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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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scaramucci and gary kaminsky. see you later skater. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. attorney general loretta lynn at the center of an firestorm, outrage after she calls a crossing of paths with former president bill clinton monday. in her account of the event tuesday, clinton was about to depart from the phoenix airport when he called to say hello and ask for a meeting. the former president then had a half hour long private meeting aboard the aircraft. she blasted the conflict of
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judgment and interest, an agency that reports directly to her, the fbi. in addition to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal the fbi is also reportedly investigating the clinton global initiative foundation and its sources of money. the attorney general then may have met directly with a party directly involved in that part of the investigation as well. donald trump says he was shocked when he found out. >> when i first heard that yesterday afternoon, i actually thought they were joking. i said no way. there's no way that's going to happen. it happened. i'm flabbergasted by it. i think it's amazing. i've never seen anything like that before. >> adding to the bad optics and clearly bad judgment, we're just learning the state department filed court papers yesterday seeking a two-year delay to produce e-mails from hillary
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clinton's top aides and the clinton foundation. a two-year delay. citizens united wants access to those e-mails, but if the state department has its way they won't be out until october of 2018. we'll take all of this up in moments with former u.n. ambassador john bolton. a lot to examine including a new navy report concluding weak leadership, poor judgment and a lack of war fighting toughness led to the capture of 10 of our sailors by ran. nine have been disciplined for their actions which included giving up their passwords to their laptop, cell phones and sensitive data about their ships, giving all of that to their iranian captors. as we understand it, those officers held responsible for the i want and conduct of the sailors include at least one with the rank of captain.
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following the istanbul terrorist attacks, the united states carrying the fight against the islamic state, iraqi and u.s. officials reporting airstrikes killed at least 250 islamic state fighters in iraq. donald trump says that's not good enough. he says hillary clinton, if elected, would do even less than mr. obama. >> i'm about wiping out isis. look, isis was formed during her regime. okay. it was formed. she's done nothing about it. she never will. she doesn't have the ability to do anything about it if she wants to. she probably would like to but doesn't have the ability or strength to do anything about it and everybody knows that. our top story attorney general lynch blasted over her clear conflict of interest when she met with with former president clinton. two had a meeting on her aircraft at the airport while hillary clinton is a target in the active fbi criminal
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investigation, which may involve the clinton foundation itself, which would mean she also met directly with a party involved with the foundation, the former president. lynch claims the meeting was, quote, primarily social and that the former president talked mostly about his grandchildren. even democrats are having a hard time buying that, and they are voicing their outrage as well. senator chris coons talked about it today. >> she should have steered clear. look, i recognize have you a long record of leadership on fighting crime but this is not the time to have this conversation. >> david axelrod, a former adviser to president obama called the meeting foolish tweeting, quote, i take loretta lynch and bill clinton at their word that their convo in phoenix didn't touch on probe, but foolish to create such optics.
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axelrod would be among the very few in my opinion who would take either two at their word on that obvious inappropriate meeting. the next guest not only former ewan ambassador, senior fellow john bolton, fox news contributor and himself an attorney. ambassador, good to have you with us. this meeting, a former president and an attorney general don't have the judgment and sense of propriety to not have that meeting. that's unbelievable. literally, unbelievable. >> and utterly unacceptable. number one, bill clinton never should have approached the attorney general. he and mrs. clinton were a year ahead of me in law school. maybe he was paying less attention than i thought. he should know in this circumstance that it's utterly inappropriate to make what's
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called an ex parte contact unless he had something in mind. i don't know what it was, but it was inappropriate. as for attorney general lynch, look, she didn't initiate it. if aides called for the meeting, she should have politely declined it. if he walked on the plane, there's protocol at the state department if somebody comes up you shouldn't talk to you professionally disengage. you do not chat with them for half an hour. an attorney general is supposed to avoid not only impropriety but the appearance of impropriety. i would say two things. this is so deeply troubling, she should recuse her self. if she's unwilling to do that, i have another suggestion. i think she should unequivocally say she's submitting her had resignation and has no interest staying on at the department of justice no matter who wins in november. there's a clear implication, you
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do right by us, maybe you stay as attorney general. that to me is the most troubling part and she should remove any idea she's thinking of that. >> john, there are more than these half hour meetings that are troubling the attorney general. she has some might say mostly sunny represented the nature of the investigation which the director of the fbi has said straightforwardly a criminal investigation, that the agency does no other. she tried to structure it as some sort of inquiry into the procedures of the state department. secondly, she's talked about fighting the islamic state, that the appropriate approach fighting terrorists is love. the lynch wheels are coming off here. this is the reason it seems to me for all of us to be --
