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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EST

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bedding and the upcoming supreme court announcement. at 8:30 a.m., representative lou barletta is here to ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, january 31, 2000 17. fallout from donald trump's travel ban continued on monday barack obama injecting himself into the debate and the acting attorney general refusing to defend the order in court. thep and a day 11 by firing obama administration holdover, serving as the department of justice chief, and installing a new acting attorney general. on theknow your thoughts latest twist over the president's executive order on extreme the thing. democrats call-in at (202) 748-8000.
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republicans call in at (202) 748-8001. independent colors call-in at (202) 748-8002. and a special line this morning for recent immigrants -- (202) 748-8003. you can always catch up with us on social media on twitter and on facebook. good tuesday morning to you. the country waking up to a new head of the department of justice today. dana been taken appointed by donald trump as the acting attorney general after sally gates ordered her staff to refuse to enforce the president's temporary ban on entry to the united states for citizens of the seven muslim majority countries. the washington post story said that the white house said that "
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yates betrayed the department of justice." dana boente said he would enforce the presidents directive until he was replaced by senator jeff sessions. there is a markup for his nomination taking place this morning at 9:30. we will show that live on c-span3. we will be with you on "washington journal" until 10:00. barack obama injected himself into the debate, doing so in the form of a statement from a spokesperson. kevin willis released this statement saying "president obama is hardened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country.
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in his final official speech as president he spoke about the important role of citizen and how all americans have a responsibility to be the guardians of our democracy. citizens exercising their constitutional right to organize and have their voices heard is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at stake. comparisons to president obama's foreign-policy decisions as a turbo four, the president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of their faith or religion." we will get to all of that this morning. but we want to hear from you. the line for democrats is (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independent callers, (202) 748-8002. the special line for recent immigrants, (202) 748-8003.
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we start from north carolina with hourly. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? viewer, as thent african-american that i am, donald trump is really making political prophesies that he has the approach of evil. straight up evil. why would you want to ban something where you have people of your a kind in other countries and stop them from living and going on with their lives? this is ludicrous. donald trump is completely racist. and he is a racist. he has money and all of the money he has, he says he doesn't need, and he is taking his power andhis money into congress
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making his approach as a monarch -- not as a democratic president in the country that we are. peter, good morning. caller: i am thoroughly disgusted with this president. all of the-- to donald trump supporters that are , instead of making america great again, this is making america hate again. it is no different than the japanese being interned or what was done to the indians or people of color. people like me. pat is going to support this , david duke inl a $500 suit. host: eddie in south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning.
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thank you for accepting my call. this is the worst mess i have ever seen in my life. and i am 82 years old. and i have never seen nothing like this before. to welcomeosed anybody, anybody who wants to come for a better life. and this president, i don't know what to say about him. are notrepublicans saying anything. and they know this president is wrong. the congresses and say anything, they haven't tried to do anything and they know the president is wrong. thank you so much. host: donald trump speaking out on twitter yesterday, talking about his cabinet and efforts to
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get his nominees appointed saying "when will democrats give us our attorney general and the rest of the cabinet? they should be ashamed of .hemselves no wonder d.c. doesn't work." jeff sessions will be having his hearing today. educations, the secretary nominee, will have a vote today in the senate. health, education, labor and pension committee happens at 10:00 and we will show you that live at c-span2. there is also a nomination noon today on the floor of the senate and the other big announcement waiting to happen today at 8:00 tonight, trump has said he will make his announcement on who will fill the seat of antonin scalia a.
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. lots going on today but we want to get your thoughts on everything that is happening today and yesterday -- a busy two days of politics. they 11 and a 12 of the trump administration. mary and ohio, and independent. good morning. caller: hello, how are you? i am really fearful. this president scares me to death. does my psychologist -- she is a preacher's wife and every time she is here since the election, she has asked me to pray for our country. they -- our children --
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they are growing up in this hateful world. as the speaker said before, he has turned this country into a place of hatred. we don't have the love or the open heartedness or the soul of our country anymore. so i urge everybody out there to , personally i'm not christian. and i'm not of any mainstream religion. and there are people in this country who terrorize me. me i am going to hell. burnedll me i should be at the stake. host: lead is on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. yes.
