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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 3, 2017 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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there is a lot of good stuff coming our way. we will be back. stuart: whatever you say. we are up 30 points. thank you, one and all. it is yours. "cavuto" how was your christmas? stuart: excellent and happy new year to you all. neil: are you generous with christmas present? stuart: where are you going with this? neil: i know how you feel about shopping which i can't see you opening your wallet. looking for my gift to arrive, nothing. stuart: can you see me biting my lower lip? neil: the best british bill clinton there. thank you, my friend. we are looking at shares of board up 3% on news that $1.6 billion plan idea, $700
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million going to the state of michigan, ford ceo mark fields coming up in a moment. a lot of people are interpreting this because he did talk to donald trump early this morning as a way to curry favor with the incoming president-elect, anyone's guest but the timing be more curious. congress gambling into action, having aside meeting ahead of that and also playing to the tune of the president-elect who is not a fan, trying to water down the so-called ethics committee measure and that has already gotten the wrath of the president-elect who has gone on to say that the gop can as if they feel there is pressure but went on to say this is not the time to do it, that donald trump, quoting from his wes, with all the congress has to work on do they have to make
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weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as unfair as it is. the number one act of priority focusing on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things and now they are meeting presumably need to put off this vote or change the vote or make this go away because it is not carrying favor with their incoming president. peter barnes opening up with a prayer. what are you hearing? >> reporter: the house republicans are having this emergency meeting because of this controversy which has disrupted the opening day ceremonies. they are formally beginning the proceedings, calling the house in session and opening prayer and in the next hour or so, there will be the election for speaker and expect the speaker to be the previous house speaker paul ryan and he is in this meeting trying to damp down the
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controversy over the office of congressional ethics. involving congress around the former lobbyist, under this office, basically the beef. some members are concerned that is not the due process, these tips are unfair and house republicans proposed in the package they are passing later today, and fold this office into the house ethics committee to give it more structure, and on both sides they complained about this office and so republicans, even though paul ryan and majority leader kevin mccarthy personally opposed to doing this at least in this way, they did
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-- members having second thoughts. neil: do you know if they are going to do this, sort of come out the gate swinging and at first sight, pooling it, just reaction to the news in a moment. >> it doesn't sound like the president-elect's office was given a heads up on this. this package is a huge bill filing measure this thick that lays out the rules of procedure for congress, it can become a christmas tree bill, in the provision that would allow them to break the budget caps, they also voted the house republican congress to include this provision on this office of
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ethics because some members were concerned with bob goodlett, chairman of the judiciary committee feel strongly about due process anitics are saying this will hurt whistleblowers and this does not help proposal to drain the swamp that the president-elect has campaigned on. neil: a clumsy start, the congress starting minutes ago keeping an eye on it. thank you very much. two big development spurred by the president-elect, one, complete rejection of the ethics committee role, and watered down or canceled meeting a conference, and for the time being, then there was the issue with ford, the big automaker shelving plans for a
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$1.6 billion operation in mexico, investing $700 billion in michigan, the ford ceo joining me shortly, we are told he had spoken with the president-elect to announce that decision and that prompted this response from donald trump today, instead of driving jobs and well the way america will become the world's great magnet renovation and job creation, the news that ford is going to keep them in the united rates. substantive change, it is going down the road to continue building vehicles in mexico, just not the ones in question. reaction former bush 43 arthur karl rove. what do you make of this? >> i don't have enough information to make of it. major decision like this simply becae they want to placate and
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impress the incoming president of the united states. this is a big decision. $1.6 billion to invest in mexico, no more, $700 million to be invested in michigan and expanding facilities there. big decisions. i doubt politics had much to do with it. the ceo of ford explain it, one of the amazing things to me is the car we are talking about and the facilities they had in mexico, facilities most companies have, their two purposes, they are smaller, less costly cars, they need every cash advantage in making those cars because they are required by efficiency requirements at the department of energy to have a certain mix of small vehicles, medium-sized vehicles and big vehicles but people don't like the little vehicles, the only way to attract them is make them as cheap as possible, the second thing is these plants in mexico, mexico has a better trained to deal with many european
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countries in foreign markets, so good news for michigan, good news for american workers, let's see what the ford ceo explains it as. neil: there are a lot of areas of commonality between the president-elect, in currency manipulation they talk specifically, trade agreements heard the united states for common ground. whatever ford is doing or what gm does when it is criticized for a patch model, the main car by far and overwhelming bestseller in the united states will be made ie united dates, putting pressure on those guys and they have to react to carry good favor.
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>> i hope they don't because i don't want to be in a place where the president of the united states kicks individual pumpkins and pink on the mend get the response. if you are the president, better off having american manufacturing here, if you are apple you want to make your iphone here, if you're a fashion designer closing here, if that is the case, advocate a standard rule of law that applies to every company. i get a little uncomfortable when the president of the united states is picking individual companies not because of bad behavior but because they are operating within the rules established on the statutes of the united states of america today. neil: he is getting a populist tune. something that resonates with voters and cuts across parties and the ceos know that.
