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  President Trump Meets With Romanian President  CSPAN  August 20, 2019 4:02pm-4:38pm EDT

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all of our programs online at and listen with the free c-span radio app. c-span live coverage of campaign 2020 continues this week. on wednesday at 2:00 p.m. eastern, live coverage of president trump's address at the 75th american veterans convention in louisville, kentucky. on thursday at 6:30 p.m., governor jay inslee, congressman tim ryan, and others live from londonderry, new hampshire, and then friday, mayor put peter judge -- mayor pete. 2020 coverage anytime online at, or on the gore you are using the free c-span radio app. >> the president of romania and president trump met in the oval office.
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this was the romanian president's second visit during the trump administration. president trump also talked about trade and the u.s. economy. aesident trump: and we have great relationship with romania. united states and romania have gotten a lot better than ever before, so i want to thank you for that, and we have got big trade going on, business. we have a lot of trade with romania. we have a lot of romanian people in the united states, and they work hard and are very, very successful. how many do you have in the united states, you know? has anyone figured that out is to mark i think i know most of that. >> great people. i think a quarter of a million or so. president trump: a very large population, and they love romania, too. they have never forgot romania.
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they are very much inclined in that, and i want to thank you, mr. president. it is a great honor. >> thank you, mr. president. it is a great pleasure to be here. be back here with you, mr. president, and now we talkthe opportunity to about are very good strategic partnership, and under your we haveeadership, progressed, and we will continue doing so. this is very important for us, and i think we are on the right path, and i thank you. president trump: i think we are on the right path. a lot of interesting things happening, also in your country, and we appreciate the trade, and we will have a big meeting a while after this, and we will have a meeting in the cabinet room with a lot of your officials, and we look forward to that. yes, any questions?
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>> mr. president, what are the contingency steps being taken to stave off any economic slowdown, because there has been talk of a payroll tax cut kicked around, other tax cuts. you have talked about a cut of the fed rate. president trump: the bed rate should have been cut. they raised too quickly, and i have been quite vocal on that. they also did quantitative tightening, which was ridiculous, and so -- and despite that, if you look -- i guess you can call it normalized, but if you look, our economy is doing fantastically, and if you look at the previous administration, they had no interest rates. they were loosening, not tightening, and frankly, there is a big difference in our economies rate incredible, our jobs. you look at our jobs market, but you have to be proactive, so we really need a fed cut rate,
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because when you look at what is going on with the european union , as an example, they are cutting. take a look at germany, what they are doing and what they are paying. they are actually doing something in verse, nobody has seen before. we have to keep up to an extent, and right now, we are paying a much higher rate of interest, and we did not follow the world, and generally speaking, that is ok, but you cannot have that much of a disparity, so we are looking for a rate cut. it would help if the fed did its job and did a substantial rate cut. also, they were doing quantitative tightening. they should be doing easing, no tightening, or at a minimum, they should be doing nothing about that, but they have to do a rate cut. the other thing is we are looking at various tax reductions. this is one of the reasons we are in such a strong economic position. we are right now the number one country by far as an economy.
