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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and one riskier bet is meryl streep. dave he says bigly. melissa: i'm going with beautiful. >> in that last debate he said something truly horrifying, and that was he wouldn't say he would accept the results of the election. he said truly horrifying in that last debate. he said he would not necessarily respect the results of the election. he refused to say he would respect the results of this election. it has never been done before. i have to say, the first thing a president does stop january 20
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is to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. in our country we have free and fair elections and a peaceful transfer of power. that is one of the great hallmarks of american democracy. liz: remember when hillary clinton said it's horrifying for donald trump to even think about rejecting the presidential he selection results. vice president joe biden agreed. but days before donald trump is sworn in the boycott of the inauguration is growing. last count more than 65 lawmakers reef fuse to receive the results of america's free and fair election. they are basically turning their backs on the will of the voters who put trump in office. they are rocking the durability
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of the image to the world of how this government works. and some are arguing in the media, they are turning their backs on the office of the presidency itself. edge u.s. secretary of state john kerry will not attend. a third of democrats skipping trump'trump's inauguration. here are the county counties that trump won and even more disruption. the reverend al sharpton claiming trump's election not even legitimate. >> do you agree donald trump is not a legitimate president? >> there is no question the process that elected him was not legitimate when you look at the now evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the russians involved in the public
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discourse at the time of the election. when you look at those that were expunged from being able to vote. clearly the process has a serious questions about it. >> let's take it to the trump nicaraguaal committee diversity league. she is in washington preparing for trump's big day. god bless you and good bless america. liz: the "l.a. times" is out with this story. they are saying there is nothing wrong with congressmen boycotting the inauguration? >> what i would say is this. in this country we totally uphold the smooth transition of power. interesting enough, hillary clinton who was the person hurt, broken, cried behind all of this who actually lost this election
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is going and being patriotic and she is going to support the 45th president donald j. trump. i find it to be politricks as usual. and i believe we've should be taking in the all 65 of them in the next go-round they shouldn't have a job. liz: the inauguration is about symbolism, the durability and credibility of the u.s. government it's about the office of the presidency. symbolism of their turning their backs is significant. we talked about this. civil rights hero john lewis escalated the boycott when he called the trump presidency illegitimate. he commented on what john lewis said. >> we have to have a smooth transition. president obama understands that
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very well, that's why he's been so gracious. i think for him to have grand standed, john lewis, then he got caught in a very badly. let's see what happens. >> he boycotted bush. liz: what are your thoughts here? >> all of these lawmakers need to think about the young inner city black and latino youth who are dieing in the streets, filling up the prisons and the morgues. they need to think about the people of the united states who put them in office. when they turn their back on this ceremony, they are turning their backs on us, and me, on you, liz, as well. what we should do is take notice of that again. hillary clinton, the person who lost, who should be the most furious is there doing her patriotic duty, and i'm so proud of her.
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i think here it is again, like i said, politricks, grand standing, and you are slapping millions of americans in the face who went to that voting booth. they keep talking about the russians. then i must be one of the black russians who voted for donald trump and put him in office. and you must be one of the caucasian russians who put him into office. liz: i'm not reveal hog i voted for. but your point is well taken. taking if the knee in protest of -- football players doing that. this is not the forum to do it. i would like your thoughts on this. cnn contributor mark lemont hill called blacks sitting down with trumps, he called them mediocre s.
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>negroes. >> remember the diversity coalition? >> they are dragged in front of tv as a photo-op. >> what's your reaction? >> tt man is a despicable devil. he ought to ashamed of himself. i believe he owes mr. bruce and the national diversity coalition and any black person that has stood up for the inner cities and apologies. ruth lavelle has a small business. i'm a u.s. supreme court bar member. that's an exclusive club.
