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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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friday. we are going to be taking those ces guests as they come in. "making money" with charles payne is next. [♪] charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. political hopes colliding on capitol hill. president obama and vice president-elect mike pence address troops. >> he admonished the congress to be careful. i reiterated that before the republican conference today. we are talking about people's lives, we are talking about families. charles: speaker paul ryan is trying to reassure the 20
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million americans currently covered by obamacare. >> we don't want to pull the rug out from under people in replacing this law. we want to make sure there is an orderly transition for the families struggling with obamacare. charles: it's the blame game. democratic senator chuck schumer laid into republicans. >> the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare wouldn't make american great again, it would make america sick again. charles: mercedes, there are a lot of different ages here. one is the political angle. i think the democrats are setting up the blame game, but it won't be as easy as repealing and replacing.
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>> i think what we are learning is a lesson of bipartisanship and the importance of having bipartisanship. let's look back when congress passed obamacare in 2006 and it was all democrats who supported obamacare and know republicans on board. so you see the lines have been drawn. there is going to have to be a phase-in of replacing obamacare because the republicans need to get their plan in order. that's one of the biggest problems we are seeing. they have components of this plan, hhs designate tom price said they could have tax credits and state exchanges. but it's a complicated process. it will take time and they will have to deal with the larger components of dismantling
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obamacare through the budget reconciliation process that only requires a majority vote, not 60-plus. charles: i know some apolitical doctors who told me it's sort of embedded. you have 20 million people in this thing. if you have lost your doctor, you have lost your doctor. >> as a physician, i see patients all the time. healthcare has changed a lot over the years. that's a fact. as a primary care doctor, seeing a patient come into my office that never had insurance before who has it now is inspiring. that's what we are talking about with healthcare moving forward. we need to make sure people have accessible and affordable healthcare. >> fam tammy, to that point, it
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would have been more affordable if we've had tort reform and it might have been more affordable if we didn't let the health insurance companies write the law, and as soon as they weren't getting paid, they skipped out. >> there is -- there is no rug to pull out from under anybody. this is like having a car that's a lemon on blocks in your front yard talking about how you will never be able to take a drive again. this is already dead. you might have health insurance, there is no mc. we have a premium that's gone up hundreds of percentage points. you have got deductibles and co-pays. people are choosing to not go to the doctor. they are paying for something they cannot use. there are people on medicare and that's a dynamic that will have to be dealt with.
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but state risk pools can be established. but to say you are making america get sick again, sick of paying for something we can't use because you can't get an appointment because you can't afford koa pay? this is what's going to have to end. the plan that republicans can implement is returning healthcare to the american people. that's not just health insurance, but actual care. >> there is no doubt in my mind the huge premium increases on the eve of the election played a major role in propelling donald trump into the white house. people whose wages weren't inned. they were promised the cost curve would bend lower. >> i thought it was fascinating president obama today said he took responsibility for not messaging better on obamacare. this isn't a messaging problem.
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it's a failure of this policy to work for americans. the fact that americans lost -- many americans lost their jobs. you saw the premiums increase. you saw that taxes rose. more businesses were hiring full time and not part time because of obamacare -- hiring part time instead of full time because of obamacare. charles: so they come -- someone says you are a family physician, you understand this. how do we change the tires on this? it may be slightly more than a lemon on blocks. it's bumping along in a way that makes no one happy. it's ironic to their chuck schumer talk about america getting sick again. when our life expectancy dropped
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last year for the first time in a decade. do you have patients that lost their insurance and couldn't afford your care? >> i had patient who said the affordable care insurance was too expensive for them. to answer your question. we've need affordable and accessible. and those are not the same thing. charles: would you be happy to see tort reform? i don't want you to say anything out of school here. but it's been known that doctors ordered up a whole bunch of tests to cover their legal basis more than the health issues. >> that seems to be a different issue. charles: tort reform wouldn't help this at all? >> you said what do we need to do to change this? >> we have to remember that
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doctor is and patients need to maintain a relationship. we can't forget that and we have to make sure. >> before obamacare 90%. americans were happy with their insurance answer their access. what we were worried about were the poor on the streets. that's where risk pools come in. that could have opened the doors for doctors who want to have access. whether you are on fox news, fox business. everyone was happy, then it's about how do you get those additional people you wanted to see. this was a move to single payer, it had nothing do with being successful. we'll back ourselves up to getting americans healthcare so you have get paid and the person who has insurance has access to you.
