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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 11:45am-12:01pm CET

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sample sound from movies and t.v. creating a unique calm and western societies where we think you know what i believe. you have. who is will be my guest in just a minute hello and welcome to arts and culture also coming up. in our series 100 german must reads we go to battle brackets apartment for the story of the freshman helper up. germany's smallest discover on wheels bringing entertainment to the brink you give me an it is of the form called. but 1st. is a norwegian german video office based in berlin he's famous for his scurrilous videos which play with concepts such as identity the media globalisation he does all this with lots of humor and i should say with other people's voices will have his real voice in a minute but 1st this is beyond melters. it was my son and so was this
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and so is this extends. to continue to. keep you. know he says films are a kind of dream sequence of sampled quotations the resulting thoughts are obscure if. you are good me. my body isn't ready my god do you want to know who says latest works god they look so good look at this blue. my body isn't me. how much are they i bet for $129.00 before be on mel who's even knows where he's going with the video he creates the soundtrack taking scraps of dialog or music gleaned from films t.v. shows pop songs and weaving them together like a composer. he's got to storyboards for his films at the same time he edits the
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audio tracks and he's been at it for around 3 decades. has just come in. and told that line. john did not. tell goodlatte. and from her says rather silly starts his films are getting more and more political anybody could when he body away. joins me now with his real voice thank you for coming in i should mention you go. an expression currently on here and it goes till next every so anybody interested they should look at my website for more details now you feature in all your videos as we've seen is this is this practical. you know you know. it's inexpensive is there a deeper meaning do you just like dressing up i think all the faith all the faith
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it's practical i like this thing up but it is also really important because it's just the role play and if you if you have actresses or actors in these roles they're still the actresses and actors but this are just the roles and that's really really important to have the same guy as an animal as a man as a woman as every everyone and maybe your the only person who understands it all in the seeing some of your films they tell a story but sometimes it's hard to know quite well the story is if you don't mind me saying is that deliberate do you want us to make our own interpretations of what you're doing or do you have a. particular message i think the story is most of the times by obvious from my perspective and but it's maybe not easy it's not an easy story and it makes you think and i really like to make people think and to go deeper and think about what they see and not just consume moving images. and you address
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a lot of serious subjects social issues for instance but also with a lot of humor and i wonder is that because you like to do that or is that she does not actually give you a strong meaning and i think humor a good sense of humor is really really important in telling also sad things tragic things in our society and through humor you can you can get more powerful more emotional and you can reach people much better through you. and it's not a constant with you always humor with it i've only seen things that have humor in them i mean of course aids most this kind of humor is tragic comical so there is always a certain kind of tragedy sadness in this in this kind of humor and i think really humor is a very serious thing to communicate and and even the very sad things that we live
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in our life and that we have to go through with it one of us and it's not getting better these days no you. know i have to sit in here 3 hours of television what do you hate about the media you say the media angers you why particular what's particularly makes your angry about the media i think sometimes it can be very brainwashing and mean i grew up with television now we have different kind of media we have social media we have all kinds of and it is keeps us busy like most people i there are like jumping. and they are kept busy aand. losing their own presence and there are some wells they are not present anymore i mean it's changed course you're still making video but this is changed enormously since you started i mean it's just completely turned on its head with social media i mean
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are you able to bring that into your work somehow yeah so lately i mean the early work i referenced earlier films hollywood movies now i'm referencing huge you and other social media or and they go further and of course this is a contemporary well what's next what's next for you or have you can't you know you want to yeah i think i continue i mean i have one project in mind and since i appropriated some language from a in. quite famous influencer on you tube i think this is something i would like to look more into it and also into german influencers and how they use what kind of language they use and part part these english and and some is german and i would be interested in this kind of language and what i can do out of it. is be great talking to you keep writing these wonderful videos thank you very much for being with us today thank you for hanging in the show. it's time for 100
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german must reads where we've selected 100 of the best books of german literature. in the last 120 years is today a classic by best hold direct threatening norval is of course based on is threatening all for a body is slightly different now it's time for a man of letters mr david leavitt to break into song. so. pearly white. just attract. back. at. louis armstrong ella fitzgerald frank sinatra robin williams they all saying mack
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the knife but did you know it's german author belts what pushed lived in this house here in berlin and he wrote those lyrics were free and opera shows about a word of london getting started names may keith and his arch enemy peaches the king of the bankers. the threepenny novel 5 years later in 1933 the characters are the same but this time gangster mckeith has changed his tune he's become a businessman a model capitalist because why kill people for money and power when there are other ways. in my opinion which is the opinion of a hardworking businessman we haven't got the right men at the head of the country they all belong to some party or other we need men who stand above all parties something like us business men the government of the states has a moral task everything must be so organized that the entrepreneur is a good entrepreneur the worker
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a good worker in short that the rich are good work. and the poor good poor. heath has all the makings of a populist politician he promises to stick it to the establishment and be a champion for the little guy but he's really in it for himself sound familiar threepenny novel is a bitter satire of capitalism and politics written during the nazi period but as current as i think. we've all been celebrating the full of the brown and wall 30 years ago and germany successfully reunifying one year later in 1990 however the former eastern states are still struggling economically and over 2000000 people have moved westward since the wall fell and in particular a rural areas are hardest hit modern the problem is that there's not a lot to do for young people is one man's efforts trying to change all that with
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what he calls a disco bus. this van is germany's smallest dance club and it's called fap. sebastien show that drives fat acre around the shrinking towns and villages of germany's rural northeast taking the party to the people. but to give it some thought 1st round today there's a village festival we're in a new youth club has been opened so that's really unusual around here generally the youth clubs are closing down rather than opening up. papen doff has a population of $2500.00 inside fat acres there's 6 square metres of dance floor it's the afternoon but the party is getting started. then it's back on the road this time to the village of clinton now with a population only in the dozens the nearest dance club is quite
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a way. off and there's no proper bus or train service to get there 000-000-0000 extension 0 so fat hey could provide some much needed fun because operation costs are around 2000 heroes per year some of that money comes from private donations some of it from public funds. that. feel like that yeah it's getting lively looking good. as the evening progresses the dance floor fills up fat is a little world of her own. the stuff this monday this always makes me so how to use up the extreme for that i really have so many events every summer oh and then sometimes in the days leading up to a gig i'm like going from here we go again another weekend. but when i sit in the
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car and it starts to take off it's awesome it's so much fun it's good but there's also does a. substantial but doesn't get paid for his mobile disco mission but that won't stop him from hitting the country roads again on his way to the next dance. that's it for this edition of alton culture as always more stories from around the world on our website at d.w. don't call me slash com thanks for watching and join us again at the same time smart if you can. take off. i'm stuck. for you to be playing and remain at the top of the only. black forest drama 5 fights hard to clinch victory against frank.
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keiko's. 30 minutes on the. syrian born american is it's a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a father who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. but americans curious about the bars regulars across the road worlds apart. close up in 90 minutes on the w. . i'm not laughing out of the gym i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and pretend to have been thinking going to jam
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a culture of looking at the stereotype clad that is think the future of the country that i'm glad i. am needed to be good for this grandmother day out to me it's all that. bob goodbye my job join me to meet the gem and sunday w. post earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. googling goes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and on mine.
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load. this is deja vu news live from berlin get out while you can australians are urged to flee catastrophic bushfires i've seen the fires is the cause of it not jump roads and that's just i mean that save more than can throw food because fortunately in this you know you can do. one local fire chief says conditions are so bad that
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when a fire takes hold we are not able to stop it also coming out to bolivia as former president evo morales takes a plane to mexico.


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