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>> i think they do but they are running companies that have to make economic decisions. i hope the president of gm or the president of ford is saying if you want more production in the united states, one of the best things you can do is help us overcome regulatory burdens that require us to offshore production, that is the only way we can get cars so cheap that people want to buy them in order to meet fuel standards for the entire fleet. when you sell, isn't it ironic? you sell a full-sized suv made by gm, increases the necessity of throwing more small cars so the fuel efficiency standards measured by all ford cars, has to average out. neil: to get them to bring down the price of air force one from a 4 $.8 billion contract which ballooned in recent years that that is the way it goes. >> there is no $4.2 billion
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contract with i looked at the air force budget, part of the air force budget for the next 10 years goes for all the support operations that come out of a particular air wing that h air force one plus all the other sources, the military and government dignitaries, not just air force one, it is $1.1 billion and $300 million, $2.9 trillion, $300 billion for military construction, there's no -- neil: much ado about nothing but all the same, the ceo of boeing, whatever, had said we are going to revisit this, look at another deal. referring specifically to air
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force one. and lockheed martin, a tense meeting with the ceo of lockheed. donald trump puts out a wheat to tempt going into coming up with an alternative fighter jet that might come under a more acceptable budget, then with ford, gm. what do you think is going on? >> he is a populist and the protectionist taking these actions to help bring jobs back to the united states in the case of boeing to stop what he things is wasteful spending but the contract with boeing is $117 million to do design and engineering studies working closely with the air force and other security and indications needs. there is no $8.4 billion contract. the ceo of boeing by incoming president of the united states, we want to rush to his office and as for him you will do
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everything you can to keep costs down. i talk to people in boeing over the years, they make virtually nothing on air force one if anything at all. neil: we are learning the president-elect got house republicans to reverse course in congressional ethics, shelving that plan. what do you make of it? >> it is a good move. donald trump, speaker ryan and majority leader from california all in agreement, kevin mccarthy, all in agreement this shouldn't be done. the congressional leaders, bob goodlett is a good man, he feels strongly about law and thinks the office operates in a way that violates fundamental rights but this was not a good way to start the session, the house republican conference is smart to listen to the president-elect ansay we are to think abou
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this into this later. neil: thank you very much. and mark fields with us on news it canceled plans to build a new manufacturing plan, $700 million in the state of michigan, thank you for coming. why did you do this? >> primarily a couple things. we are investing 4 $.5 million in electrified vehicles and producing and introducing 13 electrified vehicles over the next five years and we announced today we would be producing two of those in our facility in flat rock michigan and $700 million creating 700 jobs and the reason we are canceling the plant down in mexico is primarily due to the fact that we were going to build our next generation focus their. we are now going to build it in an existing plant in mexico because we have seen decreasing
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demand in north america for small cars and we don't need the capacity. neil: this has nothing to do with all the criticism you got from donald trump? >> we are doing this based on what is right for our business. we think about the investments in michigan, you can imagine there are a lot of factors, one of the factors we are looking at is a more positive us manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump and progrowth policies that he said he is going to pursue. neil: you talk to him about this today? >> we notified him as well as vice president-elect hence of the announcements we are making today. neil: what are the president-elect say? >> they were pleased we were making these investments in the united states and creating the 700 jobs, building on 28,000 jobs we created over the last
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week 5 years and what we invested over the last week 5 years, they were very pleased we were making a section. neil: would you have done this if donald trump were not elected president? >> absolutely. the cancellation of the plant in mexico is looking at capacity requirements and the investment in michigan are around building our high-tech products, and making flat rock one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities. neil: making the chevrolet cruz sedan in mexico, and the likelihood there would be a showdown, what do you think of that you >> i can't begin to that. we are multinational, our home is in the us, the largest
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producer, and the largest employer of hourly workers and 80% of sales in the us come from vehicles produced in the us. we have to see how some of the trade policies work themselves out but we will engage proactively with president-elect trump and his administration as we have done with many administrations in the past. neil: you said you didn't do this when donald trump was elected president, nevertheless this is something he wanted to see. was there any quid pro quo? did he promise this rush toward fuel economy requirements, onerous and expensive and all the automakers would ease up for the commitment on the part of currency manipulation for those against whom you compete? >> there was no quid pro quo
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because there was no negotiation on this. we do these actions because it is right for our business. neil: did he say i hear what you are saying about currency manipulation and tough fuel economy, i will address that which >> he said that publicly. we are looking at that and that is one of the factors we put into place. we look at the tax and regulatory reforms he has been talking about that gives us a lot of confidence that this is a vote of confidence. neil: what do you think of the way he went after your company, general motors, the way he went after carrier, 800 or so jobs there, we haven't seen a president-elect let alone the president use that type of bully pulpit to get his way, you argue that was not a strong-arm tactic and you are making this decision today but what you think of that
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presidentiolicy? >> when you look at there is nothing wrong i think with a president who is looking to make sure there is a strong and vibrant us economy. we all share that vision and that hope and that reality going forward. in terms of so othe ings president-elect set on the campaign trail about ford clearly we are always going to be out there talking about the facts and making sure we lay those out which we have just as we are doing today and we will continue to do that going forward. neil: thank you very much, happy new year, good seeing you. the ford ceo and president, mark fields. that stock up 3% as we speak, we have more after this. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant.
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neil: a concern and objection to watering down independent office of congressional ethics guess what house republicans have done? they shoved the entire idea, reversing course on getting the ethics panel and keeping it going for now surprises early on in our conversation series that none of this was brought up, what legislative priorities congress would start working on with donald trump to begin with. that shows some pr faux pass on both parties, by that i mean donald trump and the republican congress but it is not going to happen now. what do you make of this? >> very sensible for republicans to do. blindsided by it. neil: what do you make of that but he wasn't fully vetted to give it surprised me they haven't. >> it surprised me as well. as you know there is enormous
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agenda on capitol hill, to jam as much as possible into a short amount of time. neil: formally inaugurated to get a good deal, and the king of leaders right now, they want to get quite a bit done. even before he formally becomes president. in this rough transition period of less than treacy weeks how often do you have this? is this an unusual pace republicans have put on themselves? >> this is unprecedented. typically a congressman coming back after new year's, committee memberships, chairs, it was adjourned until congress was inaugurated, we will see something different this year. debating a budget resolution,
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regulatory rollbacks and the inauguration and beyond. neil: the first hundred days are mythical, historical standards, whatever party is in there has to get a lot done, it will be very busy. barack obama was with his agenda when he had the whole run of the table with the house and senate and the white house under democratic control. will republicans do the same? should they do the same? >> they are going to try to do the same or even more. democrats did not come back and do things before barack obama was inaugurated. we are seeing that now, laying the groundwork him to silence bills after he is inaugurated and the agenda they have after his inauguration is frankly enormous. neil: another tweet coming from
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donald trump, there should be no further releases from gitmo, and the battlefield, all of this happens with president obama promising to empty out gitmo before he leaves office, he is similarly moved to punish the resin and kick out 35 of their diplomats, set up unusual friction between the outgoing administration and the incoming administration the likes of which i have not seen ever. what is going on? >> i am with you. have never seen anything like this, never seen a president-elect openly tangled decisions being made by the sitting president. the unwritten have always been you are not president until you are inaugurated and you will not comment on potential matters until that moment. neil: did president obama, it matters by making such aggressive moves, 180 ° from
12:27 pm
where the incoming president will be? >> i don't think it is unusual. outgoing presidents wants to put their -- typically not in line with their successors because the new party coming in, trying midnight regulations, the whole thing. what is so unusual is the embeddedness of mister trump about what is going on. neil: this issue where president obama, trying democrats to do anything and everything they to keep obamacare, the affordable care act in place and make it very difficult for republicans to repeal and replace as they say they want to do. even republicans -- in the quest to repeal it they won't have something ready to replace it and there is the potential that millions who have this insurance will lose this insurance without big a problem is this going to be for republicans or do they feel so in their dna and get that this is a bad deal that they will swallow that if that is what it takes?