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charles: it's the first line of battle in the new administration versus the old. remember when democrats screamed bloody murder about the obstruction of the republicans? wait until you see the new double standard. wow, x1 has netflix?
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on xfinity x1. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. charles: the obstructionist democrats putting forth a last ditch effort to block trump's cabinet picks. jeff sessions is facing the most fierce backlash. me up next guests argues he's a
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white man of the south, deliver's inherently racist. fantastic piece here. you talk about the media and the noose for jeff sessions. explain. >> there are a couple of major organizations, news organizations, that have ex posed themselves as as being ex treesmly left leaning that created a media noose for jeff sessions. they totally disregarded his 20-year record in the senate when he walks across the aisle with the likes of senator teddy kennedy and and others on criminal justice reform and other issues of high concern to any noarmt issues across the country. and he has been a stellar advocate of the rule of law. which is something that separates us from other countries across the world and
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all of human history. we in fact believe in if the rule of law, we believe in the constitution. and so does jeff sessions. as a consequence, safety officials across the board, some civil rights leaders, and all who worked with jeff sessions a have come to his defense in terms advocating hits confirmation. charles: there are some organizations whose power base is steeped in fear, and victimization. but the naacp has become that. they held a sit-in jeff sessions' office suggesting a man who was denied confirmation for a federal job 20 years ago has not changed or not done great things for people all races.
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>> at the end of the day, all you have to do is go to chicago, detroit, cleveland, major urban areas where people are concerned and afraid to come out of their homes after dark. what we need are folks who understand not only the rule of law, but the needs of safety officials, those folks who can make living in our neighborhoods and homes a more safe experience. yes sessions had gone the the endorse many of knowledge law enforcement -- of major law enforcement officials and the country. he understands their needs by has not shrank away from challenging them when it needs to be done. charles: democrats will be the loyal opposition to republicans
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as vice versa. republicans allowed barack obama to fill his cabinet with the folks he wanted without any sort of pushback. not only are we seeing pushback. but we are seeing them dredge up the same old social justice things that americans have rejected. six naacp members were arrested for this stunt it's disappointing in this day and age they can't argue the merits rather than the fears o of yesteryear. get america growing again. here is a guy who demonstrated he loves the american worker. he respects capital and understands in combination with wise policy and disciplined me their year, we can put america back on track, lower crime, and
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and make not only america, but our neighborhood safer. charles: ken, great piece. we'll talk to you soon. coming up, president-elect trump has brought the bully pulpit into the 21st century using twitter like a mythical weapon. will businesses fight back? you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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charles: public shaping, place that white hot spot light on businesses, we are seeing it yield instant results. corporate america and the media, they will get better at that game awell. we saw ford claims it didn't
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blink. president-elect trump gave it auto make ear shout-out showing others you can get out of the dog house as soon as you are put in. it's obvious that the use of twitter has really yield some amazing results for donald trump and the american public thus far. >> every president uses the bully pulpit. we just happen to be in the 21st century and social media is a big part of it. it's whether republicans in congress are going to come together to solve the problems he keeps tweeting about and stop companies from moving overseas and make america a competitive place to do business. charles: some people are saying if you stop moving overseas, america will be a great place to do business.
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>> whether it's in the carrier deal or ford and the gm stuff, trump is using the power of his celebrity and the promise he will be the next president of the united states to force the hand of these major companies who reel at the slightest criticism of regular celebrities. now that president-elect trump is saying fix this, they think this as a public relations nightmare. made in america is the reason they have loyal customers. charles: do you think the use of twitter which the administration says will not stop, can be the ultimate weapon, the modern day bully pull b pulpit that pushese countries around. or is this a flash in the pan? >> talk about government efficiency. he's not even in office.
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all he has to do is tweet. it's just him, boom, tweeting, and he's getting out a message and it's affecting millions of dollars in business so far all for the benefit of the united states. the bully pulpit will be a strong weapon for donald trump. it sends a strong message to to business. charles: where are we going to go then? we know there are a lot of factors involved in all of this. but one thing i did read late today. the mexican media said what happened yesterday with ford changed everything. i believe donald trump will get swift concessions on nafta from mexico and canada, and i think the would-be trade war will be softened up from for our benefit because of the instant success he has had.
