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tv   Close up - Borderline Business - Sex for Sale in La Jonquera  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 6:15am-6:45am CET

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france's brothel that's the dubious reputation that has been gained by the border region of catalonia in northeastern spain. the small town of blood is a byword for prostitution in france. the problem of prostitution really bothers me maybe also because i'm a woman we must find a solution. isn't a problem at the got a i take it at that it. is home to what claims to be europe's biggest sex club paradise but it's only paradise from a certain male perspective. is right on the border on the first highway exit when you enter spain from france sania martinez is the mayor of this small town with the dubious reputation.
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as. its the first thing that visitors to spain see. that and that's why we're fighting. we want to put a stop to the potential customer the tourists getting this first impression in. the first impression is one of the women as a commodity care as border location is also its biggest economic factor. this shopping center of tracks tens of thousands of visitors every day it's not just the sex that's cheaper every year seven million visitors come to this small town with a population of just three thousand commuters vacationers barg. hunters know shankara is especially popular with shoppers from france. is good haul is
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cheaper here and cigarettes to. everything is cheaper and it's on the way we take advantage of that and fill our trunks with shopping and what is his reputation in france also in france it stands for prostitutes for alcohol for cigarettes whatever compared to france everything is cheaper and you can do what you like. to focus going to. a place where you can do is you like it sounds a bit like a lawless place brothels are legal in spain but prohibited in france where clients have been handed down big fines since twenty sixteen that has made kara a kind of eldorado of sex tourism. ok if it is to change our villages image. we have great potential in that in most culture and sports organisations as with you and as the forty of us and we also have great
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commercial potential. which is very important. sania martinez says tougher laws are needed to bring about that change confirmed catalonian she accuses the central government in madrid of being too lax. in for this sort of the night is there could solve the problems but the spanish government boy is that there is no progress on the issue in this that image. for martinez the biggest problem is street walking and curb crawling she has learned to put up with the brothels when the paradise first opened in twenty ten claiming to be europe's biggest sex club it sparked a public outcry among locals. paradise with something that people from didn't want. whether a business like that as well or not should be up to the local community in my
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opinion before they go after all we're not talking about a supermarket a drugstore our restaurants. but the supreme court's ruled in its favor and we have to live with us. in. the laws were powerless to prevent the brothel from setting up shop it is already showing signs of its age both outside and in the manager comes out to welcome us but this. brother has been running the club since day one he tells us that more than six thousand five hundred women have worked here since the club opened seven years ago. this is the largest room in the main room where we also put on shows every twenty minutes there's a show on one of the three stages all sometimes even on all three stages at once
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usually we have an average of one hundred forty women working here in the sum of that number goes up to two hundred fifty and in winter we have up to one hundred. the women come from all over the world erica is from santa domingo. currently the majority. women who earn a living pole dancing are from romania the spanish prostitutes are the exception here pimping human trafficking drugs the manager says there's none of that in paradise and the business operates strictly within the law. and this is all sweet with jacuzzis i think some girls get tired and work less if they are between five and seven thousand euros a month and then there are stars who can up to seventeen or even twenty thousand jurors. up and this is the head dresses the girls have everything they want to have
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but the father the fitness studio head dresses it's all that even a beauty salon with spa where they can get a manicure pedicure alone of course bed and board for seventy euro's a jab and so on that i can't up with that that really a girl who never needs to leave the premises if she doesn't want to get involved in it but that's how you know. incomes like that if they really exist are a far cry from what a woman can earn on the side of the road but business is brisk here to. anyone driving around the outskirts of pleasure will get plenty of opportunities to avail themselves of the services offered by the women most of whom are very young. their pimps are usually not far away but only get involved if there's trouble the girls are not only at the mercy of the scorching sun some of the customers are violent to
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get them up many crimes go unreported most of the women want to stay anonymous or are afraid to go to the police because they are here illegally. that you know. that that to a certain extent sania martinez is tilting at windmills. the number of prostitutes in the area occasionally falls but there is no sign of a long term solution to the problem. we visit natalia masi who founded a pip a camp an organization to help women in need. it is that these are the data from our latest survey from twenty sixteen. in twenty sixteen we saw a total of one hundred fifteen women thought it was that the situation hasn't changed and the figures are more or less the same but we also see women from bulgaria and
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especially at night from nigeria the government that. we just saw two women who stand at a really dangerous bend in the road we asked them why i asked them if they didn't realize that they're standing at a very sharp bend that it is difficult for cars to stop there yeah yeah they said but we have nowhere else to stand for. the organization advises the women and helps with things like pressing charges against their pimps but that is the exception rather than the rule most of the business is in the hands of romanian clans although pimping is illegal in spain to. the little cosette just thousand still in there the police have focused more on blaming the women or saying they're doing it fall entirely but is that. what we need are policies that challenge this male consumer us to cheat that why do men treat women like consumer goods that's analyze
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this behavior why do men go there why is it so normal to regard a woman as an object. in the market. about one of position at the is more we have to put an end to pimping. in them and that is crucial. but overlay must on caret has this problem because of its location at the border. because the laws are different in spain and france you know. and it's obvious that this problem can only be tackled by changing criminals all. that. is punishing the clients rather than the women a way to achieve that. done a far lead hate pimps we catch up with him as he eats a light breakfast before his daily workout. while.
