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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles payne has next. >> good evening. president-elect trump will take office in a very difficult time in the history of u.s. intelligence operations. concerns over the state with the confirmation hearings in the defense secretary. this after the director of national intelligence said he is dismayed over the leak but says the report in question is not a u.s. intelligence product. try to join me now to discuss it all.
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thank you for joining us. so much to discuss. i guess we will start with the intelligence agency. where are we right now. have you ever seen it in this much of a dirray? >> there were a lot of people in the government of the united states opposed to ronald reagan. particularly from those who did not like the policies that he was putting into place. when you see a leak like the ones you've seen over the last couple of weeks you can have to wonder who is it that is going to benefit from this. they include the two page summary of what is a multipage assessment and a belief that somehow the russians have been able to compromise the president-elect. those kind of things in my experience are never to be
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included in intelligence briefing. if it's not by more than two people it's been a leak. in this particular case it floated all over the place. there are questions on whether or not president obama even have a chance to see it. it floated all around and yet intelligence agencies may be took it seriously when it seemed that. the russians have been very good at this since about 1917. it's a the kind of thing they've done consistently all over the world. you have to remember aids was
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vented. it was all planted by the kgb. the international wing owned outright. dozens of newspapers all over the planet earth. some of them are still in business. since then we have the advent of cyber security. of course it's another major issue. and bringing it the former mayor of new york city. that just makes us much more difficult. >> think about this. in this modern era of dissemination in the dissemination of information instead of relying on people that may have at the editors or producers is out there in blogs but all over the place.
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the news that gets created in the basement of someone's house. it was handed out about hillary clinton running i child porn ring and a pizza parlor. in the new world disorder as described by general matus today i don't think he can possibly edit all. end it all. he can have responsible people. that should never be out there. it's not the kind of thing that is true. if it's can float out there it should float on the internet
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in many respects is inheriting one of the most dangerous situations outside of world war ever. we know that barack obama has been at war every single day of this administration. how does the president-elect feel about this. there's no doubt the president-elect trump would have that. and what matters most to our ability to protect ourselves is having a military that is sharp strong enough to deter war. that's why i am so pleased to see general matus is going to be the next secretary of defense. being able to cope with all that is going on is not been made easier by this president as he's leaving office. just today he decided that the philosophy if you will they no
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longer apply. think about the things they have done in the last three or four weeks to make it even more difficult to include talk about more people getting out of gitmo. charles: to your point breaking news on the cuban policy which effectively allowed refugees to become citizens and a very short. of time and appeasement to ronald castro. barack obama is here to play ball with you. you talk about the ability to win war we have not won a war in a long time. we have the military to win the majority of them. >> the only real deterrence is having a military that is combat ready that's able to contend with all of our adversaries and as a pointed out today we have real serious
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threat right now. it's russia, it's china. it's north korea. it is terrorism. those first three or four are all threats to this country. i will point something out. you wait to see how bad it gets economically if one nuclear weapon is cracked off anywhere in the world.n is exted when my aunt anybody's thoughts under the obama administration which came to office saying they were going to choke that off the table. it's worse today than it was before. we've have a series of deals with them to reduce them.
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i want them to take a listen. they have great expectations because of a stubborn fact that we must finally recognize although they did not call him a war criminal they all seem to be a little bit more inclined to agree that russia is a bigger threat. i tried very hard and worked once in national security back in the reagan administration. i tried to not put myself in
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the have of what someone wants. i can tell you what they have done. this is nine times with the military or the economy they will have a million fewer than they have now the value of everything it drops. the only exports are oil, natural gas and weapon system. what else does he have. russia is a threat because they don't realize how desperate, he is not acting like he realizes how desperate his situation is. if you would accept the premise that he understands how dangerous it is for him with a neighbor like china with 51 or 52 more men or women and the inevitable
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consequence of having too many men if they behoove himself. he will make it a prospect to come to the west. and start doing some deals. i do gets part of what's going on in his head. the good news is that president-elect donald trump has said he is willing to see if we can forge a new friendship. i think the life expectancy is ranking 100 or so. the watch and the that war story. saturday and sunday night with foxbusiness right here it starts at 8:00 p.m. at least what we heard on the primary today. is that going to be a problem. details next.
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breaking news. just a four few moments ago. he got a waiver. this is what they need from the senate so far. they still need to house that. the rule that the defense secretary in this case they will lead the military if that means pushing back against some of donald trump's doctorates which is
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interesting. here is an example on the iranian deal. i think it's in perfect arms control agreement. it's not a friendship treaty. but when america gives her word we have to live up to it and work with our allies. see me -- >> jeff, i want to talk to you because i thought the hearing was extraordinarily compelling where it felt like maybe it was pushing back a little bit on some of the things that donald trump has talked about whether it was the mccain press a the balcs ukraine in his attempt to break the alliance they are saying that the u.s. must honor its deals? >> i think what he was saying is that he is not there to affect policy but to carry it out.
