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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FBC  January 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the nasdaq notching a record high. thank you for having us in your homes. make money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. today mark the end of the drought of the donald trump press conferences and it was worth the wait. reporters fired off questions about his ties to russia and vladimir putin. >> if putin like donald trump, guess what, folks, that's called an asset, not a liability. i don't know that i'm going to get along with put rsh. i hope i do. but there is a good chance i won't. and if i don't, do you honestly believe hillary would be tougher on putin than me?
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does anyone in this room really believe that? give me a break. charles: tammy, here is the interesting thing. russia in the news, the intel story lasted a couple weeks and the doozy last night and this morning. were you surprised toward the end when donald trump talked about maybe he and putin won't get along and there will be consequences for that as well. >> this is a man while he's been challenging in the way he has spoken. the fact of the matter is he became president for a reason. he has run a company all his life and had a great reputation. charles: it felt like the bromance wasn't necessarily broken today, but it was saying think does not supersede. >> we were seeing a media creation. you didn't have a bromance when obama was reaching out to
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medvedev. while the' a good thing to have a good relationship with people around the world, the media wanted to kaits as something strange and extreme. liberals are even more freak out because they wanted donald trump to be a clown, they wanted him to fail. he was unflappable, he was clear web was competent. they are realizing this is not a game. since liberals are nervous, i think he did a good job. charles: bob, well worth the wait. it covered a lot of topics. national security, russia. what are your overall impressions. >> it was definitely a show and it didn't disappoint. he's a showman and entertainer. but he also got into policy. one of the thorniest issues was how do they get rid of obamacare, an talked about that.
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but it was a show bashing the media, going after anyone who challenged him. and i agree. he was in control of that press conference. this trump administration, his incoming administration is going to make a lot of people in washington very uncomfortable and that's what he promised on the campaign trail. charles: captain nash, we know with the putin thing and russia. the intel reports saying there is no doubt russia tried to influence the election, i think the argument over whether they got him elected, no one believes that. but he also brought out other issues. everyone is spying on us and attack us because we have had a figure -- a feckless policy up until now.
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>> the pentagon gets 30,000-40,000 cyber attacks a day trying to break into the system. the chinese have been running all overt u.s. defense contractors and aerospace companies. all of this is not news. it's not news. so what we have to do is understand that right now there is extreme distrust between the american people and the american government that's been built up over some time now. when you see things like this, and the potential for the politicalization of intelligence such as the central command intel where the 50 analysts blew the whistle and caused some investigations because their intelligence was being changed, you have to see not only a distrust between the american people and their government at large. but focusing now on what is the intelligence community up to. charles: to that point of
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bringing that trust back between the oval office and main street america, donald trump talked about his business dealing. a $2 billion offer for projects in dubai? legally he could have accepted it, he did not. i'm not sure how many people would turn down $2 billion if they didn't have to. >> first of all, i have got to say, i got online and ordered one of those movie theater popcorn machines because i need one for the press conferences coming up today. not only that, but because of the media's complaining and pounding the fists on the table over ethics. he said in addition to turning down a $2 billion deal, any time a foreign government uses one of my hotels i'm donating the money to the united states treasury
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for the taxpayers. what did the left do? they were cynical about it questioning his motives. they were the ones who wanted him to give up the money. charles: i have got one of those popcorn thingst home. i love it. but we need a new engine for that bad boy. >> the energy of it, the scope, the breadth of topics. the rapid-fire responses. the mainstream media will have to go home tonight and figure out what can they do? donald trump was on point. of course, simultaneously you have confirmation hearings going on. up to that point tillerson and many others doing extraordinarily well. >> you had not only donald trump delivering in a good way. he was very confident. but you also had important information, the va announcement who will be the va secretary,
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his points about this business and his sons who he said he would fire if they didn't do a good job at the end of 8 years. the media realizes they can't be fan boys at a one-direction concert. they are not the boss of the president, right? the president is going to be in control of that room. it's not legally required to have press conferences. this is about transparency. donald trump unlike barack obama who would take one question in 10 minutes to run out the clock. this is a man who took if the questions seriously and went forward with them. stop looking at president as if he's the enemy and start focusing on the american people. >> i don't know if that's going to change. but i believe there is a certain level of disrespect. he's still president-elect trump if you want to be technical by the. but it felt like there was an element of disrespect for the
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office in that press conference today. >> we interviewed sean spicer the incoming press secretary and that's what he said. the media is not showing any respect to trump. the way he handles press conferences, he has gone the better dealing with the press. i'm a huge fan of the first amendment, don't think it should be curbed. but if they are going to change how they deal with the press and the daily briefing, that's up to them, they can do that. mike mccurry suggested the televised briefings should go away. he's the boss. obviously if he makes a controversial decision he will take some plaque. but overall he can change how business is done in washington. charles: coming up, we'll talk about donald trump and the congressional republicans promised to repeal and replace has been questioned this week.