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danny is a child of the red light. he has a criminal record and has served time his mother was a prostitute now he tries to keep his head above water with various odd jobs. my mother has a little my mother worked in a brothel and my father was her pam he was the pig who got her into it he exploited her until she had two children me and my brother and then bargo he got a new woman my mother what did she do she left us with foster parents and travelled around europe trying to survive where did she end up. she came and brought her share and i stayed. apart from odd jobs danny also earn some money doing
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something he learned in jail tattooing. i did. they put me in a cell with the yugoslav. prison is a dirty place. i went to school in jail and pinched some paint which i took back to the cell with me and then in the midst of all that i started drawing whatever i felt like when i was put in a cell with this guy he said you'll get a painting i want you to to to me want you to to me we've got all the time in the world imma get a. better than all of those. three quarters of danny's customers are from the red light medium. prostitutes he says he used to do five tattoos a week at the moment he's down to two his business has seen better days.
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to go well it's summer and a lot of the girls are off looking for work. some of them go to work on the island so take a holiday that anyway is a place where people come and go and the constant image. today danny is ten to. romanian prostitute with a declaration of undying love for her pimp xandra is from bucharest and works on the streets. yes i've been to five different countries germany austria malta the czech republic and now here. why do so many women come here to spain. and that so my people here are more warm hearted is that they respect you more.
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no matter what you do for a living but if. they respect you as a person and don't pigeonhole you and that's why i feel at home here back where i come from life is harder because the police and the people don't protect you like they do here the whole look sandra says she feels safer on the roadside than in the sex club she also says the competition is fierce or in the club. there are lots of girls in there and lots of arguments. if you're new in a brothel the older ones don't give you a chance. they try to muscle in on your business are pushy with sites and. i don't want arguments or fights so i find a quiet place by the roadside and don't bother anyone. and she would have to pay at least seventy euro as
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a day in the paradise. this is the terrace evolve beyond pierre it is reserved for customers to select your customers. there are twelve professional dancers here and twenty other girls. the people in charge here insist that nobody is forced to work in the club the owner drops by every day to make sure everything is in order. the former jewelry dealer will say gomez moreno has had plenty of brushes with the law.
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for me this work is the same as if i went to work in a shoe factory but it's a business for me but i mean i try to do everything as correctly as possible within the law with that i have never done anything wrong although there have been allegations. made that. i think the only reason for all this talk is that we do good work provided good service and we have a professional team and because all of this is based on work work and more work with nothing else. it was nice that the for. money. laundering tax evasion human trafficking although he claims to be as clean as a whistle moreno has a lengthy criminal record sought he also has good lawyers the customers most of whom are from france don't care. there's nothing like this in france and our great fortune is the fact it's banned there and they come here to
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how should i put it in that it try something new all kinds of different people come in here i will that sometimes the majority are young people so when i say young i mean men between the ages of twenty seven and thirty eight i don't. know maybe they would think that. these three young men are from a paris suburb they're between eighteen and twenty seven. that it's awful she wants money for well so we cover do what. the hell it's ok yeah we're like vultures we took him out all he knew beforehand was his own neighborhood if you could if you were to come out with us to discover spain. he's. off it's his trip and it's his birthday today and this is our gift we baptized him now he's a man he did it with a venezuelan right on a. fifty euro for an outing to venice when this cheap
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trip by the young men from the paris suburbs says it all about the attitude toward women here. why do these young women from south america end up here in so-called paradise. that's not something these young guys care to think about it's our shot the first thing she said to me when i came in was i swear by my own children i'll do anything for you oh she's got kids i thought that was traumatic. and there are other types of customers like the successful middle aged businessman divorced father of four who sometimes takes his son with him to the brothel. for. the i don't have time to ask a lady out to take her to a cafe on the first night to a restaurant on the second to give her a peck on the cheek on the third but i don't have time for that sort of thing i would be much more expensive to. insure i take advantage of these women's economic
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situation but i stand by that that i frequent this place where women ply the oldest profession in history. i only hope that places like this will be legalized in france soon a place where girls are safe and the hygiene is good. because he feels secure. equal. to. one of those who cannot afford the pleasures of the night english ancora or who don't want to afford it and what is it like to grow up as a young woman in this world dominated by the male gaze where prostitutes make up some ten percent of the population. danny takes us to meet a friend whom he has done tattoos for in the past nine. we made our case on to that i must first of all they're all really pretty girls and they could just as well be models that they ask us and i do ask yourself what are they doing here.
