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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> have a good sunday. . >> we begin with fox news alert on new year's massacre as he terror reigns in 2017, welcome to "sunday morning futures" on new year's day i am gregg jarrett for maria bartiromo a deadly attack at nightclub in istanbul turk 39 dead dozens wounded 6 00 people jammed inside in a nightclub with a loan gunman allegedly in santa costume killed a police officer standing guard burst inside, opening fire, the gunman, instinctual at any the loose
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this hour, raising fears more bloodshed on first day of the year could be in store -- live in our bureau with the latest. reporter: gregg, more details this hour in fact at a turkey prime minister said he left the gun behind at scene of this morning's massacre, and attack, at this point a manhunt is under way concerns that this guy my try to pull something else off before -- capture time is of essence attack 1 clone 15 a.m. local time istanbul a newborn in istanbul we stayed there with crew, very busy year particular a lot of bars restaurants right at the base of the bridge, so hundreds of people packed into the club at the time, of the shooting, celebrating new year, now officials say the attacker shot killed a policeman as we mentioned out front up a civilian before storming
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inside the club spraying with gunfire officials say armed with long barreled weapon unclear what exactly that was there have been reports it as ak-47, possibly some other type of assault weapon, waiting for more information about that, but as you also mentioned,, gregg death toll 39 right now, several people critical condition, that number obviously could go up, and about 0 people wounded. and at least 15 of the dead four nationalize arab israeli woman according to officials, turkish prime minister denied reports attacker wearing santa claus outfit but surveillance video shows at one point wearing a santa claus hat, and appears according to officials that he changed clothes once inside the club in order likely to escape was carrying a backpack dressed in black outside the club, you and -- and then changed leaving in hat clothing after that, so
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far, we don't have an identity of him and no group claimed responsibility. but, previous vicious attacks in turkey carried out by isis or kurdish militants, that could change as far as responsibility aspect. today, pope francis condemned the attack in new year's message also other world leaders coming against it including russian president vladimir putin, said that russia stands with turkey in combating terrorism. >> john huddy live thanks very much for more on this turn to wisconsin congressman sean duffy member of the house financial services committee congressman thanks for being with us as you know turkey pattern with u.s. against isis what is your reaction to this massacre that murdered 39 people? >> first you up gregg happy new year, you look at turkey start off with another what appears to be terrorist attack
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in -- becoming far too familiar in america around the world, you our hearts go out to turkish people victims of attack and families, gregg as we look at 2017, i think it is so important that we take relook ways what is happening with global radical islamic terrorists mission to use lone wovls toooo wolves to dille kill innocents we need a breatheer look what kind of human intelligence are we getting on the ground broadcast center has at an a position where we are going to kill with drones -- target george bush was capturing, guantamo bay informationo better engage in the fight we have to think that -- >> additional ground troops, is there an an pate fan ought to for that. >> good point not appetite for
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attacks americans around the world i my america and citizens of the world want strongly -- he having boots on the ground to get bad actors blert intelligence i think there is consensus to make that happen. >> congressman. >> gregg that is not thousands of people tens of thousands of troops on the ground we have specific folks can get in. >> i want to switch to another subject senator john mccain will be holding hearings this week on cia threats and surely to take center stage is the russian hacking what do you expect we're going to learn? >> well i think we have a great of intelligence officers including james, we are going to get information about russia, about hacking the election, but broader risks from foreign entities, not justly government but companies and from our --
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>> i think also greater conversation about what barack obama did in the leadup do the election, what his response was after attacks did he do enough go far now of to show that anyone who engages in attacks, cyberattacks on united states of america strongly held to account what is response -- >> we asked about that that, there are a great many people who believe president obama's punishment retaliation was woefully inadequate. there need stronger sanctions put into place that would actually impose a meaningful cost on russia serve as deterrent. >> we want to let american people see what was taking place what a public information do we have that we can share with them so they can make an analysis on their own many of ussious bad acts
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of russia not just cyberhacking but crimea ukraine syria in georgia we think our response far too light on rush we have to strengthen it i think a consensus we've to do more to deter russia from these acts i also think going to be interesting to see how panel in senate talked about was russia trying to mess with elections or just trying to help donald trump -- an interesting point coming out, and we're not quite sure what they are going to say. >> i want -- president-elect trump has been dismissive of the russian hacking at first said he did not believe that it happened or that they did it. and then he said well it is time to move on, he tweeted that he said that on camera. but are you concerned that he is not taking they seriously enough? >> well, two points, one he is going to meet with intelligence committee this week might have a different
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opinion. >> in regard to cyberhacking a day after elections said going to instruct pentagon joint chiefs of staff, to come together, to develop a plan to protect american interests from hacking so he understands the threat this is, i think he might have a different more informed opinion once he gets the intelligent brief, i think what donald trump's main pushback has been, is that democrats are trying to undermine his win november 8 because russia hacking was trying to help donald trump take away from victory, one in wisconsin michigan ohio pennsylvania not that russia trying to influence the outcome. >> there is a subset to all of this, because president-elect trump continues to refuse to he lease tax returns we don't know what ties are to i russian government russian businesses that may be linked
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to you russian government does that cause you concern? that this new president may be in some ways beholden to vladimir putin or russian government that may shade his view of foreign policy and our relations with russia? >> i look what donald trump has done in business in his campaign whee is going to do for emotioning. i believe donald trump is going to put america first american interests first, and if vladimir putin rush abs think that donald trump is going to be a a friend and ally, i think they are going to be mistaken if they are going to do bad things around the world or engage in cyberhacking or cyberwarfare with united states of america there is going to be a new cowboy in the oval office i don't think going to take that from not just russia china or any other foreign interest trying to attack america. >> doesn't bother you?
