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tv   President Trump Remarks on SpaceX Launch at Kennedy Space Center  CSPAN  May 30, 2020 10:46pm-11:37pm EDT

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thanks for being here. we appreciate everybody being here. this was a tremendous site to see. i had no idea -- i said would you hear anything, because we are a distance away. all of a sudden that roar. it is incredible, the power. you wouldn't think that machine, as big as it is, could have that kind of power, make that kind of sound or vibration. it is really something special. i will be saying a few words to you inside. we will see you in a couple of minutes. ♪ >> a few hours after the launch, president trump, vice president pens, and nasa administrator jim bridenstine spoke at kennedy space center. during his remarks, the president spoke briefly about the ongoing protests surrounding the killing of george floyd while in police custody.
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it was just a year and a half ago that the president of the united states put in his state of the union address that we are going to launch american astronauts on american rockets from american soil. he looked at me and said "you are going to make that happen."
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here we are a year and a half later. and the help of elon musk the spacex team, we have delivered. but of course, the president's agenda is just beginning, there is so much more. he turned around and re-created a moon program. he said we are going to go to the moon for a purpose, because we as a nation are going to get to mars. agency we call nasa is excited about it. i want to tell you a quick story. i'm here to introduce the president, but i have to take a moment. it was about nine years ago. the space shuttle atlantis landed right here for the last space shuttle mission in the history of the u.s. the next day, 2000 pink slips went out. over the course of the next two
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years, this area went from 15,000 jobs down to 7500 jobs. devastation for the kennedy space center and a lot of very disgruntled nasa employees. the division now is as bright as it has ever been. -- the vision now is as bright as it has ever been. we are one step by one step accomplishing what we need to do as a nation to lead again in space, and it is not just rhetoric. the president's backing it up with his budget requests and we are getting bipartisan support in the house and the senate for this very aggressive space agenda that includes nasa, but also includes the brand-new space force, which is a great partner of us right here at the cape. now i have the great honor of introducing a person who was put in a role by the president of the united states.
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this role has been gone for 25 years. the role was chairman of the national space council. the president said we are going to make space a priority, and here's how serious i am. we are going to put the vice president of the united states of america as the chairman of the national space council. we will put on that counsil the secretary of defense and the secretary of state and the secretary of commerce and the secretary of transportation and the director of national intelligence and so many others. here's what we have done. as a nation, america is again leading in space. and we are proud. america is leading again in space. [applause] and i can tell you that when the vice president got that role of chairman of the national space council, he took to it like a
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duck takes to water. we have had meeting after meeting about how to make america preeminent in space. i have entertained phone call after phone call about this mission we accomplished here today. the vice president is a very real space enthusiast. he has been very supportive of what is now the largest budget in nasa's history in nominal dollars. here at the kennedy space center, we are seeing the benefits of that today. for the first time since 1972, we have a human landing system funded to go back to the surface of the moon. now we have contracts for that human landing system. one of those partners is spacex. thank you for partnering with us yet again. it is my pleasure and my honor to introduce to you the chairman of the national space council,
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the vice president of the united states, mike pence. [applause] ♪ vice pres. pence: hello, nasa, hello, spacex, and hello america's future in space. [applause] to the governor, leader mccarthy, members of the house and senate, members of the cabinet, the joint chiefs, jim
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bridenstine, the incredible men and women of nasa and spacex, it is an honor and a joy for me to be here with the president of the united states at kennedy space center on the day we made history. on the day american astronauts returned to space on an american rocket from american soil for the first time in nearly 10 years. you did it. [applause] for too long, the american space program was neglected and ignored. those days are over. under president trump, nasa is back and america is leading in space once again. it has been more than 50 years since our nation first set out
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to leave this planet and land american astronauts on the moon. today, under this president, we begin a new mission, to return to the moon and ultimately land american astronauts on the face of mars. when the apollo rockets leapt into the skies in the 1960's, they rose above the tumbled and the clamor of their times. they were a symbol of national strength and unity. today, as states across the nation take their first steps to reopen and recover from an unprecedented pandemic, and as our nation reels from the tragic death of george floyd and violent protests the past few days, i believe with all my heart that millions of americans
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today will find the same inspiration and unity of purpose we found in those days in the 1960's. [applause] in america, every life matters, and there is no tolerance for racism or violence in the streets of this country. the president has made clear we will honor the memory of george floyd. justice will be served. we will have law and order in our streets and we will heal our land. as the people of this country did so long ago, we will prove again that even in the most challenging times, americans rise above. we always move forward. we overcome every obstacle. we reach new heights, and we reach them together.
