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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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liz: fox business will have wall-to-wall coverage of president trump's inauguration next week. charles: good evening. president-elect trump slamming the leak of the unsubstantiated report of supposed activities. he tweeted totally made up facts by sleaze bag political operatives. inknowing there is no proof and never will be.
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my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days. joining me top discuss. vavan hipp, he talked about democrats and republicans. >> it will be a fun four years, charles. the political hacks and consultants. i will tell you what concerns me, the fact that fake news was briefed to the president of the united states by u.s. intelligence officials. that underscores why one of the most important appointments that this president is going to have to make and he will have to do it soon after he's sworn in. he needs -- president obama has done virtually nothing. this is a chance for presidential trump to say i get it. we need massive reforms in the intelligence community.
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and we are going to get this right. by the way. in the intelligence community and justice department. you will be held accountable for leaks because you are not above the law. charles: joe biden said when he and barack obama saw it, they laughed it off. no one took it seriously so how could the intelligence community get played this well. >> congratulations for cnn and buzzfeed for justifying everything trump does from here on in. every time's attacked. he just justified what he has done by publishing those documents. tom sphwroa cow said these have been circulating for months and months, and there is a reason no one published them. they couldn't be verified. now they waived the way for
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trump to say whatever he wants. charles: we knew the main stream media was against donald trump. throughout the entire process, they wrote him off over and over again. even after the fact to delegitimize him a couple days before the inauguration. >> what happened to innocent until proven guilty. trump's enemies parade someone to get dirt on him. this guy was incentivized. and he had to come up with something because of that. it's interesting how buzzfeed and cnn ran with it. but trump not taking questions from jim acosta, calling them out as fake news. calling out the media to be
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accountable because that's something we have been missing out on the last two administrations. charles: donald trump talked about the fact hillary's people were complaining about the f.b.i. the bottom line is she should never have been able to run, guilty as hell. it's one of these things i think that has turned the american public off with respect to politics in general that's delegitimizes the system. not the presidency or the incoming administration, bust system itself. he's connected with the american people. they have get. i get a kick out of those 4:30 a.m. tweets. but they resonate and he tells the truth. i respect joe biden. he's someone i disagree with 95% of the time. but he's a patriot. even joe biden came out saying
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he's dumb found. why was this stuff even in the dossier being briefed to the president-elect. charles: that's sort of monday morning quarterbacking. let's talk about going forward from here. how do you see this playing out? donald trump promised us a report on it. you talk about establishing a precedent for the future. i don't think the mainstream media can get back. i think they lost so much credibility even before this week. >> you can see that press conference, he called on shutter and one american news it's a great opportunity for lesser-known outlets to step into the light and start asking questions of the president of the united states. i don't think it's the worst thing ever to shake you have the
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order of the press room and say cnn, "new york times," you have been on the top for a long time. now we'll have other outlets step up and start asking questions. i don't think that's a bad thing. >> that's why they call hip the disruptor. charles: let's fast forward. rudy giuliani is in charge of cyber-security. i really do think that the intelligence community is in total disarray right now. we heard pompeo say he didn't necessarily thin think the esprd corps was that low.
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i'm excited about rudy giuliani hacks.that cyber position. so i think it's a great appointment. let's see who else i understand the president-elect will be announcing a number of people to join the mayor on that cyber task group. >> so some final thoughts from you. it changes the landscape. i hope it does with respect to the media. and ultimately how the media treats the american public. ultimately we are the ones they are trying to dupe. they have gotten away with it for a long time. >> the mainstream media has done a disservice to our country. they have not given us the information we deserve to know about. >> you think ideology moves so far it's completely biased? >> donald trump called out the
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media. jim acosta was a prime example. i hope there will be more of that, making them accountable. charles: trying to hide your ideology then trying to hurt someone running for one of the highest offices in the land. f.b.i. director james comey, he's seriously under fire from democrats, republicans and the justice department watchdog. the big question, will he be able to keep his job or will donald trump say "you're fired"? take a listen. >> it is this week in unnecessary censorship. >> at some point donald trump may have to actually use his big [bleep] he's talking about.
