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tv   Doc Film - Fascia - The Mysterious World beneath the Skin  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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does bad. for. a first then the fashion. there's a whole system out there that we haven't explored as a system. body perception force transmission elasticity wound healing there is scarcely a field in which fashion does not play a major role and seen from today's perspective an often surprising role. it's a new. fashion but what exactly is it. found throughout the body to reckon.
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it's a hidden rightish colored fibrous band of connective tissue that accounts for roughly twenty percent of the body weight clingfilm flashy enveloping muscles tendons and organs i'll provide a link to. the centuries the physiological importance of the fashion was overlooked or underestimated but now it's considered to be key to our health is at the onset to relieving one of the most common of all let a problem of back pain. a search for answers takes us across the down in maine in the northeast of the united states thomas meyers trains physiotherapists he's written a pioneering book on fashion anatomy trains. as has long believed that the fashion is into connected throughout the human body. is something comes to me with plantar fasciitis i very seldom get the best results from treating their plantar fasciitis i get the best long term i'm talking about
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long term versus short term results from working on the lower leg are up on the hamstrings or even under the back of the head on the neck because they're all part of a single system. as is convinced that the body's fascial tissue is and they're connected and can cause lines extending from the head to the foot from one hand right across the shoulders to the other hand even spiraling through the entire torso. even that when we have pain in one place the coolest can often be found in a totally different area. if we were considering somebody with low back pain there's lots of different causes of low back pain and it can be sourced in the arches it can be sourced in the knees it can be sourced in the hips it can be sourced from coming down from the shoulders you can see the large triangle between the shoulders and the low back obviously that's going to affect that we're also. looking for the relationship of how the low
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back handles the way. oddie goes forward just keep rolling forward in a tight loop because we want to see whether the spine is processes are going away from each other if they're fashionably locked in some area probably hard to see on the camera but she is locked between l two and l three here if i'm trying to resolve a low back situation i can't afford not to look everywhere because i don't know where the source of that is going to be because the ten secretary of the fashion system will make it maybe show up in the low back which is a very weak point for all of us but that doesn't mean that it's sourced in the low back half to look at the whole pattern i have to address the whole pattern if i have any hope of taking the pain away in any kind of permanent way. and as many trains as a bible for therapists worldwide but what is the science behind my answer anatomy
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of connection here in the where is the girl. in front of the german sports medicine specialist young very cat is trying to find out he's conducting research into whether such anatomical chains really exist. in a series of experiments that has looked for evidence of the back line that might describes . him needing the angle should trigger a movement of the fashion at the back of the of the family. and in fact the ultrasound indicates a gliding of the fashion there. is minuscule as of. at least in the initial findings of our pilot type results and it appears that when i'm. move something down there is as it evolved if i stretch the
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lower thought i was cells that it seems i can detect a strain transfer to the area of muscles at the back of the upper thigh now it's a lesson. the second experiment is more revealing proving the functional connection between the subtle spine and the leg separated by the entire length of the back. first of the protests the subtle spines mobility then the subject stretches his rank. the king wants to know what effects the stretching has on the side spine. so so let's look at the results as we see here the mean value of the five repetitions that we just undertook one hundred eight degrees is the total mobility value average through the five repetitions four degrees more than the previous test some ability is improved following the stretching the leg muscles we've seen an improved ability to bend and stretch the head in the area of the cervical spine.
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and that again seems to indicate a mechanical force transmission across the muscle fashion connections in this case from the legs to appear to the cervical spine so to give. even a for such as hadn't been pointed on muscle fascial lines working with the fashion rolled on the up a fine certainly affects more distant body parts such as the neck. kill can suspect that force is transmitted not only vertically but horizontally as well . as the if that al is this relevant to practice if that's because ultimately the goal of research is to make it application oriented to see if it provides an alternative for physicians or physical therapists or patients own us there in the as a so do patients really need to work on the cervical spine to relieve neck tension more can they if they don't want to do that. maybe also work on the torso or the
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legs and relieve through a force transmission effect for this year. but who was the first to render the fascinating full body network of fashion a visible to the naked eye. in his long professional life the hand surgeon from bordeaux in france has performed countless operations. in surgery you see every day how the lens of connective tissue slide to and fro but how does this connective tissue function. it's a question that so far no one has answered. it covers a wall i want to know how it functions so that i could reconstruct tendons better i say because tendons too are connective tissue or. at the institute of hand and foot surgery in bordeaux ghana to make the world of the fashion visible with a special camera. the films the tissue inside the living body.
