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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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and. to be aware. of. some unusual sounds that our reporter hendrick belling brought back from his last trip but more about that later welcome to a new edition of your inbox with
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a mixed bag of topics here are just 2 of them. a cooking course with 1000 how much or 7 in the south of france. needs an artist from norway to make sound from every day. but 1st we present a lady with a very special mission german photojournalist. wants to climb the highest mountain in every european country sometimes it's just a small hill sometimes it's several 1000 meters high she calls a project adventure europe there are 47 mountains in 47 countries on her list we met up with her in under a. although oman is driven to test her limits over and over again.
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this is where she's in her element on her own with the forces of nature. to me obvious to me this is adventure and i think adventure doesn't mean bigger faster higher farther but simply the experience itself to focus on life. and i feel totally alive when i'm hanging off a cliff or trying to climb up it. it might not make a lot of sense but this is how i get to know my own limits and overcome them. has arrived in andorra she's going to scale the nearly 3000 meter come up with the tallest peak in this microstate in the pier a nice. it's part of her current project adventure europe she plans to touch the highest point of the 47 european countries. and there's a card when all this diversity of europe and its mountains are really exciting. the
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one is a tiny little hill totally covered in cow dung that was can i feel. i am and then there's the vatican where the hardest part was to stand in line for 6 hours in the heat in front of st peter's basilica. even the ascent of the just 75 meter high tower was to become a rather arduous adventure. she craved ice and snow to conquer norway's god had begun she teamed up with her husband to take on portugal's highest mountain the pekoe at night she's always looking for a unique angle but yes the thought of my very 1st word was why i never accepted what people told me i always wanted to find out why things are the way they are and i still have this curiosity. the couple are taking their one year old son bundled up to the summit of a coma patro so. he can ride on his mother's back normally the ascent isn't all that difficult as i could misters the peak doesn't have any real mountaineering
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challenges or there's just one path up but it's covered in snow now so all at once things get really exciting. little man looks for breathtaking challenges well beyond europe as well her breakthrough as a photojournalist came in 2012 with a story about an indigenous tribes ancestor called in popular new guinea. in the south pacific she explored the volcanoes of the vanuatu. she became the 1st person to climb into the crater of the active on bravo kaino $600.00 metres down to the edge of a seething pool of lava. it kept the speed that i felt the earth trembling all through my body and i smelled the gases and felt the hot wind from the volcanoes and i realized i'm something a part of nature. if you're already there and i think this world would be a better one if everyone could stand down there by that pool of lava because you realize how incredibly precious life is i'm. and how incredibly precious the earth
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is that gives you moments like these. of us momenta the fleet and. back in on door the harder they go on coma patrol so the colder it gets not good conditions for taking a baby to the summit. limits i don't thin but i'm afraid we'll have to turn around otherwise we'll have to trudge through a snow field and it's really windy up here and freezing cold. we really don't have to make the summit at all costs i'm not into these conditions i'll just take a few pictures to capture the experience if you know who can you know what i'm supposed. to go by didn't make it to the summit this time but a project doesn't necessarily require adrenaline.
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live in justin's i'm tired what keeps me going is a passion for telling stories being here i can see things and feel and smell and taste and experience them and that makes me feel totally alive and i'd like to share this feeling with others through my pictures you know maybe i can even motivate them to set out and discover nature all those and they can discover themselves and do something with their lives in. the photos and videos little oman is collecting for her adventure europe project are indeed an incentive to discover the old world a new. buddhism one of the 5 great world religions by the way it has its roots in my adopted home country of india buddhism is particularly widespread in asia but interest in the far eastern philosophy of life is growing here in europe too did you know that there is an entire buddhist region here you're
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a mixed reporter hendrik valley resident for our series europe to the max. the the golden temple in the list. i'm listening to buddhist monks chant as part of the ritual ceremony. we were here insurance industry with people with very exotic songs welcome to a cult. i've made my way to the south eastern most part of europe. as an autonomous republic of the russian federation created between the caucasus and the caspian sea. the biggest buddhist temple in the country is in the cafeteria and this time it is the nation's most important symbol. some 160000 buddhists live here comic yes the only buddhist country in europe.
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the lama pillow talk or in parts that has been the spiritual leader of the comics in buddhist since 1902. buddhism is not just a religion. it's a way of life and when i say way of life it's part of one's culture but this is him is very important for people of color we did they are a believer in buddhism are not. this that lies just beyond the city and travel is once the ancestors of the comics are not the mongols did the nomadic people 1st arrived in the region in the 17th century it's not as comfortable as it may look like so i'm really glad that i can get of the camera right now or. at one point the camels were used for transporting the yorks. until the early 20th century whole families lived in these portable tents.
