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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FBC  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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melissa: they start to, extent he pursues policies that are antiwomen. david: what bothers me about steve, i did not think he is political but he was part of this, that bothers me. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we will repeal and replace obamacare. >> we will and must repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice. >> we're going to repeal, and replace obamacare. we have no choice. we have no choice. liz: the battle begins, the push to repeal and replace obamacare, president obama making a rare visit to capitol hill to urge democrats to save his signature healthcare law. with that his legacy. but vice president elect mike
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pence also joined in galvanizing republicans to fulfill that trump campaign promise, getting rid of obamacare for good. president-elect trump took to his twitter, blasting obamacare, saying, republicans must be careful. with its poor coverage, massive premium increases, like 116% hike in arizona. also did yo deductibles so high it is practically useless . that is why republicans responded with their announcement they are ready for action. >> been working hand in hand
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with vice president elect with one goal in mind. that is to make sure that president-elect trump can hit the ground running when he takes office on the 20th. we're getting right down to business. this law, has failed. we need to reverse the administration which has been done. >> everything that president obama promised about healthcare, has failed. >> today millions of americans lost a good health care plan they liked and expected to keep, with the dramatic increases in health care costs. >> we're 16 days away from the end of business as usual in washington, d.c., we'll be in the promise keeping business, first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we're really excited about getting to work to restoring those promises made to american people to make america great again. liz: democrats with their response. it is fear mongering.
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the same type of fear mongering that helps democrats pass obamacare, without republican votes in the first place. >> wouldn't make america great again it would make america sick again and lead to chaos. >> a friend o mine said his grandson was diagnosed withly -- leukemia. make america sick again? is that what the republicans want to do. liz: let's take this to former republican congressman, doctor ron paul joining me now. >> thank you. liz: senator schumer and the democrats saying that basically there is -- that the g.o.p. plan will introduce chaos into the system. trump is planning executive actions for obamacare repeal, republicans plan to get an
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obamacare repeal bill on president's desk by february 20. basically do you think that obama's legacy is enough to stop the g.o.p., given that -- last election in. >> i don't think so. i think it is late for him to be worrying about his legacy, there are too many other thing over his head. this medical thing will never go well with his legacy, there is too much tinkering with management, they need to talk about not just replacement but the whole principle who is to deliver services, goods and services in a free country. not the government. so if you just tinker and change management and change the program. why is the government in charge, now 100% essentially of delivering medical care to the people? this is what obamacare did. for a while it was just on the edge, but now it is over whelming, it, it prove its does not work. i don't think that republicans
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have to end obamacare, it will end itself. but they better be prepared to find an alternative, which i think should be found in the marketplace not with just change in management of a government system. liz: dr. paul looking back to some of the promises made about obamacare, like your reaction to it let's roll tame. >> affordable. >> affordable, there is a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> if you like your healthy care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. liz: against this was basically a bill that the democrats passed with no bipartisan deal, it affected all of us in the most intimate of ways and now nancy pelosi
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writing to members, in a dear colleague letter saying that afor ablarkansasthe affordable care act has done successful. who is right? >> you know, what you played there demonstrates why people are so upset with government. i don't think those who defend obamacare, anywhere close to being right. i think it is just, you know you wonder about do they lie on purpose or deceive themselves? this is total nonsense, you pass bills, whether it is true that is probably only true statement we heard with congress, does not read anything it is impossible, you can't understand it, then thousands of pages and thousands of regulations. nobody knows what is going on be in there, she is right, pass it and see what happens, i -- >> i want you your reaction to this bit of irony, connecticut
