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tv   President Trump on Tweet on Female Freshmen Democratic Lawmakers  CSPAN  July 16, 2019 11:39am-11:46am EDT

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reporter: asylum seekers denied asylum, should they be allowed to stay or be deported? mr. jeffries: well, we have a broken immigration system in the united states of america that needs a complete and total re-evaluation. it should be done in a bipartisan fashion. we will believe that we want to move toward comprehensive immigration reform with perhaps the starting point for some being the 2013 bipartisan legislation that came out of the united states senate. it's important for us to get out of the cycle of xenophobia and hatred that the president has us in right now so that we can work on solving the problems of the american people. both as it relates to improving the quality of life of everyday americans and solving our broken immigration system. thank you, everyone. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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visit] >> the u.s. house returning in about 20 minutes. until the house returns at noon eastern, we'll show some of president trump's comments about his tweets followed by reaction from the democratic lawmakers. president trump: i didn't mention names. i didn't do that. but i will tell you, with our country, and i think everybody in this audience, these are great manufacturers, great workers in our audience too. they brought a lot of their workers here. if you're not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you're not happy here, you can leave. and that's what i say all the
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time. that's what i said in a tweet which i guess some people think is controversial. a lot of people love it, by the way. a lot of people love it. but if you're not happy in the u.s., if you're complaining all the time, very simply, you can leave. you can leave right now. come back if you want, don't come back. it's ok too. but if you're not happy, you can leave. [applause] reporter: president trump: that's just a very racist statement. somebody that would say that. so speaker pelosi said make america white again. let me tell you. that's a very racist statement. i'm surprised she'd say that. john, go ahead. reporter: inaudible] president trump: they are very unhappy. i'm watching them. all they do is complain. all i'm saying is if they want to leave, they can leave, john. they can leave.
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i look at the one, i look at omar, i don't know, i never met her. i hear the way she talks about al qaeda. al qaeda has killed many americans. she said, you can hold your chest out, you can -- when i think of america, when i think of al qaeda, i can hold my chest out. when she talked about the world trade center being knocked down. some people, you remember the famous some people. these are people that in my opinion, hate our country. now, you can say what you want, but get a list of all of the statements they've made and all i am saying is, that if they're not happy here, they can leave. they can leave and, you know what, i'm sure that there will be many people that won't miss them. they have to love our country, they're congress people. and i never used any names. but these are people -- quiet, quiet. quiet. quiet. quiet.
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reporter: [inaudible] president trump: quiet. these are people that if they don't like it here, they can leave. and i'd be -- i don't know who's going to miss them, but i guess some people will. one of them is polling at 8%. one of them is polling at 8%. so when i hear people speaking about how wonderful al qaeda is, when i hear people talking about some people, some people with the world trade center. no, not some people. much more than some people. when i hear the statements that they have made, and in one case, you have somebody that comes from somalia, which is a failed government, a failed state, who left somalia, who ultimately came here and now is a congresswoman, who is never happy, says horrible things about israel, hates israel, hates jews, hates jews. it's very simple. and if the democrats want to
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wrap their bows around this group of four people, one of them kept amazon out of new york. tens of thousands of jobs, would have been a great thing. and she kept amazon from going -- would have been a good deal. could he have made better? maybe. but tens of thousands of jobs and new york has not been the same since that happened. it's really hurt new york and new york city. amazon was going to go there. we were going to relocate a major section of their business in new york. she kept them out. that was a terrible thing she did. a terrible thing she did. so here's the story. here's the story. i see them complaining, they're complaining constantly, i watched lindsey graham today on fox and friends talking about the same subject and, frankly, even stronger than what i'm saying. he said they're communists. i'm saying that they're socialists definitely, as to whether or not they're communists, i would they think might be. but this isn't what our country
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is about. nevertheless, they're free to leave if they want. and if they want to leave, that's fine. and if they want to stay, that's fine. but the people have to know. and politicians can't be afraid to take them on. a politician that hears somebody where we're at war with al qaeda and sees somebody talking about how great al qaeda is, pick out her statement, that was omar, how great al qaeda is, when you hear that, and we're losing great soldiers to al qaeda, when you see the world trade center gets knocked down and you see the statements made about the world trade center, all the death and destruction, i'll tell you what, i'm not happy with them. and it's very easy to say, oh, gee, well, it's ok. if weak politicians want to say, and the democrats in this case, if they want to gear their wagons around these four


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