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donald trump says he's got it covered. we'll be right back. your insurance company
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the healthcare stem in the process. i said this two years ago. 17 will be the bad year. it will be catastrophic. we could sit back from a political stand point, but it wouldn't be fair to the people. we could sit back and wait and watch and criticize. charles: with me tammy bruce. and erickson. in watched, when one political party sees another failing, they gain political points from that. by allowing obamacare to melt down for another year and blame the democrats would be great political points. but donald trump is saying let's save the american public instead. >> it struck me as well. very interesting he would say that and make a point that he's taking the political game off the table. you could see barack obama when he came into office with the
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collapse of general motors and the collapse of the base, gragd it out, blaming george bush for everything before he tried to fix it. he said we are going to goaf right in and fix it, and pointing out the republicans are going to get credit for saving a failed system it has gotten to the point where right after the election the democrats were saying it would be impossible to repeal obamacare, but now they are saying fin repeal it, its legacy will be oh impactful. charles: both parties, there are a lot of republicans who would rather step away, let it melt down, blame obama and score political points. but ultimately they were elected to fix things like this. >> when we had the mid-terms and they got in 2010 and 2014. but what thenned up doing is
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what donald trump said he wouldn't do. they sought back and waited. the problem is it's our lives that were impacted. the american people saw that. it was that retreat that we rejected. we want action. we are tired of the political games and we are tired of a government who thinks this is their board game and we are the observers. donald trump underands that because he comes fm us. we have a job to do and things to fix. what's key with trump, the reason why it will work is communication. so now the people have heard that messaging which you discussed and they never heard it described that way before. we can do it now and he will make sure the american people know why we are handling it this way. >> we madder republicans grumble about not having a replacement ready immediately. i don't think they are being disseason geneous. but it feels like many of them
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are trying funnel rather than address this problem. >> they are at a crossroads. they don't have a detailed plan they have stawfl co-lessed behind. but instead of punting, some of them are saying we don't want to make it effective two years from now and have nothing in between. if we wait two years and we can't do it we'll have to keep punting and obamacare will never go away it's a governing summit they will need to decide how to proceed with this. but on obama care it's been a political boon. now they have have got to resolve it and fix it. charles: the stock market stalled sat one point.
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city went down, drug stocks. do you have any issue with donald saying because we buy so many pharmaceuticals we should put pressure on these drug companies which means it squeeze the margins a little bit. republicans have been loathe to use their power even for immediate i kade to affect drug prices. >> i'm always concerned when the government gets involved in this. but there are free market solutions that will help with this that the democrats flat out avoid and legislated against. i have got a percent that investment in this. my wife has a rare form of slung cancer. and her medicine is $16,000 a month. driving the costs down is a brilliant idea. pant democrats refused to do it because it would be even admission the me free market can't lower sthk costs. >> this is something the democrats have wanted, which is lower drug prices. is this a way to get the democrats to the table as the an edge to help with obamacare?
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>> the fake news machine is a big machine. but starting to fall apart. his fiery exchanges with one po next.
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>> fake news, it's all fake news. it's so false and fake. false and fake. go ahead. not you, not you. your organization is terrible. your organization is terrible. let's go, go ahead. quite, quite. go ahead, she is asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. don't be rude. i'm not going a question. you are fake news. a thing called fake news. some of the media outlets i deal
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with are fake news. charles: donald trump firing back against buzzfeed, calling it a failing pile of garbage for publish an unverified salacious the article and cnn after they forward these unsubject stainsated claims. that was some scene today. >> not exactly what we see in most presidential press conferences. he's reflecting the sentiment of many out there. and it's really something i am march velg at. march -- i am ha i am marveling. the reality is they need him a lot more than he needs them. charles: isn't there -- couldn't there be some anxiety?
