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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 3:02am-3:30am CET

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it's the parties the voters they're all talking about rights it shouldn't someone be talking about the russians tonight hillary clinton is slamming prime minister boris johnson's decision to withhold a report about russian interference in british politics until after the election she says that's shameful and she's warning the u.k. in 2019 not to make the same mistake the u.s. did in 2060 i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. i think it's outrageous that your government won't release a report about russian influence inside the u.k. there is no evidence to suggest that russia the kremlin has successfully engage in interference in our electoral process is there's a lot of evidence that russia played in the cracks at election because in the reuters report such as these go through an intensive security review before
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publication the fact that the current government won't release this report by your own government should raise some questions it's a report has been called for and written and should be in the public domain and the more difficult to find it. also coming up the u.s. college student warm beer he spent more than a year in a north korean prison before being sent home in a coma to die his parents are now here in berlin on a quest for justice from the north korean government for their son. hello it's fred and cindy warm dear otto's parents we'd like to meet with the ambassador. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with worries over russian interference in an election but this time the worry is centered in the
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u.k. not in the u.s. in exactly one month voters in britain and northern ireland will go to the polls to choose a new parliament the election is being seen as another referendum on breaks it the u.k. voted in 2016 to leave the european union but so far no breaks it just breaks it delays the decision that voters make on december 12th could be the most important in a generation so so much is at stake and yet the government is being accused of withholding information from voters u.k. intelligence has put together a report on russian interference in u.k. politics but the government won't release that report until after the election the opposition is accusing the prime minister of a cover up saying boris johnson must have something to hide and hillary clinton who more than anyone knows the sting of russian interference in an election she is a warm that the u.k.
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could be a target of russia just as the us was in 2016 she is slamming the prime minister calling his decision to hold on to that report inexplicable and shameful. i'm dumbfounded that this government won't release the report about russian influence because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before election happens there's a lot of evidence that russia played in the cracks at election now i'm not you know in your country i don't have a. say about any of that but the fact that the current government won't release this report by your own government should raise some questions raise some questions it does. they've maybe she's got some answers she has been following breaks to the u.k. politics for quite some time from london and tonight she is in brussels getting to you barbara i want to talk about whether a failed u.s. presidential candidates words will be taken seriously in the u.k.
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in just a moment of 1st catch us up here on what this report is supposed to contain. now we don't know otherwise we would be very happy and could publish it bopped i mean they have been some leaks and the outline is this is a report by the committee that oversees the work of the british intelligence intel and intel and c. agencies and. that's m i 5 m i 6 and cheesy h.q. that the listening past so these 3 agencies have sort of written about their insights in russian interference and russian in gauge from and within britain in the political sphere and there have also been interviews was some notable critics of that russian interference and gauge from and in british politics and that was included in this report so that's the sort of bare bones now what is in it
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some they have been some links and for instance one is that 9 donors russian oligarchs when named who have given relatively large amounts of money a half 1000000 in one case over a 1000000 in another case it to the conservative party the ruling party in britain the party of the government in the very near past and some things are just sort of embarrassing for instance for boris johnson when he was invited to a party in the village one of those all the guards and so on and so forth so what we knew is rather more embarrassing then for the conservative party then really something that could you know show you red flag and say ok look at this there is really overt meddling by russian government actors is there anything that can be done to force the government to release the report before the election. it's too late for that really because parliament has been dissolved the election campaign is
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in full swing and when parliament was still sitting that was only a day or 2 that what they still would have had a chance to do something time was simply too short and now nothing can really be done short of a high court injunction and i don't see how that could legally be done because that would have the proof overwhelming public interest and as nobody really knows what in it what's in it except for the people involved in it that can't be proven so the cancer eats its own tail now they can sit on until after the election so what about hillary clinton in all of this does anyone really care what she thinks about this report and about the u.k. election. 2 aspects of that one is of course that hillary clinton is no what do you everybody knows she has been badly burned by russian interference during the u.s. elections and then also there is this suspicion of course that she might know more
