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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FBC  January 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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this notion of using the racecar is something trump has -- the left has used since trump has won. >> they did it leading into before donald trump won.
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you were in d.c. he's going to make something of history. when he goes and actually tries to get his colleague jeff sessions tbrootd this job. now you are dealing with individuals who see this as a platform for themselves or maybe he's you have a digsing for something else. senator booker has a troubled history in the fact that we know he admitted to making up an entire person as he was campaigning. what was it, t-bone. we have a man who at least embellishes if not makes up things out of whole cloth in order to create more drama.
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charles: what could he know about jeff sessions on a personal level that they would send him in there to torpedo this? >> the senate does know jeff sessions. he's extremely well liked. and you have got somebody here as you pointed out who has been there a very short amount of time but sees this as an opportunity for himself. this is a problem for the democrats. it's personal for them and who they can use to get where they are going. charles: does this help him? >> it's not about defeating sessions. it's about play together base of the democratic party who cannot get over anyone they don't like is a racist. if you look at those hearings, based on snippets of the
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conversations that western distorted. and it's going nowhere. and you can't just work for a guy for a couple defend kids and turn around and pretend he's wearing a white hood at night. that's not the way it works. charles: a variety of people and organizations have received you have, including black pass towards and others to say this guy is a standup guy. i think this is going to blow up in their faces. >> and they can't stop sessions and any of these nominees because it only takes 51 votes. rich is right. i appreciate how strong specials was today in fighting -- how strong sessions was fighting back against these charges. they are using race to gin them
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up and our side needs to learn how to fight whenever the left brings up race. and i'm glad sessions did today. charles: my mom is from alabama and i lived in alabama. i feel like the evolution of that state is something to be proud of. by the wasn't just jeff sessions. we have patrick leahy and we have sound on this who wanted to smear donald trump in the process. >> grabbing a woman by her genitals without her consent, is that sexual assault? >> clearly that would be. >> if a sitting president or any other high federal official is accused of committing what the president-elect described in a context in which it could be
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federally prosecuted. would you be able to prosecute? >> the president is subject to certain lawful restrictions and they would be required to be applied. charles: listen, every step of the way has been used since the election to smear donald trump. >> on one hand this is an argument for term limits when you hear that crusty old man grunting through the questions. as you mentioned about the card expiring. this has become absurd. you moved into a period of absurdity. it's projection. it's the thing they want to use to keep the emotional dynamic in play because they can't win on the details of the issue. it was rejected on november 8. and they clearly still have not learned the lesson that the
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american people want results. they want to deal with the issues. charles: do you see them setting anything up during the hearings that they might use during the future? even thought it was -- you know, a resounding defeat. >> i don't think it will affect his tenure as attorney general at all. usually nominees go down if there is some sort of scandal or something that can be portrayed as a scandal. usually there is at least one that has something embarrassing and something that can be used. not jeff session hospital has been a non-quantity for decade. >> rex tillerson says it might be the biggest question mark. you see any problem there? >> i certainly think that nominee more than any others is going to have some issues on
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policy and on some of his business dealing. we found out yesterday, i believe it was, that exxon was investing in iran, defying the sanctions at that time. so these will be issues with tillerson. that will be a tough fight. charles: would it surprise you ng up their embarrassing white man's new year's resolution. today an offensive tweet about jeff sessions granddaughter. wait until you see what real racism looks like.
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charles: an mtv news writer is under heavy fire after tweeting this about senator sessions' family. sessions referred the asian baby to the toys r us you stole her from. he accused sessions as -- of using his granddaughter as a prop. charles: when i saw this go across twitter i thought it was a joke. it boggles the mind. >> this is the ultimate despicable tweet. it's the sheer definition of racism. what this man says who works for mtv, he's implying jeff sessions can't love his granddaughter because she is asian.
