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tv   President Trump Announces Robert O Brien as National Security Adviser  CSPAN  September 18, 2019 10:24pm-10:35pm EDT

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oh on c-span 3 at 9:00 a.m., the confirmation hearing for eugene late , the son of the justice antoinen school lee yeah. he's been nominated to serve as the next labor secretary. will be in order. >> for 40 years c-span has been unfiltered erica coverage of congress, the white house, supreme court and public washington, from d.c. and around the country. so you can make up your own mind. by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local provider.atellite unfiltered view of government. named robert rump o'brien his new national ecurity adviser, following the of john
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very ent trump: thank you much. we're with robert o'brien who, as you know is the new national adviser. he's worked with me for quite a hostages.on we've had a tremendous track record with respect to hostages. about it. tell you but we've brought a lot of haven't ck home and we spent any money but that's good
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can't do the money thing. money thing it double and quadruple. maybe robert will send a few words. to ook, it's a privilege serve with the president, i look forward to another year and a half of peace through strength under president trump's leadership. expect those to continue. we've got a number of challenges in there is a great team place with secretary pompeo and secretary mnuchin and others. look forward to working with them and the president to keep continue toe and to rebuild our military and really through ck to peace strength, and keep the american people from challenges they face around the world today. >> what advice do you have for saudi arabiamp and
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and any possible military strike on iran? >> we're looking at those issues up.and getting briefed i think secretary pompeo is in audi arabia now or just coming home. any advice i give to the president will be something i ive him confidentially but we're monitoring that situation closely. any es the president have update on your thinking? >> yeah, nothing to report yet. we'll probably be speaking to tomorrow, maybe the next day. nothing to report. but it hasn't changed very much. think my thinking pretty much remains the same, and we haven't that we didn't know. but there is a certain guarantee factor. we're at a point now where we very much what happened. yes? . [inaudible] we'll see what happens. we'll see. you watch. mr. president -- [inaudible] excuse me?rump:
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ratany?nt ident roatany >> i always felt like the united nations is very important. i think it has potential. lived uphink it's ever to the potential it has but i would not want to keep people out if they want to come so that them. be up to >> -- strike iran -- a sign of weakness. president trump: i actually sign of strength. we have the strongest military think world now, and i it's a great sign of strength. if very easy to attack but you ask lindsey, how did it work out in the middle east? and how did going into iraq work out? so we have a disagreement on and, you know, there is of time to do some das
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dard -- bastardly things. we have some very good capital. to do something we'll station.thout hegs >> mr. pompeo, the attacks in and if re an act of war so, what is the response of the usa? president trump: he just came statement. he spoke to me a little while ago and we'll have an announcement. >> -- you were looking for that maybe you didn't get through mr. bolton? >> it's very interesting. mr. o'bryan is respected. highly respected. really tremendous, like unparalleled. we've had tremendous success in that regard. many people, and through hostage negotiation, i got to know him very well myself also a lot of people that i
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absolute ted him as number one choice. a very good chemistry together and great relationship. man. a very talented >> you raised more sanctions on iran today. president trump: i did. did. we'll be adding some very significant sanctions on to iran. will they include, sir? president trump: we'll be announcing it over the next 48 hours. will there be a further announcement on iran, are you strike. at a military president trump: we'll see what happens. >> what options are you considering? >> you just said there are some very bad things. there are many options, as you know, phil. there are many options. and there e options are options a lot less than that and we'll see. we're in a very powerful position. about that alking
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ultimate option, no. president trump: i think it's a role.mportant it's really a role that if the president respects the person the adviser, i think it plays a very important role. president trump: we're going to the border later. me? y'all with we're going to show you lot of wall. we're building a lot of wall. won the big case and a couple of others. talking to you later on. -- [inaudible] president trump: i have not. those results are coming in and close.ry do you have any updates? usually know before the president. everybody will be very close and we'll see what happens. our relationship is with israel. what happens. thank you.
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thank you, everybody. *-* >> c-span has news and policies that impact you. morning, thursday looking at mcclintock, a member committeese judiciary shares the latest on the committee's investigation of president trump. affairs e foreign
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committee member, gregory meeks, democrat of new york, discusses policy ministration owards iran and author of breaking the two party -- discussing the need for multiparty democracy in the u.s. sure to watch c-span's washington journal life at 7:00 morning.hursday discussion. c-span is back in des moines, fry for the annual steak beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern here eight presidential candidates will take the stage. or listen life n the go listen to the free c-span radio app. and melania trump rump will host their second steak dinner of the
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administration. atch guest arrivals and dinner toasts. our live coverage begins friday online at or c-span radio free app. > paul murray is the commentator and host of paul murray news for sky news australia. you for being here. >> absolutely. >> tell us about the prime minister. who is he? conservative politician, at times, he's far an well known for being conomic conservative, been hawkish about border security. he is a christian but he's gone his way to make sure that his face isn't part of his politics. in e having a debate australia at the moment about religious freedom


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