12:28 pm
>> it is a bad law and it is one they have committed to again and again repealing the first chance they get so they will go forward with this. the idea that somehow they will throw everybody off the rolls and leave millions uninsured is wrong. they are going to do it in a deliberate fashion, leave in place what they need to keep in place of things don't smells down and quickly begin working on a replacement plan that builds on what they left in place and gives us more affordable insurance, better individual choices and ability of doctors to treat patients the way they want. democrats are repeating a strategy we have seen with everything they can to stop it but the dynamics we going to change because there are ten democrats up for reelection in states donald trump won and when we get closer to the election and maybe they haven't done their placement yet, there will be a lot of pressure to make sure things are working and improving and it will be hard for them to hold position.
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neil: thank you very much, good catching up with you. happy new year. mitch mcconnell speaking, the senate leader giving his take on this half hour old congress. >> for now i would encourage each of our members who have distance morning to take a moment to celebrate the rich tradition of this day. for those who served last congress you should be proud of what the senate was able to accomplish on behalf of the american people. much more to do now and i will have more to say on that tomorrow. we know the coming days will require hard work and cooperation on both sides. if we work together, we will be able to continue a record of achievement for our constituents, for our states and for our country.
12:30 pm
mister president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. [rollcall vote] neil: this is perfunctory administrative stuff going through the motions, have power to the 115th congress, already stumbled out the gate but they can't be perfect on this end republicans first reign of power which will be trifecta on january 20th with donald trump coming to the white house. and ethics committee, rollback is going to happen but there are plenty of other things they will agree on and they bounce off a president-elect in which they are going to agree and hope to get done before donald trump is sworn in as the next president of the united states was more after this.
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neil: in response to president obama hoping, promising to empty gitmo before he leaves office in two week donald trump immediately tweeteded there should be no further releases from gitmo, neither extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back in the battlefield was former army pilot ambrose smith agrees with that but from everything i can tell the president, fulfilling at least that promise, how doable is that? can the president on his own empty place out completely? >> he is going to do his best before the president-elect
12:35 pm
donald trump's inauguration day. president obama is definitely focused on doing as much as he can prior to that date. i'm happy to see the president-elect tweet out what should be done. terrorists should not leave guantánamo bay, responsible or have killed americans. that is what we are seeing. we have seen donald trump say throughout his campaign and after he won the election that he is going to do what is best for america, releasing terrorists to go back to the battlefield to kill or plan to kill americans, that is for america? no. that is what is best for terrorists and is not what we need out of the leader of the united states of america. neil: the president-elect also disparaged china for not doing more to reign in north korea. he goes on to say north korea stated it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the us. it won't happen. how do you think president trump will make sure it doesn't
12:36 pm
happen? >> china has significant influence over north korea and the fact they have been unwilling to use that influence as leverage to assist the international community with the nuclear rising the korean peninsula is no longer acceptable and that is what donald trump is saying. china has failed in the region to be a responsible leader in terms of promoting a career that doesn't have nuclear capabilities so i think we will see more of donald trump calling out china for their failures, looking the other way to a dangerous nuclear state that north korea is when they do have measures to prevent north korea from doing such. neil: presidents of both parties tried to work the china angle to reign in north korea, whether it isunning nowr later, equally
12:37 pm
unstable, am wonderinif china can't corol it. what do you think? >> china is north korea's biggest trading partner and main source of aid. china can turn that off and north korea supplies china with a lot of coal which provides income for the north korean regime. china and turn that off which would hurt north korea but the reality is china doesn't want to do that. e us and china short-te inrest, the threat that surrounds north korea, the same long-term or china does not want to see the all of the north korean regime or a united korea because that gives the united states more influence in the region which is bad for china which is why they have no incentive to this with north korea and reduce their nuclear
12:38 pm
pabilities. neil: just the trends, string of announcements we have seen from the president-elect who has gotten boeing to revisit an air force one contract, lockheed martin, renegotiating and f 35 contract and tempt boeing to bid for a competitive model. ford's ceo said otherwise to rethink its commitment to building vehicles in mexico, jawboneing gm over that, carrier air conditioner over jobs that were going to go to mexico. what do you make of this? >> really interesting times right now. washington insiders, mainstream media, defense contractors that have these contracts with the government continue to be shocked. everyone going on about how unprecedented this is, they have never seen a president do something like this and that is
12:39 pm
the truth. times are changing. this is a president with a different style of leadership and who isn't going to do the many layers of bureaucracy it usually takes to get something done that is what we have seen from president-elect trump so far as he is going direct to the source to fix these problems and that is exactly why he got elected was americans want a leader who is going to get their hands dirty, get in and speak deeply systemic problems we had through the government and the government being taken advantage of financially in certain situations with defense contracts so this is great news for america. absolutely different and that is what we need. neil: great seeing you again, happy new year. as we were cttinthe voting has begun among house members who will lead them in the next congress, it is likely to be paul ryan, formal vote casting
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verizon and netflix and disney jumping, nike calling that the best, and getting positive comments, disney, a new high, xerox separated officially and has its own digital print technology company, they like that one with cost savings, that is up 15%. neil cavuto after the break.
