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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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instagram. email your mom did the a bunch of times. i'll see you on neil cavuto's show saturday. jesse watters asasasasasas >> at the president-elect came out swinging against spies and lies. mr. trump holding wide-ranging, fast-moving well organized news conference. if it produced a lot of news and some drama. >> i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. >> lou: of the president-elect's secretary is among our guests tonight. the president-elect handed control of his business empire to his sons to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest. we will have the story. and mr. trump's choice for secretary of state putting his
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diplomatic skills to work today. rex tillerson coming under aggressive pressure during his confirmation hearing it from one of mr. trump's former rivals on the campaign trail. good evening everybody, donald trump today at delivering his first news conference as president-elect, and a lot of news to cover. trumps planet to separate his private business from his public service as president, announcing obamacare will be repealed and replaced simultaneously. allegations of russian interference in the election, a fake news scandal, and speculation that u.s. intelligence might have been involved. and one reporter in the left-wing national media unsuccessfully tried to railroad the president-elect. a mistake. >> mr. president-elect. >> go ahead. not you. not you. >> you are attacking our news organization.
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can you give us a chance to ask a question humectant >> quiet. quiet. he's asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. >> can you give me a question an mark >> lou: president-elect's secretary of state nominee today appeared before the senate foreign relations committee, showing great restraint in the hearing, but he was forced to respond to senator marco rubio's aggressive questioning on whether saudi arabia is a human rights violator? >> women can't drive. people are jailed. if you are familiar with all of that? >> there is a change underway in the kingdom of saudi arabia. how is the ever arrived to the same value system, i can't say.
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it is moving in a direction that we want to move. what i wouldn't want to do is take some kind of precipitous action that suddenly causes the leadershipo erupt. i would like for them to continue to make that progress. >> lou: joining me now, kimberly guilfoyle. kimberly, an amazing day. that press conference with the president-elect had something for everyone, but particularly for cnn and their reporter jim acosta. i have not seen anyone, either a president or president-elect, in a manner heated. >> are they kidding? they would never dare do that to president obama. not for a second. i thought he handled it very well. he shut it down. today was very important, because they need to note that this is going to be different than they are used to comment that he's not going to let them make false allegations, attacks, and do this type of thing and
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act like a ringling brothers circus. he was unflappable. and he proceeded forward, and another reporter was behaving in the right way. answer the question. >> lou: there was a time in this country when presidents and president-elect's demanded respect. this president has not even held news conferences. this president being the one who just said good night was last night. it's going to be an interesting dynamic. it's pretty clear that donald trump does not have any qualm about there being there being consequences for reporters and news organizations dealing with baseless claims and publishing it as journalism. >> and they try to do this right before his press conference. he did this today. they came at him. they weren't able to derail him. and to me, i think this was just a very strong moment for him. he covered a lot of ground in
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the press conference. i thought it was very well done and professional, compelling. you saw the results and the reaction online to what his supporters were feeling, it's like okay, this is the guy we voted for and we are so passionate about. i love it because he's letting everybody know "hey, people who are posing as journalists, i don't suffer fools." >> lou: is no pretense here, at least there hadn't been until this point. now suddenly the same organizations that have attacked donald trump as a candidate are now trying to attack him as president-elect and subsequently as president, and pretend that they are just a news organization when point in fact, they have become activists, ideological, partisan activists, complicit with the left. and he is not going to tolerate the fiction that somehow they are an objective news organization when they have been attacking him relentlessly. >> they have been called out.
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it's just shameful. allegations were unsubstantiated and to go and publish them like they were the truth, it completely backfired, and it was another winnable moment for the president-elect moving forward to show -- he just swatted them off like little bugs on the windshield like get out of my way, i'm leaving america forwar forward. >> lou: there's another issue. rex tillerson, as we just shown in part, handling himself as president-elect trumps nominee to be secretary of state. he's facing hostile questions from republicans as well as democrats. marco rubio put on a display today that i could not fathom, either his motivation, or the context, or the value system he was purporting to represent. >> i'm struggling to see what is the motivation there. what is he after? is it his future will political promise? wanting to be president himself
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someday? that wasn't very -- two sides of the same coin, what's going on? i was surprised by that and disappointed, because no offense, why are you complaining and barking up the wrong tree year because rex tillerson handles himself beautifully. he was really well-prepared, and he was so stoic and unflappable. >> lou: he looked like a man who had been running a rather large enterprise for a while and knew exactly what it was about. by the way, it was a meritocracy that produced them, and he came out on top for a decade. cory booker, let's take a look. listen to cory booker for the first time in history attack a colleague in the u.s. senate, and his motivation, we will take that up on the other side of the sound bite. >> america needs an attorney general was resolute and determined to bend the arc.
