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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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shows all over the u.s. don't miss it between now and may 21st. you won't have another chance. you know, the bottom line also besides the animal rights groups, life has become such a circus. you don't need to pay anybody for it; right? >> but, hey, mom and dad want to take the kids. >> here's risk and reward. >> i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team followed eight years ago and to work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect. because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition to ensure that the president-elect is successful. >> the peaceful transfer of
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power from one freely elected president to the next. [applause] i committed to president-elect trump that my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition. liz: what is supposed to be a week of transition is turning into a week of. boycotting the inauguration and the boycott is growing. i'm liz in for deirdre bolton. it started as five democrats last week and then snowballed when civil rights leader john lewis questioned president trump's legitimacy. the boycott grew. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president? why is that?
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>> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected and help destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. he don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i miss since i've been in. liz: after those comments, the boycott of trump's inauguration by democrats grew to 32. 32 democrats will not attend donal donald trump's presidential nomination. now, some argue that the majority of their constituents voted for hillary. others say they are offended by trump's comments and his cabinet choices. congresswoman saying she's not in the mood to celebrate. ted lou says he would rather watch it on television. and a new report says at least one of five california congressman are skipping trump's inauguration. congressman juan vargas of san diego saying why be a hypocrite and pretend to have
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respect for him? and asking her constituents what she should do on social media. >> i know what my heart tells me, and i know what my head tells me, but i want to know what you tell me. should i participate in the inauguration? what should i do on that day? liz: now, it turns out research shows no republican boycotted either president obama's inaugurations. four republicans do not did not attend the 2012 inauguration due to scheduling conflicts and mark kirk had a stroke. but none boycotted. again, none boycotted. so will this backfire on democrats? will the american people reject the boycott? take this to our first guest presidential candidate mike huckabee. love having you, governor. you know, it's an honor to attend the inauguration. the most important event in our democracy. how do you think the american people react to this boycott and a potentially chaotic inauguration? >> well, i think most of them
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are going to ignore the fact that these democrats are such poor losers that they can't accept the fact that their candidate lost. but i do have it on good authority, liz, that donald trump personally is not affected. in fact, he may have to take no more than half a baby aspirin to be able to sleep at night over the fact that some of these folks aren't going to show up for his inauguration. he's still going to be president, whether they show up or not. and, by the way, jn wi wasn't being honest. he didn't show up for presidenbush's inaugation either, and it was basically the same reason. he said he wasn't a legitimate president. so there's a partner with john lewis. it's unfortunate, and i think it's embarrassing to the democrats, and i would like to see some democrats come out and call him out on this and say, folks, this is about the presidency, the office. not the individual. and we should pay respect to our constitutional form of government and the fact that we do change power with
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ballots not bullets. and that ought to be something that we observe, celebrate regardless of the outcome of the election. liz: it's an important point you make. by the way, it was george w. bush that he didn't attend; is that right. >> yes. george w. bush. liz: listen, john lewis, it's marbling day, but your point's well taken. i mean, correct me if i'm wrong, i think he's called jeff sessions george wallis, called john mccain a george wallis, said he's using hyperbolic rhetoric, john lewis in the past. is that right? >> well, look, i don't want to take anything away from the civil rights record that he had in the '60s. but we're now talking about the year 2017. and what he's doing now is going to erase what really is a stellar type of career that he had as a civil rights cleared activist and instead he's going to be remembered as the guy who just couldn't accept that americans voted
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differently than what he voted. and that he was wrong about hoamericans felt. and that's unfortunate because people ought to remember him as a distinguished congressman, not as an extinguished democrat who just couldn't find it in his heart to acknowledge that we have a peaceful transition of power. obama is able to recognize it, and i think that president obama is facilitating that kind of transfer of power. it's something we ought to be grateful to him for. regardless of politics. liz: you're right. he is a civil rights hero. the question is how does congressman lewis' comments, how does it help? does it help democrats in the swing districts in the midterms? i mean, we also have vice president elect mike pence responding to the legitimacy of congressman lewis' accusations. governor, i would like you to take a listen and your thoughts. listen. >> there's no question of the legitimacy of this election and for john lewis to make those statements is deeply disappointing.