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neil: donald trump tweeting rahm emanuel should seek federal help with the murder rate had 20 year high, a double digit rate, declining, charlie gasparino reporting the fbi is willing to play a major role to contain the problem or tried to reverse that problem. no indications from mayor rahm emanuel's office. we will keep you posted. in the meantime, we will talk about what the fallout will be here because this is the same place where the president, president obama, will give his farewell blues not too far from where a lot of this gang violence is going on. what du make of it? >> what i would say is the city
12:45 pm
of chicago, a lot of us and even in the nation a lot of blacks, hispanics, we worked hard to put president obama in office and we believe in his statement that he was going to bring hope and change to our communities and that did not happen. the job did not come, investment in communities did not come, things that were expected never came. i find it so interesting that he's coming back to chicago to give a farewell speech but interestingly enough he is not moving back to chicago so i find it -- i am very saddened the president thinks it is okay to come back to chicago and speak when he did not help the inner cities like he promised. neil: donald trump indicated to rahm emanuel they will help. is he just trying to embarrass the mayor or is he talking, charlie gasparino seems to be
12:46 pm
reporting, of a role for the fbi to play to help out rahm emanuel? >> i don't believe he is trying to embarrass the mayor or tyrant the mayor or anything but i believe the president-elect, donald trump, has a heart for the people, especially poor people that he met on the trail. he was on the campaign trail for 18 months meeting people. you got to believe he heard the horror stories of many people in the inner cities who don't have any hope, don't have any dreams because they don't have jobs or proper education or vocational og that coul have been made available through federal funding. i believe the president-elect is very sincere in reaching out to mayor rahm emanuel and i am thankful that rahm emanuel is receptive. neil: we had a guest on earlier, karl rove and douglas holt he can, two republicans who were
12:47 pm
critical of donald trump in this regard, the aggressive posture taken as the president-elect. i raise the same about barack obama recognizing a new administration coming and and making life difficult for him by calling back these russian diplomats. by the aggressive stances he has taken, who is to blame for this growing friction between the guy moving out and the guy moving in? >> what i would say that is one thing we have to stop doing, playing the blame game. the nation is in trouble, the people of america need our president, barack obama, to have a smooth transition for our incoming president-elect donald j trump. we the nation went in and voted for change. we voted for an opportunity for
12:48 pm
the american people who have been left behind with jobs being outsourced, inner cities left behind, no jobs, terrible education, call minors, so many people voted for president-elect donald j trump and i believe president barack obama should be extending the hand of friendship and transitions though our nation can heal so we can come together. neil: he is not doing that. >> i believe it is important we call himut and let him know that we expect him as president, current president to give our president-elect the same smooth transition that bush gave him. i believe he had a great predecessor and how to make sure transition is smooth and he is an intellectual and hopefully enough compassion to do so. neil: i have never seen anything like it. >> god bless you and god bless america, happy new year. neil: the president-elect is
12:49 pm
fond of using twitter. he should stop that. if only. ♪
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ neil: this might be more perfunctory than anything else because they have already settled these matters but the house leadership vote is already underway for democrats and republicans. for democrats it is expected to be large with nancy pelosi continuing the lead, think that is 2006 and 4 republicans expected to be paul ryan even though there was a threat revolt from the house freedom caucus, consisting of 40 very conservative tea party republicans who were angry at
12:53 pm
him and his predecessors were not doing more to reign in bloated government. those threats to both candidates have since evaporated and are expected to be named to leadership positions in the majority and minority, paul ryan, the republican leader and nancy pelosi is democratic leader. we got indications donald trump has been very busy tweeting, 9 different tweets on everything from north korea and china to lecture republicans on an idea to reign in the ethics committee. what he makes of this former communication. i have a feeling it will pick up the pace even as president of the united states. >> it is a good thing. as a journalist i want to hear from the president. he is speaking directly to the american people, that is a good thing which i wish we heard a
12:54 pm
lot more from barack obama that directly, often times filtered through a press shop, president-elect of the united states and president donald trump will be tweeting, the american people deserve to know what does he want to announce. as often as he can communicate with the public is better. neil: this idea of daily press conferences and briefings, surprised to learn is a recent phenomenon. during the day, jfk, they were rare events. if they had news to share they shared it but wasn't in every day sort of drill as it later became it picked up the pace and was gular evt wi watergate in the early 70s, 73 on almost a daily event and finland that way since but no historical precedent that it has to be. how is that going to jive with
12:55 pm
reporters now? it is not. >> reporters are supposed to be representatives of the readers and what we saw in the last election and a massive distressed for the press at large is they haven't been good surrogates of that solemn mission to get information from the government delivered to readers in a way that informs them and make them better citizens and ultimately this press briefing should continue doing the stand interaction with the press is important, constitutionally enshrined for a reason. the press has a role in keeping the president in check but i would hate to see the president just have his own media where he only is tweeting and not interacting with reporters but clearly the press plays an important role and should continue to in president trump administration. neil: do you think he will have it out the press because he feels and sometimes proven out with the stories the press has it out for him and this will be a tense relationship. even more so than during the
12:56 pm
days of nixon? >> the role of the press is supposed to be adversarial to power, your speaking truth to power and draw some things out but at the same time, as we saw during the campaign was totally 1-sided because there was this taste for donald trump and lack of understanding of the voter who supported him. the press is going to have to ask smarter questions in the press briefing too often concentrates on questions that exist in the first two rows of the press briefing and a smart press cretary will spread the field and ask the entire room to solicit quesons from the entire room because you make it interesting questions, something different to talk about then capturing a soundbite on the news of the day. neil: good seeing you again. happy new year. the daily caller editor in chief, we are getting word senator schumer is speaking to democrats on the senate side. sort of prepping folks for the fact that tomorrow's meeting
12:57 pm
with the president, president barack obama, ways and means in which democrats can hang on to obamacare and the affordable care act can be done despite the public and plans to repeal the thing in dismantle it. . .
12:58 pm
. .
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: the dow looked like would make a good run at 20,000. maybe high oil prices and maybe friction between donald trump and ethics committee thing and everything was not peacel in paris. whatever it started giving back a lot of gains. minutes from the fed meeting where might telegraph a little bit of concern about interest rates going up faster, sooner than thought. yet the market sort of hiccupping a little bit from those 130-plus point gains. then we had ford, that stock surging on news it is canceling a $1.6 billion plant in mexico.
1:01 pm
incests 700 million in a michigan facility. jeff flock with all the details on that. hey, jeff? reporter: neil, they get it both ways. they cancel the plant and looks good that donald trump had impact on that. and sending production of the ford fusion to mexico. that hasn't changed. they're sending it to existing plant. that is a winner. you asked him the big question in the interview last hour around i think some people were neil: mr. fields would have done this if donald trump were not elected president. >> yes, absolutely. we, again, the cancellation of the plant in mexico was just really looking at capacity requirents, and the investments here in michigan are around building our high-tech products lear, making flat rock one of our most advanced manufacturing facilities we'll have going forward. >> really? no impact at all? nothing. well, i don't know.
1:02 pm
low oil prices figures to continue under the trump administration. so, that drives down demand at impact. in earls of it regulations and on, automakers have to deal with. he promises to relax these. that will hurt. fuel economy standards, he will relax those. that helps too. i think what mark fields really meant to say, what greg wiler, the ceo, oneweb ceo told this program last week. here is what he said. >> i'm fairly certain there wouldn't be as much in the works without donald trump, without president-elect trump. he is fanning the flames. he is trying to help grow -- he will not build the companies himself but what he wants to do is inspire and create in people to get people motivated to invest and build jobs and seems to be happening.