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he's accuse her of kidnapping which is a federal crime. and using his granddaughter who loves as a political prop. mtv should fire him and he should issue a public apology for a racist tweet and spreading fake news. charles: it look like he's just carrying out mtv protocol. some how you have picked up asian babies at toys r us. i don't know what the connection is but it sound despicable. >> we saw the video new year's eve. if anybody did take the type to watch it, it was so cringe worthy with all these manhattan people explain together rest of the country. it's the attitude they have at mtv. the idea that jeff sessions can't have an asian
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granddaughter is similar to the attacks on mitt romney when he had a black granddaughter and he was attacked for that. it's wild. charles: it's all part and par cell what we have seen since november 8. this is a complete implosion. but by this implosion they were billing themselves to this. since then they actually continued to prove that maybe all along they should have pointed to themselves with accusations of racism and thing like that. >> the dnc leak exposed the high-ranging members of the democratic party as bigots. they made anti-semitic remarks. they exposed themselves as quite a few of them as racist. but they love to accuse
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republicans of this. it's terribly divisive and this country needs to unify and stop fabricating false allegations of racism toward republicans, and especially with senator sessions. he grandparent loves their grandchild. the vast majority of all human beings who are grandparent love their grandchildren, and he should never be accused of kidnapping or using her as a prop. i would sue the guy, if it were me. charles: i'll be glad when this is no longer a topic. also, the real issue is there is nothing to justify their position. nothing factual that any longer justifies their ideology or approach to governing. >> the way they look at race is part of their coalition and philosophy. something to be used for their
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benefit. if you saw the leaks list they put together of hillary clinton's cabinet, the names for almost he position, except for you epa administrator where they say african-american person. they didn't know who was going to fit that job. they wanted to figure it out and put it in a slot and it's not going to help unite the country. charles: i have got four grandkid, they are black, puerto rican, irish, jewish. why the left coast cannot accept that donald trump won. wait until you hear their opinion in the middle states. we'll be right back.
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charr. charles: the california resistance to donald trump. the latest, saying he would go to jail fit came to it with resisting deportation of illegal immigrants. he said no educated person wants to live in a s-hole with stupid people. that facebook post was shocking. >> it's pretty shocking, especially after donald trump met with the heavy hitters of the sill canadian valley and impressed most of them, even the liberal ones. she wasn't invited, maybe she was bitter.
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people are moving out of california because they don't want the live there. they either moved to the south or the nest, places she is calling these bad words. if you look at connecticut and massachusetts, the same numbers, people going to the midwest. the people you live around are leaving there because the cities and coast areas have been so corrupted with bad policy. charles: i appreciate your intelligent way of describing it. but this is deep than that. it's a disdain for people who aren't elites. this is the kind of disdain that has led to policies that has left so-called flyover states behind. this is the kind of disdain that elites in washington, d.c., wall street in california have implemented against people that they de facto hate. >> i'm a native angeleno.
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businesss have fled the state. if you have an attitude that is rife with a certain kind of racism, a classism. there is an attitude that the middle part of the country exists just to fly over. but the fact of the matter is the families of the middle part of country that sign up for the military that defend freedom around the world. they grow our food. they provide cold still that provide our electricity. every single thing is there because of the midwest and the of this country. none of this arrogance would exist. we couldn't be sitting there or live our lives without the people who live in these other states. this is why the election went the bay it did it's a lesson for a generation of women. it's an embarrassment that it
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was a woman who did that to learn that there are people unlike her who are as good as she is and worthy of respect. charles: even if you go to a city like san francisco. you look at what the large corporations are doing. they are building a ufo-type corporate headquarters with their own jitneys. it's on full display. >> a fend of mine said she had never been to the south and she would never go because people down there are ignorant. people would do well to get out of the bubble. you could spend your entire life in san francisco if you had millions of dollars listening to npr. you will have a blast. you will learn how useful and
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great and helpful the people of the midwest are. and they are a heck after lot more fun. charles: i never experienced more ignorance until i moved to new york as a child. republicans are approaching the moment of truth. we are talking about repealing obamacare. we'll show you why the gop must pull off a trick. we'll be right back.
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polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. charles: handful of republican senators with an alarm that there betting are be a plan in place to replace obamacare before repealing it. joining me to discuss this, john, you are numbers cruncher here. some interesting reality with respect to repealing and replacing obamacare. >> i think that is why the republicans voted for republicans, if they are not going to repeal, why have them?
