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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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to islamist terror i do not. recall that it was it was the. exclusive report from a destroyed city. starts october 24th. we're trying to frighten you know it's a fact what do you expect that it did to terry means white dogs and that that's what does it mean extreme right often it's not. the earthquake they expected would you mind letting me finish my sentences planers. it's no secret that if you're a populist a nationalist parties gearing up to try to make a splash at the coming european elections but who's helping them we are
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nationalists we are suckers so we leave all our members with all one with their own. vision and principle in respect of all what this except you're used comfortable phrases like it's a club meant for the exchange of ideas from nationalist populist movements across you're talking strategy for bang and it's far more combative than that isn't it he called it gumming up the e.u. parliament in other words blocking your purpose is essentially destructive isn't a no it's to review not building you know your breaking yards now we are reinforcing and rebuilding the preeminence of national what does he say he said the beating heart of the globalist project is in brussels if i drive the stake through the vampire the whole thing will start anticipate well pretty self-important play we don't think we're we we analyze the situation in. the sense that the
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system like the us ultimately. imperialism kind of imperialism i have confidence that the forces of democracy of real democrats in europe will be stronger than these autocrats and i hope they will because indeed it is a rise of populism in europe doesn't look like it doesn't well wait for the results of the 21000 elections and then we'll talk i know you did better in bavaria and you done a little better in your seat but but they're very strong and they're very powerful and we will see whether they keep getting strengths and i doubt it we'll see it's the back seat particularly noticeable i know you said it can show in 2013 if you're black go back and i want to stone me and to be a white country these were your words in turkey 13 television talk show here and we were roundly condemned by other politicians including the human rights group here in parliament 80 percent of stern and we had a there was apologise to an 80 percent return and agreed with that statement so
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take it as it is conveyed to. him and you would have been you would have won the elections you know when the elections you. did very well but i want us about the status and this. is what. he says. we will get to the racism issue what do you want with all this crackdown on migrants you want to preserve your identity and we want to preserve the italian and european identity we want to why it's all nationalist parties across europe do you want to see more white nationalist people are pushing that idea the dented tarion concept it's not a matter of white nationalist parties believe he's not a white nationalist party lorenza infantilize since he saw an identity theory and conception of politics and waking all of course you know that dented theory means way. right there that's why i said we are meeting what is it i mean was the
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protests the european identity the european christina roots for example the european culture detail and culture but it is you that is giving to this identity tyrion project the iraqis. aracely the blow up and that's not the meaning in any way that the league and our representatives are doing so we want to protect the cultural roots the christian roots of europe is not hard to work with you go around saying muslims equal threat was equal to over and over that now some of them allow got some people are going to react badly and some people are going to turn violent we want to keep the german germination they don't even the european union but we're talking about germany here we don't want to have that a muslim country we accept muslims there are lots of muslims who are well integrated into our society who take place no problem everything's fine but what we do not want to accept is that islam is starting to have an impact on our social
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life and our public life on our you know. you're not addressing the point i wanted to make about about this idea that was limbs are a threat to germany. muslims are spread to juice this is for example something what we're we're getting from the jewish community the jewish community isn't working on a new world let's face it the situation in venezuela can hardly be more complex united states along with some 2 dozen countries is backing the new interim leader one greater russia and china support incumbent nicolas maduro now we have france spain germany and britain who have recognized the new interim leader as president how long can you go on with this people are defecting from the administration one of your colleagues and as well ambassador to iraq the fact of the queues in the door of violating the constitution
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is his right and therefore general near force. military attaches in washington you know military fashion washington is gone how long can you hold the view doesn't depend on that i mean a president doesn't hold or doesn't hold on because of foreign countries ask them or like them or not he's impoverished the country and he's subject to the massive repression well i think the aim here is to have the transition that is taking place continue to take place peacefully we met with the. we met with. one quite knows representative the new ambassador to the united states and one boy go is the president of venezuela at the present time we believe strongly that the warning to you we believe strongly that the. that the venezuelan people