1:03 pm
>> cruz, trump tweeting about the chevy cruz in mexico. very few cars are made. hatchback is down there. they don't sell any of those. he promise as big tax if you don't make cars in the u.s. reality all the competitors make cars down in mexico. are you going toave a l playinfield not? look at vehicles made primarily in mexico. honda civic, also made in canada. mazda 3 are made in mexico. nissan sentra and toyota corolla made in mississippi but primary in mexico. what will you do, tax the american companies and not foreign companies that bring their cars with cheap labor in mexico? if you tax them all, then what is the cost increase going to be on those vehicles? a complicated question that doesn't get answered in a tweet. we'll see going forward. neil: jeff, i don't want to embarass you, while i was out last week -- reporter: yes you do.
1:04 pm
>> this is compliment and be prepared and be suspicious. talking to person, jeff flock, seems like fairest, nicest guy. neil: i said, are you kidding? reporter: who said that? my mother? neil: very powerful ceo. that is the crowd i kind of hang with. reporter: i wouldn't know, but yeah -- neil: it was praising a group and they thought a lot your work, as do i, my friend. happy new year. thank you very much. happy 2017. >> always. neil: thank you, my friend, happy new year. true statement. why not. another guy widely loved, bush 43 deputy assistant brad blakeman, while i have you speaking here your old boss and first lady are attending the trump inauguration. they didn't vote for them.
1:05 pm
i think they left the presidential ballot blank. jimmy carter is going. bill and hillary clinton are going. bush, sr., is little bit under the weather. he will probably not go. what do you make of that? >> we have a new president, and former members are very exclusive clubs that many of us will never be privy to. as part of that club it requires them to put their country above their personal beliefs. neil: hang on to that. this is what chuck schumer of new york is saying just on that. take a listen. >> doesn't conduct foreign policy by tweet. least of all by flattering putin, after our intelligence agencies have confirmed that russia interfered in our election. conducting foreign policy by tweet, while spurning vital intelligence briefings, that lay out the real emerging threats
1:06 pm
around the world, that should alarm democrats and republicans alike. it is utterly amazing, that a republican colleagues, who have spent years lambasting president obama for not being tough enough on putin, are now, with a few rare exceptions, utterly silent. on this and so many other issues. the president-elect must be held accountable. on both sides. of the aisle. on january 20th, we won't be in reality tv. we'll be in reality. we democrats will make sure government works for every american in reality, not just on tv, and on twitter. so, to those w wonder what the democratic minority will do in 115th congress? the answer is simple, we'll
1:07 pm
fight for our principles, we'll fight for our values and we shall fulfill our solemn constitutional duty, to hold the other branches of congress, of government accountable. to the extent that the president-elect and the republican majority pursue policies that help america and are consistent with our values, we stand ready and willing, to work with them. but, if they propose policies that will hurt americans, deny health care, cut their benefits, unleash irresponsible wall street risk-taking at the expense of consumers, their efforts will crash and break apart like waves upon of rock of the senate minority. that is our challenge. that is our charge, and we rise -- neil: all right.
1:08 pm
so brad blakeman, sorry for that disruption there but illustrates a point. the honeymoon won't last very long. this is the same senator schummer trump intimate has tighter relations and thinks more of than even speaker paulyan. that might have just changed just now, what do you think? >> it might have. this is rhetoric. by the way chuck schumer maybe felt obligated to do that, but when president trump takes office i think you will see president trump making deals. that requires a word been very, i guess, carefully chosen here, washington, that is the word compromise. compromise will come into government because it is in every facet of our lives, our personal lives, business lives and should be in government. if chuck schumer is true to his word, we just heard, we is willing not only to listen but help make america great again where they agree, there will be agreement already made. we've seen it with unions coming
1:09 pm
out on nafta, and on other trade agreements. an on health care, where unlikely allies are starting to form. my advice to congress is, especially the democrats, is give trump the benefit of the doubt because i think you will be pleasantly surprised that you will have a president who will listen to yous. by the way, you might get something out of the deal yourself. neil: but i have a feeling, you're closer to this and i am, brad, rankle republicans and democrats. he owes nothing to republicans, got elected railing against the establishment which included some republicapowefigures cludinmitch mcconnell. i think he is going to have more troubles with mitch mcconnell than he is going to have with chuck schumer, what you do you think? >> as president, he will have a challenge, especially outsider president that doesn't carry political baggage to do with office, that it will be a challenge for both parties in the house and senate. that is where i think trump's
1:10 pm
greatest strength is. he can bring parties together because he closes deals. by the way, neil, we've seen by his cabinet appointment we have very successful americans who are bottom line, fix it people. they built companies, they maintain companies and have profitable companies. that is the type of mentality we need here in washington. we need things fixed. donald trump i think is the perfect guy to do that and bring the parties together in order to accomplish it and american people demand it. neil: brad blakeman, former bush 43 deputy assistant. thank you very much. >> thanks. neil: i want to bring arkansas republican governor asa hutchinson in all of this. governor, we're also getting word of this big pow-wow tomorrow, with president barack obama in waning days in office meeting with democrats to try to do anything and everything to keep the affordable care act alive and well. and find ways to stop republicans from dismantling it. what do you think they will come up with? >> well, first of all president
1:11 pm
obama needs to simply not make any additional foreign policy nouncements,ot make any additional executive orders, let the new administration, initiate their policies that people of america elected them to do. and so when it comes to the affordable care act there is nothing more president obama can or should do. enough damage has been state. from a state's perspective we simply want more control. we want to be able to have broader block grants to manage the medicaid program to create savings and work incentives, that authority we'll manage it well. make sure people have health care but also something we can afford. i'm looking forward to a trump administration that will, with congress repeal the affordable care act and that will move us in a different direction. neil: the process could take some sometime, the meeting, most will be lawyers in the room, i don't know if you're a lawyer,
1:12 pm
governor, mean no offense, come up with ways to make it difficult for republicans to disentangle this thing. what can they do? obviously they want to make it difficult to take apart in whole, so they protect the pieces, right? >> well, obviously if you act, enact new rules and regulations, it takes more time to dismantle those rules and regulations. and so, but it's a little bit late in the hour in order to do that. i think they would be hard-pressed to come up with anything creative they could try to protect the status o. there is enough challenge for change. change is not easy. and so whenever you do away with the affordable care act, you've got to make decisions about the exchanges. you have to make decisions about the expansion, about the middle class subsidy on the exchanges.