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because they could be if you pull out that the thought of there was an altar in every tent people would bow down to the gods and pray and there would always make a donation of cookies or candy for the dead in the afterlife. so that they would have something to eat. i mean the overtone sing of like demure carew yes who's a star in. an overtone singing the singer uses his or her vocal chords to create more than one sound and pitch at the same time. throat singing has been passed down through the generations just like the history of the comics. does not it's very important for us to maintain these traditions it's also important for our future because we have to rely on our culture. that we have to know our history
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so that we can continue as a people with our culture and our knowledge. numsa different. i also want to try to see. 5 whoa whoa it's hotter than i thought. that's something with you when you use the whole body through to breathe and to make the sound and make something which is not. during the soviet era buddhism was repressed the temples were destroyed but there was a buddhist revival of the collapse of the soviet union. the new buildings are symbols of the religious renascence and of the fact that many comics refused to give up hope. because of that hope
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because of that with that strong will to preserve. their identity their traditions their culture that they were able to a secret the preserve that and when the time came to have religious freedom freedom of consciousness that they were able to pass this to the younger generation. doesn't but. many models have traveled from afar to celebrate. the. essential element of practicing buddhism is there is a taishan of montrose. after the ceremony to believe a sikh the almost blessing. and they make offerings and donations to on the buddha.
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are a bridge between east and west and we have a very important role in bringing these 2 different continents or different ethnicities bringing them more closer through understanding through dialogue. coming here is a piece of asia in europe here and i think once again become aware of how big europe actually is and considering the buddhist tradition also called diversity. our reporter hendrik valuing has already visited some very different and unique places around europe for this series you can find all of his adventures on our you tube channel and its own playlist have
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a look. they say that too many cooks spoil the broth but at this open area bend in must say runs that is not true because that's exactly what the organizers wanted to bring as many people as possible together for a gigantic open their cooking course and to prepare a dish together under the guidance of a star chef a cooking course in a huge 4 months. other 1000 amateur chefs gathered in mar says' old town to take a cooking class with michelin star chef. levy he began with a recipe for a typical starter from frances paul's region oh is that situ no it's a tart thing with sardines and an olive top and these are the 2 emblems of musée and provide us with the sardine is emblematic of the old port of marsay where we're cooking everything today at the top and not is the traditional recipe for a problem if you will see the plans for this huge cooking class which is part of
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a big food festival has been underway for months 2 hours before the class begins the ingredients are divided among the tables $100.00 slices of focaccia. 2000 capers and a 1000 jars of top notch. and the 1st participants are arriving they paid 5 euros for the privilege of learning with a great chef. when their usual face we saw on facebook that there were these food related events and because we're big fans of food and french cuisine we just came. in that we're on that situation and it's original and this doesn't happen ever and then next to the wonderful say it's magnificent job on the i heard it had to do with santino which are really important to my say and i'm glad to learn how to make a great dish that i can really impress my family with the recipe is called last
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sardine to share love book or the sardine which block the port it's a metaphor that captures the locals tendency to exaggerate. the stuff secure the story goes that a boat called last 16 sank near the port and with time the word dean became sardinia and since we like puns and must say we often said that the sun dean had blocked the port so i. took this idea from my recipe. was you can she that's the pacific the sun. you know is not working alone today there are 32 chefs on hand to help the participants. and. everyone's excited to be here the class will last an hour it kicks off at 9 pm. you look great you're all simply magnificent i applaud you. for the amateur
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chefs follow the instructions on the screen they learn how to cut a shallow finely and how to spread the top and. deep boning sardines it's a bit more fiddly than expected. the business let you do it it looks easier than it actually used it's a bit complicated you know the most complicated part is remembering all the different steps if i did know what it just it everything down. but it all works out with a bit of help the cooks grill the sardines with a gas burner and arrange them on talk of the top and on which they decorate with limited capers. in. the sardine that block the port. if you're very tasty very spicy it's excellent. it's a success the deal now levy plans to do it again even bigger he hopes to inspire $4.00 to $5.00 times more people to take part and his next fall the sod cooking
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class. table tennis balls match box springs and other small parts for most of us these are just everyday objects but. they have the perfect materials for a musical instrument cook up build small boxes out of such objects which produce sounds with simple means he calls his constructions machine and they can sometimes sound like a whole drum set what do you think. there is a time to get. that mimics as. there is. that makes the base. there is. to
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hear that spins against a small spring. and that basically mimics it. made his 1st beat machine in 2016 and it used a crank handle. as further developed his invention. of the machines produced a rhythm and he composed his melodies on the computer. his beat machine number 3 made from old soda bottles and table tennis balls has been displayed at the museum for pop music in oslo since 2017 i'm super excited about making small sounds really really big when you can take a tiny little spring and put it on top of
