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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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liz: well, donald trump's inauguration is this friday. tune in to fox business for all-day coverage. thank you for having us in your homes. "making money with charles payne" is next. ♪ ♪ charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. on friday president-elect donald trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45th president of the united states, and, well, at least right now the clock is ticking. we've got 31 congressional democrats who say they are boycotting a time-honored ceremony. donald trump, in a e plea for unity, just now tweeting: for many years our country has been divided, angry and untrusting. many say it will never change. the hatred is too deep. it will change. four exclamation points. joining me now, former senator scott brown. >> thank, charles. charles: this is the big topic we start the show off on martin luther king day, yet it is the
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reality, p isn't it, to a degree. >> sadly, it is. i was reading most of the representatives, it's with a heavy heart that i am going to honor, you know, rep lewis. with all due respect, it's not about the president-elect, it's not about him, it's not about them, it's about a process. it's about our electoral process. and whether you like it or not, this is it. and by going, you're really saying you don't believe in the whole system. charles: right. >> and especially on martin luther king day, i know you have some of the king relatives that actually supported trump, and they're even getting grief. it's a brave new world out there. charles: any black person that speaks positive of donald trump is going to get grief, including steve harvey from last friday. >> loved, by the way. charles: i've got to get him on this show because i was critical of him a few years ago, and i feel like he's gotten smarter for a lot of reasons. remember during the election process the media warned us it was going to be donald trump who would ignore the election
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results, it was going to be donald trump whose ignorance of the election results and stubbornness would rip the very fabric of our nation. now not only are they, you know, witnessing what democrats are doing, but they're actually fanning the flames of that stuff. >> they're absolutely doing that. they're not only -- i believe they're somewhat instigating. they're clearly biased. sadly, you know, most folks don't want to pin nateed news, they just -- opinionated news. it's getting old, and that's where the lack of trust comes from, and that's why trump is going above them through social media outlets. charles: what's the responsibility of a president-elect and soon to be president trump in these times, in these circumstances understanding that he's going to be baited, understanding that the media's against him and understanding that there's a party out there with a different agenda? are there going to be times when he should rise above it, he should resist the urge to come back with a tweet? i'm a new yorker, i'm a counterpuncher, i get it, believe me. >> yeah. listen, you don't suggest.
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don't swat down. they're not worth it. meryl streep, you know, i thought she was great in sophie's choice, but as the president-elect, if it were me, i would not be swiping down. i think he needs to show restraint in some respects because to pick these battles now, there's going to be many, many battles to pick, and you don't want to basically like the cry wolf, always getting into it, like, every single second. i would pick and choose. but he said, he'll say to you, listen, this is who i am, i'm a new yorker, this is how i battle, and this is how i won. we'll see what happens. charles: his hands are going to be full. i want to bring in, if you don't mind, eric schiffer and ron christie into the conversation. eric, you actually had a tweet over the weekend talking about counterpunching icon john lewis with respect to donald trump on mlk weekend. you say it crippled donald trump's power to influence legitimacy and that he wins by leading as one team, one america. what did you mean by that?