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>> there is one other point here. she has denied that she has spoken to president obama about the clinton e-mail investigation. the media have not followed up on that. there's a protocol. i think what may have happened, maybe she hasn't spoken directly to barack obama but some enterprising reporting should ask her have you spoken to the counsel of the president, produces counsel about this investigation because the channel to do this is for her to talk to the counsel of president and the counsel of the president talks to the president. i think she's been disingenuous at best at that point. >> i admire your faith in the administration protocol. i can't imagine it rising to the level they ignore nor does it right to the level of law which they enforce. i do admire your optimism about
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the administration. there is another issue here. it's only been two weeks since the president endorsed the subject of the investigation by the fbi, hillary clinton for president. now his attorney general meeting with her husband in an absolute straightforward obvious conflict of interest. what does it take to get an independent counsel on this issue? >> well, you're quite right about the president. it's unconscionable he should refer to somebody in hillary clinton's position being investigated by the fbi and the department of justice. that, too, raises a cloud over everything going on. the signal it sends to career attorneys in the justice department to investigators in the fbi, i think what they should do is not have a separate independent counsel. i really think that's just a
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path that will kick this whole thing down the road for a couple of years. but i think the top political officials at the department of justice starting with attorney general and deputy attorney general at a minimum should recuse them selves. let's let the career ranks at the fbi and criminal division handle this and hope they are immune from political influence. >> john bolton, i will accede to your recommendation and i fully support it. thanks so much. as a matter of protocol i tend to do that with you. john bolton, good to have you with us. we're going to be right back. we've got much more, as i said, to examine here tonight. stay with us. donald trump says we need a change of leadership and quickly if we are to defeat radical islamist terrorists. >> they are ineffective, we're not being led properly. isis sees that and it's only going to get worse. >> this house in japan teetering
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with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting one another hard. clinton hung up on all sorts of phobias, apparently.
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>> i am not sympathetic to the kpen phobia, misogyny, islamophobia, and all of the other -- xenophobia -- dog whistles trump uses. >> all of the phobias that nobody even knows what she's talking about to be honest with you. why doesn't she say it like it is. the lines of people we have that are so sick and tired of hearing things like what she is just saying. nobody even knows what she's talking about. you tell me, that's presidential? she's presidential sitting there? i don't think so. >> campaign fox news strategist and both are experts on all of this. the list, xenophobia, misogyny,
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homophobia, islamophobia and then all the other dog whistles. suddenly dog whistles and phobias are synonyms? who knew. what do you make of it? >> this is the old tired playbook democrats crafted in 2006 that they have been using consistently on republican candidate. sadly, lou, up until now it has worked. what she's not anticipated the type of candidacy trump created that supersedes this type of name calling because he goes to the heart of the matter and speaks on the issues in a way real people understand. when he talks about terrorism he's not doing it in that politically correct old vernacular. 90% of americans fear an attack on the homeland. >> that would be islamophobia. >> if you put it in hillary's words, correct. discussing it without the trappings of political correctness and pem relate to it, which is why he's ahead on
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these types of issues. >> this guy, when it comes up, i'm referring to, i should say, when donald trump comes up on the screen and says what is she talking about and who ever dreamed a candidate would have the judgment to dismiss that kind of nonsense out of hand the way he did. >> first of all, to correct my friend here, tony, this was way back before 2006. go back to say the campaign of 1980. >> effectively in the modern times. >> certainly. >> we'll have a sidebar. >> as far as hillary clinton is concerned, she's trying to woo republicans who may not be satisfied with donald trump. i get press releases from her campaign daily as to which major republicans are not tracking with donald trump. if this is how she's going to do it, this is not really the right way to do it. >> let's be straightforward here, what she just did looked
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silly as the dickens to me. i mean, there's no connection there. trump makes a connection with almost every sentence with those he wants to reach with his message and she's using latin derivatives that are utterly lighter than air. >> any time a liberal ends up using race im, xenophobia and those types of as we like to call them dog whistles, very often people who may be in the middle, people who may not be necessarily happy with donald trump, even they roll their eyes, here we go. >> as unoriginal as it is, lou, here is what she's hoping to accomplish, even her presentation was tired and lame. trump's reaction was perfect because he called her out on it. the problem is you have almost 400 running for office that are not as courageous as donald trump to take these issues on. what she's trying to do and
6:19 am
we've seen it in the presses on capitol hill is to get the media to say, hey, hillary clinton just said donald trump is an islamophobe. >> donald trump, the standard bearer from the party, some of them are running from him. are you seeing evidence in your campaign cinema congressmen, senators are having trouble because of donald trump? >> certain races and certain regions, certainly, of course. i have to tell you -- >> where are those places? what percentage of the races and how big the problem? are they attracting attention and positive flows. >> downside suburban districts female voters where the gender gap occurs.