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senator sessions' record does not speak to that desire, intention, or will. with all its stake in our nation now, with an urgent need for healing and for love, i pray that my colleagues will join me in opposing his nomination. >> lou: the healing, the need for love, the arc. i mean, that's more blather than i've ever heard. >> it was painful. that was supposed to be his breakout moment, like when ted kennedy gave barack obama the chance to speak at the convention. i'm going to be the future, i'm going to be the future of the democratic party, ingenuity, or anything at this point. he pulled a chuck schumer. he is looking down and sort of reading and trying to create this supercharged energy and passion. very dramatic. nevertheless, not a passing grade. i'm so sorry, lou.
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>> lou: and booker, bend the arc. it sounded like bend the law a little bit. >> a little bit like the go-ahead and try and politicize it like we saw with the department of justice and everything else. i don't think so. >> lou: of the democrats are putting on more lucid moments on television in these hearings than i ever imagined possible. the sooner they can get out of the way of this confirmation process, the better for the democratic party. great to see you kimberly. >> i concur. >> lou: i appreciate that. we are in concurrence. kimberly guilfoyle, thank you so much. >> general james mad dog mattis breezing through the process. >> we have to stay focused on a military that so lethal that on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest today and there were state when they run into that force. >> lou: and more than 3,000
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>> lou: a report that intelligence officials warned israel not to trust president-elect trump, and those intelligence actors creating a fear that russia has black male on the president-elect, you know, fake news. that according to an israeli newspaper that reports officials from both countries recently met with some of them saying putin had leverage over trump. the unverified dossier, that is, the fake news, sources say that it targeted trump, released by some organizations earlier this week. the administration apparently using that against donald trump with the israelis, according to the israeli newspaper. the president-elect today confirmed that the director of national intelligence did contact him over that unverified dossier. trump stated in a tweet, james
6:15 am
klapper called me yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious support that was illegally circulated, made up, phony facts, too bad. klapper released a statement characterizing the conversation. "i emphasize this document is not a u.s. intelligence community product and that i do not believe the leaks came from within the ic. we have not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable." >> lou: he goes on to say i am express my dismay at the leaks at appearing in the press and we both agreed that they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security. joining us now, general jack keane, retired four-star general. general, i can't remember a time ever in which the intelligence
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community was back on itsls for going forward against, ostensibly, it president-elect in the manner it has against donald trump. can you? >> it's amazing, watching, and i agree with that assessment. as best i understand, this was a document that was created by president-elect trump's political opponents was contracted to find out some dirt or whatever, information, on somebody, and that person to that work, but then, anybody that checked on that could not verify the information that was in it. that's what i've been led to believe. what i'm stunned by it, why is the intelligence community even dealing with this matter? it's mystifying to me. why would they even carry it forward to bring it to mr. trump
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when we have unverifiable information. they are in the business of intelligence, and bringing forward verifiable information from good sources and methods, which is their credence. i'm mystified by the whole thing. >> lou: let me offer a position and see what you think. that would be this, that our intelligence agencies have a responsibility in these situations to know, -- fake news that was produced by whoever, but butte to be able to say with clarity and absolute confidence that this is nonsense and it should never have been brought forward. and number two, say with absolute assurance to the american people that these leaks were not originating in any agency in any department within our national security apparatus. isn't that the least american citizen should expect from such
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people? >> jack: i think what's happening is the new defense leaders, secretary of state and director of the cia, what they are reacting to is that we have given into russia on so many occasions, because i believe barack obama fears adverse consequences of any response. putin has taken advantage of that, and most of us have look at this very closely, we believe that it has led us closer to a potential conflict with russia, with putin, particularly in the baltics. that's what nato fears, and that's what many of us who look at this closely fear, so the signals that are trying to be sent are this: we want putin to understand where our national interests are, where our redlines are and that we are not going to let him trample over those interests, which could lead to conflict.