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an immigrant for 45 years in this country. i am a christian. i came from syria. i applaud the situation going on right now with stopping the refugees. because president obama didn't bring anything but the garbage from syria. he didn't screen them. i have to say something else. i have been a democrat all my life. i changed to republican because of donald trump. because of his values to this country. and how he wants to keep this country safe. people found out i was a republican and i had seen
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discrimination on my life because i am ethnic that i have the wrath that i got because it was a republican. god bless him making america safe. all he is doing is stopping radical islam. thank you. said, democratic members of congress held a rally on the steps of the supreme court last night the supreme court of course has a vacancy right now. and trump is set to announce his pick fort 8:00 who will fill the vacancy in the supreme court. we want to show our viewers the scene from the supreme court.
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chuck schumer joining democrats at that rally. chuck schumer: ladies and gentlemen, this order is against in america.eve in the order will make us unsafe. the order will make us inhumane. and the order will make us less america. because this order is what america is all about. it will make us unsafe because it will encourage those lone wolves, as they get more and more isolated, they are the greatest danger. it will make us unsafe because it makes our soldiers who are fighting overseas have fewer allies. and it will make us unsafe worlde the nations of the will no longer look up to us. all, it is against what america is all about.
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, for its history, has been a shining beacon. and we have said that we welcome you if you are oppressed because of your religion. because of your political beliefs. because of who you are. harbor of thee holds awhich i live wonderful torch. that torch has stood for the greatness of america to all americans and the citizens of the world. we will not let this evil order extinguish that great torch. orderl not let this evil to us less american. we will fight this with everything we have and we will win this fight. trump tweeting about that rally as well this morning about half an hour ago saying that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer
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held a rally and the microphone didn't work. a mess. just like the democratic party. we want to hear your thoughts. recent immigrants, a special line this morning at (202) 748-8003. getting your thoughts on the travel ban. james is on the line from baltimore maryland. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. tell the american people that we cannot stand and let this man have -- we cannot let this man destroy the nation. i am from canada and i went to school as an accountant. this man will destroy america. i been telling my friends that a scary presidency.
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people would listen. they thought we needed someone new. and i have told them, we should be aware of this man. you need to open your eyes. look at people being not safe. this is happening right now. it is all going on right now. that is what i have to say. thank you. host: that was james on the line for recent immigrants. that line will be open for the rest of the hour. audrey is on the line for republicans in florida. good morning. good morning. what i have to say about the travel ban is that trump said he was going to do this. and people have to know he's going to do what he says. to the democrats have got
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get over losing the election. they are sore losers. don't think trump is doing this mean-spirited. he's trying to do at the right way. and not hurt people. and what is 90 days? my goodness. you think you did something terrible but he only did what he promised. theseway should all people out there on the streets back to their get jobs. or get a job. most of them is to get a job. to that is what he's trying do. get people back to work. he's only trying to help them. before you go can i ask
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you your thoughts on former president obama injecting himself into this discussion? you know, i'm not going to jump on obama. but have you ever heard of an a newsident jumping in president-elect business? i think it is not in the political right sent that i'm not going to say that he doesn't have a right as a citizen. but as a politician, he has no right or business in the president's business. the washington times in a lead editorial today has the headline "barack obama pops off -- encourages hysteria over the overdue immigration crackdown."
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the editorial says that obama shares the same sentiment as many said democrats and citizens that "trump is not my president." we have to new york. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. asl let want to say is that a democrat -- i'm not a diehard democrat but i am i proud 1 -- a reminder to everyone out there ast it is my white house well. i don't like to remind everybody in the white house that you do work for me as well. host: thank you. asher is in virginia. good morning.
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donald trump was under investigation in some ways with ladiesversity and allegations and a few other things. and now, to get himself out of the spotlight, he has come up .ith this new thing so i think when you create chaos there is an opportunity and he is just creating this unnecessary hysteria. that's all. host: some other colors pointed out that donald trump is doing what he said he would do on the campaign trail when it comes to issues like cracking down on refugees and immigration. we lost him. gary is in north dakota. good morning. call co-good morning. trump did int
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firing the former attorney general gates. part of draining the swamp. this process will have to continue. sedition and she should be prosecuted for it. host: john is in ohio. good morning. what trumpgree with is doing because we do need to keep this people out of the country because for so many decades, that is what has been going on. these two have amnesia over and over again. that is what took the jobs. now with all the people we have in the country, we don't have enough people to get enough jobs. that was the big problem of the whole thing. trump is going to do what he think is right and so far he is doing exactly what any president
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should be doing. 1975 movie,ber the the blackbird. and the midget who was bald with the bird? he looks like you. "give me my bird, i want my bird." and we go to dolores. caller: good morning. i am from sweden and we are from -- we are republicans. people in the united states are ignorant as to what goes on and the rest of the world. a big rapee have crisis that you don't hear here. we have some towns such you can't walk in or you get raped.
