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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight europe scrambling to save the iran's nuclear deal it remains unclear what more can be offered to change the course of a very disillusioning leadership in tehran it says it is ignoring agreed limits on the its fuel radium enrichment levels also coming up tonight italy closes what was once europe's biggest migrant reception center in sicily but that has not stopped boats carrying rescued refugees from entering italy's ports.
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i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us how to save the nuclear deal germany france britain and the european union have called on iran to reverse its move to increase the enrichment of uranium tehran announced yesterday that it is refining the nuclear material to a level banned by that 2015 nuclear deal you may remember the u.s. unilaterally withdrew from the agreement last year but european leaders they've been left scrambling trying to save the deal. iran has been stepping up its uranium enrichment and the european union is worried we continue to our children not to take fire dimensions that's under my care but without america keeping its side of the bargain iranians are growing tired. we should have pulled out of the nuclear
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deal much sooner we should have accepted the deal in the 1st place it was obvious that america had no commitment and it was all a game the us and iran are indeed in a dangerous game a suspicious oil tanker find in the gulf of oman here iran exhibiting a u.s. drone that shut down and a ship stopped in the mediterranean accused of violating u.s. sanctions on iran how did we get here last year trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal even though tehran was meeting its commitments new sanctions swifty followed. and i jump olten trumps national security advisor has long wanted regime change in iran and israel boy by the trump administration support also wants to rein in iran's growing influence in the middle east. iran recently has been threatening israel's destruction it should remember that these planes can reach anywhere in the middle east including iran. the european union
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hopes to salvage the deal but iran's position looks increasingly precarious. are for more of this i'm joined by our e.u. correspondent teri schultz going to be do you. so we know that france's president micron he sent his top envoy to tehran today what is he hoping to achieve. well brant the goal here is really not in dispute nobody not the u.s. not europe not china or russia wants iran to get a nuclear weapon so that's not the problem here the issue is how do you restrain tehran and right now the europeans feel very much that the nuclear deal which they have stuck to which the u.s. has has withdrawn from is the best way to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon so that's what president mcclellan is trying to do he is trying to talk to iran into stopping its new initiative to enrich more uranium they are still i'm told at a reversible level and the europeans would very much like to have tehran halted at
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this level to return to talks to try to deescalate the tension and to certainly stop iran from moving into even further and reassuring in their own about 4.5 percent right now whereas 20 percent would be the level at which they would actually be pursuing a nuclear weapon so there is time the europeans say but it's getting tight it's getting tight and what will happen if we continue to see iran violating the deal want you to listen to what the finnish foreign minister said today that of course you'll feel a little bit squeezed because we've there we were the ones who were advocating for the cloud deal because the nuclear deal then us we draw from the nuclear we do from the nuclear deal it's a very difficult situation but of course if we get iran to behave we have somehow also tool to help them to make the trade not being a philosopher less so but now of course the latest news cycle something that they
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they are again stopped into producing nuclear materials about the limits of a soap what we have to be very strict about this theory he says we have to be very strict on this i mean what does that mean agree imposing sanctions. the europeans are definitely not at that point yet i've just spoken with an e.u. diplomat who says they are not going down that road at this point and now the finnish foreign minister is speaking currently as the e.u. president so he's not speaking on behalf of only his country and you heard him mention that both the europeans need to fulfill their obligations as well as iran so he acknowledges that the european union has not lived up to its side of the deal in providing iran economic benefits from the deal and that's the reason why iran is so frustrated compounded by the united states putting so much pressure on european companies trying to do business in iran but again going back to the goal of not
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letting iran get a nuclear weapon i believe finish foreign minister javi still also means that we cannot stand by if iran continues its current path of uranium enrichment to the fridge president he's got this on boy you. picked up the telephone or yesterday i should say to talk with the u.s. president donald trump about this standoff what came out of that phone conversation it well he also spoke with the iranian president over the weekend so you can see that mccrone is really taking a leading role here now and speaking with the u.s. what the e.u. would like of course and what the 3 britain france and germany would like is that the u.s. lay off its pressure on european companies trying to help iran improve its economy after the u.s. withdrew from the deal it also wanted to make all the other parties dump the deal which hasn't succeeded yet but no one can pretend this deal is not very fragile and struggling so i would imagine the president mcclellan asked president trump to stop
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the pressure on europe and to let diplomacy take some time to work now there is a meeting tomorrow of the international atomic energy agency of course who monitor which monitors iran's nuclear program that meeting is called in vienna for tomorrow afternoon called by the united states so we'll have to see what they say there. j w's teri schultz in brussels tonight's terry thank you but here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world nigeria's parliament has been a lockdown after clashes between police and shiite muslim protestors shots were fired but both police and demonstrators blame each other on the shooting minority shiite groups have regularly protested outside the assembly calling for the release of their leader who has been detained since 2015 china has demanded that the u.s. immediately cancel a proposed to sale of more than $2000000000.00 worth of arms to taiwan the dealings ludes battle tanks and anti-aircraft missiles it would be the 1st big ticket u.s.