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than we know and then the british media know and so that she talks from like a deeper knowledge and says listen folks there is somebody there that you should really know about and your government won't tell you so of course it raises suspicion and it does ring this this is the news that sort of was out there like 1010 days ago 2 weeks ago and for a day or 2 and then it sank like a stone but it now brings it back into the headlines so that again causes the merest meant for the government which now will again have to explain why they will not publish the report and they really don't have any good excuses because the security clearance for it had been done already in october and basically it should be out there people should be able to read it you know that's a very good point in all of this is happening at the same time we have heard from the conservatives and from the opposition labor party that they have both been targeted in cyber attacks which you know shades of 2016 a little over again here i want you to listen to what labor leader germy corbett
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had to say about that earlier today if this is a sign of things to come in this election i feel very nervous about it because cyber attack against a political party in the election is suspicious and something one is very worried about. the immediate reaction when we hear of a cyber attack on a british political party ahead of an election is was it a foreign power did did the russians do it do britons did they immediately ask themselves that question do they think it was a foreign power. i mean suspicion of course is always there because who else you know that's a big question mark you know who else could be interested in meddling in the u.k. elections because we know that there was a certain amount of russian unhealthy russian interests let's put it that way in the in the referendum and there was some meddling and there was some this suspicions off some russian money being involved in that and so on and that has
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never been really cleared up because the government has also been sitting on those examinations and reviews and so now i mean looking at it there's been 2 attacks against the labor party but there were sort of unsophisticated low level attacks in the service of the party were just flooded by by information and by requests for service and to bring them down it was not that the they were hacked into and manipulated or trojans left there or something like that so it was really low level stuff that can happen anywhere in the world that can be just done by by a bot said you were in the world so there's no proof where this came from and but the suspicion of course is all those there the electoral pros says in britain it basically is rather foolproof because it is so old fashioned people make you know have a pencil and they make across some paper and the papers then collect it and it is publicly counted by people all night long. by and under you know
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explanation by service so that is not the point but the point is really what happened before and what happens was the dissemination of fake news and and information on the websites that are used by the public with regard to the elections election is exactly a month from today that the conservatives the tories they're polling right now at about 42 percent very good for them do you think anyone is going to care if this report is kept secret until after they vote for the next government. we've seen this in the 2017 elections that treason may was polling really high and the end was a disaster so nobody is very complacent about being ahead in the polls because there's so many undecided voters out there and nobody knows what's going to happen on election day and which way the the sort of hard to guard british system is going to turn in the end what it will bring up mathematically is so anything that
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disturbs the tories now in that in they have final run on 2 of the election is maybe negative for them and they really don't want that they want to avoid any sort of disturbance all right barbara very exult on the story tonight from brussels barbara as always thank you. but you may remember the tragic story of that u.s. college student all that warm beer 2 years ago were beer returned home after more than a year in a north korean prison he was in a coma he was unresponsive and he later died his parents blamed north korea for torturing him while he was serving time for the crime of simply attempting to pull down a propaganda poster in a hotel in pyongyang we're now as parents have made it their mission to ensure that
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there's maximum pressure brought to bear on the regime of kim jong own and they are here in berlin they were here today at the north korea and busy trying to put pressure. it was a world premier of sorts the 1st direct line between a victim's family and the north korean regime. hello it's fred and cindy warm beer bottles parents we'd like to meet with the ambassador. what you never know before that his parents shared photos of their son with us and that's out of playing football and he loved that 3 years ago auto warm beer was arrested as a tourist in north korea allegedly for stealing a poster of the entire day please i made the worst mistake of my life
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a show trial ensued warm beer grovelled and spoken of an alleged covert mission for the u.s. more than a year later north korea admitted he was in a coma with brain damage and approved his repatriation back in cincinnati within a week his hospital bed had become his death bed his parents accused pealing young of torturing him pointing out a new scar on his foot. that doesn't just happen and he didn't have any scars on his body but a u.s. court ordered north korea to pay $500000000.00 in damages the regime says a faulty dosage of tranquilizer caused the coma. since the regime refuses to recognize the ruling those parents want north korean assets seized wherever they violate u.n. sanctions that's how they found out about a controversial hostel on north korea's embassy grounds in berlin. so. this is a clear violation of e.u.