6:19 am
but you have to be willing to have some confrontation, which obama has never been wanting to do, to convince her adversary that you're serious. i believe that is what is happening. it does not mean that they are looking for some fight with boudin. quite the contrary, they are trying to avoid one. in >> lou: at general jack keane, as always, thanks for being with us, thanks for your thoughts. >> jack: good talking to you. if >> lou: coming up next, president-elect trump making fast work on some of his campaign promises. >> keeping jobs and wealth inside of the united states. detroit, the motor city, will come roaring back, roaring back. james >> lou: and that's the sut of my commentary cure next. stay with us.
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>> lou: a few thoughts now on president-elect trump's top priority, jobs, jobs, and more jobs. the president-elect once again showing the power of the boy puppet, or if you prefer, twitter, getting carmakers for moving production south of the border and doing something about it. mexico has trade agreements with more than 40 countries, which account for about half of all trades in the world. toyota, planning to invest $10 billion in his country over the next five years in its new texas headquarters and improvements to some of its tenant plants. fiat chrysler will modernize its plants creating some 2,000 jobs. it just lacks week, they are choosing to invest millions in a michigan factory and hire 700 american workers. carmakers are not the only companies rushing to invest in american workers.
6:25 am
technology and telecommunications following his lead as well. we've already seen moves in the days since trump was elected. the president-elect, also discussing job creation today. jack ma, he won't of a disaster if trump doesn't work with chin china. trump has already shown he is and he's effective in his efforts to bring jobs back to america, and the wave of job creation and investment that he's unleashed will only grow under his leadership as president. the real question now is how long will it take the democrats on capitol hill to figure out how foolish they look and sound trying to stop the trump movement and its accomplishment accomplishments? and how long will it take them to understand what president trump means to make
6:26 am
america great again. the quote of the evening, this one from ronald reagan, who said "you can't be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy, and still be for the little guy." the democrats are understanding how true that is. we're coming right back. >> announcer: donald trump team on the fake news. >> it's irresponsible, and it's what's horrible about politics and what's happening in america, and they should be ashamed of themselves. >> lou: of the president-elect president-elect's sean spicer is my guest here next. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> lou: joining me now, trump transition spokesman, incoming press secretary sean spicer. good to have it with us. we do good evening. >> lou: that press conference, i felt it was one of the fastest moving, best-organized, and white-ranging i've seen in a while, andepeat with trauma. the audience again, the exchange between donald trump, obviously, very annoyed with cnn and its editorial choices about salacious fake news. here we go. >> mr. president-elect. >> go ahead. not you. your organization is terrible. >> can you give us a chance to
6:31 am
ask a question? >> quiet. quiet. he's asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. >> can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> lou: sean, you are obviously a bit exercised yourself as you began, getting ready to introduce the vice president. now that you've -- that that's occurred, jim acosta is claiming that you threatened him from the press conference if he interrupted again. it is that true? >> sean: not entirely. here's what happened. the clip you just played, he was inappropriate, rude, and disrespectful. he did it twice. he didn't then, and then he did it later. after the press conference was over, when the president-elect had left and gone up in the elevator, i went over to him.