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but this is also -- it's disappointing too because i truly do believe this is a time when the american people should be celebrating the peaceful transition of power. liz: yeah, i mean, john lewis is about the rising -- his career has been rising above boundaries, it's about, you know, being above conflict. i mean, it's dicey to criticize a civil rights hooray week on martin luther king. but it puts a chill in civility and cooperation; right? >> well, i think in this case of it being martin luther king day, i get all of that. but it does not erase the fact that what he said was ridiculous. that it's not a legitimate election. and i think that for john lewis to do that, frankly it is i think disrespectful to dr. martin luther king jr. to make those kinds of comments about the peaceful flow of power. and i wish he hadn't done it. as far as what it does, i think it hurts democrats because there are a lot of good democrats around this country who i disagree with
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dramatically on policy. but they love america, and they feel that this kind of attitude and action on the part of john lewis is truly an embarrassment to our process of government and to the legitimacy of the election, which nobody has been able to show that the russians affected the outcome. the outcome was affected by hillary's poor message, her inability, our unwillingness to go and campaign in key states that she should have won but yet lost, and the fact that donald trump captured an extraordinary level of voters that traditionally vote democrat. they voted for donald trump, and they said they did. it wasn't about russians. it was about the complete failure of the democratic message that's left a lot of people jobless and somewhat hopeless. liz: including a lot of people, african-americans in the inner cities, as you pointed out. right, governor? >> yeah. absolutely. donald trump got more african-american votes than anyone thought he would. there were a lot of leaders who hopefully will truly be
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able to reshape some policies that have trapped a lot of african-american people in this country in poverty. and instead let them experience the kind of prosperity that america has always been known for. >> governor, you're always terrific. we love having you go on the show. please come back soon. >> look forward to you. thank you, liz. liz: sure. donald trump retaliating against john lewis saying perhaps lewis should focus on fixing the district that he covers atlanta, georgia. says quote congressman john lewis should focus on the criminal infested inner cities in the u.s. i can use all the help i can get. so is trump right? let's take a closer look at lewis' district. he has served it since 1987. even though it's home to coca-cola, look at the median income. below the national income of all of a. about one in six families are in poverty. unemployment is about double the rest of the country at 8.2%.
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and atlanta landed in the top 20 cities in the nation for violent crime. number 14, according to the fbi. let's take this to the political panel. gop strategist and democrat strategist danielle. first to you. everyone agrees he is a civil rights hero but these statistics are pretty disappointing; right? >> well, this is the problem with democratic policies over the last several decades. they've been a lot of talk, a lot of hyperbole, a lot of name-calling and smear tactics over the years but not a lot of results. and so whether it's john lewis' district or not, what democrats have failed to do is deliver. california, a state that's been under democratic control now for as long as i can rememberas the hhest poverty rates in the nation. so democrats really probably should stop boycotting donald trump's inauguration and start figuring out policies in their own areas, in their own states that they've been running and fix them because otherwise
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you're going to keep seeing what you've been seeing for the last eight years, which is governorships, state legislatures, 12 senate seats. 900 state legislative seats the democrats have lost since barack obama took office. cers you know, danielle, six shot. two dead. you know, it's been a brutal month for officers in the state in recent months; right? >> it certainly does. and i think we need to focus on the parts of georgia that are not within the district. this is a city full of black culture, black history. liz: but donald trump is talking about the economic performance of that district; right? >> sure. and the statistics that you call are correct. i will say that the educational statistics for them, the fifth district, the high school education, graduation and of course college is higher than the national average. it's a mixed bag, but it's not this burning in a city, which is language that donald trump has used to describe urban centers, largely
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african-american. liz: but they have been a problem right, sarah? inner cities have been an issue for quite some time; right? >> well, and this is why i hope john lewis will work with someone like attorney general jeff sessions who wants to work with law enforcement to actually bring down this violent crime rate, which has spiked in the last two years under president obama and particularly in these democratic-controlled states. so, again, john lewis would be far better off coming to the table instead of, you know, putting up this hyperbolic rhetoric. he's a civil rights hero and on this of all week we should be solution on the other hand and not name-calling. liz: do you remember when the first lady said when they go low, we go high. so who's going low now? >> i think this is a big problem, and i think this is a problem across politics. this idea that we help to get out our bylaws and institutions are norm. how you react, obviously donald trump is a counterpunch. we saw this through 2016, we've seen that in his long, long history within the media.