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charles: f.b.i. director james comey is under fire. today during the briefing on capitol hill. house democrats walked out comey. even former director says he won't survive the firestorm. >> the f.b.i. itself is i think
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the faith of the people in the f.b.i. is somewhat shaken in their leadership and the faith of the country in the director of the f.b.i. is somewhat perilous. given that, i think he ought to spend more time with his family. charles: that's a way to say he should be fired. he was able to anger every one on the election process. the internals from what we heard, the internal disruption and lack of morale at the f.b.i. should be the final nail in this coffin. >> it's nothing unusual if president-elect trump comes in web's likely to replace him anyway. i'm not sure who is angrier at him, republicans or democrats. but the pathetic part is the
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hillary clinton campaign is still grasping at straws to blame somebody fit was the russians and voter fraud, now it the director comey. i think spending more type at home is a good way to put it. >> i know hillary in more recent interviews says she thinks comey lost her the election. but he tempt her in the game. he laid out the most araising reasons for her to be indicted on her to go to prison, and instead he let her state. >> your point about the press conference is well taken. for the republicans it was an indictment. for the democrats it was a detailed sort of problematic discussion of what she had done. but he went to congress and gave sworn testimony about the fact that the case was over.
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the october 28 letter was a supplement to that testimony which he had to do or with otherwise he would have per injureperjuredhimself. charles: do you have think that last-second revival or the new information -- that was legitimate. huma abedin had these devices. anthony weiner one of the world's greatest perverts, he was texting to anyone, no matter the age. >> the fact that it happened so close to the election, the fact that her numbers broke badly for her that week. she was up 60% in early voting and lost it. we didn't go where we needed to go and she didn't do the work either. there are a lot of reasons.
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charles: he said hillary clinton should never have been allowed to run. perhaps jim comey was also guilty of not necessarily doing the job he was supposed to do. >> i think most conservatives think hillary clinton should be what prison. in looking back at everything that happened, it's mind boggling how many different things they will blame. but when it all comes down. he's going to be inaugurated and he's going to be the next president. i imagine he will take care of this and many other matters that bother both parties coming up in the short term. charles: i just have a feeling we'll have a new director of the f.b.i. coming up, another major company has had a change of heart. they are going to help the american taxpayer and bring jobs to america.
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donald trump does it again. we have details for you next.
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>> we are close to a deal that will bring the cost down significantly. it will bring a lot of jobs to the united states. we are going to increase our jobs in fort worth by 1,800 jobs. charles: brake out the confetti. that was lockheed's ceo after meeting with donald trump. now she says there is a deal to lower the price of the f-35 fire jets. donald trump has been talking about this over and over. she also said they are going to
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add 1,800 jobs in texas. joining me to discuss, van hipp. and ed, let me start with you. she walked out defiant at mashat mar-a-lago, and today she was a chatter box. >> she has seen the light. how can you not be encouraged by a president-elect causing a $300 billion contract to be reduced. what other president-elect has had this impact? optimism with my clients and small business is at the highest since 1980, and there is good reason. charles: at first i thought, some men you just can't reach.
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in this case some men you just can't reach. but donald trump with a little persuasion has been reaching them all. he said he would be the greatest jobs president god ever created. and he had the gowts do something republicans have never done by saying, hey, if you go overseas and take these jobs overseas and lay off these american workers we are going to tax the hell out of you. he used his twitter accounts and for those who didn't capitulate, they lots money in the stock market. when it comes to sprint, ford, chrysler, we are seeing this guy can be the greatest jobs president god has ever created. charles: he's coming out of the great pretty strong an hasn't even been sworn? lockheed martin gets 76% of its work from the government.
