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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CET

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as proclaimed herself president even though parliament does not have a quorum right now wolf course bring you more on the political crisis in bolivia as it comes in you washington news live from berlin coming up next it's d.w. news africa with christine and in the meantime all the latest news information available 247 on our website. earth. home moves of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps but global warming to you is tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but news that commitment to stop green energy solutions and reforestation. community interactive content teaching the next generation goes on
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until a child should. use including the channels available to inspire people to change connection and we're determined to do something here for the next generation. the environment series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes and give the people the how women in senegal a lot speeching each other about their reproductive rights and why it needs to happen all over the continent. and ottis also known as africa we'll take you to an exhibition in paris but i wanted to do something from the present to project on the future so the doing which i believe it's there because i know.
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is there is to say that we want to project something to the future of. hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along it's a fact that women in sub-saharan africa i having more children than women elsewhere in the world and that will see africa's population size double by 2050 that means in just 30 is africa will add 1000000000 people to the world that's according to a un for cost power in numbers thinking a young continent with a strong potential workforce but there is another side to the story the more people you have the more jobs you need and the population in africa is growing faster than the economy experts are worried that if africa's population continues to grow at this rate it will create fierce competition for already scarce resources some
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people say a rethink is needed now as you'll see it on next report from senegal it's a boots on the ground if it. every day goodness hour goes door to door visiting families in her darker neighborhood she's a bug in gore a district god most are empty and she wants to see change in her community. the oh. in the privacy of their homes she talks to women about sex and contraception. not every woman is able to go to the clinic and choose a contraceptive method. she needs her husband to agree sometimes also how mother in law will some women come to the clinic and say my husband wants me to take this specific method even if it's not safe so we go in speak to the has been to raise he's awareness i will roll. is to media. having mediators at the
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grassroots level makes a big difference say so if you build your truly a midwife there on the v.a. health center 10 years ago the government launched this outreach program to make family planning a priority they hope to decrease maternal and new a natural death according to the world bank the fertile ity rate dropped below 5 children per woman in 2016 it was a 1st time in senegal's history the birth rate is no at 4.7 lower than other countries in the region such as or nigeria in the queue outside sophie's practice is always growing. in 2009 when i started working here we had around 400 women a month who wanted contraceptives. now we have up to $2500.00 women a month. to the growth has been exponential oh. oh.
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i think it's because of all the awareness campaigns the media the funding's also women now realize the benefits of spacing out pregnancies for their babies their husbands and for themselves. this was our 3 comes here very clearly to get the pill she doesn't want any more children as she wants to make sure her kids get the best education possible. family planning i have peace of mind you know i can do whatever i want without thinking of getting pregnant. in senegal around 95 percent of the population is muslim society here is conservative file is part of a growing young generation of religious leaders who promote family planning file
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has train more than $2500.00 him arms across the country he insists that the koran advocates breastfeeding and spacing out pregnant says. when you read a bit words of the prophets you can clearly see that he was against pregnancy. he had terrible consequences for the newborns and for the mother. more and more married couples are now using contraception but because sex outside marriage is considered single young people are often excluded from awareness campaigns on sexual and reproductive health. and. because of the priority is to educate the youth the rafah compound. you have to make them understand what is at stake when there is an unwanted pregnancy. what is at stake when they have an uncontrolled sexuality. is my dead body. in a country like senegal must be a priority to keep. i use
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a separate interviewing to do because the. target must be made but there's still a long way to go health workers hope that more women and girls will soon have full control of the decisions concerning that buddies. may as a u.n. population summit underway in nairobi and duck samia zuma who is the executive director of the african institute for policy development and joins me now he's an expert who's with clothes on how best we can manage our population in africa welcome to africa dr zuma so the prediction is a 1000000000 more africans in 30 yet is is that a given. years yet the power of the progression of africa's projected to reach arab to double more may see arbitron to be. about $100.00 video from the i'm going to be there so this is one of the ship that is being discussed at the international conference for the mission many many remember watching 25 years old
