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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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we made changes that reduce time spent on facebook by roughly fifty million hours every day by focusing on meaningful connections oakum unity and business will be stronger over the long term. zuckerberg is confident the social media giant income won't drop because it's finding new ways to advertise on the facebook site and it's instagram investors are easily spooked by changes in the social network with ensuring faith in the company's leaders to keep using gaged or at least for now for. some more light on the story with our markets man daniel cope standing by in frankfurt daniel facebook shares dropped sharply initially and then recovered quickly what does that tell us. good morning chris of what i would describe it maybe as a first a shock that investors were having because yes fifty million hours less on facebook sounds a lot but when you break this actually down this only means about two minutes or less per day also investors are very much appreciating the new strategy off
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a spork facebook is supposed to be more personal again it's supposed to be more again kind of back to the rules connecting with family and relatives not anymore that about that you get so many information from companies or other websites in your field and of course there's a strategy behind us facebook is saying that for them active users who are really interacting are way more interesting with that they can also learn war about the users and then give them at the end effort ties and that is even more interesting for them and at the same time of course when you look at the numbers just in the last quarter with effort ties my facebook was making thirteen billion u.s. dollars and that's quite a lot i guess and then you know another news german carmaker dime are just announced a record net profit of almost eleven billion euro's for twenty seventeen how's that going down in frankfurt. well when you look at the numbers first there they look
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very promising sales sales quantity profit very good i mean couldn't even be better sales up with a seventy seven percent there were making this record number of eleven billion euros but when you take a closer look and that's what's really giving the share price also some problems this morning experts were hoping for more and i'm know was also announcing that they think that costs will be much higher in two thousand and eighteen and that's why investors are not that thrilled this morning a record profit not enough then you know call a different for stock exchange thank you to china now where the already limited access to the internet is getting even more regulator so far one way to bypass the controls was the use of so-called virtual private networks or v.p.n. now the government is trying to close that tunnel undermining china's fire wall beijing is cracking down on the v.p.n. use forcing businesses to use state approved software only to share sensitive data
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between their location. if you're in china trying to skype chat with colleagues in the u.s. think again what about surfing google or using twitter and facebook sorry. the chinese government is banning all virtual private networks. these services help users to bypass online censorship but businesses also use them to move their data securely in an effort to comfy as the government has assured foreign companies doing business that they can still access the internet using state approved. but many firms a nervous about exposing that data to the chinese. this impact safety that's because governments telecom companies just provide a channel a network they can't see any content on the network related to your company for businesses that follow chinese laws and regulations this is guaranteed constitution
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stipulates that citizens have the freedom to communicate and that corporate communications will be protected with. privacy however comes at a cost many small and mid-sized companies are troubled by the usage fees for the state own software well over one thousand euros a month experts say that's more than smaller businesses will be able to shoulder and then run. in germany lawmakers are debating today whether to extend the current suspension of refugee family reunification germany it is a very big issue in the country christoph you know when parliament debated this topic earlier this year the far right party of the day the alternative for germany fiercely opposed allowing asylum seekers to bring over and the family members now while i ask our correspondent how that debate's expected to go today in the bundestag first here's a look at some of the lawmakers selected to head up key committees and how they
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could change the course of german politics. there's a bust ten minutes in my set to hit the blindest hugs tourism committee he was recently convicted of abetting dangerous bodily harm and has appealed to the new chairman of the budget committee paper has used terms employed by the nazis and conspiracy theorists. and the chairman of the judicial committee. has made speeches like i guess. the left party is a disgrace for germany the social democrats are a disgrace for germany the f.d.p. it's nothing new is a disgrace for germany. the green party to sum it all up is a disgrace for germany and every german parliament. our political correspondent for did of old joins us now from our report we just heard about how some leading the parliamentarians feel about their colleagues across the aisle in the bundestag what can we expect when they face off again today. well today as you already mentioned
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the refugee issue again is topic in the bundestag on refugees time reunification of refugees this is an issue bare the the fields this is our home turf they have they have a great strong strong stance against migration against refugees and so it's quite certain that they want to make a point here today of the debate right now is going on the speaker because unbuilt has just gone. just started his speech and he strongly opposes these reunification of family of refugee families saying that families of the refugees should be reunited in other countries but not in germany ok we're getting some live pictures right now in the chambers there again understocked report how is the. change the culture of debate in the bundesliga it's been there for three
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months. well guess what we cannot say that the a of d. has been very noticeable so far at least not from the content and the input they have brought in by speeches or by parliamentary notions but to be fair this is quite normal for a party which is rather fresh in parliament what is quite striking to me is the that they still have to learn the ropes that they still don't really know procedure within the bundestag m.p.'s told us that. he has already missed some very important deadlines that. they that they other part other parties told us to that this missing of deadlines also had something to do with the miscommunication within the fifty but the openly. blames the other parties that they have been left out ok so there's still learning the ropes what a fact are they having
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a general. give us an overview what on german politics. what has become more difficult especially in parliament moments like yesterday moments when the parliament commemorates the victims of nazi dictatorship yesterday there was a whole cause big tim holding a speech in parliament in front of people in front of a party which has at least some individuals that have a far right attitude and even past some of them even being anti-semitic these people yesterday state quite but still that they missed to pay their respects to to the shoulder coast victim later on and called culture in parliament also changed in terms of parliament traditions some of them have been altered and changed to keep certain people out. of certain functions let's say presiding plenary sessions and this is something we're going to see today again the a of d. will try to get someone into the parliamentary committee that controls the secret
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service provider vald for us following that debate today in the bundestag thanks very much rupert you know what we have the sports news now and thirty nine russian athletes have successfully overturned life.


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