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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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don't up presume. maybe next week. that's it for us tonight. and we thank you for being with us. ed rollins and steve moore are among our guests be . happy new year. catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. great in the meantime here's the man himself lou dobbs on fox. president-elect trump begins new year working for hard-working americans slamming the brakes on the construction of a new plant in mexico and ford ceo credits donald trump and his progrowth policies. >> when we look at some of the regulatory reforms that he has been talking about that gives us a lot of confidence and this is a vote of confidence that he can deliver on those things. fu also tonight the president-elect making good on promises to run a smart government to drain the swamp. trump insisting house republicans back off their plan to god the office of congressional ethics after a
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storm of criticism. we are joined tonight by the first congress to endorse trump chris collins. he joins me in moments. and crisis in chicago, the president-elect making it clear chicago's runaway violence and record number of murders must and. he insists mayor emanuel stop the killing in chicago. we will have the details. good evening everybody and happy new year year. the 115th congress is now in session with republicans firmly in control of both the house and the senate but that doesn't mean there is agreement across-the-board. house republicans today forced to backtrack on decisioto weaken the independentffice of congressional ethics following public criticism from the president-elect. "fox news" chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight and has the story for us. good evening, mike.
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>> lou good evening two. 115th congress is up and running but there was drama today after president-elect trump criticize an early move which some say is an unforced error by house republicans. last night behind closed doors republican lawmakers voted to reform the outside office of congressional ethics and to consider its rules for the new congress. this morning republican majority leader kevin mccarthy was forced to defend a move he opposed. >> first of all and not in favor of this law. i was not in favor of moving forward in the rules package with the because i that we should take it in a bipartisan manner because there are people on both sides of the aisle that would support these reforms. the ethics committee will still be there. >> the real trouble came this morning the president-elect trump flexes muscle on twitter quote with all the congress has to work or do they really have to make a weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as un one act its priority? focus on tax reform health care and some the other things of far greater importance.
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hashtag drain the swamp. shortly before gaveling in at noon house republicans reversed themselves dropping plans for now on modifying the independent ethics panel. the office of congressional ethics investigated congresswoman maxine waters who was ultimately cleared by the house ethics committee after a three-year investigation into $1 million legal bill for taxpayers. some g.o.p. members called it an unforced error in terms of timing especially since democrats have complaints about the outside group. >> their members to believe -- there need to be some changes but as i said last night i voted yes on this particular amendment because of the oversight language that i thought was a bit ambiguous and needed further clarification. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi pouncing quote reversing their plans to destroy the office of congressional ethics will not obscure their clear contempt for ethics in the people's house. once once again the american people have seen the toxic
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dysfunction of the republican house that will do anything to further their special interest agenda more transparency and undermine the public trust. there was no drama in the vote for house speaker when paul ryan was reelected as expected. he told members this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> of people have given us unified government and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they want results. in terms of delivering results republicans are getting started on repealing obamacare in a hurry. vice president-elect mike pence is due up here in the morning at the same time president obama will be meeting with democrats tried to save it. lou. lou: a lot of action ahead. mike emanuel at capitol hill. her now to talk about the reverse by republicans and how the g.o.p. controlled congress will be working with the trump administration going forward congressman chris collins congressional liaison to the
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trump transition team. congressman, great to see you. happy new year. >> you too lou. this. lou: did somebody forget donald trump's president-elect? >> you know lou donald trump told that they can write out the fire because there's no two ways about it this would have been a bad move to the politics of it would have been awful and you saw nancy pelosi even after got cold jump all over it. donald trump through his defense communicator and god instincts on communicating with the public are so spot on the quite frankly stepping in the way he did in having our conference rerse the action whichas wting to do for this. this was not something we should have been working on on day one so donald trump rally did save the day at the republican conference and i certainly acknowledge that. think most of my other members do as well. so good for donald trump, good for his tweeting and is a member i thank him for making sure this