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should be commended for the way that they've handled this they used the rule of law to rep to remove. mr maduro he still gonna he's still venison could you would you mind letting me finish my sentence as plain as the international community is going to want why joe recognition is that i mean i got it from inside the country that you know he absolutely does have it from inside the country said people on the streets us that the same thing isn't what it what do you expect that people on the streets as power people on the streets it's love. people on the streets is support people on the streets as an expression i mean come come and go and the other problem and fertilizer future and it can come and go well the people that are supporting. the dural are the rogues gallery in the world including the iranians. the the russians the north koreans
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pull frosting on mccain you know is it worse is the sense that you don't think this is a stalemated situation it's not now all the countries that are liberal democracies that have the rule of law recognize our constitution and they recognize the legitimacy of one why they are that we are in a situation where a drug cartel has taken all the leaders of power by the way doesn't mean you're going to succeed. doesn't mean you're going to see or you die trying we have no option but to fight for our people i will fight for my people until i draw my last breath how long do you think president maduro can hold on now 6 years i hope. weeks of mass protest in hong kong show no sign of coming to an end but homeowner will bait you put up with it you warned a few weeks ago a few days ago that if things got worse the chinese army might consider taking to the streets you said when there's trouble in hong kong when things turn silence violence in our history our fear is that if the police are now able to control what
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is happening here there's a remote risk the chinese army would get involved how remote is that risk if it's so well known of the why why did you why did you mention no i hope you will never happen why did you mention if if it's a remote risk you're trying to frighten people you know it's a fact everybody understand except you you don't understand it. hong kong is a place where it has been operating is operating under the one country 2 systems it is a not very successfully is it is a huge political compromise we are part of china under the basic law china has a responsibility to ensure that hong kong is stable everybody who is doing business here want to see hong kong to be stable all right so yes under the basic law there is provision for the the beijing government to interfere if nobody hoped that
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it would happen i'm trying to say that we're trying to of avoid this happening so i'm not instilling fear into people i'm simply reflecting what is stated in the basic law and what is the political reality of the situation of course we created size the hong kong government especially the council tried to establish a law which hong kong residents disagree and that doesn't trust so that the show you the latest carry much of that to you the chief executive you blame the carriage carry lamb the chief exec she's beijing's appointing russian history she's the are pointy even so-called elected by some hong kong representation is still there wise why hasn't she was more has come from people as from people is there democracy in syria system we need we in hong kong need to gain the trust and confidence of beijing so that they can allow us the freedom of political reform what about the other way round what about beijing's duty to earn
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the trust of people in hong kong once both ways where they have managed you know this aspect has runs both ways only 2 years they have managed it's only about one family they've been doing of the most of trying to win you know holes all show that people do not of the majority of people still do not identify something identifies all the beijing or my national guard would have to work on them. everybody would come to work harder you think the people of hong kong should play nice to their masters in beijing i might throw the i view crumbs i do use only to use over words the words i use is that we should communicate with each other and wish to instill confidence in each other that's what i'm saying why china is not using force to press down the demonstration why they compromise why because they seek opportunity to prove they can chant. this week on big zone is that the annual security conference in munich i mean plenty of recriminations and bad blood between
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europe and washington are you trying to tell me that europe has lived up to its commitments under nato is that what you're trying to tell me because believe me there is no belief or that on anybody's part that some of the european nations are not living up to their commitments and indeed look i've done this for 10 years i've come over here and tried to talk the nato countries into living up to their agreements they patted us on the head and said all well we're on track to try to do this or try to do that let me put it bluntly the problem is that many member states don't trust donald trump do this and his commitment to nato why should they i mean he's done everything he could to undermine trust that he's 100 percent behind you no i haven't seen that clearly donald trump has shaken things up there's no question about it he's got most of it moved to his cartmel the allies to sit up and take notice because he was very concerned about the lack of of their burden sharing
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inside the alliance and he wanted allies to pay more in his inimitable way he got everybody to pay attention to the necessity of putting more money into their defense budgets chancellor angela merkel said last year that there were good reasons to continue fighting for the transatlantic relationship but we had it she added we can't count on it anymore. well i'm sorry she feels like that we don't feel like that you know the house of representatives they had so little confidence in chumps intentions toward nato that last year they had to pass a law with bipartisan support stating that is u.s. policy to remain a member of nato predicating funs to be used to withdraw from the alliance so little confidence do they have in the president's commitment to meet her a i saw that as a great expression in washington of bipartisan support for nato and i saw it when we were there 10 days ago for the 70th anniversary nato is well supported across both sides of the aisle that's