6:32 am
i informed him that i thought his behavior was rude, disrespectful, and inappropriate. if it happened again, i would have them removed. i've been doing republican party politics for 30 years. i will tell you this. if i watched president obama treated like that, if i watched president clinton treated like that. i would react the same. the office of president deserves some respect. and having reporter stand up and yell and scream and acted inappropriately and rude as he did is a disgrace. we are better than that. he was an embarrassment to the press corps. beyond the embarrassment he caused the president-elect, i thin he's an embarrassment to the press corps. the rest of the press was behaving appropriately, raising her hand, his network had already had a question entered, and i think he owes an apology not just to the president-elect, but to the entire press corps for his inappropriate behavior. >> lou: casting back, when ronald reagan entered the
6:33 am
white house, it was made very clear to the white house press corps that what had become a really outrageous scene amongst the white house press corps would end. president reagan would be treated with respect. there would not be absolute to core. to watch him do that is a stunning stuff. i can't imagine it happening in the white house, but then again, i couldn't have imagined it happening there in the president-elect's first news conference. >> sean: it back in reagan's days, you had aggressive reporters, they were tough. sam donaldson comes to mind, but at the end of the day, they knew the line, they knew how to be respectful and had respect for the office, and i think what he did today, again, as i noted earlier, it's an embarrassment to the entire press corps. the idea that he would not try to monopolize the time and not
6:34 am
make about him was rude to the press corps, the president-elect, and it doesn't reflect well on who we are as american spirit is to be what i couldn't agree with you more, by the way. i'm going to get into a lot of controversy i'm sure with my friends in the left-wing national media, but so be rex tillerson today, i thought he handled him in -- himself extraordinarily well. i was surprised at some of the animosity, some of the hostility, for example from work marco rubio, the left-wing i get, they are just tearing out partisan tactics. but for marco rubio to be quite that hostile, i was surprised. >> sean: i think that one of the things that people who have gotten to know rex tillerson -- you become immediately impressed with both his professional and personal story. he is a man of immense greatnes
6:35 am
greatness, immense concern for this country. he's been an enormously successful as a businessman and he has given tremendously of himself on a personal level. he and his wife have been champions of helping the poor and the disadvantaged. it's something that i hope more americans, not just the senators there at the committee, get to see, because he will be an amazing secretary of state. there's a reason the president-elect chose him. it's because he knows how to be successful and fight hard, and he's a tough negotiator. i think our country is going to be blessed because he will be on board meeting over foreign policy. >> lou: i don't think it's a hyperbole to suggest that this cabinet that the president-elect has nominated is going to be amongst the best in history. extraordinary talent, and as he promised, unexpected quarters that he drew from it to assemble the cabinet. senator jeff sessions speaking of hostility, and senator booker have been going after him after
6:36 am
working with senator sessions closely. politics, if you will, dominating all on the part of the democratic party in this process. >> sean: that's right. last february, senator booker and stood on the senate for working with senator sessions support acknowledging the folks who marched, the marchers in 1965. he sat on the floor and how armored he was to stand shoulder to shoulder with this my man, senator jeff sessions, and yet here we are today, when it becomes a partisan show, and senator booker unfortunately reversed course and try to make it all about politics, instead of the fine record that senator sessions has had. not just as attorney general, u.s. district attorney, but fighting for civil rights for all of us as americans. >> lou: "the new york times," speaking of pushing aside partisanshipnd risin above it, "the new york times"
6:37 am
objectively holding court that ethics experts said the only way for mr. trump to assure a highly ethical conduct and no conflict of interest is to sell everything he's got right now. i think that the plan he announced today was extraordinarily well thought out. >> sean: yeah. and >> lou: it meets every test that's necessary for a man who, first of all, is not required by the constitution or law to have done so. >> sean: i couldn't have said it better myself. of the constitution makes it very clear that the president and the vice president aren't subject to this conflict of interest rules. his desire to serve this country. he took this extra step of ensuring that that he could step down from the trump organization. but all of the assets in a trust, and handed over to his sons. he went to extraordinary steps today to show how focused he is on this country, making it great
6:38 am
again, putting our people back to work, creating economic growth. i think should be applauded for the steps that he went to. as his lawyer walked through that this morning, one of the things she noted, it was so interesting, had he done exactly what "the new york times" said, they would have claims that the people he sold it to, whether it was at fair market value or not, whether or not they were trying to influence him with the persians of and asset, it's a bit ridiculous. it's beyond anything that has ever been required. >> lou: weatherby the nomination process, the handling of the drama at the news conference, whether it be the nomination process, i keep amending those long-ago cries from the left. they wanted donald trump to act presidential. well, they've got it now. sean spicer, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> sean: thanks, lou. appreciate it. >> lou: up next, donald trump is bound to keep america safe as
6:39 am
president. >> it to protect our country from terrorism and extremism, i will suspend immigration and refugee admissions from regions where they cannot be safely processed or vetted. >> lou: coming up next, congressman brian, he's from texas. he's introduced a bill to keep questionable, perhaps a dangerous refugees out of the united states. stay with us, we are coming right back.
