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tv   DEMOCRATS - Weekly Address Rep. Carolyn Maloney D-NY  CSPAN  July 14, 2019 12:13am-12:24am EDT

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chatter] announcer: the white house did not release a weekly address. representative carolyn maloney gave an address on the advocating the 9/11 fund. to house voted 402-12 approve a bill that does that on friday. leader hasmajority said he plans to bring the legislation to the senate floor before the august recess.
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here's representative maloney. rep. maloney: hi. i'm carolyn maloney and of the privilege of representing new york and the united states congressperson many of us member where we were when our nation was under attack. when planes hit the pentagon and the twin towers. an incredible group of heroes brought on a plane headed straight to washington, d.c.. september 11, 2001 is a day that defined a generation, and forever changed our nation. we will remember the images of the tens of thousands of firefighters, peace officers, local and law enforcement officers, medical workers, construction workers, and other heroes who responded without hesitation when they heard the news.
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they put aside all thoughts of self, and rushed to ground zero, the pentagon, and the crashed flight. and they began to dig through the smoking ruins looking for survivors. and then four months afterwards, searching for the lost, and helping us recover. it has now been almost 18 years since that attack on our country. and the death toll from that day continues to climb. 9/11 first responders and survivors are now dealing with the long-term health consequences of working, living, and going to school around those toxic crash sites, day in and day out. many have died. more are seriously ill. and the number of diagnoses grows each day. congress has already made the world trade center health program permanent.
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the victims compensation fund for these responders, survivors, and victims family will expire in 2020. to make matters worse, the fund is running out of money. that is why the house just past the never forget the heroes act, to make permanent and fully fund the september 11 victims compensation fund. if you remember 9/11, you remember that we as a nation vowed to never forget that we made a commitment to those men and women, a solemn promise, that they would never have to go without the support they needed, or wonder if support would be there for their families when they were gone. these are remarkable people. who did not hesitate in the hour when we needed them most. these are people who believed their governments, when the government told them that the air was safe. and so, with every breath they
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took of that toxic, dust filled air, their personal odds grew worse, and the danger to their health increased. we now have a moral obligation as a nation to take care of them. first and foremost, because of their sacrifices for this country. secondly, because of the terrible toxic lie our government told them. i have worked on this issue for 18 years now. working with first responders, survivors, and their families. to make sure they have a health care and financial security they need and deserve. and our house majority is for the people. for the people who live every day with the weight and pain of 9/11. which is why we will not rest until this bill becomes law.
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i have grown close with many of them. and i say this with love. i hope none of them ever have to come to congress again. this program needs to be made permanent. and it needs to happen now. i hope the senate will take up our bill immediately. these families cannot afford to wait. never forget has no meaning if it is just a campaign slogan or bumper sticker or #. it only has meaning if it comes with a real commitment. a commitment that ensures our first responders survivors and their families, will never have to go without the support they urgently need. the support they have so valiantly earned. i promise house democrats will not forget, and will not rest
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until our nation has fully, and faithfully honored that commitment. it is the least we can do. as a grateful nation. announcer: we have a number of programs about the 9/11 victim compensation fund on our website. we have a recent hearing, along with house floor debate. go to and type in 911 victim compensation. in the video library search bar. nnouncer: democratic presidential candidates are campaigning throughout new hampshire this weekend. we have live coverage at 1:15 p.m. eastern. coverage of the democratic presidential candidates on c-span. watch anytime at listen with the free radio app. on cue and they,
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a, the new york city deputy inspector talks about his book. i am sitting indian style. i have holes in the bottom of my shoes. i had a rough upbringing. my friends were selling drugs on the street. >> sunday night at 8 p.m. eastern, on c-span q and a. mueller is nowrt scheduled to appear before the house judiciary and intelligence committees on july 24. he was issued a subpoena to
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abouty in open session election interference in the 2016 election. and listen on the c-span radio app. announcer: this month marks the 50th anniversary of apollo 11, shows there is still widespread interest in the event. nero armstrong and -- neil aldrin bothd buzz continue to enjoy name recognition. nearly three quarters of americans say they watched the event live or saw footage of it later. but there is little interest to return to the moon. we spoke about the findings. americans still support nasa
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overwhelmingly. there a few think a returned manned mission to the moon is a high priority. >> does that surprise you? >> it is surprisingly low, especially on the eve of the apollo 11 anniversary. charged nasa with returning to the moon a few months ago. there is a lot of press about this excitement. there is very little in terms of support. when they phrased the question in the presence of a competition, somewhat similar to era, it was this
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space race between the u.s. and russia. whenrt shoots up to 40% -- 49% when it's china and israel. announcer: find all of the results at, including results on space force and private space exploration. senator cory booker talks at an event in new hampshire. this is about 90 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]


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