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a contact microphone and they can play that spring and they can amplify it so that it becomes. somehow. feels great. a lot so i was born in georgia but today he lives in norway's capital oslo here originally trained as a violinist and a conductor but now makes a living composing for ensembles and orchestras at 1st the beat machines were just a distraction and started making them i had a very difficult period in my life. so i found this kind of therapy where i skate and. that and it and it definitely did save me that moment. so. he spends weeks making a beat machine working in a shared studio called a maker space for inventors can share their technological know how with each other
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. he also has access to materials here. i try to not like. as possible for building the machine when i find it. so i just. make a space you know find stuff in the drawer find stuff in there. now requests from collectors are becoming increasingly frequent. the currently has 3 commissions for beat machines. i really want this to be my job right i want to i want to build weird and strange instruments and play them that's the best job in the world. he's also planning to release upbeat machines
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and has already performed on the big stage. machines will play at the beethoven festival in september. city tour for. guthrie. new hobby. hobby. khanaqin leaseholder together there. this series with berliner bite. on facebook dot com slash you x. . and now for another episode of our planet brolin series where we introduce you to businesses and the german capital that are run by people from different countries you can find out more about that on our websites today we need to moroccan born beth. in berlin he is better known as miss you i bath his
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store on the famous quote. is a real institution. for over 50 years now. has been making sure the men of berlin addressed today very best . move. is the rebellion by love berlin and the people of berlin as well they're so charming and good. on to have integrated here in berlin and i feel like a berlin or a real berlin or. as a young man in casablanca has he's a trained as a child in 1961 with the help of connections he came to west berlin. he
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started out working as a dancer at the hip all to be considered in. the . south side of. this this is i'm still gutted even with my 78 years of age. i still have dancing in my blood and. he went on to open his open palm then in 1968 has opened a menswear shop in a prime location. this is how it looks today. customers have to ring the doorbell mr albin has plenty of regulars he no longer sells much of the established name brands for over 15 years he's had his own lines might be fun says fabrics in milan and has them cotton sewn in naples according to his specifications after all he knows something about
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the craft. on design and yes some customers will say the sleeves are too long or they'll say i wear it like this so it's nice but if i don't like it i'll say no we have to show. in that dress by miss you're out there admired everywhere. he's also witnessed major historical events on balance kissed and down in 1909 when the berlin wall fell and east germans came pouring onto the streets to seize it gave away tens of thousands of euros worth of clothing on a single sunday. every friend did something for the former east germans i thought to myself i'll bear you have to do something to feel that i let more and more people in and we serve them all i ask everyone what would you like a suit. a sport coat or trousers or a leather jacket. they all said leather jacket. 15 minutes later i didn't have any leather jackets left and. the day i gave the east germans
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a wonderful sunday treat indeed the heart of. the news quickly got around among germany's social and political elite that mr al-bab not only made exquisite suits but gave excellent advice former chancellor helmut schmidt came here as did the german ex interior minister. sharon fair and i'd seen him a lot on television and he always had his legs like this. when he was here i said mr surely that doesn't look good you got a hasty white legs so you want to wear me socks and he's warning socks ever since. even up to 50 years i'll bet his caesar is still passionate about his work. that's all we have time for today don't forget to visit us on our website and do follow us on social media look forward to seeing you again next time until then
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from all of us here in berlin. come.
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on the 77 percent be so bold. as you. left their mark i'm going to. call the revolutionary arm of the world. to borrow a song when they're going to see. take a look at tens of. and find out what young people love this. 30 minute. chicago crime wave.
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there's been an explosion of violence in america's 3rd largest city. in some parts of town dr james are fighting over territory and the innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire. many local residents say it's time to stop the bloodshed. chicago. in 75 minutes on t.w. . early the google tourist guide function is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series. but it seems like if i love you even once you show what a system looks like so it's like me besides us live 50 nations 50 stories
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and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best pitchers. who now live for less every week on t.w. . a forester equivalent to 30 suffer futures is cleared every minute of. our consumerism is causing more radical depletion of forests. for 25. or has it. forests and money. tragic reality. star chew on 24.
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legs. this is deja news coming to you live from bali in stone run for your reporters duty to care for refugees they're not the nation's tells brussels it needs to do more to stop migrants from drowning in the mediterranean and the un wants the e.u. to reveal the rescue missions at sea despite resistance from some member states also coming.


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