumption. because there is more consumption than production, it can raise a lot of revenue and itments a fairly attractive provision to help pay for a large corporate rate cut like the congressional republicans are proposing. charles: i looked at a couple examples and it felt like a common core math test. is there something to the
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concern that donald trump has as opposed to a more simplified system? >> certainly a border adjustment isn't the simplest thing for the average person to understand. but there is good reason to think it would make the top system more simple overall. multi-national corporations have to deal with ahole host of rules to stop them from shipping products overseas. the idea of a border adjustment is to replace all of that with an elegant mechanism for making sure companies bring profits here. >> thinking is also focused on consumer stuff, rate? how do you stop businesses -- i know koch industries think it's a terrible idea. you can see various parts of the stock market saying we don't want this. it will put us in a bind.
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we are going to either squeeze our margins or have to pass costs on to consumers who aren't ready to absorb them just yet. >> i don't think the retailers are entirely correct on this one. they are justified in being skidish. but under the economic theory when you put an economic bored adjustment in place it will offset on retailers and exporters. while we might see the market reacting to news about the border adjustment, the more people realize it's one of the pieces holding the american tax cut plan together, the more they will realize its value for the entire economy. charles: does this level the playing field? does this make up for the fact that mexico reimburses exporters with a vat tax? or do we need to go further with tariffs and other measures? >> i don't think we need to go
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further with respect to tariffs. the bored adjustment means all income from sales in the united states is taxed the same, whether you are a foreign company selling into the united states or a u.s. company selling into the united states. it really does level the playing field. charles: four of donald trump's cabinet picks face a trial by fire in their senate confirmation hearings. they all survived. but i can't say unscathed. we have the news for you next.
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charles: president-elect trump's key cabinet picks faced a firing squad. tom price grilled for almost
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four hours and wilbur ross faced grilling questions on trade and tariff. >> one thing where we need careful attention to mortar river activity is the anti-dumping requirements that we should impose on the steel industry and on the he aluminum industry. charles: gina, starting with last night with the betsy devos when backle. it was like -- debacle. it was like water torture. i think they violated human rights. they don't even wait for answers. they are just brow beating these folks. >> there is such a double standard. tough listen to their line of questioning, where they were questioning especially dr. price today, it's mind boggling the peopleitting there questioning have don't things that they are
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accusing dr. price of doing by he hasn't done and it's been proven fake news. it doesn't stop them from their desperate, schizophrenic attempt to undermine the presidency. >> they are more interested in his stock portfolio than what he would do at health and human services. i want to take a look at elizabeth warren. she had a go at dr. price. she showed herself last night when she wouldn't even shake betsy devos' hand. >> can you assure this committee that you will not cut one dollar from either medicare or medicaid should you be confirmed to this position? >> i believe the metric ought to be the care that the patients are receiving. >> is your answer no? >> it's the wrong metric. we ought to be putting forth the resources. >> i'm asking you a question about dollars.
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you might want to print out president-elect trump's statement, i'm not going to cut medicare or medicaid, and post that above your desk in our new office. charles: we know some of this is setting up the republican party later on, if something doesn't go right, they can refer back to these hearings and sound bites. she really put pressure on dr. price. >> to her liberal base she did. had the american people been forked idea elizabeth warren is championing then the democrats would have wouldn't senate and house, which they didn't do. the republicans kept the republican senate in the house because we thought we are going to get rid of obamacare and put together a system that makes healthcare more affordable and makes sure people get access to a doctor. that they get to see a doctor of their choice. but let me also say, while
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elizabeth warren espouses that, the reality is you have 10 democrats who said they want to make changes to obamacare including 10 democrats who represent states that donald trump won in 2016 that they have thesee reelection in 2018. hearings and the democrats start throwing hay makers and grenades we should stand up and thank harry reid for putting in a simple majority nuclear option. i think all four nominees today did their jobs, they told people what their vision is for their department and how they are going to make america better. i was impressed with nikki haley standing up for is rail the way she did and telling everyone the u.n. is nothing more than a place for tyrants and dictators
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top lecture western democracies on how we should behave. >> menendez wasn't happy with the pardon last night. real quick, gina. does this seem like an extension of this post election effort to delegitimize donald trump through his nominees? r a lot of this stuff doesn't seem to have anything to do with policy it's about personal things to mitigate this history, the record or the achievements of these people. >> it's amazing to me, charles that they haven't come up with anything actually such and tough. it's got to be difficult to fully vet these people. but apparently the trump administration has done a great job or the vetting committees. so far they haven't come up with anything i have seen is substantive at all. you have some of the establishment gop like the bushes writing recommendation
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letters for these people even though we know they are not big fans of president-elect trump. so he has done a fabulous job. i think these people will be great and i think they will all be confirmed. charles: the social justice warrior barack obama passed out a record amount of get out of jail cards free, but a lot of them are indefensible. we'll discuss it next.