1:13 pm
so a lot has to be done to move to a different system. neil: would that take years? do you think that would take years to do? >> well, i mean, in my conversations, some people say we need to have a transition within two years. others say three years is important. from a state perspective i think you could make a transition within two years. it looks to me like the first thing you do is ve the states more broad authority. we need that in arkansas. i went to the obama administration for work requirement. they wouldn't give it to me. for those on the medicaid expansion program. i want to pursue that with the trump administration. more responsibility and those receiving that type of benefit. that is something easy to do in
1:14 pm
a trump administration through a waiver process. neil: we'll watch it closely. governor, happy new year. thank you again. >> thank you. neil: meantime donald trump is casting doubt on all of the intelligence that says russia was behind the hack attacks during our election process. now he is being a little vague here. he is not saying that the country might have had a role but not a sole role. what do you make of that distinction? after this. your insurance company
1:15 pm
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won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualy for a lti-policy discount, vi you money on your car and home coverage. call
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> i want them to be sure. i think it is unfair if they don't know, and i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know. neil: all right. so that is president-elect trump
1:18 pm
not exactly convinced the russians hacked democrats and thereby affected the election results. reaction now to cybersecurity pro david edy, former cia officer, claire lopez. claire, what do you make of what he is saying or intimating there? look, i'm not saying they might not have had a role, but not the role? i think that is what i'm reading into that. what are you? >> well, you know, it is extremely difficult to assign with any certainty attribution for a cyberattack. when we saw the joint analysis report issued by the department of homeland security fbi called grizzly step, last thursday, 29th of december, lacking in any specific details. it is more of a how-to manuel, as sean spicer incoming press secretary for donald trump said, how-to manuel for the dnc to improve its cybersecurity. we don't have much to go on,
1:19 pm
much less in anything in way of how to assign a motivation to the russians or anyone else. neil: david, what are your thoughts on this? what donald trump seems to be saying, he doesn't want anything to get in the way of having a constructive relationship with vladmir putin. he praised putin for not going tit-for-tat and kicking 35 u.s. diplomats out of russia as president obama did with 35 russian diplomats here in the united states. >> yeah. neil: so i'm sure this is part of his thinking, the last thing i want to do is complicate that but does he risk harm to this country with that position? >> well, yes and no. i think if you look at prior relations we've had, china hacked us and stole -- we indicted six people from the peoples liberation army several years ago for hacking into multiple organizations and stealing intellectual property. we didn't impose any sanctions. we had constructive meetings with the chinese to hopefully calm down this.
1:20 pm
knee-jerk reaction today, president obama's administration coming out very lack of detailed report from the report and didn't have any detail with needing what we need to do which is called attribution. what donald trump is saying let's take a step back and look at it. i will caution, intelligence has a high confidence level, meaning coming from the intelligence community that they have a lot of evidence. it is difficult to point to specific country and get the people actually hacking on a keyboard. that is difficult to do. neil: china, claire or working with the north koreans and other countries have done this thing, if you start punishing countries that do, you would have a long list. i guess what i'm asking you, how do we handle it? take president-elect trump out of it, going forward, how do we
1:21 pm
handle countries, eagerly, happily, trying to screw things up with our computers and all of our cyber systems? >> you're absolutely right, neil. there are many countries with capability of conducting cyber attacks. you mentioned china and north koa. i would mention iran. this report called operaon cleaver came out in 2014 detailed iran's very detailed intrusion into our critical infrastructure, oil, gas, water, electricity, telecommunications. neil: they get a pass. iran gets a pass. russia we kick everyone out. >> absolutely right. >> one thing, neil, everybody right now is hacking each other. we hack russia all the time. in fact the president said we have access to the kremlin and other communications, everything else. we admit we hacked russia and iran and china. all this is happening all over the place. there has never been a point where we step back to say, what are the repercussions globally
1:22 pm
if we hack another country or country hacks us, we just impose sanctions which is very dangerous? neil: i want to thank you you both very much. it is wild. who is to blame? thank you. meantime we do know that the republican congress is trying to right itself after stumbling out the gate on ethics thing. not a huge deal, but poorly-commune kated one. republicans control both houses repealing obamacare, they have measure to do just that. aggressive things detailing regulations and tax cuts would could be initiated even before donald trump is officially inaugurated in 2 1/2 weeks. after this. ♪
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
♪ neil: all right, the 115th congress has begun and high expectations it will be fast-moving on big changes, even in the 17 days before donald trump is formally sworn in. to complete the trifecta of republican control the house,
1:26 pm
the senate and of course the white house in his case. part of this is getting 4% growth which would be double what we've been averaging over the last few years. let's get a sense where all of this is going with maya mcginnis, i should say, committee for responsible federal budget. she is worried we're forgetting that little detail. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management and markets and phil flynn who has been watch being oil hopping along. phil, oil is two-year highs here. what is happening there? is it anticipating a pickup in economic activity, today notwithstanding or something else, what do you think? >> no. i think that's a big part of it. there has been a lot of talk about opec. nobody is talking about demand. demand for oil in the united states near a record high. when you look at this oil market, i look at a market feels like it has shackles being lifted off of it.