6:20 am
there are extended suburban districts i've seen in races in new york where trump us performing strongly and yet you still see candidates -- >> coattails. >> he will have better coattails than she will. >> that's quite a statement. the democrats better start getting all ginned up then, because with that statement they are the ones who better be worrying about down ticket. >> remember, as long as we have these terror attacks happening right now particularly if hillary clinton is not responding in a way people are beginning to feel a little more fearful that it could happen here, again, she may have problems in the future. a number of republicans on trump are beginning to feel more confidence. >> it's interesting to see the numbers in these polls in the weeks ahead. i know it's early and doesn't matter much. it does look like there's a change. first of all, an observable change, the way he's communicating and getting his message out.
6:21 am
it's going to be interesting to see if that has an effect on the numbers. so we're coming toward it. kerry and tonight, good to have you here as always. thank you. breaking news, federal safety regulators are investigating tesla, that after a man was killed when his model crashed while in autopilot mode. the fatal accident occurred last month near gainesville, florida, when a tractor-trailer cut the tesla driver offer. neither the software nor driver saw the vehicle and the brake was not applied. the accident is believed to be first fatality involving semiautonomous or self-driving car. now, incredible footage coming from southern japan. this house crashing down a steep hill and completely collapsing in that mudslide. what in the world must japan endure, tsunamis, meltdowns,
6:22 am
earthquakes. fortunately the home had been evacuated the day before. no one in the homes when that happened. donald trump saying he outperforms mitt romney with sprinkles. >> quinnipiac poll, i'm at 33% with hispanics. now i'm 6 or 7 or 8 points higher than romney was. >> why won't mitt romney and paul ryan just -- why don't they just stop it. they keep trying to undermine trump. what's doing on? well, i've got a few thoughts about that. that's the subject of my commentary coming up here next. stay with us. much more ahead. ♪ i would like to go to cooking school in tuscany with my mom.
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a few thoughts now on the deeply troubled mitt romney and paul ryan. mitt romney has lost control and all sense of proportion when it comes to donald trump. the former gop standard bearer
6:27 am
seems to believe his only relevance in politics is through his attack on the presumptive nominee. he may even be right about that, but that makes him niece right nor tolerable. listen to self-righteous, disloyal and pompous remarks romney added while speaking in aspen. >> i think you'll find there will be some republicans that will get behind the presidential nominee and work with them and others who will want to distance them selves from that nominee, and i'll be working with them. for me it's a matter of personal conscious and i can't vote for either one of those two people. i'll either write in my wife's name, who would be an ideal president. >> who has romney become? the failed presidential nominee's remarks are nothing, in my opinion, silly, trivial and really sad. romney has old side kick with him and the two are making quite a spent cal of them selves.
6:28 am
his former running mate paul ryan will participate in a town hall if you would like to mark that down. that's less than a week before the beginning of the republican national convention. the speaker, of course, will be pushing his personal agenda during that event. you heard me right. the speaker is arrogantly and absurdly advancing his own agenda competing with that of the party's nominee. what is motivating ryan? well, quite a few things, i believe. monks them he's trying to raise a lot of money for himself, maybe trying to set up a presidential run. maybe doing the bidding of his donors and cribbers and looking for all the cover that ryan can bring them. the folks on k street motivating him wildly. maybe he's pushing open border and more failed trade agreements at the bidding of the president. perhaps the democrats won't run or adequately finance a serious
6:29 am
opponent in the congressional race. that sounds too much like a conspiracy and too lenient which makes it possible. i would wager if reign survived the challenge as he's expected to, democrats and dcc won't spend a nickel trying to contest the speaker who lines up far better with their ideology than republicans. ryan is no longer just an irritant for donald trump, the republican national committee and house republicans enemy opinion should rise up against this delusional rhino they installed as speaker. for some that will be quite a test. ryan is part of the risk mafia, including rnc chairman priebus, governor scott walker. with the support of koch brother, stringer and other well heeled donors.