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>> chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence in the sense -- the sentence she received was very disproportional. i feel very comfortable that justice has been served and commuting her system was
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entirely appropriate. charles: president obama and his final press conference addressing the controversial decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning. why the president's record-breaking 1597 clemency recipients pay to move of course in making national security on both sides of the island green vice president-elect mike pence. watch. >> to commute private manning's sentence was a mistake. private manning is a traitor and should not have been turned into a martyr. charles: joining me now to discuss the views captain chuck nash and captain whittaker. sheriff i've got to say review. the implications and i know the barack obama crowd is saying these are typically nonviolent felonies and i think he is trying to send a message. he's the only president who has ever visited a federal prison but is he sending the wrong message?
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>> absolutely not just to the men and women in law enforcement across america but to families across america that their safety , that our laws and all these other people releasing criminals and commuting this many sentences, keep in mind not just the 1400 but you have 504 of these that were life sentences. so this is wrong and it's far more than any president all the way back to nixon. the most was bill clinton at 61 commutations. we have from 61 all the way up to nearly 1400. this is outrageous. charles: captain nash the average assured on both sides of the aisle. defense secretary carter senator manchin and senator menendez. these are all democrats who are scratching their heads in many of them offended by the message that sends to release manning. no one understands what broke this. perhaps her with the lgbt
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community or the transgender community. what's going on here? >> well i think you just put your finger on it, charles. private manning has not been going through government paid for sex change i doubt it would have been a blip on the president's radar but instead she, whatever that is in transition right now, is responsible for leaking 700,000 pages of classified information from multiple agencies to wikileaks which then got published and trashed their military relationships in our state department relationships for several years with foreign countries because they were afraid to talk to us because we were leaking like a sieve. when you try to put all that together to do it a counterintelligence damage assessment is not just one source. one source feeding multiple 700,000. the permutations from the counterintelligence perspective are staggering. charles: i have even read where it had implications that it
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empowered isis but today at his press conference his final press conference president obama said the sentence i guess was too long and that manning has actually served time. so he is not sending the wrong message. >> well it does and this is the president that appears cannot be serious about mishandling classified information from the start and really congress is the one that decided because of the risk that the captain some point out of all these potential sources being exposed, soldiers on the battleground that volunteer to defend the freedoms that we all appreciate oftentimes taken for granted. i think the penalty should be harsh and the sentencing judge of the prosecutors and quite frank with the defense counsel are better situated to sentence a person than a president remotely in washington d.c. taking on some celeb in this case. charles: sheriff we talk often about the recidivism of folks
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release and get no better than terror suspects at the wheel. i'm not sure how many of these people will return to crime but it does send a message if you are considering for instance oscar lopez rivera sebaceous act against this government to maybe do under the right president you will serve your prison sentence and still make a political statement. >> absolutely and that's a great point because recidivism, the return to crime to their old ways certainly they will and when we are talking 504 of these who are sentenced to a life sentence, that's the magnitude of this. these are people who made one mistake. many of these cases they have a full series in their criminal record and for the president just to release them certainly we are going to meet these people again and those crimes should be on the president had. charles: gentlemen thank you for your expertise. i appreciate it. the dowd jones industrial
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i will say the most intriguing action today came from reactions to the various confirmation hearings in donald trump's cabinet. of course he is potentially going to be the head of commerce he's got two sets of stocks, u.s. steel and nucor that the united states need to increase its current tenor. moreover he says aspects of nasa are up for renegotiation in that helps with local material martin marion at the top. this is when ross discuss the urgency of getting infrastructure started immediately and not telling around with how to pay for it. get it started. also he said he would stay with the current timetable to increase the amount of ethanol in renewables used in biofuel blends. by the way after the bell netflix beat the revenue and
6:40 pm
earnings powered by more than 5 billion international users, almost 2 million here at home. i'm going to see what happens tomorrow. it could be another big shorts screened kweis proving once again the shorts of allow on their shields. meanwhile. meanwhile present what donald trump is about to begin shrinking the government and to cut spending and staffing. he set out to take the reins this week in the big question is can he do it? can it be done click here to discuss vince colonnades and list peaks. lives here's a thing remember when we learned the term nonessential workers? the department of education says 95% or nonessential so seems like it would cut but they never do. >> people wonder how can he have nonessential workers? does not say when he should trim somewhere in mccathie's close down parks for people to walk. it's pretty amazing and a look
6:41 pm
at all the government ways that we see year-over-year things like -- running on treadmills and why are we spending millions when we should have more efficient government. by the way the federal workers are nervous about cuts from donald trump. i think a lot of federal workers are nervous that he won't cut because they want to see the inefficiencies cut down. charles: do you think so? i've got to tell you guys as offensive as a shrimp on a treadmill is that's also. this thing is marvelous inefficiencies in layers and layers of people. the department of for instance like a 60 billion-dollar budget, 9000 people. >> the answers will mother is that in this thing. their two problems. one is federal workers are protected by any number of rules and regulations evolving civil workers and other union like rules so it's not easy.
