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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles: good evening i'm charles payne. the acquisitions and denial. and whether they influence the outcome of our election. why are so many losing construction jobs. there is high drama and capitol hill today. the senate hearing.
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providing a backdrop for bipartisan attacks on president-elect donald trump. the democrats they were determined to come out of these hearings. several members of the gop attempted to pit the president elect president-elect against the intelligence community. >> you will be challenged tomorrow by the president-elect. are you okay with being challenged? do you augment? do you think it's appropriate. are you ready for the task. i think so. joining me now to discuss it all. jeff, let me start with you. everybody has an agenda. as you pointed out.
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they do legitimate ties the great wind --dash -- when that they head on election day. from what we all know right now john podesta's e-mail at the dnc a private concern through a phishing e-mail. it's time to change your password. which by the way the word password. so they have no secondary offers. to get into the e-mail. someone is try to get trying to get your e-mail. the election will be there. they can conspire. that is the only plainfield that was playing field that was tilted in the whole
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thing. the mainstream media was that it was versus the intelligence community. he put out a tweet trying to clarify this. he was only sharing information. what do you make of what we saw today. in the circus that we saw today. >> i would say to president-elect trump, welcome to washington. they weren't in favor of the nomination in the first place. what we're doing here is at best a distraction and at worst a very explicit deflection from some of the stuff that we really ought to be focusing on. for example, there are threats from russia. i'm willing to stipulate their
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hacking. they would like to influence everything here. you have that nuclear weapons. charles: would an attempt to influence the election would that be a cause for war should would be sounding the drumbeats of war because of russian hacking. >> on that basis you would say that the israelis have a cause because barack obama tried to influence and overturn their election. it of course is not an act of war. it is an act of hostility and the russians are engaged in a lot of it. they are involved in moving and up. i haven't seen haven't seen since the darkest days of the cold war and maybe it is worse than that. with a we have to look at the big picture not deflected into
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what the democrats and the establishment republicans would rather had. we will talk about the military aspect of this. what i want to speak to right now is the political aspect of this. we know that there were several agendas on full display there including coming out of the game where he was held up not necessarily connected at the hip but felt like there was an insinuation that donald trump was picking him over the intelligence community by smearing him. look, the most underreported story of this entire eight years of obama has been has politicization of intelligence
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there is nothing new. the russians have definitely tried to hack that is new -- that is not new. they were whistleblowers saying hey they are pressuring us to change our analysis to fit the political narrative. they also had purged all of the intelligence reports. they use other words instead of that. they have what they want to push. i think they are embarrassed about having lost the selection. they do not come at this with enhance. also, if there was any
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retaliation after the big hacking. and he have to admit that there wasn't any. we don't do anything about it. they invited all bad actors to put their muscles in any where possible. folks, thank you very much. we appreciate it. imagine if michael jordan scored like hundred 50 points in his last game. the king is going out with a bang. congress is same not now. it's all coming up next. with the xfinity tv app,
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comcast business. built for security. built for business. charles: president obama will not go out quietly. he just dumped a record number of new regulations. i hundred 45 of them since the election. it would cost them billions of dollars. the house republicans pass a bill that would make it easier for them to repeal the new regulations and one and one kelly, i have to tell you something. whatever you think about barack obama he has some nerve. he already hit the economy with hundreds of billions of dollars of regulatory speed bumps that he's going out with a bang. >> he will be the president in more than a generation.
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in his lame duck term. he's issuing about five regulations a day. and 31 of those cost the u.s. economy more than a hundred million dollars. the cost of the u.s. economy a hundred million dollars do you think that should be approved by congress who controls the nations pocketbooks. he is trying to put up as many roadblocks as he can for president-elect donald trump. the last fiscal year ended in october. 97,000 pages by far shattering -- shattering the record. he has not been bashful about this. will this be enough. this is one of the keys. people want to see these regulations a race. they have nothing to do with helping the environment.
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this is where being the recordholder not once but six times during his presidency. it's not a good thing. we are own worst enemy. we have long forgot it what most of them are all about. we are punishing the very things that we want to be rewarded for. we want to be punishing it. and what it's doing is raising prices. on healthcare we simply cannot get out of our own way and for congress to act. this election was about change and change means relief. a little friction the last 24 to 48 hours with the president-elect. some over the intelligence situation.
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i think it was a good thing to see congress finally coming together in my mind they let barack obama walk all over them. republicans are set back and let the president and use all of their power of the american people. these first hundred days are going to be critical. and working to see what kind of muster the congressman had. the senate needs to approve it. and then they need to get on it. repeal all of these is get executive actions. they had 60 days to do it. before the final rules take effect. we need to follow up and hold them accountable. things look good on obama care. that is a good thing because the first 100 days are going to be critical.