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you're right so what is the message in terms of what is coming out of the conference looking at these numbers what does it mean for the continent to say that we're going to double in size in 30 is. i think progression is just busy busy because the mission that. they raised by which the african perversions grow we try to determine what development what they come to charge the function exhilarated i think the challenge is to do with providing quality education to paris a b. c. and so on so if the continent has to rest easy shoes and i'm sure you own source you're going to make sure the nation goes to these growing to commission that this kind of thing when the corporations growing sort of did it so hard to do the conference years talking about ways in which the african continent was when i was of the region so they were kind of money from money there but rationing but then
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just funding is a pretty. is that it's you know if you needed to do the job of government is to do it to one froebel credentials if you can use that way to visit it in many countries enough to go away you see that a lot of women want to use child farming if money they want to do they the next pregnancy or they want to stroke our child all together but they are not able to do 2 trucks is a modern effective methods of contraception so one of the things the conference is that it is talking about is how do we promote one study from your findings educate people but once people want to use 5 year planning to make sure that the. system from the front but it's not only from their priming but that that doctrine is driving the opposition growth in africa the fact that they will go for it was a tragedy i'm not going to secondary school there we could be drawing from school some of them it's because of also michael from the money because of contraception
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but some are just nordhaus people pushing the cheese to do their education so their whole campaign about keeping girls in school but also to continuing with interventions to group child survival i did get him a media is that the crown prince is talking about the writings of ensuring that these are the day before british and broken up because all right what we have a few seconds duck a. quickie is the point that we need to reverse the trend so for example we need to stop as growing to double the size that we're at is that what the message is that this trade needs to be reversed very quickly you know the doubling of the progression of our free grant chinese at this point i can tell you i'm not the 1st because what it did is a close accord incorporation we call it corporation momentum because they wanted to so many young people who are on the web not started getting fed by the time they grew up so i'm stuck giving are giving back the doubling of the population is going to is more is going to delve into the real professional despond principles so just
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. trying to say our faith is what it is going to produce big bold vision how do we know how close we did this before bush did before he did you're going to be. right because the right course you're going to transformation my gender so dictates that it's a demographic dividend how does i prefer to go frontage of this youthful commission read it as a as a burner but i'll sit with you both mean to do it your patience investments in inform it will remain on job creation ok that's. from being african institute for development policy thank you. also known as africa which is also known as a.k.a. a sounds complicated no it's just about a lot africa not on display at an e a showcase for african artists it attracts more than 40 exhibits his and 100 artists francisco the doll traces his roots back to angola the dolls' art
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pays homage to the country's struggle for peace and the life of its rural workers. he uses the powerful symbol of the machete for the dollar it's more than just an implement used in the fields across africa so it's. our 1st to use you know greek culture but also it was a 2 that was used in africa to to start revolution so i think that i want the painting to be revolutionary this is one of europe's most prominent dedicated to contemporary art and design from the african continent here its innovation and a distinctive style that count autists whose pieces have a link to africa showcasing their work. for
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a spin at the forefront of this people are discovering art coming from africa they're realizing that it's a new language it's good to be fresh to something new and they're starting to collect works there's a real market opening up. for the doll it's not just about taking inspiration from the past. i want it to be something that is from the present but you project on the future so the. it's there at the compound is there is to say that we want to project something into the future forward looking and innovative this paris is opening curious eyes to african art and helping african artists capitalize on their talents. as if an album muse africa today will leave you with these pictures of the african artists. in paris at. a.
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opportunities for everyone regardless of ethnicity or appearance unfortunately for many migrants in germany that may be a distant dream. many companies are trying to make the application process is more inclusive but does that really go against discrimination. made in germany 16 d.w.i. . and on demand.
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language courses. video and audio. donald trump keeps wall street guessing after his speech at the economic club of new york investors hope for hints at an end to the u.s. china trade war but instead heard more attacks on the chinese government. also coming off a top e.u. court ruling on labeling products made in the israeli occupied territories sparks controversy. and animal rights act.


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