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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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the west rely on giant tractors and threshers for mass production but there are much smaller helpers that can pull their weight in the fields. hello i'm going to get jones welcome to do that we have business asia good to have you with us now the rising costs trade conflicts a draggle a tory barrie is a crippling the confidence of german companies in china a survey by the german chambers of commerce has found that only a quarter of firms operating there believe they'll reach their targets in 2019 and that's the lowest level in the u.s. a huge 83 percent of companies say that they've been directly or indirectly affected by china's trade conflict with the united states and one in 10 german firms are planning to move some of their operations out of the country now their main reason for thinking about quitting perhaps surprisingly is higher labor costs and not the trade dispute and meanwhile china's big tech firms who are why
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is paying out more than $285000000.00 in bonuses to thank its employees for helping the company cope with u.s. sanctions the chinese take equipment giant has been scrambling to remove u.s. components from its products since american firms would be banned from doing business with it back in may your way has since and they held an operating system it says can replace google's android it's now the indian government has held off a ban on a single use plastic saying it would have to begin impact on the economy and the unemployment rate instead delhi appeals to the public expecting them to voluntarily curb their plastic use and become more environmentally aware. plastic as far as the eye can see the banks of the jehmu no river in delhi look like
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a gigantic rubbish dump. almost all of the plastic waste that ends up in the world's oceans comes from just 10 rivers 3 of those flows through india the government has decided that things need to improve but they've shelved the ban on certain single use plastics. volunteers of the environmental organization parvati meaning the cameras march through town and invite people to pledge to give up plastic everyone gets a photo of the event as a reminder. 17 year old rag vendor along hootie has been a sworn anti plastic campaigner for 4 years. when i was in my peers in the parson oil. so. the back of the garden. it was. from then on.
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do not use the do not use do not through the god was on the sheets and boxes. the power activists say environmental education in india can feel like a losing battle they've tried to teach this coconut bend about plastic waste several times they even sent him a t. shirt but he keeps using plastic straws even though he's promised to stop. they have had success stories though customers at this vegetable stall now have to bring fabric bags with them many weren't pleased about giving up plastic banks of plastic bags the cheaper customers have to buy this bag for 10 euro cents but it lasts 2 years. the suspension of the ban has given traders and customers in india extra time to adjust and to think about how goods will be bought and sold
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here in the future. in corporate news and who can help turn around the fortunes of jackie landrover that's the question india start a group which owns the beleaguered carmaker is asking as it seeks partnerships for the ailing luxury brand according to bloomberg it has approached a number of car makers including china's gili group and journey. car giant a b.m.w. in that attempt to share the burden of investing in new technology. this sun has cut its a 4 year forecast to an 11 year low after a 70 percent drop in quarterly profits steven ma the company's new chief financial officer said sales had to underperformed in key regions such as the united states europe and home country japan operating profits of $275000000.00 when this ends worst q 2 performance for 15 years carmakers suffering as a result of a strong yen falling demand and the fallout from the ousting of chairman carlos go
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. products from israel's occupied territories must be clearly labeled as such at least those destines to the european union that is the latest ruling by the european court of justice until now at such products have largely borne the made in israel tack now that says the court could mislead consumers about israel's presence as an occupying power in those territories the e.u. has consistently spoken out against settlement expansion saying it undermines hopes for the establishment of an independent palestine alongside israel. the agricultural industry is known for its powerful machinery tractor. and chipper's you name it but maybe not for much longer exhibited at the world's
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largest agriculture technology fair called technica a trying to prove that bigger is not always better. to. robots like coles and die no could soon be a pharmacy best friend. they can harvest so ound extract weeds. french style stuff nyota philip these that will help as. i came from the problem eating we follow miles because farmers was where complaining about playboy sure all which is more and more complex to find people who walk in the fall so when we have these we say ok maybe we can alter my eyes some task. is a vegetable farming robot a camera records the plant growth and an algorithm that decides what stays and what go use. it reduces the need to stock for weed killer as. are.
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these small self driving field robots are the stars of technica and how the world's biggest trade pfeffer i could cultural technology. the john deere company is known for its huge machines but even that being downsized. a future tractor could look like this electric rather than diesel lightweight to protect the soil and of course without to drive his cap. given the it's a complete definitely think the future is about autonomy that's even precision on agriculture needs more precision there are various examples of that in this whole thing about you know. machines can also irrigate the crops and recognise wheat through senses. these drones fly over fields and help to locate pests for example all spray chemicals in
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a targeted mana. they can also cultivate land that's hard to access. actually a lot of places in china they're not able to use picture actors because they are smaller plots we have a lot of small orders in china and also we have places that are out on the hillside so it's difficult to conduct spraying so a plant protection we call for the crops on the hillside or. is this the end for mega machines and agriculture. the certainly no lack of imagination these weird and wonderful creations could end up being the farm hands of the future. or are. there. some. cute somehow poland is europe's biggest producer and exporter of
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chickens last year it raised more than a 1000000000 birds for delivery but activists say the short lives of those animals could be much better. the chicks tumble along the production line like many other goods produced on an industrial scale this is how they spend day one of their lives they have 41 days left. most of it will be spent here a room big enough to house a jet plane it's home 254000 chickens the owners insist they're taking care of. because just surgeon to some vet comes every day sometimes there are 2 of them so they walk around the poultry houses and observe the behavior and physical wellbeing of the chicks when there are problems in the vast majority of cases their digestive disorders there's no risk to the consumer. product of us here the well being of the consumer is born strictly in mind but animal rights campaigners like
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anna is in sca concerned for the birds they've labeled them franken chickens after frankenstein's monster. but they will see this missive out as it's like a 5 year old child weighing 150 kilos it's not natural that these chickens don't grow up healthy they're sick of even in that i understand. the final destination for the living chickens have to 6 weeks is the slaughterhouse after a process that sees them a nice the tiniest then electrocuted they become pro-choice. the main export markets for polish chickens are within the new led by germany the netherlands and the u.k. ukraine and hong kong are also big customers attracted by poland's low prices and without putting creasing 10 fold in a decade polish production of the chickens shows no sign of slowing down. sometimes it feels extra good to being a vegetarian u.s.
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billionaire elon musk's space x. eventually has launched a new batch of 60 minute satellites into space a call. pact starlink satellites will join an initial action against him a moscow plans to put thousands of satellites into orbit it's an effort to offer high speed internet coverage across the world space access revenue from the project will go towards developing space travel to mock us. as a full and that is your business update here on the w from me on the business asia team in berlin thanks for keeping us company.
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v.w. . place. this is deja vu news live from berlin fears of a new flare up of violence in the middle east israeli towns near the gaza strip come under rocket attack just hours after an israeli airstrike kills a commander of a palestinian militant group will ask a reporter in gaza whether an escalation is likely also coming up bolivia's former president is on what andres flies to mexico where he's been granted exile but back in the bolivian capital of the army and police threaten the crackdown on unrest
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between his supporters and opponents.


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