6:42 pm
85% of workers are protected in this way through the second thing is the mindset of washington and i've heard paul ryan talk about this today that would look totally at inputs. we never look at output. we never look at a program and say is this working and if it isn't let's get rid of it. so there's a lot of stuff to get through here but i have heard from people in the transition committee they are looking at every possible way to cut staff particularly the white house staff. i know for a fact people are taking the heads of those agencies already have a 50% cut in some cases on their agenda so they are going to do it. one of the things that you're going to talk about during the government shut down negotiations we heard over and over again you can cut the budget 5%. there is not a ceo in america that is not a one or another had to cut their budget. it's a ridiculous assertion in the federal government we all know gangsta tom coburn and others that there is enormous
6:43 pm
waste so let's see some of that. charles: listen if anyone can do it will be donald trump and if anyone has the will to do it will be donald trump so i think this is our one and only chance to see it happen. >> of course in those protections you are talking about for federal workers are protected if you're bad at their jobs and the reason why do you think they're many federal workers out there who want to see their own agency trimmed to a level that sufficient. the worker who cares at all about the chances are your brain keep your job because you care about the service your agencies providing the people but they're all sorts of people in these agencies who are able to advance or exist because of seniority. an agency will basically spend spend all that money just so it gets the same amount of money next year and also to think the private companies never do. charles: the word comes out to an ability and sequestration taught us a lot and i hope there's a political willpower to do it because i think ultimately it would make government even more efficient and more
6:44 pm
effective. coming up a meltdown, things got very heated between democrats in donald trump's epa nominee. that's next.
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>> donald trump has called global warming a hoax caused by the chinese. do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> i do not senator. >> so donald trump is wrong? >> i do not believe the climate change is a hoax. charles: congress grilling trumps epa pick. oklahoma's attorney general actually sued the epa 13 times. joining me now to discuss
6:48 pm
nicholas loris and ed facility. add let me ask you this is an interesting one in the sense that they are trying to box through it in with respect to global warming and by the same token saying hey you don't think the epa should exist and the president doesn't think global warming is real why should he run his agency? >> yeah. [inaudible] but here's the real issue. under president obama over 500 regulations a year were put in place by the epa. that's over 4000 charles, 4000 regulations placed on business in violation of the constitution and the epa statutory authority. i mean don't take my word for it. take harvard law professor lawrence trott who was an old obama mentor who said this was a serious executive overreach and he had serious constitutional concerns with the action of the epa under obama. charles: of course necklace the interpretation from the supreme
6:49 pm
court for the clean air act i guess makes the epa the ultimate weapon and barack obama wielded it. he didn't leave any stone unturned or in a puddle unpunished. >> that's right in the silver lining is the fact that he has done all this unilaterally. it can be undone you know latterly and the fact is the agency has private property rights driven up costs for american families and businesses and for no meaningful environmental benefit. an agency that is run broken has put a lot of unnecessary burdensome regulations on the state and its driven up costs for these people. scott pruitt is the one terrain is then and really perverse course to empower the states to be the leader of the environment to regulation and protection. charles: speaking of running rogue i want to take a look at the encounter to pruitt had with senator sanders. >> you are an estate which which is near record-breaking number of earthquakes.