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>> donald trump's praising of vladimir putin doesn't bofrt bofrt you? >> one week praising week before saying we are going to strengthen our governments going to modernize nuclear weaponry if russia wants to engage in arms risk have at it donald trump is being somewhat unpredictable some say trying to say things about donald trump to bring him closer i think the opposite might be true donald trump might be playing russia saying positive things about vladimir putin again, one thing we know with donald trump likeso keep adversaries off balance one thing about donald trump he loves america he wants to grow our economy make -- going to put us first, and if that means, having strong stance against russia going to do that -- going back to first
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part of your story -- is the russia united states of america other allies have to work together to defeat radical rising threat of islam carry the same interests we do defeating terrorists that is one place we agree on a lot of other places we will disagree on. >> russian propping up assad isn't exactly helping isis. >> no but -- >> they have you their own -- >> you are talk he go syria specifically obviously we have some concerns about the role in syria but they do have their own concerns about terrorism, and radical -- in their country like we have in ours i think they have a desire to defeat that if you want to look at russia, russia is parting with assad against isis, again we do stand for -- want to defeat them if they share that same goal, join,
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and crush this rising threat if you can take him out in middle east, when you start to stop the -- the -- the mobilization of these -- loan actors in america, turkey as well what appears in turkey he loan actor taking innocent lives. >> congressmsunday a duffy than being with us happy new year. >> happy new year to you gregg. >> president-elect donald trump jam-packed agenda will congress get onboard with his plans when it gets back to work, this week? we will talk to be a number of we will talk to be a number of to a member of the trumpmpmpmpmp achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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. >> gregg: president-elect donald trump congress ready to roll up sleeves as they map out agenda mr. trump sending out a curious new year's greeting to friends and foes tweeting -- happy new year to all including my many enemies, and those who have fought me last so badly they just don't know what to do, love. >> congressman chris collins congressional liaison for the trump transition people and always good to talk to you, a couple maybe -- a race and others on the other hand, it will may strike people as
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rather petty that this is classic donald trump can't seem to get over, anybody who dares to disagree with him how do you see it. >> i think this is donald trump being donald trump having a little fun. opec at barack obama and hillary clinton, last week barack obama saying ridiculous things like if he had run in a third term, he would have beaten donald trump in fact, he campaigned for hillary said it was his legacy that was on the line, if he got o hillary clinton saying i won particular vote my wife was a you ballroom dancer counts for "dancing with the stars", it does not count for the presidency of the united states, so we will give her mirabal trophy they can't get over it pointing to russian stipulate the hack by the russians when others have said
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there itself no proof would have changed election donald trump sure poking back at sor losers. >> it was enteaining, what is not entertaining to the media is that he hasn't held a news conference since july. keeps promising to hold one, but he hasn't done it, promised other things he hasn't done it he promised to hold a news briefing about avoiding conflicts of interest with businesses then, of course, canceled it, why not face the media for something longer than just you know two or three minutes sound bytes? >> well, let's face it, president-elect trump hassing his own way of communicating with america putting america first voters first sure part of that is tweeting out, and having other folks you know, relay the you've never seen anyone working harder than donald j. trump through this transition there is no love lot of between donald trump
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and let's call it media twisted exaggerated many things he said leave to him. >> you know as well as i do when there is a news briefing, where reporters get to ask questions that is a method of holding the president-elect comfortab accountable for actions, promising why not face that. >> i can't speak for president-elect trump you know why he does what he does, but i can tell you america certainly voted -- trust him i am. >> would you encourage him? you are on his transition team. >> no frankly, again, i would with all due respect to anyone never suggest to donald trump how to communicate with the country. >> yeah. >> his supporters are actually quite believed i think what you really got is continued
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liberal media that want to kind of cast a pale on his victory and question it they just want to get him and pound away at who knows what -- >>. gregg: maybe he doesn't want to answer uncomfortable questions. >> these questions though go beyond the pale. that is the issue we can talk about cyberhacking all day
