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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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-- violent epidemic. how do you disguise there are 780 murders. melissa: they say dispel the negative perception, as if it not real. david: it is real. melissa: ris "risk & reward" starts now. liz: trump cabinet gridlock on capitol hill. democrats pushing back on 8 of president-elect trump's nominee, they are tasked with his agenda for economic growth and national security, they are there to break the gridlock in dc. welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth mack donald in for deirdre bolton, this week a marathon ofon first may be hearings starting tuesday with alabama senator jove sessions. -- jeff sessions for attorney general spot. and wednesday, rex tillerson,
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thursday's hearings, retired general james mattis for secretary of defense, as democrats threaten to delay confirmation hearings until the senate is fully satisfied with the nominees for things like tax returns, senator elizabeth warren weighin saying cabinet officials must put our country's before their own. mitch mcconnell firing back telling democrats to grow up. >> i was in senator schumer's position 8 years ago. i know how it feels when you come into a new situation, the other guys won the election. what did we do? y confirmed 7 cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in.
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we did not like most of them either. but he won the election. so all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration. at having lost the white house and senate, i understand, that but we need to grow up, and get past that. we need the president's national security team in place on day one. liz: are democrats being unfair? >> you have the democrats are going to overreach like they have on election day. re counting the election results, now gone to january 20, trying to stifle president-elect trump and his agenda. liz: which confirm nations
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will be given roughest time. >> i believe tuesday with senator sessions then secretary state elect rec tillerson, i believe they will be potly contested -- hotly contested. this is not a matter of whether or not the democrats want to work across the aisle, they don't, they want to continue to try to cause confusion in the marketplace, that donald trump is our elected president, here is the thing. he ran as an outsider, a lot of democrats even some republicans top continue to think they have control that they had in last 8 or 16 years. these will stir it up. liz: what do you think of senator elizabeth warren waiting until after the ethics filings until each of come knees are completed. >> donald trump's cabinet is full of successful people,
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theyave been successful in the business field, doctors, successful in government, so, you know they had a long record of success. we should examine that, i believe that elizabeth warren trying to up her profile for the next 4 years. >> we have gridlock for a long time in dc, donald trump is trying to break that gridlock, now developments here. trump now acknowledging russia's role in hacking democrat national committee, but dem nats ar democrats are still attacking him for wants to work with russia. do you remember when president obama and hillary clinton wanted to do just that a russian reset. and saying he could be more flexible with russia. trump responded having a good relationship with russia is a good thing not a bad thing. only stupid pee people or fools would think that is bad. we have enough problem in the
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world, when i am president, russia will respect us far more than they do now, both countries will perhaps work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the world. here is hillary clinton on russia for the obama administration when she was secretary of state. >> wanted to present you with a little gift which represents what president obama expo and vice presidented by u biden i have been saying we would to reset our relationship, let's do it together. >> you remember the russian reset button, senator mitch mcconnell saying that trump's nominees know that russia is not our friend is a big problem. what do you think? >> there has been close to a dozen times, during the obama administration where we had episode of cyber security and
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hacking. this could have been addressed, it should have done addressed over the last 8 years, the issue is russia, yes, they have hacked, it seems this president-elect has acupuncture thinked after -- acknowledged that after getting his briefings, but what are we expected to do? all of a sudden go to war with russia because it has been exposed. we do need to focus on cyber security, president-elect trump said he would do that you are seeing a shift in our foreign policy. it was always the democrats accusing republicans of being war hawks. but at the end of the day we have always wanted to work and have good diplomacy in the work, president-elect trump is talking about just that. liz: he say he does not want to go to war, remember when president obama said, i am going to talk to pakistan, he said i' to talk to the iranians and cuban. >> that is correct.
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at the end of the day, you see a shift in foreign policy, i think that is why you see, hillary clinton, and barack obama, on the same side of linsdey graham and john mccain on this. we' good diplomatic relations with all of our people. we need russia in the war on terror to defeat isis. this is something that dnc should examine inward but as a nation we should focus on the security. liz: country has big issues, and donald trump trying to deal with that. >> thank you. liz: next up, pro hillary hollywood star meryl streep calling out donald trump during her acceptance speech for her lifetime achievement award at th the golden globes. >> it stunned my, made its audience laugh. and show their teeth. it was that moment when the
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person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he out ranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> critics argue whether that was donald trump's intend, revealing past videos showing donald trump with same gesture on unrelated topics. >> you see president, i rentiomention word weeing lated. they said to them what do you think about isis, isis is dumb. >> they said senator cruz what do you think of waterboarding, i don't want to talk about it. he didn't want to talk about waterboards took controversial, i'm saying they cut people's heads off and he doesn't want to talk about waterboarding.
