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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 6, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> i have to lost over to mr. stuart varney. and thank you for bringing that up in the first place. i can't wait to hear what you have to say about the jobs report. stuart: i repeat, you are young enough to be my daughter. it's true, it's true, it's true. dagen: thank you, stuart. stuart: see you soon. all right. the economy, it is growing. confidence is up and trump, he's at it again. good morning, everyone. it's friday. target, toyota, the president-elect goes after a foreign car maker. those corollas they want to build in mexico, they'll face an a big tax if they try to bring them here. toyota stock is down and they say this'll cooperate with the trump team. stanley, black & decker, the tool makers, they're going with the trump flow, the ceo says it makes sense to bring manufacturing jobs back to
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america and that's what they'll do. look at this from career builder, 40% of employers will hire more workers for permanent positions this year. it's the best hiring outlook in a decade. and now, we have the official numbers from the obama years, the jobs report out a half hour ago, 156,000 new jobs, disappointing. and on that total, 41,000 were part-time. says it all, doesn't it? it's 9:02 friday morning and true to form, the president-elect has been tweeting up a storm and so far, he's made his views known about paying for the wall, hillary clinton, and the election, and the ratings for the new star of the apprentice. two weeks till he's the president. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> we're going to build the
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wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico, they'll pay for the wall and be happy about it. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> everybody likes the idea of the wall. stuart: we heard it many, many times throughout the campaign, did we not? build the wall, mexico will pay. now there are reports that suggest that some taxpayers will be paying for the wall. and trump is tweeting about it. first off, ashley, these reports that taxpayers pay? >> right, reportedly the trump transition team talking to the congressional leaders, the republican congressional leaders saying that the preference now is to get this thing moving, speed. get it through the appropriations place, through, by the way, a bill that was already passed ten years ago and never has been used. it was the secure fence act in 2006 and that should be used. hillary clinton and chuck schumer and then senator obama
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then voted for that particular bill. so it's in place. now, of course, people said, wait a minute, you said mexico was going to pay for it. here is what donald trump tweeted in response to these reports. the dishonest media does not report that any money building on the great wall for the sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. so, in other words, what h saying is we've got to get this thing built. over 400 miles of fencing, and he says we'll do it, but we'll have them pay it back. stuart: it's building by tweet, responding by tweet. love it. let's get to the markets. just over a fraction of 100 points away from dow 20,000. this morning, the futures are pointing just a little bit up, about 11, 10 points higher. we're still 90 points away, 100 points away from dow 20k. we're looking at it. the restaurant chain ruby tuesday is going to be a huge loser 15% down in all probability.
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they've got weak sales and remember, it's a restaurant chain and they're in a lot of shopping malls, they're not doing well. j.c. penney, another stock that's going to way down today. weaker holiday sales, they're going to have about a 4% drop down. they were down 7% yesterday. that's j.c. penney. here are other percentage drops from the retailers. this is yesterday's trading. huge numbers on your screen. they went way down. all of those stocks will open mostly flat today. in other words, no rebound for the retailers this morning. e-mack, the wall street journal is saying, they're saying, here come the ghost malls? >> four out of 10 have a ghost mall problem double what it was. and it's know the just amazon going after j.c. penney and it's mother's fearing gangs in the midwest.
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they don't want to take them to the malls and there are fights. look at that fight, do you want your toddler near that? that's always an issue where companies and malls, including companies like wal-mart. what do you do with the ghost malls? casinos, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, gyms, churches. what are you going to do with that? >> the value is going down on the market. let's bring in a tenured professor of economics, peter mau morici. one of the themes on this show is the bricks and mortar ice age, you don't believe this? you're shaking your head. >> please go on. stuart: it seems to us that the suburbs are going to look different. a lot of shopping malls in real trouble here. >> the suburbs are starting to encounter the kinds of difficulties that inner cities and downtown encountered in the '70s and '80s. the basic technology of buying
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products or the basic retailing is changing. instead of going to a big campus where there are stores clustered together, parking free and easily. people are doing one better, staying at home and using their computers and it's having a negative effect on employment. one of the reasons that amazon does so well, it takes fewer people and less time to fill orders over the internet than it does even with customer service calls than it does through a mall. stuart: do you see any end to this trend in sight? >> well, yes, i mean, no trend is complete. i mean, we still have downtown shopping centers and we will still have malls, but eventually some of these malls will have to be razed. they're a bad use of land and some are quite close to cities. the first malts in valley stream new york or landmark mall here in washington. landmark sits on valuable real estate. it needs to be razed. sears is there. it's silly to think that sears
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can go on being there. when sears closes who is going to replace them? >> i want to talk about mr. trump having a go at some foreign companies via twitter. the latest tweet about toyota. they said they'd build a new plant in baja mexico to build corolla cars in the u.s. no way. build plant in u.s. or big tax at border. after that black & decker said, hey, we're going to build a new plant in the united states. how do you feel, as a professor of economics, how do you feel about the president-elect of the united states having a go at individual companies and in this case, a foreign company? >> well, initially, it's all right simply because he wants to change their mindset. you know, a company like ibm seems to think it's more a citizen of china than it is the united states. it locates the supply chain management there and for a long time running a school essentially, a subsidiary to help firms outsource. if american companies are protected by american law, use
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american universities for r & d and protected abroad by american diplomacy and power then they should think as american companies. instead they bow and kowtow to china and others. let's face it, mexico has been doing smart things. if you build cars in mexico you have free trade access to the united states, europe and much of south america. if you build them in the united states, you get free trade access to mexico. who has been doing a better job of negotiating trade agreements? in reality the kind of trade agreements that donald trump rails dependence are the very things that are helping mexico to succeed so well. i'd like to see wilbur ross square that circle as our new guru for trade policy. stuart: stay there, peter, we'll bring you back at 9:30 when the market opens. i've got something completely different for you now. it's a report from news max. it cites sources close to hillary clinton, and says she
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is considered a run to be the mayor of new york city. tammy bruce is with us. cued off to you, tammy, you brought this to our attention three weeks before christmas, before anybody else did. >> right here on "varney & company." stuart: and now it's back. >> yes, indeed. stuart: is this real? >> it is and here is one of the problems i've hearing from my old friends the democrats and some people inside that realm who tend to call me up and chat. the fact is that everyone's embarrassed by her failure. this is a woman who has not run any competitive race. she got into the senate of new york because of the rick lazio situation. now we believe, of course, she would have lost to guiliani. at this point you've got donors, she spent over a billion dollars. people are wondering, what did we get from this and the answer is, another noncompetitive race would be running for mayor of new york. deblasio, half of new yorkers we've learned in a poll don't want him to have another term, but there's no one out there, they say, who can confront him.
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she was win easily the sense is if she man for mayor. ashley: deblasio gave her luke warm support plus she would get to be mayor of donald trump's hometown, that's got to be tempting. stuart: does the lady to used to be first lady for eight years and united states senator for six years and secretary of state for four years, and a leading presidential contender for at least one year. does she want to be the mayor of new york? >> i'm a new new yorker, for two years. it's magnificent. this is a gem and it's either this or be grandma on the porch and i think that being mayor of new york is frankly a fabulous thing to do. deblasio, he refused to endorse her, it would be fun to knock her off her perch and-- >> she'd be the first female mayor of new york. >> there you go. i guess they could bring the fireworks back they were going
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to shoot off over the jar vits center. liz: i like your reaction, ah. >> an interesting time. i wouldn't be surprised if she does it. stuart: stay there, tammy, i want to talk about chicago, a different story entirely. secretary of state john kerry says that obama made, quote, the best of a bad situation as president. we're on that one for you. and congress votes to condemn the u.n. vote on israel. wait until you hear what house speaker ryan had to say about obama's israel policy. hint, he is really not happy. and remember, remember jon corzine, former new jersey governor, the chief of the investment firm nf global when it filed for bankruptcy. now he's got to pay up. remember when joe biden said this? >> the first guy i would call is jon corzine, not a joke, not
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a joke. first of all, he's the smartest guy i know on finance and the economy. i really mean this.