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democrat senator chris murphy teing reporters that republicans are going to try to rush this through so fast that american public can't see what they will do even though no one read the first bill to begin it right? >> for sure. and it depends on what they want to do, and if you are going to revamp it, and get better management, which i think is impossible, that is complicated, you can't rush it through. i think you could do a couple things. you know like, have right to opt out and deduct your expenses, can you imagine what that would do for millions? and if you have to, continue this process with medicare and medicaid, you could do that but just allow a few people to get out, because they wom would set standard, a lot more people would get out, changing rules on tax deduction and saving accounts, i could do that in one page. and if someone elses want to
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tinker with management or something keep 99% of that, that is not going to work. if yo you can't legalize a lot of freedom legalize a little bit, at least we can send our kids to privateetcasion, and home school our schools, that is what i'm electricking for some freedom to leak into the system. liz: trillion dollars in taxes from obamacare. including that cadillac tax on the expensive plan that yb unions use, why not let insurers compete across state lines, i am sorry we need to move on to next topic. it looks like media may have finally agree with donald trump, house republicans, basely pulling back on a plan that would have gutted a congressional ethics watch dog panel that was launched about 8 years, trump tweeted out criticism of that move by the republicans, and seemed like doctor that media was okay
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with what donald trump did. >> best laid plans. an ambitious to do list witness off rails this opening day of new congress after a tweet from donald trump, president-elect trump's tweet sent g.o.p. lawmaker in full retreat, and damage repair mode. >> president-elect trump sends a message to congress, after late night effort to get rid of an independent ethics board. >> 115th congress open for business, with an abrupt about-face. they have abandoned plans to weaken an ethics panel. liz: is donald trump finally winning over the media? >> i think so on this, and politically trump was right on this, people should look at some of the arguments on both sides of -- >> why does the ethics committee ed an ir an
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ethics panel that branches off. i don't know why you need committees to monitor committees. there are some abuses in that special committee they set up it has not been there forever. i think people who look at both sides, but politically trump is right, and i guess media sort of caught on, this is the thing do you on the first day, because it is so easy to misconstrue, oh, the reblicans don't wanto deal with ethics. maybe they had an -- what a way to have a debate. liz: thank you dr. paul for your time. >> thank you. liz: what is next on donald trump's agenda? possibly trump's wall on the southern border, according to an exclusive report from reuters, something that donald trump has been promising for a long time. >> we're going to build a wall. >> we have a trade deficit
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with mexico, they will pay for the wall, they will be very happy about it. >> by the way, who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. liz: here is what reutters reporting that trump is laying ground work for his wall. that transition team asked department of homeland security to report how much money is available there to build the wall, and ask whether it could expand to facilities and a popular border surveillance program that was scaled back under obama. keo my polital power panel. kevin paul scott, daniela mclauflin joining me, what happened to get mexico to pay for it. >> i don't think if mexico will ever pay, this is crazy, people saying this is a secret thing. there is nothing behind the scenes, donald trump has said from the beginning he wants to
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build a wall, now trying to figure out where funding is going to come from, whether you like donald trump or not, you will see a new way in washington, he said what i promised, i am coming through with, i think he is serious about following through. liz: danielle, a 15% surge in illegal immigration according to homeland security data. 450,000 kicked out, do we need swift action? >> -- president obama -- 2.5 million illegal immigrants, and last year, i think, 500 thousand. i think that is interesting about this wall proposition relates to early statement about obamacare. a difference between campaigning and governing, i think that donald trump will run into logistical problem with the wall. texas for example, about 2000 miles of border, 100 is
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fenced, a lot private property. liz: property rights. >> right, and environmental problems. liz: the other thing, transition team asked homeland security for copies of every executive order that obama,d on this,. -- on the wall. immigration sing he took office, do you think all of president's executive orders on immigration, can -- do you think they could all be undone? >> i think if they could be done with the stroke of a pen they can be undone. i think you will see donald trump look at some of the real failed policies that president obama put in place by executive order, i think this is a great place to start. democrats really have a disconnect with where the american people stand on this, it is showing in their rhetoric right now and their campaign promises and with obama's record over last 8 years, there is just a huge disconnect. liz: thank you.
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>> next up media critics openly ridiculing president obama as the calling him tourist in chief for going to places on what they say his travel bucket list, saying things like he will miss air force 1 most of all. there is this criticism as well, that obama is doing more governing in last couple of weeks than his e entire 8 years in office, back in two.
