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member states initiate who goes to that commission that could be complicated in the case for example of italy where you have a government between the right wing populist of the league and well the undefinable really left wing and left wingers of the 5 star movement so whom they are going to send over is is really not clear at the moment but. the most important thing right now over the summer is to get up to speed on the different topics the european union has so many different levels and layers and policies and programs and and fundings and all that she knows she needs to know all of those. possible better than her college of commissioners and you could see that her learning curve in the last week was already very steep all last week in some of the hearings she was extremely vague and it didn't appear that she was being extremely vague on purpose it just seemed like you know she was still learning and not quite there yet and
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there was much better from a knowledge point of view today and she will have to continue that if she wants to be ready and fall. you talked. max about the speech that was your fund that i gave to the european parliament in which she essentially appealed to the center left and the center right and nor did the extremes are they going to prove difficult for her if she is she going to going to be having a go at her from from the from the periphery as it were. it appears that they already had a go it heard today that we believe that at least why she has this very slim majority although many are expected her to have a large majority with the help of the votes of the so-called e.c. our group which is a right wing you're a skeptical party but that was enough another line in that press conference she's giving at the moment here in stroudsburg said that a majority is a majority and i came people didn't know me so she's so some understanding i think
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she's just happy right now that she really was elected. simon young migration is going to be one of the of the big issues you know sort of funds on. here in germany i'm going to machall very much a champion to that issue and it cost the political capital what sort of future do you see for a sort of on the line with this particular issue where they live on the lines in states and certainly in support of the medical law and if you can call it that on migration a compassionate approach to dealing with people who are you know in serious trouble and they help on the other hand. sending a message of you know that europe's borders can't just be open for everyone to wander in as they please so you had a bit of that today in a speech in the parliament saying on the one hand we need a humane humane border system and on the other hand saying that we need
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to speed up the process of beefing up you know the european border agency with. 10000 operatives. which sounds like a lot perhaps but when you think of a vast territory that the all the borders in the relevant borders to the to the south and the east of europe you know there's a reserve a lot of territory to cover there so maybe it isn't such a such a such a tough line after all but she's saying you know we've got to get a grip on this problem we can't allow people to be drowning in the mediterranean that's an issue that's got a lot of. impassioned opinion and was certainly active during the european election campaign recently and i think people european citizens do want an answer to that but at the same time you've got the rise of the far right and of course they have made a lot of capital out of the idea that there's an unending flow of people arriving
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in europe ok with some euro for now thank you let's cross to strasburg. the new president of the commission is actually delivering a speech see. me show up and put. the. bill slightly to the will of the list to a pitiful little 2 official which is who do you see the end of that movie in bonding you very much mr president you come to london got milk a life or. have a book a book with a down yes i mean. there are a few on a belief we must progress. in recent years. i've worked a great deal in central europe and in the east so. i thought that i could i think there's
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a lot of. confidence as regards. my way of working which is very pragmatic we want to resolve problems for me it's important. to identify commissioners. who will certainly have major portfolios. of ecclesial. in order to make it clear the east and center of europe are represented just because mary martin has a. very narrow income from the financial times congratulations madame president you majority is very narrow and it looks like there is a contingent of any peace from the u.k. who would have been part of that majority they may no longer be around for the entire duration of your mandate to ensure that you still have
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a backing of the majority of the parliament when we have $27.00 member states which you want to commit to really holding your vote wants to u.k. is no longer part of the you would. be holding your vote i didn't i don't i should have heard translation would you. would you agree stand over confirm your majority you want the e.u. consists of 27 member states to ensure that this house fully in its majority is still behind you it will not introduce new roads. what i think what is my crucial to be pretty serious on that what is one of the most most noble and the most crucial task i do have had of me is you sense there is within the political groups that decided that wins for example decided not to vote for me today. more openness today than it was a week ago when you've been watching the hearings you know that was improvement and i accept they had to get to know me they have to get to know me they have to win
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confidence and they have to rely on me so my work will be with the pro european parties to work for a stable majority you know that before i was in the game it was also difficult to find a stable platform majority but to pursue success we will have a commission with the parliament and with the council. we will have a commission. with. congratulations again and 2 questions one are you in visa doing a commissioner for the environment given your could meet mentors. the reduction of carbon emissions in the future years one in 2 apart from the environment what is going to be the number one issue you're going to address to the 1st measure you're going to take in the 1st 23 months of your mandate.