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a great thing why why are you going off isaac and not by the president there are $200.00 countries in the world right the vast majority of them believe that barack obama's brand of leadership was far better than either george bush is or down from you see the curve go like this under obama and then like this under trump in europe and asia and latin america and africa and so we can talk about israel where president obama had very sharp differences with the right wing government led by bibi netanyahu but i don't think that it wasn't just it wasn't just the sharp differences there were deep contradictions in the middle east policy good well we i mean you have a whole belief in that you voted against the president to enter an israel this was rooted largely in the iran nuclear agreement and if we had to do it over again if the price of having a better relationship with israel was not having iran nuclear agreement and potentially going to war with iran that was not a price that we were going to pay all the latest polls show the french germans the british now regard the us as a greater danger to their interests than china would you regard as your prime
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danger how much blame do you think washington should take for that. well. sometimes events drive us in a direction that we shouldn't be driven. we. we don't feel the same way about our european friends or were more like our you know there are a lot of recriminations these days to get over iran. in more regard. to the round deal that europe continues to abide by surely one that you get out of well we didn't walk out of it the president states at that time barack obama entered into that agreement. over the objection of a lot of us it did not have the things in it that it needed to have and it was very weak it did indeed address one issue that i viewed the iran. deal as
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a deal to try to discipline the bad boy in the classroom that was doing 5 bad things they addressed one of them but they're interested a big one did they dress one of them a big one they have dressed one of them ben rhodes in the short time that we have left let's look ahead to the next presidential election next year. what kind of democratic party do you think is going to be capable of beating donald trump with his massive following his dominance of the airwaves his dominance of social media which proved so devastating in the last presidential election what kind of democratic vote is going to be able to i think with the current. the massive following is 40 percent he is the most unpopular us president to run for reelection in my life he sets the news agenda is a very well then doesn't they dominate is that it takes a look at what. they're going to have to live with the world as it is or doesn't check the democratic party just routed down from republican party and go from we
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won 40 seats in the house yeah and won by the largest popular vote margin in the history of mid-term election the largest democratic victory in the house since watergate. voters in the european parliament elections have shaken out of the continent's politics turning away from the major power blocs of the dominated brussels in recent years and boosting the smaller groupings the greens the liberals and the far right apparently european voters weren't so keen on the. status quo in the more do you accept a share of the blame for the for the 1st voter participation has been very very high historically 51 percent more or less in medium in in all of europe but they don't like the status quo by came out to say that but this liberal democratic legitimacy to european institutions shows that people start to understand how relevant to european union is and that it really affects their daily life and they
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future their one mark and ability their one more transparency i think they will. ask much more participation for whoever is going around europe in the future that's a nice way of spinning it isn't the top jobs were carved up in the kind of backroom stitch up that people were told wasn't going to happen again and it did it did despite all these promises why you let the voters than not i mean 1st of all why do you speak about the backroom deal i mean it was so transparent. and all the process of the names in the game i think it was very very true not according to the outgoing commission president he called it not very transparent quite an indictment from the judge that wasn't it's true but i don't have to agree with him on this point i think it's not the best process but it's the process that this is right in the treaties people are losing faith in the here's the paradox isn't the highest level of support for membership since $983.00 but more than half the people of europe think he is likely to collapse within a generation all the while for the 1st breath this is also the legacy that our
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society is out of the chaos and implosion that unfortunately we have seen in the u.k. has been a vaccination rather than infection for the rest of europe we have seen so you should be stronger so as a result of that we have seen if i can finish my sentence to europe barometric kountry of to count tree if you're planning a popularity has increased even him hungary with a few exceptions czech republic and we have seen one after the extreme right political parties dropping the agenda of leaving the european union and leaving the euro why all the doubts about whether the e.u. can actually stay together i mean spain's foreign minister yours a barrel was asked in the interview if it was so fragile if europe was so fragile it could break up his comment was honestly yes i'm sleep yes yes or europe has always been growing start out of big crisis we were born out of the ashes of world
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war 2. and there we are led to is that it's one of the best places in the world to live we never had it so good in europe voters are the they are very disappointed very disappointed and it was supposed to be about them you were seeing the turnout go down in every single election since the european elections started and this was the big push to rope more people in because they were going to be listened to and they weren't yes i mean the call it's a bit this is a big failure whichever way you like to spin it but it is a big factor i mean the publication of democracy representative democracy what i'm talking about but the participation in the european elections has been raised also because of the better understanding of the citizens about the need of the because the expectation they might actually be listened to that's why they voted they were told it is going to be different let's just go back to europe and the new political landscape after the european elections if he is joining the. identity and democracy group which is going to be the 5th largest group in the european parliament not the