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his pictures have changed the way medical specialists view the fashion. you see those are the organizing fibers. go it seems totally chaotic but it isn't it's what makes life possible in the first place a perfectly efficient system. that glass the more we research it over the more we understand the fashion and its structure north of us or all of this will open the door to new therapies the op with. the italian city of power to our posts one of the oldest universities in europe it was here that galileo galilei proclaimed that the sun and planets do not revolve around the earth and it was here in sixteen seventy eight that the first woman in the world received her ph d. degree. today the university's revolutionary tradition lives on in anatomy
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professor calloused echo she's following in the footsteps of her predecessors and here in the old anatomy theatre defied the church ban on human deception she's also continued the work of her father conducting pioneering research into the fascist pappas and function. as that one of the other was among the first to be interested in fashion how to manage fashion the consequence that her family was always talking about fashion the fashion needs and to begin with i wasn't really convinced about the role that fashion play. and said i started getting interested in anatomy. and wanted to uncover a semi dissections to understand how this issue works. because when it's that a copy of effort them into a comic was that this will go. before starting today is to section in the anatomy for her faculty calloused echo is explaining to her students what fashion tissue is
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with the help of a grapefruit. never seen what they did that it limited any of this great free it helps us to understand what the fashion is and how it's connected to the muscles. and i think if i cut through the great phrase we see not only the flesh of the fruit of one and the few but also the fibers components that divide the grapefruit into individual sections and support the tissue of the fruit. in the course of the deception of a human corpse the second shows her students how the fashion is found throughout the body. where is that a quick look at what this is the fashion with the loose connective tissue which allows me to slide from one level to the next you know it is better like the piano with if they call me and you see how extremely fluid it's trying to is it's
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a more fluid how it can be moved with ease more of it's filled me with a look at how i can get into s. that it's all made up of rows like units and tissue and it's so beautiful. caustic as research on fashion has helped reveal what we know today fashion exists everywhere and the body in many shapes and consistency is. directly beneath the skin as the surface fashion. the deep fashion enveloped our muscles and also our fibers like the skin around us of such. a fashion also envelops a. organs and i want your skin even the brain is protected by this tension. and we can even view them in injuries as a special fashion because ultimately it shares the same characteristics as fashions that we know from other parts of the body they caught book. with the help of numerous anatomical analyses cast teka has produced an atlas of fashion. the
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findings are groundbreaking it's the first time in the four hundred year history of medical a matter make that the fashion of the entire human body has been systematically documented. eleni in the first i didn't understand anything when i perform my first i sections it all seemed to be chaos a definitive i mean i can see a clear picture. but then very slowly i understood how i could identify the fashion because if it did i mean that said now it is fairly clear what the fashion is a cat or a fan and that is what i wanted to show with my atlas it will look at google's that i get a lot of. little she's now examining the thora columbus fashion which surrounds the muscles of the back. that it's on in this region around the lower back there's a particularly critical zone that you know that there's
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a reason eighty percent of people suffer back pain the large back fashion researchers haven't yet been able to unlock all of the secrets but evidence points to its significance for many types of back problems. with a somewhat of an isolated the thorough colomba fashion out of the most important deep fashion the human body before more like it may have caught a pro it is now being studied by so many researchers because it appears to be the cause of unspecified back pain because if there might be skin as beauty if you call . the function of the back are among the most important fashion in the body but. how can fashion cause pain why do these layers of tissue in particular cool so much trouble. like as one of germany's best known research on fashion ever since he discovered how fashion is connected within the human body and how important movement is for our connective tissue he's exercised
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every day with a skipping rope. is a trained psychologist and physiotherapist who like many involved in fashion research came to the field seeking access to problems he saw daily in his practice to discover what he was feeling with his hands he took a sabbatical and devoted his energies to scientific study. he did his post doctoral thesis on fascial tissue at only university's institute of applied physiology his findings have won awards. i might it is an amazing gift it's a bit like a fairy tale because the facia really was a kind of cinderella's or something like that clump spotty kid at school who gets laughed at but then suddenly gains recognition that it does have for me it is a deeply moving story and one that is also true that in the past the fashion was seen as a disposable organ or it not only classical anatomists were happy when they had removed this colorless sticky tissue to expose the actual muscles in organs and to