6:30 am
if they refuse to support donald trump and meekly tolerate or follow ryan, ryan may well become the republican party's and the republican agenda will be a little differ than that of the democrats. when the going gets tough, i go to einstein quite a bit. this on overcoming enemies, opposition, betrayal and ignorance. einstein said this. great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. all i can say is, take heart. a former white house secret service officer exposes hillary clinton's character. >> mrs. clinton is not a leader. she's a very, very angry person all the time. she's a dictator. >> gary burn wrote best selling hillary clinton tell-all, "crisis of character." he joins me next. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business.
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attorney general loretta lynch under fire tonight after she met with president bill clinton in phoenix earlier this week. this comes as hillary clinton is under investigation by the department of justice over her e-mail scandal, yet the attorney general of the united states claims their meeting was simply a crossing of paths. >> i did see president clinton at the airport as i was leaving. he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane.
6:35 am
there was no discussion of my matter pending before the department or any matter pending before any other body. there was no discussion of benghazi, no discussion of the state department e-mails by way of example. >> you wonder if as a prosecutor she would have bought what she has just said. it would be an interesting answer. my next guest has written explosive best seller on the clintons in the white house. joining us former secret service officer gary burns, author of new book, "cries of character, a white house secret service officer discloses firsthand experience with hillary, bill, and how they operate." it is the number one book on amazon. glad to have you with us. congratulations on the book. i want to turn first to clinton. how have -- you have tetted in a
6:36 am
starr investigation. you testified, were subpoenaed in the lewinsky scandal. >> yes, sir. >> why now are you forthcoming? >> well, i was still a government employee. i actually stayed with the secret service until 2003. after we were attacked in 9/11 i transferred over to federal air marshall service. a few years ago, i decided it was time to -- about a year and a half ago, to write my life story. this is what i've done. i wrote a story about my life. it's just unusual that it intersects with the clintons but i spent 12 years at the white house when they were there at eight. this is my life story and how it intertwined with that. >> you write hillary clinton, you describe her as explosive, volcanic in her anger and simply mercurial day in and day out.
6:37 am
how did all of the secret service officers and agents deal with such personnel. >> you have to show up to work every day. put your game face on and do your job. that's what i did. that's what the agents who experienced the same things i did and that's what the rest of the uniform division did. put your game faces on and do your job. it's not always easy but that's what you do. >> you describe the anger and actual violence between the two. how frequent was it and how bad was it and how did you contain it? >> well, the secret service really doesn't contain it. it happens when a couple gets in an argument, they get in an argument. it's a little odd when you work in the white house as uniform officer and the first lady becomes so angry because of an incident that she comes over to the oval office and berates the
6:38 am
president so loud myself and the agent had to move back away from the oval office and close the outer doors to try to keep the staff from overhearing, more of the staff from overhearing what happened. i tell many of these stories in my book "crisis of character." >> "crisis of character" is a number one best seller already. the lewinsky affair. as i said, you were subpoenaed in that. how did -- how tough was it to respond to the investigation and yet honor your commitment to the privacy of the president and first lady. >> it was incredibly hard. there were many groups of lawyers, secret service lawyers, justice department lawyers supposedly representing us, but no attorney-client privilege because we were all government employees. then you had the justice department who was basically the starr investigation investigating us and trying to prosecute the president. every day the rules changed. it was incredible.