1:27 pm
it is a sense that the economy really has been held back. you know, for the last four years. and now they're getting ready to run free. and to talk about 4%rowth, we are starting to see that in the oil boom. that is what it is telling us. if we could see that in the united states. i don't think it is out of the question. i think economy has been underperforming because of heavy regulations, bad taxation, and now, with that changing, the markets getting ready to run. i don't think 4% is out of the question. neil: gary, if we get that type of growth and it can be maintained, that is the issue, can it be maintained, we had quarters and jump but can't be stained much longer than that then what? >> that is very simple. profits come up. valuations come down. that means markets have a chance to go even higher at this point in time. i must tell you, can't just be
1:28 pm
mandates and fines and fees and taxes and regs. next year government spending will be $4.1 trillion, up from 3.8 trillion. we can not continue that trajectory. that is major headwind for growth. i'm hoping one time to hear from washington, d.c., federal spending will go down year-over-year. we haven't seen that in decades. hopeful. neil: maya, would 4% growth make enough to make our debt and deficit go away? if we maintain that, could we grow our way out of the huge debt burden? >> we can't grow our way out of it. it would make it a lot easier to fix major fiscal problems we face, but even 4% growth wodn't f the massive debt problems. more importantly i wish we would have 4% growth let's keep realities in mind which is we have a labor market is not growing nearly as fast as the last time we had sustained 4% growth which was in the '60s
1:29 pm
and it is not going to change. neil: that was the vietnam war did that? >> it was baby boomers in prime working years and now they're retiring. in order to have even less growth than that, you need productivity gains, the likes of which we've never seen in this country. so i think we have to be realistic. aspire for higher growth. we have to be realistic of things at that are going to help the fiscal environment, the economic environment, are actually some policy choices on revenue and spending side, not borrowing our way to prosperity but making real policy choices and 4% is a real aggressive goal seems pretty unlikely given the challenges we face. neil: phil flynn, hard to read through the energy markets what they're saying about a 4% goal but most people you talk to say that's, you know, unrealistic, especially given an economy our size, but it doesn't seem wacky to me but what do you think? >> i don't think it is wacky. i don't know if it can be
1:30 pm
maintained for the long run. we could be doing a lot better than we are. listen this, energy boom we're having in the united states with oil and natural gas, it is only begun. it will create a lot of jobs in the future. new technologies on alternative energy, that will be huge. look what happened today. that ford announcement today, i think that's huge. that shows you something that we said was impossible. we can't bring jobs back to detroit. they're going to mexico and china and everywhere else. but that's happening. is it happening because of donald trump? i think it's a big reason because he said it could happen. a lot of times we talk about the economy, we put in undue low expectations on ourself. that is what we've done for the last eight years. we don't believe the private sector can do it, given the right kind of opportunity with taxes and regulations. i think we can. neil: gary real quickly, we're getting word. we'll pursue this later in the show, a republican senator, mike
1:31 pm
enzi is introducing legislation now to effectively repeal obamacare. that is of course a big leap to propose and dispose of a massive program but what if republicans succeeded in doing that, coming up with a leaner, meaner alternative, what do you think? >> for starters there are hidden taxes in obamacare. that goes away. that is money in the pocket of the business for consumer. nothing bad happens. they will have to replace it and take care of 20 million people buying it at this point. i think they will. i got to make one very important point, the psyche of businesses have changed both big and small businesses. if that continues and we see more news about ford and other companies, that is a stark change for what we've seen over the last few years and nothing bad happens when people think more confidentially. that is from small business to big business going forward. neil: guys running out of time with the developments on capitol hill. joe biden in his role as vice president is swearing in a
1:32 pm
lot of new senators who have come to washington. remember this was al gore's role in the tough position after the 2000 election, to do the same. even though shortly after that election he found out he wasn't going to be president of the united states. so he grimaced in a lot of shots. as is joe bide it is constitutional thing we more after this. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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neil: all right. republicans want to dismantle
1:36 pm
the health care law and it's already running into some concern but ahead of that and house leadership vote already underway, reminder we have congressman tim ryan, he is the guy who challenged the nancy pelosi for the democratic leadership in the house who got better than expected following of supporters, many of whom are going to try to rein in the more traditionally liberal efforts of democrats saying that that planted the seeds for the democrats continued fall from grace in washington. he will be my special guest at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. meanwhile the white house is responding to the republican efforts to take apart obamacare, the affordable care acts as it has become known. josh ernest saying it is opportunity tomorrow for the president to try to deal with this, with democratic leaders in the senate and house saying, they're going to be there to counter the state gop objective repealing the affordable care act. so stakes are very high. but the president is rooting and
1:37 pm
looking out for the interests of 22 americans who have signed up for the affordable care act. to tea party patriots president jenny beth martin on all that, what do you think of that? >> the president should be looking out for all americans the past eight years. majority of us never wanted obamacare passed in first place. we have the opportunity to repeal it. it needs to be repealed. insurance rates are too high. we're paying too much for health insurance and not getting quality tient/doctor relationship we need. neil: the way this is being positioned by democrats, don't touch this thing. we can agree on things that we want to keep, like, keeping your kids presumably on the policy a little longer. coverage for preexisting conditions. both sides seem to agree with that. where they lock horns on onerous costs and premium hikes thath pe protections. therein lies the rub. republicans say start over.
1:38 pm
they have a couple of plans out there that call for more state flexibility and freedoms but is that going to protect the millions who have insurance? that is apparently josh earnest saying what the president is worrying about and protecting that? >> i think you can protect the people who have health insurance whether through obamacare and whether through your employer, not in an obamacare policy but policy certainly affected by obamacare since they all have. we can protect that, but the thing we need to be protecting the most is health care and that quality of health care that we're getting. we talk about costs and talk about insurance but we're ignoring the fact that we're losing the doctor-patient relationship. as a mom of twins when i take my kids to the doctor, i worry about making sure they get the care they need and that's what we need to be focused on. the plans need to be centered on the quality of health care, getting the government out of
1:39 pm
the room with the patient and letting us have a relationship with our doctors once again. neil: the difference this time republicans with the house and senate pushing they will have republican in the white house agreeing with what they're doing. when i have to ask thousand he, how long will it take to do it? we're already told, just dismantling phase could take years. in that interim i would assume millions more are signing up? so from 20 million, we could have maybe 30 million, 35 million, it becomes a tougher task, right? >> it needs to be repealed. we need to do everything we can to quickly get off of obamacare, remove the regulations and the mandates both from individuals and al from the insurance companies. that's how you bring costs down. allow there to be more, more choice with health care insurance. allow, allow insurance to cross state lines. and let us have control of our
1:40 pm
insurance, instead of being dependent on our employers to get insurance. if we each are in control of our own insurance and can keep that policy, when we go from job to job and if we move from state to state, we're going to have much better care and that can be done relatively quickly. that's what needs to be happening. those kind of changes need to be happening. neil: jenny beth, good to see you again. tea party patriots cofounder. see what is happening on the floor of the senate. role as vice president of the united states, joe biden taking pictures and swearing in new members. this is something he does for all existing members coming in. it sometimes can be tense, especially if bad words were said by the administration of republicans. roy blunt of missouri and his wife. son and grandson, i don't know. this is an exciting time where some of the new members, existing members, shake hands and vice president wishes them all well.
1:41 pm
this is the vice president's role. it was tough for al gore when he had to do it in 2001. after that long, controversial election it was tough for dick cheney because he had to smile. just a choke. more after this. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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>> i'm hillary vaughn, this is your fox business brief. spacex is ready to launch its falcon 9 rocket again following
1:43 pm
a botched attempt at liftoff this past september. the next mission is scheduled for this sunday if the federal aviation administration gives them the green light. spacex says the initial explosion during prelaunch fueling by a failed vessel in a liquid oxygen tank. it allowed lick question oxygen to accumulate and friction sparked the explosion. they are planning to load rockets with warmer helium and plans to go back to the older method of filling the vessel. that is your fox business brief. now back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:44 pm
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my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> our challenge is too entrenched for mere tweeting. making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america can not afford a twitter presidency. neil: to which donald trump tweeted back, loser! [laughter]. he didn't. i was wrong. [laughter] oh, this is going to be a fun four years. we have "washington examiner"'s alex pappas joining us.