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military sale to the island in decades china considers taiwan to be part of its territory in northern spain at least one person is dead after floods swept through several towns overnight the downpours caused 2 local rivers to burst their banks the government in the province is warning people near the flood zone to stay home as heavy rains continue. italy has closed what was once europe's biggest reception center for migrants in mn a.o. on the island of sicily the government's hard line interior minister mateo's albion it was at the center today to watch as the doors were locked one last time he said the decision to shut down the center was about saving money and then he says he kept his promise and terry in the midst of a tailor so the need doesn't want migrants in italy. after his far right likud party came to power just over a year ago the government passed legislation to stop housing assigned in seconds.
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salvini pledged to shut down them in a reception center in sicily once one of the largest migrant camps in europe. please that we've released the country from this problem the land and houses here were worthless now it will be a normal part of sicily of italy. the centers for 100 pink and orange houses were built as homes for u.s. military from a nearby base at the can't speak it housed 4000 people who had crossed the mediterranean in the hope of a better life. but protest is against the closure say they can't help prepare residents for integration into europe also offering treatment for traumatized migrants. we are protesting because not because of the closure but because of them or that atheists or disclosure because they didn't take in account the needs of the
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most of all out of all they just transferred to some of the most of all out of all patience circuit that we have a. curing to another place which is very similar to this camp which is not the street that were for that kind of needs most of the migrants housed at the mineta camp have been moved to what salvini calls smaller and more controlled centers while they wait for europe to find somewhere for them to live or to be sent back to where they came from. for adjusters in hong kong have to take to the streets again this despite the territory's leader declaring her controversial extradition bill dead protesters fear that the legislation which would allow extraditions to mainland china would erode hong kong's judicial independence on kong's chief executive kerry lamb has offered some concessions but demonstrators want the legislation to be withdrawn completely and for good. a further
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step in the climb down by hong kong's chief executive until june carol lam had vowed to press ahead with the legislation then she delayed indefinitely now this. but there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or wariness whether the government will restart the process in a legislative council. so i reiterate here. there is no such plan that based it. that bill to allow the extradition of suspects in criminal cases to face prosecution in mainland china triggered a series of massive protests that began in march with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets and some serious clashes with police this rally was on sunday. for the protesters carry lands latest announcement is simply not enough they don't believe her statement that the bill is dead as a prominent activist told d.w.
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that's ridiculous lie especially in the extradition is x is in the legislative program and asked a fact and b. it will still continue to exist in a poll gram until next year july so the threats will continue in the next trial months before the protest as more is at stake than the face of this bill they say the probe aging city government is seeking to cut tail freedoms guaranteed under the treaty that saw the united kingdom return its colony to china in 1907 a pro-democracy movement has formed that sees very different groups in hong kong come together students lawyers and bankers united at least for now. the target groups trafficking steroids and other performance. it was one of the biggest ever global crackdowns on performance enhancing drugs and other illicit medicine the europe operation was aided by the world anti-doping
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agency and the figures were eyeopening agencies in 33 countries seized 24 tons of raw steroids amid a whole of 3800000 substances. the numbers are impressive and clearly reflect a large market interest in such substances. europe poll said there had been 234 arrests in europe as well as the closure of 9 underground drug labs where the confiscated substances have been made before being sold illegally in shops fitness centers. sports people. but officials say the county tests at unspecified professional sporting events in connection with the operation indicating that professionals could also be among the customer base. wimbledon tennis now in the women's semifinal lineup is complete
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with some familiar names through to the last 4 serena williams overcame the fellow american allison risk in 3 hard fold sets the 7 time wimbledon champion will play the unseeded streets over the next meanwhile number 7 seed simona halep made short work of it as she was young the remaining 17661 to set up a meeting with alina as fit to lead in the last 4 i was going out of cycling at least. on the has claimed the 1st tour de france stage victory of his career the mostly flat 4th stage favored sprinters like devyani he stormed to victory after being put in a strong position by his quick step team to be on his teammate european. kept hold of the leaders a yellow jersey. you're watching news up next v.w. business with
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a guy named steven stick around i'm sure he would like to have your company will be wrecked. car off. our by our hour at our. 50 years since the. peak was the 1st man to walk on the. car. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a finite consuming anything no matter how to.


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