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and now the politics. what we're seeing on both side is a norm and that's a problem. it's not coming to the nothing reagan. it's what? frankly democrats did in 2013 with the filibuster. getting rid of it so that they could get more obama nominees through. but they did that because as republicans set on obama's nominee, there were still 100 federal judges that obama couldn't get through because set on them. liz: one track i'm going to railroad you through policy that obama pushed through, and he didn't do things narrow bipartisan way right, sarah? they didn't agree with his policies, and he tried to ram them through. right, sarah? this is about moving forward to danielle's point. >> well, and i think, unfortunately, this president's legacy will go down one of which not working with congress and reducing to meet with republicans will turn out to be disastrous for his legacy because most of it depends on these executive orders, which are unconstitutional and probably removed at this point.
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liz: i'm sorry i have to interrupt. we have breaking news. the terrorist gunman who killed 39 people on new year's day has been caught in istanbul. this is according to reports there. the suspect was to undergo medical checks before being taken to police headquarters for questioning. now the islamic state has claimed responsibility for this attack, saying it was in revenge for turkish military involvement in syria. we're staying on the story. we will give you the latest developments as they're released. remember the female trump supporter who was cornered and egged in a pretty dangerous situation in the election? it was a scary one. one group is worried about dangerous scenes like this repeating again this friday at the inauguration. bikers for trump is taking matters into their own hand. their leader is here to explain what they are going to do on inauguration day. but first, the cia director john brennan calling out the president-elect. hear what donald trump had to say in response after this
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> what i think mr. trump has to understand is that this is more than being about him. and it's about the united states and the national security. and he has to make sure that now that he's going to have the opportunity to do something for our national security as opposed to talking and tweeting. he is going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that u.s. national security interests are protected and are advanced. liz: cia director john brennan criticizing donald trump for russian vladimir putin saying the president-elect doesn't understand the threat posed by russia. trump responding back asking if brennan was the leaker of the news. saying, oh, really? i couldn't do much worse
5:19 pm
because look at syria, crimea, ukraine and the russian nukes. not good. was this, meaning john brennan, the leaker of news? responding to brennan earlier. >> this is an individual that's spob someone the president and president-elect should trust. you see i am don't understand trump's understanding of russia. to make a comment like that is clearly to not understand who he is and understanding he has of russia or frankly the entire geopolitical landscape. so i think when you see someone that's supposed to be a trusted confidential adviser go out and make silly comments like this, it really makes you question what else they've said or done, and i think that's where the president-elect's coming from on this. liz: joining me now retired lieutenant general. was brennan wrong? >> yes. he was, liz.