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the policy is set by the white house he is there to carry it out. he's not there with any sort of agenda. it's a very popular pick. to grant him the waiver of being out of the military for seven years. it has only been done once in history back in 1950 and he passed that. the fact that he should get pretty easily confirmed at this point. there has been some scuttle and flint. and they have different ideas. they lean towards more of what they heard on the campaign trail. who will be the one sort of
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making these decisions? >> i think one thing you see with any great chief executive and especially with the president-elect trump he does like to surround himself with people who had strong opinions and different opinions. he will listen to everything general matus says. but at the end of the date we will see him make the decisions and i think whatever decisions come back from the top he will execute. obviously there is some serious issues going on within the intelligence community and the military and the confidence or morale he said he actually thought it was pretty good. there are some serious issues here. >> there have been for a very long time. they will have a competing
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cultures. from the state department to the intelligence community and they had been politicized. the doctrine of the intelligence report. there was a tactical or military reason for that. i think what we're seeing here right now is had used the word doctrine and president-elect trump is going to take office in eight days or so they have a very deep knowledge and deep bench. it has become a very powerful position. it's good to be his role sitting next to president trump to see the biggest challenge. the transition for that military life and commanded that he is used you.
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i think guess there will be some conflict but conflict is good. and hopefully president trump can take all of those in and make his choice from there. i do agree with jeff. the fact that he picks very strong people to work with them. he wants people that will get the job done. sometimes you just know when you hit a home run.
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>> some people say but medicine, why would you go into something like that. good health has a lot to do with a good environment. >> that was a ben carson today explaining why he was confirming that.
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even when eyes back when i was in medicine they try to score points against donald trump. >> can you just assure us that not 1 dollar would go to benefit the president-elect or his family. >> it will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any american. >> it's for all americans. joining me now to discuss heather higgins. the notion that dr. ben carson used it as a platform to actually propel people out of poverty and out of the government. you need three things to graduate high school. how can they play a role there. we know hud plays a role there. and as dr. carson told the american people i guess i
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should s soon to be secretary carson told the american people today when you live in the ghetto you bring in a unique experience that even the housing experts had overlooked. the policies that we've seen currently dr. carson said in a start the listening tour. this was a bureaucracy that needs tremendous reform. we saw the economic collapse. i'm very excited about this opportunity. he brings an experience and a mind to the table to really get the reforms needed. >> it was founded in 1965. that was the goal.
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they failed miserably. and is to go back to your first question that is not the only study the that has found that those variables are most important. rates of asthma and crime are higher in a lot of these entities where the health is poor. the school attendance and performance then affects later life choices and opportunity. what was interesting to me was that he was surprised with talking to people. if you understand what motivates a lot of conservatives it's not just dollars it's just a metric for unhappiness when the you think the money is been ill spent being ill spent that could be better spent if they have more control of their own resources. he talks all the time about the importance of controlling
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charles: tomorrow the house is expected to take up the obamacare repeal after the senate voted at 1:30 a.m. pall franken was not happy. >> i vote no on behalf of 34 million minnesotans who can no longer be discriminated against. charles: obamacare is still not yet repealed. last night's vote did kick off what is going to be something of a long process. here to discuss, adriana cohen, mark serrano and kelly riddell. >> if you wondered what happened
6:31 pm
to occupy wall street, you now know, it's in the u.s. senate, very appropriately with the democrats. it never seems to amaze me how the democrats will cling to failed policies like fly will cling to horse dunk. the reality is tom price is the man with the plan. he was hired to be hhs secretary because he's the guy who can do it. subsidies will be replaced with tax credits. it may cost more in the short-run. but in the long-run more people will be employer-provided health coverage. if you don't have an employer now, you will get tax credits that enable you to bite coverage you need. if you don't pay taxes you can use that money towards your premiums. charles: one republican was not
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happy with this. he's doubtful -- he thinks it's a trick to think within the next couple weeks they will we peel it and replace it at the same time pore within hours. >> i think it many ironic, rantds paul, a libertarian, wassed the one republican to vote against it. one of the biggest entitlements in u.s. history. however, i agree with him, i'm concerned republicans will kick this can. they will need a plan. but the fact of the matter is, they need 60 democrats. 8 democrats to come over to the 60-vote margin. they will need some democratic support in moving this forward if their aim toys replace it. what i'm worried about is they will repeal it. in that repeal bill they will say we are going to wait a
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couple years to get it replaced. then the repeal will go into effect. and that will entrench that. charles: we just saw the press conference yesterday. donald trump was relieved someone finally presented him with a question that has to do with policy instead of the fake news battle going on. it was intriguing but it wasn't about this kinds of stuff. how do you see it playing out. >> they need a replacement plan in place. tom price has that. he submitted that in 2015, before it was vetoed. hopefully we'll have a smooth transition. but i agree with kelly's concern. if it's not a smooth transition this will hurt republicans in the mid-term. charles: you have young adults on it with preexisting conditions.