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[applause] in that spirit, today we begin a new era of human space exploration. the credit goes to dedicated men and women all across this country. to the ingenuity and hard work of the entire nasa team. america is proud of the men and women of nasa. [applause] but for the first time in our history, our astronauts have taken to the skies on a commercial rocket built by america's private sector. so join me in a vigorous round of applause for elon musk and the dedicated men and women of spacex. job well done. [applause]
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well-deserved. [applause] thanks, elon. and none of this would have been possible without the personal courage and unflinching skill of two american astronauts. one of them is an active-duty colonel in the air force, he was accepted in the nasa astronaut
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corps in 2000, served on other missions, the other was the first marine pilot to fly the super hornet. he's logged hours in more than 25 aircraft. his second flight was the very last mission of the space shuttle from american soil in 2011. join me in giving a vigorous round of applause to commander bob behnken and commander doug hurley. we are proud of our american astronauts. [applause] because of their courage, and your hard work, america is leading in space again. today is the culmination of 3.5 years of renewed leadership in space. it's a tribute to our astronauts, the ingenuity of the
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men and women in spacex. and nasa. it's also a tribute to the vision and leadership of a president who from the very first days of this administration was determined to revive nasa and american leadership in human space exploration. today is a tribute to the leadership of president donald trump. [applause] as the president said in his inaugural address, we stand at the birth of a new millennium ready to unlock the mysteries of space. that is exactly what we are doing. the president revived the national space council after it laid dormant for 25 years. he brought together the best minds in and out of the government to revive the american space enterprise. we reformed the national space traffic management system. we streamlined regulation for the commercial use of space. in 2017, president trump made it
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the policy of the u.s. to return to the moon by 2024 and ensure the next man and next woman to set foot on the moon would be american astronauts. [applause] and we are on hour away. at the president's direction, we won't just go back to the moon. mission artemis is going to take us to the moon and then america will make the next giant leap and we will land american astronauts on mars. [applause] are leaving again. four hour prosperity, for our explorers spirit, but also for the security of the american people. as nations around the world increase their investment in space, this president also took the decisive step to ensure america remains as dominant in space as we are in land and air
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and sea when he created the first new branch of our armed forces and more than 70 years -- .he united states space force so the american people can be confident after today's history making launch that we are just getting started. under this president's leadership, with the courage of our astronauts, the ingenuity of likeand private partners spacex, the support of the american people, and god's grace , we will never stop pushing to reach new heights, to go farther and faster and higher than ever before. we will inspire the world as america leads humanity into the vast expanse of space for generations to come. now it's my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the man whose vision and
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relentless leadership brought us to this historic day, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. ["proud to be an american" plays ]
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president trump: thank you very much. please, please. big day. it's a big day. i want to thank hour great vice president for your fearless and tireless commitment to fulfilling america's destiny in space. thank you very much, mike. great job. great job. [applause] to mike'so grateful wonderful wife karen, for being here and all she does for our country. thank you. before going further on this for all america in
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space, i want to say a few words about the situation in minnesota . on theth of george floyd streets of minneapolis was a great tragedy. it should never have happened. it has filled americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief. george's, i spoke to family and expressed the sorrow of hour entire -- of our entire nation for their loss. said to you as a friend and ally, to every american seeking peace, and i stand in firm opposition to anyone exploiting this tragedy to loot, rob, .ttack, and menace
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the police officers involved in the incident have been fired from their jobs. one officer has already been arrested and charged with murder. state and federal authorities are carrying out an investigation to see what further charges may be warranted including, against, sadly, the other three. in addition, my administration has opened a civil rights investigation, and i have asked the attorney general and the justice department to expedite it. thaterstand the pain people are feeling. we support the right of people protested -- of peaceful protesters and we hear there pleas, but what
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we are seeing now has nothing to do with justice for peace. the memory of george floyd is being dishonored by rioters, looters. the riots and vandalism is being other radicaland left groups who are terrorizing the innocent, destroying jobs, hurting businesses, and burning down buildings. the main victims of this horrible situation are the onceens who live in these lovely communities. the mobs are devastating the life's work of good people and destroying their dreams. right now, america needs creation, not destruction. cooperation, not contempt. security, not anarchy, and there