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did you not think that john lewis, by saying that donald trump's victory was not legitimate, didn't he set a trap? wasn't that in and of itself a terrible thing to say? >> well, i think it was a trap to a large degree. at the same time, you know, you started this and then, obviously, scott had mentioned as well that you don't want to punch down, that he shouldn't have to. what he needs to be doing is picking his battles. john lewis has the right to say this. there's no question about it. but do we really know and could we ever prove that russia truly made a material difference? it's impossible to prove. the fbi said it -- charles: but is that still, is that the debate here? because it feels like at this point we've got a president-elect, we're going to have a new president this week, and isn't it time for all of us whether we like it or not to accept the outcome? because i think the american public was pretty loud, pretty clear. donald trump won so many states,
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so many counties that were barack obama's states and counties. >> well, if you look at what lewis said, it's the issue. there's no question. you're right, he did win. but from lewis' perspective, he's not legitimate because the russians were somehow meddling. [laughter] and he's not that smart. no one is, to know what the real net effect was, charles, it's impossible to know. and, therefore, let's follow the process. let's follow the system as we've said. and that's really what should happen. charles: you know, ron, i think we spent the last eight years relitigating the past so much that we lost focus on the current and the future. i think it's diminished america's might and clout in the world, i think it's divided us more as a nation, and we need to also point out that representative lewis also boycotted george w. bush's inauguration. and the russians weren't involved in that election that i remember. >> and they weren't. and good evening, charles. it's a this is martin luther king day. we should be honoring the legacy
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of dr. martin luther king, and instead i think representative lewis went on television yesterday, he knew exactly what he was going to say, he knew it was going to dominate it. didn't martin luther king tell us to not drink from the cup of bitterness? yes, he did. donald trump won over 30 states, it's time for the democrats who lost this election to recognize, you know what? sometimes it doesn't go your way. come back and have a platform, have an agenda and run on something rather than it's my time. and they just can't seem to handle that. charles: does it bother you, scott, that no democrat is standing up to the democrats here? in other words, where's barack obama, where are the others? if this had happened to barack obama in 2008, if 31 republicans said we're going to boycott his election -- >> yeah. charles: -- could you imagine the scandal? >> the outcry would be deafening, charles, and that's part of the problem. you had senator mccain who not only went, he and his wife, his
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daughter, his mother went to the swearing in, and i think that says a lot about hard feelings. charles: is there one leader within that political party that can push back? >> no, no. some of the leaders tried to go against nancy pelosi, so they've been somewhat neutered, and now you have barack obama who's leaving, he's doing anything and everything he can to, basically, muck it up for the new president. i would hope as he says, you know, we're americans first, we want to have a smooth transition, we're doing everything we can. well, sir, all you've got to do is tell people, hey, listen, knock it off and show up. that's all you need to do. charles: eric, what do you make of that? we're in the cusp now of moving ahead with the new administration, new ideas x about the democrat, i think they're killing themselves, i really do can. i have to tell you, every one of these tactics from trying to get the electoral college flipped to whatever it is, i mean, they're used every play in the book and some i've never even heard of, and every time i think it makes them look small. >> look, they have not been the
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most clever of late, and certainly they're grasping for straws. they're in an emotional state. they're in what psychologists would call part x which is this crazy anger. [laughter] i think it's going to take some time before they calm down and, frankly, the moves they're going to make in the short term are very little. it's going to be about the midterms, and you're starting to see the mobilization, but it's not real organized at all. charles: all right. i think on main street they call it acting like a baby. [laughter] thank you all, appreciate it. coming up, trump slams a civil rights icon who said trump's win was not legitimate. should trump have taken a higher road? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i miss since i've been in the congress. charles: well, if this statement from congressman and civil rights icon john lewis, it's that one right there that drew the ire of president-elect donald trump who unleashed on lewis tweeting: congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention crime-infested, rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. sad. trump and lewis both drew criticism from both sides of the aisle. joining us us now to discuss, ea cig freed and cara -- [inaudible]
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he did boy cot, he skipped george w. bush's inauguration because he didn't believe bush is the true, elected president. he's played this card before, carrie. >> no, it's unfortunate. as you said, he is an icon. there's no doubt this is a civil rights leader who fought and bled for civil rights in this country. we give him that respect. but he needs to point his arrows to white liberals like lbj who destroyed the black family. that's where the ire should be pointed here. he's barking up the wrong tree, and i'm sorry, i respect what he did, but he needs to change his tactics. and, honestly, you know, today is martin luther king day. martin luther king said you don't -- if john lewis thinks trump is a stark, angry figure, you don't fight darkness and anger with more darkness and anger, you fight it with light and unity. charles: there's no doubt that john lewis, he carries those wounds not just in his soul, but on his sleeve, and i do think it clouds a lot of his judgment from time to time.
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it does also bring up the idea of hypocrisy because, certainly, if the republicans were treating president-elect barack obama in 2008, circa 2008 this way, it would be enough, there would with be an uproar. >> and there was an uproar. but republicans in 2009 when barack obama was sworn in as the 44th president, we smacked down anybody who said he's not my president. we said he is the president of the united states. he's duly elected, and we should accept it. we might not have to like the man, but we respect the office. what john lewis is doing is actually being condoned by democrats who are saying, oh, this should be celebrated, he's standing up for democracy. well, he's actually taking a shot at democracy itself, and the peaceful transfer of power, which most countries would kill to have -- charles: you know, i'm look agent the list of these 31 names, and i'm going to sit down somewhere and crunch these numbers. i bet the average age is probably well over 60. these are old school democrats who have been in washington, d.c. for a long time, and they haven't gotten much done for this country.