5:20 pm
and i'm absolutely delighted that president-elect trump pushed back on it. he is a counterpuncher, and he should. the intelligence committee i believe committed a very grievous error by doing this, by briefing this garbage as bob woodward called it, and it should have never gotten out, and it was deliberately, i believe, put in a position in the media to try to delegitimatize president trump's election. and then you have john lewis doing this, and this all orchestrated. liz: you know, general, what's really strange is every time trump is approving in the polls, something is leaked. the billie bush sex tape was released when he was improving in the polls and voters were starting to vote early. and then we had consumer confidence, small business confidence, and then the russian report is leaked. what is behind it? >> well, those patterns of behavior, i believe, and they are patterns of behavior that
5:21 pm
you very correctly analyzed, liz, is what tells you is behind it. this is coming from i believe the highest democratic levels in the democratic party. and in this particular case on the intelligence, it probably had to come verbally out of the white house, no fingerprints that encouraged this type of activity. otherwise, these fabricated reports never should see the light of day, and i think it is the intentions of the democratic party starting at the very top to continue to try to delegitimatize this new president-elect whenever his popularity goes up, whenever anything good happens. liz: you know, general, you made the point that veteran journalist bob woodward who uncovered watergate. as you pointed out called that russian fake report garbage. he sided with trump. let's take a listen. >> that is a garbage document. it never should have been presented in -- as part of an
5:22 pm
intelligence briefing. so trump's right to be upset about that, and i think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we've had who were terrific and have done great work made a mistake here. and when people make mistakes, they should apologize. liz: what do you think, general? does the media owe trump an apology? >> they owe president-elect trump a huge apology, liz. this is fabricated, and i give bob woodward credit for standing up. look, he is a master behind how this is orchestrated from an administration oval office and how it gets out to the media. he knows it's garbage. when bob woodward calls it garbage, it is garbage. but there's going to be plenty of evidence, and i believe that the congress ought to have congressional investigations into this leaking itself and how the word got out and the process
5:23 pm
they used. liz: all right. general tom, thank you so much for your service to our country and for coming on the show. we love having you go. >> thanks, liz. liz: next up, what some critics on wall street call a bait-and-switch for investors. a warning here. a new report says you know what? you may be able to make a lot of money if you can get into this year's hottest ipo snapchat. it's coming up in march in spring. but there's a hitch. investors have little say in how snapchat operates and is run. let's take to fox business' hillary von with the details. hillary. >> hey, liz, well, that's right. snapchat's cofounder evan siegel and bob murphy want to make sure that they stay in control of their company. so when they plan to go public as early as march, they aren't going to let new shareholders vote. offering a class of nonvoting shares has become more common with tech companies like google and facebook. facebook announced last year they would allow their own class to allow ceo mark zuckerberg is to maintain control but snapchat founders
5:24 pm
are taking more extreme measures. they're only offering nonvoting shares to the public. now, usually the power of super voting shares is diluted over time as new shares are issued. but snap's decision to sell non-voting shares exclusively means that the founder's proportional voting control isn't changed because the common stock doesn't have voting rights. now, some investors will still get to vote, though. preipo shareholders will get less powerful shares than siegel and murphy. the two are suspected to hold 70% of the voting power but will hold less than 50% of the stock. some people aren't happy with the decision saying it unfairly removes the public from the decision-making process and that companies should stick to a one share one vote structure. the move gives snapchat's founder the freedom to innovate without a shareholder revolt and cuts out the risk of activist investors. now, analysts say that the drop in tech ipos over the last year, it was the lowest
5:25 pm
since 2009. they say that worked in snapchat's favor, setting the stage for snapchat to go public on its own terms. liz. liz: hillary, great job. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks, liz. liz: on a day we remember the in the life of civil rights activist dr. martin luther king jr. a new report says president obama has done more to create a racial divide than bridge it. he's the author of the book race tipping. he's kevin jackson. he's with us next. don't go away >> i have a dream that my four little children one day will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream to be.
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liz: today we commemorate dr. martin luther king. however, there's another legacy now at stake. in another poll shows president obama's record on race, it's historically poor. it's a recent washington post abc news poll. it found that 63% of americans think that racist relations are now generally bad. but shortly after obama took office in 2009, just a third of that result 22% said that relations were bad.