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the rating games is tougher today than back in the day. it's really a tough game these days and it feels like fake news is the way to get the headlines. >> i don't think it is. if you look at the number of, they are laying people off, newspapers are closing. the networks presenting honest news, they are having wild ratings. and il give one example without naming any names. i have never once been edited, told what to say or mad my mic cut on fox network. but that has happened to me and many. my colleagues on other networks 367 until they are willing to let commentators speak freely, i don't think they have a right to complain about first amendment rights. charles: buzzfeed is trying to justify this. even throughout the report they
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said it's unverified from a mystery person. but they it out there anyway. >> there is no excuse to publish what they just published. uncorroborated. unverified. they admit we know there are errors in here but we are going to do it anyway. the fact that they are standing by this is deplorable. charles: cnn said we are not buzzfeed, we are forwarding it without saying it was factual. >> they are more cautious than buzzfeed but they said donald trump was debriefed on this part of the dossier. nbc is saying that never happened. i folgtd it interesting that all this information went out the day before donald trump's first press conference in 168 days.
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i remember two days before the presidential debate access hollywood tape got leaked out. and before another debate his 1995 tax returns were leaked out. so the timing seems to coincide when trump is about to be on a big stage. charles: since the election there have been oh many attempts by progressives to delegitimize the trump presidency. and to borrow a phrase from joe, hoping something would stick. >> they dominated for decades and conservatives have never had the ability to fight back. but donald trump has reorganized not just the way politics is done, but also the way media is done. now they are losing and they are desperate, and it's showing in every day. it's judo, and every time they hit him, he hits harder.
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we are wondering if they will ever catch on. >> 200 reporters were in that room, charles. jim acosta doesn't have a right to ask a question and demand to the president-elect you have t let me ask you a question. what about the other reporters in the room. charles: donald trump did take a cnn question shortly after. senators from both parties are going at it with donald trump's nominees on capitol hill. as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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>> senator sessions had not demonstrated a commitment to a central requisite from the job to pursuit congressional mandate of civil right, equal rights and justice for all of off citizens. charles: that was democrat cory booker going at it with fellow senator jeff sessions. donald trump's pick for attorney general. also today at hearing rex tillerson, he got choice words >> is vladimir putin a war criminal. >> i would not use that term. >> it should not be hard to say that vladimir putin a -- i find it discouraging your inability to cite that.
6:31 pm
charles: what is the deal with marco rubio today? a lot of people like does high' to start world war iii tomorrow what is going on? >> i think he was closing chapter out. i think marco rubio will vote for tillerson for secretary of state. that is pretty forward. i tell you what was shameful today was senator booker. i will tell you off the bat, you need to see what fred gray the attorney for rosa parks and king jr. had to say about senator sessions who he is supporting, contrast, gray civil right icon with senator
6:32 pm
booker, people will get message how they are trying to distort and destroy his record. charles: what to you make of that? cory booker, saying this is his defacto launch for 2020 running for white house, by same token we have congressional black caucus. we feel pain a lot of members have gone through in their lifetime, this is a reminder how far america as come. but they always conplate past 40 years. >> i think people had high expectations for senator booker, his participation was allowed to happen, but what discretted the him the most were all the talking points, however many years dems have done nothing but resort back to calling names, pigeonholing
6:33 pm
people, calling them bigots and racists, iof a sad day for senator booker, i do not think it helped him at all, people are exhausted with the name-calling. progressives only go to that what they have nothing to talk about. >> it failed misarab leo -- misramison november 8 they did not get the memo. charles: pushing back a little bit against donald trump and a couple other issues, i thought he was superb, i would give him five-stars out of 5. >> i would too, he understands policy issues well. responses were new an i like that. he was making it clear, the russia's danger but i'm not sure i want to atribute any
6:34 pm
labels to putin yet, there are a lot of things that could have been said, by large tillerson handled himself very effectively. charles: he is respectful to middle east. do you think now that american public will understand his relationship in the world are an asset not a liability. >> one thing to understand, it is one thing to engage in a deal on oil extract, but another thing to tax about policies that are -- to talk about policies that necessary for united states, with military affairs and deployment, they are different issues employee think he has experience. my feeling that tillerson answered effectively, they did not touch him, marco rubio did not come close to touching him. charles: he tried. >> charles. charles: like ronda rousey, when it was over, he was missing most of his front tooth.