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wasn't the message over the next three weeks. it would have been the wrong message and it would have put us on the defense if he did us all a big favor. lou: he is doing you lots of favors and has been from at least his election. >> we have united republican party and the unified government there's only one reason that happen, donald j. trump. lou: you are not going to get argument from me. let's turn to this issue of whether it's going to be obamacare for tax cuts as a priority here. donald trump and i think you would agree with me, ran on this mandate and i'm very leery of the word is the thing most americans are. but if there is a mandate at all to discuss here would be donald trump, the president-elect's mandate not that of the house or the speaker of the leadership of either the senate or the house. how comfortable are you with
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that being obamacare repealed that is now apparently the priority? >> well and that is president-elect trump's come he promised we would repeal it in repealor quickly and we will do that beforehand of february starting certainly next week working with the senate on reconciliation. we will move right into tax reform sometime in the march /april timeframe so this is donald trump calling the shots. it is donald trump is said to our leaders the repeal of obamacare has got to be number one. tax reform will be number two and infrastructure may be rolled into that but let's be clear donald trump is setting the priorities. our leadership in congress is responding to those priorities and that's what you are seeing happening so yes sir mr. president elected this is what you want this is what we are going to do and that's the way it should be. lou: congressman, as we sit here right now to what the president-elect accomplish just today a phonecall challenging
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the company had decided to follow a change in direction following his direction, support his policies and advanced their own confidence in those policies by killing the plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in mexico to create several hundred jobs in the plants in michigan and invest $600 million there. these are big moments for president let alone a president-elect. >> he is accomplishing maurice president-elect that obama has done since day one and this is part of our agenda, the trump agenda to get gdp growth at 3% or lower something obama never did accomplish in his eight years. creating new jobs and keeping other jobs from leaving and bringing jobs back that have less periods and all-of-the-above strategy and as we are seeing people know when donald trump says there's going to be repercussions if you move
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jobs offshore, they are getting it now. there will be so good for them. they recognize we are going to have a more accommodating tax policy for corporations which has been needed for a long time so again donald trump as president is doing exactly what america expected him to do and certainly surprising those that were detractors thinking he couldn't get it done. goodness gracious he is not even sworn into office for 17 more days. lou: you mentioned attractors and that's part of history now. certainly there are none that still exist and everybody unanimously behind president-elect trump. >> though clinton is unanimously behind it and obama's behind it hillary. it is shocking still those that are living in denial but you know they are just going to have to get over it. when, who knows?
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i'm still waiting for a hollywood elitists who said they would leave the country. i've been seeing too many of their private jets flying over the ocean. lou: congressman who knows. they have the profound change of heart. congressman chris collins great to have you. the city of chicago is not showing improvement after closing out its deadliest year in over two decades. during the new year's holiday weekend, 55 people were shot, five of them are killed despite a heavy police presents on the streets of chicago. this same weekend a year ago, 42 people were shot and four were killed in chicago. president-elect trump blasted chicago's mayor rome emanuel, trump saying if emanuel can turn the tide on the 762 homicides last year washington needs to step in and that the mayor should ask for federal assistance. as for president obama, he hasn't weighed in on the crisis
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that affects his hometown which has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. for joining the growing list of companies bringing the jobs back to america thanks you president-elect trump. brandy evans joins us in a massive manhunt underway for the terrorist and the deadly istanbul nightclub massacre. it pounded another -- we will bring in the latest here next. were coming right back. were coming right back. stay with us.afoot and light-hed i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. lou: a lot of wins for president-elect trump. he promised a lot of wins. ford announcing its canceling plans for $1.6 billion plant in mexico instead of investing $700 million, i think is that 600 million earlier and in michigan assembly plant client that will create 700 jobs. ford ceo mark beal saying the decision is the direct result of trump's progrowth policies. announcement came hours after mr. trump blasted another carmaker tweeting this. general motors is sending mexican made models of chevy crews to u.s. car dealers tax-free across the border
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making usa payday payday border taxpayer joining us brady evans a former chairman of the republican national lawyers association and so much more. if it's republican randy is all about it. good to have you with us, randy. >> thanks lou and welcome back. lou: thank you very much and have been new year. it's an exciting new year alread >> we missed you. lou: let me turn to the republican congress today. forgetting to talk to donald trump our president-elect about the priorities and moving forward to get rid of the independent office of ethics and then reversing themselves because the president-elect said let's think about this.