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but you can't say that up there because we are up there because we are racist, they call us racist but it is a terrible thing. in austria, the new year's in germany, they gave out emergency whistles and sirens for girls because they are being raped. that is a serious problem. dolores, in terms of this news, witty go for your news about that? caller: the news on sweden? online. news the your channels wonderful but we watch here. we like sky news. we watch all the european news. and i watch news from sweden. because we have a terrible rape crisis there. but they very bad don't like us to talk about it. -- my we say something
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niece was raped by six men and have the town name and they are just raping girls. not being prejudice but that is a fact. even the young girls here in the are making a chastity belt. we go to manassas in for genia on the line for recentdence and immigrants. good morning. caller: i am an immigrant and i wanted to say that i think america forgetting my family the opportunity to come here. but i am a tax, citizen.
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i served my country and i wanted to say that it is super hard to convince republicans about what is going on but the thing that annoys me the most is that they claim their pro-life and they preach it so much but they are not pro-life because if they were, they would be assisting these refugees. savages like them to stop saying they are pro-life. maybe they are just pro-their own life? the previous caller talked about rape but there is rape happening all the time in this country. that ist wanted to say appreciate the united states for letting my country and and i wish those refugees good luck. host: he was on the line for the recent immigrants. for) 748-8003 is the line recent immigrants. democrats, (202) 748-8000.
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.epublicans, (202) 748-8001 independent colors, (202) 748-8002. focusing on the firing of act attorney general, sally gates. among those who waited on that matter on twitter are eric yesterday "this is what skill, judgment and courage looks like." jack reed released a statement he posted on twitter saying that firing the acting attorney general sends a chilling signal to others and raises red flags about the politicization of others among the trump administration. a change of attorney general does not render it more constitutional or morally reprehensible, this ban needs to be reversed. and then newt gingrich said that donald trump practiced "you're
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fired" for years and today he part used it. congressers of tweaking out a 2015 clip from the nomination hearing for sally yates to become the number two at the justice department. among those who tweeted the clip was sheila jackson lee. here's the clip from her twitter page yesterday. generalink the attorney has a responsibility to say no to the president if he asked for something that was improper? a lot of people who defended the nomination said that he appoint somebody who is going to execute his views. what is wrong with that? but if the views a president wants to execute our unlawful, should the attorney general or the deputy attorney general say no? >> i believe the attorney general or deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their
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independent legal advice to the president. that nomination hearing happened back in the spring of 2015. that was sally gates there being questioned by jeff sessions who ofnow up for the top job attorney general. and jeff sessions having his markup in the judiciary committee today at 9:30. we will be showing that vote on c-span3. 10:00 andm goes until we hope you will stay with us or head over there and then come back. with the next half hour we continue to discuss donald trump's travel ban and the fact that obama weighed in yesterday. we want to hear your thoughts on what happened yesterday, a busy day in washington, d.c.. dayton, ohio. a republican, good morning. caller: good morning. a couple of observations. you constantly refer to the number of republicans against
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trump but you never mentioned those who are supporting him. is toher observation beware of the calls that start out with "i'm not a racist" isause the next sentence these white people. and there is one other thing. there is no x in etc.. tell greta. thank you. host: robert is in stafford virginia on the line for recent immigrants. good morning. caller: i just wanted to comment on the ban on muslims. i feel like most americans don't really understand how third world countries work. from kenya, a man he could go and get a passport
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and he could come. the good guyse -- are the guys who are traveling and those of the refugees. that is my comment. host: edward's here in d.c., a democrat. good morning. thatr: i just want to say people are mistaken about what america is about. understand if people are not having a day of reckoning when they say that this is legal, because it is not true. it is quite telling when you hear folks call-in, you had a caller earlier who almost fictional some characters, as long as your i don'tke that who --
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think this is going to end anytime soon. so they voted for this man in there and now we have to deal with it. host: megan, go ahead. caller: high. party anden and a this election i did go for trump. last election i voted for obama. and this is one of those things that i think the country going back and forth with what is happening, i don't see the issue with it. we know there are issues with terrorist attacks at the problem. we are not saying that already 50's our problems. but it is one of those things we need to evaluate who is coming into the country. we are the land of the free. i understand that. but it doesn't mean that our borders are just free to walk into. we have so much going on with our own citizens that how are we expected to really take care of
