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tv   Weekly Democratic Address - Rep. Frank Pallone  CSPAN  May 30, 2020 11:36pm-11:43pm EDT

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from thetaking off kennedy space center, the first amendment into launch from u.s. soil since 2011, the spacex crew dragon is scheduled to dock at the international space station. the docking is scheduled for sunday at 10:20 a.m. eastern time. we will have live coverage of the docking process beginning sunday at 10:00 a.m. on c-span. >> the white house did not release a weekly address from the president. however, representative frank pallone of new jersey, the energy and commerce committee chair, delivered the democratic weekly address. he discussed implementing a national covid-19 testing program and the federal response
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to the coronavirus pandemic. congressman paloma: hello. i'm congressman frank pallone from new jersey. nation mournsr the loss of 100,000 americans to the coronavirus. it's a staggering number and grim milestone. citizens across our nation continue to grieve loved ones, oftentimes from a distance. it's a reminder that we must come together to combat this terrible virus so we can save lives and protect communities in the weeks and months ahead. this national emergency requires every aspect of government to work together. we must reduce the spread of the virus so we can confidently begin to reopen our economy and get more than 40 million americans who lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic back to work. the only way we can through that is through a coordinated national strategy, a strategy that requires we increased
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testing and invest resources into contact tracing. we cannot fight the pandemic if we don't know who has it and where it is being spread, and that requires a national strategy and response. unfortunately, president trump and his administration failed to provide consistent and stable leadership needed to provide power nation through this crisis. instead of showing leadership, confidence, and vision, the administration is shirking responsibility and has forced states to find their own way out of the pandemic. for months, the president has failed to implement a national testing program. for months, we have been promised millions of tests were right around the corner and that everyone who wanted a test could get one. these promises are hollow. buting is getting better, public health experts continue to warn that our country is far short of what we need, and states continue to compete against each other to procure
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tests and the supplies needed to administer tests. we cannot allow the trump administration's failure to persist. that's why house democrats took bold action and past the heroes act earlier this month. the legislation continues our ongoing commitment to providing the help resources and support needed to combat the coronavirus crisis. and finally requires the trump administration to develop comprehensive coordinated strategies for testing, contact tracing, and surveillance. will benistration forced to publicly report key metrics. these requirements are critical to bringing much-needed transparency to ou -- to our allowing us tos, see if the administration is fulfilling the promises and holding them accountable when they are not. to $75 also provides up million in grants to support robust testing, contact tracing,
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surveillance, and containment activities. it also provides additional funding to communities that have had a high number of covid-19 cases or experiencing a surge as well as areas of the population experiencing disparate is including low income and the uninsured, communities of color, people with disabilities, and other underserved communities. cannot beat this virus without these efforts in place. now it is time for the senate to act. unfortunately, to date, senate majority leader macconnell continues to delay and obstruct, and this cannot continue. than 100,000 americans said we must collectively find solutions like the heroes act to stop the spread of the virus. it's the only way to protect the american people and safely and confidently reopen our communities. i thank you for listening, and please, stay safe.
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>> the governors of colorado, michigan, and arkansas testified before a house subcommittee on how their states are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. watch live tuesday at 11:30 a.m. eastern on c-span, online at, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. ath the federal government work in the sea and throughout the country, use the congressional directory for contact information for members of congress, governors, and federal agencies. today.our copy online ♪ c-span's "washington journal," live every day with policy issues and news that impact you. coming up, author kate anderson brower discusses her new book.
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the heritage foundation's john malcolm talks about senate republicans' efforts to investigate the origins of the russia probe. watch c-span's "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> president trump talked about the violence and rioting following the death of george floyd while in police custody in minneapolis. he was a portion of his remarks in florida after the launch of the spacex dragon capsule. to say a trump: i want few words about the situation in minnesota. the death of george floyd on the streets of minneapolis was a grave tragedy. it should never have happened. it has filled americans all over the country with horror, anger,
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