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>> lou let me put it this way. lou: i've got to interrupt you already. you say if i'm not going to hear it that way. >> you are going to hear it exactly. donald trump's given home the meaning to be concept of bully pulpit. he was just pointed out to me twitter which is basically the ability to call things the way they are and to make sure the average american is connected to results in washington d.c.. doesn't matter whether it's in a republican republican-controlles which is about to do something or whether it's ford or gm who want to send jobs offshore, he is making the point i am in control. you cross the line and i'm going to call you out. lou: and doing exactly that. at the same time working with corporate america, working with carrier, working with ford and soon it's very clear he will be working with general motors. general motors may not know that yet but they will soon be
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working together and he is demonstrating in a stage earlier than any president in my memory certainly that he is going to be leaving the country precisely this way, this manner in this direction. >> lou if you want to win was the best way to do that? build a team of winners. look at the. he has literally that -- stacked deck that cabin with winners whether on the battlefield are when it comes to stopping government regulation. if you want to win anyone to make america great again you start by putting together a team of winners and boy has he done that. lou: it seems that he is one the hearts and minds of the republican establishment here. i know there has to be residual wariness of donald trump, the president-elect and his policies better going forward. but for now it seems to me from
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all outward signs that actually there is a reproach meant if i can turn to the french with a little help here. what do you think? >> what is better than two have someone who keeps you from doing something completely. there's nothing better except for having a father figure who literally says to you you don't want to touch that still because it's really hot and you're going to give earned her they were going to get hurt. he said that today and to their credit the republican congress actually listened. when is the last time you saw a speaker majority leader for the leadership in the house actually pods, think about it a minute and then change direction? lou: it has been a while and it's going to be interesting to see how quickly we see the repeal of obamacare and its replacement take place
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contemporaneously so that no one is disadvantaged as a result. do you still think that's possible in do you think that's the way it's going to come down? >> i think there are two things that are for certain. he's going to repeal and replace obamacare, please parts of out working and he's going to build a wall. that's what leaders do. leaders tell you what they are going to do, they do it in a tell you what you have done. there will be donald trump. lou: randy avent, good to have you with us as always. for re to vote in tonight's poll. who do you believe further were russian hacking allegations, president obama, julian assange? cast your vote @lou dobbs follow me @lou dobbs on face not follow man instagram @lou dobbs tonight in breaking news now out of turkey or the turkish parliament has voted to extend the government state of emergency powers following this weekend's terrorist attack and is stumbled
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my club as of right now the gunman remains at large. a massive, massive manhunt is underway after the new year's eve assault. 39 people were killed. police so far of not identified the suspect but they did release e video that he apparently took himself. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. on wall street stocks kicking off the new year higher. the dow up 119 points the s&p up 19 the nasdaq up 46-point volume on the big lord 3.7 billion shares. shares of ford by the way up nearly 4% after the carmaker announced that it will create 700 jobs here at home, cancel its plans to build a $1.6 billion factory in mexico after talking at length with donald trump. construction spending by the way hitting the highest level in more than a decade and a
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reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, president-elect trump campaign the numbering in jobs back to america. >> i would tell the head of ford very simply i'm sorry sir but you're going to have to go back to the united states and they will say okay we are not going to build the plants. we are going to build it in new hampshire, we are going to build it someplace else. that's what's going to happen. lou: trumps winning policies the subject of my commentary here next an a little later the reverend graham joins us among sixth faith leaders chosen to pray at trump's inauguration. joins us. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i am! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new but, i don' want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner
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lou: a few thoughts now about our formidable president-elect and his manifest leadership. throughout the campaign donald trump slanted number of america's corporations from making their products in mexico