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the refugees will make can take care of ourselves at this point. and i really think that is what trump is trying to do. themest thing to do is set up for success is to make sure we have things in process before they get here. host: one of our callers came out and criticized the republicans who criticize the ban. there are little over 20 republicans who have criticized the ban. supportepublicans do that. including one who will be on her program later, lou barletta. another one of those is jeff duncan, a member of the homeland security and foreign affairs committee, in the house. he tweeted yesterday a series of tweets about the travel ban and obama's involvement in what he should have done during the transitions to help ease the process for trump. jeff duncan tweeted that obama knew that trump wanted to
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decrease the cap for resettlement so why didn't he ease that? he should have worked with trump more. he had a moral obligation to smooth transition. he forced quick actions. you could make the same argument that trump had a moral argument to act and protect lives and did. those are the tweets yesterday from a congressman from south carolina. we do want to keep hearing from the firstorning in hour. we also will revisit this topic later in our program today so if you don't get in in the first hour here, we will have our last hour of our program devoted to this topic as well. i want to turn to another trump executive order. this is meant to reduce regulations. 241s being called the
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order. to talk more about it now we are joined by a politico white house reporter. matthew, thank you for joining us. explain this executive order? how it works? guest: happy to be here, thanks having me. after meeting with small business leaders in the oval office yesterday, trump brought in the press to witness him signing this order and he described this as a major move to help small businesses and large businesses to cut down on all the regulations that have been coming out of washington. and what this will regulation requires that for every new regulation could forward by an agency, they have to also eliminate to existing regulations to offset the cost. this raises a lot of questions. there are already cost-benefit analysis in place for regulations and new regulations. but this is being touted as a major move by trump to cut down
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on regulations. it was applauded by republicans in congress but it is unclear exactly how this will work at this point. host: this is an executive order. is this something congress is expected to take action on as well? is there congressional involvement needed here in the future? have a majorer to impact on curtailing regulations , there would have to be congressional actions. a lot of regulations are due to legislation. they are used to enforce existing legislation. they aren't just rules put together willy-nilly in washington. but in terms of actions to advance this one, it is unclear at this point. in some ways it is a symbolic move on a campaign pledge but it was cheered loudly by republicans in congress yesterday and by outside conservative groups. host: are there exceptions to this?
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if there is a national security issue that an agency is trying to implement a regulation on, is that exempt? guest: there are exceptions. independentfrom agencies, so the securities and exchange commission or the commodity in futures trading commission, those are not covered by this rule. so that includes rules in the 2000 10. frank and wall street reform, which has been a target of republicans. the rules under that, this order does not apply to those. and the office of management and budget will continue their regulatory review process so again, there is a lot of questions here as to how this will actually be enforced and how it comes together. house is typical white fashion, it was talked up yesterday as one of the biggest moves on regulatory reform since reagan instituted an office of
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regulatory affairs in the 1980's. that is what they pushed repeatedly yesterday. host: and it happened yesterday amid all the news about the vetting and travel bans. how much reaction to this get on capitol hill yesterday? the reaction was muted. things are moving so fast. appointmentpreme coming tonight. they're acting attorney general was fired yesterday so while there were some cheers from republicans, environmental groups are pushing back, people question whether it was necessary, it is almost like a got quickly. under the other trump news which is coming fast and furious all the time. his work is that is
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page of usa today this morning noting that in the first 10 days in office, trump has signed more executive actions than any president in modern history, edging out obama. he is now up to 20 executive actions in his first 10 days in office, that beats a obama who was at 18 at that time. fromext closest was 13 president carter and president nixon. check out the full chart on the front page of usa today and on the website as well. back to the phones. getting your thoughts on a very busy day with reaction to the travel ban, including obama weighing in. we have a special line for recent immigrants and richard is on that line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. president trump is
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getting onto something. brothersmember the from boston, i believe they were have beenens but they going in and out, especially the older brother, to these countries where they were getting isis ideologies and training and they would go there and they would come back and nobody knew where they went and i think this move by president this law,assing especially for the seven countries where there are terrorism and killings going on. and there are terrorists being trained in these countries, all he is doing is doing a 90 day intond especially, looking