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and then the jobs are rife they all think they can just treat women whatever way they like. it without that. gets on my nerves every person deserves respect i will mn is not worthless it's horrible that someone can come here and treat women like that i don't know but there are. there's the street. either way is annoys us and it ruins your morals. i don't know how takes made us as the mascot they mean i'm what i say one more thing that. the following morning mayor sonia martinez takes a walk around her town along with her staff. they
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stop for breakfast at their local cafe as ever prostitution is high on the agenda they say they are tired of the negative media reports about their village. they hear that. joined at the gate i was born here and lashawn korea. it was a quiet village. the only people where the locals simply lived here with us that i think i'm sure the french always came shopping because of our location. there it was but prostitution only became a problem when france changed its laws and all the girls who used to work as prostitutes in france came to the first towns across the border. that he thought. and of course the french cause some are as follows. then it got worse and worse as the see the all must get out of it since france declared a total ban and you know they have basically outsourced the problem to our country
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. though that's the problem on most of my years. it's business as usual beside the main road where the village elders congregate what outrages the most is the damage to their home towns reputation. it's very bad for our image. it wasn't always like this. there are more and more of them. we can do anything. or we can do is watch. the. people who come here because of the french spaniards don't you soakers only very few of them it's the french are you suckers going to where there are no french here there be no hookers. look around the truckers of course. and so they sit and watch.
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their mayor on the other hand does not want to stand idly by sania martinez has two children and thinks the only way to approach the problem is with a pan-european solution she wants to spare her children some of the sites she sees . you have a three thousand two hundred inhabitants but as you can see we're driving past a gas station we have fourteen gas stations get out there. before they drive to france and these gas stations usually provide free parking for their customers. there are more than three thousand free parking spaces for trucks.
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the place is a favorite stop for truckers more than eight thousand trucks pass through every day over the years the truck stops their services to the customer's needs but those needs also include less savory aspects one of the are jobs that tattoo artist danny farleigh does is cleaning and gardening at the truck stop. from the truckers and the french who had sex here. at the truck stop and because prostitution is not allowed in france they come here and do it in the fields in the parking lot without hygiene without cleanin us nothing. there are more used condoms the blades of grass headbutt. danny says he has seen drivers with no inhibitions or sense of hygiene. the trucker's of the worse that i have a soul they differ cape wherever they want me to tell them there's
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a toilet here and there's a toilet there but no they do it right where they all sit down and eat right beside it drivers who eat beside the truck and then jeff occasioned the other end of it. was about. two meters away from where they've just done that business and you think then just a little bit of hygiene please. among the truckers themselves stands for prostitution and theft but few are willing to talk about. this village's reputation anything goes anything goes here at the border good and bad anything and everything. that's on them i don't need the women i'm twenty four i don't need to pay for it yet. danny for lead is a product of prostitution when he needs to get away he comes here to the nearby
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reservoir he hasn't seen his father or his mother's former pimp for years. and the moment that the son is always the opposite of his father like a law of nature there are a few exceptions i am the opposite of my father because i saw the bad but why be violent to a child why make a woman suffer when there are thousands of women a man should work. no matter what. danny himself is facing two charges for domestic violence growing up in the genre was tough and his past is always with him there. we join him as he distributes flyers for his tattoo studio.
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he saw his mother go to work on the streets when he was just ten at fourteen he started working as a waiter in a brothel in the club above one of the places popular among truckers most of his childhood was spent working by this pool. pump up. most of danny's customers are his mother's colleagues and their successors he has a clear opinion on prostitution. one of these women here thought here because of your husband's job or of your fathers because they're the ones who pimp and come here to have sex with and buy got back so why is this here who's paying for ok customers and who are their customers your father your brother your cousin your colleagues all the way more than. we only ever look at one side of the coin but
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we're the ones who pay the price we should look at the other side of the coin. for leisure on cota the other side of the coin is minted in france in days gone by the locals built watchtowers and defenses and as a cut along on the mayor has another idea on how to tackle the problem. set up that the yeah when this though the house will change when catalonia gains independence yes it's about the including that's. i'll be involved and i fight to get a problem like prostitution here and i shall correct the attention it deserves because of that obviously to see and i can get an. independence for catalonia is this merely the pipe dream of a catalan separatist or a potential solution for the time being frenchmen will remain the best customers and russia.
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