6:39 am
i tried to explain to a friend of mine who is a seasoned lawyer. he just rolled his eyes. he couldn't believe the secret service and clinton administration let people go through what we had to go through. >> i have to ask, with all of the affairs that bill clinton was apparently involved in, allegedly, you talk about women approaching the white house and having to cross-check against the list. what are we to infer from all of that? >> well, the way it was explained to me, i think you're referring to in the book where i talk about the jogging list. that is what you mean? >> yes. >> so in the beginning of the lewinsky affair, lou, i was kind of in denial. i didn't believe it was happening. agents keep telling me, gary, you don't know what happens on the road. you don't know what happens on the road. i didn't go on all the travel
6:40 am
trips. then one day one of the agents was describing to me how in the beginning when the president would go outside to jog, when we first got there, that when people would show up, usually women, to go jogging with them, they start making lists to check out their backgrounds, who they were. the president would say he wants to jog with them. they certainly inferred to me that list was used later on for him to meet these women. >> and with all of this going on and all the that you experienced, the ugliness, you have a very low opinion of hillary clinton and her capacity to lead. which of the two did you fund your self sympathizing with most during your time with them. >> first, the first lady, there was a lot of pressure on her. when i first got there, all the
6:41 am
stories that came up from arkansas, i didn't believe them at first. as time went on and i saw the president's behavior, and the first lady's behavior, mrs. clinton's behavior, kay to the conclusion it really was true. the things i saw the first lady, the way she acted and treated people, her staff, secret service, she definitely to me is not somebody who is a leader. think about it, she's very close to becoming president of the united states and she's under investigation by the fbi. it's like we've moved into some separate world. it's incredible. i don't understand how people can support her. >> gary, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the "crisis of character" we recommend it to you highly and it's already number one. congratulations again, gary, we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. have a good night. >> you, too. donald trump promising to create jobs and strengthen the economy for everybody. >> if she really wanted to bring
6:42 am
those jobs back, she's so overrated, she couldn't do it anyway. eric trump joins us next. he'll have the latest on the campaign and these latest polls. roll video. this motorcyclist in for a scary ride he won't soon forget. we'll show you the video so strap your self in. here we go. much more straight ahead. we'll be right back with that and much, much more. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14.
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son of presumptive presidential nominee eric trump, executive vice president of development and acquisitions with the trump organization. great to have you. >> great to be here. >> how does it feel, you have two points, six points in tonight's fox news poll. your reaction. >> she's not happy. quinnipiac, we were much further down, we're coming back by leaps and bounds and i think we're going to pass her. you look at the amount of money we're raising online, she's doing hundreds of ads in swing states and we haven't started. the amount of money we're raising is staggering. down here tonight, the amount of people that grab me on the street, your father -- there's true enthusiasm. with independents, many more
6:47 am
independents coming to the republican party than the democratic party. >> that has got to be a great comfort to the trump campaign to see independents breaking as they are in nearly every poll. independents are where thesewon >> also you look at primary, the democratic vote in the primary was down by 40% and republican vote in the primary was up by 60%. that's also got to tell you something. there's a lot of enthusiasm on the republican side and there's very little thumb on the democratic side. also the rick perry party has raised far more money than democrats party thus far this year. so i mean, i just think those are all great indicators of enthusiasm and where this election will ultimately go. >> are you going to push hard smaller donations, go after grassroots, because it carries with it concomitant advantage of engagement and giving people a voice and another way to participate. >> i think that's the area we're doing best. i sent an e-mail out on behalf of myself to a lot of people the
6:48 am
other day and we raised $2.5 million off that e-mail. so amounts coming in, $5, $10, $25, $50, small amounts relatively speaking but the numbers of them were incredible. listen, people want our country back. you saw what happened last week. people want this country back. we have so many problems we want to take back our nation and you certainly feel that. >> your father has made much of that. the brexit is an analog for what's happening in this country. the pushback from obama, the pushback from hillary clinton in trying to say that this outsider election, this anti-establishment election somehow it started here but ended at our shores from coming back across the atlantic, it's amazing how frightening that apparently is to the establishment, to the white house, the democratic campaign.