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is this the same blueprint, twitter, the public shaping. can this work across the board? or do you have to add more things into it. >> cool hand look said what we have here is a failure to communicate. this is a win. we are going to get in a cost effective manner. the f-35 is the only fifth generation fighter we have in production in this country. the chinese on russians are trying to get this capability right now. the chinese and russians are work on a fifth generation of fighters. he wanted to get a good deal from the american people. the challenge will be there will be cost overruns going on forever at the pentagon. the key is he can't pick up the one and do thievery ti. he has to put the mechanisms in place so he same result for the
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american people in the future when there are cost overruns. charles: there is no way the f-18 would be a rival to the f-35. but what about the carrots. the mechanisms van is talking about and the broader mechanisms. >> really important. that you lower tax. let carl icahn take the hatchet to unnecessary regulations. let businesses be confident and grow. charles: isn't it amazing the sort of enthusiasm we are seeing is mutual. we are seeing it in the business community. this week the small business optimism thing went off the scales at a 17-year high. we are seeing it on 145eu7b street as well. >> we are seeing it across the board, everybody but the left. everybody unless you are in a
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political party that depends on government to make money and you are a democrat, they are not happy by the. but the truth of the matter is donald trump is doing something people didn't believe he was going to be able to do. he's starting out by draining the swamp with the cost overruns we have seen for many private sector businesses. i'm thankful for that. so we'll see where our tax dollars are going and there will be a major difference january 20 moving forward. charles: he has a fiduciary responsibility with our tax dollars. four months ago this wouldn't have happened. but funnyman steve harry have i says he's -- steve harvey is ready to help donald trump. with once-weekly trulicity.
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. charles: well, just a couple of hours ago, entertainer and family feud host steve harvey addressed the media after meeting with donald trump. harvey said that actually both transition teams from obama and donald trump contacted him last week and now he's ready
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to help. >> he introduced me to ben carson, who is now the new head of housing for urban development, and we're going to team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities, which i felt was my only agenda, and he agreed. and he wants to do something. and he realizes that he needs some allies in that department, and he seemed really sincere about it. charles: joining me now to discuss, julian, and gina. you know what? i don't -- this is not the steve harvey that i used to listen to on the radio and changed a lot in the last few weeks. very few people in the hollywood sphere are coming around. but that was amazing to see after hearing him say he thinks donald trump is genuine. >> i think it was amazing and donald trump also met with football great jim brown. and, listen, they are talking about giving donald trump a chance. we need all hands on deck when
6:31 pm
it comes to inner cities. our children need to be educated because of the failing public schools. they need job opportunities. we need to get the crime rates down. these cities need to be turned around. i think it's great that you have these individuals who are front and center, they're well-known, and people will look at what they're doing, what they're saying, and hopefully they'll listen. charles: and this of course after the last few days, julian, nicole kidman who said, hey, it's time to give donald trump a chance. he is going to be our president. she is taking a ton of heat for that. >> yeah. i mean, i'm a little bit bias because i'm a nicole kidman super fan. i love her. but i think she made the right perspective, and it's basically what she's saying is that we need to hope for the best with him and that we need to judge him on his policies. she named a couple of policies that she's really concerned about, and that's how she's going to judge him. i think that's a fair perspective to come down on, and i also think it's a strategically smart one for her. she's married to keith urban,
6:32 pm
we all remember what happened to the dixie chicks. charles: i know she lives in nashville, and she has a different perspective that she might not have had ten years ago. i think it was a wise move. why can't the rest of hollywood be like that? >> yeah. and come under a ton of fire for it. but i think what she's saying is essentially reasonable that he's president now. give him a chance and judge him on his policy. she doesn't say never criticize him. but she was saying i think policies matter at this point. charles: rosy and a few others are talking about anarchy. i mean, they're talking about marshall law. they're, like, let's burn the country down between now and tuesday. >> yeah. it's all about love and unity until it's not their brand of love and unity; right? i mean let's all come together and have marble law? i think that that's not really coming together. that's not the things they preach. you have to hand it to some of these hollywood folks who is, hey, we've talked about unity
6:33 pm
forever. let's give this guy a chance. and the media loves to focus, charles, on the hollywood types that say horrific things about president-elect trump. but you've got antonio who is headlining his military ball and tony keith headlining the inauguration. and i told you, i talk to hollywood people all the time, and they say the same thing to me. they say i actually like him but don't tell anyone because i'll never work again. charles: yeah, that has happened to me in a few manhattan super marks too. >> i bet. i bet. charles: but doesn't that underscore the problem, though? when people are so intimidated in their industry, particularly an industry like that that they can't voice their opinion? >> well, i totally applaud nicole kidman for voicing her opinion. you and i, black conservatives, i can't tell you how much criticism i get from other black individuals who who think i'm supposed to think and think a certain way.