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i would add, i don't like the idea of a replacement. we're trying to get rid of central planning why would republicans put in their version. let the markets figure this out, not more government. charles: you know, joe, i get where john is coming from, from a purive point of -- purest point of view. president-elect trump saying he would like to keep two most popular parts of the plan, that means it will be expensive. this is changing wheels of a moving 18-wheel not that easy. >> republicans have to do what they typically don't do. that is have courage. have some guts, admit and acknowledge to american people this is a disaster, obamacare
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is a mess, it has only gotten messier, to repeal and replace, some people will be hurt, it is not going to be easy, republicans have better not repeal it then do nothing, they have to repeal it and replace it. but replace it with the force of the market. do what the de democrats did 7 years ago, they were elected to get rid of this, who gives a damn if a democrats support what republicans ought to do? charles: i think that almost democrats are trying to set up a u you broke it you own it. there is a likelihood someone will be disappointed. what about winning he'l healthy insurance game, where people have better options. >> this is where congressional party should follow donald
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trump's lead, he has been clear you should repeal, and replace it together, or close as possible. charles: you think they could do that almost immediate? >> yes. charles: we know they worked on several plan, paul ryan says he has something am you feel confident that pieces of puzzle are in place. >> this is what is tricky, they have to use a so-called reconciliation process, you. you can repeal spending and taxes but leave the heart in place, regulation, they need to be clever. think about using current subsidies in obamacare could maybe pairing them back, simplifying them and deregulationing them, saying if you or individual market, you get subsidies you can use them to buy health insurance plan blessed by a state regulator, and if you have continucontinuous coverage and you get sick your premium
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is not going to do that. if they do, that they will not get those headlines where millions of people will lose health care. charles: it has wreaked havoc over small businesses, i would think that nucleus of america would' a reprieve from this. >> absolutely. the whole story here is obamacare has hurt the health care outcome for a lot of americans. by definition, you should repeal it. by response is, i realize we live in a world of political realities that means i'm not going to get my way, i don't worry about why i have a computer to type on or why i have shoes. they come to me at a market rate all of the time, people are competing in the world to serve my needs, why is healthcare different, if republicans had the courage of their convict they would allow the market to sort it out without recession leg.
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>regulation. >> they should have a market oriented approach, if you get your insurance through your employer you get a tax advantage that is not avei available to individuals who get their insurance on their own. charles: you talk about courage within the republican party, and well, about tax code, revamping it, and there are a handful of fiscal hawks that are concerned about debt and deficit. any of that a threat to derail the promise we see reflected in stock market and other areas? >> well, but i appreciate that charles, you have rand paul in senate and a small group in the house that are concerned about republicans in power doing what we do when we had the house 5 or 6 years ago. presenting back budgets that never balance, why would a republican put forth a budget
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this either balances in 25 years or never balances? i think republicans have to be better than that. they control the whole city now. >> all right, we'll leave it there thank you very much. >> small business optimism has gone through the roof, means a lot. we'll break it down for you when we come back.
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charles: breaking news, watching president obama, just arriving in chicago in a few hours he will belive his farewell speech to the american people, we have a preview coming up, what we cantican expect to hear.
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charles: we hav. >> we're expecting to last about a half hour now that is guidance on this, we have first excerpts we have.
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on the screen is a video that is going play to the crowd, a comical video about what president might do in retirement. let me get to excerpts now. everything declaration of independents to his start in chicago. i first came to chicago when i was in my early 20s, still trying to figure out who i was, still searching for a purpose in my life. it was a neighborhood not far from here, where i began working with church groups in stood shadows of closed steel mills on these streets witnessed power of faith and working dignity of working people in face of struggle and loss, this is where i learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engag engaged. come together on demand it. we look forward to a forward looking speech from president
6:39 pm
he says, after 8 years as your president i still believe that, it is not just my belief, it is the beating heart of our american idea. our bold experiment in self-government, the convic the conviction we all created equal. president says, it is insistence these rights, have never been self executing. we the people through instrument of our democracy can form a more perfect union. this is a great gift our founders gave us. the freedom to chase our individual dreams, through sweat, toil and imagine nation. and achieve a greater good. ic are o are on thing --ic are on thineconomy are on thing those -- exer on thing those who still have hope.