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the flipside of that is the use of executive orders by donald trump to counteract this. i know there is a big wish list. how do you see this playing out. on the one hand we were given that. this is the best way to neutralize a lot of these rules that have been put in to place. the one thing that we use in the last it's time for the congress to have a win. it helps if you try to fight back. the rumble over obama care is turning out to an all out war. we will discuss it next. ...why ? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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the republican plan to cut health care would it make america great again it would make america sick again.
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is that what the republicans want to do? >> someday that you won't have a health insurance plan. the battle to repeal. with the law in general. it's really works. it's much less expensive and far better. heather you are a great piece in usa today. if some sort of partial repeal. like they did. the midterm election.
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we look at secondary events that we predicted the collapse of obama care and now it is collapsing. and they have huge increases. but everyone agrees. what about putting it back together again. >> the concern is because of the rules of reconciliation that are in the senate a lot of the people in the senate are concerned that if they do something other than exactly the version of the bill that was passed that they won't get through that process. the problem is it does many good things but it is taking away the subsidies.
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if anything it will make the collapse happen faster and what that article is talking about his understanding they have real problems right now. and spitting it out for them so that nobody else gets hurt and there's some ideas in there about how to make that happen so that nobody does that. the republicans know exactly how to do this and how it should be done house with lee should it be done. i think it was rand paul who said listen, he is technical for anything that doesn't have an immediate replacement set. how do you think this should go. >> i think they should go on. if you repeal obama care now you're not going to get to the breaking point.
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you don't need to rush something through to replace obama care frankly though. one of the things that is been missed in all of this is a new york times for example running the story on all the great benefits that they're getting for from medicaid and the affordable care act what about that. no dr. will take it. they now had to go through their own employer. no one wants to talk about that. those negative downsides. it feels like the democrats are playing the blame game. republicans are not necessarily on the same page. >> i advocate for a full replacement the government limits how many can sell it.
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and the rules are too strict. they can expand it wide open under the plan that i would have no but it nobody would be left out. everybody would be part of a large voluntary association. >> we know that tom price has put it together. he has alternatives ready to go. could they be ready to go so quickly that we can repeal and replace the entire thing in 24 hours? >> with to understand the fact were understood talking about a massive entitlement. they are now dealing with the complexities of how to replace it. tom price has championed putting forward various ideas on how to replace it. two eric's earlier point to continue to hear this by the left because it's president obama and the crowned domestic achievement. they made so many decisions
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based on legacy he wasn't able to get a lot done. a lot of what he did was through executive fiat. and now looking at obama care one of the only things he was able to get done in congress only done on a partisan basis is gonna be undone. he is allowed a stake in doing everything he can. to try to draw the sharp criticism. the strange irony is that they do fix in some form. it's not necessarily the best legacy to leave behind. >> the question then is why are so many losing construction jobs. when a cold calls...
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as after a dvt blood clot,ital >>
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charles: i want you to take a look at this photo. it harkens back to america's history where individual
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innovation -- a photo of a man with a single wrench in his hand and they were revered by the american people. they were the backbone of the economy, and that made them the backbone of the world economy. we had the peak of labor participation for men in december of 1949. 80% of men were in the labor force. today 69% in the workforce. 5,000 viewer jobs in mining, 5,000 fewer jobs in construction, and 9,000 fewer jobs in manufacturing. they have all come down a lot from their own individual piece. you have got to go back to 1979.
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7 million more jobs than we have right now. construction peaked in july of 2006. the nation is in the midst of a building boom. look out the window any city, you are likely to see a crane within plain sight. somewhere in the midst the dwrin should be able to reverse the fortunes of blue collar workers, especially men that built this nation in the first place. paul, what is going on here? how can we turn this around? ultimately i think that's what this election was all about. getting men who work with their hands and get their finger nails dirty back to work. >> i'm seeing people sat work. i go to work every day with a lunch box and i have guys next to me walking on the job site
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with a lunch box. we are building a home, we are in the midst of building a home right now. i get telephone calls for everything from replacing a water heater to a new kitchen to building a kid's room or an addition here and addition there. i don't see this collapse of construction. i see construction coming back. i certainly know? 2006 we were at the top of our game and things fell apart. but i do see things coming back. charles: what about manufacturing? con strowks your point. only a million jobs below the peak and mining has been cut in half. we saw in the last week where ford was going to build a $1.6 billion plant down in mexico. aren't those the kind of jobs that provide wealth and incomes that allow the average man who
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can work with his hands to send his kids to college? >> those answers are for minds far great than mine. the photograph you showed in 1920, there are -- our nation has grown three times that amount. there is three times as many people. and we have become automated in so many things. those jobs that used to be done with a man or woman's hands are now done by a machine. i know we talked about the tech world and all the jobs in the tech world and bank and financial world. at the ends of the day they don't walk home having built something. charles: let me ask you this. another thing i'm hearing to your point, the jobs that are materializing, we are not training them. there is no vocational training. is there something we can do on
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an educational level so there are welders and not a shortage in north dakota? >> yes, we can, and it starts early. let's put down a little bit of the technology and go outside and build something with my father, with my mother and brothers. let's go outside and play. let's put down these worlds that are in our hands and get busy doing something so you can step back and look at it. i built a home in every state in this nation. i was able to walk side by side with kids, and i know, i can see what children look like at the end of a hard day. they are having a great time. and they are able to look back and see what they accomplished. charles: maybe we'll turn that around. i think there is a yearning in this country for that to happen. the dow falling short of 20,000 again.