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knock out a forty three auburn or in the arts in recent years this structureless older and has attracted so much attention and that to me is a really exciting development c.s.f. pandey. like wants to determine the diverse functions of the long underestimated fashion and find out what this fibrous white tissue actually consists of. is comprised of fiber blasts and a surrounding structure known as a matrix. fiber blasts of the sounds of the connective tissue. among other things they produced a college in five years that the matrix largely consists of effectively the fresh a build up a home out of college an. interest otherwise about and interestingly the cells in the facile connective tissue only account for very little of the tissues volume on high levels they constitute
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a large part of the rest is this as if i like to compare it to answer that have built a large until together even though they themselves make up less than ten percent of the volumes and from whom i was not been. together with a nice theologist family cleaner shipe as on a quest to understand fiberglass tst the jack of all trades and connective tissue. thanks to the college and the fiberglass have a healing effect if we cut ourselves they close the wound. a too much college and can also be harmful. i can claim the have studied how the tissue in our own changes when it's put in a cast after an injury. yesterday confirms that exercise is extremely important for the fashion tissue. after three weeks in a cast with no movement the tissue in the arm has begun to overground to.
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the chair and the laugh shows healthy undamaged tissue before the arm was put in plaster. and the picture b. was taken three weeks later. the change in the tissue is unmistakable it has become matters a structure fickle and chaotic. but. the data we've obtained show quite clearly that a lack of exercise results in over proliferation of the connective tissue structures and thus in a loss of function so that this is the decisive discovery or it means that exercise is essential for maintaining our fashion it's no one's with us it was out of i thought. too little exercise and bad posture can cause fashion to become so rigid it can even compress nerves and muscles. exercise we're told is a key to good health movement is also vital to maintain healthy fashion which needs regular stimulation otherwise have to gluten it so become staff. people with desk
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jobs who do not do sports to compensate a largely to have fashion to shoe but has become stuck together. as more office workers often suffer from back pain so is there a plausible link between occlusion native fashion and back pain. to find out we travel to boston which hosted the first major international conference on fashion ten years ago. allan lowe's far from harvard medical school was among the participants she specialized in fashion research early on as a doctor she was often at a loss to know how to treat patients with chronic back pain she decided to delve further into the problem. is there's a lot of people who have back pain clinic back pain but when they have x. rares or m.r. eyes of their spine which is usually where people go to look off for
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a cause of back pain the studies are normal are dead there's no indication as to what will be causing the pain conversed a lot of it will have terrible of king m r i's you know degenerate it just but they don't have any pain so we thought well what about that right along our fashion because it's a huge structure in the back it really essentially connects the shoulders with the eggs it's a big sheet of connective tissue. as we can see from an ultrasound picture of an arm the fashion is arranged in layers when we move they slide back and forth. this also applies to the fashion in the back and her research compare. during the tissue of people who suffer from back pain without of people who don't know savant has discovered that the difference lies in the connective tissues ability to slide . in normal people we have two layers like this and they can they should be able to move by about seventy five percent of their of their legs. are when you actually
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know that there's a reduction in the amount of of the sliding that occurs between layers. like a german colleague. launched from believes the cells of the connective tissue are responsible for this. whenever they produce too much college and the sliding becomes more difficult and experiments with rocks he's proved that exercise can counter this overproduction. we do experiments where we have we induce a little injury in an experimental animal very very small injury and then we randomized the analog to either stretching or no stretching and the the the animal this stretches twice a day and this is a very kind of nice very calm gentle way of making animals stretch and then we find that the animals that stretch have decreased amounts of inflammation they heal faster their their injuries go away. wounds heal faster through movement and stretching under the microscope loose from discovered why the fiberglass to expand