6:40 pm
hope is still alive. >> jeff flock thank you. while we wait for dow jones average to eclipse 20 thousand. i'm talking abou the brexit vote. the vote of last year. the blue chip index, it went down. now up 22% since then.
6:41 pm
not just reflection of hype but manifestination of unlocked potential becoming a reality. uk economy has outperformed those of the european continent. giving lip service with creation of the eu, later the euro. uk business confidence crashed in late 2015. hit the lowest point in second quarter of last year, came in strong third quarter. i bet it be positive in 4th quarter. acording to visa, fourth quarter saw strongest consumer spending in united kingdom. hotels and restaurants and pub, british exit should calm nerves about the stock market rally stalling.
6:42 pm
and to under score potential for a trump presidency, yield result, he has to be sworn in to the job. here is discuss ground swell of excitement, bill, susan and danielle, bill. that number was mind boggling what is going on. >> it was. best since 2004. there was really close to numbers in 1983 at beginning of that great 1983 to 1990 expansion, after the last time we have 10% unemployment. a different set of policies in place than in 2009. charles: donald trump has not even been sworn in yet. the businesses are getting excited about a lot of things. expect the economy to improve up 38 percent to 50% -- real sale to be higher up 20% to 31%. can this be equipment reality
6:43 pm
-- can this become reality. >> there an old saying don't raise expectations so high you can't deliver, i believe we have been so suffocated by that past administration people are ecstatic about president-elect trump administration, what it means for small businesses, with tax reforms and getting rid of regulations that stifle of small business. if you want the economy to get going again, you have to get small businesses growing again. i believe these number are optimistic, i think we have a lot to look forward to. i can't believe i saw michelle obama on a talk show said, nobody has any hope any more. really? seriously? look at this. there was -- >> a very important speech by one of the fed officials a voting member, even fed is -- in my mind, the fed is becoming excited about notion
6:44 pm
that fiscal policy the match effort that fed put in to keep the economy bullient. >> this is the missing link. fed has been only game in town for last 8 years, because of that, they ended up distorting the market there is rational members who would prefer to step aside, and light the fiscal authorities unleash animal spirits for a change. one thing encouraging thing that i saw, it is not just people's expectations that things will improve in the future, but plans for capital expenditure went through the roof in the last survey, they are putting their money where their mouth is, this is before inauguration day. charles: animal spirits are alive and .a lot of breaking nei appreciate your expertise thank you. >> different topic in orlando
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charles: breaking news, tonight orlando cop killer still on the run, police increased reward for information leading to capture of markeith loyd to $100,000. as members of congress go tit-for-tat fighting over a controversial painting hanging in capitol, that portrays police as pigs.
6:49 pm
congressman, i know you are a former sheriff, you have strong opinions about this, you believe this could have deadly consequences act by members of congressional black caucus. >> you look at this in way it has been ramped up last few days, my fear is that this gets real expressed in a violent way somewhere, this gets ramped up to racially charged, issue, which it should not become, then lives would be put in danger. i am concerned about that. i don't think it is the right way to go -- the right thing to do is to go take the paintings down, put them up, take them down it childish move. we have researched rules friday. we received complains, 33 years as a cop i am all about
6:50 pm
enforcing laws and rules, the rules specifically state that painting of this nature, should not be allowed to hang in our capitol. charles: you know, even without those rules, and timing of it, two police officers gunned down, one gunned down, one died. a young woman, with kids, a great career, someone involved in the community, you have to wonder. why? why would these representatives be so insistence on this. >> you mentioned officer gunned down it is important to highlight she was a black officer, this racial tension developed almost makes it think it is a racial issue between officers and other people, the fact is that many of the officers killed in the line of daughter are black. in this particular painting congressman clay, from his district, a 18-year-old
6:51 pm
constituent paying painted this as part of a art contest, congressman clay said this is freedom of speech, republicans and democrats support freedom of speech. people are allowed to burn flags, for example -- but at the same time, even if it is. you have to consider, what is going on in country at this time, whether or not it is appropriate, something we need to have hanging in our capitol right now. charles: i could sure there are other forms of freedom of speech that representative clay would hate to see on the walls. have you had a chance to speak with your colleague? >> i have spoken with mr. kley, and on friday i contacted him, say, you know, we can work this out, let's find a way, can you contact the artist, maybe put up a positive piece about ferguson, it has been two years. you have to have positive news out of fergying for yo
6:52 pm
ferguson you can depict in a painting, answer i got was maybe the question dave, we should ask, how in the world did this young people get this twisted view of law enforcement in the first place. i said i agree, but maybe that question should be asked of people who live in ferguson, maybe that art piece should hang in city hall at ferguson not in the national capitol. and remember too, yesterday, was national law enforcement appreciation day. and those two officers were killed on that day. then we have this controversy, we have submit a litter to architect of capitol, we're asking him to review the rules, and we're very confident that when he looks at rules again, this painting will be down by the end of the week. charles: for representative clay to say this, that is disinjen wise, this per pay th-- perpetuates that anger to.