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will be no anarchy. civilization must be cherished, defended, and protected. the voices of law-abiding citizens must be heard and heard very loudly. must not allow a small group of criminals and vandals to wreck hour cities and lay waste to our communities. we must defend the rights of every citizen to live without violence, prejudice, or here -- fear. we support the overwhelming majority of police officers who are incredible in every way and devoted public servants. they keep hour cities our communities from gangs and drugs, and risk their own lives for us every day. no one is more upset than fellow law enforcement officers by the small handful who failed to
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abide by their oath to serve and protect. stop mobstration will , and we will stop it cold. it does not serve the interest any citizen of any race, color, or creed, for the government to give in to anarchy, abandoned police precincts, or allow communities to be burned to the ground. won't happen. executions -- making excuses or justifications for violence are not helping the downtrodden, but delivering new anguish and new pain. from day one of my administration, we have made it a top priority to build up distressed communities and revitalize hour crumbling -- our crumbling inner cities. we fought hard with senator kim
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scott and many others to create opportunity zones, helping to draw a surge of new investment to the places in our country .hat need it most we must all work together as a society to expand opportunity and create a future of greater dignity and promise for all of our people. withst forge a partnership community leaders, local law enforcement, and the faith community to restore hope. radical left criminals, thugs, ourothers all throughout country and throughout the world will not be allowed to set communities ablaze. we won't let it happen. it harms those who have the
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least, and we will be protecting .hose who have the least the leadership of the national guard and the department of in closere now communication with state and city officials in minnesota, and we are coordinating our efforts with local law enforcement all across our nation. in america, justice is never achieved at the hands of an angry mob. i will not allow angry mobs to dominate. won't happen. it is essential that we protect the crown jewel of american andcracy -- the rule of law our independent system of justice. every citizen in -- in every community has the right to be safe in their workplace, safe and that home, and safe in our city streets. this is the sacred right of all americans that i am totally
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determined to defend and will defend. will alwaysation stand against violence, mayhem, and disorder. we will stand with the family of george floyd, with the peaceful protesters, and with every law-abiding citizen who wants decency, civility, safety, and security. we are working toward a more just society, but that means .uilding up, not tearing down joining hands, not hurling fist s, standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility. moments ago, as we witnessed the launch of two great american astronauts into space, we were filled with the sense of pride and unity that brings us as americans, that same
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spirit which powered our astronauts to the moon has also helped lift our country to ever greater heights of justice and opportunity throughout our history. today, as we mark a renewed commitment to america's future in space, a tremendous alsotment it is, let's commit to a brighter future for all of our citizens right here on earth. when americans are united, there's nothing we cannot do. from day one of my administration, we put america first. [cheers and applause] this afternoon, i'm delighted to be with you at cape canaveral in the stored home of american daring, aspiration, and drive.
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this is the first big space message in 50 years -- think of that -- and it is an honor to be delivering it. as we gather in this special place to celebrate not only the launch of a new spacecraft, but also our nation's bold and triumphant return to the stars, it is a special day. moments ago, the world bore witness to the flight of the first new manned u.s. spaceflight and nearly 40 years since the space shuttle launched in 1981, a long time ago. i am thrilled to announce that the spacex dragon capsule has successfully reached low-earth orbit, and that our astronauts are safe and sound. [applause]
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with this launch, the decades of lost years and little action are officially over. a new age of american ambition has now begun. past leaders put the united states at the mercy of foreign nations to send our astronauts into orbit. not anymore. today, we once again proudly launch american astronauts on american rockets, the best in on world, from right here american soil. [applause] those of us who saw the spectacular and unforgettable lift off this afternoon watched more than an act of history. we watched an act of heroism. every time our astronauts climb aboard a rocket, which is many,
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many stories of only engine and sky, and vault across the they display breathtaking valor, like colonel douglas hurley and colonel robert behnken did this american was pure genius and courage. they join the ranks of just seven prior american astronauts who have made the perilous maiden voyage to test a new class of spacecraft. the names of hurley and behnken will stand in the history books alongside those of legends like young.epard, john these brave and selfless astronauts will continue their mission to advance the cause of human knowledge as they proceed to the international space station before returning to earth.