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people coming from those countries, just to make sure are not in contact with terrorists or any of the evil guys. so i think they are making too big of an issue. and one of the things, if you don't mind, let me tell you this. democratic30 congressmen who boycotted trump's inauguration. sent tosage has that immigrants, especially in this country, like me, who have been a loyal citizen? chuck schumer is very sad about this thing that is going on but at the same time, a legally think urgesident --
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these demonstrations all over the place. i think there is something coming. donald trump is trying to let america know that america isn't a free country for people to just go back and forth. everybody is going to be aware of this. host: to your point, and usa today, they say that donald trump's executive orders are ignoring the real danger. of the 89 individuals who have been advocated in terrorist plots against the united states since 2001, the only ones who might have been affected by this ban were three somali americans who didn't succeed in killing anyone. hoodrlando and fort shooter's and one of the san bernardino shooters were born in the united states and wouldn't have been impacted by this ban. he says the biggest been that we face is it from foreign terrorists because our border
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security measures have been strengthened since 9/11. formidable to u.s. citizens who are radicalized from afar. to the extent that this order is iteived as islamophobia, will likely garner more homegrown terrorists. the full column is in usa today. because of maryland, go ahead. caller: good morning. i think it is crazy about how everybody is flipping out about this. put a ban against iran when we have problems with iran and he went as far to kick people of the country. obama had a band against iraq for 120 days and there was nothing said about that. so someone is trying to keep us safe and look at the vetting process and everyone is up in arms. he's never said anything about
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religion in his executive orders. that isn't what it's about. host: we will talk to a democratic member of congress in our next segment and we will ask you about some of those issues that you bring up. about been very critical this travel ban. robert is in pittsburgh. go ahead. caller: yes, i retired air force. and i've to say one thing to all americans. 43% didn't vote say you deserve what you get. and don't just complain about this man because you didn't vote. naive got him so don't complain. leggett said, i'm retired and i spent my time by giving my time to this country. and i'd like to know how much time did this president give to this country, other than making money?
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you think the voting patterns will change in 2018 in the midterm election? i think we lost him. sharon is in pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: good morning. can you hear me? thank you for taking my call. i just want to quickly preference what i'm about to say with in 2012, with the former chief justice fetter where he discussed something that thomas jefferson had brought up ages ago and what he said was that democracy can't survive if we have civil ignorance. so i'm speaking to all members of the united states. and him saying that if we don't monitor and act when something is wrong, like the acting ag took a stando
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based on constitutional law, she did her job. i think it is ironic that sessions was quizzing her about whether or not she could rule as independently when she took that position that she was fired from. i think that we have to start thinking critically about whether you believe trump is the right man for the job or not, because with the moves that are being made, with the digression in the way people talk about political situations and the decisions he is making and the actions he's taking and we look at twitter and we have a president that -- i'm a former school principal. andome of the comments name-calling during the campaign have continued writing to his presidency. if you look at the conversation, it's almost like we are all back and six grade. this is the united states of america, the most powerful
7:45 am
country on the planet. and what is happening is really disheartening. that a five euro boy could be detained overnight without his parents and the rest of us are sitting back and saying oh, it is to keep our country safe -- than the other nations that attack the united states, that terrorists all these years, and are not on his list and are not covered in the order that he signed -- he is moving with the speed of light and there isn't much thought behind the actions. and like was mentioned in the 2012 interview, if we aren't careful, someone will come forward and say, give me the power. i will take care of it. and now we have that person sitting in the most important office in this world on this
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planet and what has he said? i will take care of everything. only i can fix these problems. and that is hypocrisy. his cabinet is full of billionaires. host: heavy predesignated in any of the demonstrations that we have seen? caller: i am physically disabled. which is why am retired. but i put questions out there and show support. i think it is a beautiful thing that people are coming together. it isn't so much of their coming together against one man, but we are responding to be fired up about what the government might look like and what it should look like and people are looking at the constitution again. been 300 years or 200 years? i was born in 1953 and i remember a little bit about eisenhower.