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>> vice-president joe biden tells pbs he is he worried about the g.o.p.'s foreign policy. watch this. >> what concerns me is that they will make some judgments in the foreign policy area without having thought it through that may cause a lot of problems. if they follow through with the rhetoric by nonaction, could cause, have some serious diplomatic and physical consequences. that's what worries me most of anything. >> you're worried more about foreign policy than domestic. stuart: i am. he's worried about foreign policy. here is former navy seal who shot bin laden, lest we forget. >> worried about something bad happening based on bad decisions like something spreading out of tunisia into
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libya, and like isis and china in the chinese sea. a little bit of sarcasm. although they have good intentions there really is peace through peace. i wish we were in a world where we could be nice to them. there are former kgb and communist dictators who understand power through strength. and i wish we could get to peace, but there are those in power that it's not going to happen. stuart: i wans to get to gitmo. the president is transferring as many out of gitmo as they can. 59 left. >> 55. they sent four more to a rehabilitation center in saudi arabia and people in gitmo admitted that's not a rehabilitation center. you go there, not only have you had the best medical training for ten years, you're rested, ready to fight and they're going to send you there on the
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surface they admit it's a rehabilitation, it's video games, therapy and sports. unneat they're radicalizing and sending new generals in stre street-- jihadis full of street cred back to the battlefield. stuart: you couldn't be happy about this. you're the guy that used to be out there. >> i was on the mission that killed the guy and these are the guys that were guarding him. these are guys that, formally, they weren't there that might. if they would have been, several of them were going to be hijackers on 9/11. these are people that would have martyred themselves by flying planes into buildings in this city and then a few seconds later people are jumping to their deaths because of the ideology the people still possess. it's not they went anywhere because we went to a caribbean island and gave them health care and all of a sudden they love america. they tried to talk people into suicide operations, and once they leave they'll go to saudi arabia, instantly to yemen. saudi arabia, too, that's where
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the version of islam comes from. it's not like they're sending them there, they're going to put them back in the fight for allah. that's what they're doing. stuart: look forward to the trump cabinet, a couple of nominees, i think you know something about some of them. ryan zinke, rex tillerson, you know these guys. >> i know congressman zinkey well, he was in seal team six before i was. a lot of the tactics his generation came up with we used in combat. we never fought side by side. he was one of the guys at seal team six, when there was an issue, they'd send him as a leader to correct it. a special organizations leader. montana he knows the land and geology and things like that. 's got the full gamut. stuart: he was on the show the morning he was appointed. >> yeah, a lot of stuff goes on in new york. >> rex tillerson? >> okay he's an oil man and
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he's going to take heat from environmentalists. he knows putin. he can create jobs. russia's majority of power is fear, but they have oil. it's not like he gives vladimir putin everything he wants. it's a business. that's not my expertise, i like to pretend i see something and try to speak the truth about it. stuart: i didn't know you were from montana. the only state i've never been to. >> two of us are gone, one of us left for the navy and the second is secretary of interior. stuart: appreciate it. you're all right. check shares of apple, please, pretty much flat premarket. i've got a number for you, a fascinating number. $28 billion. that was the revenue going to apple just from the app store, just last year. $28 billion from apps. but first, that brutal facebook live torture of a mentally disabled white man. the fourteen suspects are charged with a hate crime. here is our question.
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what took facebook so long to take that video down? (bleep) wow, x1 has netflix?
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♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> we'll update that disturbing story from chicago.
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four black anti-trump thugs tortured a white disabled man and they did it live on facebook. they've all been charged with hate crimes and other felonies. president obama called the attack despicable. facebook,refusing to comment why it took them about 30 minutes to pull the video down. tammy bruce, i've got a variety of questions, this is for everybody. how can facebook possibly monitor millions and millions of simultaneous messages? how can they actually decide what is bad and what is good and do we want them to decide what is bad and what is good? where do you want to start? >> yeah, look, facebook says that they have a team on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dedicated to responding. we know that when this video hit there were multiple complaints, they're refuse to say how many people immediately said this needs to go. that becomes the issue, they say they're immediately available. even with one complaint, somebody is looking at it. so the argument is perhaps for 30 minutes to your point, stuart, somebody wasn't sure
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about whether or not this should go and so, this comes down to, of course, subjective dynamics. stuart: have to decide. >> do we have a generation of young people making these decisions. ashley: it's the question, do we want someone to stop this? yes, we do. when it comes to someone tortured live streamlined. the difficulty comes who is the gate keeper and the standard. liz: they have trouble handling their news feed. the issue, somehow they stopped child porn at the door and second issue important. the orlando victim's families are suing companies like facebook off of profiting off videos like this. facebook says it's a conduit, not a publisher, that's going to be tested in court. stuart: thanks, everybody. moving on, restaurant chain ruby tuesday, know it well myself, sales are falling. they closed 109 restaurants in the last year. shares will be down big at the opening bell. remember, please, we're what, 100 points from that elusive
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dow 20,000 and we'll be back. hey nicole. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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>> i look back at the calendar recently, actually earlier this morning, and it appears that
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we've been on the cusp of hitting 20,000 on the dow, the cusp thereof for three weeks and we came within 25 points and we are no now about 100 points away. we're going to open pretty much dead flat. i don't think that we'll hit 20k today, but i would be surprised if we did hit it. we're off and running and slightly higher. now we're not. we're ever so slightly lower. what we've got here is a dead flat opening. i sense that the market wants to go up, but it's not going up. on the left-hand side, plenty of green, plenty of red, it's an even split. 50/50. winners and losers, we're up 5 points. and s&p 500 up .08. the nasdaq, what's the percentage on that? it's now .20. better gain. and oil is around 53, 54 a barrel.
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53.86 to be precise. look at gold. we have the dollar up, gold goes down generally speaking when the dollar is up, and that's what's happening now. down six bucks at 1174. this is disturbing, 2.36 is the national average for regular gasoline. it's going up about a penny a gallon a day. very roughly. it's friday morning and we welcome ashley webster, liz macdonald, scott shellady, jeff sica and peter. 41,000 jobs are part-time. how do you characterize this report, peter? >> it was a lousy report. if you take it apart, an awful lot of jobs, a huge number, was in health care, which is really part of the government sector. if you look at real private sector jobs creations we're hovering around 100,000, maybe a little less. that's a terrible, terrible record. it's a great capstone to the obama years, hopefully trump
9:32 am
will do a lot better. stuart: i'm glad you're a tenured professor, if you're not, you're out of a job. scott shellady, what do you think of this jobs report? >> like i've said before, it's another big bowl of cold oatmeal and it ends up-- . [laughter] barack obama's tenure is going to end up like this, 2016, he created 2.2 million jobs. well, it doesn't mean much. but in 2015 he created 2.7 million jobs so we're on a down trend now. that's something to keep in mind. number two, i've been doing this job a long time and i remember 3, 4, 500,000 and now expectations of 175,000 and we can't hit them. so what's going on? the economy is sick. we can't rebuild an economy on $15 an hour period. stuart: well said, scott shellady. fired up for friday morning, i like that. i've got to bring your attention the performance of the stock price of ruby tuesday. it's a restaurant chain, obviously. it's a very big mover.
9:33 am
it's down 20%. it lost-- what's going on, e-mack. liz: they have presence in shopping malls and it's so bad, they're trying to sell their corporate headquarters. the sales are down 18% in the present quarter and we were talking how four out of ten urban areas in the united states are having problems with ghost malls and that's an issue for all of these players. stuart: would you touch it with a 10-foot pole as an investment buy? >> being a rolling stones fan, unfortunately, no. they're facing a lot of competition from the casual chains and losing ground on a daily basis. as liz said. you're talking about a scenario here that's going to go from bad to worse. stuart: peter morici, is it accurate to say that we do have with us a restaurant recession? >> no, i think that restaurants are going through change just like other aspects of retail are. you can't order up a sit-down
9:34 am
meal on or fresh, is it? my feeling is that ruby tuesday has to move out of the malls and back onto main street. the question is, do they have enough capital to do it? if they don't, someone else will replace them. they have a strong brand and that might be useful to sell. so, i don't think it's the end of restaurants at all. i think that you will go out to eat once in a while, won't you? >> okay. now-- >> you're asking stuart? [laughter]. stuart: i don't mean to ignore. >> wrong question, wrong guy. stuart: wait a second, look at that banner across the bottom of the screen. apple cuts tim cook's pay. what's that about? >> because the company says that goals for revenues and profits were missed. tim cook, ceo and many of the other top leaders all got a pay cut, but what did he earn? he earned 8 and 3/4 millions in total compensation. that's a cut of 15% what it could have been because of missing revenue and profit goals. stuart: i have hear someone
9:35 am
chuckling in the background, is that you, peter? >> 8 and 3/4 isn't bad for a tough job. 's one ceo that's not overpaid. i'd rather focus on the ceo of ibm or general motors in that regard. stuart: moving on. we've been talking about retail ice age, in particular the department stores. did they take a hit yesterday. i'll take a look where they are now. bottom line, there is no-- actually they're down more. macy's kohl's, target, penny's, especially j.c. penney, it's down. this is the amazon effect. i'm going to start with jeff sica, he's been investing in properties around those filling centers. >> i can't stop smiling. [laughter]. so unbelievable. this is the annihilation of
9:36 am
retail. amazon has captured the market. they're continuing to build fulfillment centers. they're scouting locations on a daily basis. a lot of the big retailers decided not to ramp up their on-line presence until amazon stole market share. it's a brilliant move on amazon's part and we're going to continue to see this annihilation and if retailers don't adapt, they will be extinct and we're seeing it now. stuart: annihilation, there's a strong word. >> well, that's exactly what's happening. ashley: my question is the knock on effect. what if property tax revenue drops from cities and municipalities across the country and then it's the domino affect and could affect more than the retailers themselves. stuart: very good point. >> it's also the value of the real estate itself. the value of the real estate. a lot of them are finding selling on the open market is probably the way to salvage
9:37 am
whatever revenue they could possibly have. >> more than that, more than that, a lot of the real estate might be valuable in alternative use especially early malls close in and that might increase property tax revenue as that jump in value comes to fruition. so this is creative destruction. it's a good thing i do not mourn the demolition of shopping malls. stuart: the suburbans are going to look and feel different. that would be my point. liz: a casino there? >> this is change you can actually see happening around you. i've got to move on to apple. i reported earlier that the app store is raking in money. give me the correct number. i think i made a mistake. >> you did. the app store took in 28 1/2 billion dollars last year, but 20 billion of that actually goes to the app developers themselves. apple gets 30% for basically offering the platform up so they've got about 8 billion out of it. >> nice. >> they sold 2.2 million apps
9:38 am
on new year's day alone, a fraction of what they take in over all revenue. liz: it goes right to the bottom line and the profit margin is amazing. stuart: i see apple creeping up, up, up, up, 117. go ahead, jeff. >> their growth is in china. 90% of growth is in china. china has an issue with the regulatory environment having mandated new york times app to come off. so it's going to be interesting to see if apple to continue with grow in china with that regulatory environment. again, apple is relying on new versions of old products and they're still on that slippery slope when it comes to revenue. stuart: everybody look at this. the dow industrials are down about 50, maybe 60 points and that was a recent, just the last couple of minutes of development. scott shellady, i know you're a commodity guy, but can you tell me why the dow is suddenly down 50, 60 points? any good ideas? >> no, i am ooh-- i mean, it's the confirmation.