6:53 pm
>> i have sad news to share, nypd officer steven mcdonald as died, high o he was investigating bike thefts in, in 1986, he was pai paralyzed by a gunman. he fore gave the man who shot him. he is survived by his son conner. officer mcdonald was 59 years old. >> millions of you are online right now,
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[and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. charles: president obama set to give his farewell speech at 9 p.m. from chicago. he is to highlight what he considers his greatest achievement. to give advice about what he sees in the future. amber, as a member of the
6:57 pm
military, one thing that chief job of president commander in chief. as far as that part of his legacy, you look at these polls, from military towns and others, not really something -- not distinguished was it. >> not at all. for recent polls, 52% of the military said they view president obama as their commander in chief in an unfavorable view and how he has run the military for last 8 years, 71% of them strongly disapprove how we've seen massive cuts across the military, they think that military immediately needs to be grown back to a sizable force that will allow them to protect our country. i think that is very telling. the military is very loyal to their commander in chief, and to see these numbers, those negative numbers that high for the president, with less than a week and a half in office is very telling of where our
6:58 pm
military stands with this president obama. charles: joe, we know, barack obama has no problem taking victory laps. i think that part tonight's farewell speech is a given. i think people are curious to what role he thinks sh he should say, people saying we want you to be the democratic version of donald trump. >> he will have a hard time keeping out of the spotlight, i am thinking about it, he will fry to define his own legacy tonight. and i know that is hard to say, but i believe that barack obama's legacy, he has weakened america. and i am not trying to be provocative. but, i think that was his plan all along. i don't think he has ever believed in american exceptionalism, he never wanted america to be strong. he certainly does not believe in freedom i in and the principles this country was
6:59 pm
founded upon, he has weakened this country, that is his legacy. charles: you know, rich, i say something similar, i don't think in barack obama's mind he is a failure, his goal was never 3% gdp growth, never goals we associate with white house, he fought the wars of yesteryear, in his mind, i think he made a dent. >> he wanted to change the economy and regulate it more, and suppress -- >> punish wealthy, how much money can someone make? those things it took a toll on us. >> it did. and i tell you, i have been looking forward to this speech for a very long time are for 8 years, i think i am going to be disappointed, usual themes about hope, change, and autobiography this is this president's strength, family a memiorist, this is his first draft of his presidential memoir, you and joe are right, she not going away, she not exits the scene.
7:00 pm
part because of his mistakes, the democratic party does not have national leaders. charles: all right, i appreciate your expertise. we are expecting -- 6 prim p.m. catch lou dobbs. >> everyone no matter how powerful no one is above the law, no american will be beneath its protection. lou: first of trump nominee confirmation hearing underway. sessions for attorney general, kelly for homeland security, democrats tried but failed to under cut them. we'll have a full report and president-elect's press secretary sean spicer joining me. and also president obama's farewell speech with special coverage of obama final lecture with randy evan, matt


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