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tv   Washington Journal Hunter Walker Phoner  CSPAN  May 31, 2020 10:00pm-10:10pm EDT

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>> watch c-span's daily unfiltered coverage of the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic with briefings from the white house, congress, and governors from across the country. plus, joining the conversation on our live call-in program, washington journal. if you miss any of our live coverage, watch any time on demand at coronavirus. monday night, on the communicators, former fcc commissioner susan ness talks about ways to reduce hate speech and extremism online. >> companies, when they find terrorists content, they will tag so that others don't copy it. and there's now much greater cooperation and we had even two years ago, but there still a tremendous amount needs to be done. watch the communicators monday
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night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. joining us on the phone is hunter walker. he covers the white house for yahoo! news. not only security checks to get into the white house and also temperature checks, now dealing with demonstrators for those covering the president these days. be inside the to white house these days with all it's been going on not only the , last week, but the last 10 weeks? white house press corps has moved to a little bit of a different rotation now in order to at least attempt some social distancing. i actually have not been inside the white house really since the demonstrations began. i was there on friday. i was the poller. being the poller involves taking one of the rapid tests
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for covid at the beginning of your day, in addition to the temperature check. so that's the last time i was actually inside the white house, but, of course, as we've all seen, the white house has been the focal point of some of these protests that have just been rocking the country. for the last two nights i was in front of the white house, in the vicinity of the white house,, and you know, particularly, i guess it was the wee hours of sunday morning, i was out there after midnight. that was the first night of protests near d.c., really large protests. the protesters actually breached the barricades outside the white house. i saw something, i was there for about three hours until the park was dispersed with pepper spray. i saw something that i can only describe as secret service agents quite literally, you know, street fighting with protesters in front of the
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white house. and that was just incredibly jarring to see in front of a facility that's one of the most secure residences in the country. i was back out again last night , get through early this morning, and at one point i was walking on constitution avenue looking up the south lawn, and the white house was completely dark, and there was just a column of smoke rising up behind it, and you could just hear booms from the various fireworks being watched by the protesters and also some of the flash bangs and tear gas being used by law enforcement. so they say it's a very different time at the white house. host: and really, a triple threat for the president, because he had announcement on friday of pulling out of the w.h.o. his pressure towards china, blaming them again for not doing enough early enough to make sure that we knew what was happening with covid-19. you also have a presidential election going on right now. and you have the five nights of
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racism and hatred that's going across cities, and we're seeing the pictures of stories from chicago and new york that are just being damaged or destroyed. guest: yeah, and i just did a story looking at the trump campaign and how in this era of coronavirus and social distancing they've really largely moved to a virtual format. as you know, in 2016, the in-person or inner rally was sort of the president's hallmark. it was important to his campaign. not only was this one of his big ways of getting his message out, one of his ways of dominating the news cycle, it also narcotics country it allowed the driveway collect data. we saw him have an event with 20,000 attendees, they would be getting phone numbers or texts.
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they would be selling merchandise. they would be, in some cause, getting people material for registrations. so they lost all that. they've tried to be virtual, and you've actually see the campaign have programming litter we'll every night in this virtual space. they call many of them virtual rallies. it's far outstripped anything the biden campaign has been able to do in this front. but yet even before this controversy with the death of george floyd on may 25 and the subsequent protests and riots all over the country, biden was ahead, in addition to a close ead in the national polls. they just did not good for the president. , so you know, it will be interesting to see some of the first numbers to see how voters are reacting to these wild scenes that we're seeing across
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the country. but beforehand, even with much more robust digital operations and much more robust operations since the pandemic, president trump was in trouble in the polls. host: and one final point, because news that angela merkel will not be attending the g-7 summit, using the covid-19 as a reason not to come here, was that a surprise to the administration, and could we see other world leaders skip the g-2347 late june near washington? guest: yeah, this whole thing has just been an indication of ities h these external are just rocking president trump's world right now how little he's able to take control of it. you know, the president had made the announcement that he happened the g-7 in washington patriot much as normal, i think on may 20, a little earlier last month.
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and i'm sorry, still this month, last day of may. he already had to push back from that and now it seems like a leading foreign leader is also now setting her own terms with it. and you referred to the sort of events that he had on friday, he had he wanted to spend the day rolling out a pretty major set of announcements on china when that press conference was scheduled, all anybody wanted to hear about was, you know, his response to this video of george floyd that had everyone so upset around the country. he ended up not addressing that until friday afternoon. he didn't take any questions after the china announce: then at this roundtable he did take questions from myself and other reporters, and he made a softer statement on george floyd. i think it was very interesting to see his schedule throughout like that, because what ended up happening was all eyes were
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on his press conference. the story came out in the middle of the day that the president avoided talking about george floyd. he actually made a very interesting, nuanced statement on it friday afternoon. but not very many people saw them because it was late in the day, protests are already begun, and broadcasters were not lined up to air those remarks as they'd been with the press conference. host: hunter walker, who covers the white house for yahoo! news, joining us in washington. thanks for being with us on this sunday. we appreciate it. guest: thanks for having me, steve, a journal,'s washington live, everyday, with news and policy issues that affect you. coming up monday morning, we'll talk about race relations in america, first with a democratic strategist and later with armstrong williams. then a discussion about the
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gao's new report on confection -- infection control problems in nursing homes, with john dickens. watch c-span's washington journal, live, at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. governor polis of colorado, and asa hutchinson of arkansas testified before house subcommittee on how their states are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. watch live tuesday at 11:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. online at, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. sunday morning, the spacex dragon crew arrived at the international space station. here's a look at the capsule docking with the iss. two crews greeting each other, and taking questions from officials at the kennedy space center.


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