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by up to two hundred percent and also an event the stretch cells also transmit chemical signals which cause the tissue to relax. because it was a new thing what we found is in fact that the stiffness of the connective tissue is actively regulated from minute to minute by the five of us so this is a dynamic active cellular regulation of connective tissue tension and that could be important because what we're finding is that when you when you do acupuncture for example on the tissue. the fiberglass actually responded and that helps the tissue l. relax the same thing with stretching. because active stretching an ak a puncture have a relaxing fact on the cells and thus on the inclusion into tissue we can actively do something about our pain. but what else apart from too little exercise and
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incorrect posture as complaints. by studying the coalition between exercise stretching and back pain those of us has uncovered new approaches that offer hope of relief. life meanwhile is carrying out further research into the cools as a back pain for another experiment he securing fragments of fashion in an operation as. soon as a libyan leader for you could say that this is living fashion you know we had different biochemical messengers substances such as those that are active in tissue repair. then we check the extent to which the fashion is able to contract on its own independently of any muscles and when we have some truly astonishing ourselves falling. the experiment shows quite clearly that the fashion contracts and responds to the added messenger substance that. it really does react independently of any muscular or nerve stimuli and not only that one process what is really exciting is
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that we have also found messengers substances that affect fashion which are not only linked to inflammation but also to emotional stress it was a breakthrough for us to learn that the fashion also reacts to that very very slowly and sustainably with this has provided a possible explanation for something that has long been clear to many people with back problems that emotional stress can cause physical tension and pain. the culprit is known as t.g. at a signaling molecule its release is triggered by stress a groundbreaking finding. then he was alarmed if i'm ten start for weeks even in my sleep it is not mainly the red muscle fibers that attends they relax fairly quickly but it is the white fashion tissue such as the sheath around the muscle as manual therapists we can feel that it is not the contents of the sausage if we see the muscle as
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a sausage but it's against the surrounding membrane with that is hard as the f.b.i. how is sometimes the mechanism we're now investigating some mechanism is the forces . and main thomas myers office training for physiotherapists massage therapists and yoga teachers from all over the world. his goal is to boost their awareness of the financial network in the own body and share his years of experience. i'm an autodidact so i went and educated myself on this with the help of many of my students my faculty a lot of good people along the way getting shots and others but really when i wanted to learn all that i could about passion myself and there's very little of back in the early seventy's there was very little written about it. and my ass is fascinated by the organization of connective tissue as
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a whole body network. the fashion ensures that we have a feeling for a body that everything in it is in the right place and keeps us in shape. fashion research is cool that ten secretary a combination of the words tension and integrity. tensegrity engineering is an example of. a different kind of engineering which comes closer to how you see the fashion system working as a whole system so as you can see this is just sticks around and the piece is constructed in such a way that none of the sticks are touching each other. they're all held in place by the rubber belt now if you take a standard classrooms go the bones are wired together and you make the presumption oh there's a skeletal frame inside me and the individual muscles move around. you you know the wires on a crane move a crane or it's not true your bones are floating inside your connective tissue if i
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could go before me and disappear all the soft tissue on your body your bones would flatter the floor. does is i mean this is a super counter model to our classic concept of the spine. to the model with the skeleton as a supporting structure that i stitched. when dusty book is or it was spine is a tent pole carrying the tent which is softer than. till recently that was how we imagine the spine and he you see a nice ten sacred he counts a model and these are the vertebrae. but they don't rest on each other and press down on each other no they are hanging for hours long as the fashion elements the rubber bands have good elastic retention to shift for spinal then a vertebra maybe worn down but you can still stand straight like a science or queen in cuba. for. sever spine
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alone is not necessarily the cause of chronic back pain incorrect posture lack of exercise and stress are also contributing factors. if our tissue is to remain healthy we have to keep exercising. but there's another crucial component. lastic connective tissue stores a huge amount of water and that might be the greatest secret of the fashion depending on our age the connective tissue can consist of up to seventy percent of water. the sounds of the. connective tissue the fiber blasts are important for binding water and part of work and that's me professor curtis decker has identified various functions of the fiber blasts. somebody called oh here we can recognise two cells both of fiber blasts but they have totally different function of the same but the good lord on
