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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2019 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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now the former diplomat who had to resign circum daring the british ambassador in washington quit today his honest assessment of a troubled white house was leaked to the public on sunday a betrayal of trust that made his job of building trust impossible tonight there are fears of a chilling effect on both sides of the atlantic a world in which being diplomatic trumps being august i bring golf in berlin this is the day. i guess i just heard the kids derek resort i want to say good i regret that it's ready because i think he was a super duper is a super diplomats from point you make in the british ambassador's comments about the trumpet ministration good government depends on public servants being able to
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keep full and frank advise is the trumpet ministration dysfunction will of course let the white house speak for the president's treats and i think the state department has anything for their state i think the reality was that in light of. the last few days his ability to be effective was probably limited so it's probably the right course this instant as everybody is agreeing on president but we will find a way through because we must. also coming up tonight when threats and intimidation get in the way of the truth for journalists in mexico reporting the story often means putting their lives on the law i.e. as. well as my life was in danger that i knew they'd either kill me or let me go but i'd already seen our faces. get back to some i was sure they would kill me and that. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the
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ambassador who today resigned in resignation britain's ambassador to the united states circum derek really had no choice but to call it quits his on this yet scathing assessment of president trump delivered to london in secret cables was leaked earlier this week since then it has been nothing but diplomatic paralysis for the ambassador insults replacing invitations being ignored instead of being acknowledged and this between 2 of the world's closest allies well tonight there are no leads into the source of the leak and the u.k. government today said that it regretted the ambassador's decision this to speak of this morning i have spoken to sit him down i have told him that it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position on a. government depends on public sentiment being able to give
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full and frank advice i want all our public servants to have the confidence to be able to do that and i have house will reflect on the importance of defending our founders and principles particularly when they are on the pressure. of firm support for the outgoing ambassador coming right there from the british prime minister now that stark contrast to what has been offered by the man expected to be the next prime minister later this month boris johnson has been criticized for not standing up for derek during a television debate last night some even accusing him of throwing the u.k. ambassador under the bus well today johnson was singing his praises calling him a superb diplomat and talking tough about tracking down that leaker. whoever leaked his departure she really has done a great disservice to our civil servants to people who give impartial advice to
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ministers and i hope that we have a good user is run down cool tonight and it is great quite frankly if you say i don't know what. they were in the country when i played with them i might use it wrong to drag civil servants into the into the political arena right now he did not give his backing during that televised debate so we have a diplomatic crisis between the u.k. and the u.s. and in london there is a full blown crisis of confidence within the country's diplomatic service our correspondent there good moss has more now from the british capital this diplomatic controversy comes i did ferry difficult time for the u.k. just when the country is about to cut its ties with the e.u. and will need to rely on its other close partners in order to make bricks it worth while the country needs to come up with advantages for leaving and the trade deal with the u.s. could be such an advantage it's also a huge blow for tourism a past nearly who was just one month ago rolled out the red carpet for donald trump
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and granted him a bombastic state visit it will be up to a successor most likely post johnson to find the right tone with the u.s. president surely he doesn't want to go down in history as donald trump's patsy i was did a very good last there for the u.k. ambassador found himself in the span of just a couple of days to be persona non grata in washington at the center of a diplomatic row unprecedented in modern british american relations the u.k.'s foreign relations committee met today and this is what the head of britain's vast diplomatic corps said do you know of any of the. occasion on which a the head of state from the government has refused to cooperate. with any of her majesty's envoys. no you've never heard of this happening before. i have been in the foreign office for nearly 37 year olds and this is the 1st time in my