9:39 am
we see that the trump bump is bumpy. there will be a new feeling about the markets and i feel that way still, but this u.s. economy is like an aircraft carrier, it will take a lot to turn it around and all the way he's creating a saving jobs with carrier and ford and the like and we're having macy's and sears happening on this other hand so it's going to take a while. i'm afraid his own success is going to be his own undoing and we're going to expect so much in the 100 day. liz: the bar has been set so low, a caterpillar could walk over it. 165,000 to peter's point. 165,000 average jobs created a month. way down from 240,000 average in 2014ment think about this--v lot of individual stocks, a lot of viewers own this stuff. j.c. penney, it was down 4%, it's still down 4% and big drop, way down yesterday as well. netflix, there's an interesting company.
9:40 am
a new high for that stock, $130 a share, just above that, it pulled back a little. shake shack's chief financial guy retiring. and barclay's cut the stock. shake shack. and nicole, we have a number from the gaap, is that true. nicole: the gap surprised us. they've suffered, ill fitting clothing, not fast enough getting the product out and same-store sales on the rise during the holiday season. and year over year comps. so much so they're boosting outlook, what? they have the gap, old navy, banana republic. the stock is up 2.7%. they've been working the supply chain to compete with h&m and more stylish fashions.
9:41 am
that's something the new ceo working on and now it's competitive. we've heard from macy's, kohl's, series, j.c. penney all had a miss and same-store sales rose for the gap. stuart: i bought my second house from one of the founders of the gap near san francisco. it overlooked a lake. we were told it was called cristal lake, it was not troupe. it was the san andreas lake, over the fault. end of story there. [laughter] >> see it coming from a mile away. stuart: look at the toyota. the stock came down yesterday, and after mr. trump tweeted that cars built in mexico would be taxed before they come back here. jeff sica, it's a whole new world when a tweet from the president-elect takes money out of your pocket. >> that's what i've said is twitter is a powerful entity. what investors realize, traders are writing algorithms and computer programs to read
9:42 am
tweets and trade off the tweets. like any other investor what i tell them, you have to be awfully fast to keep up with these computers and that becomes a bottom line factor in making a decision whether to invest or not. stuart: come into this, scott. what do you have to say? >> i think that jeff is right. i've actually seen it, seen technology companies say ibm wants in and take those and they see every single tweet. you see a symbol, ibm or apple and engage sentiment. so that's why these things that donald trump are saying are quickly acted upon and so strong. stuart: last word to you, peter. wrap it up, please? >> will donald trump continue to have such an impact or people adjust over time? for example, you know, with most of these stocks, a negative effect and people realize the company is much bigger than that. and also, for donald trump to have an impact this way, to raise jobs creation by, say, 100,000 a month until we're
9:43 am
close to 275, 300. he's going to need 15 carrier deals a nt mo-- deals a month. at the end of the day we'll need our tax cuts and better tax policies and deregulation. stuart: yes, we're going to need-- well said, morici, you got that one absolutely right. [laughter] . stuart: yes, one and all, great weekend to all of you. check out the big board, down not much, 45, 46 points. 19, 853. president-elect trump says build the wall and make mexico pay for it. and according to some reports, congress might have to pay up first. we'll go to capitol hill in a moment to deal with that. former cia director, james woolsey leaving the trump transition team. said he didn't want to fly under false colors and house speaker ryan, condemning the u.s.-israel vote and getting
9:44 am
emotional on the floor about president obama's take on israel. we'll play you the sound bite. ♪
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>> it was a lackluster jobs report. the market responding with a very small loss. down 40. donald trump says mexico will pay for the wall. he said it many, many times. there are several media reports that says trump may have to ask taxpayers to foot the bill. first thing this morning, however, trump tweeted this. quote, the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall for the sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. republican new york congressman chris collins is with us now. do you want to straighten this out? i mean, is this taxpayers foot the bill at first and then mexico pays back later? is that where we are now? >> well, good morning, stuart
9:48 am
and i tell you, two more weeks of obama and we're done with him and trump will be in office and on the wall, i equate this, think about a county that's building a bridge. they contract, this he pay for the bridge and then they're reimbursed by the federal government under transportation funds. but that's how things go. so, to have congress and the u.s. pay to build a wall, but reimbursed by mexico makes perfect sense. stuart: you know what the media is going to say, jumping all over this and saying, a broken promise right there. >> absolutely. that's why i think we just have to bring it back to common sense every day, when you build something you pay for it, then being reimbursed is the way we do highways and bridges, and it's no different than that. so, yeah, they're making a much to do about nothing. stuart: okay. you are the gatekeeper for jobs in the trump transition, the trump administration. and as you know, the former cia director james woolsey has quit the transition team. he said, he didn't want to fly
9:49 am
under false colors. that he wasn't a functioning advisor anymore. what's this all about? because it looks like james woolsey has deserted the trump team? >> well, i think you could probably say that's correct. certainly disappointing, but, as the team is being built out and the national security team is pretty much fully built out, certainly with general flynn and now tom bossert and mike pompeo, it makes sense that folks that were there in an advisory role moves on because the real team is in place, i don't see this anything more than is transitioning from advisors to folks in the job. stuart: congressman, wasn't this really all about mr. trump questioning the intelligence service, vis-a-vis the russians? i think that's exactly right. everyone is entitled to their opinion and, you know, mr. trump is going to be briefed later today by the intelligence committee.
9:50 am
but that's up for donald trump to decide how he wants to put this in context. but let's face it, it's been the liberal media trying to put some doubt into the nation's mind about the election of itself, that's totally inappropriate. whether they hacked or not and let's say they did. it didn't have any impact on the outcome of the election, that's the been the subtext all along, i think is what president-elect trump has been responding to. we know that russia hacks, iran hacks, north korea, they have been doing it for decades. i think the trump team will put a stop to this or certainly clamp down harder than obama ever has and again, i think what we saw today is just a natural evolution, as the trump team is coming together. stuart: chris collins, you've been with us right from the word go when you first signed on with mr. trump way back when. and we appreciate you being here. >> always good to be with you, stuart. stuart: quick programming note. james woolsey will be on "after
9:51 am
the bell" on the fox business network today at 4 p.m. eastern. look at that market scan, dow 30 stocks, most of them, two third are in the red and the dow is down 38 points. let' see, we're following secretary of state john kerry, he says the u.s. is more secure, respected and engaged achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. you may sometimes suffer
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9:56 am
i have lift off and going over what appears to be a river and i've never been a pilot, stuart. i don't know about you, but there are other planes flying around. it's totally immersive. whoa, whoa! and then you put them on and hold on. [laughter] >> this is incredible. and i do believe this is going to change the way people go to amusement parks and samsung is at the forefront of this. now i'm sailing over what appears to be a study. they have experiences like this, you can go down on a dinky boat experience in australia and then as i come back over, you know, i feel like, oh, i'm in the blue angels and the air show is extremely popular. please, listen, i like the
9:57 am
motion sickness. this was my biggest concern. oh. stuart: stop it, stop it. >> watch the hair, buddy. zero. stuart: we've got to leave you breaking news, i'm serious, having done all that. >> i love it story. stuart: watch this, everybody. not that, watch this. president-elect trump's motorcade just leaving, there it is, just getting out of it. he's arriving at con conde-nast he tweeted this morning ana w wintour, he's arrived and she was a huge friend of hillary clinton. anna wintour. we'll be back.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: he started this morning
10:00 am
right around dawn. the first tweet from donald trump this is how he up influences the news cycle. he states his policy, picks a fight or two, and negotiates policy. policy. kellyanne conway took it away from him for a while during the campaign, but now it's back. 140 characters does not make for lengthy statements. he goes right at it. the media can't get in the middle of the message. all they can do is react to it. there are dangers. really important statement can be lost in the tweet flurry. since he has issued 1,300 tweets since he started his candidates i, there are contradictions. sometimes a tweet moves money. yesterday he opposed the
10:01 am
time-warner merger and their stock dropped. but the trump presidency is here to say. he wakes up in the white house and communicates with america directly. and sets the agenda every day. no wonder the media is concerned. the second hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. some stocks are moving. in particular this one. ruby tuesday, the restaurant chain, talk about a sell-off, 21% down. they had weak sales, and the rest of those restaurants -- are in shopping malls, and they are in decline. how about the gap going the other way. a 3% gain.
10:02 am
good holiday selling period for the gap and the stock is up. don't forget about those big-name technology companies, we got facebook, amazon, microsoft, all of them up. netflix tweeting from its record high. president-elect trump tweeting this morning. this time about how he beat the democrats. this is just one of many treats. here is a quote. hillary and the dems were never going to beat the passion that my voters, they saw that was happening in the last two weeks before the election and knew they were in big trouble which is why they canceled their big fireworks at the last minute. they saw a movement like never before. do you approve of this? a lot of people say, this is the president of the united states tweeting every morning.
