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tv   Washington Journal Tim Graham Discusses Media Coverage of the Trump...  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 3:56am-4:26am EST

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like is the fcc's ability to be a referee on the field and make sure networks are fast and open. >> i think that could be a lot of improvements with the fcc. its vision needs to be more sharply focused, and i think it structure needs to adapt as well. >> the efforts of google, facebook, and others to create counter messaging, because the government is uniquely not of a good position to be a counter messenger, thats an area where the private sector has stepped up. >> watch "the communicators" tonight on c-span2. >> c-span: where history of full daily. was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. continues. host: we want to welcome tim graham, media analysis director at the media research center. good morning.
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guest: good morning. host: is there a liberal media bias? guest: that is what we study and prove at the media research center. we look at the daily news and say where are they skewing the news in one direction? sometimes in the stories they select, often in the stories they decide not to do. that is the toughest part, showing the stories they are not doing. the language they use, a lot of times we have a battle in washington between the conservatives and non-partisans in the labeling they use. at.those things we look host: let me get your reaction to something our audience is probably seeing now. donald trump took aim at the media at the cia. you can only say i am with
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1000%. the reason you are my first stop is you know i have a war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [laughter] [applause] >> they sort of made it sound feud with the intelligence community. thest wanted you to know reason you are my number one stop is that is exactly the opposite. host: i want you to respond to what he said. critics of donald trump stated that based on his tweets. guest: absolutely. part of the discussion is defining your terms. if there is a war with the intelligence community, who is the intelligence community? the stories that were done on this were based on anonymous sources. we play this game in washington
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where it would make a great difference to know who the source is. if it was the director of the cia as some have suggested, or political appointees of the president's landing the new president, -- new president slamming the new president, that is a different source that an intelligence community lifer. we don't know because the news media tries to run this town with anonymous sources and says trust us. you don't know who we are talking to, you just have to know the quote. did he take issue with the stories? he absolutely did. there are a lot of people out there that don't trust the way the new york times characterizes limbo battles in washington. -- political battles in washington. host: does fox news have an agenda?
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point itthink at this is quite clearly a station that pleases conservatives. when you watch it in 1996 when they founded it, i think it was fair and balanced. it was a surprise to people. they were demonstrating how it could be done. even then they had sean hannity and bill o'reilly and these nighttime shows. watchedanybody who was the news media in the last couple years has seen the fox promotional ofok the trump candidacy. accused, all of the news media, of giving donald trump too much airtime. host: let me show you a tweet this morning taking aim at the new york times. donald trump saying, "somebody with aptitude and convictions should buy the fake news and telling new york times and
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running correctly or let it go with dignity." he has made himself available to them during the transition and during the campaign. guest: isn't that funny? i found this fascinating were donald trump is giving all kinds of access to the washington post to run him down and giving them all kinds of interviews or this negative donald trump book they published. they will run around out and say donald trump is having a war with the news media. yes, he is in a way. for many people, conservatives who did not necessarily backed the it was the best part of campaign. we have an arrogant liberal news media that needs to be taken down. hillary clinton was not giving access to the washington post. she was giving them 10 minutes here and there. then they would ask questions
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about what she would tell her granddaughter about her presidency. they were not even asking journalistic questions. host: tim graham has written a piece this morning in the washington post. he looks at the white house press corps and dispenses some of the facts versus fiction about what life is like on this beat. guest: i had to use in the white in the whiteyears house press corps. i was back in rows six or seven. host: there are only five euros. that in a 45pe was briefing you would minute 43.ion in the fact that sean spicer goes to row five first, that is
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thrilling. what the trump people are suggesting is that we don't need to put the new york times in the prestigious spot. they can take question number 18 thank you. we will start with the washington times. we will in knowledge that these are newspapers. probably people in the front row are not even reading. ohio, democratto line. good morning. caller: i am a progressive. i am a democrat. i have found the so-called biased press incredibly in this past election in regards to protecting hillary clinton from her war record. you do not have any of those characters covering the facts about not just for iraq war
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resolution vote but also arming unknown rebels in syria. they did not touch that issue. on the same hand, they gave donald trump enormous time. he owned them. he owned them back in the fall without paying a cent. he said ridiculous things. they would just give coverage, coverage, coverage. all based on ratings. the protection of hillary clinton and the taking down efforts for bernie sanders at the beginning just showed how biased they were. i found myself turning to the keli file periodically because i feel like she tried to cover the candidates fairly. i was thinking about the alternative facts. if an alternative fact came up prior to the invasion of iraq with most of the media being
