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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 29, 2017 9:33am-10:01am EST

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>> the state that the net conference was held in washington, d.c. this past week and monday night on "communicators, we will stick with attendees about issues facing the internet. the --special counsel to sec, talk about future communication policy and acting assistant attorney general for national security, and the u.s. efforts to counter online radicalization. >> everybody likes net neutrality, but what they don't be ais the ability to referee on the field and make sure networks are fast, fair and open. >> i think there could be a lot of improvements. i think the vision needs to be more fark -- sharply focused and the structure needs to adapt. >> their efforts of others to counter messaging because the government is uniquely not in a good position to be countee counter messenger, so that is with the private sector has stepped up. >> watch "the communicators" on c-span2.
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"washington journal" continues. a tweet by donald trump earlier this morning reads as follows -- our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look at what is happening all over europe and indeed, the world. a horrible mess area cure some of the headlines. outside of the beltway, the front page of "the dallas morning news," a judge blocking donald trump's order that is halting the deportations report by the executive order signed by president trump on friday. this from "the miami herald," to follow defense from donald trump's new immigration crackdown. this from "the seattle times," part of trump order has been blocked as a judge this -- travels as it ignites chaos. from "the san francisco chronicle," fear and hope over the immigration ban, and in the
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"san jose mercury news," chaos and protest in the wake of the band. those are some of the headlines at west and here in the east coast. we want to get to your reaction to all of this. first, president trump was asked about how he views the world. this is from fox news. [video clip] president trump: plenty of anger right now. >> you don't think it will access abraded -- exacerbated? trump: the world is as angry as it gets. host: that from abc news. the full interview is available at uni with michael in indianapolis, agreement president trump that the world is in great and the mess. go ahead. a mess. is angry and go head to read we will try one more time for michael. we will go to wanda in tennessee, good morning. caller: good morning.
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i was basically thinking that most of the americans are confused rather than angry. now,se right [indiscernible] was able to put in an independent and the majority of the people were voting against the independent to put forth a lot of things that donald trump wants to happen. the republicans, they were letting donald trump what donald trump went out to do. they will do it they want to do. it has nothing to do with what donald trump wants to do, and we are just confusing how they were able to put him in there knowing that he is an independent. call.thanks for the from "the washington post," in one week, president trump rod the recasting the enemy. you can read more at washington from ocean shores, washington, steve, you agree with president trump, why? well, number one, we
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have they collections. we need national election reforms of public finance and paper trail ballots in all of our elections. that includes the primaries. without democracy, everything, i repeat, everything else being shoved down our throats is moot. votell never again blindly. we will vote for the candidate who accepts the least amount of bribes from corporate donors. at this point, our votes are until wely hoax achieve true election reform treat how could hillary have one when she could hardly build a basketball gym up and bernie filled up stadium after stadium after stadium? cash purgerged their their own voters in california, new york, arizona, our system is rigged. we need to change the voting laws. thank you. host: thank you.
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lexington, kentucky, you disagree with president trump sentiment that the world's a mess and angry, why? disagree with the need for extreme vetting. [indiscernible] that screening process. donald trump is a republican, and republicans will be held accountable, all of them, for letting this man hold the office topresidency without having release his taxes, but having ties to russia, all of them, this is all unconstitutional. donald trump has no idea what it an immigrant and refugee in this country, and until he does, it is wrong for him to change policy that affects the lives of millions of people around the world. it is ruining the reputation of our country. the problem with our election is
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computer tally code administrator in most of the elections, with the election county clerk, including identification number, inc. of all the times we have had identification numbers and what have you ever had a negative id? county id numbers were negative, and that means they .ad fouts -- counting codes and when you talk about in person voter fraud when you have millions of taxpayer dollars to validate is that it was such a small problem and you are missing the big problem, which is elections are fraudulent, and you need to validate our election votes, not just clarify them. host: thank you. the new york times sunday magazine looking at the dreamers. this is the cover story. the only way to fight back is to accept the surely from south dakota.