10:03 am
>> they said the same thing when clinton played the sax with arsenio hall. they said this has never been done. anna wintor, he just tweeted about her. you have to be careful with policy statements. but most people in today's society of any age understand what twitter is. and he's going to use it. he will be a president who uses it. stuart: is it legit. traditionally a president held a news conference and the need a yeah was allowed to ask questions. >> and he should do that. stuart: but when he's tweeting like this, does the media have
10:04 am
an opportunity to ask poignant questions? >> i don't think he's tweeting against the media. he's putting out his policy ideas. and speaking to the people who oppose him. he will use that to drive them back to the policy and the message. the bully pulpit has to be in addition a 140-character pulpit, and it's a way to communicate with the american people. stuart: he strings a couple tweets together to get a paragraph in there. this morning first thing we had the december jobs report. a couple of numbers for you. 156,000 jobs were created in december. not very good, frankly. that's a weak performance. of that 156,000 new jobs. 41,000 were part time. now, hundreds of you have written into us about the jobs
10:05 am
situation under president obama. i have got some off your input to read for you. this is from brenda. i used to work as a machinist and assembler at an aerospace factory until i got laid out in 2009. now the best position i can find is working in an insurance office with no benefits. i'm making 70% of what i used to make. don says this wiive an engineering bachelor's degree and an i have never been unemployed until obama took office. now i do physical labor alongside kids half my age. i have to work two part-time jobs just to keep food on the table.
10:06 am
juan, we often have a fight. but i think we can agree on something this morning. all these part-time jobs which are have much a characteristic of the obama years in the economy are just not good enough. you and i can agree on this, can't we? >> i don't think so. stuart: do you think part-time jobs are good? clearly your pler writers are discontented. i want a full-time job, you have a full-time job. but my point is we have a different kind of economy here that's moving away from manufacturing as donald trump has emphasized, moving towards more service-sector jobs. a lot of those jobs are part-time. people will take those jobs to fill in. stuart: i'm astonished.
10:07 am
three jobs in any given household. >> sometimes people wanted -- especially women want a part-time job. stuart: oh, juan williams. >> i get in trouble all the time. people who have child-rearing responsibilities oftentimes try to fit that extra dollar into their pocket. stuart: the producers just told me we literally received hundreds of messages about jobs. nobody wants a part-time job. they are forced to take it. >> you don't have to take a job. people want jobs. >> we have a 4.7% unemployment. this is so interesting to me.
10:08 am
you want to take the standard for measuring the economy it has changed under president obama. if we can get it done, we think we have got something. obama has it down to 4.7. >> juan, it's a farce what you are talking about. the approximation is 11 to 12%. yuan let's go back to bush. >> when you take the people who have left the work force and take the amount of jobs and times of jobs being create that move the economy, it gives you a better indicator of what people are doing out there. people voted their wallets.
10:09 am
>> consumer confidence is up, david. you present a picture -- it's not a fair picture. stuart: i'll not have this show develop into a shouting match. i will not have it. now. donald trump tweeted this morning that he won because of the passion of his supporters and his voters. any issue with that? >> no. stuart: that nenlt hillary had no passion. >> no. i will not have this show descend into name calling. i won't have it. this is so interesting this twitter conversation it's so juvenile. he says lead clown.
10:10 am
that's not the way you talk if you are trying to make policy in america. how is it that he at one moment will issue a statement about the wall, now i'm not going to have mexico pay for the wall. i don't hear that on varney's show. stuart: you haven't been watching. three times in the last hour, 65 minute. >> i think when he issued these tweets they are like candy for children. but they have no significance. and this man is president of the united states. >> you don't like the facts. you don't like an increase in wages in the country. once it happens under trump, we'll see how you react. oh, this is good news.
10:11 am
stuart: i have got a serious subject. deadly riots in mexico, it's about the price of gasoline. two killed, 600 arrested after a 20% increase in the price of gasoline. a gallon of gas in mexico will soon cost $4, that's the equivalent of. >> day's work at mexico's minimum wage. president obama says no foreign terror group successfully attacked the united states during this presidency and secretary kerry says the u.s. has not been this secure in years.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> leaving here and all the places between south carolina and seattle. companies like carrier are firing their workers and moving to mexico. florida is moving all of its small car production announced two weeks ago to mexico. general motors laid off 1,151 workers and moved their jobs to mexico. 356 workers in troy were laid off and jobs moved to mexico. delphi moved their jobs to mexico. stuart: that was president-elect trump during the campaign.
10:16 am
toyota said it will build new plant in mexico to import to te u.s. trump said no way. build plant in u.s. or pay big tax. are you comfortable with him going after individual companies and telling them how to run their business. >> i'm not comfortable with government telling businesses how they can run. but if you look at the messaging coming from the other side. on obamacare, they are all out there saying the republican plan is going to make america sick again, and our second point is the republicans have no plan. so then when it comes to the wall, it's you can't possibly build a wall down there, and number two when you build the wall, we don't think you can get
10:17 am
mexico to pay for it. i have been saying for months, yeah, you can build a wall on a lot of it and we should and he can probably get mexico to pay. stuart: i'm getting used to an unconventional presidency? >> initially i was bothered by his tweeting. some are saying it needs to stop. but then when you realize it allows him to have the last word over the "new york times," that may not be such a bad thing. all america doesn't listen to your show. stuart: i have got to play a sound bite from speaker paul ryan who is and 8 about the u.n. vote against israel. roll the tape. >> i am stunned, i am stunned at what happened last month. this government, our government
10:18 am
abandoned our ally israel when she needed us the most. do not be fooled. this u.n. security council resolution was not about settlements, and it certainly was not about peace. it was about one thing and one thing only. israel's right to exist is as a jewish democratic state. it's time to repair it damage done by this misguided hit job at the u.n. >> congressman. can the damage be undone? you are in congress. can you reverse this? >> i don't think you can. >> it will be tough. but i think we can patch up our lip with israel. the problem is what this guy is doing with the rest of the world joining forces with israel's enemies with the anti-israeli.
10:19 am
the bigoted anti-jewish coalition coming back alive in the world. i never dreamed after world war ii it could come back this quickly. but it has. but as usual the president and john kerry are on the wrong side. how do we know it's bigoted? because they never said anything about before '67 somebody else should have given land to the palestinians. he only goes after the israelis. i think we can repair the damage. and i try to talk to folks within the israeli government and they know the administration coming in is not going to be their enemy. and i think they are looking forward to the days ahead if they can just get through the next days until january 20. the problem is, they are scared to death what this president is going to do.
10:20 am
if he tries to recognize palestine, it's going to get more people killed. he's gotten four times more of our military killed in afghanistan than commander bush did. and he's going to get people killed in the middle east because of the stance he has taken already. he just needs to stop before he gets more people killed. stuart: a couple of individual stocks we'll bring to your attention. chrysler-fiat. goldman sachs says buy it. people are and it's up 6% even though they had a weak sales number last week. the market, we are dead flat. we have 2/3 of the dow 30 are in the red. netflix, it's down a little bit but still remaining very, very close to it all-time high.
10:21 am
131 on netflix. hillary clinton said to be considering a run for office, wait for it. the mayor of new york city? we'll be right back.
10:22 am
10:23 am
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hey, drop a beat.flix? ♪ show me orange is the new black ♪ ♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. stuart: you are listening to the number 4 song in america. it's called closer by the chain smokers. why are we bringing you the number 4 song?
10:25 am
because the top three songs are so offensive, they are littered with very bad language. all the way down to number four. this, reports that hillary clinton might run the new york city mayor -- run for new york city mayor. >> they may be putting up a few trial balloons. the on thing we have seen of hillary clinton is isolated shots of herselfies in the woods. but this idea gaining momentum. there have been reports there may be some polls done loosely that would have her beating deblasio. mr. deblasio gave her a lukewarm endorsement. stuart: there is no way she wants this job. first lady, secretary of state, and mayor of new york? >> she would win. the problem in new york city is
10:26 am
the republicans have no opposition. they have not had any opposition for 15 years. she has been rejected by the voters. stuart: i have been told to wrap. j.c. penney. there is a company and stock in trouble. down 7% yesterday, now it recovered. it was down 4% a few moments ago. it's up 5 cents. we have that shocking facebook live video of that mentally disabled young white man being forced to denounce donald trump in the strongest language. is it a hate crime to target someone for their political beliefs? katie fanning on that subject next. obama and kerry say america is more secure.
10:27 am
it's been many years since there has been a successful terrorist attack on u.s. soil. just like the people who own them, every business is different.
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[♪] stuart: now we are playing some real music. gordon lightfoot "in the early morning rain." that was originally "in the early morning train." ruby tuesday weak sales.
10:31 am
what a sell-off, down 22%. that's a big loser. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. has become more secure under president obama. this is part of his final memo. the united states is more secure, more respected, more engaged in the world. president obama later found a stronger foundation for american leadership in the world. new york republican congressman peter king is there and he sits on the house intelligence committee. you heard what secretary of state kerry said about being secure. what's your response to that? >> i would say john kerrive is being delusional. in 2008 iraq was stable. we have isis running rampant. isis was created during the time of president obama.
10:32 am
syria is absolute carnage. then russia which was out of the middle east for 40 years. we are back in the middle east at the invitation of obama. they are becoming a dominant force there. more pressure on the turks. then of course, i strongly oppose the iran nuclear deal. but even if you were for that, the middle east is in chaos because of president obama and john kerry. president obama talking about his legacy on terror. i need your comment afterwards. >> no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our home toledo these past 8 years. >> no foreign terror organization has successfully planned a terror attack or attacked america on our soil. is that accurate, sir? >> no, president obama is
10:33 am
misunderstanding the new type of tearer last five years where you have isis and al qaeda inspiring people through use of the internet. so we have major hassan. san bernardino, orlando, the boston marathon bombing, all of whom who were inspired by isis, responding to certainly including attacks carried out after messages coming from isis. also we have down in garland, texas where there appears to be a foreign connection. but the new type of warfare is they don't have to have their fingerprints on it. they inspire through the internet. the justice department is not aggressive enough in monitoring what's going none the muslim community. >> yesterday there were hearings on capitol hill about the russians and their hacking and their influence on the election.