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europe has got a lot of problems, and asia has got a lot of problems. you look at china, china has had the worst year in years, and they want to make a deal with us, but i can tell you, i am not ready to make a deal. unless they are ready to make a deal, i am not ready to make a deal, and i don't know, but i will say this. something will happen, maybe soon, but china very much wants to make a deal. , with the heard again payroll tax, indexing, capital gains. what would you say? president trump: we have been talking about indexing for a long time, and many people like indexing. it can be done very simple. it can't be done directly by me. be done directly by me. we are always looking at the capital gains tax, payroll tax. we are looking at -- i would
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love to do something on capital gains. we are talking about that. that is a big deal, goes through congress. payroll tax is something we think about, and a lot of people would like to see that. it very much affects the workers of our country, and we have a lot of workers. right now, by the way, we have more people working today that we have ever had before in the history of our country. we have almost 160 million people working today. "recession" isd a word that is inappropriate, because it is a word that certain people -- i will be kind -- certain people in the media are trying to build up, because they would love to see a recession. we are very far from a recession. in fact, if the fed would do its job, i think we would have a tremendous spurt of growth. tremendous. the fed is psychologically important. every psychologically important, and if the fed would do its job,
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which has done poorly over the last year and a half, he would see a burst of growth like you have never seen before, and that would be lowering interest rates and may be putting some -- if you look at what china is doing, if you look at what germany is doing, if you look at what so many are doing, putting money in, because we want to compete with these other countries. setink that we are actually for a tremendous search of growth if the fed would do its job. that is a big if, frankly. the fed should be cutting, and i minimum, 100a basis points over a period of time. not at one time come but over a period of time. but over ane time, period of time. doingot talking about anything at this moment, but indexing is something that a lot of people have liked for a long time, and it is something that
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would be very easy to do, and a lot of people, talking about indexing for a lot of years -- it is something that i am certainly thinking about. i can say that a majority of people in the white house, at the level that does this kind of thing, they like indexing, so it is something i am thinking about. payroll taxes, i have been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time. whether or not we do it now, it is not being done because of recession. if we had aif we had a cut intes by the fed, they would do their job properly, and if they would do a meaningful cut, because they raised too fast, you would see growth like you have not seen ever in this country. now, if you go from the election, that great november 8 9y, if you go from november to the present, you see an increase in the stock market.
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talking about unemployment numbers that are the lowest in history in many categories, and overall, almost the lowest ever in the history of our country. i think it was 1969, and we are set to surpass that number. our country is doing very well. when i spoke to the president when we were just walking in, he said, "congratulations on the great success of your economy," and i appreciate it, and we are doing very well. >> romania? president trump: it is something we will talk about. >> the g7, would you like to have vladimir putin back at the g7? it was therump: so g8 for a long time, and now, it is the g7, and a lot of time, we talk about russia. we talked about russia because i have gone to numerous g7
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meetings, and i guess president outsmarteduse putin him, president obama thought it was not a good thing to have russia in, so he wanted russia out, but i think it is much more appropriate to have russia in. it should be the g8, because a lot of things we have to talk about concern russia, so i would like to see it be the g8 again, and if somebody would be making that motion, i would be disposed for it favorably, and most of the time, it was the g8 and included russia, and president obama did not want russia in, because he got outsmarted. well, that is not the way it really should work. >> [indiscernible] trump: we are
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discussing it today and having a very important meeting. it sounds like you like the idea. you like the idea? ok. no, it is something we are thinking about. contacte white house in with the regime questar president trump: we are in touch. variousalking to members of venezuela. we are helping venice well as much as we can. and it needsg it, a lot of help. it is an incredible tribute to something bad happening, something bad is socialism, and it is amazing, because 15 years ago, it was one of the wealthiest countries. now, it is one of the poorest countries. it has a lot of things going, but it is a sad thing happening. they do not have water. they don't have food, and we are helping a lot. we are talking to the representatives at various levels with venezuela.
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we are talking at a very high level. >> the trade deal you want to have wood boards johnson and the g7. -- with boris johnson and the g7. trump: i p people know we have a very good relationship. a lot of people have a very good relationship. i think he is going to be very important. dealing with the european union, i hate to say this, but it is very difficult. byy are represented jean-claude juncker, a friend of mine, but he is a great negotiator, and we have all of the cards in this country, because all we have to do is tax their cars, and they would give us anything we wanted, because they send millions of mercedes bmw's over,ons of
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but i will say this. dealing with the u.k., they have not treated the u.k. very well. that is a very tough bargain they are driving, the european union. it is a very tough bargain, and i think that the u.k. has the right man in charge right now, the right man in charge in the form of boris. >> what is your current thinking and pulling out the united states? talking to the government of afghanistan paid we are talking to the taliban -- government of afghanistan. we are talking to the taliban. we have been there 18 years. we have taken it down a notch. about 13,000 people right now, 13,000 americans. nato has some troops there, to o, by the way, we are having good discussions. we will see what happens.