6:34 pm
i applaud anyone who steps forward and true to their core beliefs and should not take the criticism to heart. charles: i've already seen the uncle tom and all the names at starve harvey on twitter before we even standard the show. i'm sorry, gina. >> i just said right. you get called names if you disagree with their hard-lined politics. they're not open minded. we're open minded. we just put up with eight years of obama destroying our country. if we can survive that, they can survive this. but i hope hollywood people keep making these ridiculous commercials because i think it really only helps expose their hypocrisy. charles: i think you're going to get your wish. >> they kind of made him, and it's crazy that, you know, now they're washing their hands of that. charles: but does it feel like they're also losing? obviously, they worked hard and, you know, to get hillary clinton elected. and it didn't work. and she didn't win ohio, even
6:35 pm
though lebron james, the favorite son of the state was there hard. even wearing a safety pin now, whatever. have they lost cloud? and have they have, is that a thing? >> i don't think they ever lost. i think they have cultural clout, and they'll continue to use it. charles: what's cultural clout? >> they determine what films are in the theaters. they determine what's on tv. that's big, that's influential. >> i thought half of hollywood was leaving the united states anyway. they're still here. charles: yeah, it takes a while to fuel up those jets. thank you, all, very much. in the meantime, the nasdaq keeps treasuring it, guys. another record high. what about the dow? i know you're frustrated about 20,000. i'm going to teach you what's going on here and not to fret. i'll show you why. next.
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charles: coming up, lieutenant colonel allen west joins me to talk about immigration and our not so brave world. donald trump has a lot to deal with. it's a dangerous place. we'll be right back
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. charles: well, it was another tug-of-war for the dow jones industrial average but don't let this fool or frustrate you about the market. what's happening now and with the dow jones industrial average is commonly known as consolidation. this is where profits are digested, forcing stocks lower, and then the sideline cash comes in on those dips, and it provides support. now, the action is creating a trading channel that obviously
6:40 pm
we see the resistance at the top side at 20,000. and now i think the key support number is going to be 18750. now, if that number were to fail, i suspect we could drop to 19750. but 1880 would be your key number if that were to fail. now, the internals of this market in today's session, actually suggest things are better even as we're stalling. and i want you to keep in mind the bank stocks almost single-handedly carry the dow higher. today 60% of the stocks in the new york stock exchange were higher. 120 of them close at new 52-week highs. only ten at new lows. and while we're going to fret about the dow and the now mythical 20,000 mark, keep in mind the nasdaq composite is killing it. closing at another all-time high. in fact, that index saw 67% of the names closing on a plus column. 213 stocks reached new 52-week highs. we've got to think about this. face it. the dow jones industrial average part of the near term is really more of the near
6:41 pm
term trump economy; right? while the nasdaq represents the transition economy that's going to dominate for the next 100 years. in fact, this point was born out today with the retail sales report. department stores down 6.7% month over month. more than 8% year over year. meanwhile internet sales pop over 1% month over month, that's big, 13% from a year earlier. so back to the implications of consolidation in this sideways trading. they can last for weeks, these sort of things, or months like the struggling we saw with the dow once it cleared 18,000. for the most part, the index moved sideways from december 2014 into november of last year. almost two years, i don't think we're going to see that pattern this time. in fact, the inauguration is next week. corporate earnings reports are going to pick up steam. so here you have administrative milestones, positive corporate guidance. i think that's going to be your one two punch to finally see the dow break through 20,000. so bulk up, boys and girls, and let's make some money. meanwhile i have a programming alert for you.
6:42 pm
you don't want to miss it. wall street week tonight because i'm on it. i get to join trish and gary. we're going to discuss donald trump and his impact on the pharmaceutical industry. again, that's tonight 8:00 p.m. right here on fox business. coming up, donald trump says he'll drain the swamp. but does that include ending crony capitalism that many republicans have vigorously supported in the past? oh, and, by the way, in case you missed it earlier, here i am on jimmy kimmel unnecessary censorship last night. >> it is this week in unnecessary censorship. >> at some point donald trump, he may have to actually use his big. [bleep] that he talks about talking about. [laughter] sometimes you just know when you hit a home run. that's how i feel about blue-emu pain relief spray.