6:35 pm
>> i spent 3 years as u.s. ambassador to united nations, human rights commission, one of my mentors, should say, am big guty is grease on diplomacy, i thought with secretary nominee tillerson, he showed he could be ambiguous when he needed and poignant when needed, he is a stand up fellow, the state department would be blessed to have him as their leader. charles: fair to say, so-called neo-hawks had a bad day today? >> they had a da bad day today. >> you know, ken, as i wrap this up, you talked about one person but there was a guy named william smith there.
6:36 pm
who testified for sessions, he worked him, he was approached for a job offer, a black gentleman lawyer, he talked about birth of his second child, jeff sessions came to his house, he paused, choking back true emotions. >> yes, william -- william was a. charles: that spoke volumes. >> absolutely. charles: we have to leave it there. >> major averages bieve it or not ended the day higher. today was a test, it proved it today, i hope you are in it, my market camtary is next -- commentary is next.
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charles: border battle is brewing, mexico doubles down on its vow not to pay for donald trump's wall, an international war of words, we'll be right back.
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charles: it was an extra or extraordinary news conference, making for an extraordinary day on the stack market. -- stork market. make sure that taxpayer spend as little as possible on
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anything from fighter jets to medicine, his comments on spending, for a new bidding process, spooked drugs and biotech stocks, but donald trump did not say anything new, but he reminded the business world that things will be different. including giving shout outs. now market in my mind will have to learn how to deal with these press conferences. iron ebblyironically that early air pocket, that the conference created provided a perfect backdrop. the fact that stocks rebounded and gathered momentum into the close, in my mind, is amazing, especially the nasdaq. weighed down by biotech stocks, that closed at a new high. this market thinking tough talk will not equate into a trade war. wall street knows that a
6:42 pm
majority of republicans in congress have been against medicare negotiating drug prices, that said, i do suspect this drug companies will play ball to the greed, they want to avoid public shaming, and they want do get administration to do things like allow merger activity to make the drug approval process lesson russ -- onerous and expensive. today there were big trump related winner, natural resources, a coal company, soared 18%. medical device companies have been doing well. they will get a big break prooklahoma care repeal -- big break from obamacare repeal. after the close, k-b home, posted their earnings, they are edging higher. in part because of manage want observation that highest backlog date will create strong momentum, and they
6:43 pm
focus on first time buyers, tomorrow morning, delta reports before open, there is hope they will meet bike united did this morning, sending market high are out gate, hard not to see, if you are not pay attention hard not to see momentum beneath this market explosive. i can only hope somehow you are in the mix, you should get my daily market commentary and special reported for that. >> i checked on the most incredible thing ever done in one day at top the list. your insurance company
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>> our first day, you will all be invited to the signings. then also the next week. >> that was donald trump this morning promising to make a lot of decisions in his first two days of office, he would likely pick a supreme court nominee in his second week in office. ron, you have seen process play out before. a lot of promises, what are you thinking? >> good evening, i tell you this fascinating time to be in white house on day one of a new administration, i imagine first day chief of staff and policy director will walk into ohoval office with a series of executive orders to sign, i anticipate his staff will
6:48 pm
brief him, and sit with him, and discuss what they will do in days to come, this is going to be a very exciting b excite busy time. charles: they could talking about cleaning up corruption. doing thins to protect the american worker and restore security, absolutely dynamite, they pull these things off, you think about enthusiasm right now it is off to the limit. >> he was not voted in to walk on egg shells, he was voted in to strike while iron is hot, he has to throw up as many balls in the air as possible, democrats will not be able to mobilize opposition to his agenda. charles: here is the thing, i have in the been as worried
6:49 pm
about democrats as i have about some folks in the party. i don't think, some people do have their own particular version of conservatism they want to stay true to, some have legitimate concern, budget and debt have been a big issue for us, bu but it feels that some people want to say relevant. >> the tone will be set, you know that with barack obama and republicans in congress, tone of set in first 100 days, he didn't need republicans, he didn't call them as mitch mcconnell said, that relationship grew poisonous and never recovered, donald trump has to appeal to the base, do things that base want that he promised, also get a bipartisan win here or there. maybe on transportation, but without a doubt, there are some i think reasonable democrats who are saying let's
6:50 pm
give him a chant, see what he does, but tone will be set in first 100 days. charles: ron, to that point, when barack obama came into was he and democrats had free run of the place but there was internal squabbles, and nancy pelosi wanted certain things there was a power struggle, and it took time no one counted on the untimely death of kennedy, i think that republicans have to be careful to not make mistakes and not trip themselves up. >> i think that is right. one thing that i am looking to see it what happens when this stimulus bill with transportation and infrastructure that vice president elect has -- president-elect has been talking about, trump wants to spend a lot of money on stimulus there is a lot of resistance on capitol hill, freedom caucus do not' to do, that then what do we do with obamacare, a lot who want to
6:51 pm
immediately repeal it. then people on capitol hill who are nervous saying, wait a minute, maybe we should repeal it but put brakes -- >> you also got 10 senators in state that donald trump won on democratic side who are up in 2018 who want po look like they are working for president-elect is get things done that a powerful tool in politics nothing scares a politician more than threat of losing their job. charles: with infrastructure that one thing that would see that bipartisan support for. hard to believe that democrats would vote against this. >> i think so, but ron does bring up a good point that will get a lot of flack from conservatives, criminal justice reform could be something. it has bipartisan support on capitol hill. charles: all right. thank you all very much, appreciate it, coming up, the border wall brawl between president-elect trump and mexico. it continues, we have breaking new for you, when we come back.