6:50 pm
you're the attorney general. obviously you have stood up and said he will do everything to stop future earth quakes as a result of fracking. >> senator i've acknowledge that i'm concerned. >> now is it your concern. your state has a record number of earthquakes in europe have acknowledge the you're concerned that the kind of epa administrator you will be. you're not going to get my vote. charles: ed you have the earthquake situation in oklahoma today it was announced for the third year in a row the record global warming in the world. some are saying it's fake news in if you look deeply into the metric but in the court of public opinion the whole public relations things which is a fiasco did the democrats lay a glove on pruitt today? >> i don't think so charles. i mean if we are counting on bernie sanders vote for this nominee we need to look elsewhere. here's the narrative. we want regulation but not
6:51 pm
unreasonable regulation. it can be 4000 regulations placed on states and businesses because any and it's those people who bernie sanders pretends to want to protect who end up paying for it. charles: nicholas real quick to you, the clean coal stuff that forced utilities for coal companies out of business, ranchers air pollutants particles, they did a job on the coal companies. >> even by the epa's own admissions that clean power plant and a new source performance standards these global warming regulations would drive up energy costs is proportionally hurting low-income families and they would only mitigate local temperatures the few 10 of a degree celsius by the tent -- by the end of the century. charles: co2 is down because of the miracle of fracking and natural gas. gentlemen thank you very much
6:52 pm
appreciated. coming up remember and democrats criticize donald trump because he wasn't going to accept the election results when he lost? boy, the tables have turned. we will be right back.
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(bell chimes) ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages,
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personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents. (other languages spoken) look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪ charles: the number of democratic members of the house vowing to boycott present like donald trump's inauguration freddie continues to climb. as of now 66. can we get 67? 68? can i get 70? but get this left-wing celebrities mark ruffalo alec owen michael moore they are ready to organize a massive protest along with their fellow democrats mayor bill de blasio. some would call him comrade and reverend al sharpton.
6:56 pm
joining me now to discuss tammy bruce and phil levine. so, what the heck is going on with your party my man? this is the transfer of power. this is respect for the office. this is respect for the american voter who do you have any sway with these people? >> people? >> charlotte got to he tell you obviously the democratic party is disappointing the results to say the least but i think it's a personal issue. as i've said before and i will say it again the election was very decisive. the tour results are in. sober. we don't need to relate gave this collection. let's move forward and bring the country forward. that's what it's about but it's a personal decision. they don't want to come they should do it in their heart and what they would like to do. i'm in washington right now with the u.s. conference of mayors. i'm going home tomorrow but before i go home i got to visit all the police department officers here invited by of course the white house to be involved with the inauguration. it's a personal issue, that's what it is.
6:57 pm
charles: tammy i can't let them get away with that one. i think if you're an elected official in the represent your district but you also represent the country, this is what we pride ourselves on as a nation and this is the ultimate form of whining and they look so small. >> when you learn most about people is when you're successful but i think you learn most about the money or not. in this case what we are finding is that the democratic party is now rejecting our own infrastructure. they're refusing to participate in i think it they have never liked the infrastructure. we saw barack obama tried to change it and how the nation runs and it's not really personal. i have to take some issue with that description that this is so widespread come as hollywood, it's media and the politicians. we won't necessarily miss the politicians that they do have an incredible job given to them by
6:58 pm
their constituents and they are rejecting the notion of what this nation stands for which is the peaceful transfer of power but the respect of the voters themselves, the structure that the founders set up. we have learned out the democratic party effectively doesn't care about any of that and i think that's a good thing to know. charles: i read where tammy duckworth said that's way they are going in earlier bill i'm neil cavuto show we had former ambassador to the u.n. atlanta mayor andrew young who just said we lost. we underestimated donald donald trump. rand estimated the american public. this had nothing to do with russia and i'll tell you it's going to hurt your party anymore but at this point it hurts the country to a degree. >> charles i will tell you this the election was pretty divisive. it was decisive and divisive but let's move forward. sober. that's how i feel about it and i'm going to ask tomorrow but i'm going back for one reason. i was waiting for my invitation
6:59 pm
to the inauguration but it never came. charles: there are 66 people were not using there is. listen quickly want the audience to hear what andrew young had to say please. >> i said look, this is a time of extremely difficult change. we werenot including president-elect trump. nobody anticipated the world making the shift that it did and it's going to take us a little while, and i think democracy requires that we respect each other and we disagree but we can disagree without being disagreeable. >> respect is the key word. >> is sure is bec really about trump. american people are seeing this as the disrespect of the choice they made and how they follow the rules but that is the irony. that's why this election went the way it did. place that improves the nature
7:00 pm
of -- charles: and bill de blasio in new york city. mark ruffalo i hold him responsible for lack of fracking jobs in upstate new york. mayor levine, thank you very much. tammy always great as usual. we appreciate you watching us every night at 6:00 p.m. and of course lou dobbs is next. lou: trump transition official slamming senate democrats who are trying to slow walk the confirmation process of trump cabinet nominees. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer says the democrats are obstructing. >> i think they send it bad signal to the rest of the world when you show that you want to slow down this kind of transfer of power. lou: congressman mark meadows the chairmanf the house freedom caucus joins us here and also tonight nary a word of democrats saying they will boycott friday's inauguration.


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