7:47 am
i know how many presidents have been shot at or assassinated. there is a deal of things. host: when you say people are looking at the constitution, do you think that is happening on the democratic side? caller: i see your question. i'm going to say that both parties, a lot of different diverse americans and groups of americans have been looking at the constitution, not always in a positive manner. -- you get twisted views of the constitutional what happens is that people will take certain parts of it to justify their actions. but the thing of it is is that if this country is really for the people and by the people and
7:48 am
of the people then these are dangerous times but they are good times in a way because it's making us think about who we are and what government should look like. our place in the world. we if we are not careful, could also be doing a revision of the manchurian candidate and i think you know that reference. it is almost like the third revision of that movie and that plot. so the question is about what is going on with russia. my businessmen are in our and the level that they move around the world and that we have a president who will not truly divest a lot of his interests and he's basically saying well, if it isn't in writing, i don't have to do it. host: on the cabinet, more news from our viewers from yesterday. tillerson, the former exxon
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mobil chief who is up for secretary of state was cleared, itey hurdle in the senate was a 56-43 vote that happened yesterday and rex tillerson picked up three democratic votes yesterday that was senator joe manchin of west virginia, north dakota and virginia and an , angus king from maine. the procedural vote that took place sets into motion the 30 hour rule, the floor vote is set to happen on wednesday for rex tillerson. you can follow all of that on c-span. other news on nominees. the senate judiciary committee at 9:30 today holding the vote for jeff sessions for attorney general. the senate health education intentions committee holding a hearing on betsy devos for education secretary.
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we will air that on and c-span2. you can also listen to all of this on the c-span radio. and today, a full senate confirmation vote for the labor of secretary. the debate happening at noon and the vote is inspected to happen around 12:20. also votes today in committee for a congressman up for energyr secretary and secretary. so a lot of movement and we will keep you updated through the week as these nominees continue to move through the senate process. 10 minutes left in the segment. priscilla is in maryland on the line we set aside for recent immigrants. good morning. caller: good morning. am an immigrant and very grateful to be in this country.
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my point is yes, he is trying to protect the country but he did it in such an erotic and fast consult theidn't appropriate agencies before he made this decision. came to mind that was the fact that the countries the onescorporate, that have really attacks america, he didn't place them on that band. saying it was obama's list so why don't you make your own? saudi arabia, egypt -- because he has interests, businesses and saudi arabia. that is why. just like the pipeline. he has shares in the pipeline companies. that he istand
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trying to do everything he said he would do but there are certain things that need total examination and sorrow in sight consult the experts. when are you doing with the state department and the intelligence committee? it is acceptable. thank you. of who donaldopic trump date and did not insult before this travel ban was issued on friday, a story from politico getting a lot of attention yesterday. senior staffers on the house judiciary committee helped top but theaft that republican committee chairman and republican party leadership were not informed according to multiple sources in the process. politico noting that the news of the argument unlocks the mystery of whether the white house consulted capitol hill about the
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executive order which is one of unveiled the days after. the small group of staffers were the only people on capitol hill who knew of the looming controversial policy. if youory in politico want to read more on it. in pennsylvania, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. think you for taking my call. i were that you and people, the news people is slanted. obama and the bushes, clinton, reagan, they have done this before in the past. i don't member the details of their administration but they have done it. one of the bands was six months. this is only hundred 20 days, three months. we are in a situation now where don'td security and i
7:54 am
think there's anything wrong in finding out where these people have come from and what their intention is. i don't see anything wrong with it. and that amount of time ensure they will check everything out and some of them may stay on a go off.maybe they will but i don't have any problem wantsecurity, we don't another 9/11. and most of those attacks were by outside people. these seven countries that are being affected by this are groups of terrorist organizations inside their that threaten the united states. and have threatened israel and we need to be more secure with our borders. the people toward are demonstrating, it is ok to demonstrate with peaceful demonstrations but the way they are doing it is violent.