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we will see what happens. we are not really fighting. it is almost more like a police force over there, it has been so many years, but we are like a police force, and we are not supposed to be a police force, and i have said it any number of times, and this is not using nuclear. we could win that were in a week if we wanted to fight it, but i am -- we could win that war in a week if we wanted to fight it. i am not looking to do that. but it is a war that has been going on for almost 19 years now, and, frankly, it is ridiculous. but, with that being said, it is a dangerous place, and we always have to keep an eye on it. at variouse to look alternatives. one of the alternatives is going on right now.
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maybe it is not going to be acceptable to them, but we have good talks going, and we will see what happens. this is more than what other presidents have done, but we are bringing some of our troops back, but we have to have a presence, yes. >> your position on enhanced background checks? after el paso, you seem to be in support of enhanced measures, and a lot of people read what you said as dialing back. president trump: i am not doing that to be huge. we have very, very strong background checks right now, but we have missing areas and areas that do not complete the whole circle, and we are looking at different things, and i have to tell you that it is a mental problem, and i have said it 100 times. it is not the gun that pulls the trigger. it is the person who pulls the trigger. it is a problem. and we are looking at minced two
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institutions, where we used to have. as an example, where i come from in new york, they closed up many of their mental institutions, and those people went onto the streets, and they did it from -- for budgetary reasons. well, new york is not unique. they have done that in many places. i am not going to get into that, but we are in very meaningful discussions with the democrats, and i think the republicans are very unified. we are very strong on the second amendment. the democrats are not strong at all on the second amendment. theuld say they are weak on second amendment, and we have to be careful. i think they would give up the second amendment, and a lot of the people who put me where i am arst strong believers in the second amendment's, -- amendment, and i am also. who put me where i am strong believers in the second amendment. it is a slippery slope.
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>> [indiscernible] so, buzz we have good results, and i want to share those with president trump. just because we have good results, and i want to share this with president trump. so nice to have a question about romania. >> [indiscernible] sure, i will.p: sure, i will. of course, i will, but i think this is a man who can solve the corruption problem in romania, and he has made big strides. from what i hear. i have not been there recently, but he has made very big strides, and i think he is the man who can solve the corruption problem. there are terrific countries like romania, but they have a tremendous corruption problem, and i have heard you have made tremendous progress. >> we did. >> your foreign aid cut back?
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president trump: we are looking at it and looking at it from different ways, and we are talking to republicans and democrats about it, and there are certain things we can say and certain things -- penny wise. maybe it is a penny wise. we will see. we have things that are on the table very much, and we will let you know probably sooner than one week. president, the lgbt community. president trump: you know, i just got an award and an endorsement yesterday from the exact group, you saw that. they gave me the endorsement yesterday, and i was very honored to -- was it log cabin, the log cabin group. i have done very well with that community. some of my biggest supporters are of that community, and i talk to them a lot about it.
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verynk i have done very, well with that community. as you know, peter thiel and others are with me all of the way, and they like the job i am doing, and i just got a big endorsement from the log cabin group. >> your trade war with china. it is now affecting the u.s. economy. you say it is not. a lot of economists disagree with that. president trump: let me tell you something. number one, we are doing very well as an economy, but somebody had to take china off. i read so much, and i see the economists say, "give up, give up on china." china has been ripping this country offer 25 years, for longer than that, and whether it is good for our country or bad for our country short-term, long-term, it is imperative that somebody does this, because our country cannot continue to pay
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china $500 billion a year because stupid people are running it, so i do not mind paid it is short or bad -- so i do not mind. whether it is good or bad short-term, this does not include the intellectual property theft, the $500 billion, and also, national doing thiso i am whether it is good or bad for your statement, oh, we will fall into a recession for two months, ok? the fact is, i had to take china on, and my life would be much better if i did not take china on, but we are getting good results. china has had the worst year they have had in over 20 years, and some say it is the worst in 54 years. frankly, i do not want that to happen, but it does put us in a better negotiating position, doesn't it, and china wants to make a deal.
