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tv   Department of Homeland Security Briefing  CSPAN  May 30, 2020 10:10pm-10:25pm EDT

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chad wolf and other dhs officials concerning their officers involvement in policing protests after the killing of george floyd. they said they are investigating whether radical groups are involved in writing. >> good afternoon. thanks everyone for being here today. let me recognize folks behind
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me. the acting deputy secretary ken cuccinelli, the acting i structure matt albans, united states secret service director murray, deputy director newsom, director patterson and deputy director klein, thank you for being here. the department of homeland security's high land -- highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of the american people and the department workforce. we have witnessed an assault on our law enforcement community. californiain oakland an assassin shot to federal protective service contractors as they stood watch over a protest. one officer was killed. the other is in critical condition. police, the oakland supported by the department of homeland security, are investigating that attack. let me express my deepest condolences to the family members of these two contractors.
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and a loss in the dhs family impacts all of us and i want the loved ones of these brave officers to know you have the support of the department behind you. also last night the brave men and women of the united states secret service were assaulted by criminals. it's iraq's. rocks.rew -- they threw they threw alcohol. they through urine. threw urine. they did so while hiding behind their first moment right of lawful protest. a protest or through a molotov cocktail in an attempt to burn down the facility, a facility that houses men and women who have taken a solemn both to protect the country. while these incidents are under investigation, dhs will not rest until criminals are brought to justice. as the nation's largest law
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enforcement organization, the departments top priority is protecting our workforce and the american people. i want to assure the american people, dhs officers will fulfill the solemn duty regardless of the violence they face. dhs and its law enforcement components are taking proactive steps in response to unfortunate events over the last one he for hours. the steps include-- over the last 24 hours. serviceral protective is taking enhanced posture and a number of cities around the country, and the united states secret service is adapting to the changing threat they face. isa supporting local partners with surveillance and other capabilities. -- ice. these will help our personnel stay safe as they protect us from those who spread this violence. our nation is at its strongest when we confront challenges together and resist the voices that try to divide us, our law
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enforcement officers put their health and safety on the line to protect the american public and we owe them and their families, not only our respect but gratitude. thank you. lome asked acting deputy -- let me ask acting deputy secretary cuccinelli said a few words. let me express condolences for those killed in the last 24 hours. i know i have been to too many funerals. dhs has two decades of experiences responding to some
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of the most challenging threats our nation has faced. we will continue to meet any challenge head-on as we fulfill our duty to protect the american people and our law enforcement personnel. this department stands ready to protect the american people and our employees during this difficult time, using every legal means at our disposal. we stand firmly behind our law enforcement officers. and the state and local law enforcement officers that form some of the most valuable partnerships, with which we work, everyday. all across america, to keep you safe. are currently threats by some to attack police stations and federal buildings. that violence won't be tolerated. we are committed to ensuring it will not succeed anywhere.
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when someone targets a police officer, or police station, with an intention to do harm and intimidate, that is an act of domestic terrorism. fighting terrorism was the reason for the founding of the department of homeland security and we will stand behind our law enforcement officers here in the department and all over. america as they put themselves on the line to protect each and every one. of you. thank you. questions? >> are there any suspects in custody? dhs is supporting our federal and local law enforcement partners, and any and all investigations across the
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country. so i will defer that to fbi, doj and others. on that investigation, it is too early to comment. homelandt is ice security investigators or secret service or others throughout the department, we are heavily involved in those investigations. we are partners with the bureau and other of our law enforcement agencies. so we will continue to support them in those investigations. are you seeing an increase in hite nationalist or white supremacist organizations? any chatter on those websites? trying to infiltrate those groups, maybe? >> as i said it is early on in these investigations. from a departments templates we are interested in any and all groups. any taking advantage of what could be a peaceful protest and turning it into something that could be different. that is what we are.seeing
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across the country we saw that last night. department, we are interested in all groups, all violent groups in all extremist groups that would take advantage of individuals exercising their first moment right to peaceful protest, and turning it into something else. we are seeing a pattern of that and we are concerned about that. to believeany reason the shooting of these officers was racially motivated in any way? >> no, again the investigation is ongoing and i would note that fpsad to fbi s officers-- officers shot as they were responding to a protest in oakland. that is unique. officers weather was racially motivated or whatever it ends up being, the investigation will demonstrate that. -- whether.
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that continues early on in that investigation. fps also talk with you. >> the individual shot less network contracted protective security officers we contract to protect federal facilities. this is the third and last five years shot and killed on duty. samen maryland in 2015, year at a barracks in new york city and this is the third. they are the front line of defense at federal facilities. thank you for doing this press conference. secretary, could you speak more to any of the specific groups you are interested in, looking into, and more broadly about what it is, the work you're doing to look into extremist groups? again, as i indicated, the investigation is early on. we have seen reports out there
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that a number of different groups are involved in these. we will continue to look at that and pull the string. we are concerned these groups taking advantage of a peaceful protest. what we are seeing in the last 24 hours, we are seeing organization to these groups, tactics of these groups and things he would not see in a peaceful protest, we are seeing different things. that is concerning last night. and as the weekend unfolds. again, we have our law enforcement officers, as fps, indicated, on the front line. we have an enhanced posture. we are surging resources. not only in the washington, d.c. area, but across the country. we are ready. >> what evidence do you have that it is groups like antifa versus others? >> we have seen reporting out
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there that it is these different groups. , it isdicated early on early on in the investigation so i'm not going to guess what these groups are and we will continue to look at the facts but we see reporting out there like other individuals do as well. i have seen that and we are looking into that and we will continue to do that, what the department of justice and the fbi and others. this is for the secret service director. do you have a comment on the situation outside the white house last night? and maybe if there's going to be an increased posture? given the situation last night, as the week progresses? >> sure. first i want to commend the men and women of secret service for their vigilance and professionalism last night and the compassion and concern for demonstrators and people who meant to do them harm. grateful for the partnership with u.s. park police and metropolitan police who were there supporting us as well.
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our protective methodology by design is scalable. it is never question of readiness for us. we are always ready. we try to capitalize on lessons learned an appropriate -- deploy the appropriate measures. we will take lessons from last night and incorporate them tonight to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody who comes out to exercise their first amendment rights. >> ok, we are done. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for everyone coming out.
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♪ c-span's washington journal, live every day, with news and promising issues that impact you. coming up on sunday, the author discusses her new book, team of five, the presidents club in the age of trump. and the heritage foundation's john malcolm talks about senate republicans efforts to investigate the origins of the russia probe. what she spends washington journal live at 7:00 eastern sunday morning and join the discussion. ♪ >> and his new book, talking to strangers, author malcolm gladwell he tells why he thinks people make inaccurate judgments about people they do not know. >> step out of the car. i'm going to drag you out of here. >> you're going to drag me out
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of my own car. >> get out of the car. >> she is imprisoned for resisting arrest and two days later she hangs her self and her cell. a tragic and unexpected result. saw, which goes on and on and on, we saw snippet the kind of,at was when i first saw that online, that was when i realized what i wanted to write about. if you break that exchange down, moment by moment, you see multiple failures of understanding, of empathy, of a million things. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern, on c-span q and a. the spacex dragon took off from cape canaveral florida, taking american astronauts to space from american soil, for the first


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