10:34 am
what i heard was they have did not change any vote. they did not hack into the computers which do the votes. they may have had influence on the outcome of the election by virtue of hacking the dnc. 'reupon to that? >> i do believe the russians hacked the dnc. but there was no interest force with the voting machines at all. but everything impacts the election. so did the illegal release of donald trump's tax returns. as far as the russian involvement. this was brought out in october by the intelligence community when they said trush was involved in the hacking into the elections. the american voters went in on election day knowing there was a russian involvement. they knew about the billy bush tape and hillary clinton's emails. all of that was out there. i have seen no evidence at all that it affects the election in any way. the american people voted on issues to stop the obama
10:35 am
administration legacy. so it got to working men and women. the intelligence community is in no position to determine what influenced the election. every american on election day said donald trump is going to lose. what did the intelligence community know now that the geniuses at the "new york times" didn't know on election day when they were predicting an overwhelming victory by hillary clinton. stuart: you just delivered a triple slam. congressman peter king. we'll see you soon. that graphic facebook live video, here we go. a white mentally disabled man held against his will, forced to denounce donald trump in the strongest terms and say horrible things about white people. four black teens charged with a hate crime.
10:36 am
i have got a question foifer, katie. if you are targeted. if anybody is targeted for their political beliefs. not their race, gender or roirn. but their political beliefs. does that qualify as a hate crime? >> unfortunately under the current federal and state statute and more specifically illinois, it does not. this 30-minute live stream facebook video should make all of us give more thought as to whether political affiliation should be covered and protected under the general says of a hate crime. we heard in graphic language, f trump and f donald trump. if that was part of the motivation in what they did to that poor kid, that should be covered including race, religion, gender. how is that not covered if it was part of themost vision for attacking this poor kid. stuart: i don't think there
10:37 am
should be anything such thing as a hate crime. a crime is a crime is a crime. it's not bert or worse depending on who is being attacked. i don't think hate crimes should exist. there should be no hate crime legislation. i think you oppose me on that. >> it's the hammer. the boom that gets lowered. when you have classify the hate crime you get an enhanced penalty. and it's a deterrent. if you operate under a hate crime mentality you will be doing way more time in prison for of what you have done. and it's not the first amendment, stuart, saying you don't like donald trump is one thing. but when you act out in violence under the precipitation they are a trump supporter you should be facing more time for of what you have done. stuart: cnn's don lemon was talking about that facebook video. he said he didn't think the
10:38 am
perpetrators were evil. >> he said i don't think it's evil. i think these are young people with bad home training. you wonder at 18 years old, where are your parents, where is your guardian. stuart: katie? >> i have to swallow my bile then i can answer the question. my answer is this. bad training pills my kid watching too much tv. it's not at 18 and 24 years old kidnapping a mentally disabled child and beating him and making him drink toilet water and cutting his scalp and breaking down the door of the neighbors below you have because they had called the cops because you were too loud. they should be prosecuted to the fullest maximum extent possible in illinois. stuart: you would take the case? >> absolutely. stuart: if the sentences are handled down, should they have
10:39 am
run concurrently or one after another. >> one after another. they are old enough to know better. stuart: katie fang. she may be close to the beach in florida but she is a tough lady. stuart: we are talking about the changing face of american retail. the "wall street journal" says sheer come the ghost malls. that's intrigue. we are on it. the left can't accept trump as president. celebrities planning to disrupt the administration with a love-a-thon367 and pot smokers say they will light up joints at the inauguration.
10:40 am
10:41 am
ashley: president obama is systematically transferring all the prisoners out of guantanamo bay. former navy seal rob o'neill says they will be back in the fight. >> it's not like they went anywhere. just because we put them on a caribbean island and gave them healthcare, they suddenly love america. if they leave they are trying to talk them into suicide operations.
10:42 am
they are going to sadie arabia and yemen. saudi arabia is where the virgin of islam comes from. they will go back into the fight for allah. that's what they are doing.
10:43 am
stuart: headline from the "wall street journal." vacancy rates rise at shopping centers.
10:44 am
the retail ice age, ghost malls. here they come. liz: the journal found the urban areas are doubling the number of ghost malls. that's double what it was in 2014? it's the amazon effect, and it's mall brawls. 15 malls across the holidays have fight breaking out. if you are a mother with kid, you don't want to go there and put your kid at risk. so what do you do with them? ashley: this has been going on for a long time. we have churches taking over some malls. liz: but it's accelerating. what's problematic for stores like walmart saying we pay property taxes, we don't have to
10:45 am
boost our security. they don't have security. so what does it do to the local areas. stuart: tax value goes down because they are not worth as much. liz: they will put in a movie theater, maybe a casino. stuart: it starts to look different. you normally see the wonderful malls in the suburbs. but they are kind of empty. it's amazon. i'm telling you. the left, president trump's inauguration, including jane fonda, jamie lee curtis. gathering for a live love-athon on inauguration day that will benefit the aclu and planned parenthood. michael moore repeatedly called for civil disobedience during
10:46 am
the inauguration. and marijuana users say they will defy the law by handing out joints on inauguration day. they are doing their best -- they are trying to spoil the inauguration. that's what's going on here. >> what happened to the peaceful transition of power that hillary clinton and her liberal posse were so horrified that donald trump said he wouldn't allow if she were elected president. now look at how the tables have turned. the has-been liberal hollywood stars, we have a last ditch effort to pretend to be relevant. stuart: it's damaging. they keep saying you are a racist, you are a sexist, you are this, that and the other. that damages the stature of the incoming president. >> it damages the constitution.
10:47 am
this isn't any laughing matter. the peaceful transition of power. what liberal celebrities are saying is if we can't have our girl elected, hillary clinton, we are going to disrupt america as we know it. it's also showing hollywood stars should stick to make believe, not government and politics. all those pot smokers. i don't know about you, stuart, but we are supporting the people who want to smoke pot. we are subsidizing their pot and obamacare. can't wait until paul ryan and the senate, house and the senate repeal obamacare and defund planned parenthood along with it. stuart: you are a reformed pot smoker, aren't you? >> i have never been a pot smoker. i'm a hard-working american. i guess i have been subsidizing pot smokers my whole life.
10:48 am
stuart: i was confused. i had my aleppo moment. >> i think you did. stuart: donald trump is about to leave the offices of conde nast at the request of anna wintor who was a passionate hillary clinton supporter. >> she want to sell "vogue" magazine. she is also a big supporter of the obamas. and she put michelle obama on the cover of "vogue" a gazillion times. she knows where her bread is buttered. she better make nice, nice with donald trump because she wants melania on the cover her magazine. she want to sell magazines and subscriptions. just like newspaper subject descriptions, they are down. substitute * you think they
10:49 am
believe they will sell more magazines if they put the trumps on the front page? >> i'm not so sure. there is a reason why she met. and she probably want to get invited to the white house. she is an egomaniac. there was a documentary about her. i like "vogue," but i don't subscribe to it anymore. with the new administration, this is a dollars and cents, i absolutely think so. i don't think she has a love affair with trump. there is a new sheriff in town. she is about glitz and glamour and she wants to be in the in-crowd. stuart: do you think hillary clinton really want to be the mayor of new york city? >> hillary, how much money, how much fame do you seek? if she hasn't learned her lesson now, when will she learn it?
10:50 am
i think new yorkers, there is a good chance they will elect her. it's never enough. stuart: more optimism from businesses. 0% of employers say they want to hire more full-time workers this year. we have that story for you. it's a good one. david good friend came on the show and kind of insulted me. we'll bring you your reaction in a moment. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles.
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10:54 am
stuart: you haven't got a clue what to do by the. >> come on, man. i think republicans will enjoy having 30 million americans pissed off at them for taking away their healthcare. maybe you believe in santa claus. >> i'm absolutely done with this. that was david goodfriend.
10:55 am
he used to work for president bill clinton. after the interview he called me a dirty word which we cannot repeat on the air. but apart from that we had response from our viewers. first off, why do you torture your viewers are immature liberal note --liberal snots? that's all liberals know how to do. that democrat you just had on your show raised your blood pressure. they wanted a response from you. no thanks risking your health. you like most of the fox newscasters always reef train from asking the democrats who support obamacare if they are on obamacare. the answer is no because the democrats voted to exempt themselves from it. come on, stuart, we counsel on
10:56 am
you to ask the guest that. i don't delay that was a successful interview. i don't think it audience was well served because it was a shouting match and i don't think the audience gets much out of that. >> we have liberals come on and spout off facts and insults when they are wrong. it exposes them for what they are. the fact he called you a name we can't even repeat to our produce per speaks volumes about this character. liz: this is typical chicago politics. that's how the democrats passed a law with no republican votes. it wasn't a bipartisan vote that touched such an intimate part of our lives. just whipping fastballs by the american people, from the get-go the gop had the ideas, buying
10:57 am
insurance across state lines and the like. stuart: we may or may not do it again. but we'll be back. . .