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the only mediocre person is him. clearly his job must agree with him because he has not been let go. that's disgusting. liz: we always can count on you, brunell. what are you wearing around your neck? >> oh, shoot, i forgot to take off it. micro dengss for the inaugural. forgive me, i'm sorry. liz: that's okay. >> god bless you, and god bless america. liz: some democrats already talking impeachment. this is before donald trump has even taken office. >> if we find out that somebody on behalf of donald trump was on the phone or an email relations with somebody in russia or the ambassador to america from russia and there was collusion, then what, does that make trump subject to impeachment?
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>> if we discover that donald trump or his advocates played a role in helping device strategy, if they are the ones who came up with crooked hillary, if they are the ones who came up with she is ill, something is wrong with her energy, and the way that he basically described her in the campaign, i think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether he should be impeached. liz: secretary of state john kerry went on a trip overseas and talked to foreign officials. he, too, is undercutting the trump presidency. he's insinuating trump can last only two years. >> he injured our own credibility:in conceivably irreparable way. but we'll have done great injury to ourselves and it will hurt
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for the endurance of a year or two years, while the administration is there. but it's unnecessary. liz: joining knee, gianno. donald trump not even inaugurated. what do you think of the impeachment talk? is that taking it too far? >> i think this is v i have listened clearly to maxine watters comments. but her comments were deplorable for a number of reasons. the narrative in which she ran in terms of low energy and she being sick. we saw a video where she fell down attempting to get in the van. she was sick. when we think of things that occurred, it wasn't the russians, it was hillary clinton and her staffers that put that information out via email.
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so i think it's pretty deplorable behavior by many democrats saying they are not going to show up at the inauguration. when if this happened under barack obama's watch, these same democrats would say these folks are racist. so what does that make them? liz: what do you think of john kerry's comments? >> i'll put john kerry's comment in a category with the others. they are saying they don't like the way in which there seems to be influence by a foreign government. it's not about delegitimizing the actual vote. i always say the voter is always right. how they got there is their decision. but i do think it's legitimate to raise questions about what extent this president has a relationship with a foreign leader. liz: should he boycott the inauguration? >> every elected can do what
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they want. liz: do you think it's right to do a protest of the inauguration? >> what's the right forum? i may have disagreed with a lot of policies george w. bush put on the table. remember, 2000, incredibly contentious. but there is something george w-69 bush did that donald trump has not done, that's try to bring everybody together. liz: the "l.a. times" is saying it many wrong to boycott. and also representative adam schiff out of california saying that it is wrong for the democrats to boycott. it sends the wrong message to the world about the durability and strength of the u.s. government. >> i agree, it does. at the end of the day, this isn't about politics, this is about our government. either you want to live in this country or you don't. and they are clearly demonstrating that.
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i'll tell you another thing. i would hope you would agree when it comes to the african-american community, we should have a seat at the table and president-elect trump is inviting many to talk about their plants. the truth of the matter is in the african-american community, we can't get together when it comes to criminal justice form. but we can come together when it comes to calling republicans racist. why is that? >> we can come together on a lot of those issues. but when you have a president-elect tweeting into the wee hours of the morning denigrating a civil rights hero. >> where was the denegration? congressman john lewis -- >> we can put all of this to bed if donald trump as president of the united states says i'm going
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to bring everybody together, we can start anew. and he has to stop tweeting. liz: that was a fiery debate. >> we have to be honest about it. democrats will not capitulate to coming together. liz: all right, love you but we have the rest of the show to do. i wish it was c-span and we could go 24/7 with the two of you. more heated clashes at trump cabinet hearings. democrats laying into one of obama's toughest obamacare cite kick. republican congressman tom price. let's get to adam shapiro on capitol hill. >> the democratic strategy was to hold price to the fire, and
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they did that today. they challenged him on his investments. he has stock investments in 40 different pharmaceutical standby oh medical companies. they talked about whether they raised the spectre. did they benefit from buying stock in companies. all of those issues were raised. but then there was the issue of healthcare reform. he's a proponent of repealing obamacare as well as changes to immediate care and medicaid. immediate carimmediate care ando medicare and medicaid. >> we are a compassionate society. >> no wore not a compassionate society. when it comes to poor people we have the worst record. compared to other countries, i