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3rd largest which is what you were aiming for your party promises to be a thorn in the flesh of the stuff what does that mean just going to block and disrupt create trouble now what we're trying to get out is the message that we are in favor of the european union and it has been set up by the founding fathers of the european union we're against the effortlessly union we want to keep the server serenity of the nation states what we think is that democracy only functions within a nation state and we want to work together where it is necessary to do so but we do not want to to move towards ever closer you know extreme right populist did not have. the earthquake they expected to have been actually have an earthquake of scandals and the liberal liberal conservative forces are stronger than previously the greens advanced the socialist collapsed the extreme left lost almost 50
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seats 5 years ago there was no far right at all was there so you hold the door open for them during the last 5 years i think this is not the time for blame game me this is the time to stand for the truth isn't it time to look at what happened the achievements of the last 5 years back to where each passing day it's come to mean aboard this united kingdom and the more damage weaker government the reason i was ever in my heart was never in leaving you why i saw it as a car in the damage limitation exercise when you say that she said she was quite concerned to live a practice that she promised on innumerable occasions to deliver back she failed in the end i'm afraid we'll have to face well sure that the party lost confidence in and so did the house of commons but there was a lot of ignorance on the leaf side wasn't that i mean even among some of the most visible campaigners like boris johnson for instance when he was questioned on t.v.
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last september turned out he didn't know that switzerland was in the single market and refused to accept it when he was told that was the quote i'm not responsible for what boris is the we voted to let your living breaks it and you hear this sort of nonsense come out why don't you say this is wrong or british people deserve the referendum result to be implemented this is the truth i am told tonight something they deserve better and they don't deserve a whole lot of m.p.'s who say they accept the referendum results and are campaigning against it you happy that boris johnson being ordered to appear in court over claims that he lied during the referenda well over this 350000000 pounds a week to be well the person he's done is an absolute on the line and actually if a not matter well yes of course it why it doesn't have a bearing on the. merrit. well it does because clearly he's doing it from a particular perspective if the aim is to damage boris it will have precisely the opposite effect you know i do advise our european partners not to overplay their
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hand what you negotiator seem to obsess about is that britain must appear to lose from this absolutely not i mean you have made it clear that leave leaving the e.u. is a mistake and that should become a self-fulfilling prophecy now now britain has to lose and loses britain has to look i mean you played the part but that again is a lunacy i mean. no we just say that membership of the european union has benefits and of course if you're not member you don't enjoy those benefits it's not punishment it just statement of fact the is the largest trading group in the world they hold all the cards it's their club that you're leaving they will decide what rules apply should you wish to take advantage of some of the. privileges on offer with that club yeah i think but i thought we had in our manifesto 18 months or so ago was that we wanted to create a comprehensive training arrangement with the babe agreed on the use of come and in every one of those would be japan i'd be quite happy just to replicate the terms of
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that you've been saying that no deal is increasingly attractive but that's not what you and your vote leave colleagues promise the country wants it time and again they promise great deals with the you and everyone else and so they just fall into britain slapped in the terms that. i have to confess that i think it's in the european union's interests to strike a sensible free trade deal with the united kingdom and whether we make that agreement before we leave which looks rather unlikely or after we leave i believe that that's what will happen but in the end my point is there will be broken promises were the vote leave campaign didn't make promises we were campaigning it's a presumption that they will be made. it all to be but it's not said the deal is on the table in the u.k. and the next prime minister can still subscribe to it all make propositions how we can improve it.
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i'll think that i get something out but most of the things which are the result of mistakes deep into german culture looking at the stereotype of class that is the future of the country that i'm. going to take this drama to. to me it's all about ok. i'm rachel join me for me jamming sunday w. post d.t. you know that 77 percent topic are younger than thinks of fox. guts me and
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is day that you do fly for let the deal is done britain and the european union say they have reached an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. the e.u. calls it fair and balanced but any deal still needs to be backed by all but use member states and the u.k. parliament so what are the prospects of success. u.s. officials arrive in turkey to try to broker a ceasefire in northern syria.


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