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a monthly check that it's true that if they sell probably produces a cottage and let me say. was that the idea the cell we see these tiny dots and damage if we magnify it we see the interior of the cell and above all these tiny dots. because they're pressured lichens and in particular highly ironic as it was this if we see how the two cells could use different extra said it is substances that it. highly ironic acid is a lubricant for connective tissue. the substance forms further molecules of various sizes and degree of branching to develop a sponge like network that can bind large quantities of water. the less highly ironic acid out tissue binds the less mobile we are. brother antonius teka conducts research into hi you're on an asset at the do york
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university school of medicine. from the example of an upper fine muscle it's clear that higher along i guess it can be detected deep beneath the skin. here we see the dermis. and here we see it was a few ten years tissue the fat the superficial fashion the date of fashion. and the definition of there are as you see different layers of connector. between each plant we find highly ironic acid humid in this region here we have more black space which means there is more highly ironic acid present. in sufficient moisture the tissue becomes round and brittle terrycloth. as it provides a lubricant for the fashion to glide over the neighboring muscle. in germany. also carrying out research into highly ironic acid they're experimenting with
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therapies to improve the moisture content of the fashion and it sliding capacity. first they measure the water content of the tissue off and all of that nasa and behind the mask we are hoping that many will stretching therapy will cause the water content to rise again what is toilet oven is the great thing this year we believe that through this exchange of tissue water. inflammatory substances will be removed and the tissue will be cleansed this could be because i need. a measurement points to a fairly high noise to contact using a special message technique but now presses down firmly on the fashion in the subjects back there i didn't please your old rolfing techniques that target connective tissue and it's not the most efficient we have found untested so far with this method powerful pressure is exerted very slowly on the skin in that would you have to imagine it like slowly forcing the water out of the sponge in such
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a way that every pore is empted which was all this kind that i insert you don't do that. and really slowly but if mustn't really mitchell crooks are not guns lungs are. the record measurements seem to confirm that through manual ferebee the water is x. and the fashion can be replenished and the suppleness of the tissue are stored. this force was prior to treatment but here you can see how we pressed out the water as if from a sponge. who invented when we stopped with the mechanical treatment the tissue filled up with water again. please and we dummy to last saw here we had an interesting result that if we exerted enough pressure the sponge was even more moist afterwards from the fall off or stop our eyes in other words you press the old water out of the sponge with this four hundred up and if you do that forcefully enough several times the sponge is even more moist than before which of course is interesting for us. one does not really get us that food. the idea is that
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masses realize the college and find us and the fiber blasts produce fresh high you want to pass it and you will fare replaces old water and they bring the fashion to slide more effectively again. though to massage it with material it there's no doubt that massage stimulates the soul metabolism to leave but active movement brings even more dynamics into the tissue and results in a rise in body temperature that already stimulates the metabolism and each rise in temperature of one degree celsius results in roughly ten percent more enzyme activity remarked. it appears that with regular exercise the fiber blasts can start to produce fresh collagen and free up matted fashion more than just three days. but it can take up to a year for the agglutinative tissue to regenerate entirely exercise is important but the right dose is crucial. when
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a short after exercise we find microscopic injuries in the tissue that look like spiders ones. so after exercising while most people wise to consider resting for one two or three days to assess how much tensile strength should be applied to stimulate regenerative renovation work by the builder sells the fiberglass these weave new more useful and durable college and into my lumber fashion or into my achilles tendon so the ideal setup would be in tonight in high doses or tense hours stress with a two to three day break when done by society i talk of how was it this weird idea . fashion appears to have an important and unsuspected impact on human health and well being international research on fashion has shown that relaxing and stretching connective tissue fibers helps alleviate back pain. but to what extent can traditional medicine help. has studied the role fasher plays an acupuncture.