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criticized for doing more governs in last two weeks than his entire 8 years in office. we go to our little bit political power panel. danielle, this what obama has done, banned oil drilling off of atlanta coast, named over 100 people to sense why are government jobs created environmental monument, commuting sentences of inmates, protecting funds for planned parenthood. you know transfer of detaining from guantanamo bay. danielle, he is leaving behind 20 trillion in national debt. a lot of people are still out of the workforce. >> i president conditio can't problesolve every problem we
5:19 pm
have. >> is he seeing donald trump taking action and getting jobs back in the united states? >> i think that is probably a react there, i think with what donald trump did with what obama did. liz: kevin, critics are calling, president tourist in chief, with his travel duckett -- bucket list and bashing americans over brode. >> this early decision we made, that you are starting to see some restoration of america, there are times that america has showed arrogance and been dismissive. we're still working through our dark periods in our hi
5:20 pm
history. >> we have to acknowledge potentially we made some mistakes, that is how we learn. >> faced with uncertain threat our government made a series of haste i decisions, we went off course. liz: in last year obama called americans lazy, they are not civically engaged. >> when a president president obama looks and frustrated and he does not know why donald trump is president of the united states, he just needs to look back at last 8 years, donald trump is direct result of obama policies and the way he has streete treated americans. i am ready for a barack obama to get out of offers, then he can fulfill his bucket list as a former president. liz: here is what happened with obamacare.
5:21 pm
past on straight line democrat vote. republican were not in on that bill, it was a bill that affected such an intimate part of our lives, then president doing things with his pen and his phone by himself. it seems that trump's victory, and his success getting the businesses home, it is spurs president obama to a flurry of reaction? >> i think you are right, i think that democratic posturing of obamacare, and nancy pelosi saying, you could read it -- that is a big error. but we saw after that, you know, a lot of reporting around idea that republican got together on night of inauguration and decided to block obama at every opportunity. >> but they accepted his cabinet appointments quickly. they did not say we'll block 8
5:22 pm
of obama's cabinet appointments? >> yes, they gave him his cabinet he wanted, the republicans did not embrace all of his policy, barack obama should have walk across the street and spent time on capitol hill, he should have done di dip low -- diplomacy internally. liz: did he do that. >> he did not, no. his policies have been ineffective. american people have rejected it, things are going to be different, like it or not, they will be different. liz: next up, this story for you, a small town in vermont, planning to accept 100 syrian refugees starting today, new documents reveal that the basically elected officials there try to keep this move a secret, we have an angry residence, he is here to speak
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>> i would encourage us to do what vermont has always done, be sensible but open to folks who are suffering. the refugee settlement program in the states has a good track record. liz: for first expected to come this month, mayor christopher lauras, saying this is an economic obligation .
5:27 pm
the trouble it these decisions were made in secret according to new documents. obtained by judicial watch, joining me now, dr. timothy cook, he has lived in rutland his entire life, and he has started a group called rutland forward i. first. >> thank you. liz: what are your concerns? >> well, problem is, that there are a couple of questions you have to ask. why is it that this process was kept in secret? that is one. the other, why was rutland passed over not just once but twice for consideration? >> for what. >> the refugee resettlement program.
5:28 pm
the first answer to first the mayor understood that would be roundly unaccepted by the population of rutland, he is trying to make it a moral equation, but had is not an equation of morality for us, this is mathematics, this is the simple whether or not we can afford to have this program. liz: can you -- can rutland afford it. >> look at demographic, rutland, vermont, most telling things, that 33% of average income comes from public welfare, 33% that is double state average, that is double national average. rutland, environmen vermont welfare is about five points above national average, and average household median income about 25 percent less than the rest of the state,
5:29 pm
less than the rest of the country. and the list goes on. house values are about 50% of what they should be. liz: are you worried about security issues as well. >> not at all, that is never a concern. that will require city funding to i support them. there will be federal money but that lasts just a few months for most of the program, the rest is up to rutland tax paying citizen to foot the bill. liz: doctor what was it kept secret? >> if i could finish my point, it is a bad idea, not a ain' anti-syrian problem. liz: what was it kept secret? >> i believe he understood that most people would push
5:30 pm
back against this. not for any other reason than our city has issues, we have economic issues, we have a drug issue. if you google, you will find a article in "wall street journal," details heroin epidemic in our city. it was because of the drug problem and related crimes problem and because of the economic desperation of the city. if you come to rutland, go to the mall, it is a gues ghost town, every third business property has a for lease or for sale sign on it. i'm trying to understand, you can't rescue a person.
5:31 pm
until you have rescued yourself first. >> doctor -- go ahead. >> finish your point? >> my -- this is like, i mean. >> okay, i don't get on this, like people in rutland are drowning. the mayor is like a lifeguard, but instead of going in and browning drowning citizens he looking on beach to see who else he can throw into riptide. more poor people, and somehow come out of that. federal and state money. benefit from that are invested interests. but that is not going to have -- >> that is get a lot. >> that is not an economic boom, that is a mandate. liz: i hear you, right. >> that does not work.