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into allowing turkish trps to move down south into syria to block the kurds from uniting east-west. the quid pro quo on that was the turks not getting all bleeped up and allowing the sod regime and militias to finish cleaning out eastern aleppo >> with every attack and there were many isis terror attacks abroad last year, we are reminded of the fight against isis. does it underscore that president obama's strategy in the war against isis has been working? >> it hasn't been andturkey is an allyof the united states as you pointed out earlier. it's a significant nato member and the turks, the united states , saudi's , qatar and jordanhave been allied in this fight and recently the turks decided the way to get a deal cut was to deal with the russians . so they are working for their own best interests at, as all
6:36 pm
nations do but in this case the united states wasn't even invitedto the party. they were part of the talks and talks that are going to happen in to thecapital in january, the united states is
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that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday, wednesday. >> donald trump and his skepticism about russia's role in hacking the presidential election. mr. trump expected to meet with intelligence officials to learn more about the allegations against moscow. this does president obama rolled out new sanctions and expelled russian diplomats. adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for the prize-winning author and journalist, fox news contributor. please have me in haworth with us. congressman for new york's 19
6:43 pm
district. we'll start with you since you are new to us here. it's a great pleasure to have you here. >> a real pleasure to be here. >> what you make of that comment we played a donald tru,hat it sys about the view of american cybersecurity? >> we like it to be much more confident, obviously. let's look at this verse from the standpoint of what president obama has just done. recently, he has expelled russian diplomats for the sake of an embarrassment, essentially the fee was caught, if you will. they have been warned by the fbi many times. september 2015. ignore them. they were sloppy. same with john podesta sat there they yielded to an e-mail. that is not the federal government failing to do its job. so this is a real issue that president trump needs to
6:44 pm
address. let's not forget president obama is doing something strictly political. >> as any politician ever do anything else? i'm the one hand, trump is touting security of our computer systems. on the other hand, he continues to doubt that the russian hatch their computer system. how does that make sense? >> i don't think it does. he will use the opportunity if he is wise because it is not inclined to alienate the people on whom you are going to depend for your intelligence and also they have a way of undermining president should they choose to do so. i think it's going to use that meeting of the next is to back away from this assertion that we don't know who did this. i think the issue and what we don't know is that the russians were trying to accomplish. i mean, when you have 17 intelligence agencies say yes we think we can show you that it is russian, the motive is more complex. the book, the intelligence
6:45 pm
community has been wrong before so i'm going to keep an open mind. i bet donald trump will have to backtrack from this claim that we don't know who did this. >> president obama promised he was going to be tough and proportional to the russian hockey and in his retaliation. that was serious. it was like playground taunting. >> and. >> and out of crimea while you're at it. that worked out well. >> even a top democrat in the u.s. senate. ben cardin, foreign relations committee said this is an adequate response by president tron. he called for enhanced sanctions. what does it say about the end of your presidency when even democrats are ripping you for being weak. >> of course president obama now knows what it is like to feel like a lame duck. he has conducted his presidency in a way that is made our enemies not fear us, not respect us and make our friends down to as few president elect trampled
6:46 pm
presents a much more potent face to the world and not necessarily -- i don't think it will be a monopoly face. it will be a face like president reagan. >> the biggest criticism of obama was he takes her effort to make a decision. donald trump seems to be the polar opposite. he said i know a lot about hacking. hacking is hard to prove so it could be something else that m be true but 17 u.s. intelligence agencies and the fbi all agree if the russians we have the evidence of it. that's pretty hard to ignore for president elect. >> well, that is where i think he will reassess and he will have a different position after that intelligence briefing. that is why the intelligence community has wanted to have his daily briefings which he has refused. he says he doesn't need them. i don't know what to expect from
6:47 pm
donald trump yet i don't think anybody knows. but i do wonder what will happen and what he will do the first time his good idea, vladimir putin decides to cross the line and do some days he doesn't like. >> a appear to be buddy buddy. i want to ask you about that. zero i asked another congressman serving earlier this hour. are you a little bit concerned? we don't know donald trump's relationships to russian businesses and the russian government because how it may freeze over before that ever happens. should americans be concerned that he might be compromised in beholden to the russians? >> the president elect in the cabinet choices that he's made certainly -- >> don't go with rex teller sin. >> rex teller sin has been a universally respected businessman. >> gave him a big award.