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going to i said today that we're going to start a climate long in the green deal for europe. what the cabinet the college is concerned about 4 years of the commissions and i haven't taken any kind of decision right now i was completely focused once again i beg your pardon 13 days . to plunge right into the topic and to get things done as they are on the table today i think it's worth to look at the guidelines and i decided i mean a few days ago we were unsure at all whether there would be a majority or not so i really focused on this state and from right on not i'm going to focus on developing the program to put the commission together but i haven't thought at all about the different pieces of the puzzle. and to ask questions 1st there. katherine purity reporter president elect and
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were you i'd hate to bring up the b. were in fact b. were arts breck set and bar us about. are you looking forward to to working with boris johnson in future or would you prefer to work with jeremy hunt on the future of u. case relationship with the e.u. thank you i do not know both of them personally and there is a golden rule which i respect that i will work in a very constructive way with every state or government. my your that. i have a very general question to conclude maybe a personal one too but why exactly did you want this job from the out given specially given the challenge that it represented for you. plain and simple because
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my i was born european and my my 1st as i grew up in brussels and as as everything was european at the very beginning and i come from a family that has a european history it was i always wanted to be back in the european and vironment which was for me of course work either in the commission or in other places and therefore after having of course make quite some detours by training i'm a medical doctor so i've been working why do while in the medical field and i came pretty late into politics i was beginning of forty's when i started with politics it was an enormous gift and. i learned tremendously during those now 13 years with i'm going to america in the cabinet but. as i said i always wanted to come back to my roots and i'm very very happy to be
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here. to show that i'm going to do too much. ok on to. the tele you talked a lot of the intention of believe are stronger europe does this mean that do you want to accept skeptical commissioners which could be proposed by nationalist sort of populist governments around europe such as italy for example thank you. i want a commission that is working to strengthen europe to position europe in this world in its appropriate role and europe is needed in this world and on this with in this difficult and changing and vironment and i am deeply convinced that we all do better when we were better together all of us know $28.00 member states that none of us on its own will be as successful tackling the problems as we are together 28 member states and this is the beauty and the secret
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of europe of course it's sometimes tiring and to look for count for a concepts and a compromise is difficult but in the very end we take 500000000 people along on this journey so i want a commission that is totally dedicated on improving the european union of course respecting subsidiarity this is a say in itself but in improving the european union as i'm convinced it's better for the european people and the world needs a strong assertive and active europe the composition of the commission will. how do you say be the right one for that task. thank you very much for married people injured. so that was sort of from the lion addressing what i think was perhaps the most interesting of the questions that we got to. hear and that press
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conference would you accept a euro skeptic commission and not quite answering it at all max hoffman strasberg and simon younger here in the studio both listening in to that press conference that's the news if you're just joining us on the line has been confirmed as the next president of the european commission matters are you ok we're having some technical problems with backs off from the ad so we'll come back to him that's simon young. what did we learn from it what did you learn from from that press conference that reaches professing to well i mean is that on the line starting into this job with with gusto and with verb to pick up the word angela merkel used yesterday she said she feels on an overwhelmed has got confidence and she wants a fight for the future of europe my work starts now and so on and. you know she she talked she was ours to we just heard
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a few of the questions there about in particular the generous rossing about. plans for her commission which is of course the 1st tricky question that she's got to face who will make up the commission we know that. what he said she wants to have a gender balanced commission and that's very important of course i think part of the vote that she got today will have been from any piece who said you know we we just won't pass up this chance to have the 1st woman president of the commission such an important job it's about time in 2019 that we got there so this is key for her and by the way it's something she did back you know in 2011 i think it was in the c.d.u. in our own christian democrat party here in in. in germany she pushed through the idea of. more roles for women at the top of the christian democrat party even
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though it's a very much a male dominated demand back then so this is becoming a theme of politics so but this question of the of gender balance and possibly of east west and south balance which is something she also referred to in some of her remarks before the vote today those are the only sort of contours of the commission that we know so far she was still a bit cagey just now saying well i'm really thought about it yet who are we going to have and you can start naming names of course the member states will be nominating their people and trying to get their people in the right jobs she was also asked will you be having a commissioner for the environment and given that you've said the number one thing you want to do is agree need deal she says she wants to get legislation going on the environment to hit those climate targets within the 1st 100 days in the job and she said well you know maybe we could do that but here's an even thought that far
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yet so a lot of but i think she showed more generally i think she showed good humor she batted away a couple of questions written.


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