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we wish them god speed on their journey, and as one proud nation, we salute their fearless service. thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] i also want to send our nation's gratitude to the wives of these valiant astronauts, both of whom .re astronauts themselves karen nyberg and megan macarthur, we join them in praying for hour heroes' safe return. as you know, this spring, our nation has endured the pain and hardship of a global pandemic. era ofsher in a new manned spacecraft, we are reminded that america is always in the process of transcending great challenges. hour nation is placed with limited -- unlimited reserves of
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talent, tenacity, and resolve, the same spirit of american determination that sent our people into space will conquer this disease on earth -- should have never happened. gravity not even itself, can hold americans down .r keep america back we are grateful to nasa administrator jim bridenstine, and director of kennedy space for welcoming us this evening. very special. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. great job. great job. come a long way in three and a half years, jim, haven't we? long way. to the incredible men and women of nasa from here at kennedy space center to the johnson space center in texas, we love you, too, to nasa plum brook
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station in sandusky, ohio, thank you all for working so hard to make this day a reality. we have many other great days almost ready to happen. of myith us, many members cabinet, including our great new dni, john ratcliffe. thank you, john. thank you. [applause] we have great friend of mine, special men, ran a great, great campaign, governor of florida, ron desantis. thank you, ron. [applause] scott andrs, rick marco rubio. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [applause] kevin, thank you very much. [applause] kevin.ob you do, and representatives matt gaetz,
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john rutherford, michael waltz, ,ill posey, daniel webster brian mast, elise stefanik, bill flores, brian bevin, rodney , and, roger marshall stephen palau's oh, thank you very much. thank you. what a great group of people. they are warriors. they are really warriors. they helped get this done and so many other things. is our air force general david, goldstein. thank you very much. thank you, general. thank you. and chief of space operations, the first ever name, and now a member of the joint chiefs of created these we
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united states space force, general jay raymond. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. and senior members, also, of our great united states military. it has never been stronger than it is right now. also attorney general of florida, ashley moody, and chief financial officer, and many other distinguished guests, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. [applause] especially want to congratulate someone who truly embodies the american ether of big thinking and risk-taking. after achieving success as an internet entrepreneur, he could have spent his fortune doing anything, including yachting --
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lots of things. he could do lots of things. pouring002, he began tens of millions of dollars of his own money into research and development for a new rocket. he's a little different than a lot of other people. he likes rockets. he assembled the crew of some of the greatest minds and talents in american aerospace. in the years since, spacex has become the first private company to develop and successfully launch its own rocket into private orbit, the first to launch and recover its own capsule, and of course, moments ago, spacex became the first private company to put humans into orbit around the earth. elon musk, congratulations. congratulations, elon. [applause]
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thanks, elon. him, 8000 spacex employees today is the fulfillment of a dream use in the making. for years on end, they have worked hand-in-hand with nasa, sculpting aluminum, tightening valves, tuning nozzles, testing parachutes, and filling massive tanks with thousands and thousands of pounds of kerosene and liquid oxygen. today, the groundbreaking partnership between nasa and spacex has given our nation the aft of an unmatched power, state-of-the-art spaceship to put our astronauts into orbit at a fraction of the cost of the space shuttle, and it's much better. from now on, the united states will leverage the fast-growing capabilities of our commercial and the finest pieces of
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real estate on earth, which you need very badly to send u.s. astronauts into space. crew nasa's commercial andram, we will use rockets spacecraft design, build, own, and launched by private american .ompanies today's launch makes clear the commercial space industry is the future. the modern world was built by renegades, and skilled craftsmen, captains of industry who pursued opportunities no one else saw and envisioned what no one else .ould ever think of seeing the united states will harness the unrivaled creativity and speed of our private sector to strive even further into the unknown. this launch also marks an
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exciting turning point for nasa. this agency will now focus its unmatched expertise -- expertise like nobody has ever seen, and power, and integrity, to do what nasa does better than anyone else, and it's not even close -- embark on the most difficult, most daring, most audacious missions in the history of humankind. when i first came into office three and a half years ago, nasa thelost its way, and excitement, energy, and ambition , as almost everybody in this room knows, was gone. there was grass growing through the cracks of your concrete runways. not a pretty sight. not a pretty sight at all. the last administration presided over the closing of the space
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thetle, and almost all of giant facility that keeps so many people working, so many brilliant minds going. people were crying. they were devastated, but now, it's the greatest of its kind anywhere in the world and will get greater and greater with years to come. i promise you that. [applause] we have created the envy of the world and we will soon be landing on mars and we will soon have the greatest weapons ever imagined in history. i have already seen designs, and even i cannot believe it. the united states has regained our place of prestige as the world leader. as has often been stated, you cannot be number one on earth if you are number two in space.