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>> the trade war, the risk of trade protection, ford did say they are encouraged by the direction his policies seem to be going in. if we can avoid a trade war by cutting back regulation and controlling government spending. i think you will see more companies choose to stay in the united states because it will be a place where they can succeed in business. charles: the american people will have to vote not just with their wallet, but in other ways as well. it feels like every time donald trump tweet, not only does he have his followers. but pretty soon he will get -- get that @potus handle.
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>> obama has always seen other countries and players around the world as equal partners at the table. but donald trump and others are saying we are the united states, we are exceptional. let's throw our weight around if we have to. he's taking his experience as a negotiator and bringing it to the national stage. charles: $18 billion economy. friction growing between president-elect trump and u.s. intelligence. it has many republicans worried. we'll have a serious conversation about it next. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out.
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charles: donald trump sparking a firestorm after tweeting the intelligence briefing on russia hacking, of delayed, more time. perhaps to build a case. herb. some say because donald trump retwitted about julian
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assange's interview and perhaps that a 14-year-old could have broken into the dnc, he is sides with him against u.s. intelligence, do you see it that way? >> i don't. one thing, the intelligence community has been politicized. you remember mike flynn was forced to resign, largely because he did not agree with the obama positions on intelligence. we have to look at intelligence from a different perspective. i think that donald trump has a obligation to look at intelligence community how they collect information and ththe -- clandestine offices we have abroad. charles: does he have confidence in them. >> people are asked to engage in personal sacrifice for a mission. now they are engaged in a mission that sacrifices for personal gain. there is a different attitude
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that exists in the intelligence world. that does not mean that there are not competent and wonderful people working in intelligence, but there is reason to be suspicious about what information that we've received. charles: on capitol hill, tom cotton -- there was paul ryan, who actually said julian assange is a sycophant for russia. not everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet on this. >> no. should you always question intelligence? yes. are you taught to do that whether you are working operations in the street or whether at top end of the intel community or a politician on capitol hill or the president. you always question the intelligence, you interrogate it and look at you know, we know, you are looking for corroboration, multiple sources, something that is rock solid. the flip side, it is never black and white in the
6:32 pm
intelligence world. a lot of times your intelligence is based on your best informed opinion based on the intelligence you are able to gather because of what is accessible to you, should. so should president-elect be questioning -- intelligence yes. some he be doing it in the way he is right now, absolutely not. >> what is wrong with calling them out? >> in a tweet? in public? show some discipline. show some discipline in what you are doing, this is not difficult. you can accomplish this without what he is doing, turning into a side show, you question your intelligence, i'm not saying you don't, i'm saying, means and method in which do you it, is wrong.
6:33 pm
he has not even got to white house yet. charles: herb, the other side tea people seeing he doing us a favor, american public for most part have been kept in the dark with u.s. intelligence. >> that right, i think this is a public fiasco, it should not be a sucker us, thi circus, this is a circus not made by president-elect trump, it is a circus made by president obama, and democratic party, and julian assange. and media. >> charles, i agree with herb. where this freak show is coming from, it is this administration. it the way they have done it. i will say, you can correct me if you have greater operation alex peoperation alex per yens, but people that i have
6:34 pm
known for years, and know, who are in. >>, they are not politicized. is the top of the organization little bi little bit sizes? i don't know. little bit sizes, i don't know about you people collecting intelligence that are doing analysis, they are not little bilittle bit politicize. i can tell you people out there collecting, and getting that information off of the street, in dangerous places, working, nonstop, to protect this nation, and the constitution, that is not a political machine. charles: i don't think that anyone has beef with the operatives, i think it is higher end where the politicalization has run amuck, perhaps new leadership they need so that work and sacrifice that those men and women are you describing accounts for something.
6:35 pm
>> according to julian assange, john podesta's password was password. >> meanwhile, dow inching closer to 20,000, i am going to break it down for you. check out this video. vice president biden kissing baby days are over, he goes for one last smooch. that little girl got the memo, not having any of it.
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charles: we have just 16 days to go until donald trump isand inaugurated. th cream. it's made with real emu oil, it's non greasy,
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it's a deep penetrating formula that works itself down into your joints. take it from me. it works fast and you won't stink. blue-emu, it works for me it'll work for you. charles: close but no cigar, dow is 58 points away from that mitt -- myth call 20
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thousand, and the boost came from auto industry. we have never seen a run like this in automobile industry, it has been mind boggling that belies broader economic malaise. i will say there have been truths and circumstances with subprime loans and fleet was old, but maybe this party is just getting started. all though factors in place. that was back in 2009. this rally began. guess what. by the way, they had a roa record low sales that month, this year, average age of car 11.6 years. rates are low.