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don't think we are particularly koom compassionate. >> if you want to talk about other country's healthcare decisions, there are consequences just like there are to the decisions we made. reporter: this isn't the official hearing. one that counts is the senate finance committee hearing that takes place next week. that's the committee that will vote yes or no on whether to move this nominee's novel nation forward for an up or down vote. but it was a great show today. liz: bernie sanders has been roundly criticized for his child poverty stats. we are strict with our definition, other countries are not. the pardoner in chief is back. republicans ripping into president obama for commuting the sentence of national security secret leaker chelsea
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>> i think he's absolutely dead wrong. this is treason. espionage at the highest level. i, for one, will not be supportive these types of pardons. they are wrong. >> it put operatives at risk. it put our national interests at
5:21 pm
risk. liz: senators ripping into president obama for freeing chelsea manning. at the time obama attacked her saying she was deplorable because she revealed secrets and put others at risk. manning's leaks were even found on usama bin laden's computer. charles krauthammer says president obama's hypocrisy are unpardonable. >> here we have a guy, manning, a woman now, who released information that had to do with our actions in ongoing wars in iraq, afghanistan, including the identification of people who
5:22 pm
were working for us, many of whom we can presume were hunted down and killed as a result. i think it's astonishing that the president at the same time would be so exorcised over the podesta leaks through wikileaks and be commuting the sentence of chelsea manning. liz: the mother of a sailor is in prison for taking pictures inside his navy submarine. president obama is saying chelsea's 35-year sentence was too long, it didn't fit the crime. what are your thoughts? >> thank you for allowing us to
5:23 pm
be on again to correct. it was jeffrey attaka who is also on. i was screaming before with the double standards with regards to hillary clinton, and i'm scream being the fact my son took four photos, never transmitted those photos and he's sitting in federal prison and chelsea manning, her sentence is commute with 35,000 emails that come proaf miced national security. there was no evidence my son's pictures were given to anyone. i'm disgusted, i'm embarrassed by our country and our president of the united states. he received the pardon paperwork and there is no reason he shouldn't be pardoning my son and bestore stowing his benefits back to m -- and bestowing his
5:24 pm
benefits back to him. liz: i think what the viewers are trying to figure out. obama granted more pardons and commutations than any other president in history. he even released a terrorist in puerto rico who did much worse than kathleen's son. why won't president obama help kathleen's family? >> he has done more in terms off clemency. i know about classified things, and this individual committed misconduct. he's admitted to that. but the gross punishment he received from the department of justice is what energized a lot of americans, myself included. other sailors who did the same thing received nonjew --
5:25 pm
non-judicious the punishment. so they took chris and crucified him and made him a scapegoat. so the misconduct is not in keeping with the punishment. we are asking president trump. i have given up on president obama. to fast track this. get this to his desk and make a determination for chris soon were rather than later. liz: tell us what president obama's administration said to you and what president-elect trump's transition team has said to you? >> i have received nothing from president obama or this administration, even though i reached out multiple times during last few years as well as recently. we received nothing in response to that. as far as president trump we reached out to them, and during the election as well as recently we are submitting the pack tote his transition team in hopes
5:26 pm
they will consider this as the professor mentioned. the extreme pressure on my son due to the political atmosphere at the time. liz: has trump's team gotten back to you? >> not as of yet. we are hopeful that they will receive our packages that we sent with the pardon that jeffrey physically brought to washington, d.c. last week. we are very, very hopeful someone will listen to this. as we talked about in the past, my son's life has been ruined. we are hopeful he will have a future, but that will determine on what happens as we go forward. he lost his military career he was so proud to serve, his family, his wife, his daughter are struggling financially it's a travesty what happened to our
5:27 pm
family and absolutely my son accepted responsibilities for taking six photos. i heard what president obama said about chelsea manning that she received responsibility. well, my son did as well. he's sitting in prison for six photos that we never transmitted. liz: steve harry blasted by fans for meeting with trump. and jennifer holiday is back out of the inauguration due to death threats. when will the world say it's the left that can be intolerant and deplorable. this electoral
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liz: comedian and tv host steve harvey revealing he was hit with a backlash after meeting with donald trump. now singer jennifer holiday revealing she, too, had to cancel her trump inaugural performance after getting death threats. >> i have performed for four other presidents, starting with the ronald reagan. my voice i felt could be used as an instrument of healing and unity. i didn't realize people weren't really over the election. i was receiving death threats. and i have never experienced. it's never okay. i'm receiving death threats and the n-word from black people who said they were going to kill me. saying i should kill myself.