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[applause] we are not going to be number two anywhere. [applause] thanre is this more true with our military, which we have completely rebuilt. under my administration, we have in newd $2.5 trillion planes, ships, submarines, tanks, missiles, rockets -- anything you can think of. law year, i signed a creating the six branch of that already very famous united states armed forces, the space force. [applause] for every citizen who has eagerly waited for america to reignite those engines of will,
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confident, and imagination that put a man on the moon, i stand before you to say, you need wait no longer. through nasa's artemis program, the united states is preparing for a crude mission to mars -- crewed mission to mars. earlier this week, i saw the orion capsules being worked on in this building. those capsules will soon return americans to lunar orbit for the years --e in over 50 half a century. by 2024, our astronauts will return to the lunar surface to establish a permanent presence, pad to [applause] and the first woman on the moon will be an american woman, and
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marsirst nation to land on will be the united states of america. [applause] signed the order to establish these goals shortly after taking office, we have made rapid gains. capsule is0-pound already built. the next generation of spacesuits are already made. colossal rockets are now being made, and the contracts for three separate lunar landers have been awarded and signed, and they are magnificent. , america willhead go bigger, bolder, further, goter, and america will
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first. america will always be first. [applause] meet thetain, we will adversity and hardship along the way. there may even be tragedy because that is the danger of space. there's nothing we can do about that. that we are talking about is unrivaled. there's nothing we can do about problems. but we will have very few of them. we will confront all of those challenges, knowing that the quest for understanding is the oldest and deepest hope in our .ouls the innate human desire to explore and innovate is what propels the engines of progress and the march of civilization. we will preserve and persevere,
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and we will ensure a future of american dominance in space. to that end, over the last three thes, i reestablished national space council. i issued a directive cutting red tape for innovative space companies such as spacex. we created the world's first comprehensive space traffic management system. last month, i signed an executive order establishing u.s. policy for the recovery and use of space resources and minerals. administrator bryden stein artemis to govern the future of space exploration development. together, we will assert america's rightful heritage is spacefaring nation on the planet, and already, it is not even close.
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in the half-century since united states stopped sending astronauts to deep into space -- 1972 -- no other country has ever done it. the reasons are simple -- cost, technological complexity, and tremendous danger. for instance, i was told that ede rocket you just witness had to be launched within one second, or it would be impossible for it to hit its two daysnd i was here ago, and i said to jim, "jim, it's ok. why don't you wait five or 10 minutes?" [laughter] and he said, "sir, we only have a window of one second." and i walked out of here shaking my head. is that true, jim?
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yes, it's true. space travel is not a feat of engineering alone. it's also a moral endeavor, a measure of a nation's vision, it's willpower, it's place in the world. exploration is a test of our our faith.of america is a nation defined by its commitment to discovery. to solve mystery is to chart the unknown, to press the limits to achieve the fullest expression of life's potential, and to ensure that america is the nation that always leads the way , and especially in space. this evening, i am more confident than ever before that america stands poised to thrive in this grand undertaking. it's incredible. .e are a nation of pioneers we are the people who cross the
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ocean, carved out a foothold on a vast continent, settled a great wilderness, and then set our eyes upon the stars. this is our history, and this is our destiny. now, like our ancestors before us, we are venturing out to explore a new, magnificent frontier. it's called space. most daring feats, most epic journeys, biggest adventures, and finest days are just beginning. moments areoudest still ahead. we are on the verge of our most exciting years, and a year may be the most exciting of all. you just watch. so today, as our brave american astronauts shape the earth and blaze a trail of fire and steel
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into the heavens, we proclaim for all to hear that we have not yet tested the full strength of the american character, and the world has not yet seen the full spirit. the american for our country, for our children, and for america's march to the stars, the best is yet to come. [applause] it was a great honor for me to deliver this speech. god bless our brave astronauts now soaring through the heavens. god bless the men and women of .asa, and god bless america thank you very much.
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get what't always you want" plays]
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from thetaking off kennedy space center, the first amendment into launch from u.s. soil since 2011, the spacex crew dragon is scheduled to dock at the international space station. the docking is scheduled for sunday at 10:20 a.m. eastern time. we will have live coverage of the docking process beginning sunday at 10:00 a.m. on c-span. >> the white house did not release a weekly address from the president. however, representative frank pallone of new jersey, the energy and commerce committee chair, delivered the democratic weekly address. he discussed implementing a national covid-19 testing program and the fedal


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