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complicit with very serious and not based on solid evidence that came out of the bushes ministrations in regards to the field these in iraq. -- wmd's in iraq. host: i'm going to jump in. let's get a response. thank you for your call. guest: i think it can be on the left and say msnbc acted like an organ of the democratic party. they said they are going to not make life difficult for her. i'm sure the bernie sanders voters felt like she was not dealt with properly. there is this big deal over alternative facts. the color is suggesting the selection of which facts are important is a crucial thing of what the news media does. fightsd have a lot of over what facts are sometimes, but i would tell you that i thought the news media did not
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really care about the facts when the benghazi attack happened in 2012. they accepted the white house narrative. when that collapsed, they just moved on. i find it hyperbolic to see the news media suggesting that everyone else is fake news. everyone else does not have facts. on the host: for those who want to follow your work, tim graham, where are you? newsbusters.oat rg. we are celebrating our 30th anniversary in the fall. host: let's go to chris in texas. republican line. caller: good morning. the biggest thing that worries line andt the
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name-calling -- lying and name-calling in the republican party. that is all they have, but it works, i guess. my question is, do you think this is the beginning of how we are going to be taken into socialism? this is not a socialist country. all the people died to keep this nation and all the other nations free. the fact that they are going to try to do that is beyond, and i cannot understand how they are able to get away with it. it is so wrong. thank you. guest: i would start with the idea that bernie sanders ran for president as a self-described socialist. it was amusing to see chris matthews asked debbie wasserman schultz what was the difference between socialist bernie sanders and the everyday
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mainstream democrat. she had trouble answering the question. part of the trouble is the finding terms. socialist is not a term they like to use. that is one of those somehow fake words they don't use. we see this all the time in the news media. we saw this morning. civil liberties advocates are restraininghe judge this mr. trump: date -- this trump mandate. i would call the aclu a radical group. they will be described routinely as a civil liberties group. they will not be identified ideological in any way. host: let's go to michelle in california. independent line. guest: good morning. -- caller: good morning.
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i have a question. you as a news anchor are supposed to ask questions that make sense and remember that history repeats. you should ask an educated question instead of the national enquirer. host: the you have a specific question or anchor in mind? caller: they talk about immigration policy and all this stuff, but they never mention that have nationalized immigrants who have been here for 10 years are not entitled to social security. one, itive you a good is absurd that he would introduce legislation or look at voting fraud when every president has done it. host: thank you. guest: this is where we talk about alternative facts. that there a claim are 5 million illegal votes, we do not have any proof of that.
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the media response to that by saying that there is no voter ,raud or almost no voter fraud but i think we saw some stories in the last year about voter fraud in my state of virginia and in the denver area, it was reported on. it is not that it is nonexistent. you can have a discussion as to how prevalent it is. whether it reflects any actual elections, but the news media and democrats will suggest that it does not exist. that is like suggesting that the moon landing was not real. ont: this is carried live c-span radio. and time onk us out our free c-span radio app. our guest is tim graham. you're talking about the media and donald trump. kentucky, republican line.
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caller: yes. i was at that rally in grayson, kentucky, for the lady that would not sign the gay-rights marriage certificates. there were about 15,000 people that day. 100 of them were on the side of gay-rights. the rest of them, the rest of the town was on the side of her. mike huckabee was there. from alabama, florida, texas, all over the country. when i came home and turned my tv on, if you watched the television, channel 18 in lexington, you would have thought it was approximately an even number. 50-50 on either side. the media is so biased. thank you for your time. host: thank you. guest: one of the most
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fascinating things we study is protest. the march for life in washington, d.c. was front-page story in the washington post. it got through on the network news. this is rare. usually tens of thousands of people or hundreds of thousands of people come here and march. there is no mention of it on the news. something where i think the news media thanks and served of protests are not news. or somehow conservative protests are not really democracy. that is something we have seen in the pro-life rallies where the march for life would be to abortion here is rights opponents and to abortion rights advocates. get the idea that it is an equal number of attendees.
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host: do you think the reason it would get more attention is this is the first time ever a sitting vice president attended. guest: absolutely. and the women's rights march the previous week. this is where donald trump is different. president bush, when i was in the white house press corps, had a habit of always being in west virginia on the pro-life march day. there was no dick cheney. this president said the vice president to the march for life. one of the reasons you would do that is it becomes a news event when the media does not want it to be a news event. host: we will go to new york. caller: good morning. host: good to hear from you. how are you, my friend? caller: it takes a lot to get me
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down. i want to thank everyone behind the cameras and in the rooms, and all of you. host: thank you. thank you. this program works when you call in. good to hear from you. you sound good. know, michael bloomberg in 2011, in 2010 on the front page of the new york -- 50% of us who did not put in. people don't stand up to mr. bloomberg or mr. trump. he is following rudy giuliani because we have had a police state in new york city for 20 years. i don't want to go on. give me 10 seconds at the end.