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charles: it's not a fence, it's' wall, you just misreported it, we're going to build a wall, mexico in some form, there are many different forms will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. charles: president-elect trump today doubling down, reminding everyone about his promise to
6:56 pm
make mexico -- reimburse the u.s. for the wall, just 9 minutes going mexico president nieto say we're not paying for the wall. you have no problem with building wall out the gate? >> and i don't think that people that elected donald trump are going to have a problem. i was one that voted for him, i would not, you used word, trump used word reimburse. charles is so fantastic to be working with people on the trump team that i know personally i know they are wonderful, smart, they get it people. we made a previous request of the obama administration of dhs, where is the $4 billion or more we appropriated for a wall? where is it?
6:57 pm
how much is left? what was it spent for? where is the rest of it? at the same time trump's team has been make similar requests. we don't have answers yet, but word was reimburse. there was no promise we're not going to start by putting a brick down until mexico promises they will reimburse us for it. we're going to do it, i would tell you, as a former litigate or, and a former judge, i have had lawyers come before he, day, judge, there is no way we'll reach an agreement on this, we need a trial, we demand a trial, both sides say the same thing, we get ready to pick a jury, and here they come, judge, we worked it out, yeah, it is good to see you too, i think this good for our klein, iave seen that over and over, and i have seen if between countries since i have been in congress. that is going to happen, because i think donald trump
6:58 pm
understands, "the art of the deal." charles: i am with you, with respect that happening sooner rather than later with nas nafta but wall might be expensive for mexico to pay, how would -- let's say they draw a line in the sand, and what we put an import tax on them? or tax repatriation of money from our country to mexico? what do you think would be smartest way. >> i think when we start building the wall, and as parts are built quickly, i would hope, you will see mexico benefit draft atticly -- dramatically. i know you are so smart, who is most opposed to a wall being built in mexico? it is the drug cartels. it has the opportunity to strip tens of billions of
6:59 pm
dollars from the drug cartels, they make money from people paying them to come in illegally, they make money by sending drugs, coordinating who comes in when, here is a group, here are the drugs they get the group they won't catch the drugs, you put a wall up, mexico there is no reason mexico should not be one of the top 5 economies in the world, they have natural resources, they have people that can work harder than most anyone you would meet, why aren 't they a top economy? because of the drug cartels, they ha corrupted mexico, if we could put up a wall, robert frost would rise up in his grave, and say that is what i am talking about in a mending mall. charles: that is a great point it cost their economy billions of dollars. >> i hear from companies that -- >> quick. >> we would go to mexico but
7:00 pm
there is so much corruption, drug cartels, people with heads on a pike, we can't go there, you clean up that companies will move from world to get closer to america. charles: donald trump will say two economies in one, representative thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: president-elect came out swinging against spies and lies, mr. trump holding a wideranged fast moving well organized news conference that produced a lot of news, some drama. >> i think it is a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to public. lou: president-elect's press secretary sean spicer among our guests. >> president-elect handing control of his business empire to his sons to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest. >> we'll have the story. and mr. trump's choice for secretary of state putting his


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