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and you wonder if it's more the establishment power struggle about the notion that perhaps a complete political outsider is going to not only disrupt their game, but the total game itself. >> well, these are extreme liberals who have been able to cling to their seats even as barack obamadestroyed the democratic party. you saw the majorities when he came in, all of them shrunk and shriveled away under barack obama, so what's left is the most extreme districts and the most extreme seats, and that's who's going to be boycotting. >> we also see in one of the members boycotting, a member of harlem, and he actually has the poorest congressional district in the country, and he represent majority african-american and dominicans. he's the first undocumented immigrant to serve in congress, and he's going out and pushing these policies, and he wants to say to donald trump i don't like you, i don't want like your policies, and it's a protest where he can go back to his district and make money off of this. charles: we know there's already been a fundraising effort from
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the lewis kerfuffle, if you want to call it that, over the weekend. but to that point, you know, i used to be involved in a charter school in that district, and, you know, the selling of victimization, you do a lot of work up in harlem. the selling of victimization is old school, it's an old school playbook that i think is played out. >> yes. and, charles, you as a black conservative, it is your moment to shine. this is your chance to finally have a voice to be able to push back against these decades of victimization. because, you know, scientific america put out a, you know, reviewed a study, very interesting, that said if you see lack in your life, that is what you will get in your life. if you see opportunity, if you see chance, if you see growth, that will be the trajectory of your life. and that is the vision of dr. king, was the trajectory of hope, of opportunity -- charles: right. >> that's where we need to put our sights. charles: all right, guys, thank you both. appreciate it. trump, we know he was always hitting china and mexico in
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trade, but he's added one country to the list, and it's going to blow your mind especially if you like luxury vehicles. although you might get them cheaper, we'll see. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ sometimes you just know when you hit a home run.
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charles: today germany's vice chancellor hitting back at donald trump saying, quote. the u.s. will have to build better cars if they want to compete be better with germany. this after donald trump complained there were more german cars on the streets of new york than there are u.s. cars in germany, and he also warned of a 35% tariff. joining me now, brian brenberg and peter morici. peter, we do pay a premium for german products in part because of that marvelous german engineering. is there something else we should be doing to level the playing field? >> well, absolutely. what the german vice chancellor
6:21 pm
did not tell you is the provinces where these car makers are located require cars to be produced in germany. volkswagen requires it because of a combination of the province's members on the board and the labor members on board compel that. it's a very protectionist regime. you know, we make high quality, affordable cars. germany tends to make upper end cars. but, i mean, make better cars? i mean, for god sakes, i'll take a ford fusion over a volkswagen jetta any day of the week. it's garbage. [laughter] this is a trump era, so we use words like that. [laughter] charles: these are your new economic terms. brian? >> it's not as good a car. charles: i got ya, buddy. brian, i think, you know, a lot of foreign automakers now make cars in this country. >> they do. charles: i think the most american made car in this
6:22 pm
country is like a toyota something or other. [laughter] you know? so, listen, leveling the playing field, how do we go about that? and, of course, i think what donald trump is talking about just like some of these u.s. companies, a lot of these german a automakers have already built plants in mexico. >> yeah, and to build small cars. bmw's building in mexico to make the 3 series. look, i love that donald trump wants to talk about jobs, jobs jobs, but going after german carmakers and parts suppliers who, by the way, already employ 100,000 people in this country is the wrong way to do it. we've got to talk about broad-based reform, tax reform so it doesn't just help automakers, it helps everybody across the economy here. there's no -- look, when you target companies, what you do is you invite political influence buying. that's what happens. these guys are going to put a lot of money, as much money as they can into working with the government to get special deals,
6:23 pm
to get those tweets that are favorable to them. that's not the direction that we want to be going here. charles: well, let's move this forward then, peter. let's say donald trump has to act on this. would a 35% tariff be the thing to do, to slap germany and german automakers with that? >> no. not unless you have specific reforms for the german automakers and the german government in particular or the provincial governments. if you have those in mind, you have a set of objectives, say, look, if these objectives aren't met, then we have to do something about trade, and we're going to impede the flow, you know, that's okay. but i think we also have to acknowledge that mexico has done some real smart stuff. and, for example, they have free trade agreements with europe, with the united states, with latin american countries and so forth. they've turned themselves into a hub. donald trump trashing all trade agreements, saying all trade agreements are bad and his new ustr saying, oh, i want bilateral deals because they're better is just silly.