5:30 pm
now for the most part, race relations appear to be on the mend and have changed. those who think race relations were generally good plummeted from 66% in 2009 to 32% today. cut in half. with me now, executive editor and the author of race, he is kevin jackson. kevin, thanks for coming on the show. you know, earlier today, kevin, reporters repressing dr. king -- martin luther king jr.'s son, he's martin luther king the third to say something bad about donald trump. let's take a listen. i would like your thoughts. >> were you offended by president-elect's tweet that represented lewis' all talk, no action? >> many african-americans are very concerned about a trump presidency. a woman came in here last week and told me he's going to have black people up against the wall both literally and figuratively. did he aleve your concerns? >> isn't there something that cuts to your core when you hear president-elect refer to john lewis as all talk, no action? i mean, nothing can be further
5:31 pm
from the truth; isn't that right? john lewis isn't all talk and no action. >> what do you think your father's message would be to president-elect trump? liz: all right. ultimately king said it was a productive conversation and king said that trump's going to represent all americans, no matter their race or heritage. and he said about john lewis that both sides are responsible for the heated rhetoric. what did you think? did you think the media was trying to put words in king's mouth? >> oh, undoubtedly. jeez. and wouldn't it be nice to have an american president who does represent all the people? i mean, we've seen such a tilt towards an america that has learned to effectively hate white folks. and as a kid growing up in the '60s and understanding that very well, i can tell you it's been taught in the black communities to hate white people and most of these kids have very little interaction with whites and the interaction with whites tend to be very good interactions. it's a teacher or coach or even a philanthropist or humanitarian that helps these kids out.
5:32 pm
i can say that because it happened to me personally, and i've seen it happen to many other kids. so, you know, to see the media do that, it was quite interesting to me given the racial tension that barack obama leaves behind. i mean, you were talking about the poll. who's been talking about how badly he's polling in race relations until probably this conversation? liz: you know, kevin, martin luther king jr.'s niece, she is doctor, she voted for donald trump. >> right. liz: what are your thoughts? can the left sway the media accept that a member of dr. king's family -- any member is okay with donald trump. >> the short answer is, no, they don't want to recognize that -- i call them reverend king. reverend king was a republican and quite frankly, i joke -- i didn't joke about it. but i teased the left by saying he was really the founder of the tea party movement. this is a guy who believed in passive nonaggressive activity towards the government. but to correct government wrongs. to right what the government was doing against its people.
5:33 pm
and he did it in a nonviolent fashion. black lives matter today wanted him to be -- they said let's talk about how he didn't use nonviolence. i mean, they tried to co-opt his message. so if you look at everything that's going on in the media, and you look at how they deal with trump versus barack obama, how we film it, it's so much racism even against the boys in blue, the men and women in blue and quite frankly how we treat citizens of the united states when we have really one united united states, it's bizarre, to be honest. liz: kevin jackson, always great to have you on the show. please come back soon. >> you too, liz. thanks. liz: even after the backlash of what they were saying and doing, hollywood celebrities, they're going to be involvedanae they promised us. do not go away. back in two hmu pain relief spr.
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liz: celebrity protests continue on the eve of president-elect's donald trump being sworn in.
5:38 pm
democratic new york city mayor bill de blasio and some hollywood celebrities are gathering in new york city for preinauguration protests. michael moore, and alec baldwin. he is actor antonio junior. you will be the master of ceremonies for the great american inaugural ball this friday, and i think the ball is honoring our co president that's going to be, you know, our next president trump. it's about time. liz: antonio, do celeb
5:39 pm
in the united states. but i think it has got to stop. at this point, it's a sign of being a bully. you know, i grew up hating bullies. i don't like people telling me what to do. if i don't agree what they're doing, york in hollywood. if i don't agree what you're saying, if i don't agree with president obama, then i can't work in this industry, that's just a bunch of bull. and it canope. that's where my mother is from and that's a communist party, and that's wrong. i think it's okay to protest but enough is enough. president trump is our next president, whether you like it or not, and they have to stop with this bullying. liz: yeah, that's basically what the actress nicole kidman was saying. but she's getting criticized right now and another actress calling out hollywood zoey.
5:40 pm
she's saying mr. trump won because of hollywood's bullying saying quote we got cocky, we became arrogant and also became bullies. we were trying to single out a man for all of these things that he was doing wrong and that created get that big group of people in america that felt bad for trump and are believing in his promises. is she getting -- what are you hearing? is she getting criticized for saying this? even though she supported you've got to go after what you believe. this has got to end. and we're going to stand up to this. this is a sign of communism, and we're going to put these people on -- you know, they have to be looked at for what they're doing.