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: president obama's exit is not going to be pretty. there will be handshakes and a few smiles but pleasantries cover up deep-seeded anger at democrats election defeat. the president and the left are not over it. recently the president asked for cabinet exit letters. that is a summary of achievements for each department. all were effusive. and the president summed them all up by saying he was proud to have laid a newfounddation for america. and here comes the anger. because that foundation, whatever it is, is going to be shredded. trump and republicans will reverse obamacare, trade policy, tax policy, the iran nuke deal, energy policy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, all reversed. no wonder mr. obama is planting
11:01 am
landmines set to explode under the new administration. anti-israel vote in the u.n., that is locked in. anti-drilling regulations, supposedly permanent. gitmo, how do you reverse that? tough to reverse any of it. that is why mr. obama is trying to rule after leaves office. the anger at his legacy shredding is palpable. you will see it on the streets, on inauguration, day. you will see it from mr. obama who is planning to stay active on the issues. he will be living in d.c. close to the trump white house. it will be ugly. this is not your father as transition. the left will never accept or get used to the loss of power. so what? you've got a front row seat as history unfolds. enjoy it. because we will. the third hour of "varney" and company, is about to begin. ♪
11:02 am
stuart: look at that, 92, 91 points away from dow 20,000. a very small gain if the early going this friday morn. the price of oil, not much change. big change in the stock priest of ruby tuesday, the restaurant chain. they're losing a lot of money. they're reporting weak sales. they closed 109 restaurants last year. that thing is in the tank, down 22%. netflix's stock hit all-time high again this morning, 133.35 as we speak. that's netflix for you. how about the major retailers, department stores in particular? they took a big hit yesterday. some are them are down more today. bill simon, former u.s. walmart president and ceo coming up on that issue, demise of shopping malls and department stores. he is on that in a moment. my take, the editorial at the top of the hour. our next guest says, while president obama gives his farewell the world burns around him.
11:03 am
here's the headline. oblivious obama pens farewell as world burns down around him. that is strong stuff. who wrote it? charles hurt, the guy who joins us on a frequent basis. usually he has a smile. he is looking kind of serious this morning though. do you agree with my premise here, that president obama is not going away quietly? and he is angry and digging his heels and and it will get ugly? >> absolutely. imagine what it be like it is him and realize all he tried to accomplish over last eight years, have not completely, totally rejected by the voters, but he is being replaced by somebody who aims to come in in piecemeal, take just about everything he has done and undo it all. what is kind of interesting though, president obama kind of comes off as this sort of cool customer, kind of this cool cat. people tend to like him. but he is not a very good communicator.
11:04 am
he isn't very good at at conveying an important message or, you know, if he had been bert at that, he might have been able to save some democrats over the past eight years, instead of just being able to get himself reelected. stuart: i'm not sure i can see a single policy area where obama's policy will be retained. in trade, the economy, jobs, drilling, the u.n., foreign policy, i can't think of an area where we will continue the way we are now? >> yeah, that's a great point. i can not think of one either. and if you, and that's a good thing if you ask me. if you look around the world, find me one place either in america or in the world where things are better off today than they were eight years ago? chicago is so bad, he can't even go back to live there with his daughter, with his family. stuart: do you think that the democrats, the party, will accept former president obama as its continuing leader?
11:05 am
>> i think that, i think they're going -- i think there is a lot of under the surface bitterness right now. i mean just think about it, with obamacare. the, president obama pushed through this highly unpopular legislation. he, and again, you know, he was able to win re-election but democrats managed to give up over 1000 seats across the country. and it is largely because of either obama, obamacare itself or other things like obama care. he has, he has destroyed this party. i think, and i'm certain, and you talk privately with democrats around capitol hill, a lot of them realize that. a lot of them, there is seething builterness under the surface. they don't want to say it because they don't want to, i think they think that would make things worse but there is a real bitterness. i think president obama will have a much harder time leading the party after leaves office than he would like to think. stuart: we'll be covering it.
11:06 am
charles hurt, as always, thank you so much. see you real soon. >> thanks, charles. stuart: barclays, a huge bank and investment firm, they're very big in the wall street arena, they have listed what they call possible black swan events that could influence what we are now seeing as the trump rally. now got three of these, liz, what they call black swans. start with venezuela. liz: venezuela he defaults on 2017 debt. that could happen. that is a number one fear of barclays, that donald trump inherit as debt crisis. get this, elon musk does deliver on the battery factory. what that mean? oil stocks could basically go into bear territory. stuart: wait a minute, the elon musk delivers on model 3 and that is bad for the markets? >> that is bearish for other stocks, for certain stocks. maybe car stocks, oil stocks. the third one is north korea nuclear test, if they continue
11:07 am
to be aggressive with nuclear tipped icbms, that would be disruptive. stuart: i could see that up to a point but don't seem like traumatic events to me. liz the first one, the debt crisis. with the dollar strengthening. foreign governments unloading u.s. treasurys at a pace we haven't seen the year 2,000. too boost their own currency. stuart: i'm not sure i am buying it. lenore hawkins, gramatic can research, you manage money for rich people. italians and americans. you live in californians and italy. what do you think of these so-called black swan events what do you think? >> i think the market right now is not pricing the level of heightened political risk. adding to liz's list, elections in europe that could affect value of currencies. elections in netherlands,
11:08 am
germany, and france. with france's la penn and five-star movement, if they make a lot of gains they want out of the euro. many of those countries have not benefited being in the eurozone the their economies are relatively stagnant. if those parties make political gains that could strengthen the door lar and problem for emerging markets and commodities because they're priced in dollar. stuart: the demise of euro, that would be a traumatic event even in america. i want to turn to president-elect trump, targeting another company, toyota in this case, with a tweet. i will read the tweet. toyota motor says we'll build a new plant in baja, mexico for corolla cars in the u.s. no way. build the plant in the u.s. or pay a big border tax. lenore, the stock price of toyota went down a little yesterday, went down some more today.
11:09 am
how do you feel about the president-elect going after, pressuring individual companies on a consistent basis? do you like it? >> i would rather that he stayed focused at homemaking the country attractive. the reason businesses do this, because this is the best interest of shareholder. produce products better margin and quality price people want. one way to reduce the expense, reduce regulations, reduce the corporate tax rate. how about the president using a carrot rather than a stick? i don't like him using the power of his office to intimidate. stuart: he will do that. that is the carrot, lower taxes, less regulation, cheap energy. he will do that. i think he is concentrates on the stick side of it. you will pay a tax if you don't play it my way. >> talk about introducing moral hazard with that, all a company needs to do if you're a large high-priced oil company, hey, we'll move overseas, then the president will make a big deal,
11:10 am
maybe you can get special tax treatment or some sort of a benefit that makes you more competitive than other companies in your area. that brings, introduces a whole lot of moral hazard. stuart: okay. we understand. i don't think you're a big fan of the trump rally. i think you think it will pause, i can see you're nodding. lenore, come back and see us soon, okay? when you're in italy or san diego, we don't care. come and join us. >> thanks, varney. stuart: she always calls me varney. ashley: yes. stuart: congress votes to done dem the u.n. -- condemn about the u.n. vote on israel. wait until you hear what speaker ryan talks about the mr. obama's israel policy. we'll play a short clip. vacancy rates are on the rise in shopping centers. bill simon, former walmart and ceo and president, is on the story next. ♪ why pause a spontaneous moment?
11:11 am
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11:14 am
stuart: jcpenney is down 1 1/2%. it was down 7% yesterday. big trouble for jcpenney. it is another hit to the retail industry actually. listen to this, this is from "the wall street journal." say -- vacancy rates rise at shopping centers. that is quite a headline, is it not? bill simon, former walmart ceo and president thereof. we're following this trend which is important to the way america looks and feels and how they shop. we see the tripped towards the ghost malls, is really speeding up. do you agree with us? >> retail is in a transition clearly, stuart. there is a lot of things that have been changing but that has been the dynamic of retail really since the beginning. there was a transition from just general merchants trading with each other to the sort of main
11:15 am
street, to the mall, to the big box, and we're in a transition stage again today. stuart: but it is speeding up. >> i think it is. i think it is driven by technology. if you really think about it, our lives have been impacted by technology and just ways we couldn't have imagined over the last 10 years. but fundamentally retail hasn't changed. the last retail innovation, technology-driven innovation in retail is the upc scanner. retail is the ones that take the fantastic technology we're dealing with and bring it to the retail store. stuart: what will happen to those shopping malls which lose their anchor store? what is going to happen to them? the value in that real estate has been taken away, hasn't it? >> well i think there will be some changes, clearly. and good retailers will thrive and they will adapt and retailers who are weak will become the victims of that. but you've seen it happen. you know, main streets are not what they once were in the u.s.
11:16 am
i think some malls will transition and some big boxes will transition. stuart: you sound pretty mild. >> brick-and-mortar retail won't go away and it will adam and it will come from technology. stuart: this is profound change, which would make a very big difference to a lot of people's lives in a lot of areas in the country. you sound like it's a mild development. i think it is a very important trend. >> no, i happen to agree with you, stuart, i think it's a very big development but it isn't unusual. it is about every 20 or 30 years there are these tetonic shifts in retail driven by the emergence of new formats. in this case it is new technology. the ones who adapt the best and change and find a way to meet consumer demands win. and that, that is what really hasn't changed. stuart: let me ask you about this. we've had boeing, carrier, general motors, ford motor company, and now toyota, all pressured by our president-elect
11:17 am
to change the way they do business? do you approve of that? the. >> absolutely, love it. i absolutely love it. if the president of the united states can not be the biggest advocate for the american business and american manufacturing, then who should be? stuart: so approve, you think that's good? >> absolutely i do. now you think, it has to be built upon with the proper policies and tax structures and changes in the ability to repatriate funds so american companies can invest in manufacturing in the u.s. but absolutely. the president should be the biggest advocate for american business. stuart: but walmart would not like it if we slapped a nasty tariff on stuff coming from china into america because walmart sells a lot of chinese-made stuff. >> no, i'm sure they wouldn't like it but they also sell a lot of american-made stuff. they sell to a lot of americans who would like it. fundamentally we have to do what is in the best interest for
11:18 am
country and american consumer and american business. i think the president should be advocate of that. stuart: mr. bill simon, former ceo of walmart usa. we do appreciate you being here. thank you, sir. >> you bet, stuart. stuart: love it -- [inaudible] take them both. donald trump spoke to the "new york times" this morning. i just found this out. what did he say? ashley: interesting. talking about the whole russian hacking deal, says look, in that interview he believes it is a fallout from the presidential campaign and political witch-hunt as he calls it. he says look, china, relatively recently hacked 20 million government names. he said how come nobody even talks about that? this is political witch-hunt. with all that being said i don't want countries to be hacking our country. they hacked the white house, they hacked congress. we're the hacking capital of the world. they got beaten very badly in the election. i won more counties in the election than ronald reagan.