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think you very much. word theearlier the game. you said the game in washington. i lived in washington for six years. i have a lot of trouble with the last guest because he was saying how bad the economy was, but it did not go over 40,000 now because of donald trump -- 20,000 now because of donald but during barack obama's the and the other thing is 10 seconds i need is for the judge who now put a temporary banning.n against the those seven countries are the seven countries listed by the new american century in 1997 and the carlyle group that was
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involved in the bush dick cheney shift. people are not calling out the fact that we went from having a dictatorship to the so-called s that thenalist british prime minister mentioned the other day and her talk that is really global imperialism. a lot of things are getting skew ed. the one thing i was really upset with the last guest. he said we have enough ammunition. he used the word ammunition. say he is from ethics when his talk is either character assassination of barack obama and george w. bush and then say people are talking out of both sides. it is doublespeak. host: i'm going to jump in. thank you for the call. caller: listen, please.
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this is by edward markey. it is called outwitted. he drew a circle that shut us out. wit to the we had a circle. host: thank you for the call. one of our c-span regulars. guest: the news media is very hyperbolic right now about fact checking. the same newspapers that hire a fact checker at the washington post will have a big article in the sunday paper about how he compares to the dictators of literature. the caller suggests new york city was a police state. if we ask a little fact -- politifact to evaluate whether new york city is a police state, they will not do that. fact,u look at political
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they did not evaluate barack obama once during the entire donald trump transition. that shows you that there fact checking checks who they want to check. statementsyperbolic all the time about donald trump being a dictator and all this stuff. they say we are the fact checker. hyperbolict trust fact checkers. host: our guest is tim graham. harbor,from palm florida. democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. good morning. i find it offensive and dishonest to compare the left-leaning media to the far right media. if you listen to the transcripts andhows like rush limbaugh fox news and compare that to npr
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find --even msnbc, i how dare anyone, especially your guest to compare the two. fox news, if obama walked on water, they would say, can you believe this guy would not' swim? there is nothing that he would accomplish that they would knowledge and give credit for. host: thank you. guest: i think the mistake there is to somehow tried to suggest. first of all conservative talk radio is not the news media. it is a source of political information for a lot of americans. our taxlem is we spent dollars on something called national public radio which is every bit as biased as rush limbaugh. millions of conservatives love those shows. their tax dollars have to pay for and he are which routinely
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-- npr which routinely attacks conservatives. we have to pay for that. that continues to agitate me. host: let me ask you about rush limbaugh. does the impact the national dialogue in this country? guest: absolutely. among conservatives, the battle we had with each other was the idea of who is rush going to favor in the presidential race? many people felt he was too favorable to donald trump or not favorable enough to their candidate. he is an important figure in conservative circles. people rely on him not just for information but analyzing the whole system. it is routine for liberals to get up there and say this is an unreliable source of information. when donald is doing is to say the new york times and washington post have had their
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moment. they have had to face a bunch of corrections just during the transition about in the washington post's case about vermont. this battle will continue about who is credible, who do people trust, and this is the problem the liberal news media has written. the american people did not trust them in this race because they were trying to get one candidate elected. call is on the republican line. caller: good morning. i have been wanting to call for a long time. host: we are glad to hear from you. caller: the thing is a lot of people do not know in california illegals or people that are not documented vote in local elections. here in california, we republicans and independents are
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outnumbered. the illegals get driver's licenses in california that looks so much like ours that they can trump does believe in letting people and see if they really are american citizens that are building and i feel like people need to know that plate in california, we really don't have a voice anymore. appreciate c-span. you seem to show both sides and i thank you. host: arlene, thank you. guest: we have studied for years in terms of immigration and this is an issue where the liberal media does not want to knowledge that illegal immigration is a problem and they even want to suggest we need to use sensitive terms like noncitizen immigrants in coverage of these issues. a lien use of the welfare and health systems. their stories they reduce to do. host: let me conclude with these
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words of robert rice. he was talking about the media coverage and about donald trump and he told huffington post "donald trump and his advisers, including stephen bannon, as well as shawn's, understand that a significant portion of the public trust trump' is own words more than they did the media's, trump can get away with saying and doing whatever he wants. when that happens, our democracy ends." that: this underlines people always believe democracy relies on the democrat -- and what democrats are not in power, government is not accountable. conservatives of this country think that one democrats are in power and they are accountable because of the media liberal that does not trust them, steve banning got in trouble for saying the media was the opposition party. i did the news media, tell us who you voted for the last election and he will see that the opposition party is. host: tim graham, his work is
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available on twitter and executive editor announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact to. tomorrow, discussing the latest choices.inistrative how, talking about president trump's pledge to is working.rices and, college education repayment plan. the sure to watch this morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> the week ahead in congress
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includes votes for several of president trump's nominees. joining us from philadelphia, warehouse republicans were meeting for their annual retreat. >> bridget bowman is the senate reporter for roll call. the senate is expected to take up the nomination of rex tillerson as secretary of state. what is the schedule and what can we expect to see during that debate? ms. bowman: monday evening, the senate has a vote to end debate. as you will recall, democrats changed the rules in 2013, so only a majority of senators are required to end his nomination. that is expected to move forward. the question of when the final confirmation will come up, if democrats want to draw out a


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