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to sell in this country whether ford cars or oreo cookies moving production out of this country killing middle-class jobs here to take advantage of more cost labor south of the border. here is presidential candidate donald trump telling voters in july of 2015, a month after he decided to run for president, what he would do about ford. >> i would tell the head of ford very simply i'm sorry sir, but you were going to have to go back to the ed states and then they will say okay we are not going to build the plant. we are going to build it in new hampshire, we are going to build it someplace else. that's what's going to happen. lou: and is what happened today. ford announcing its canceling plans to build a $1.6 billion factory in mexico choosing instead to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in one of the company's michigan factories
11:28 pm
and higher and another 700 american workers. ceo mark fields explained the reasons for the company's change of strategy. he acknowledged trumps election and the policies that improve been produced as a result. as a more positive business environment now and the move is a vote of confidence for the president-elect's economic policies. the president-elect had a very good day, a lot of wins. mr. comes trade agenda getting a boost from usually adversarial big labor none other than the present of afl-cio richard trabuko pledge to work with the white house didn't renegotiate nafta. tromsø winds extending to the swamp known as d.c.. mr. trump sending a clear message to lawmakers that he is in charge now. trump slamming house republicans effort to prioritize a plan to cut the office of congressional ethics. the house republicans reversed themselves and conceded to the
11:29 pm
president-elect leadership on what will be their priorities. donald trump's started delivering big on his promise that americans will be winners again. >> we are going to win so much you may even get tired of whining and you'll say please, please it's too much winning. we can take it anymo. mr. president it's too much and i will say no it isn't. we have to keep winning. lou: whatever you say mr. president-elect. three big victories for the president-elect to date each of big win for the american people. i'm pretty sure we are not going to mind too much all of this winning and when all is done are ready i can't wait to see what mr. trump can do when he takes the oath of office and actually goes on the federal payroll. our quotation of the evening this one from donald trump who said my whole life is about winning. i don't lose often, almost never
11:30 pm
lose. up next julian assange says president obama and the left are lying when they claim russia interfered in our presidential election. >> we can say and we have said repeatedly for the last two months that our source is not the russian government and it is not. ambassador john bolton joins us with his reaction in this tourist right here, where is the tourist? what has the tour is doing it? he is climbing high above malta. we will have his daring adventure for you straight ahead and you will meet him personally, not personally on video.
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lou: wikileaks found were julian assange says the russian government was not the source of the emails in the clinton campaign. assange accuses the white house of having other motives for blaming russia. >> why such dramatic response? the reason is obvious. they are triewtion to delegitimize the trump administration as it goes into the white house. they are trying to say
11:35 pm
president-elect trump is not a legitimate president. lou: you can watch interview on honnity at 10:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. joining me, the former american am balances doer to the united nations. great to see you, happy new year. who do you believe? assange or president obama? >> none of the above. lou: whoa! we didn't put that in the question. puff broken the rules. >> happy new year. as don't trust assange as far as i can throw him. i don't think he will give an honest answer to the question what his stores was. assange denies he received the
11:36 pm
emails from a russian source. but what was his source's source? he's not going to give a categorical denial. lou: it sounded pretty categorical too me. but you are not going to believe anybody on his issue but yourself and we'll have to wait for more empirical evidence to persuade the am bass dover anything on this, so let's move on to a president-elect who is now clearly leading the free world. he's in charge. obama ha has evaporated. he has a final speech on the 10th of janu what is he doing? >> i think what he believes like many in the political pundit class believed, was that hillary clinton would win the election on november 8. he had a whole 2 1/2 months
11:37 pm
worth of activity he was going to put in place to seal his legacy. she wasn't going to roll any of it back. if anything she just extended when she took office and suddenly that was thrown into disarray when trump won. he's in meltdown and he may do additional things, they are worried what may come on is rail after his peace conference on january 15. but basically he is history and it's just a matter of the calendar turning until we actually see it. >> is there anything you can formulate that he could do that would be i ar i -- that would be binding beyond his time in office which is 16 days? >> not in domestic terms. any executive order he signs knowledg --any executive order n
11:38 pm