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so this is one of the different rules that a receiving state has the right to refuse. the nominee of the sending states has it ever happened to the united states. on the last time i know that we have difficulty with the united states was 856. 1856 ladies and gentleman all right let's get the view from washington in 2019 to do that mike or my colleague and correspondent helen humphrey is on the story for us tonight good evening to you helena so this special relationship between the u.k. and the united states is it now a special relationship that desperately needs special care. well make no mistake friends i think this is a very sad day for the special relationship many both i think here in the united states in the u.k. feel that came was forced out of his job
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a century for doing his job it is the ambassadors judy of course to provide franken on the vondish portraits of the need a ship in their host country the good the bad and the ugly all the while keeping those courtier relationships with the administration you know being a diplomat as he did do we understand kim had a very high level toys with the trump administration he was certainly a very energetic bassett and now of course we are seeing this and i think it's fair to say that this is symptomatic of turmoil both within the u.s. and of course within the u.k. as they desperately look for a trade deal as britain prepares to leave the european union the head of the u.k. his diplomatic service today. a list of reasons for the ambassador's resignation take a listen to what he said. a warm that is the pressure on his family. who have been
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living every minute with him and he did not want to put them through possibly months small it was his judgment that for as long as he remained in washington he would be a target and his family with him. and 2nd the impact on the rest of the embassy in washington on their ability to work. can you believe viewers here we are talking about the british ambassador in the u.s. capital washington d.c. being worried that his family could be impacted detrimentally by his job. naturally brant that is an awful assessment for any member of any diplomatic corps i think working in the united states what i would say though is remember that britain also has some of the most
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famous or infamous spin doctors in the world as well and now the british government has to be seen as coming out and shaping this narrative so as not to lose face to make it clear that it was kim's decision that he left of his own volition and that he was not well tacitly recalled for example by the british prime minister which would be you know a great embarrassment i would say to the british government of course the special relationship is always very closely scrutinized you only have to think of the prime ministership of tony blair for example under the bush administration and the iraq war and you know characterizations that all of being a lapdog so that is something is being very keenly scrutinized right now and a lot of this comes down of course to who the next day will actually be it will be a very tough pick a very tricky want to k. one and of course it wouldn't be a good look if it was seen to be sycophantic ambassador for example in a relationship which has long been and indeed is meant to be conducted on an eye to
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eye level 2 minutes you're going to get these 2 questions in to you in 2016 president elect trump said publicly that he would like to see the books to your boss nigel for raj in d.c. as the u.k. you ambassador there was unprecedented do you think poisoned the well was for as embassador was concerned all the way back in 2060. right and what we should say of course is that so kim was already on basa tour in 2015 so he already had a bit of a harbinger of things to come today a tweet from farage saying that it is time for a break as a tear ambassador to be installed that said that is not how diplomatic appointments actually work in the u.k. of course and they're not political appointments. just a personal note you or british you're there in the u.s. reporting from the united states talk to me about how this diplomatic disaster. hit
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you when you got the. right well i will say this yesterday i said to you brant that it's important to look beyond the bluster and the consequences today in washington d.c. we woke up to some very real and serious consequences which have certainly shaken the diplomatic core here but this is a diplomatic and political city and i think it's important to look beyond the privilege and check our own privilege and look to those who are being targeted who do not have the same privilege who may be marginalized for example whether that be the rollback or transgender rights under this administration migrant families the policy of separation at the border detention centers and so on so i think it's important to keep you know i can he say if and view when we're analyzing this and i certainly agree hold it up for him the story for his 2 nights in washington illinois is always thinking.