5:41 pm
i mean, look at what happened at the globes, you know? as an example. this has got to stop. and hollywood is just a small fraction, a very small fraction of the rest of the country. and the people voted, and they voted big and hillary lost big and so now, all of these people, as a matter of fact, they were talking for a lot of months. they were going to leave, and they all want to go to canada, and i want to ask these people. i mean, do you think that canada even wants you to go there? why don't you go to mexico. why don't you go to south america? why always canada? but they're still here. it's just a sign of bullying. it's about putting their foot down, and they want to do -- they want to get what they want because their pretentious human beings. at the end of the day they get what they want. they travel in private jets. they make a lot of money and they can say to people like myself, well, you're not allowed to work in this industry. well, i've been working in this industry for 30 years. small movies, bigger movies, whatever. but at the end of the day, i should be able to work and do
5:42 pm
what i love to do and not be judged because i'm backing up president trump. and that's wrong and that's got to stop. liz: all right. antonio, thank you so much. we love having you go on the show. come back soon. >> thank you very much. liz: protesters ramping up their push to disrupt trump's inauguration this friday, and it has one group worried that things could turn violent against trump supporters, just like it has in the past. remember this woman getting cornered and egged? it turned into a potentially dangerous situation. they're bikers for trump. they're taking matters into their own hands. they plan to form a wall of meat. yes, that's the quotes of one of the supporters, the members there, the wall of meat to back up trump and to protect the inauguration. he's chris cox. he's here to tell us his plans to help keep celebrators after this. don't go away
5:43 pm
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. liz: as we near inauguration day, washington bracing for a firestorm of protests. however, one group is stepping in to protect the ceremonies as donald trump is sworn in as president. the founder of bikers for trump. it is a 200,000 strong group of motorcycle cyclists saying they will create a barrier to block off protesters if they get too out of hand. let's bring in bikers for trump founder chris cox. he's joining me now. chris, basically you say bikers, all of them are patriots. how is it going to work? how are you going to wall off the protesters? >> well, we certainly have every confidence in the metropolitan police department, the park police, and the capitol police. if you recall back in cleveland, there was a lot of polarizing of what might happen. and law enforcement learned from the mistakes that they made in cleveland -- i'm sorry
5:47 pm
in arizona and chicago. so i'm anticipating a peaceful transition of power here. and so bikers are citizen crusaders from all walks of life. backbone of our community is the veteran. and so these guys have got a lot to lose. these are the blue-collar working men and women that are going to be there, and we're really excited about it. we're going to be putting on the inauguration halftime show. shortly after donald trump leaves the stage to go into the capitol with lunch with the senators and the congressmen, we'll be dropping down a very fast-paced exciting program. and shortly before it ends, before the parade starts, we'll be ending it. we have speakers lined up. we have the best biker band in the country, the fried brothers. we couldn't be more excited about it. you can find us on bikers for trump 2016 and @bikers for trump on twitter. and we can't thank all of the people who have donated to our gofundme page that have made this possible. liz: chris, president-elect trump actually tweeted you
5:48 pm
back in july i think sending his appreciation for your group. and did he call you last week? can you tell us about donald trump's phone call to you? >> yes. i was at home in charleston, south carolina and the phone rang about 5:55 and low and behold, it was donald trump. and i was pleasantly surprised. we had about a 10, 12-minute conversation. he wasn't in a hurry to get off the phone. he thanked me for the work that had been done and he wanted to thank all of the bikers around the country that didn't only sign up but that showed up. he mentioned to me that he -- it was a day that ford had decided that they would not move to mexico. and he says to me, chris, did you see the news? i said yes, sir. he goes, you know, i'm really good at this, and i really believe we're going to make america great again. and it was so sincere, and it just goes to show you by donald trump calling me, the biker, he's in touch with america. he's going to reach out. he doesn't only talk to the big donors.