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and international law. yet since the grounds are also guarded germany's foreign office says it's a difficult situation it says the hostile business is the object of an ongoing legal dispute and declined further comment. if you don't hold them responsible for their actions there that empowers them to continue this horrible behavior that's also why the warm beers recently distanced themselves from the u.s. president they call donald trump's close relationship with kim jong il an intolerable i refuse to accept there's any reason to compliment just this monster. and they pledged to continue speaking their minds everywhere. we just want to know what happened to our son there must be records on it were caring parents but on the intercom with the embassy would it be possible for us to make an appointment with
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the ambassador. they were told to send an email they said thank you knowing full well they'll never get a reply. i. a meeting of the minds of the 2 men and mindful that the world is watching their meeting turkish president richard heir to one will be in washington on wednesday at the white house to meet president trump this will be the 1st face to face meeting between the 2 since trump told u.s. troops from northern syria a move that led to turkey's incursion across the syrian border to push back syrian kurds fighters from turkey regards kurdish militia to be terrorists but they are the same men and women who helped the u.s. push back so-called islamic state the turkish president made a deal with the white house to allow the syrian kurds to retreat from the border
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zone there between turkey and syria but heir to one insisted on tuesday that the u.s. has failed to fulfill its part of the deal what we will say to mr trump with documentation of terror attacks that our agreements on this military operation has not been fulfilled. it is currently not possible to say that these terror organizations have withdrawn from the turkey syria border is as rich a typer the one speaking earlier today let's take this now to our correspondent dorian jones he joins me from istanbul with more on this much anticipated meeting good evening to you dorian so we just heard turkey's president complaining about the u.s. role in the north of syria now but it seems to many that the u.s. has done exactly what erda one wanted what's the truth here. well from turkey's perspective america hadn't done enough even though these forces
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have withdrawn from northern syria they subsequently redeployed further south around syria's oil fields and are continuing to work together with the searing kurdish militia that considers us terrorists and. is that the revenues from those oil fields are going reportedly to this kurdish militia so you have one nato ally from bunkers perspective of financing a terrorist organization that is fighting against another nato ally and that's intolerable and on top of that as you said earlier on quick aims at the withdrawal of the kurdish militia hasn't been fulfilled and one has repeatedly warned if they don't with jordan turkey is ready to resume his military operation and it's made little secret the fact that it does want to extend its control across turkey's southern border with syria so we're going to have these 2 tough talking heads of state meeting. you know they talk to us at least when they're talking to the media
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about what do you expect there when they do come face to face with the cameras in front of them are we going to see you know firm handshakes or are we going to see these signs of chest thumping in 2 alpha males if you will trying to show the world that they're in charge. well. the fact that they do like one another as leaders president trump has gone out of his way on many occasions to say he has great respect for president he's a man that can get things done and similarly the one who's been very critical of washington has not criticized trump directly even though trump sent a letter that was very disparaging to him a month ago which suggested he was going to be is behaving like an idiot in spite of that one has been very restrained because he recognizes the end they trump is really his only friend in washington and i think that we will expect that they will be warm handshakes and impacts on the back but the question remains is will
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washington succeed to many list of demands and what will it one offer in exchange lot of unknown questions there but the fact that he's going to washington despite this poisonous climate in washington does suggest he believes a deal is ready to be made you know that that's a very good point and you're right the u.s. congress certainly is not a fan of erda one at the moment particularly over what has happened with the kurds but the fact that erda one is being invited to the white house and meeting tomorrow with president that is a diplomatic and a p.r. coup for him isn't it. well certainly this will play way back a term being greeted by the most powerful man in the world and there will be reciprocal smiles and the expectation of some sort of concession so that this will be seen as a big diplomatic victory given the fact that one has faced so much criticism internationally over his operation into syria against his kurdish militia which