6:40 pm
as wages go up we'll see fewer subprime loans, last mont monjack -- a statement that 1% of ready to party. let's face it the fomc gathering is all about donald trump, fiscal policy mentioned just once in november meeting was mentioned 14 times last month. they are concerned that trump administration has to be able to push through. higher levels household net worth. there is a chance this economy could grow too fast, forcing fed to be more aggressive,
6:41 pm
this is what i read between the lines, but don't worry about it the way, that if they hike rates because we're going fast that is great, i think that fed is excited that we have a president not focused on social justice and wealth distribution but, about growing this economy. kohl's and macy's offer negative sales update for the christmas period, macy's laying off people. i still think that economy is poised for taking off. let's ask the man himself. >> the car market is hot. everything you said is correct. low interest rates, and refresh rate if you want i still there. cars are getting older, all
6:42 pm
metrics are lining up, we should have continued growth in the market, i think that we'll see another couple years of growth, and as long as interest rates don't spike up. they need it. >> federal reserve, fomkrmc meeting those are interesting minutes. janet yellen and ben bernanke could not attack barack obama but we've seen that fiscal -- is not helping, now they see a president-elect who soaking this economy. may fear now risk. >> hawkishness. is they will have to raise rate rates. just to prove they were not pushed by wall street.
6:43 pm
>> they have been flat for so long, and market anticipated them going up for so long. now they say we may have to raise -- worried about how market might react, they have no intention of raising rates, they are not raising them points at a time, they have to wait, to see what the economy does. they have waited for 10 years, tried to get some inflation. charles: let me ask you. this ripple that began late in late summer, pretty obvious we had an economic ripple, do you care if they hike rates again that backdrop? >> it means nothing, it is a positive sign, if they have to raise rates they will never leave, if markets is going higher, they will have that raise rates. they are not going to do that, that means we're doing well, things are moving forward, this is what we need. charles: quickly, you are
6:44 pm
still long and bullish? >> i am more bullish than i have been in a long time. charles: some maserati dealer is licking his chops. >> thank you. >> i have a personal saying, never trust progressionive politicians and sleeping alligators. i have a question, did the tea party win on over i on november 8, tweet me. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people.
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charles: the question is did the tea party win? nancy pelosi talks about tea party how democrats to be like the tea party. it was like a typical class trip until we stop in front of alligator cage.
6:48 pm
supposed to be a natural setting. whole class we were looking at the glass, i glanced over, i saw a door was slightly a jar, i checked it out, and i open that door it put me to gator cage. i tip-toed to gator, they all looked like they were sleeping, i got closer to one, i was going to reach out it went for the kill. i bolled out with my arm in tact. when nancy pelosi suggested that accept accep accept accept won in -- tea party won in november, i am wondering there are wins for tea party, did they get everything they wanted, joining me to discuss. jennie, with you, we know about issues of smaller
6:49 pm
government are we going to dismantes el the department of education. but i am not sure of others. what do you think? >> i think we have best opportunity to do it, than i have seen in many years, i think that i am hopeful that republicans learn the lessons from early 2000s when they controlled white house, senate and congress and did not keep promise. and they keep them this time, i am very encouraged that donald trump ran on many of the,s that we have talked about. securing border, repealing obamacare, smaller government. these are all things. he championed those issues and won in a landslide. charles: to jennie's point, smaller government, i hope smaller by the time he leaves, dismantles the department.