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liz: first to you, gina, do you think that donald trump really did mock the reporter's disability, he does say in video quote, you have to see this guy, new york time reporter said he was on a first name basis with donald trump, he met him a dozen times. >> well, you know, i am a mother of a child with a disability, i would not have supported president-elect trump if i had one doubt in my mind where his heart is on this particular issue. media does not top talk about the wonderful things that pruc president-elect trump has done for people with disabilities, in that same speech those gestures, two more times that is gesture it trump uses and has always used when he talked about someone being blustered it has nothing to do with this man's disability, his disability, it actually, makes him hard for him to move. and so, when the media talking
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about this notice they never show this man, but they act like president-elect trump is mocking someone with cerebral palsy. liz: danielle, are hollywood award ceremonies the right pla for platform to make political statements? >> i think there is good, bad or ugly it happens. you think become that charlton heston way back. when we brought in a native american to accept his oscar. liz: you mean marlon brando. >> yes, you are right. what trump is asking for is the benefit of the doubt, he did say look at this poor guy. if you are not willing to give trump the benefit of the doubt because of the way he treated a gold star family.
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and called out people from a podium. if you believe in him, as gina does, and you see -- you will. liz: trump backer out there saying we have huge problem to deal work why are we going -- we understand nobody wants to think they are supporting anyone that attacks a disabled. that is not what this is about. it is about the country huge problem that trump is trying to fix. liz: trump said meryl streep does not know me but attacks me last night at the golden globe. she is a hillary clinton flunky. and she says amonged this reporter, i never did that, to make me look back, more very dishonest media.
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do you think in one hand trump under cuts his agenda when seen as attacking and insulting or is media being dishonest in its portrayal of trump. >> we know that media is very dishonest in the port a - pert aal of trump. >> where is the outrage, i am glad in president-elect trump came out about what happened to a young man with a disability last week at hands ofbler bl black lives matterble. but you know we still don't have a comment from president obama or hillary clinton or my pleasure tfind meryl streep on the plight of that young man. liz: where is outrage from hollywood that working moms have to work three jobs or
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struggling buttin putting their kids at over price colleges, have seen hollywood weighing in on that. i understand they are in movies. >> you know, you are reflecting what th the conscience of america thinks, they think these hollywood people commenting on how half of the people in america voted. if you support trump, you should hope that people like meryl streep and those in hollywood who think that america cares what they think, keep on doing what they are doing, they are not speaking to the psychology of where america is right now. liz: meryl streep thinks that celebrities have been vilified. >> all of us in this room really, belong to the most vilified segments in american society right now. think about it. hollywood, foreigners, and the press.
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liz: really? >> she was saying, talking about hollywood, what they do is they walk in show shoes of thoother people. hollywood is a place for people in the from there but other places. >> she said they are vilified. >> the press, i would say hollywood is being vilified for sanding up and politicizing some things that people think should not be politicized. >> gina, final thoughts, not making america great again if you are insulting people, but i think there are bigger issues, what do you think? >> absolutely, you focusing on the economy, president-elect trump is trying to focus the economy, but more personally, american people right now want to focus on jobs and the economy. dragging people down, in to hollywood group think is is not affective for the groups
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she purported to try stand by her. liz: thank you, coming up later, scott baio laying in on trump and meryl streep fight could back in 2, don't go away.
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♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> when they talk about small business, young people and american agriculture products with china. we believe that relationship should be strengthened and more friendly. liz: ceo of china's largest shopping web site, jack ma seemed please after a beating with president-elect trump today, promising to create a million u.s. jobs notably at small businesses here. as fiat chrysler following
5:19 pm
through with a $1 billion investment in u.s. manufacturing. maybe 10,000 new jobs there. the plan was in works since 2015, president-elect trump applauding fiat chrysler, tweeting, just announced plan to invest a billion dollars in michigan and ohio, adding 2,000 jobs, after ford said last week it will expand in michigan and in the u.s., instead of building a plant in mexico, thank you ford, and thank you fiat-c, joining me now, liberty alliance public relation vice president, joe the plumber. >> thank you. liz: a lot of stuff going on here. fiafee chrysler ceo said that the plant, adding jobs has been in work for two years and trump had nothing do to to with it, what do you think? >> i don't want to call the
5:20 pm
man a liar, it is questionable, let's just say he is happy that donald trump got alleged, he is throwing a party. that goes along line of a lot of businesses that i see right now, sitting on their penny, dollars and dimes be they are now getting back in the game, feeling hopeful that don do donald trump is turning the economy around, and with his policies, he will be encourages business. brocbarack obama just sign a batch of new regulation that will hinder businesses but hopefully president-elect trump will work for the american people, like you are is uposepulveda oisedsupposed to do. liz: job growth over administration is not state of the art. donald trump has been doing a lot. this is all pretty good for u.s. workers.
