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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CET

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after 100 lives the ideals of the fine house are more relevant today than they were 100 years ago visionaries from shapes things to cut all about people understood design as a way of shaping society. dance. household sleep part documentary starts november 14th on d w. a i.
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think of as indeed who was the germans. when i was in syria i didn't have a clue what your minds were like mine there are people of course but what makes them tick. is lost on him. i . mean those are good beat and i applied for asylum i didn't want to but i had to deal with that i realized that either i had to go back to syria and the war in or stay here as a refugee and as 1st thing. i . i think it. it's got to we've had refugees in germany before after world war 2.
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defused some people blamed them for everything but i don't they said their spongers the very same people who say that about refugees now said that about german refugees back then. or the like how can i help you here. because they're going to help me you can't go not at all ok then respond. to me put your finger here. look here yeah hear. hear. well baseball and i need that finger you. don't cut it off. life when you know what. it does you know i still remember your 1st birthday here yes the day before on the 19th i gave a long radio interview. orange dot com and we
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got to talking about my past and i grew up in nazi germany. and the radio interviewer asked me if i was going to bake a cake on april 20th to mark hitler's birthday i knew him but. i said of course i am you should have seen his face i told him i have a guest who has the same birthday. i. i. say. thank you. thank you. but how long i.
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get to go. because i just talked or i are. just guessing he moved to damascus yesterday. peter how long have you been married for 3 years. on days until you know in these 2 years i've only seen or 27 days. and i met a pub down there and if you ever been that's the know well yes a long time ago because they had a cigarette machine here i get the sense that all the alcoholics in the neighborhood counter there with them cunts and cook. for the last night. or. did you not solicit myself. i know i have. a mind oh goodness me we're going to get to
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meet. you yes above we can't call names i'm selfish i've already been shot most only shook it got started no walk if the model is right because you know the 7 guys the coalition against one of the yeah. yeah that's. what they got was like yeah i literally you know would get yourself in there all without your god would take you so much for your time this is going to give you much wish with none of this wondrous never. ventouse get the easy stuff and a. push to. the people who tell you it's been been spoken here it will they help both police allege. i just noticed you follow me about the young muslim guy you go for you about to get laid helping only a girl. would
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fit in my cock. yeah. yeah about the flaming out. for this dish. and. yeah. you. know i don't plan. would you if you're the oldest person gets the 1st piece if. there's a there you go oh. yeah. yeah. who's the next oldest watcher ok ok. i'm here to see i mean how many moved in 2 and
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a half years ago. is material with me from. getting a room in our place. that was really crazy crazy this out as a gift from god. this has become like my grandmother. i like. them all but a lot well hala. but. oh what a lucky break. she had to him up i've always had some letters sometimes in one room sometimes too hot to eat and i've had students mostly men but sometimes women go through tintin from 152 countries it's my own truth linda. into my neighbors called me the one with all the negroes and so.
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on so i got a nasty letter saying they'd cut me open my eyes bit by bit and it would serve me right and stuff like that that's the pig most pretty bad and shrimp. is pretty easy. you've got to get your food lucky it will all go and all go down that by happening else a spirit of it could profit from it if you from here i'm. on twitter charging up from your money and i got here and i'm da and sit on our commitments waited for them on the flight you know you can go there follow through that you can see he's wonderful that's it he's equal let me on my whole life was a good tall young feller a lot more importance
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a warning or this may be you know if you go with a laugh and. you're out but you know they run but needed to come but not bought one gets she should. but. there's a lot of men always marked with the answer i mean i'll give myself. that so if you survive. your life. isn't. enough it's a lot more jobs. we are going to believe in with more room. to use the. big kind that's an artist. i know how much an abortion. oh this can be said i stopped at the. village when he pulled out the 0.
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he shouted i my you once i had a brief conversation with someone who told me he was a nazi. and he asked me where do you come from. ok you come from syria right mark and he said i don't like refugees but i respect that you speak german. i asked why are you afraid of refugees. he didn't answer. you know. cannot how to get along with the old lady with a fine. i think. you know what she told me once. when i complained they were both awake at 3 in the morning as i was and i asked if she was alright. she said she was unhappy most of the life is
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horrible she said to say fuck it i say she's 94 and she's telling me life was horrible. to her that her brothers died in the war they were soldiers. did you lose anyone in the walk really mess you cause of that his name was honor and same as mine that are listening. in a war in syria. is . this if you go here are the pictures of those your parents it's their wedding photo. it looks and i think 27 that's you yes yes yes that's me i'm looking rather grumpy but my brothers are smiling going to an elven. that was 927 and on and this is 935 no answer from own devices that's you know what they're not your
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dog has our dog here and there's going to have been in uniform the pin for the youngest hit the youth i hadn't joined yet you know came from him as a pimp and were the younger hitler youth the 10 to 14 year old printer. and then i joined the hitler youth for girls the be d.m. . and get beat until i wanted to please them about us no i mean that's what it is you want to turn the world's total junk yard you know it was exciting. there was singing and dancing to tell and we went on hikes and on the weekends we sometimes stayed in youth hostels to one end and nice and it was fun exciting. house about what i want to play yesterday i wanted
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a soda i went to the convenience store but it was already close to get so i walked and walked and i finally ended up in that part of the heartland on the health. and i've always wanted to go in there or if they fit everyone is german. and they look really really german or well when i'm there. if this works if you wish i'd like to take a look at that on line 3 because you had i was on. i will and will. have run to the south green oh and sue was. pop. yeah free man. to. come here. for my own fro those most city in the world yeah i live i live when i come to your body thank you self i've already had
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3 that you soon live to walk. so bad. never heard or in serious here and i'm already on pop throwing. it. back into my brain no one just give you what about me my father can use a little german of course. i don't know how to. respond goes out live in this new things will come. to our young us religion. i'm a quarter of it or i'm just not. a serious cost to him last year i don't want to grow. up to maybe you're. here to dream me. is this the wrong country for you no