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>> lou: two critical bills have been reintroduced in the house, they are aimed at securing our borders. one would immediately suspend the controversial refugee resettlement program, the other bill that would hold foreign aid and travel visas to any country that refuses to take back at their citizens if they are deported on the united states. both bills have been sitting in committee since 2015. joining us now, the sponsor of both of those measures, congressman brian babin. he serves on a house transportation and infrastructure committee. great to have you with us. >> brian: it's great to be with you, lou. >> lou: before we get to the bills and their disposition, what's going on with the pictur
6:44 am
picture? >> brian: that is a disgrace. most of us in our offices have art contest each year, and we hang in the winters in the capital. unfortunately, one of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle as hung up a painting which i think is very, very divisive. very defamatory towards the law enforcement officers, the men and women in blue. it's hanging just yards down the hall from a capital police checkpoint where these pulleys actually -- if they guard us as congressman, including the congressman that hung this up and would take a bullet for him. they are portrayed as pigs in his painting. it's a disgrace, and it should be taken down. >> lou: you're talking about congressman clay from missouri. the picture that depicts a law enforcement officer is a pig.
6:45 am
i know that duncan hunter, you, a number of you have taken us down after congressman clay insisted it be put up, which is his right. but to give you some sense of the emotion around this. these are some of the comments that i'm getting on twitter. let me turn to this thing. these things are coming in pretty fast, saying "take down the painting, take it to the pentagon shooting range." if you get the idea. they had a belly full of this. why should something so offensive to be up? >> brian: it's against the house rules. >> lou: speaker ryan, why isn't he arbitrating? >> brian: i talked to him today at lunchtime about it, and we are making moves to have that removed.
6:46 am
it is against protocol, it is against house rules, it's defamatory, it's controversial, and political. it should not be up hanging where it is imperative >> lou: it's awful. i can't even imagine what the congressman is thinking. another thing, i can imagine why your bills aren't even be taking up with a boat. why isn't congress and the united states responding to the two bills, because they make every sense. they would secure the nation. they would fix what is a gaping vulnerability in our homeland defense. >> brian: there's no question about it. the resettlement act. at the refugee act is nothing but a trojan horse. we've seen it over and over again. innocent americans are being killed and hurt. our ally also in western europe say the same thing.
6:47 am
it tens of thousands of illegal, criminal aliens are being released upon the streets to roam at will, and their native countries will not repatriate them. these bills, one will cause the program until we can let them properly. the second one with put some teeth to take away their visa programs for the countries who refused to repatriate their criminal citizens, and also cut off their foreign aid. it's a no-brainer. it needs to be passed. >> lou: a couple of powerful texans with you. brady. what does he say? did you find some help there? even the speaker? come on. >> brian: lou, we have it a change in the political scene appear since the election of donald j. trump. he has been talking about these for the last six months, the last year as he was running.
6:48 am
i'm telling you, how we introduced these bills. tonight, if they don't get into law in some form of fashion, i will be very greatly surprised. i'm getting a lot of co-sponsors on it. even democrats have signed on to one or the other one. we are going to get this thing through. i think we are going to. i think mr. trump is going to help push this agenda, and the house will as well. i've spoken with the leadership, and i'm getting some cooperatio cooperation. >> lou: congressman brian babin. thank you so much. >> brian: agreed to be with you. >> lou: ll.b. mccall's for a boycott because the founders granddaughter donated money to the trump campaign. guess what? she has trumoner side. eboni williams joins me next.
6:49 am
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>> lou: an online poll last night, do you think donald trump is right to dismiss the left-wing media that embarrassingly attacked him? president-elect trump today expressing support for l.l. bean as liberals call for a boycott to the van. mr. trump tweeted "thank you to
6:53 am
linda being at l.l. bean. we will support you even more now. buy l.l. bean." my guess is that's exactly what's going to happen. the attempted boycott sparked by reports that linda being there, the air of the company gave $60,000 to a pro-trump pac. >> its bullying. it's pulling me personally, if it's pulling company that didn't give a donation. i gave it personally. it >> lou: it's getting to be quite something. to assess all of this, the host of of the show in washington, d.c. chris planned. and eboni williams. great to see you. the polarization of this country right now is so profound, so energetic, that we are going to see boycotts if this keeps up.