5:21 pm
have you seen anything like this, joe? >> no, not since reagan. things have been going great now. i i don't want to compare trump to reagan. i'm just saying growth is tremendous. you know encourage business growth, and get people in there. they are talking about creating 2000 jobs, talk about this, that will create double that with the truckers, and drivers, transportation, gas stations, parts, these jobs are going to create more jobs for other people in the area, trump is on the right track, but i want to make real clear to the audience, this is not union leadership making it happen for its membership. this donald trump being an american president, this is not union leadership, if they could have got it done they would have don it with barack obama they did not. liz: we have a growing trend on narrative, coming up
5:22 pm
several media outlets running with stories about how mexicans are losing jobs to president-elect trump's america. the ap, "new york times," and washington post, miami herald, mexican auto plant owners and workers reacts to ford's decision to cancel its car plant in mexico, saying, it hit us like a bucket of cold water, younger generation would be hurst most. they were already dreaming of going there to ford, now there is nothing. does u.s. need to worry about cutting jobs in mexico. >> that is one thing mainstream media and democrats have to find a victim then promote that victim, you know what, there is no victim. henry ford was an american, ford of the created here, here just showing loyalty back to the country. which is about damn time we got it, i am happy about it. donald trump is president of
5:23 pm
america, not mexico, let mexico worry about their citizens thrair. they are on the right track, i am glad to donald trump is stepping up and working for the morthe american people now. liz: joe the plumber thank you. >> thank you. liz: hollywood celebrities get emotional over meryl streep's anti-trump speech, pro trump celebrity scott baio is here. you don't want to miss what he has to say in response. >> and ex-clinton aide turned be a anchor, george stephanopolous find its hard to believe after a racial attack -- president still claiming that race relations have improved under his leadership, we have sheriff david clark who is also in disbelief. he is here to speak out. >> i am convinced that race
5:24 pm
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>> i am convinced that race relations on the whole are actually better now than they were 20 years. >> better now? liz: president obama over the week shocking george stephanopolous he said he is convinced that race relations improved on his watch, after lest week's attack of a disabled man that was streamed live on facebook where racial epithets were thrown. also a poll last summer found a majority of americans, 7 in 10 said that race relations are a worse levels in over two decade, not seen since 19. >> race riots in los angeles after the rodney king case. and a half dozen race riot that happened during president obama's time in office.
5:28 pm
bringing in mil milwaukee county sheriff, david clark, he too i believe is in disbelief. it looked like george stephanopolous was taken aback, your thoughts? >>s g george stephanopolous was faking the funk, he knows that obama lives in fantasy land, obama meant to say erase relations have -- race relations have never been worse since i became president of united state, this guy has dealt are. best thing about obama presidency that there is 11 days lift, and donald trump the election of donald trump, we have a chance to put this aside and rebuild the nation again in terms of relations, not just on race, but between genders and economic ethnicity, i suggested one of
5:29 pm
first thing that president-elect trump should do in his first 100 days deliver a getty's berg time -- gettysburg type address this is an ugly chapter in terms of race relations in the history of u.s. of. liz: prob president obama probe saying that u.s. is still colonialist in nature. what do you think does it sound like the president trying to have it both ways. >> you are looking at an example of how far we have come, i growing up lower middle class. to reach my chosen profession. do you know what that means, that means that white people voted for my, black people voted for my, hispanic. >> what do you --
5:30 pm
>> how can the first black president, sit up there and try to convince anything that this country is still racist, when many american, black, white, hispanic, and you name it went out and voted for that man. and on the way out the door he kicks them in their teeth. this guy is incredible. liz: we heard so many times about trump voter being racist, a thelo of lot of first responders voted for trumps, a lot of cops first on the beat down there catching terror attacks. voted for trump. we have seen this left, they are not accepting the election loss. some on bill o'reilly show vow to fight president-elect trump every step of the way. >> i'm going right now call on people. >> to do what? >> to come out and to the street, to manifest their anguish, fear and outrage. >> what are they going to do in the street? what do you want them to do. >> protest.