1:46 pm
chuck schumer would not be the first to criticize the president-elect's tweeting ways. will not change as president. what do you make of all this? >> the interesting thing about it there is a lot of speculation about the relationship between schumer and trump, better than you think and better than the clip indicates. neil: i think this is all kabuki theater. i think they will get along just fine. >> two new yorkers. schumer said there are things he can work on with trump, infrastructure, private equity, trade, maybe a couple other things. the other thing about schumer thinking about with one of your prior guests, general my beth martin, schumer will be what it is like to be mitch mcconnell in the age of tea party. schumer will want to work with trump on some issues with common ground, but elizabeth warren, bernie sanders's wing, will not be happy about that. this will be a complete role reversal from 2010. neil: i also get the sense schumer wants to get stuff done, maybe even though democrats
1:47 pm
shaved at republicans who say they blocked president obama at every call, i remember, it was democrats who were criticized for doing that with former president bush. so the blame game goes on and on and through republican and democratic administrations but schumer wants to tally up a record of getting stuff done. now there's a big difference of version stuff he wants to get done and donald trump's, but maybe not as wide a chasm as we think? where do they find common ground? maybe with a lot of infrastructure stuff but that could be costly and doesn't look like donald trump has a way to pay for it. >> funny thing, trump and schumer may have agreement on but not necessarily with conservatives in the rest of congress. they talked about infrastructure. tax reform maybe in terms of carried interest. maybe that is something those two new yorkers could maybe talk about but of course, schumer may want to get stuff done with trump and vice versa but there
1:48 pm
are a number of things trump wants to do with schumer having no interest in doing. we talked about repealing obamacare and first steps some republicans are you can taking care of now. and they will not be able to work with schumer and democrats and use the budget step of reconciliation where you need 50 votes or so to make changes to obamacare, not using or repealing obama care, not putting full vote in front of the house where it would require a 60-vote filibuster-proof majority. neil: which would include a lot of tax cuts under the same major legislation. alex, we're getting word now, this was expected but with the leadership vote going on in both chambers right now for democrats and republicans, paul ryan already secured enough votes to be the house speaker and continue in that role but he will have a devil of a time, i think more with his own party, right? >> yeah, i think so even though i was thinking watching the vote earlier, pretty amazing today was relatively drama-free.
1:49 pm
thinking back to all the times a lot of conservatives were going after john boehner saying they wanted somebody else and thinking about the relationship that paul ryan and donald trump had right before the election where trump was blasting him and ryan said he wasn't going to campaign for him. neil: but that changed, didn't it? prident-elect, paraphrasing, getting along better than chuck schumer. >> it was reported having read that i think that was charming chuck schumer while he was on the phone. trump and ryan are different sort of republicans. they seemed to patch up things a little bit are with donald trump came out after the election and was mad at ryan and you name it get behind some trump supporter in the house, that is what we would be talking about, and he never did. he could have made things difficult for paul ryan. neil: seems pragmatic all said and done.
1:50 pm
alan pappas, "washington examiner" editor, breaking news. thanks, my friend. >> thanks, neil. neil: speaking of paul ryan he is expected to speak very, very shortly. you heard mitch mcconnell saying that and doing that in the senate side. it will be paul ryan's chance on the house side. more after this.
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neil: all right. it is official. paul ryan is going to be serving at least another two years as speaker of the house. he got just enough votes. this is hardly a dramatic development. it was sort of telegraphed a few weeks ago when he fought off a, what was a small brush fire by some in the freedom caucus to try to find a conservative alternative. they never found one they could coalesce around and by and large like the speaker quite a bit. that and improving relations
1:54 pm
about donald trump who said good things about the speaker. he is expected to speak shortly. meantime we have other problems developing. computer outages causing chaos at u.s. customs offices all across the nation. gerri willis with the details on that and whether they're behind us right now. apparently not entirely, right, gerri? >> neil, we don't have answer to the question why this happened. let me give you specifics what did go forward last night between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m., there were 4491 delays. think about that. airplanes coming into the states from all over the world, new york, new york airports, newark, laguardia, jfk, atlanta, miami, some eight major airports in this country experiencing massive delays. people were upset. there was pandemonium. people were crying. they were throwing up. one woman pregnant, apparently her husband said she was bleeding, if you can imagine that.
1:55 pm
lots of shoving and lots of pushing. people concerned, when you think about it, as you come into the country as an american, going back home, standing on the line waiting to be processed, you think, oh, my goodness me, i hope everything goes right. because otherwise you get a knot in yr stomach, right? soots of concerns about this the customs folks didn't have a lot to say because they did put this out, and this is critical, at this time there is no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature. people out there worried, hey, maybe, maybe the customs has been hacked, and that would certainly be a very big problem for this country. i have got to tell you, four hours, holiday weekend, people mightily upset, very, very worried, eight airports affected. we're waiting for chapter and verse why this happened. we don't know that. give you background, neil, sent
1:56 pm
october 2015 same thing happened with department of homeland security computers went down. similar thing. apologized. nothing to be worried about. we'll keep an eye on this for sure. neil? neil: gerri, thank you very, very much, gerri willis. can you imagine flying into or out of this country and you're not moving? all right. nancy pelosi is expected to formally introduce speaker paul ryan. again these are some rituals both parties enjoy and sometimes they get a little bit sort of mechanized here. they're part of our iconic american civil and right now both parties passing the olive branch to each other. in this case, nancy pelosi to paul ryan who say she doesn't agree with on virtually anything. more after this.
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neil: all right. the heft of your screen, we're waiting to hear from speaker paul ryan, as expected, witness
2:00 pm
again put in -- once again put in charge of things on the house floor. joe biden does the swearing in, that is the vice president's role, so a lot of the political tension eases up today, but the battle lines are drawn, and each party is ready to do just that. we've got ashley webster now in for trish regan. sir? ashley: i'm going to swear myself in for the 2 p.m. slot here, neil. neil: excellent. ashley: thank you very much. breaking news, as you just heard, speaker of the house paul ryan will be addressing the house any minute now after officially being reelected just moments ago as house speaker. of course, we'll bring that to you live as soon as it begins. all clapping right there. i am ashley webster, good afternoon, everybody, in for trish regan and "the intelligence report" on this tuesday. the 115th congress, republicans now control both the house and senate and, yes, we'll have a republican president, donald trump, just 17 days from now. mr. trump and the new congress


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