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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 7:30am-7:45am CET

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3 princes. dream of leading the arab world. there are full power and boundless ambition of the middle east and to a great crisis. the rival princes of the gulf states nov 27th on t.w. . tesla's new european gigafactory will be in. c.e.o.'s on mouse praises german engineering the facility will be the new web board which has ironically being dogged by delays and engineering staffers a big thank you to employees while wave pays out millions of dollars in stock bonuses helping the chinese tech giant cope with us sanctions. and the e.u.
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stock court rules products made in israeli settlements destined for europe carry the made in israel label. i've been fizzling placed to business tesla is set to build its 1st european factory on the outskirts of berlin c.o.v. the mosque announced the plan at an awards ceremony in the german capital for the new gigafactory will produce vehicles power trains and batteries must says tesla chose germany because of the country's reputation for engineering prowess the new plant will create around $10000.00 new jobs and will be faced if the linz new home till late portion. of my colleague rob what is following this along with our financial correspondent chelsea de laney rob starting with you did anyone tell musk about that airport stuff up when it appears he does know about secrecy crux of the little joke about. he said that that construction project will have to happen
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a little bit quicker than the apple because it's 13 is since they started building but i'm probably going to get well that seems like they are planning a lot quicker than that he didn't say a date for when this new plan will open but tesla has previously says that it does want to start producing cars in europe in 2021 look at lee i think the f. it's not the only reason that he's chosen germany as you mentioned the engineering prowess is something that he cites is here but also with bearing in mind that the government has set aside a 1000000000 euros to put towards the construction of electric car batteries so that's something that test it can profit from by being here as for berlin well you know most girls who want to produce this design in engineering school in the city itself he says he likes the autistic hedge ok that's not as well till say what about costs production costs for example i know they're not cheap. we are talking about a premium product your own weight. that's right so i mean germany is an expensive
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labor market but the tesla vehicles are very expensive the average price of tesla's affordable vehicle is about $50000.00 so they do sort of pay a high price for that and i think as as rob said they are really hoping to tap into germany's experience and building vehicles and maybe be able to sort of poach employees from other vehicle manufacturers nearby so i think strategically this makes makes sense for them and they also may be trying to sort of get some cachet from from really locating themselves and the heart of europe's auto sector chelsea just a 2nd because other what everyone to get too excited here i mean what is the likelihood of this actually all happening rob because we know that most wanted to
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mas has come up with some fantastic amazing ideas but ideas that haven't really been put into practice yesterday that has been accused of maybe over promising and delivering or exaggerating for example that building a very similar plants what it sounds like we might get close to berlin in shanghai and still it might not actually meet the demands that were 1st promised he's also been accused of overstating the potential you know things potential for addiction potential for plants however you look at that shanghai building that started earlier this year they've already begun test production so there is a precedent for plumbers like this being built and it being built quickly just a quick word from you what do you reckon is tesla's global expansion plans on the right road. i think it appears to be for now with tesla you can never be entirely sure but they are ahead of schedule as as are outside with that with the shanghai plant and they really need to be investing here in europe because part due
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to the emission standards it's going to be a large market for view electric vehicles going forward. that's a correspondent in frankfurt there rob thank you very much for coming in. well u.s. president donald trump is threaten to substantially raise tariffs on chinese goods if there's no 1st phase trade deal with beijing during his speech at the economic club of new york he once again and went on the attack saying china had been cheating the u.s. ever since and when the world trade organization is blamed for the u.s. government's for letting that happen american financial markets rose up to the speech despite no use of progress in the trade took. away is paying out more than $285000000.00 in bonuses to thank its employees for helping the company cope with u.s. sanctions the chinese take giant has been scrambling to remove american components for its products since it was banned from doing business with us firms in may while
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way has since unveiled an operating system it says can replace google's android. of course on a 1000000000 yen joins us from taipei william what have stuff done to when all these praise and those big bonuses. so ben since the e.u.'s ban came into effect a few months ago. research and development team actually have been working very hard to try to develop alternative chips to u.s. components while also trying to build up his own operating systems because these are very important measures to ensure the hallway can become technologically independent from the us technology because a these chips can actually ensure that they no longer have to import parts from u.s. companies while also in the hallways smartphones can run its own operating system while having to exclusively rely on the entry system for now so would you say all