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many people and many of turkey's supposed allies they say were keen defeating the islamic state so this will be a boost for the given the fact that he is now facing much diplomatic isolation. you know you saying that maybe everyone senses that now is the time that he can make a deal with truong what do you what kind of deal do you foresee what could possibly get from drop. well that really is the big unknown i mean the fact is there are so many problems. with washington they want this go on the purchase of this american fighter jet the f. $35.00 which turkey's long term defense plans have built around that is a key demand on top of that take it defense industry we're building that plane to major blood and they've been frozen out of that. has to make a concession on this this purchase and use of this russian defense missile which to trigger the freezing of this missile there is a suggestion it could be
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a deal that turkey gives a commitment that it will keep these misfunction missiles but won't activate them there is a suggestion that could be enough to lift the embargo but key to all of this is whether congress will follow on because congress has a numerous sanctions awaiting aimed at some of them personally aimed at one himself now is the key question here is that congress is wait and see what happens in this meeting if they see that there is some sort of major concessions from. them possibly those sanctions will be withdrawn and the key question is that if turkey steps back from these use of these russian missiles what will moscow's reaction be because moscow is seen as also a key player in the calculations in the region exactly i mean i wonder how can. you and turkey walk this tight rope. with the united states at the same time now on the border with syria in northern syria you have turkish troops patrolling the border with russian troops now so you know he's
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sticking his fingers in the cookie jar on both sides how long can that last. well up until now this for mazing juggling act has has carried on and has sustained even though many people predicted it was unsustainable and i think the reason why has sustained is that all the parties involved realize if it does fail the results could be cataclysmic for syria itself you could see a further escalation in the conflict and the situation is already bad escalating to evil was a situation involving russia america turkey iran so at the moment all parties feel that even though they have conflicting interests they have to somehow make this this relationship work you have used or even jones with the way it is from istanbul dorian thank you. and indian boy has become the very definition of inspiration after repeated successes
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in the sport of swimming but. here's the story remarkable is that he has touched milestones despite having no arms. the water is abdul qadeer in dorry's happy place. swimming has helped the young boy overcome big obstacles and made him an inspiration for many in his native india. at the age of 7 abdul qadeer lost both of his arms after an accident but he refused to let his life be ruled by it. so. when he was 7 years old my son accidentally touched a high voltage electric wire. we took him to a hospital in mumbai and doctors treated him for almost a week but they said the infection was spreading fast and that they had to amputate both his arms were saving his life with the priority but he had to lose his arms.
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since the accident abdul qadeer has adjusted and all sorts of ways he does as homework using its feet and he is a smart find that way to you but it's clear that where he truly excels is in the water. and he set his eyes on a big goal. there by putting a lid to the mistake i lost my arms when i was in 2nd grade i had an infection that spread to both arms when i was in hospital. but i love to swim with it on the boards and i want to win a gold medal for india in the olympics. it's more than just a daydream abdul qadeer is already a 3 time national swimming champion and she's got the medals to prove it but it's a quiet hard walk and determination from everyone involved it will be what is i mean i got in the beginning we were really at
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a loss about how to teach him to swim. we didn't know how to support him unlike other kids we couldn't hold him by his shoulders. we could drop him into the water but taking him out was a challenge. but. i was determined and nothing could stop him. he started to swim in just 10 to 12 days and learned how to climb up the ladder on his own. little bit with used to fall and get hurt. but in just a month he became independent in the pool. that's a good way to in the program the day's almost done the conversation continues online and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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