6:24 pm
we need to have trade agreements with our trading partners that level the playing field. and if you need a tariff to leverage those negotiations, that's fine. but saying that you' going to sort of grab companies by the throat and shake them, shake 'em down, i think that's dumb too. we need a better environment for the united states. charles: you know, brian, to that point, when we export a car to the e.u., there's a 10% tear i have. a pickup truck there's, like, a 25% tariff, and we have tariffs on their products too. mexico's cut these deals. i know donald trump has talked about cutting individual deals. i'm not sure how time consuming that would be, but to peter's point, do we play hardball until we can get those new deals in place? >> look, we've had eight years of playing hardball with businesses, eight years of telling them they're not doing the right things, coming down on them for not providing health benefits. this has been the environment for so long. how about we take the opposite approach and say, guys, what can we do to make it attractive for you to informs in the united
6:25 pm
states? -- to invest in the united states? no country in the history of the world has tariffed its way to prosperity. they've done it by creating attractiveness -- charles: weren't there some tariffs -- >> no, no, whoa, whoa, hold on. [laughter] the japanese in the '50s and '60s used text quite effectively, so let's not making sweeping statements like that. [inaudible conversations] charles: guys, let's pick this up again tomorrow, how about that? [laughter] everybody okay with that? >> it's a good -- >> sure, if you want to. charles: i love the topic, i think it's fascinating, and i think there were times in our history where tariffs might have worked. by the way, i've got a jaguar and a jeep, so i hope i'm okay with that. thanks a lot, guys. martin luther king iii did something interesting, he avoided taking the bait three times on this trump/lewis feud. we're going to discuss that next. ♪ ♪
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6:30 pm
was arrested today, facing multiple charm charges in connection to the attack, mateen stormed pulse nightclub in june leaving 49 people dead, and over 50 hurt. >> clinton foundation is shutting down the clinton global initiative, it was under constant scrutiny during the 2016 election, due to long list of foreign donors. contributcritics say they were selling themselves to foreign entities. >> president-elect trump meeting with martin luther kinking 11-- aot othings get said on both sides a woman came in last week, told me he
6:31 pm
is going to have black people up against the wall. he said that over and over again he is going to represent americans. >> when you hear president-elect refer to john lewis as all ta talk no action. >> move forward, we can't stay on this, people are literally dying. charles: it fell like old playground scene, one group is trying to start a fight 2 between two kids. i cannot believe, they were trying to bait over and over again, making this so-called controversy more so. >> his grandson held up that legacy in a beautiful way by not taking the bait. and trying to be the peacemaker that is what martin luther king would have wanted to bring both siding it to be the instrument of peace.
6:32 pm
and look, i think by the way john lewis has already sent out fundraising letters based on his spat with donald trump, this smacks of a lot of politics. not a lot of substance. which is what we need moving forward for this country. charles: no doubt about it, but martin luther king iii . i appreciate the fact that he could have either direct, he took the high road and liked it to keep his father's legacy alive, we saw it on display today, we saw, that mainstream media is no longer concerned in reporting news as opposed to yeting, creating,s in particular with president-elect trump. >> i commend king, for trying to take the higher ground, this is opium for the media, it has all of the ingredients,
6:33 pm
ratings, hurt feelings and disgust for donald trump. yes john lewis deserves report forespect for being a civil right icon, but he is also a democratic politician, he pulled the same stunt with george w. bush. this is about democrats pushing in say trump is a illlyita -- illegitimate president, and they will shroud themselves in civil right icons so they could push a message forward, uh-u unfortunately i do think that donald trump could have been a little bit smarter in his response. charles: back to the crux of the matter. media at war with donald trump during the election and since, this is on full display, they have baited him, they asked him 3 times, framed a question in such a way they are trying
6:34 pm
to incite something that could have to ford's point become a bigger story. >> there are so many instances where donald trump has been baited by democrats, by some questions perhaps, he has certainly tak taken the bait. this is a different issue just given the historical nature of it. the wounds are still pretty deep among particularly african-american lawmakers because of donald trump and the birther issue. that is some of the frail work foframework for this but donald trump knows by spend oninresponding on this he drives a news cycle. charles: but what th are saying to martin lu luther king i i i . were trying to create in that lobby they want the king to take the bait, and make this
6:35 pm
perhaps something mor more insend yeah, iy than it had to be. >> the question surrounding this lo lewis issue is the comments reflects the broader views of democratic party. i am not sure they are there yet, but there have been public remarks about questioning the outcome of the election. >> okay we have to leave it there thank you. >> have been holding out on investing, waiting until the inauguration, a lot of people have, great news, bad news people are making bad mistakes. payne's play book is next, i will show you the biggest mistake i am seeing people make, and i don't' you to make it, we'll be right back.