6:48 pm
>> pdf expert on the russians. on the defense and intelligence side, these proposed is not in the who will not accept compromise. they know what they are doing. this is a president who cares about america's position in the world about how we can protect our country and allies and make sure our enemies know we are. we will take a little breakick here, but will be talking about health care, immigration tax reform. quite a list when he takes office. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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>> congress convening of a republican majority in both chambers. gop lawmakers moving quickly to repeal the affordable care act or parts of it, making it a top priority on the agenda. we are now back with our panel. let me start with you. this is a fools errand to go down the street to try to convince folks to keep something that turns out to be fairly
6:52 pm
unpopular, even moderate democrats may be amenable to getting rid of parts of it. >> well, i think democrats and some republicans will be worried about the implications of what happens to the 22 million americans who have health care thanks to obamacare. >> you phase it out slowly over two or three years. >> debate is not whether or not it is repealed, the weather is repealed and replaced or repealed and kind of delayed. that day will -- you cannot simply leave people and you hav to protect the insurance market. i think they have tofind a way. the president-elect will have to coordinate closely with the hill on a strategy for making sure people aren't even angrier now about their health care than they already are. >> congresswoman, i pointed out earlier you could do it by defeat in a filibuster or through reconciliation. it would appear to be a done deal. republicans have to have a
6:53 pm
replacement that is viable. what is that? >> republicans and i was a physician and the house majority, elected in 2010. >> the first and only female physician. >> yes, so as a member of the group, and i was witness to great plan that awful members of congress and senators shushed had worked on. they have a great plan that they've brought forward with universal tax credit that are not dependent on income, that will eliminate a lot of problems that obamacare creates for individuals and employers. we will be able to have medicaid flexibility state by state. the new cms administrator on president-elect trump has nominated his experience in indiana. they do very well with medicaid patients. i agree, there has to be a transition that will take the
6:54 pm
american public smoothly from where they are now, which is not a good place. their insurance is too expensive. it does love the choice and flexibility to a situation which they have choice and stability in the financial ability to pay for it. >> not just obamacare. big agenda tax reform, immigration. but i want to ask you about trade policy because he campaigned very, very hard on this. he's going to impose a 35% tax on imports. without trigger a trade war that would only hurt the american consumer? >> ithk that is the problem, greg. you are going to see friction and pushback from the congress and not just from democrats on those two issues. immigration and trade policy because we do know if you spot the tariff like that on import, you are going to make the american people pay more for good and the things they now
6:55 pm
make use foreign component. i don't really see that happening. i see the parts of his agenda that will move fairly quickly through the house or of course the concern about health care, the reformer cutting of taxes on the repatriation of some money working on border security. i've seen that happening before. i see any progress whatsoever on trade. >> a lot of people voted for donald trump because they wanted to see taxes lowered. is promised great racks, lowered everybody's taxes and significantly lower corporate tax down to 15%. that probably won't happen. >> at the bargaining position. >> so how quickly can americans expect more money in their wallets? >> they will start seeing more money in their wallet and 27 team. i do feel we will have. >> wan? i want to spend my really fast. >> the market responded, the
6:56 pm
united states economy is not represented entirely by the stop market. the market responded very positively to the news that the president election because they are going to immediately start reeling back regulation. dodd-frank, epa, you know, these are very costly regulations that do crush every price. you will see americans being hired immediately and more money in people's pockets because of the productive workflow built to do. >> dodd-frank. sorry, i always get them backwards. chris dodd, barney frank. dodd-frank. >> i remain skeptical abt that. >> still to come, want to >> still to come, want to latch -- what to wwwww when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds,
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gregg: thank you for being here. happy new year. "mediabuzz" with howard kurtz i >> they're cars you never heard of. >> he liked to buy unique cars -- kissels, grahams, overlands. he always used to say, "i don't want to meet myself on the road." >> it's a great hobby. keeps you out of the beer joints. >> do you have your foot on the brake, teacher? just in case? >> i haven't jumped out yet. >> these heirs hit a fork in the road... >> so that is a point of contention. do you donate cars here? do you have an auction? >> it's really tough to get every sibling on the same page. >> yeah, i'd say we're no different. >> ...until they hear an emotional voice from the past. >> when we go by his gravesite, he's probably on high spin mode up there. >> it's just money. can't take it with you.


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