5:32 pm
liz: to a man familiar with death threats, he said hillary clinton supporters gave him death threats to change his votes. >> you say it's the liberals who are the bullies. >> it's shameful these bully tactics are continuing months after the election. i hoped this would end. we are seeing people who are performers who aren'even republicans who are backing out of the inauguration for the president of the united states, they are back pout because of death threats it's shameful and it needs to stop. liz: why are they not taking the high road the way the first lady and hillary clinton suggested? >> i think it's the pattern of the left. they always had these tactics. the 2016 election is not the first time they employed bully
5:33 pm
tactics to try to get their way. this whole high road tactic mrs. obama invoked during one of her speeches is a sham because they don't take the high road. liz: it's a felony, it's a crime to make these threats. has anyone called you to investigate the threats you received? >> absolutely. they have been investigated. we are look at to prosecute that. because it's never okay to send these death threats, i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. it's not how americans conduct themselves and it needs to stop. these people will be brought the justice. liz: even tenor andrea bocelli is getting threats. >> it's important for to us take a step back and understand we cannot continuously validate
5:34 pm
these people making these death threats and the silence of hillary clinton and obama, they need to say something and say it's wrong. liz: we'll be right back. don't go away.
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liz: a class of fourth graders not allowed to watch donald trump's augurationpeech friday. why? because their teacher decided to censor his speech. she said i'm concerned about my students and our children being exposed to language not in concert with the most conservative social and family values. i showed the speeches of
5:39 pm
president obama and president bush. but i'm concerned about showing his inaugural address. joining me is a father who lives in the district. he's taking on the teacher. i think in response, one of your listeners wrote saying as the son of a fifth grade teacher it infuriates me when those in charge our kids are trying to train them instead of teaching them. did the rest of your viewers feel the same way? >> a lot of folks are upset about this. what you are missing here, what's happening friday whether you are a trump supporter or not is america at its finest. the peaceful transfer of power. this teacher is missing the opportunity to have a teachable moment in real-time in american history.
5:40 pm
donald trump isn't going to use profanity during this inaugural speech. that many silly. it's clear by the emails sent home by this teacher that he has a certain political bent on this and an agenda. he concluded so many of the kids in the classroom were so upset he had to counsel and comfort them. and he did that by quoting bob marley. apparently bob marley is a leader in this man's class but the soon to be leader of the free world is not the man he wants to look to. we have had a lot of feedback from the listeners as you can manage. and most of them are against the teacher because they feel he has taken a step that is not his to take. liz: what about parent in the class? are they saying is this the right lesson, to censor history?
5:41 pm
>> i was contacted by a parent who said you have need to see these emails this teacher is sending out. it bothers me, but i don't want my child singled out and treated differently. they say this is wrong. i don't want the teacher giving his political agenda to my student. the message is the president is a bad guy. i can't show you his speech because we can't trust him to watch him on tv. that's totally outrageous. not the man's place. show the speech. he showed the speech of barack obama and george w. bush, but some how he feels it's his place to censor history. i come back to the fact he could make this a real-time teachable moment about america and how we are different. instead he's going with a lesson that's off the books. liz: thank you for your time.