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charles: it was a compelling session in the market that gives the market resolve. the market came out with determination for a brief period of time. we saw all the major indices create higher. then we saw the largest building gasoline inventories in a year. most market watchers blame the
6:38 pm
downnurnt market on that news. but oil prices didn't collapse. they were up before the session closed. i think it was the cyber hearings on capitol hill. there is obviously going to be political jockeying including efforts to dethey jit mice donald trump's victory. but i think it was the in your face softening by people in trump's own party. but they have to be on board to usher in his grand plans. 2017, the market will get its mojo from pro growth legislation and removal of barriers. it has to move into new jobs and higher wages. the latest deloitte survey is out. the financial officers are
6:39 pm
expecting big things from the donald trump administration. they expect obamacare modifications, infrastructure investment and corporate taxes decline and immigration reform. i have got to start with sandy. that cfo report echos confidence from main stream america and small businesses and industries like the housing industry. >> our optimism index, at 23 points is actually pretty positive. it's a two-year high. if we contrast that to look at company metrics where cfos are predicting revenues and earnings, cap-ex, those aren't as positive.
6:40 pm
charles: i'm thinking in the first 100 days we have to see lower corporate and individual taxes. whatever else the president-elect gets done there will be has to be movement on that. >> 2/3 of cfos expect to see lower taxes and they are starting to bake that into budgeting and planning. charles: employment, it's not rocketing like other parts of the country. certain parts of that report were through the roof. employment judge edged slightly higher. what does it mean for the overall jobs market? >> i feel there is a lot of optimism out there, so i agree with what i'm hearing that we read in the deloitte survey, that there is optimism. but there is still going to be uncertainty. and that's what we are seeing. >> what's it centered around? >> a lot of things.
6:41 pm
not only from a cfo or ceo perspective. they are looking to see what's going to happen with the new administration. what will be the tax cuts and incentives. they are optimistic about hiring, but i don't think they will turn the dial up too fast. they will be conservative. so they are talking about hiring. charles: your clients are asking for more workers right now, aren't they? >> they are. the business i run is more on the professional side. so we work with cfos. we are seeing there is a definite pickup in that business. >> the business that it rinse an energy business. and there is a strong demand coming back. that's where we have seen some of the largest cuts the last two years. that business is starting to pick up. so the demand is there. there is a lot of activity. the other thing i want to mention, we need to start tracking labor participation and
6:42 pm
we are starting to see our applicants start to pick up which means people are getting excited about participating in the workforce, and wanting to apply for jobs. hopefully that's a god thing to your last segment as well. >> there is a bifurcation. professional jobs are picking up. but the men who get their fingernails dirty. we saw hundreds of billions of dollars in construction prongs sidelined. i think that will be good. but ultimately people say it's a 1-2 punch. jobs and wages. they have been on a multi decade swoon, if you will. >> 2/3 of the cfos said that their number one interpret concern is attracting skilled workers to their companies. they also said a like number of 67% said they will have to pay
6:43 pm
those people more money to attract them and retain them. that was a big finding in the survey. charles: joni, i'll see you tomorrow morning with maria. those on capitol hill said it's the angriest they have ever seen paul ryan. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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charles: just 15 days out and we are down to the wire. president obama planning another major batch of pardons. here is the thing. high-profile offenders and they are making strong cases. at least that's what we are
6:47 pm
being hold by the mainstream media. blagojevich, bowe bergdahl, chelsea manning and edward snowden. lisa, i have got to tell you, barack obama has established record on pardons. who knows if some of those names being tossed out there. it's disgusting they would think to put them out there in the first place. >> in regard to the guantanamo bay releases, it's some scary stuff. this is in the name of president obama' legacy. he said he wanted to shut down guantanamo bay. now he's releasing people we are going to see on the battlefield. the recidivism rate is 30%. and we know the individuals
6:48 pm
still there are some of the worst of the worst. one of the mastermind behind 9/11. i think this an example of the failure of president obama and him being so focused on his legacy versus what's in the best interest of americans and our safety. charles: terrorism up 650%. the people still in gitmo, even the administration made a tacit admission they are the worst of the worst of the offenders. >> they want the leap his legacy. some of them tried to engage in domestic bombings inside the united states. and the president is trying to
6:49 pm