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my interest in connective tissue and therefore eventually fashion is began when i was studying acupuncture when you manipulate the neck i'm going to need all. you have to insert the needle and then rotate it back and forth slightly and what happens then is that the you feel something acupuncturists actually feels that the tissues are tightening around the needle as well that we interested in well is this important in the mechanism back because they're not in research for. is it just the acupuncturist subjective feeling that something is tugging at the needle when it's uncertain and extract it or is there really a reaction in the connective tissue from wanted to find out. you first wondered well is that measurable can you measure it can feel it can you measure it so we did experiments where we used to get like
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a robot that inserted the needle and then rotated the needle back and forth and called the needle out to measure the force that it would take to pull the needle out we way figured well if the tissues are really grabbing the needle for should increase in a bit and we were able to demonstrate that. every time the needle is inserted and removed cogent corals around like spaghetti around a fork a sensation of a tug on the needlework therapists have long observed now has a scientific explanation. what fiber blasts respond to the needle even if s. several centimeters away this effect is also visible in an ultrasound. but what exactly does the acupuncture needle trigger in the fashion and could this mechanism of fiber blast activation within the fashion also explain the pain reducing effect of acca puncture treatment. the fiber glass that are inside the
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tissues up just several centimeters away not just only at the needle they expand they've their response it relaxes the tissue there's another thing that happens which we are interested in is that it releases a substance called a.t.p. so a.t.p. is a signaling molecule and soul of the a.t.p. . is is something that we think maybe possibly related to the and i'll just if i go back boucher and some modern research is providing evidence that validates ancient healing techniques until recently the intervention bill disks were viewed as prime the. emory and most frequent source of back pain. but now there is an increasing focus on fashion as the trigger for chronic complaint. analgesics such as are also interested in the potential that fashion tissue office for new therapeutic applications. german or such as he finance from the medical faculty
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mannheim was one of the first to recognize the medical importance of fashion. he began exploring the extent to which fashion itself is pain sensitive. for that to be the case it would need to contain encapsulated nerve endings. not so well movie experimental good luck we've conducted experiments in which we try to determine whether there are any nerve fibers and individual nerve endings in the large fashion of the back. and they go in and what we have here is a relatively dense network of nerve fibers that form no from. these point shaped structures a nerve endings in which mensah detected the substance p b stands for pain there's no visible dots of pain receptors but how can we know if the pain of originates in the fashion rather than in the muscle after all fashion and muscles are virtually inseparable. menzi is
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a pair of delicate watchmakers tweezers to irritate the fashion and measures the subjects pain sensitivity. then the muscle is aries hate it and sensitivity is measured again. the results can pat is it a fashion or the muscle. here to zinc like tissue issue here is every berkeley line is an electric signal or don't hear using tweezers on an anesthetized rant in the same way that i just demonstrated we squeezed the fast. the first city rich or ants and here you see that the frequency of these electric signals increases. with and as if we do inflict winds of of even further so what one can definitely say here is that the effect of an irritation of the fashion on this nerve cell is much more pronounced than the effect on the receptor is in the
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muscle and was. coming a head with countless pain receptors making connective tissue key organ of sensory perception this is being proven without a doubt. like whole bunch like secret manson and his team also believe that stress has a direct impact on factual tissue. and that brings the sympathetic nervous system into play. the sympathetic nervous system as part of the autonomic nervous system from the brain through the spinal cord it leads to almost every organ we cannot control it in stressful situations it triggers what's known as the fight or flight response because that evolved as a survival mechanism that causes a quick and post sweaty hands and a quivering voice but how can it influence fashion to. gather data to answer that question seriously and he pushes this year as a typical image which has confirmed our assumptions that these fibers are indeed
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present in the fashion. you see here a measure of nerve fibers. and if you were to enlarge it some more you would see again the small point like enlargements of these fibers which are most probably sympathetic fibers for shine lish which means when these fibers are irritated for instance through stress. and they release substances that cause the blood vessels to contract so a conflict and that could be one of the mechanisms that could explain why patients say their back pain worsens under stress. we're going to. have and we want to. research on fashion has made huge strides in recent years. it's offer hope for progress in many scientific fields including cancer research.
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if we find that stretching. it's natural to wonder whether it might reduce the growth of cancer and that that secondarily to that and that's an area where the message god never expected the field of oncology to suddenly be at the forefront of areas interested in fashion research and it's yielded an important contribution so i wouldn't like to predict what the future will look like i think this is a field that still has many surprises up its sleeve. the findings of fashion of a search of showing that this body spamming network of connective tissue disregarded for so long maybe the place where inexplicable disorders and pain originated because of that the place where healing can begin.
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today i'm traveling to the state of sex and a place where you can really feel you're a growing together. germany. and closer look for land the old town bridge connects what this one is tonight and today this really is a central location for folks cities. and at the same time a strong symbol for united you're looking. thirty minutes to double. or.
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