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5:46 pm
trump is entering office with the worst approval rating, even worse than jimmy carter. democrats comprise 31% of the a pell and 23% identifying as republicans. me for the cnn poll. 32% democrats and 24% saying they are republicans. some argue well since trump won perhaps those polls were actually wrong. >> the abc news traffic poll has hillary clinton up by 12. >> an abc tracking poll of likely voters put hillary clin >> no candidate down this far this late has ever recovered. liz: donald trump tweeting back
5:47 pm
the same people to did the phoney election polls were wrong and now they are doing approval rating polls. they are rigged just like before. >> what are your thoughts? >> there are more democrats in these polls than republicans. whether that reflects reality or not, usually you have an election to judge the accuracy of polls. we had an election and it showed the polls were too tilted in favor of measuring clinton voters than trump voters. the election polls were of likely voters which is a good sample. this is all adults. this is a much more liberal group of people. including people who never vote in elections and their opinions are being put alongside likely voters.
5:48 pm
the media should be more humble about projecting these poll results, acting like there is a flaw or handicap in a new president because they were so wrong coming into the election. but they are playing it as donald trump starting behind the 8-ball. that's the media's story on that. liz: donald trump calling out nbc for reporting the recent job announcement from companies including gm's were already in the works. >> there may be some truth to that. but the fact is he mutt pressure on these companie companies to o locate jobs in the united states and they responded by announcing plans to have more jobs in the united states. if this were the obama administration the media would
5:49 pm
be crowning him as being the champion of jobs. the media is trying to find a way to not give him credit for it. but this is his agenda and it's already coming to fruition. celebrities, including katy perry, cher, planning to join in an anti-trump women's march. the event says it's inclusive. but that's only if you agree with the event's political agenda. my next guest is the founder of a pro-life women's group. she says her group got backlash. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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liz: just one day following president trump's inauguration you will see celeb lights like amy schumer and katy perry and cher at a march in washington. the event is said to be inclusive. but it's only if you agree with the event's platform. the march organizers gave a pro-life feminist organization the boot. real kicker is, they were already invited. new wave feminist founder destiny. you didn't support trump but you did not vote for hillary clinton. >> correct. thank you for making that clarification. you got some backlash for -- you were invited to march, then you were told not to march. tell us what happened. >> it's a march that's open to
5:54 pm
the public. so it wasn't so much that there were invitations. but we were able to apply online. we made it clear we are a pro-life organization but there is so much common ground we could agree on, so we thought we would add an extra element of diversity and since their platform was about inclusion, it seemed like a perfect fifth. i think they knew we were pro-life. but once it became public knowledge and they started getting backlash, there were prominent pro-choice fell fists calling us for to be removed. liz: this apologies to your group. we want to assure all of our partners that we are pro-choice it's clearly stated in our unity principles. the anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the
5:55 pm
women's march on washington. we apologize for this error. >> i don't believe there is an error. we made it clear. we linked to our social media platforms. we never hid the fact that we are pro-life. once they got the backlash, that's when it wasn't quite as cool to be that diverse. they want to be diverse, but not that diverse. liz: they say they are inclusive to all women. what are your thoughts on that? >> it blows my minds, they are censoring the views that are welcome at this march. luckily feminism is a movement flood rebellion so we'll be out there anyway. we'll be out there representing the feminist pro-life movement. but yeah, for me this all the more reason for us to be involved. because we've need to have a
5:56 pm
strong voice out there. liz: does your group support birth control? >> we believe that women have access to information. we are not anti-birth control. but we do feel like women have kinds of been lied to about the actual chemical effects and how it works. liz: i guess you are heading to d.c. for the inauguration. i hope you have a good time. >> thank you. liz: we have the latest on president-elect trump's inauguration preparations after this.
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you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance liz: neil cavuto, lou dobbs, maria bartiromo, and trish regan will be at the inauguration covering it. "making money" with charles payne is next.
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[♪] charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. president-elect trump determined to take his victory latch. insisting he's bringing jobs back to the u.s. and slamming claims companies are touting old business plans as new creations to get on trump's good of side. he tweeted totally bias abc news went out of its way that jobs coming back to the u.s. had nothing to do with trump is more fake news. joining me now to discuss.


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