consider pardoning bradley manning and bowe bergdahl, and members of his platoon were killed trying to look for him after he ran off to join the taliban. as much as people like barack obama, half the public thinks he will stick around longer. >> the word legacy has been thrown around here. he's really close with the bergdahl family. remember the press conference with the mother and father and they hugged? it felt like they were all victims of the stockholm syndrome. >> the president has the constitutional right to pardon. but it's a leap of faith when the president of the united states starts to hug people who have put this country in harm's way. getting back to what lisa and
6:50 pm
eric talked about with guantanamo. you are talking about the worst of the worse. to put these traitors back in circulation. i think we depend on the president as the leader and commander-in-chief to keep us safe. i think his pardons and come mutations will reflect that. >> even if some of these high profile names aren't selected. we know barack obama's entire presidency was all about fighting the wars of yesteryear. he's already released some prisoners that people are worried about. these aren't all non-violent crime offenders. >> there are some of these individuals, and i believe he has had more come mutations than any president before him. but some of these individuals have firearms violations in connection to their crimes. so there is a safety concern. and security concerns if these
6:51 pm
individuals go out into the streets and commit even worse crimes, these are people that president obama commuted. so that will be politically and damaging to our safety. charles: political ideology above our safety. it crushed our nation. we have another disturbing story. this out of chicago. news now just a few hours ago. prosecutors did charge those four people with kidnapping, hate crime and battery with a deadly weapon after a viral video afford show them torturing a mentally disabled man while shading. speaker paul ryan dropped the hammer on the united nations.
6:52 pm
we'll be right back.
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>> i'm stunned at what happened last month. this government, our government, abandoned our ally israel when she needed us the most. this u.s. security council resolution was not about settlements, and it certainly was not about peace it was about one thing and one thing only, israel's right to exist as a jewish democratic state. it is time to repair it damage done by this misguided hit job at the u.n. charles: that was speaker paul ryan unleashing a fury just moments ago at the united nations and the u.s. for
6:56 pm
criticizing israel settlement plans. it's not binding, but it will be a way of them expression their disappointment. obviously some of the americans were outraged. in israel, they were shocked. >> hopefully the next administration will not allow something further forward at the united nations. the resolution was rhetoric. but it opens the door to economic sanctions and other measures the u.n. body might take. it's incumbent upon the trump administration to make sure at the security council we don't let things like this go forward. charles: 's more than rhetoric it's a wink and a nod to the enemies of israel who happen to
6:57 pm
be enemies of civilization. i think the result of that is emboldening them as if they needed to be emboldened anymore. >> we had a senate hearing on what russia is doing. israel is a solid partner for is. attacks against the iranian centrifuges. a lot of people won't admit it. there was a combination. now you are make them a target for cyber attacks. this has a series of castle kaigd events that aren't good for israel if they are left out there by themselves. charles: israel is a partner of america in many ways and many would say our only true friends in the region. and barack obama threw them under the bus.
6:58 pm
>> i couldn't agree more. when it comes to israel there are two parts to this gore yailings. one part is the settlements, but the other part is the right of return. the right of return, you are talking about a million palestinian refugees, saudi arabia, anne other arab states, and they have refused to give the refugees citizenship and kept them in poverty. so when you have this disenginous resolution that comes out and talked about settlements and ignores the second part of the equation,, it's one-sided. >> peter, the hearings today, there was a lot of political shenanigans going on. there are a lot of political threats that's shot were the most vulnerable as far as cyber
6:59 pm
security is concerned. >> this was just the opening salvo following what we'll find out more. the president-elect will be briefed tomorrow, the president-elect today. and we are sure to find out more information about the allegations of russian hacking and attempts to influence the election. there were some senators, mccain and lindsey graham who were very bothered by this and thought the rtr president's response to russian hacking was quite weak and wanted much, much stronger reaction to what russia did. charles: i think president obama should be more than outraged. this is a chance for him to do one of his quote teachable moments and under court victim is also mentally impaired an could be anyone's son. this is a perfect moment to call
7:00 pm
for an end to racial divide. politicians offen use fear and victimization to maintain their own power. we'll follow up this story in the days ahead. the man himself, lou dobbs, keep it right here the on fox business. lou: the obama administration's efforts to subvert the trump presidency before it begins in testified on capitol hill. obama's highly political intelligence agencies all agree russia intervened in our election. but there is a problem. there was apparent no cyber attack at any level in our elections and the agencies agree not a single vote was altered. >> we have no evidence vote tallies were altered or manipulated in any way?


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