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well tonight concerns yet again about the health of german chancellor angela merkel for a 3rd time in less than a month merkel was seen today suffering from a shaking spell and today it was during an outside reception with military honors for the finnish prime minister chancellor merkel standing with clenched sis apparently trying to control the trembling see it right there. americal attended a press conference as planned about an hour were after that video was made and she told journalists that her health is no cause for concern. time fine i said recently that i've been dealing with this since the last military honors with presidents and this is obviously not completed but i've made progress and i would have to live with this for a while but i feel very good and has no need to worry about me. and we need to say
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that the media here in germany they've largely refrained from speculating about merkel's medical condition if she has one but after this 3rd bout of shaking questions about her health are quickly becoming a matter of national and global importance more questions being posed publicly now about the possible consequences for merkel's leadership. the 1st global conference for media freedom has begun in london it's part of an international campaign to highlight the importance of a free press reporters without borders has described last year as the deadliest on record for journalists with 99 reporters killed among the most dangerous countries are afghanistan where 15 reporters were killed just doing their job last year serious all 11 killed in 2018 and mexico is the deadliest place to be
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a journalist outside of a conflict zone 10 reporters lost their lives there last year. or d.w. has been to mexico to meet a journalist who risked her life every time she steps out the door to go to work. i got a call a desperate voice saying we found bodies again the reporter knows the woman who called her she belongs to a group of mothers looking for their missing children now it's become a search for bodies. reports life that we went all the time or hello when one was a leo's with the searches of. this they were told that there might be secret mass graves here they have discovered one of them of this we have these women's loved ones have disappeared here we can see the bones are wessels playmobil said about it was like the girls in manila has been reporting on the searching mothers for years
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and the vast majority of cases it turns out that their children were abducted and killed by the c.n.n. who are drug cartel. by covering the story to put herself in jeopardy she regularly receives death threats. a few years ago the threats almost became reality. was kidnapped are years that i was going to be almost my life was in danger i knew they'd either kill me or let me go but i had already seen their faces. like this so i was sure they would kill me you know that you know one of them said it was time has been made this just year. old girl maybe i won't matter one asked me if i had a last wish. there would be more there. god bless you. my daughters into orphans was there in the gussie's of this there in the us and let
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god like your password and may you be well get they will mean look i mean rick i asked him for a boy. codewords moved the kidnappers to let her go. see yes and i mean once you're on the cartels list they can kill you at any time with or without a body guard says cortez just a few days later a colleague of hers was kidnapped she knew him and had researched the drug scene with him as well 2 weeks later his body was found in black plastic bags. seen a stanley is constantly aware of the danger she faces every day. her sister allowed to choose a name i always worried about her is. still there. but . i'm sad because i know that something can happen to her that i'm.
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so good because i know that she's not safe when she's working to grow up you. still see both a very proud of. yes in but out though she's always given 100 percent and 100 percent extra. for the dangerous it can be to be a reporter in search of the truth my next guest tonight is in money will long be a regional director for what an america at reporters without borders he joins me from rio de janeiro a man was good to have you on the program tell me what is behind this growing number of murdered journalists in mexico. iran takes far too much to me. as you as you said that mistake was indeed one of the world's deadliest countries for the media. and in 2019 at least 7
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journalists were killed. because there are exposing stories about where our. problems to to some of origins are are really not rip's. we seem king and deeper into a spiral of violence and in shooty and journalists there in cover as the city of political stories are organized crime are wrong the threaten and often down called luck. some and some others are after sheer brood it's the only way for them to ensure their survival and although our duty and never seen again so. it's very complicated at the local level to do reports and to to walk the journalists then i would say that the. art of the problem is the corruption and impunity of crimes to get the justice doesn't do what you should do so this is
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a vicious circle and now what we do as a result of that what the onus is denouncing diseases is insanity which which explains quite interesting remember let me just ask you about this earlier tonight i spoke with. she's a mexican investigative journalist shoes trying to expose the connections between politicians and the drug cartels listen to how she described the dangers of being a reporter in mexico. is difficult this edition in mexico because almost all the fish else all of all the members of their attorney general all these other they are believed or the army in one way or are know their works for the carcass so you have these wire between that got us where the people innocent people or journalists have to work every day between these 2 forces that got us and the group the government