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yes no jim it's for all the people we can leave to give i can love time for you you can do. your back i was. just you know. i'm going to tell you no it's really old school will invest my small store what do you want. work. now all the attention for. his work to us is off to him showing off as one people i want to live but not a hole in the joint yeah. most of the support was due it's just the 70s so you need to see into my spirit smile looks ok do i deserve this little. how can you. move on. this week with all of the resin
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why did that man speak like that to me really more no i think it was just joking he wasn't trying to be mean or she said so why didn't shakespeare say in janet's there is truth feature there's your interest i was your son your use of them was something. you fuss. what's going on here burn those chairs but if i don't want this it's called here we have half wild people coming in here speaking arabic and ordering cheese. what's that about this where are we here anyhow this is does move we're simply exhausted when strangers foreigners come in here we keep our eye on them. with attention we're meant to welcome them with a handshake or a peck on the cheek or coddle them give them financial support. you know they have to earn that and then he loses the ball then i might accept them and give them the
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time of day. exacts of children into. the mother. it's. unfair 22 notice that someone who lives on your street has disappeared someone you barely know someone you've only ever seen on the street is nobody notices that one of my debts and i didn't ask you back then they would have said germany was better off without the jews that's how it was back then who. are behind all of this is what all the barracks what like a washroom and latrine in the middle of one wing to the right one wing to the left
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but these bunk beds you see here is about why move on people were tortured and abused in this washroom. in this small room here that is what they called a broom closet comma. the idea of the s.s. also tortured people in here that they crammed then as many people as they could be in what you say lock the door and let them suffocate loss will go out of thier stick. in the name doj i knew that a german concentration camp was not a senatorial kind of the not to war you but i thought there was enough to eat and that there was medical care when you were sick that no one died there up that's what i thought while mine were. end of in late 1945 we saw the 1st films showing the guards tossing skeleton like
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corpses into pits. and when i sat there and just watch it sounds so good on a monday a man exclaimed loudly how dare they trying to trick us showing us starving people in india mom i thought stuffed it had was an india in that was an ordinary german countryside. not soon after 945 i decided not to believe any of it anymore all that indoctrination is engaged in floating in. a lot of water and wait just a 2nd. know how. i lay on that if. someone is on the phone in the hall one of you will she was it oh. a month a month
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a month. and but if. i'm going to lick you and i mean. how do. i hope i've seen you and. i know i have to say about the man i'm not sure if you want me in. your little saw and. i was right. and if the same. thing that the. public. my. dear to. pull. socially continue.
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i can carry that if you like. so. the visits by young men in germany for 3 years i mean when i've only seen her for a month during those 3 years i married. but i can't live with my wife. i could tell you good she's really not doing well but she's still waiting she wants to be with me live with me but it's when she comes we'll have a big celebration we'll string up the party lights. yeah and then the new idea look i'll run naked through the streets if she comes. that was no idea what i do. idea as a show that i really don't know how to. do it's all your
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other little dutch of all my german friends ask me why can't you just have a join you know why can't you just bring her here. my only answer is i come from syria. if i'm not permitted to do that. which most only 5 have to earn roughly 2310 euro's net income 151 can have a proper work contract with a he then i could bring her here because this is the definition of the. disease 1st i applied for a student visa for 4 to obtain and it was turned down despite the 2nd and 3rd applications were also turned down and. they have no idea
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what to do. be nice in the luxury. of the worth of goods or. where you from i'm from syria. the syrian so you're a refugee of the fishing. yes. i. mean is it i've been here for 3 years. was a german is really good bush was. in just 3 years supported your ready speak some german before. the shooting he didn't want to go to words yeah. yeah we've got no problems with muslims muslims are with us all are probably
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islamic some familia it's like. this it's not for us when christian this. part i'm a muslim. she's a woman you can't touch her stuff because i'm a woman you aren't allowed to touch me who says. oh that's what i did why not. college this isn't the way it usually goes yeah yeah i know. i was also disappointed by the years on here in germany. because you're not the typical syrian it's you that's for sure no way. you went to university right. yeah yes graphic design and photography the fact he asked him what you really want to know. this out with is that you know i want to ask him why you hear. gunshots because there's
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a war well there's a will was so wish a wife in syria why don't you wife in syria and you're here in your view because her visa was rejected 5 times. sorry i just don't get that i really don't get it but i came here in 2016 what i wanted to get on with my life i really wanted to work so i could bring my wife here. my. mind my future i have no idea yet so i stay here. will i be allowed to stick. trade if i can't find a job often or if i know my wife can come and join me this column conta out there
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from me go back and often felt so ok. thank you ed . i entered .
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the coal india. how can it. country's economy growth and harmony with its people by meant when there are doers to look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges engines people are striving to create
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a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. 30 minutes on the w. . how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain the different reality. analogy here at the heart of the european union in brussels where you have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. it is not often i work at the government.
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their lives isn't calculable. their egos and such. their rivalry template. 3 princes. who dream of leading the arab world. there are full power and boundless ambition has plunged the middle east into a great crisis such as. the michael princes of the gulf starts november 27th on d w. this
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is news coming to you live from berlin bolivia gets a new leader for the 1st time in a while opposition senator on the as the claires herself interim president saying she will quote do everything necessary to pacify the country but former president evo morales chooses her and others for staging a coup also coming up. on call on the verge of total breakdown that's the
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assessment of a police chief who said pro-democracy protesters were carrying out insane acts they've been.


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