6:49 am
>> listen, what's frightening to me, uk, greatest ally in the world new york city question the greatest ally and the president says they are going to get in the back of the line if they leave the eu. how frightening is that? white frightening under hillary clinton's watch, $6 billion is missing. we're building tappan zee bridge a little north of here, you see that project all the time. you look at the tappan zee bridge, that's a $3.5 million project. they effectively lost two tappan zee bridges while hillary clinton was in the state department. have you to say who is running the government. she's out making speeches to wall street, making $140 million as secretary of state. it's not surprising $6 billion is missing. this is the incompetence running our government. >> the good news is they keep finding things. they found quite a few e-mails, more than 30,000 have gone
6:50 am
missing. unfortunately found more that weren't delivered but technically missing, too. so she apparently has some trouble keeping track of things. >> she certified under perjury -- certified she handed over all these e-mails. now there's 4 or 500 e-mails this appear that weren't turned over. this isn't the problem, it's that she's above the law. it's so sad for our nation. >> it is. it is also curious beyond reason why there has not been a greater reaction on the part of the public, national liberal media. then again we have the anti-trump conference going on in ottawa the three am igos, the president tried to take populism from trump and take it back for himself, couldn't decide if it populism, nativism, running out
6:51 am
of isms. >> my father wants to put the country first again. we haven't put our country first. lost a third of our manufacturing since 2000. our national deficit is $19 trillion. our debts aren't being treated well. our education system is 30th in the world. we no longer educate our children well. our roads, bridges, infrastructure are falling apart. we have a $500 billion trade deficit with china, mexico. we don't make anything. we don't produce anything. this is the state of our country. my father wants to put america first. i think our message is, americanism, if you want to continue his little trend. >> i think that's a trend worthy of continuing. eric, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> eric trump. roll video. watch as this motorcyclist is
6:52 am
thrown over his handle bar. that is a roll of mattresses crashing into that giant form that fell off the boat. the man sent rolling down the street. his bike getting to the shoulder. this is where i get to tell you, luckily he escaped the collision without serious injury, but certainly none the better for the surprise. up next donald trump says he wants to be the next jobs president. >> hillary is never going to bring the jobs back to us. never going to bring the jobs. don't forget, married to the man that signed nafta, one of the all-time worst. she's not bringing new jobs back. she doesn't even know about bringing jobs. i'll be honest with you, she's so overrated. >> charity hurt, lee carter, they join us next. they will rate trump and clinton right here tonight. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back. your dentures seem to fit fine when you first put them on.
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joining us now washington times columnist fox news contributor charlie hurt, political communication strategist and partner lee carter. good to have you both here. >> thank you. >> let's start with a very interesting ad from the nra, if we could. just give usa bit of that, if you would. i'd like you both to comment on it. >> a lot of people say they aren't going to vote this
6:57 am
november because their candidate didn't win. i know some other people who won't be voting this year either. hillary as president? no changes. >> lee, what do you think? >> i think it's an interest take. the issue is a lot of people are saying is it about gun control or terrorism. what people are saying, look, this is about terrorism, national security, and trump wins that. i think it's a good, emotional appeal on this to make you feel differently about this. >> mark, by the way, is a marine corps veteran security contractor, fought in the u.s. mission in benghazi. charlie, your reaction to it. >> i think you're exactly right. the one thing i like about this ad it brings the argument to our doorstep. quite frankly that's where barack obama and hillary clinton have brought the war on terror. say whatever you want to about george w. bush and dick cheney,
6:58 am
war on terror, their mantra, we'll kill them over there so we do not have to kill them over here. we'll fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here. this administration has vacated that. when people say terror attacks in istanbul, paris, what they think, i'm going to get some more ammo. obviously these people aren't going to protect me from these lunatics. i've got to protect myself and family and neighbors because they are not doing their job. >> what do you think, lee, of the reaction of the former isn't of state who says upon looking at the benghazi report, which catalogued the deceit and duplicity of the obama administration at the mom and her own, she says, move on. it's done. >> i think his response shows why he doesn't win president of the united states. it's crazy, preposterous. >> if this is isis in desperation, man, i'd hate to see them when they are having a
6:59 am
good day. >> the rationalization, to listen to john kerry say that with a straight face, it's breathtaking because it's been tried before. they said the same thing in iraq, much the same thing in afghanistan. >> how is it desperate if they are terrifying us. this is exactly what they are trying to do. this is their plan. they are going to win. we don't know how to fight them or control them. how can you say this is desperate. >> should the trump campaign be comforted or discomforted by latest fox news polls showing six-point gap favoring clinton. >> obviously you want to be ahead rather than behind but these polls are going to be fluid. i think they are going to go back and forth. i think with arguments about trade and illegal immigration and terrorism, i think trump will do very well against hillary clinton. >> last quick word, lee. >> i think these are moments in
7:00 am
time snapshot and it's moving toward trump. he's off the defensive. that shows what happened a couple weeks ago and we're going to start to see things turn. >> lee, charlie, thank you both for being with us. we thank you for being with us. join us tomorrow. good night from new york. from . >> i am here at freedom fest the world's biggest gathering of people and tonight's topic is the american dream still achievable? the founder of whole foods the head of the restaurant chain carl's, jr.. and the man who helped to build modern lowe's vegas and made a couple billion dollars to read it. our topic, what happened to the american dream? that is our show.


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