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charles: british prime minister theresa may will address england and all of the world, many expecting her to layout plans for the british exit from the eu.
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charles: great news, a lot of people returning to the stock market or changing their investment patrol s approach so they have more control. they are self sabotaging. buying one or two stocks is not good enough, not being diversified and expecting
6:40 pm
instance success. the biggest is false notion of value and idea of owning a lot of shares for that big win. avoiding this mistake is key, it does not give you a better shot, it is faulty, it adds too much risk to our portfolio making it more likely you will lose money. this not to say there is not some wisdom of notion of getting in on so-called cheap. this is how venture capitalists become billionaires, but, they are buying at company like uber and snapchat before they become available to public. by the time they are available, they have been driven lower by poor sales and poor outlook. people try to justify buying stocks, at lower prices as
6:41 pm
being quote, cheap. they did not have a lot of money to invest, this is ruin an otherwise great line of thinking. i remember back in 2012, most investors could see the writing on the wall they fell like selling things on internet would be huge, they were correct. they wanted a piece of the action, that was smart, but many said i am going with groupon instead of amazon on idea one of cheap and other expensive. without looking at revenue, margins, market share or earning trend. have you two investors, both very hot on the potential of buying stuff on internet they have $10,000, take you on january 2012. they pulled trigger, they make this investment, person that invested in so-called expensive stock, got 50 shares, these 50 shares worth almost $41,000, and those that loaded up on cheap stocks got 500 shares, their investment worth less than 1800 bucks,
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there is a place for low price shares, and name that have been beaten down, but notion they are cheap, can never be determined on share price alone, i am telling you right now, if you insist on this approach, just go to las vegas, play at tables, catch a few shows, and sunsets that you can talk about, it will be easier in there is a new report about a highly anticipated smal snapchat ipo, investors are worried. >> hello, snapchat cofounder plan to take their parent company public in march, they are doing it on their own turn, that i want to keep total control of their company, some means new investors get zero votes, new investors will still get to vote, preipo shareholders get less powerful voting shares, they plan to hold 70% of
6:43 pm
voting power but hold less than 50% of stock, facebook did something similar last year, creating a new class of nonvoting stock to allow ceo zuckerberg to maintain control, but snapchat founders are offering only nonvoting shares to public, usually power is limited overtime as new shares are issued but their voting control will not change. when new shares are sold because the common stock does not have voting right, critics call this plan unfair, saying it blocks public from being a parts of decision making process, and companies should stick to a one share, one vot struvote struckture, if their stock drop below 30%, all shares convert to common stock, if either founder dies their shares cannot be transferred. charles: pretty good thank you hillary.