7:55 am
and violence doesn't get you anywhere but more violent. what is the: violence that you have seen? i know that there was one spot but i don't know where it was located in the country, the police officer had to use plastic bullets to shoot up in the air to the demonstrators because they were causing trouble. look at some of the size of people there. we have lost our respect for ourselves. i don't think our educational are not being taught in our schools the history of i don'ted states -- want another 9/11. i'm sure you don't want another one. green day to take this to a
7:56 am
level of who is coming in. is it forr our good their benefit? do they have an agenda to get into our country and do the same saying that they have done in europe and other places. we don't want that. you have a family or if you are by yourself and you go to bed i do go to sleep, you lock your doors. you don't want an intruder to come in. you want to have that security end if we have that in our homes like that to protect ourselves and families and loved ones, to lock our doors and to make sure people that don't harm us, i don't think that is wrong to do that to the american people. we will certainly talk to our two members of congress who are joining us later this morning about the comparisons so we will get those questions in for you.
7:57 am
a few tweets on the protests and on the travel bans from those who have been watching the program today. fred writes, the time to protest was november 8, now it is obstruction because your candidate lost. come back in four years and try to win. khan questioned whether trump had read the constitution. we have our answer. and robert said that trump will make schumer try again tonight when he announces the supreme court pick. that is expected to accommodate :00 tonight. we will be showing you that on c-span. you can watch the announcement with us this evening. a few minutes left i want to get a few more calls and. charles is waiting in texas, an independent. good morning. caller: good morning. a couple of things. start from the beginning. this election, it started off it orhe russians hacking
7:58 am
hacking the dnc. and they did supposedly hack the rnc but didn't release the information which looks suspicious. i noticed was that during the obama presidency -- and i am african-american but i didn't obama -- irack notice a lot of caucasians, and them went to do a quick history lesson and a second but a lot of caucasians were angry that barack became president so they started praising god amerco. a lot of theseat caucasians don't realize is that european.ns are not they think that putin will help us to work things out but he is playing the united states. scarboroughed joe and one of the pundits who was always on there or it was tim kaine or howard dean?
7:59 am
he was saying that right now, russia is moving into crimea. me personally, i think that is my business -- i think that is their business. we shouldn't have messed with them in the first place. and i think now they think that we messed with them they will mess with us. int: we want to go to david california. caller: a democrat. good morning. i just wanted to say that i think the republican argument for the travel ban is , at it alienates just more countries against us, which, when you do that, you basically create an environment of radicalization. it doesn't target the main terrorist states that known terrorists came from. i think it is suspect and why the trotted it out in
8:00 am
middle of the night to see what neck get away with. of the judicial system for challenging them because it fascism and where they are kicking out the most experienced military leaders. trump's it will be undoing. those are the comments i have. host: one story related to part of the comment bernie sanders of calling for steven bannon to be removed from the national security council saying is not a place for an extreme ight wing political operative president trump signed a memo placed him it and on the council and removed the director of the national chairman of the joint chiefs of staff from the committee. we will talk more about that as our program progresses this morning. we will have two members of
8:01 am
ongress join us today to talk about travel ban and first dozen days of the trumps. we hear from first ted lieu of california then lou barletta republican of "washington on the journal". i'm m a white male and prejudi prejudiced. the reason is it is something i not taught but something i learned. i don't like to be forced to like people. be led to like people through example. do to change, to be a better american? moment.was a remarkable i didn't realize until i stepped there were because
8:02 am
more calls after than we kept rolli how powerful it was. there was something in his voice this touched me. authentic as he searches for the words to say something to a national audience us won't admit in our homes, i'm prejudiced. night on q&a heather mcgee was a guest on "washington when l" in august of 2016 he talked about that interaction and her follow-up up. >> you have to remember this was this sort we have had of racially charged situation donald trump's campaign, with black lives matter and tragic hootings and events in baton rouge and dallas. it was really a time when people felt like all they were seeing news.about race was bad and here feels -- was first a
8:03 am
admitting that he was prejudiced, which for people of all said ind of finally. > sunday night 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a. >> "washington journal" intelligence. host: congressman ted lieu a foreign affairs and judiciary committee and was international airport joining the protest of the travel bans. describe the scene at l.a.x. andt: it was very energetic peaceful and it showed what a movement is. what you saw with the women's protests you nic are seeing a very large reaction to president trump. a law of physics that i believe applies to politics which is for every there's an equal and opposite reaction and y


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