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. charles: so the big question is will donald trump incorporate welfare once and for all? or will big government republicans stop him? he's pumped up about the trump administration because it might end the government's export, import bank. which if you don't understand how that works, they actually give cheap loans to delta's foreign competitors so they can buy boeing airplanes. in fact, this morning, they're going to buy 100 boeing planes. but here's the thing. back in 2015, it was a republican congress that voted to keep the bank alive. joining me now david macintosh and christopher. david, it felt at one point the club for growth was pro xm bank. where are you guys now with respect to that? >> yeah. we're very much
6:47 pm
against it because you pointed out, charles, it's crony capitalism that is in this case hurting american companies because american taxpayers are subsidizing their oversees competitors. why should the taxpayers pay to help subsidize financing? there's plenty of it in the marketplace. big companies like boeing and general electric can finance their projects. they don't need the taxpayers to help them out. charles: here's the thing, though, chris. when republicans push it through again, this is what they said. they said xm banks supported 164,000 american jobs and 3,300 corporations. you had folks like representative chris collins, the first republican to back donald trump in this n his race that voted for it. he was adamant about this. we reached out to him. maybe we'll have him on next week. but how are these same republicans saying we should get rid of it now? >> yeah. i think that's a really interesting point here is that you had vocal opposition to this for a
6:48 pm
number of years by republicans. but now that you have the republican administration, it's a real test for these congressmen. it's whether or not they're going to stand on principle and do the right thing or now use the bank for their own political benefit. charles: i mean, isn't that what it has essentially always been about? and the, guys, by the way, david, that they help is that this is just such a small, tiny fraction of the loans that they back. but i think we want to see the playing field leveled. it's nuts. it's crazy for our government to pay for airplanes so that someone into foreign country can compete against our airlines. >> i'll tell you. my hero right now on this is senator shelby who held up the confirmation of the board. and so that means that they can't do the big loans to boeing and ge until they fill that board. i hope senator shelby will hold tough and say to president trump, you don't need this board either. but taxpayers shouldn't be
6:49 pm
footing out hundreds of millions of dollars to corporate welfare to these guys. charles: yeah, when you talk about draining the swamp, you know, the creatures that live in the swamp and then there's this murky stuff that is the xm bank. this is what creates the swamp. what keeps it alive. this is the key part, chris, of its ecosystem. another part, though, and the ceo of delta talked about it yesterday as well. these foreign countries who are subsidizing countries. $400billion of subsidies. how can we compete against them? >> if we want to combat the foreign subsidies, we have to lead by example. it's disingenuous for the administration to continue doing this when we subsidize industries or particularly businesses on our own. and i think before we go after these abroad, we really ought to root this down at home. charles: well, do you sense that's going to happen with the new administration? >> you know, i think there's a
6:50 pm
really good opportunity here. you have an incoming administration that has made tax and regulatory reform in a agenda item and a congress that seems willing and able to do it. the real question is are they going to roll upheir sleeves and do the hard work that all businesses, big and small are going to be able to encourage or whether or not we'll see programs that will benefit a favored industry or a particular business that seems to be a campaign contributor at the time. charles: david, you know these people very, very well. ultimately, they get to dc, and i'm not sure how you were able to get there and not be so seduced that you left. but they get there, they're so seduced and power begets corruption. is the republican party, particularly big government republicans, are they really going to be able to step up to the plate and not bring a bridge nowhere back to home so that they can be reelected? >> it's going to be a big test. i'll tell you, for me, i was blessed to have a great wife who made me take out the garbage two or three times every time i started getting enamored with dc.
6:51 pm
but for the rest of these guys, we're going to have to let the voters know what they're doing and keep their feet to the fire. that's one of the things the club does. we do a voter alert when they say one thing at home and then start caving into the pressures of the swamp to spend other people's money. charles: yeah. >> so we're going to have to keep the heat on them. charles: all right, gentlemen, thank you, both. up next, an effort to further cozy up to the out law regime that is cuba. obama is saying "no" to the huddled masses of cubans to be free. he's next.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
charles: president obama making some major last-minute moves, including an announcement yesterday that
6:55 pm
ends a decade old wet foot, dry foot policy that allowed most cuban migrants here who reached u.s. soil to become ultimate permanent residents here. for the most part push back from both sides of the aisle and potentially putting president-elect donald trump in a bind. here to discuss some other topics, lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure, charles. how are you? . charles: good. you understand florida politics as well as anyone else, and you also understand what's going on in cuba. to me, this seems like some kind of crazy appeasement to this regime on top of all the other things that we've seen from barack obama. >> well, you're absolutely right. and when you consider here you are again. one week away from a new presidential administration. and just the same as the un resolution that was against israel where the obama administration decided to abstain 2334. we continue to have detainees released from guantanamo bay.
