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i'm a little drunk a new. person. is about topics that affect us all. but it's a crisis. every. noise about noise.
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from existence. it's good to have you with us on metropolis of around 20000000 people most of them breathing in poisoned air this has been the reality in india's capital delhi over the past few days small skies over the city meant to the quantities of dangerous bought tickets in the air by some estimates up to 6 times what's considered safe by double standards but the government is fighting back the use of diesel generators for instance has been. fired back if things become was other measures such as
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banning of construction stopping the entry of trucks into the city regulating use of private vehicles and kick in but until then city residents have no escape from the. the majestic president's house reduced to a shadow by the delhi smoke air quality in many parts of the indian capital has plunged into poor or even very poor in some areas. this is not fog but smoke and because of the smog the air is getting worse but the government is still not a living many vehicles on the street it's becoming difficult to live because of it you know the. social media users have expressed their frustration on twitter some say they only enjoyed one month of beautiful air in the city is cooked and the smoke again others which is citizens good luck in figuring out what's more poisonous the air inside or outside their homes and offices and emergency
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plan is already in place diesel generator is a bed for now other measures such as a truck embargo a limit on vehicles could follow. but cars i'm not the only source of the haste this is another factor behind delis smoke problem stubborn ng in neighboring states farmers set fire to clear fields for the next crop season. despite a government ban the practice is popular because it's the most cost effective. money. i agree with the government but it's not good. but what can a farmer do. the government says we have to buy machines but how many of us and i buy them on the. machinery to remove crop stubble can cost up to $10000.00 euros an affordable for many small farmers for.
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tidemand from the government is that it should think about the farmers they should try to find a way to deal with the burning. of the. prevailing winds usually carry the smoke every october to new delhi. and then combined with the missions blanketing the city once again in tainted air. that's only expected to worsen in the coming days. either because one of them are sure there is one is not a grown 0 in delhi and she joins me know let me show the government keeps saying that it is burning in the neighboring states also delhi that is the main cause of pollution in delhi oh i could it is that well british it's not entirely accurate unfortunately for the delhi government that have been reports from the central government which have from a research agency an egg quality association c with that crop bonding with bonding from neighboring states only contribute some one to 9 percent and that 90 percent
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or more off the air pollution in delhi right now is local however the delhi government has strongly denied this they have said that they can create measures to ensure that the air quality is better they have said it's been better over the last 8 months and that this spike that we have seen over the last night is because of stop the burning the deny the other data the water the government's plans to combat deserve them. well british the supreme court had mandated to for an action plan to be brought up and 2 years ago in 2017 agreed of response action plan was implemented this is going to be put in place again this year as well and it basically tries to discourage all band behavior that increases air pollution it's trying to increase bus and metro of 1 all abilities trying to spike up parking fees so people don't take out their cars one of the most iconic and eye
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catching measures has been overall joshing a measure called the audi vin scheme where guards with number plates with license plates of either at an odd number or an even number are allowed to come out onto the streets every alternate did this is again going to be implemented in a couple of weeks but unfortunately in the past it's basically been seen as a way of reducing congestion perhaps the deduction because of the dated response action plan has not been that dramatic with we're going to have to wait and see again this year if the graph or the grid response action plan can be more effective and more strict on the meter this is a problem but don't those every year this time of the year one going to talk to once and for all. well british a ping that's important to note is that the steady air pollution problem is gone to the contributions to air pollution coming in from various different sources even and what we have spoken about that is double avoiding those cars there is because
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this factory is this for much that is going to be getting to after you show and this also that descends from the public despite the highs it does not stick quality that everybody can sense dick for example the festival of lights the valley there has been a significant spike seen off to the festival because of the busting of fire crackers laughter the supreme court said only green crackers will be allowed but what exactly is a green cracker is still under scrutiny the values coming up in a short while and we will have to see again if people actually want to stick to the mandates of the supreme court to improve their quality or to be a think it's too important for their nations and customs to set off fire crackers so things like this this kind of that a sense has also contributed to the fact that there's no simple solution there are just really thank you very much for that. enabling mungo there's the residents of its capital dhaka are dealing with pollution off a different kind noise pollution for reference the world health organization says