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charles: this morning, on my way to studio, i was at a rhetred light here in new york, a panhandler came over with a paper cup, i grabbed some money, as i was rolling down the windows our eyes connected. he was a black man, approximately my age, on a day we celebrate martin luther king, one of us reflecting on that progress made, the other maybe under scoring the fact there is still work to be done, i realize hisser t story it could be one of many things. but, he know that as a nation there is still work to be done. this work should not be defined by race, as millions of mentally ill, poor or drug addicted in this country come from all races and religions, the nation is a milting pot of
6:49 pm
folks who feel left behind and voiceless. we have to electric a look at how far we've come, something we should be proud of as a nation, and fuel our resolve for the future as a nation, celebrating martin luther king, should fuel our resolve to be better people. joining me now to discuss this. you know, ron, i hate that race is brought up so much in this country for so many issues. you know, no matter what it is, the issues and problems we are not race bound in my mind it is idea logically found and other things, in different countries it would not be prefaced on the racial line. >> you are right, you look at dr. king, and civil right movement that allowed people like myself, you and kerry to achieve the american dream, if
6:50 pm
you work hard and you get power of education behind you, you can do anything in this nation, i listen to this monologue for this, i wonder to myself, i wonder what that gentleman's up bringing was like, and was he given the same opportunities, and what can we too for our children now, if you work hard and believe in yourself you can make it. >> ron there have been researchers. that discovered, that conservatives have been saying for years, if they have a two-parent home, they have that nuclear family, that sadly so common to have a broken family within the black community, like 72 to 75%, of black babies are born to single homes, and this is a funfunction of programs started by lbj, sadly a heritage we have to clean up, it cuts across all racial lines, does not matter what
6:51 pm
race you are, if you are born into a broken home this is strongest factor to whether you -- >> by the same token, a big issue, was white folks, in this country, and heroin epidemic and things like that i think when we'll, i felt like in '70s and '80s in particular it was all about, well this race -- and but it feels like there something else here. >> that is what researcher found race did not matter, it was whether that child was born to a broken bone that is the strongest var variable. to your point on american dream, brooks has shown this in his research, safe, family, community and work. charles: are you confident, ron it will get better, that donald trump will be focused on this enough, to the degree you want federal government
6:52 pm
focused on something like this to help. >> yes, i am, i do believe that the department of justice, last 8 years had their finger on the scales be they have openly been doing idealogical -- rather than looking at all americans with blind scale of justice, saying we'll do this equally, i believe donald trump with sessions, is going to do more to help people wit color and all americans by being equal and just. charles: i love, creating an environment, if you are will to pull yourself up by bootstraps you will succeed. >> i have sad news, second american to walk in space, last man to walk on the moon has died. piloted gemini 9 mission.
6:53 pm
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. trump raising questions about nato, saying it was obsolete because it was not taking care of terror. but it is important, donald trump stick together to eu saying he will reach a quick trade deal with the u.k. and brexit a great thing. we saw last week with hearings
6:57 pm
there was a focus on nato, perhaps in an attempt to see if they differ from donald trump, the need for nato. where do you stand on this issue? >> this was highlight of hearings last week for good reason, donald trump has been questioning utility of nato for months now, hearings made it clear that general mattis and re rex tillerson and 94 other nominees feel it is really important, i am glad to hear this. you know, i think it a mistake to treat nato as a transactional partnership with have with 28-member states, premise behind nato is collective security for the west, and directive defense against shared enemies in the world. it is a lot more texture than the idea of how much money you put into the organization.
6:58 pm
charles: two thing, it seems their initial mission, sort of antiquated with respect to single mindedly focused on russia or old soviet union with advent of terrorism, which ripped western nations on both sides of the atlantic. i think that americans are saying, at some point, everyone should pay their fair share, considering what is sat stake. >> well, -- so first point, i would say, that the need to hedge against russian, greg is now -- aggression is now more important than before. charles: what about al qaeda. >> when fighting terrorism, nato has member countries have been fighting that fight for the last decade, they have been in afghanistan and iraq, alongside us for the post part, that argument wears thing, maybe globally we've not had kind of success that americans would like fighting terrorism, fine.
6:59 pm
but that does not mean that you throw nato out the window. who is going to take its. charles: should they pay their fair share. >> guiding premise is member country contribute 2% of gdp to defense, it has been noted that many are not meeting that threshold, some i think with legitimate reasons, not as much, donald trump is pushing countries like germany, which is one of the violators to step up, merkel said she will make that a priority, moving forward. that is good. i think this is where donald trump could probably make a contribution in a sense he could be motivate or and one that rallies other countries that can afford to do this. can afford to contribute 2% of their gdp to defense. to do that, that would be a net gain for everyone. but i think that idea we throw it away or kick people out because they are not meeting
7:00 pm
that threshold is missing the park in terms of that is not what nato is about. charles: jillian turner thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: at home, i appreciate you watching, now here is lou dobbs. lou: president-elect makes it clear his foreign policy focus is reducing russia's nuclear weapons and threats. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what that is called an asset. lou: m withdrawal of sanctions against russia in exchange for a nuclear weapons reduction deal, pete hook city said that mr. trump is showing true leadership, he is joining us. also, while our troops take up positions in poland, russians are howling about surprise arrival of 300 u.s. marines in


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