5:32 pm
liz: all right, dr. timothy cook, rutland, vermont residence thank you. liz: you a will not believe it happened in a walmart in arizona, it left a crash testing suspect dead, police officers injured. wild show you full video of the heroic police officers returning fire. >> there is a another celebrity ad playing race card, urging congress to take action against the free and fair election that just took place, my next guest wonders when celebrities are going to learn that the election was also a judgment against them. >> we demand you oppose him.
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liz: welcome back, hollywood celebrity are back at it, first they tried to get hillary clinton elected, then tried to flip the electoral college against the free and fair election of donald trump. now, they are still going after president-elect trump, in a new video. >> dear members of congress. i'm mad. >> flabbergasted, furious.
5:37 pm
>> concerned for my children. >> i am worried for everyone. >> you represent us in congress, you are your last line of defense. >> for years we ask of our elected officials. >> here is what we demand. >> we need you, we exec expect you to have our backs. >> o on on obstruct anything, that violates our core values as diverse americans. >> majority, majority. of american people. liz: race pimping author, kj radio host kevin jackson. what is racist about getting rid of laws that hurt job growth or what is racist about creating more manufacturing jobs. >> these holly weirdoes, this
5:38 pm
is incredible to wash them, that i want to continue the narrative. it was a hillary clinton post election commercial trying to paint trump as a racist and all these other things, this is ridiculous. what is funny it is -- if given enough time, i think they will demand to see brea brokpresident obama's resume as a president, trump has been more effective in last few weeks as a president-elect trump than president obama has been in 8 years. i tell you one that probably most important is speaks to things they were talking about, they did not talk about anything economic they talked about the social issues donald trump's tweet to rahm emanuel. liz: what is wrong about pushing back on social issues? >> if they push back on social, that were true, it might make a difference. what they are pushing back on
5:39 pm
are themselve, in hollywood you could be most discriminatory you want, i could say, liz, you are too ugly, you are too plaqu black and you leave the offices in tears, nothing happens. he did not say, these are white jobs or black jobs, he created jobs. they were created because they were gone, they are going away. difference between what barack obama does, was said in theory i created jobs because nobody is look anything more, donald trump tells you, i am bringing these jobs in, here is where you can find them. the other point, donald trump did with rahm emanuel, was real. 762 people were killed last year in chicago.
5:40 pm
80% were gang-related. and rahm emanuel saids to his populous, take it on the alley, he does nothing. >> what does that mean? take it to the alley? a lot of african-americans and black people and teens, children were killed in chicago. >> yeah. when there was a young man shot, father who was in a gang, a 12-year-old kid got shot, rahm emanuel did a heartfelt interview saying don't shoot our kids, you gang members take it on the alley, he did not offer a solution, he did not say let's solve the gang problem in chicago by looking for economic and financial means to get these young men back to work, he said, go ahead kill yards, yourselyourselves, just down don't kill the kids, that does not look good for me. how about that tweet, that is
5:41 pm
what hollywood should be addressing, not this. liz: thank you. >> thank you. liz: you will see hero police officers, sliding across floor to shootout, they are protecting walmart shoppers from danger. >> first we have a political game putting americans in danger, trump tweeting out yesterday, halt all guantanamo bay terrorist transfers. but the obama administration just announcing 4 more will be released in next 24 hours. to saudi arabia, my next guest said that president's political gains are putting us in danger, don't go away. >> we're assume that they are going to be out of 4 or 5 or 600 people that get released, a handful of them will be imbittered and still engages in anti-u.s. activities.
5:42 pm
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liz: another parting gift from president obama, this one may put american lives at risk. a new report for gitmo detainees are expected to be transferred to saudi arabia sometime in next 24 hours. final push by president obama to try to shut down that terrorist i did tensio detention center, this just a bay after trump tweeted this out, there should be no further releases from gitmo, these are extremely dangerous people, they should not be allowed back on to the battlefield. retired -- is joining us.