be reversed. but i worry in the interest national arena. in the french peace conference -- i use that term loosely -- couples with a statement saying there is a palestinian state. it's one more thing we'll have to overcome. they have created a crisis in confidence beyond what already exists. i think it would bring a real confrontation. but it does endanger israel, and i think his vindictiveness sadly we have already seen. >> i know you are not the most objective observ could ask this question. but you are among the brightest and most knowledgeable. is there any reason in the world why the world would regard -- hold any greater regard for --
11:39 pm
for barack obama now considering how he behaved? he has gone well beyond the pale. >> i think that's true. for any country, whatever their position on the middle east. -- in his waning days obama can commit the united states to something different that trump has a view on, they are taking a big risk. obama looked like a positive alternative to george bush to a number of foreign leaders. i think they are belong past the point where they have any illusions about him. i think they are waiting for trump, they don't know what he's going to bring. he's obviously a different kind of president. but there won't be any yearning
11:40 pm
for barack obama. i think he is -- >> that's what the country has been waiting for for some time. >> hallelujah, ambassador, thanks so much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is who do you believe on the russian hacking allegations? the only answers are president obama or julian assange. cast wow vote on twitter @loudobbs. please roll the video. a tourist going to great lengths for a selfie. watch him as he climbs a wobbly tower crane on the island of malta. he makes his way down the long
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arm of the crane. that's less down than it is out. but there it is. my gosh. not a good idea. but what a selfie. i think selfies are overrated. it was a spontaneous idea, said the tourist. spontaneous. somehow i'm quom comforted by the idea he wasn't thinking about this much before he did it. now the 115th congress has its opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare. when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it.
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lou: i'm told reliably there are only 16 days remaining until donald trump's inauguration. house leader vote on a resolution condemning an anti-israel resolutionhat obama refused to vote oh. president obama will give a speech in his hometown of
11:46 pm
chicago. joining me now, we have a new president on the 20th, and his name is donald j. trump. joining me now lee carter and tony sayegh. >> happy new year, lou. lou: what a beginning. as we have talked over the course of a your and a half campaign to see the president-elect leading the country and creating bona fide concrete results is extraordinary. your reaction. >> he had more result as a president-elect than i have seen in 8 years in the obama administration. they said manufacturing jobs
11:47 pm
were lost. now they are coming back. howie: all the candidates who ran against him in the primary and the nonsense and rhetoric and attitude and bomb past, all of that amounts to nothing. he's been this guy reaching to the president-elect as this guy, he has been this man with his talent, his abilities, his intellect, and people still begrudgingly give him credit for what he's already accomplishing. >> and bearing enormous fruit for the forgotten man. the average, hard working american. in youngstown or pennsylvania or wisconsin who for the last 8 years has been marginalized as having any value in our government. you see him using his bully pulpit. but the policies, we know, the market know, companies know,
11:48 pm
donald trump will deregulate, cut taxes, repatriate profits and that's why they are responding from ford to care yert way they are. lou: the head of the afl-cio volunteered to work with the president. here is big labor coming in to say we would like to talk to you about redoing these free trade deals. where was mr. trump during the campaign? he was where a lot of other people were, with someone no longer in the equation. but showing signs to be willing to lead, to work together. and trump beginning to unite the country. >> it's unbelievable, and he's not getting credit for it. he's starting conversations on twitter that need to be had. he's calling out companies moving their jobs to other
11:49 pm
countries saying i'm not going to take that. he's going to call people out on it. we are having coverings he promised he would have, and he's making moves. i think people have to learn this is a new way of communicating. nothing will be swept under the rug with donald trump. >> there is the national left-wing media. part of it is a raisiness. they adopted these antitrump position anti-republican positions. and it easier for them to continue the campaign to open their ears to new words and meaning. it's remarkable. at some point i believe the president-elect will outwork them to the point they are going to have to accede. >> i hope they maintain that posture because they are missing the boat. you see it in every action challenging his republican
11:50 pm
colleagues in the house, ethics reform. a maneuver he felt was ill individuals. and they changed. lou: he didn't say -- was very nice the way he said it. there could be other considerations for priorities like mine. >> he said the agenda, and he won. lou: i'm sorry, we have a hard out coming up. that's what the producers told me. up next the reverend franklin graham is crediting god for donald trump's victory. >> god showed up. he answered the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people across this land that have been praying for this cou if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere.