6:34 pm
is that enough of a sweetener? and the reality a lot of these folks are up for reelection? >> the vast majority of mayor cans are hurt by obamacare. democrats, their constituents are being hurt. we have reduced choice, and then not to mention all these healthcare insurers like united healthcare humanna, they posted huge losses and dropped out of so many of the exchanges. this is an up happen jar plan with the vast majority of americans. voters have been burned by it. >> those votes will come from states donald trump won with democrat senators in 2018. you look at michigan and pennsylvania, those are states so long as we take care of the majority of people currently on obamacare, and we'll, those
6:35 pm
democrats will have to join us in this vote and it will be a bipartisan. they will be too concerned about their seats in the senate in 2018 to vote against the option. >> i hope you are right, mark. but i'm worried as soon as republicans repeal this, they own it and democrats realized that. >> the democrats own the aftermath of this policy. >> that will be a hard sell to the american public. >> it will cost in the short-term, but the long-term growth wil. charles: i don't think donald trump is getting enough credit for giving away a political win by letting this melt down for another year or two saying i want to help the american public. that's huge and it doesn't happen in washington, d.c. i can't remember the last time
6:36 pm
something this big, this important, if something goes wrong and it's the republicans who broke it and on it. he's willing to take that rise, the american public. the earnings season begins tomorrow. but we came off the bottom and that means something to me. my commentary is next.
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charles: delta air lines ceo crediting donald trump with helping their earnings go through the roof. amazon le add 100,000 jobs in the united states.
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charles: the market did struggle all day long in what will be the worst session of the election. technical analysis 101. you will typically see a big pullback and will break out to a major resistance point. i wasn't surprised the market stumbled. earnings season kicks off and we'll see extra scrutiny this time around. the third quarter 2016 we saw our first year-to-year increase in profits, in greater part because we'll hear guidance from 2017.
6:41 pm
as far as the fourth quarter is concerned. the street is looking for 2.2%. it's always about the guidance and the fir quarter expectations. street thinks revenues will be up 11% and earnings. the energy sector expected to enjoy a 300% year over year earning. but as far as top is concerned. it kicks off with financials, bank of america, jpmorgan, blackrock. one final note. talk about adding insult to injury. george soros reportedly lost $1 billion since the elect of donald trump. i'm sure that made your day. i have breaking news. the arizona department of public safety trooper was shot in the line of duty and the gunman was
6:42 pm
shot and killed by a good samaritan who stopped to help. a trooper was responding to a call when he came upon a rolloverrash and he was directing traffic and he was shot in the shoulder. the good samaritan warned the shooter to stop, and when he didn't, he shot him. what happens when anti-trumpers boycott a business? some call it poetic justice. we'll be right back. your insurance company
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>> he's getting a lot of fan mail, positive mail, according to my son, the vice chairman of the board, it's a good time to hear from everybody. charles: that was l.l. bean board mek, linda bean, speaking about how her donation to a pac supporting donald trump led to a backlash to her company. donald trump tweeted out thank you to linda bean for your great support and courage. people will support you even more now. buy l.l. bean. trump is pushing ceos to get in front of the ball sometimes. delta's ceo credited donald trump for a big bum in business. and amazon came out with the amazing announcement they are
6:47 pm
going to create 100,000 jobs in 15 months. tim, the entire dynamics of business is being turned upside down. >> more than what any political leader says, if we want to get the economy going across the board, it's the policies they pursue. we are excited to see the tax reform that speaker ryan and others are talking about to push back against the obama era. more than what political leaders say, it's the policies that they put forward that can get this economy going again. >> what the ceo of delta said all this anecdote at evidence is coming to fruition. it's already happening before the president-elect is even sworn in, his impact is being felt at major corporations like delta. >> the ceo of delta point out
6:48 pm
their earnings are already seeing an uptick. consumer confidence has hit a 15-year high. that basically he compasses the last two presidents. donald trump has already given more confidence to this country that economic growth is coming. we are seeing that in corporate profits. and with linda bean. i admire her courage. she made a personal contribution and democrats are trying to punish the company. they have already seen an uptick in sales. y self i'm going tonight and buy something to weather the cold in next week in d.c. >> you know how the whole boycott thing -- i have got a long list of stories -- i have to hide my head in shame when i sneak into tarring tote buy something.