6:54 am
from both sides. >> eboni: it's a boiling temperature. you can viscerally almost feel it when you walk the streets. it's really sad, but now we are seeing at least some balance i would say. i think everybody in this country has the right to speak their opinion, and people respond accordingly, but nicole kidman coming out, a hollywood a list or saying he was elected. let's get behind -- >> lou: are you telling me that these nitwits lefties in hollywood have to hear it from another celebrity in order to have some common sense in their judgment? >> eboni: i think so. i think that's what needs to take place with her to be some kind of reckoning. that got to hear from one of their own. i want to hear from chris on this. >> lou: and that's why we have him here. >> chris: i don't know if you caught this, but rosie o'donnell, remember her? a bloviating hollywood has been.
6:55 am
she, today, is calling for a martial law to be imposed, i'm not kidding, across america and for the inauguration to be canceled while we sort out -- it >> lou: i can imagine why we would go ahead with the inauguration if rosie o'donnell is demanding that. how about matt damon and ben affleck? >> eboni: that's so extreme. that's all ridiculous. even for people to have a legitimate political gripe, which i'm personally going to hear and take heed to. when you talk about martial law. >> lou: you seem a little eager. >> eboni: i like debate. you know i like debate, mr. lou dobbs. if now you're just being ridiculous. >> chris: you're not being ridiculous when you call for a boycott of l.l. bean, because
6:56 am
one of the board members contributed to a co-political candidate. if that were the model going forward, we would be boycotting everything. everything would have to be boycotted. i would like to see a boycott -- any company anywhere. it's dangerous. if they think it's no big deal. they wanted to donate, boycott chick-fil-a because the ceo was in favor of traditional marriage. it ended up with a gunman going into the family research council because they supported traditional marriage also in washington, d.c. with a gun and a bag full of chick-fil-a sandwiches. he was planning on killing everybody in the place. he did shoot one man. then he was going to throw the sandwiches on all the bodies. >> lou: there was a security guard that stop that. >> eboni: it because he was armed. >> chris: he was just a strong man. he took the gun away. he was shocked first. he was shot, the employee. >> eboni: i thought we were coming full soul group with that argument.
6:57 am
>> chris: he took the gun away from the activist, which was what he was called in "the washington post." but if we are going to boycott based on that, then we are going to boycott everything. >> eboni: but that's the point, isn't it? we are not going to be boycotting with people, individuals have the right to believe whatever they want to. >> lou: it does turn out to be nonsense. this thing with a left, and there boycotts, and all the nonsense. >> chris: at what's really interesting is to see a president-elect, this is just my view, who is talking to ceos and to leaders. he's got the chamber of commerce scared to death they are going to be put out of business. >> lou: he's talking to leaders men and women alike to bring jobs back to this country. he succeeding. that's terrifying the left. and the establishment right.
6:58 am
>> eboni: if that's the thing i hope to see president-elect trump maintained. by nature of the job he will become more of a politician. by nature of the job. >> lou: the fact of the matter is, he's quite a president right now. >> eboni: i agree with you on that. he's been able to put -- though silicon valley -- >> lou: why didn't he talk about -- and organizer of what? >> eboni: it that's my story, i'm sticking to it. >> chris: look at the neighborhood in chicago he organized. things are going well. >> eboni: it why did you have to bring that up? >> lou: how do you select your hometown, chicago, as the place for your farewell address? hundreds of young men and women shut down in that city.
6:59 am
killed. >> chris: it might not reflect negatively -- positively upon him upon . it's a legacy question. you're not going to read about it in any of the major newspapers. >> eboni: pay attention. >> lou: which one of the big national papers it do you pour over looking for honest, objective journalism? >> eboni: there's lots of questions about why there is that the silence on chicago. >> chris: at the owner of "the washington post," jeff bought the largest private residence in washington, d.c. we just learned it today, he bought it in october when hillary was a sure thing. he bought a $23,000,000.27 square-foot residence in
7:00 am
washington, d.c. >> lou: jack ma, the founder of alibaba said he wanted to create new jobs at amazon. thank you eboni williams. join us again tomorrow. this is the end of the show, good night. who are america's heroes? weirdly the media or politicians. >> if i could get your autograph here on my copy of the first warren bill. >> the perfect barack obama, he's a perfect specimen. >> drawing up my leg. >> really? >> that is an objective assessment. john: no, it's not. we'll show you the real heroes, most are not politicians, they're entrepreneurs. and parents like this mowho went to jail because she wanted to give her daughters a choice. >> holy batman, it's exciting. john: heroes of freedom.


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