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in all the while way is coping without the you wish. so earlier this month. they actually openly call support from high tech companies from japan and europe during a panel discussion he admits that for now chinese companies are very difficult to actually develop its own core alternatives to u.s. technologies because they don't possess the hire and skills to do that however the tech companies in europe and japan actually do not face these issues so he encouraged these companies to consider expanding their core technologies by come. out of chinese tech companies you know this whole affair is all about allegations the way spies on behalf of beijing but isn't it problematic that the company has such strong ties to the state. yeah i mean the
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chinese government actually knows very well what the allegations are and they have repeatedly come out and emphasize that there is no such backdoor arrangement between hollies technology and the chinese government. china has moved they've actually the us move as a way to prevent the chinese companies to become the leading force in the global technology sector or union for us in taipei thank you. some of the other business stories making news limited's bank staff have gone on strike complaining of customer aggression amidst the country's arm raised the lebanese banking association says it will work with authorities to provide safe conditions for them to resume work a union has called on staff to strike until the situation returns to normal. zimbabwe has released a new set of bank notes and coins the measure aims to address cash shortages caused by the government's decision to ditch the us dollar in response to soaring inflation cash remains the dominant payment method in zimbabwe 80 percent of people
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are unemployed and most citizens and a living trading informally. john kerry has agreed to arbitration with the cabin crew union voting for the strikes stuff walked out the 2 days last week forcing look tons of canceled hundreds of flights if you side say recent talks of being constructive and showed they can find a solution together. e.u. officials fear british prime minister barak wants to turn the u.k. into a tax haven scrapping current regulations and standards the european parliament sprigs a coordinator says that would greatly restrict any kind of post brags that free trade deal. breakers that coordinated before told a brussels committee that a future free trade agreement with the e.u. could only be reached if you carry lawmakers were willing to level the playing field for the ones he said the scope of any agreement would be seriously restricted . it will be very. question of the best
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people you know saying that just. how far. on the realignment all respecting labor standards. of unity on the playfield in general. also pointed out that the canada e.u. free trade deal had taken 9 years to complete and the more complex situation and crucial trade interests mean that a one year timeframe for an e.u. u.k. deal would be doubtful. this next ruling has in israel but the european court of justice says consumers should be able to make informed choices it says exports from israel's occupied territories to the e.u. must be clearly labeled as such not far from the town of ramallah
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a small vineyard on the slopes of the israeli occupied west bank it's not israeli territory but the bottles also made in israel and the wine is also exported to europe. the european court of justice has now ruled that the labels mislead e.u. consumers from now on the wine cannot be sold in the e.u. unless the bottle states that it originates in israeli occupied territory the israeli vintners the government and the israeli settlers council are all furious. with the. this is a despicable decision we condemn it the jewish people will not market self again through european demands no other place in the world is demanded to market self only israel there is a characteristic of anti semitism here but those who will be hurt by the fact that people will stop purchasing and buying products mostly the palestinian workers of judea and the west bank will be cover for you the finest the palestinians see that differently. of the european court of justice. labeling
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settlement products. very significant ruling we call upon european union countries. what's legal and to stop what's immoral. we hope that there will come. all these settlements broadcast which is this weird and good of palestinians will be banned from international markets but the e.u. stopped court wasn't considering a ban it's only interested in ensuring that the consumers know where their wine comes from. nice to business with you.
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networkers. so subscribe and don't miss some good. but i don't need to keep going for. gold for over a mention on the 4th i'm going to post missing without a clue about. the bottom of the valley is a colossal dragon as well as called the horror story. to the real book on. the be. the 1st. hello you're a great job. inject get out of there. a clip from the latest charlie's angels movie starring kristen stewart naomi scott and a bill in scope all seen here on the red carpet at the world premiere in los angeles on monday night also patrick stewart is playing one of them manages.
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more about that in a minute but also coming up today. the only north korean artist in exile soon moved talks about his life working as a propaganda artist before he escaped the sas and his life since then. and a moving photographic exhibition of homeless people here in berlin. charlie's angels was a hugely successful t.v. series back in the 1970 s. featuring initially far forsett mages jaclyn smith and kate jackson as 3 beautiful private investigators righting wrongs on america's main streets the franchise go to reboot with 2 films and another series at the beginning of the century but none of these really achieve the success of the original.


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