5:31 pm
>> in what way. >> nonprivene. nonviolent. >> you come on programs like this and you give your opinion that is fine. >> this is not just an fine, people are suffering, working people -- >> trump -- trump promised to bring more jobs to alleviate. >> he betrayed working people by bringing in wall street. >> all right, that is rhetoric, come on. liz: left not giving trump a chance it seems blaming him for economic problems, he has not set down in oval office your thoughts. >> i hope in a realize, i say they, i know trump, president-elect trump lawye lead realize, this is going to be a street fight, a brawl they will have to fight for everything they want to see happen, based on the election results, look american people have spoken, donald trump's base of support is a collide scope, more black votes for him than any other g.o.p., he had more hispanic vote figure him than any other g.o.p.
5:32 pm
candidate in recent history, you look at those things, i know they get lasterred as well as white male middle class white, that is not true. the american people, are tired of this nonsense, but g.o.p. and congress will have to realize that this is not a white glove affair, they are not going to be able to reach across the aisle and work with chuck schumer they will have to play smash mouth politics. liz: thank you, sheriff david clark. >> forget trump's deplorable. remember that attack. >> it is tough being a rich celebrity in amendment, we have scott baio here to respond. >> belonging to the most vilified segment in american society right now. think about it, hollywood, foreigners, and the press.
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit >> all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments of the american society right now, think about it, hollywood, foreigners and the press. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders, and foreigners. and if we kick them out, you will have nothing to watch but football, and mixed martial arts, whic which are not the arts. there was one performance this year that stunned me.
5:37 pm
that moment when person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country, imitated a disabled reporter. this brings me to the press. we need the principled press to hold power to account. to call them on the carpet for every outrage. we're going to need them going forward, they will need us to save gaur the truth. liz: last night's awards. meryl streep, using her speech to take pruc president-elect trump to task, with us now on the phone, actor, president-elect trump supporter scott baio, thank you for coming on. >> my pleasure happy new year. liz: meryl streep, basically is saying that hollywood actors and actresses are vilified and persecuted. what do you think --
5:38 pm
[ laughter ] we have the best lives. we're not vilified, this is absurd, they have been crucifying president-elect trump for i don't know how long now. this is so insulting, it is not very intelligent. listen, liz, i did not have a choice, i had to give obama a chance 8 years ago. these people, these hollywood liberals won't even give trump a chance, so my advice is very simple, keep talking the way you are talking, keep saying what you are saying, and you guarantee mr. trump 8 years, because this is the reason you lost. and you will guarantee vice president elect pence 8 years behind him. liz: the reporter, that meryl streep was talking about of course said he knows donald
5:39 pm
trump and he knows him by name. >> i don't think he was making fun of the reporter. liz: he said he was not. >> i take him at his word, you would have to be insane to do, that he knows the guy, and you are going to do that so someone you know? i don't know how informed meryl streep is, she probably heard it from media matters or something. liz: she says donald trump giving social sanction to humiliate? >> donald trump is making it okay to humiliate people? this is the pot calling the kettle black. they humiliate conservatives, as far as i have been in hollywood we have been ridiculed and mocked, now she is being sensitive, this since -- is insulting. liz: many celebrities may a farewell video.
5:40 pm
>> knocking on oval office window was peak of my entire eis stance. >> i never crieded before from a elect result. >> one of first times in my life i felt i was part of that woo. >> moment we got affordable care act passed, i have relatives that you know condition afford health insurance, so, it was really great thing to know that something happened to them. >> when he just changed all of rules on table in regards to cuba with most an motivation. >> when i was at u.n., i heard our president say that climate change is the most important issue this was inspiring. liz: all right, scott, they say that president obama's term was picture perfect,
5:41 pm
inmoring many times that president obama went overseas on the taxpayer a nickel saying that americans are lazy, disengaged and stupid, do they even know what is going on in heartland of america how desperate the situation is with working moms and dads? >> obviously not. they keep going on about it, which is my point earlier. you know, my in-laws come from tennessee, they are real people, i understand what is going on. right, so, out in hollywood, it is a very i don't want to see easy life but this is a glittery life. liz: a bubble. >> a bubble, it g good on get out of the bubble, did obama do some good things, i don't know, for me, no, but for them he was the mes messiah. my response to them, hey, folks, you lost, elections
5:42 pm
have consequences, i think i should not be forced to buy anything, that to me is height of insult of insulting me. liz: we have to go, just final thoughts. >> i wish president-elect trump the best and vice president elect pence, and god bless america. liz: thank you, scott baio. talk about tough love, a daughter decides to not go to college, her father went to facebook, to give away her college cash scholarship to someone deserves it, he is here to talk about how his daughter reacted to his idea after this, don't go away.