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humans can tolerate only a maximum of $8.00 to $5.00 decibels for 8 hours over a period of time before hearing damage occurs but residents of dakar a city of 18000000 people regularly have to hear sounds of up to 110 decibels it's a problem one man in talk is determined to meet head on even if it means he takes his message to the streets. in bangladesh is noisy capital. is on a mission to chant down the volume heavy traffic and horns go hand in hand but there are policing makes. noise levels the jack-o. regularly exceed 80 decibel was way beyond safe levels the message of moment always placards and the idiots home knesset sara lee all got on hard such noise could hamper the mental stability of drivers it creates tension in their heads they become anxious because the driver behind them is continuously hurrying them to move
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when there is nowhere to go but was in the level of a moment campaign his fortune supports and recognition on the streets of jacka he now spends at least 10 minutes every day passing on his message at intersections around the city a graphic designer his agency has grown since the birth of his daughter earlier this year. i made it up or tear down are worth it i want to i want i don't want any profit out of it you can't always measure everything by profit i think this is my social responsibility as an artist every artist has it and i believe this is my. drivers can face fines and even prison for flouting whom rules but they're rarely enforced so it's left a moment or 2 new to the noise one vehicle at a time. 40 years of war in afghanistan have destroyed much of the country's art artifacts and architecture
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other pieces have been stolen by warlords who sold them abroad the destruction included. in province the figures were blown up in dramatic fashion by the taliban in 2001 images that shocked the world. but scores of smaller buddhist artifacts also fell victim to the militant group during its time and now one museum in kabul is trying to repair precious relics shattered by war the puzzle pieces of history just like an ancient jigsaw conservators from afghanistan's national museum are reassembling the country's buddhist past that the taliban tried to erase in 2001 the group went on a cultural rampage destroying thousands of artifacts. they came with a number of people and opened the door of the national museum and then they started
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destroying the antiquities. because the and that was. after the taliban government fell the same year the museum began the painstaking task of restoration nearly 20 years later this still a lot of work to be done. and of our integrity and our cultural heritage whether it is. able object in move the immovable monuments the 5 we're having all around of one of the. very important for me is because. this is part of history this current project aims to reassemble thousands of pieces into statues within the next 3 years and the hard work is paying off already inspiring a new generation. it's very important for afghans to come to the museum
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because we should find out about our past history of our ancestors so. safe in now but with a resurgent taliban in afghanistan this cultural haven could once again come under threat. and afghanistan remains a continuing focus of asia and also our website did up a dot com for what slash asia. that's our show for today we leave you now with a look of the shrine of fall. in pakistan southern seemed. devotees of sufi islam. in the songs flag dance it's a practice that's considered cut after followed by a farmer combine as of the region bob has longer existed as an expression of the most from fear to stop going to next time over.
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the top. link from africa to the world join us on facebook t.w. africa. with him how to be done it goes on as well i and if i had known that the boat would be small i never would have gone on the trip but i would not have put myself and my harrison in that intentionally bought of sikkim
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of the book give us leave. that one wouldn't need to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there much i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrates terrified for libel information for my great. 2020 looks set for clothes a e.u. china relations the reason chancellor angela merkel says she'll make ties with china a priority when germany takes over the e.u. presidency in the 2nd half of next year also coming up the e.u. and britain have agreed on yet another brics a divorce deal but having been there before business on both sides of the channel
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are cautious and to keep stockpiling goods just in case. of beijing's universal studios amusement park won't ask you for a ticket facial recognition software will ensure you've paid your entrance fee. welcome to do your business asia i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us chancellor angela merkel says germany will make relations with china a key issue during its 2020 year presidency she says europe needs a unified policy on china the world's 2nd biggest economy it's also germany's largest trading partner a crucial market for its cost of machinery brussels has taken a tougher line on beijing of late describing it is a strategic competitor germany takes over the rotating 6 months presidency in the 2nd half of next year. and for more let's cross over to our financial market correspondent all the bars are standing by for us in front furred
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all in how the former economy minister of germany said the difference between europe and china was that china has a plan is germany.


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