6:56 pm
and now you have this unilateral decision made by president obama. where was the consultant with senator menendez, senator ruby, senator cruz who are all understand the cuban issue? but what president obama has basically done is given sanction to a regime that is violating human rights left and right and has gotten even worse since we, quote, unquote, normalized relations with cuba. and now say you're relegate to live under this regime, and you're not going to be able to find any quest for liberty or freedom here in the united states of america. charles: recently we've seen a spike of cubans making their way to america and maybe they had a sense that this was going to happen. >> absolutely. charles: because as you were talking, i'm thinking about maybe this is the same kind of global -- he started his administration off going around the world more or less apologizing for america's greatness.
6:57 pm
and maybe this is the same thing as sort of de facto exit the way he came in. >> well, you have a good point there because why would we sanction a communist regime that is truly one of the major violators of human rights with allowing them to continue to, you know, repress their people there and taking away the opportunity they have to get away? now, there are some people that will say that the dry foot wet foot program was imbalanced and gave special privilege to the people coming from cuba. but this is still a communist regime. this is not something where we have taken a high ground and raúl castro has done nothing to meet us. not even one third of the way. and when you go back, and you remember the pictures of president obama standing in front of the mural. i mean, that's not how we want to remember president obama and our relations with cuba. charles: one thing that struck me this morning, i wanted your opinion on, and i saw a tweet. i think it was from the daily mail of a potential bomb going off at one of these -- a
6:58 pm
resort town in france. turns out maybe some sort of loud noise. but the panic out there. and it made me think that we have entered a not so brave new world. what do you make of that? because part of terrorism is to scare to make us change our lifestyle, and it feels like they're chipping away at that. >> no. you're absolutely right because there's no such thing as a battlefield. this battlefield is everywhere. and when you look at france, the people believe it was a french jet. the military jet it was a sonic boom. but over the past i would say three to four years, the population in france has become 30 to 40% muslim. and the very disconcerning thing about it is by 2015, they were estimating about 1,000 french muslims had left marseille to go fight jihad there in the middle east. and we know they have a terrorist attack. there was a jewish teacher that was stabbed there in 2015. and many of these individuals are coming over from north africa. so this, again, shows that
6:59 pm
concern that you have in europe with these unsecure borders and this open immigration policy that they have. charles: colonel west, before i let you go, donald trump, his relationship with the intelligence community. i mean, the whole thing is in tatters how do you see it playing out? >> well, i think the most important thing is that we must understand those opportunities, those men and women that are buffeting tails to keep us safe. they're out there trying to do the right thing. but we know that there are some issues about reports being changed when it got up to the higher levels. we have to make sure we have the people in the head positions and the intelligence community that are focus on one thing. telling the truth to our leaders. telling the truth to the american people, and not manipulating the intelligence information. charles: depoliticizing these agencies i guess is going to be something of a tall order. because they really seem like they have walked away. but to your point, we should never forget about the people doing the hard work on the ground because they are true patriots. and you're a true patriot as well. i appreciate you taking the time.
7:00 pm
>> always. and happy martin luther king jr. day, charles. charles: thank you very much. appreciate it. and of course at home, we appreciate you walking every night 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr it. because we make money, we talk about the topics that impact your life and your pocketbook. so does lou dobbs. he's next. lou: both the house and the senate are now moving ahead with a repeal and replacement of obamacare. the house today passed a measure to make it easier for the repeal bill to advance in the senate without the threat of democratic filibuster. >> we have to step in before things get worse. this is nothing short of a rescue mission. we are stepping in and stopping the collapse from doing more harm to the working families of america. lou: we'll have political analysis. brett barns, matt, and lee charter join us. also exactly one week until inauguration day, law


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