5:43 pm
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liz: a daughter decides to put off college, her father is giving her scholarship cash
5:46 pm
money away to a facebook post now gone viral. he is offering it to an aspiring student who wants to go to college. saying my daughter has decided to forgo her full ride, we're redirecting those funds to a deserving, less fortunate student, $2000 cash scholarship to pay for tuition. almost after that post. his daughter responded saying, when did i say wasn't going to college, this is crazy, get me signed up, i am ready to sign up for the summer, just not this moment. >> my offer still standing just redirecting money from semester that is all, don't want them to go unused, if this helps you get motivated to start this summer this is a bonus. and father joining us.
5:47 pm
ian holtz, how is it being taken, tough love medicine? >> first of all, thank you. yeah, you know started off as a both. i think that every parent wants their child to go to college. i got news she was not going right away, this was a kind of an instance reaction. but i want to correct a few things. really blown up on social media, which is fascinating. it opens up a big conversation. first of all she is always planned to going. she is taking time off right now, she is a talented musician, and wants to focus on that. she is going to go to college, this is a little bit of a delay tactic. for us, really goal was two
5:48 pm
fold to really instu instill in her, one of our core values which is education, but also, you know demonstrating an example of way to give back. liz: why is she putting things off. >> that is a great question. you know we have talked about it a lot, you know she is really involved in her music, she is spending time at a studio in san diego. she is talented. you know i have tried to you know, coerce her to able to do both at the same time, but, you know, i'm a big believer also in following your own path. part of rhetoric has come from this social media that, you know i heard from you know a lot of -- you know that was not right for them out of school. and i get that. >> what has been reaction feedback from our immediate family and friends? do they think you did the right thing or wrong thing?
5:49 pm
>> you know, vast majority of feedback has been positive. liz: okay. >> really, positive. you know a few people that you know said i was being you know ridiculous. and position this that i was taking something away from her. that is not the case. liz: ian come back on let us know who gets that scholarship. >> i'll do that. liz: appreciate it. >> real quick, check her music sound, jhazzy >> thank you. >> president-elect southern wall on border could cost billions develop ars before mexico -- dollars before mexico pays us back. sheriff who came up with an idea how to cut these costs. how about letting prison inmates build it, a controversial idea. briscoe county sheriff thomas hoch kin, here to talk about
5:50 pm
his plan after this. ♪ ♪ why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a suddng or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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liz: j.p. morgan ceo jamie dimon talking to maria bartiromo about donald trump saying he will be good for the economy. >> did you watch the results, what were you thinking on november 9? your reaction? >> i did watch the results, i was up almost all night, i was surprised. but i can' i went sleep, woke up, went to work, and thin thinking maybe this is going to be good for the economy. liz: you don't want to miss on only on fox business. up next trump's border wall could cost billions of dollars
5:54 pm
before mexico pays us back, we have a massachusetts sheriff, he suggests using prison inmates to build it, no other project would have as much of a positive impact on the inmates and cur country. sheriff, make your case. >> this is an opportunity for inmates from the country to be dispatched to the wall, where we will be able to save taxpayers millions of dollars in building it but giving inmates a chance to do something for america, and learn a skill, and prepare themselves for reentry as they look for their own jobs. up only century. liz: has anyone talked to you about your idea. is this allowedded under the wall? >> absolutely, sheriffs -- this all volunteer, these inmates volunteer for the project, they across country,
5:55 pm
are doing projects in their communities. through various sheriffs, this really sort of broadens it out to like a peace corps type prison program, where these inmates get a chance to be in another part of the country, it could be a natural disaster or laying pipes, that may not be able to be funded in flint, michigan, but there is a lot of project that need to be done. liz: will they work for a wage? >> well, they earn their good time, is how it works, and the experience of being in is almost an opportunity for them to learn a trader work off their sentence. liz: how did you come up with this plan? was it an erica moment for you? >> i originally had started looking at opportunity to do this, i was actually looking at afghanistan about 3 years ago to have them go to a part a part of world they never get
5:56 pm
to, help rebuild roads, and schools, see the kids who have been victims of war, come back with these memories, they will never forget. and get a new perspective on life they can be productive and they can accomplish something good. we did a project on haiti we did a relief, effort we had supplies coming to our facility, inmates folded them put them in military transport boxes they could see on news they made a difference. liz: sheriff thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: next up j.p. morgan ceo jamie dimon giving fox business more breaking details on his plans under trump administration, details next, don't go away.
5:57 pm
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liz: we have more details breaking from maria bartiromo's interview with jamie dinan. he will have full details
6:00 pm
tomorrow. "making money" has the jamie dimon details right now. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. president-elect trump basking in yet another win. this time it's from cries lever a $billion investment in two u.s. plants. trump tweeting it's finally happening. it will add 2,000 jobs. this after ford said it will expands in michigan and the u.s. instead of building in mexico. thank you forward and fiatc.


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