6:50 pm
we know regulations will be put out, and spending limits, can you get other congressmen to curb, that government debt, these are,s that we're still grappling with. >> absolutely, i hope that everyone understands that what donald trump won was a change mandate. that change mandate was not something that happened in 6 weeks before the elections, through the elections, started 6 years ago. in 2010, when tea party said enough is enough. we must change the status quo. not only did they start with congress, they went into state capitals, acountry. and they began to change state government. we own and have more republican governors, and more republican control legislator, we have both chambers of
6:51 pm
congress, and presidency, now is the time to deliver, nancy pelosi, listen to the folks on the east coast, she used middle america as flyover country, what she does not understand that tea party, and freedom loving americans won. because donald trump and others listened. charles: quickly. >> time to act. charles: on social issues. do you care about them as much as perhaps you wen once did. you played a pivotal role, making sure that tea party issues stood front and center even at times you were not popular for doing so. >> i did what i could to support the movement, our organization is grassroots bottom up. charles: do you care about same sex marriage and thing like that right now. >> these issues have never important important to tea party patriots we have individual opinions on them, we have focused on the
6:52 pm
economic issues, we have never taking stances on social issues. charles: and bringing back to youer to the people. i went to tea party evens. -- it was real i think it won november 8 too. >> charles. charles: >> we have to go. >> family research council wants a supreme court to get us back to rule of law. charles: thank you. >> hey, 16 days to inauguration. we'll be right back.
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charles: it's 2017 and we are
6:56 pm
back to work and just 16 days away from when we will make america great again. the president-elect said many times on the campaign trail that he had a three-part agenda, jobs, jobs, jobs. there'll be a focus on infrastructure to focus on border security and immigration. charles: that was vice president-elect mike pence calving down the days in the itinerary for the day after the inauguration but we understand i mentioned this earlier in the show a need for a royal opposition but it sounds like democrats are trying to kneecap donald trump to kneecap donald trump or they can to kneecap donald trump rally candidates cleared 16 days donald trump want to hit the ground running so what's this transformation going to look why? joining me tammy bruce's back in regina louden. regina barack obama off capitol hill trying to rally the troops and i'm not sure exactly what they are going to do but the things i'm hearing sound unfair to the american public who have made their voices loud and clear. >> charles this is a level of
6:57 pm
tone deafness that his trophy worthy and i know the democrats like to give everybody trophy so maybe that's a complement to them. i remember thinking that the g.o.p. was so completely marketing illiterate that i didn't know how they'd ever win an election but it's funny i feel that has slipped. i feel like donald trump been a marketing quiz that he is has led the g.o.p. into brighter days for a marketing perspective to the american people for an agenda of the american people are enthusiastic and excited about and the democrats have no clue and are doing the same thing they did through the election which is losing. >> that's a great point, tammy. they are doubling down on the same tactics, the same ideology and you just have to wonder when are you guys going to wake up in the least of knowledge with the american public is trying to tell you? >> it's interesting they have never been in a position after eight years of barack obama were all of their agenda really was
6:58 pm
aggressively implemented so now they are the point where they are reverting to what they have always done what does talk about amorphous things like let's say climate change we really can't prove but now whether it's obamacare or jobs or the condition of our lives we are in a position because they keep talking as though we don't understand or realize it but now each day we feel the impact come the negative impact of what they have done and this is new for them. we have been kind of quiet for the last eight years. they have enjoyed that. they haven't learned anything and they can't make the adjustment is they have never really been committed to real ideas and real progress so they can't deal with the details of the issues and that's what's harming their ability to deal now with the counterargument with what we are facing in our lives. charles: is one thing gene of this celebrity videos to keep popping up at least the most recent one some people can recognize. this is different because now
6:59 pm
you are from california and you have air colder there who is essentially like a defensive no's tackle or something. his job is to tackle donald trump before the play starts. his job is to disrupt the g.o.p. before the play starts. they are setting up a war room to disrupt the gop's effort before they even get a chance to get him out at the game. >> you know charles between you and i hope he they keep doing what they are doing. i feel like i should be whispering to you right now but what they are doing is losing tactic to the identity politics the toxic complaining is tammy so aptly pointed out for issues that americans aren't even buying. climate change, they didn't sell it. americans didn't buy it. charles: let me stop you for one second gina. we have breaking news at "fox news" learning that president obama is set to receive the russian intelligence briefing as early as tomorrow. what do you make of that?
7:00 pm
>> initially this was being cut off and he made a lot of noise saying why can't i get a briefing now and that's a very good question. we are looking for more proof of what they wanted to show it. this is very important. he deserves to have the breathing. they have been talking two weeks or so they have known. charles: here is lou. lou: president obama introduced us to his high concept of leading from behind in this highly politicized intelligence agencies are following his lead. now cia director john brennan emphasizing patience with this agency as they look for evidence to back up their conclusions and predictions that have been public for weeks. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the report and have not been briefed on it that they wait and see what it is that the intel community is putting forward before they make those judgments. lou: we get into whether anyone should trust o


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