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trying to do to survive so what do you advise mexican journalists do to protect themselves in an environment like this. well sees a kind of a paradox but in mexico who you are for them or mccain is more protection for journalists. we each. last confidence from the journalist because of the corruption says mccain is doing is providing some security measures for journalists nader but each his resources and what is missing too is a real political will. to to just trenton's me going is talking about human resources and financial sources there's a reason a mechanism of protection and journalists should talk with the mechanisms of what we do we try to do it it intelligently between the journalists and the mechanism
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because it can help and i was also the special prosecutor's office for crimes in germany school 3 adli which is investigating cases of crimes against journalists that this family. for lack of resources and felt and because of the correction of corruption that exist of all of the last 8 years not doing its proper job and they to lose a lot of impunity. to 99 process of trying to gauge all of these so this is that significant point it's a good point you bring up and you know put on a bill she is not even in mexico at the moment because she fears for her safety there and she has name recognition and popularity in her favor or maybe against her how vulnerable are less certain known local journalists in mexico. well i would say that the general is
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a secure more from situation of violence and impunity are another very famous journalist and the local level in some of the most violent states like for example the restrooms are in a low art i'm only bass in the states at the most and it really julie says are not very same instead of just covering the local news the local political news are crime and ugly crime used and other exposed to straights and to into 2 murders. talking about the visual journalists of mick's a coup district for example away from some similarly cases such as and they are and some others yes they are one of the most and i think the real problem close from the local local level well there's a connection between the political scene and we're going to cry because i mean it's very strong in colombia we're going to have to record it there unfortunately we're
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out of time we appreciate your insights tonight thank you welcome. or they were held today as the syrup of american soccer the u.s. women's soccer team enjoyed a new york city ticker tape parade as the city and the country celebrated the team's 4th world cup victory the u.s. team beat the netherlands on sunday and they've been heralded as game changers for the way they push themselves on the pitch and for the way they are pushing for equal pay in the sport. a heroine's welcome for the champions of the world fresh off to the historic title defense in a moment that was always going to be about move on just. as evidenced by trump 2020 flags hanging above the crowd the larger part of which was here to dote on that darling megan rapinoe who have tussled with the president in recent weeks.
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it's our responsibility to make this world a better place i think this team does. an incredible job of taking that on our shoulders and understanding the position that we have in the platform that we have in this world yes we play sports yes we play soccer yes were female athletes were so much more than. statements like that one of a large part of the reason that rypien 0 has become such an icon for her adoring fans. i honestly i couldn't break out after she came out and she was and she made a statement not just with her words but with her was really i think she was a great representative of the. refusal to meet president trump and the teams going fight for parity prize money with the american men squad have won her
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and her teammates plenty of admirers many hope that this team can provide an inspiration for the next generation we are so proud of this u.s. women's team they're so outspoken and they're so brave they're also just on the leave a bull soccer players and experiencing it with my girls is really wonderful wearing the world champions crown is no novelty for the usa but this time they hope to build a legacy that will outlast their current moment in the sun. and who knows today the pictures tomorrow maybe politics of the day. it's almost done the covers ation continues online you'll find us on twitter either g.w. news you can follow me at brit golf t.v. if we get to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then have a. pall.
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of the fun. things. to come turn it into money. you can turn into the music. unsealed to contend the us into a hot tub. it's found claims vehicles clothes food and plants it's our planet it's high time to redeem. made in germany never. entered the
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conflict zone jim sebastian weeks of mass protests in hong kong showed no sign of coming to any of my guests this week romney talks a member of the hong kong government topics to the all stars is now except for a few extradition which provoked the crisis should be scrapped now i'm full of good food why should i be and those who for the most conflict so few 60 minutes of g.w. . hold. he takes it personally. with all of the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans my. pick up more than football on line. much of it.
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sure linked to news from africa. or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the use of easy to our website deputed comes to pick up join us on facebook c w for. invisible enemy in our atmosphere carbon dioxide displayed in the simulation in red scientist's show it's concentrated in the northern hemisphere. the world is getting more the young europeans a calling out companies for their contribution to the world's pollution problems does.


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