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biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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lou: we have housekeeping to do here. we asked you, do you believe president obama is trying to box in president-elect trump with his rungs sanctions? 96% of you said you do. sicsix prominent clergy memberse
11:55 pm
slated to be at the inauguration from cardinal timothy dolan to reverend samuel rodriguez. joining me now, one of the faith leaders taking place in donald trump's swearing in ceremony, reverend franklin graham, chairman of the samaritan's purse. lot of attention has been paid to your remarks that you believe donald trump is from as president is the hand of god. >> i went to all state capitals asking people to come pray for our country and pray for whoever the next president would be. we had tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who came out to these capital
11:56 pm
steps. even donald trump. president-elect trump said he thought he was going to lose, looking at the polls. he said that night he rented a small auditorium or hall for his --e thought to be a good-bye speech. but something happened that night. and everybody particularly that -- everybody thought he was going to lose. i think it was the hand of god. god intervened and put his hand on donald trump for some reason. i don't know all god's answers or reasons for these things. but it's obvious there was something behind this and it was more than people understand. and i think it was god who intervened and answered the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people across this country, millions of people have been praying that god would turn this nation in a different direction than it was going, and it's going to turn.
11:57 pm
lou: we can say the is turning. i won't make any judgment about the forces that be or make it possible. but it's powerful stuff. so i'll leave it at that. we are looking at a country in a matter of days that is demonstrating more confidence, there is a different attitude abroad, throughout the country. people have a little more bounce in their step and their chins t it? little higher. >> it's good to see. people are looking for change and hope for the future. they want jobs, they want jobs for their children. the young people in college coming out with degrees want to know there is a job when they come out of college and an opportunity. a future for them. so i think donald trump, he brings it that to the table. he has a vision for america and way it's going to take to get
11:58 pm
america going again. there are a lot of people rooting for him and cheering him on. of course, for peewee praying for him and we'll try to get as many people as we can pray that during this presidency he will look to good and trust god as he directs this nation day to day. lou: i think as you say, most of the country is praying for him, and the rest is just waiting in line to do so, i presume. this country is pretty clear. he succeed, the country succeed, and we want all americans to succeed throughout the campaign. so we are we go. speaking of succeeding. you have built another hospital, samaritan's purse just outside of mosul. is that correct? in iraq? >> that's correct. a mobile hospital we took out there, it landed christmas. it's now set up.
11:59 pm
we have a lot of infrastructure around it to make it where we could use it. we'll open it i think this thursday. we'll take in our first casualities. there is no trauma center in this part of iraq. this will be the only hospital for that entire area of the country. we would appreciate people's prayers. it's a very difficult area. the fighting is intense in mosul as the iraqi army is trying to push isis out and take the city back. there is no place for the soldiers to go when they get wounded in the fighting. lou: congratulations. you have our prayers and we appreciate all you are doing for those folks in iraq. reverend franklin graham. i not will be a splendid inauguration and i would ask for an early advance on the stripture you are planning to share with the country, but i
12:00 am
don't up presume. maybe next week. that's it for us tonight. and we thank you for being with us. ed rollins and steve moore are among our guests tonight. good night from new york. ken report new congress has been sworn in and one of its first orders of business is repealing obamacare. president-elect trump will soon name his pick for the supreme court vacancy. judge napolitano said that maybe his easiest opening to fill. resolutions are almost impossible to keep. it's time to kick off the new year. ready? 3, 2, 1! what's that strange odor wafting out of washington? that's that new car smell.


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