5:46 pm
is this an appropriate move, lieutenant general, give than we saw president obama saying most clinical of way we showed a video of 2015, he does expect some of the gitmo detains to return to the fight. >> liz, why would an american commander in chief release people to the battl battlefield if there is a potential of them going back to the battlefield and attacks us. this is treasonnist, this is aiding and abetting the enemy, when president-elect trump comes in i would challenge chairman joint chiefs of staff and although members that votes to release these people, why have not come out publicly said these people are too dangerous, general kelly said they are all bad people now, we know that, they would have been released years ago if they were not.
5:47 pm
if this president releases 20 more, this is bordering on treason and president should be tried for this. once he is out of office. liz: it is immoral to make our good soldiers fight the same enemy right. >> precisely. liz: i would like your reaction to this stunning surveillance video out of walmart, an exchange of gunfire between two arizona police officers, and a suspect . the two officers were responding to a trespasser call as a local walmart. this seems to have occurred in april. the officers were shot point blank the suspect was killed trying to escape, the officers are okay. we see how cops put their lives on the line. do you think that people out there know danger that the
5:48 pm
officers are in on a daily basis? >> they do not. this administration particularly as ex asker battled this prob -- exacerbated this problem this guess to ferguson it goes to black lives matter, they are going after our cops, that line of blue is being assaulted by this white house. those two cops are lucky to be alive, they did heroic quick reaction to save their own lives, they killed the other one. but there is a perception that has come out of this administration, obama administration, that blue lives don't matter. and that is what has troubled me greatly, it is going to change, we all know that, under president-elect trump. as will the gitmo,. there will be mo more release from gitmo by president-elect trump. they should not be released. liz: lieutenant general thomas mcnerney thank you, and thank you for your service. >> thank you.
5:49 pm
liz: next up, this video is disturbing. toddlers are okay. we brought you this story yesterday, that twin brother, picked up and moved that dresser off of his twin brother. so, the next subject, child proofing fur furniture we have an expert on what you can do. to make sure that never happens to your charge after this, don't go away. ♪
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5:53 pm
aware of importance of protecting their children from dangers in the home, my next guest is a father of twins himself. thomas is a child proofer, therin something like 71 children a day are injured by falling furniture. >> tvs and or furniture. i said, does not matter how many kids are injured before yours. it is not going to matter to you if a dresser falls on your child. you may feel like more of a fool for not doing it. just it is so important. liz: hugh can it be preventd. >> anchor it, it is 101. we've been talking about this for years, i have been in this industry for 20 years now, telling -- we have been on many shows, thank you for
5:54 pm
having us. we have to get word out, but nothing will do to the way this video did it, this is, super -- i am so happy that they are both okay. but this drives it home like nothing else can. >> we don't have time, but, we do have parents of the twins, in the viral video they did, peered on fox news today, let's listen to what they say. that changed to have them change to child proofing. >> bolted down, to the wall. we removed the handles on all of the drawers. and we took latches to the bottom drawer so they can't pull them out and step in them. liz: it soundsl like they -- you say. >> furniture straps.
5:55 pm
there is a campaign by safe kids states anchor it, however you have to do that where a -bracket, to the wall. concrete wall use concrete anchors. they secured drawers could and talk off handles. >> what are some other problems and dangers for children. >> the list goes on. there is window falls, pool safety, there is chemicals, and fire. fire safety, there is just a list that goes on. that you do -- when you have kids life changes. when you have twins it changes times two. liz: i hear that. do you think that manufacturers are liable for dangers like this?
5:56 pm
>> unfortunately no. >> why. >> only way they could prevent this from happening by doing a system they have in file cabinet where just one drawer pulls out at a time. that would cause a great increase in cost of furniture. and like i said, according to the standard, furniture must be sold with a strap, one sad thing, they only include little plastic nylon straps bbut, the ikea furniture tips lawsuit, they were not even used, if they were used there would not be a lawsuit, in my eyes. >> thank you so much safety expert, we'll be right back.
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>> sometimes you just know when you hit a home run.
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friday. we are going to be taking those ces guests as they come in. "making money" with charles payne is next. [♪] charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. political hopes colliding on capitol hill. president obama and vice president-elect mike pence address troops. >> he admonished the congress to be careful. i reiterated that before the republican conference today. we are talking about people's lives, we are talking about families. charles: speaker paul ryan is trying to reassure the 20


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