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it has to be a deal that is fair to us, and you should be happy that i am fighting and fighting this battle, because somebody had to do it. i do not even think it was sustainable to let go on what was happening. they were stealing all of our intellectual property, ideas. the theft was incredible. they call it intellectual property theft, and they value it at $300 billion a year. who knows how they value it? i know how to value dollars. i do not know how to value intellectual property theft, but they are experts, and they say it is $300 billion a year. somebody needed to do something. bush should have done it. clinton should have done it. nobody did it. i am doing it. so when you say, "oh, my trade deals." my trade deal's are not causing a problem. this is something that had to be done. the only difference is i am doing it. i could be sitting here the stock market that is up 10,000 points higher, and i do not want
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to do it, but i think i had no choice but to do it, and a lot of people, people who love our country, are saying thank you very much. and we are winning, because they are having the worst year they have had in decades, and it is only going to get worse. china has lost 2 million jobs in the last month and a half because they are moving, the people and companies are moving, to nontariff countries. they have lost 2 million jobs in a short amount of time. they are going to lose a lot more jobs, and if i did not help certain companies, american companies, like apple, for a short time i will help them until they do what they need to do, which is probably move from china, because if i did not help them, they would -- i mean, they would have a big problem. here is the thing. whatody had to take on china was doing to the united states economically. we are winning big.
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i took it on, and it should have been done by previous presidents, but i took it on, and i am happy to do it because it had to be done, and the smart people say thank you very much, and the dumb people have no idea, and then you have the political people, and they go with the wind, but they all know. even senator schumer said trump is doing a great job with china. i could not believe that, but schumer is doing the right thing by saying that, because he knows that china was a big economic threat, and they were taking in all of that money that they were making from us, and they were building planes and ships and other things, and we cannot let that happen. >> there is a new study out of australia that suggests with the current chinese military posture in the south china sea, it could wipe out most u.s. bases in a number of hours. is that something that keeps you up at night? president trump: well, nothing
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keeps me up at night. we could wipe out anything. we are the most powerful in the world, and when i came in 2.5 years ago, we were in a very bad position. now, we are in a very strong position. we have $700 billion, then the 730 at billion dollars. billion. we have rebuilt the military. right now, there is no one even close to our military, not even close. they would pay a price they do not want to pay. >> your choice for u.s. ambassador. president trump: someone who is being put up and respected very much to russia, very respected. well, i know that mike pompeo likes it very much, and he is well respected. >> mr. president, do you think partners like romania [indiscernible]
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president trump: they are doing that. romania is doing that. if the u.s. were to draw down, and the taliban -- president trump: the taliban does not respect the afghan government. they have no respect for the afghan government, and i understand that. i know that. they have not exactly been getting along for a long time, but we have been a peacekeeper there for 19 years, and at a certain point, you have to say, "that is long enough." i go to walter reed and see young men who step on a bomb, and they lose their legs, lose their arms, and it some cases, they lose their face on top of it, and they are living. again, we could win that, but i do not want to do what we would have to do to win it. and i think most people agree with me on that.
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right now, what we are doing is we are negotiating with the government, and we are negotiating with the taliban, and we will see what happens from it, what is coming from it. i would say this. the taliban would like to stop fighting us. they would like to stop fighting us. they have lost a lot, but we will see what happens, and remember, it is a tough place. the soviet union became russia because of afghanistan. that is what happened. very simple. they became russia because of afghanistan. somebody would say, "oh, well, would russia go in?" and i would say, "let them." i think they tried that before. it did not work out too well for them. nobody can be trusted. in this world, i think nobody can be trusted. pre-9/11/back to president trump: you could say
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that about a lot of places, john. the harvardo be university of terrorism, ok? it seems to be. we will always have somebody taliban were the really right and what they were saying, they would stop that from happening, because they could stop that from happening very easily. pakistan, then discussions, is that -- india and pakistan, the discussions, is that possible? president trump: they have been having these conversations for hundreds of years, and it is cashmere. ir.kashm i would not say they get along so great, and that is what they have right now, and you have millions of people that want to be ruled by others, and maybe on both sides, and you have two countries that have not gotten along for a long time, and