11:19 am
they are embarrassed. it is a witch-hunt. they have to focus on this. stuart: i have to focus my mind on what he said there. ashley: a political witch-hunt by the other side because they were embarrassed during the election and his point iss what about china? 20 million government names hacked from the office of personal management in 2014, 2015. stuart: have you ever seen such an active president-elect two weeks before he is the president? ever seen anything like this? liz: no. stuart: couple stocks for you. check the price of amazon -- no, amgen. amgen is going straight up. there we have it. that is donald trump, the president-elect, emerging from the office of could could conden new york city, he was invited there by anna wintour, prominent hillary clinton supporter who invited mr. trump to visit the offices. the visit is now over. he just left. there he is. that is the motorcade that will tie up traffic in new york for
11:20 am
couple hours. ashley: oh, joy. stuart: everyone, watch it. we'll be back. your insurance company
11:21 am
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you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> we're going to build a wall. believe me, we're going to build a wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico. they will pay for the wall. they will be shape bit.
11:24 am
who is going to pay for the wall? mexico. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> now everybody likes the idea of a wall. stuart: we heard that a lot, didn't we? build the wall and mexico will pay. now this, there are reports that taxpayers will have to pay. mr. trump came out said who is really going to pay. ashley, start with the reports. ashley: reports say, they would, listen, prefer, donald trump and transition team let's get this thing funded through congress, i.e., the taxpayer. however there are two part to the story. purely because of the speed. let's get this thing done. there is a law being passed allow us to do this. then what we'll do have mexico pay us back, otherwise it could languish. tweet, this dishonest media, doesn't report any money spent on the building wall, brackets, for sake of speed will be paid by mexico later.
11:25 am
i know the mantra, who will pay for the wall? mexico. he says eventually they will. stuart: he gets up, sees the reports an tweets. all about it. ashley: immediate response. stuart: i have got a news alert for you. this has just been confirmed. mr. trump's news conference will happen and it will happen on wednesday, january the 11th, next wednesday at 11:00 in the morning. in other words we will carry that news conference. markets up a little bit. up 38 points higher. that means we're 62 points away from dow 20,000. ♪ when a cold calls...
11:26 am
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11:29 am
stuart: will you look at that? it is going up. now we're up nearly 50 point. knit thousand 947. we're 50 odd points away from dow 20,000. 19947. jobs report showed a 156,000 jobs created last month. that is in my opinion a very weak number.
11:30 am
paul conley, former labor department chief of staff under president george w. bush. paul, i looked at these numbers. a, i don't think 156,000 new jobs is very good at all. 41,000 of them were part time. this, to me, adds up to a very poor report. and you say? >> i think it is a weak report. based on our own standards of the white house and department of labor over past two years. in 2014 your rolling monthly average is 251,000 jobs per month. in 2015, your average was 229,000 per month. we're down based on party hat and kazoo measure of two years of obama administration. that is not that much in here that is great for the american worker, especially looking at the part-time job number, i want to contrast that with sense of optimism appearing in some parts of the economy. draw your attention to this. this is from career builder. they hired "harris pollers" to check out ememployers, 40% of
11:31 am
employers plan to hire permanent full-time employees this year. 6% of the companies plan to increase salaries. now that is a very different outlook for the future than what we saw in the jobs report relating to the past month. >> it is. i tell you what. this is great example. harris does great polling. it is online polling an intuitive to those they're targeting. what is interesting there is a clear connection employers see, those with means to create jobs, between the policies created in washington and their opportunities and needs for the future. in this survey that came out, i think it is great for the american worker to take a look at it. in sectors they're looking at, these are full-time meaningful jobs. not a patchwork quilt of part-time jobs. they're in i.t. sector, sales sector, admin areas, places where you haven't seen a great deal of growth over the past eight years but you have on the
11:32 am
sidelines, this survey was done three weeks after the election, before cumulative impact of carrier, ford, and saying we'll have jobs here in america and recommit to american jobs. this is a great sign. very optimistic as a book end to the last jobs report here under president obama. stuart: you know, paul, a lot of conservatives oppose the president-elect going after individual companies and telling them how to run their business but apparently you approve of it? >> actually what i'm saying of this, a president-elect has opinions about things, and had them for a long time and not afraid of articulating them. after eight years, investors and business folks across the country are listening to him and reacting. just as business leaders listened and reacted to president obama. what is different about this, you will have a president-elect who actually has a cabinet team that has a strategy that says, look, if i'm overregulating in epa, it might cost us on the
11:33 am
department labor side what we measure. underobama, it was, kind of a crazy thing. you would have commerce, trade, epa, labor all sitting there promulgating regulations that impacted workers but nobody really standing up for the worker in the equation. i think this will be fundamentally different. if it actually getting into the micromanagement of a business, as conservative, sure, that would an issue. articulating an opinion and making it very clear and is much different than interfering with somebody's business. stuart: paul conway, very good clarity. paul, see you soon very soon, thank you. >> you thank you. stuart: i'm going to say that the democrats are using, what i would call a scorched earth approach in opposing republican policies and president-elect trump. roll tape. >> i am stunned, i am stunned at what happened last month. this government, our government, abandoned our -- stuart: i'm sorry, folks. that was the wrong tape.
11:34 am
that was speaker ryan on the floor of the house. i believe it was yesterday, railing against president obama's policy on israel and the vote in the united nations. needless to say, speaker ryan really opposed that policy. what we do have is nancy pelosi, leader of the minority in the house, that is the democrats. and senator charles schumer. they're employing, i will call it a scorched earth policy in opposing what mr. trump and the republicans want to do, specifically repealing obamacare. come on in please, the man who opposed nancy pelosi for the leadership position of the democrats in the house. he has a big smile on his face this morning. his name is paul -- tim ryan. get confused with the ryans there. i do apologize for that. i'm calling it a scorched earth policy, saying make america sick again, that seemed pretty extreme to me. you're a middle of the road democrat.
11:35 am
i don't think you're all in favor of what ms. pelosi and senator schummer are doing, are you? >> well, i mean you have to look, in the last six years the republicans, you can't be too outraged here, because in the last six years, while a lot of us were saying we need to fix the problems with the affordable care act, we didn't get any help from the republicans at all. they wanted to hang it around our next politically. they did it obviously a successful job of it, because they control all levers of government. not like they were very willing partners. i'm not into the slogan earring, not all that stuff. if you repeal it, you will see millions of people in the country that have health care and won't have it -- stuart: is that strictly accurate congressman, ryan? is that strictly accurate? >> sure. stuart: you believe we'll have 19 million americans left high and dry with no coverage? because that is not going to happen.
11:36 am
>> well, that is wishful thinking but, you know, we had 700,000 people in ohio alone that benefited from the medicaid expansion, that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford health care. they have it now. stuart: but the republican plan, the republican plan is to use block grants to the states to pay for medicaid for those people who went on to medicaid in recent years. they will be taken care of. >> we don't, we don't know what the republican plan is. i mean i'm, i'm anxious to see it. i'm just saying under the current system, if you repeal it lock, stock and barrel, like every republican presidential candidate said, like paul ryan said, like many republicans said, you will deny people health care that have it right now. all i'm saying is, instead of fighting this, like they did for the last six years, instead of repealing it, just say, look, let's sit down with the democrats, pick top five things wrong with the plan, didn't work
11:37 am
out maybe we thought it would work out, never does, once you pass legislation and it hits ground, let's fix those five things. it's a political football again. i think that is the wrong approach. sit down and fix it. you don't need to repeal the whole thing. they are saying i like this provision, like that provision, keep this, keep that, the gist of the republican plan from the '90s they presented. let's fix it and drop politics. stuart: do you think your party has left you behind? when you look at current leadership, nancy pelosi, it is the old guard leadership. it is president obama, it is nancy pelosi, it is senator schummer, that is the old guard. they have left you behind? >> well, look, i did my best to try to play a major leadership, major leadership role. the party is a big party. i'm trying to read the -- redefine it in the sense we need to talk more about economics and talk about what unites us as a party as opposed to breaking the
11:38 am
electorate down into who's black, who's black, who's gay, who's brown, who is latino, and stop the blame. if we talk about the robust economic interests of working-class people, not just white working class, all people of color, we could have a strong party again. in that sense there is a little bit of a tug-of-war going on here. that is the message i am pushing forward and i'm not going to stop. i may have lost the first battle you about the war is not over yet. stuart: can i ask your opinion on the u.n. vote which president obama did not stop, which makes the settlements on the west bank and the israeli people living in east jerusalem illegal residents? i take it you oppose that, do you, you oppose what president obama did with israel? >> yes. i oppose the president yesterday and vote we had in congress. our relationship with israel is very, very important relationship.