6:49 pm
it is amazing they would specifically target this company because of a personal decision an individual within the company made. >> on the right we go to businesses to support them, we don't try to shut them down. on the left it's about silencing and intimidating it's become unattractive and the opposite of what liberalism used to be. they are oblivious to the fact that the people you really hurt when you have a successful boycott are the workers. trump as the champion of this is the champion much free speech and workers. you will see as with all of these recent instances when he calls for a trump nation 0 come in, it's going to swamp and actually help the intended target of the boycott more than the people who were going to hurt it. >> there is no doubt about that.
6:50 pm
so after- let's talk about these policies you want to see them all in place. the first 100 days have been discussed over and over again. what do you have think are the best moves that can happen that will ignite this economy? >> tax reform. if you can lower corporate rates. solve the repatriation tax problem. lower and plant out individual rates. that will have an impact on the yes economy. speaker ryan and mccullough will get that done. obama pushed forward the clean power flannel rule and so much else. this congress and this administration, the new administration, they can kickstart a lot of job creation by pushing back on those execs real policies. obamacare has also harmed job creation and businesses because of the rules and regulations obamacare puts on them.
6:51 pm
you strip that back and repeal that law that's hurting job creation, those are three significant policies that i think this congress and this president can get done. >> to your point, the n.i.b. put out an optimism report that was mind boggle. all because small businesses have faith. trump's battle over fake news will have real implications. but first watch this amazing video of a snowboarder who survived an avalanche in whistler, canada. that snowboarder survived in part because he deployed the black diamond airbag.
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>> production. >> go ahead. >> president-elect. >> go ahead. >> president-elect. >> not you. >> can you give us a chance. >> go ahead. >> quiet, go ahead, she is asking a question, don't be rude. >> can you give us a question? >> don't be rude, i'm not going to give you a question, you are fake news. charles: war between donald trump and cnn and esask hails, president-elect tweeting, cnn is in meltdown with their fake news their ratings are tanking since election, their credibility will soon begun. betsy that is one hell of a
6:56 pm
press conference. i was somewhat taken aback by the treatment of president-elect trump. i never to be quite honest, saw press treat barack obama like that. >> to be fair. one daily -- reporter heckled president obama at one point during his presidency, that said, the relationship between president and white house press core is going to be different this time than it was during obama's presidency, the big part is the way that trump singles out certain media organizations and bare-knuckled, his approach to reporters is new, we should expect reporters to respond in ways that are unusual. the relationship between the president, white house, and media is going through a massive overhaul, this probably just a prelude to more dramatic press conferences. charles: some saying that news should go through a dramatic overhaul. when news organizations go out
6:57 pm
of their way to legitimize what is very suspicious news, then it shows not only did they have an ideology but an intent, in this case to hurt president-elect trump. >> news agents or blogs are not covering candidates fairly and neutrally, they are clearly in the tank for democrats, there is no doubt we're seeing a resurgences of yellow journalism, this dossier had unspecified allegations, which is irresponsible. and even look at "rolling stones" rape story they are getting sued now, we need to be careful, and savvy readers, if you are part of a news organization, you need to verify our information before you go on a smear campaign.
6:58 pm
>> you are involved deeply with several news outlets, i have breaking news, another huge story, a blue lives matter flag has now been taped above that pigs as police painting on capitol hill, i love this idea. reminder, that pig -- police keep us protected, they are not pigs. >> well, the picture i absolutely despicable, it should never have been hung in the nation's capitol. that is the bottom line. and all lives bet, blue lives matter, it should just be taken down. there should be no argument about that. but the way that press has been covering this, story fox news exempted from this, they -- the way they describe this, they say, you know, policemen are depicted as pigs, it is clear what the picture shows,
6:59 pm
it a misrepresentation of what happened in ferguson. it is quite offensive to anyone. charles: what is also bother some is representative clay, who keeps putting it back upside that the picture reflects the kids in ferguson and the anger, but in my mind this fans those feelings of anger. >> it does. it is despicable to portray our men and women in blue who risk their lives every day, comparing them to pigs, no american, i don't care who you are, should be detected or treat like that. charles: betsy? >> the latest chapter in one of the mt dramatic episodes to happen in the basement of the capitol. these paintings are in one of the tunnels, not near where votes happen, usually this say
7:00 pm
pretty boring part of the building it is fascinating as a reporter, seeing the shift from where the news happens, move from the house, chamber and speakers gallery to the basement. >> thank you, now here is lou dobbs. lou: fbi director james comey now under investing a himself -- investigation himself, justice department inspector general investigating allegations of misconductings over how comey handled hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, congressman jim jordan is joining us to weigh in on that and the effort to repeal obamacare. also three confirmation hearings on capitol hill, trump's choice to run the pentagon taking a harder stance on russia. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, that is an asset, not a liabi


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