5:49 pm
he's not only talking to the big shots in washington. but he reaches out to the people that he sees, and he recognizes them for their hard work. and we couldn't be more pleased about that. liz: chris, thanks so much for coming on the show. come back soon. we want to hear how it went okay? >> thank you, liz, and we'll see all the bikers in washington d.c. thanks, everybody. liz: next up, bias alert. one media outlet in denver, colorado not even hiding its antitrump position. published a list of antitrump not my president inauguration protest events being held in the city. anyone who does not support trump's presidency want to go has got the list. we have the details on this list next. don't go away [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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liz: the closer we get to inauguration day, the more the boycotts by democrats and the protesters, the number of them grow. and now there's a guide about how exactly to do the protests on inauguration day. newspaper called westward releasing #notmypresident your guy to antitrump rallies, events, and protests. goes on to call what are antitrump events? going on in denver. includes the punk against trump event and the advocacy and action in the trump air. let's bring in media research center tim. good thave you on the show. should the media be involved in advocating against donald trump? >> well, certainly what they've been doing. i think in this particular case, you know, this is one of those alternative weeklies saying we're going to be hipsters, we're going to be trendy, you know, we're going to have our tie-dyed vegan
5:54 pm
event. what seems objectable to me, liz, is when they start promoting something disrupt j20, where they're planning on creating vandalism and violence. i don't know why a newspaper of any kind would tend to promote that. like, hey, guys, come on down here. we're going to break some windows. how would they like it if we went to the offices of westward and broke their car windows? i don't think that would be some righteous democratic action. liz: it's an important point, you know, because the fbi is always talking about how professional anarchists get involved in protests. and, you know, the thing is the title of this article quote not my president. what if the media did an article like this about president obama? >> well, exactly. i mean, obviously the liberal media here is being very consistent. and that is they were sort of not my president in 2001.
5:55 pm
and 2005. and then in 2009, they suggested everyone was thrilled. liberals already think everyone is thrilled to support exactly what they do. and then they presume when they lose that everyone's opposed to trump. and they just act on that sort of -- everyone should. liz: yeah, i hear what you're saying. >> i can't imagine you being in favor. liz: yeah, i hear what you're saying. switching gears. the media now questioning actress nicole kidman's mental health after sound byte of nicole defending president-elect donald trump went viral. let's take a listen. i like your reaction. >> what do you think of president-elect trump? >> he's now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever's the president because that's what the country's based on. and however that happens, he's there, and let's go. liz: she's just saying we've got to support the president.
5:56 pm
now we've got daily mail reporting that the international publication women's day put out a report now questioning kidman's quote bizarre and loose behavior. pretty outrageous stuff. is this how the media fires back at people they don't like? or they don't agree with? what do you think, tim? >> and once she said was so mild. which was the election's over. it's inauguration time. let's have some unity. let's give the president a chance. that's the way democracy works. she had to clarify later and basically told access hollywood this is how we do it in a democratic society, you know? we understand the way the constitution divides, you know, the separation of power. basic -- how we react at this time. and obviously people think she's somehow crazy. you know who the craziest celebrities are? they're the ones that have this refuse fascism thing. liz: got it. tim, sorry, got to go. we're up against a hard break. we'll be right back n't predict
5:57 pm
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liz: well, donald trump's inauguration is this friday. tune in to fox business for all-day coverage. thank you for having us in your homes. "making money with charles payne" is next. ♪ ♪ charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. on friday president-elect donald trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45th president of the united states, and, well, at least right now the clock is ticking. we've got 31 congressional democrats who say they are boycotting a time-honored ceremony. donald trump, in a e plea for unity, just now tweeting: for many years our country has been divided, angry and untrusting. many say it will never change. the hatred is too deep. it will change. four exclamation points. joining me now, former senator scott brown. >> thank, charles. charles: this is the big topic we start the show off on martin


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