11:39 am
i think we need to be a part of the solution here and, i did oppose the president, as a democrat because i try to vote my conscience as i see it and so here we are. you have got to oppose them every now and again and i did. hopefully we get things on that, but i did oppose him in that record. >> last question, congressman, do you oppose or support keith ellison in the leadership race? >> i know south carolina democratic chair is great leader, ray buckley is great leader from new hampshire. we heard after new person, the mayor of south bend, been reading a lot about, you about he seems like very attractive leader as well. i hope we see what the field looks like and make a decision. we do have to move in a new direction with democrats with the main thrust of our argument to the american people, will be we'll help you increase wages, secure your pensions and make sure you have solid health care so you and your family can have
11:40 am
a robust life here in the united states that has to be the key message for us. stuart: congressman tim ryan, thanks for joining us. we appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me. stuart: look at this, actually time warner, look at that stock and at&t. president-elect trump still opposes the merger of those two companies. that is according to people close to him, mr. trump. he has been silent about it for the past few months but he publicly would say he would block it as it would give too much power to the media industry. we'll deal with that in a moment. first, here is what he said. >> at&t is buying time warner and thus cnn, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it is too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. we gained some momentum here in the markets. right now the dow is up 57, and less than 50 points away from dow 20,000. s&p 500 currently sitting above its closing record, and nasdaq setting a new record as well. let's look at some dow winners and losers. tech, industrials are doing well today. you can see disney and mcdonald's are winners. we got positive comments from rbc. verizon and walmart coming under some pressure. also watching, as i mentioned, nasdaq with a new record high. looks like it could have the
11:43 am
second record close in a row. am again, ebay, some of the names we're watching getting positive comment. pandora coming under pressure hitting recent lows after siriusxm, ceo there, dismisses any deal talk. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waing to apply. that means now may be a
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great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that works for you. these types of plans have no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. >> the first guy i called was john corzine. not a joke. not a joke.
11:45 am
because first of all he is the smartest guy i know in terms of economy and on finance. i really mean this. stuart: oops. former new jersey governor jon corzine is paying up big for his role in the demise of mf global. very much the opposite what you heard from vice president biden. ashley: $5 million fine for customer losses when he was head of mf global. that collapsed back in 2011. they got into the books. 1.6 billion in customer's money missing. banned from commodities trading. stuart: forever? ashley: yeah. stuart: got it. at offices of conde nast here in new york city, they're a publisher, donald trump met with the mag seep editors at the request of anna wintour. ash, for the life of me i can't understand, anna wintour, huge supporter of hillary clinton, would ask the president-elect to go visit and why the
11:46 am
president-elect would go visit? ashley: i think the second part is the bigger mystery. look, she is a business person. has to basically swallow her pride and realize that donald trump will be the next president. and as a business, running of a magazine she has to be on his good side. why donald trump, with everything anna wintour and democratic camp said about him in the campaign why he would go over there to indulge her but he did. we'll see if we get any details. stuart: they were probably good friends. they are new york personalities for years and years. maybe they're friend. a friendly visit across town. ashley: uh-huh. we'll see. stuart: let's get back to politics. president obama continues his farewell tour, defending his legacy. one major part of that legacy, race relations, i believe. the president believes that he is improved race relations. burgess owens is author of this wonderful title, liberalism, or
11:47 am
how to turn good men into whiners, weanies and wimps. former nfl player. what is president obama's legacy on race, according to you? >> first of all, happy new year, stuart. stuart: to you too. >> i think unfortunately, what we're looking at after eight years is a division of america that we need to now really work hard to get together and improve. i think most people look at the election much our president eight years ago as one of the greatest opportunities for us to finally mend the past and move forward. we're talking more about the past than ever before. stuart: where did he go wrong? it was an opportunity to mend the past, really was, bring everybody together. what did he do wrong? >> it is the ideology. there is something about socialism and liberalism, base their philosophy and goals on division. we have a divided country because that is way the democratic party in the past decided to get their power.
11:48 am
i think they now realize the american people will just not go for that. we're very empathetic. we do have propensity to look out see where other people are and where they are and we do not believe in being divided. we'll be a lot better moving forward. i think you will start to see that over the coming years. stuart: okay. i want your reaction what we've been running last 24, 36 hours, horrific video, that was streamed live, the white disabled young man being tortured by young black teens. police in chicago are calling it a hate crime. what was your reaction to that burgess, when you saw it? facebook stopped there because it was streamed live on facebook. >> i had the reaction most people did, most americans, no question evil act and no question racist. anyone who can look at racism not call it what it is because of race is a racist i don't care if you're black or white. we need as a country and people
11:49 am
recognize evil when we see it. that is only way we finally defeat it. any of those twisting like pretzels to try to say this is nothing but what it is, we need to look at them and understand they have an agenda. stuart: what got to me, what got to me, all those people on the left who have gone out of their way to label donald trump a racist, you hear it all the time, they're still saying it in preparation for the inauguration, and now we have these youngsters, going after that young white man, making him say f trump. i have to believe there is relationship between what people are doing, calling trump a racist and what those youngsters did the other day? >> what is interesting, these are kind of young people, wasted lives, great potential at some point, wasted lives because they bought into the "black lives matter" initiative, the theme. at end of the day when we get to the point we look at every live
11:50 am
mattering, matters, we have a situation or problem. you're right, if this was switched and victims were black, and perpetrators were white, there would be no question we would have a totally different narrative at this point. so we have the people, have a recognize that, as empathetic people. we look at people from inside out, not outside in. get away from socialists and liberalism that allows to us look at each other differently. that is what happened last few years. stuart: come back anytime, burgess owens. we like you. see you soon. >> thank you, stuart. thanks for the opportunity. take care. stuart: deadly protests in mexico because of the sharp rise in the price of gasoline. two people killed, 600 arrested across the country. they imposed a 20% cost hike in the gallon of gasoline. a gal lon of gas in mexico will cost $4. that is the equivalent of a day's work at a minimum in mexico. hillary clinton said to be considering another run for office. not for president.
11:51 am
we have details what she may run for. your insurance company
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: 38 points from dow 20,000. now we're up 62, 19,961. take a look -- have we got the nasdaq there?
11:55 am
that is at an all-time record high. nasdaq home to a lot of technology companies, straight up today, all over again. i think we've got, yeah, nasdaq composite. 5520. there you have it, up 32 points as of right now. i have a couple of big-name technology stocks which really are moving. i've got facebook, amazon. start with facebook, up 2% this morning. $2.53, getting back towards its all-time high. ammon is approaching $800 a share again. up 11 bucks today. 20 bucks yesterday. 792 right now. microsoft, i own it, i'm cheering this thing on, 62.90. up nearly 1%. pretty close within a buck of the all-time high. now we're up 65 points on the dow industrials. whoa. here we go. hillary clinton may run for the mayor of new york city. what? ashley: yes, as crazy as that
11:56 am
seems, apparently the idea is gaining momentum, although nothing from the clinton camp officially but people out there are saying you know what? this might work for her. she would love to come in and give mr. de blasio a run for his money. she would probably win with polls. why would she win? vanity, hubris. stuart: she would win if she ran. ashley: absolutely. stuart: quickly, time warner, at&t, reports that president-elect trump opposes this on the campaign trail. ashley: concentration of too much power in one area of media. apparently feels that way. his political strategist steve bannon feels the same way bit as well. what is interesting about this, stu, if you look at time warner's stock has gone up 10% since the election. why? there wabelief that the gop is running congress now. they would be more friendly to a
11:57 am
megadeal but apparently according to reports, close to the president-elect, he is against it. stuart: look at your left-hand side of the screen. 8 points higher. 19975. 19,976. doing the math. ashley: 26. stuart: 26 from dow 20,000. the big-name tech stocks as we showed you a moment ago, are beginning to move again, not seeing that for a few weeks but we've got amazon now up 12 bucks. ashley: this is the stay. stuart: only two minutes left of this program. i will miss dow 20,000. 70 points up. 69 points up. 19,969. ashley: back on december 27th, we got to within 25 points. i was act shrewdly paranoid. doing it without you here. stuart: i have an awful feeling we hit 20,000 as i go off the
11:58 am
air. right now i'm ear r cheering this thing on. 19,967. we've been saying this i think ash, for three weeks? ashley: there has been a barrier we had jobs report. not that the economic data has been great. stuart: i have a theory. as you approach one of these benchmark levels, like 20,000, as you approach it you have a lot of algorithms run by big investment houses. they see the approach of investment house, and they sell before you hit that mark. they think the market will selloff as soon as you hit 20,000. so they sell before it hits 20,000. ashley: always the computer's fault. it is true. they did a study all those zeros has a psychological impact of people. frightened across the line. whatever, we're getting close again. stuart: ge, for example, is at 31.70 right now. i have even twitter moving up a
11:59 am
little bit, not not much, folks. facebook up. amazon 793. ashley: financials took a bit of a hit. that is helping move overall averages higher. stuart: i follow etf on the financials, xlf. has a lot of big banks and people in there. ashley: doing okay. stuart: xlf is moving up nyse. they're all combining here. i don't think there is enough juice in this market to get us to 20,000 in the next 45 seconds. that is all i got. we paid big money for the nice fancy graphic. ashley: we blew entire budget. stuart: that goes my.beaupre news. in fact it will be neil cavuto, sitting there eager and waiting
12:00 pm
for 20 k. he thinks it will be during his show. ashley: i can't see him smiling. i can't see him but feel him. stuart: there he is, looking so smug. neil: something going on with the dow? >> stuart: yes, sir. neil: a lot going on here. stuart i think is right when it comes to algorithms something set in stone, once we get close, sell orders kick in or something kicks in. right now 20 of dow 30 stocks are up right now. energy stocks not going along for the ride. that is a separate story. buoyed by employment report, kind of like sort of a perfect goldilocks report. not too strong, not too weak. continue wages of a respectable year for jobs growth. averaging 180,000 jobs per month. continuing trend wall street


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