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frankly, it is a very explosive situation. i spoke with the president yesterday, they are great people and they love their countries. they are in a very tough situation. kashmir is a very tough situation. this has been going on for decades and decades. shooting -- i don't mean like shooting a rifle, i mean like major shooting of howitzers, of heavy arms. it's been going on for a long period of time, but i get along very well with both of them. prime minister khan was here recently. i was with -- i am going to be with prime minister modi over the weekend in france. i think we are helping the situation, but there is tremendous problems between those two countries, as you know. i will do the best i can to
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mediate or do something. great relationship with both of them but they are not exactly friends at this moment. complicated situation. a lot has to do with religion. religion is a complicated subject. said thengresswomen u.s. should rethink its policy towards aid for israel after they were denied entry, and later allowed to come in. should there be any change in u.s. aid to israel? president trump: no. you should see the horrible things tlaib has set about israel. a.o.c, plus three. you should see the things that the four of them have said about israel over the last couple of years. i mean, omar is a disaster for jewish people. i can't imagine if she has any jewish people in her district
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that they could possibly vote for, but what omar has said, yesterday for -- the first time, tlaib with the tears. all of a sudden, she starts with tears. i don't buy it for a second because i have seen her in a very vicious mood at campaign rallies, my campaign rallies before she was a congresswoman. i said who is that? violentwoman who was and vicious and out of control. all of a sudden, i see this person who is crying because she can't see her grandmother. she can, they gave her permission, but she grandstand it and did not want to do it. that is a decision of israel. a lot of people were saying that is my decision. that is a decision of israel. they can let them in if they want, but i don't think they want to. when you read the things they
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have said about israel, how bad. if you look at their itinerary, that was all going to be a propaganda tour against israel so i don't blame israel for doing what they did. i have nothing to do with it but i don't blame them for doing what they did. i think it would have been bad to let them in, including the four. all four. these two, omar and tlaib. i think it would be a bad thing for israel, but israel has to do what they want to do. i would not cut off aid to israel. i cannot believe we are having this conversation. five years ago, the concept of even talking about this, even three years ago, of cutting off aid to israel because two people who hate israel and hate jewish people, i can't believe we are having this conversation. where's the democratic party gone? where have they gone where they are defending these two people over the state of israel? i think any jewish people that
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vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. thank you very much. , guys.k you we are leaving now. thank you, guys. president trump: thank you. >> tonight, a congressional hearing looking at efforts to combat on business in the u.s. financial services committee chair maxine waters chaired the hearing last week. here's a preview. oure cannot ignore homelessness crisis is directly linked to the affordable housing crisis. too many people cannot afford to keep a roof over their heads as wages have not kept pace with rising rents. los angeles has one of the least affordable housing markets in the united states. in l.a. county, a renter earning minimum wage of $13.25 an hour
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would need to work 79 hours a we ek in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment. as a result, approximately 721,000 households in the county are severely rent burdened. meaning they pay more than 50% of their income on rent. we need a bold and comprehensive response at the federal, state and local level to address the homelessness crisis. that is why i have introduced this bill, the ending homelessness act. legislation that would provide over $13 billion in funding to ensure every person experiencing homelessness in america has a place to call home. the financial services committee passed this legislation earlier this year. i am committed to doing everything i can to get this bill passed into law. >> you can watch this entire
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house financial services committee hearing on homelessness tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. a reminder, you can follow all of our programs online at and listen with the free c-span radio app. africans to than an english north america would arrive here in 1619. that would begin an amazing experience in the development of the united states. >> saturday, a special american history tv washington journal feature, as we look back to the first arrival of africans to at point00 years ago comfort, virginia. at 8:30 a.m. eastern, we are live with a norfolk state university history professor for the history and origins of slavery in america. at 9:30 a.m., live coverage of the commemorative ceremonies
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with speeches by virginia government officials, including senator mark warner, senator tim kaine, governor ralph northam, and lieutenant governor justin fairfax. the history of africans in america from fort monroe live saturday at 8:30 a.m. on c-span's washington journal and american history tv on c-span3. our conversation on prescription drug prices, we are joined by the president and ceo of the biotechnology innovation organization. on that organization, who do you represent? >> we represent about 1000 biotechnology companies, most of them are startup companies on the cutting edge of science. meetings and conferences all over the world. we bring investors together with small