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agreement president trump, who said the world is a mess, angry, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i believe what mr. trump said and i am one of those deplorables that mrs. clinton talked about. i think him stopping some of these immigrants is great and , just forhandling it a while, 180 days of it, why can't we find out who all is coming here? i mean, after all, i remember back when they had immigration years and years ago, they had to learn to read and write english and the able to talk it. not nowadays. i think mr. trump is right. thank you. , the that's good to abe
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line for disagreeing with donald trump. we are dividing the phone lines for those who disagree or agree with what you said about the world in a mess and angry, he said to an abc news and with sean hannity and an eight tweet this morning. what do you say? caller: i totally disagree with it for this above fact that all of this came about because when president barack obama was in ,ffice, the republican party they sat on their hands and did not do anything. they did not help them to do anything. you have big businesses hiring illegal immigrants. they like it because they don't have to pay them a whole lot. and they are the one benefits. building the ball is senseless. you are wasting money. billions of dollars on building a fence that is not going to
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stop any immigrants. what you need to do is you just need to be getting these businesses that are hiring these people. if they're not being hired, they will not come over here. that is all i have to say. host: thank you. here are some tweets respond to it president trump said. this is from martha who said, donald trump, you are an embarrassment to our founding fathers and constitution. tom says, he is certainly consistent, i will give you that. most presidents do at least a couple of things are. megan said that i am encouraged with his patients and leadership. leadershipngible quality concerning obama. some folks responding, i could name many, but his policies are frivolous. let's go to new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to say that i am in favor of president trump and
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when he is doing. let's go to new york. good morning. caller:we have had a lot of pros with people coming here, not following our rules and we have had people murdered, obviously, people know about this. i think it is time for the immigration policy to go back and asked the prior caller said, they needed to come in, learn the language, have a health check. i have been a nurse for 35 years. i used to work in texas, which used to be a great place to work and do not want to work there anymore because what is happening there is the old people who have been working on their life and paying into the system and our citizens born and immigrants, they have been here a long time and when they go to the hospital for heart failure or something, they're getting a two day stay. illegalgrants, who is from the southern border or wherever they come from, wherever, they are coming over with disease and conditions that
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have not been seen. stuff that we don't even know how to treat, high fever, infection, hiv, tuberculosis. we have to research all the diseases now because we cannot clear people and we just let them come over. when this people are in the hospital and the old person meets the bread, told person can stay for 24 hours and then you have to leave because this person is more ill than you are. so the immigrants, legal, who gets the bad, -- gets the bed and old person has to go home. when the illegal leaves the hospital, they get an apartment refurbished in the downtown city area, the telephone and a medicaid implication for welfare funding. tell me how good it our immigration system if the old people are getting booted out the door for a system that is supposed to take care of them with medicare and suddenly, they get the boot and this other person who was never worked a day gets what the old person should be getting? for the call.u
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on "time" magazine this thursday and that, the resistance rises. march became a movement. this was the march this past weekend, the woman's march on washington, all of which are available as part of our video library growing every day, so check it out at kathy jacksonville, florida. you disagree with president trump, who said the world is a mess and angry, why? caller: the reason i say that is because we and the country that is free.n as far as i am concerned, when it was time to vote. district, they moved their district somewhere
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else, and a lot of the blacks could not vote. him to it is wrong for say that it was voting fraud when we as people are supposed to be getting along, and a lot of this stuff i feel that donald trump is doing is [indiscernible] host: "the washington post" also reporting, the judge halts deportation as refugee been cause worldwide fear he. you can read it online at washington we will go to rudy in california. good morning. caller: i agree with trump in a roundabout way because he is out there throwing out freddy krueger, michael myers and jason as a problem. the world is a mess because it has always been a mess, and the only reason that we know about video, a because of
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quick phone call, and these things have been going on for a couple thousand years, so here's analogy is getting into people's head to scare everybody about the bogeyman and people are falling into this. that aust incredible whole bunch of people, not me, that the, is scared sky is falling. and chicken little, who donald trump is, is saying, no, the sky is falling, so people really have to think on their own and just make concrete decisions about what is going to go on. yes, the world is a mess. it has been like that since day one. host: thank you. from "the new york times" editorial board, can mr. trump handle the truth?
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piece begins by saying, for a man to peers about nothing as much as his own glory, president trump secession with the size of his and not grow crowd is not surprising. after all, from where he stood at the steps on the capital, it must have seemed unimaginably that. it was estimated at about 160,000, far bigger than what he faced before but not the biggest in history. mr. trump and sean spicer continued to falsely claim, not by a longshot. that is as morning from "the new york times equipped editorial board and eight read same it is more fake news and someone should buy the new york times. cassandra's next from columbia maryland, good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with the last caller. donald trump is a narcissist and he is a scary man. and if people listen to him, they will have heart attacks, strokes. he has got everybody afraid.
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afraid of what? been shoppingave since the beginning of time. this is their punishment over theirs, so i would advise people not to listen to him. thank you. host: thank you, cassandra. elizabeth warren went to boston logan at port yesterday to join in on the demonstrations involving those from seven nations not allowed into the u.s.. this is what it sounded like. [video clip] >> voices heard all around this world. >> we all want our voices heard all around this world. >> we have all heard about this order that president trump has given. >> we have all heard about this order that president trump has given. >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it is unconstitutional.
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>> and it will be overturned. >> and it will be overturned. [cheering] elizabeth warren yesterday at boston's logan airport and president trump same the world is a mess and angry. joe from north carolina, you disagree. while? caller: yes, i do. i was listening to the last program, the lady from the brennan center, and she was talking to mostly republican callers calling in and they did not know if they were talking about with voter suppression, donald trump and voter fraud. i mean, the man is a habitual liar. i have to say that. it is one thing after another. he generates his own news cycles. get it. i just have something quick to say. remember this date, november 6, 2018? seats and 14 seats of the upper election. make sure your vote.
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make sure you vote and tell everyone that they should vote, too. cannot and vote. that is what happened in the last election. people do not vote, they stayed home. i talked to a lot of people and asked them, are you going to vote, yes, i am, but i know they didn't. it was just voter apathy. the sooner people and united haves realize that they two, you just have to vote. it is a democracy and it should be unconstitutional but you don't vote. host: thank you. the seven nations involved in the executive order on friday, involved in sudan, you, somalia, yemen, iran, iraq and syria. the historical rhetoric about president trump's executive order on refugees is out of control. trump's order is not a patrol of american values. now, is not the time for complacency. now is the time to take a fresh look at border control and immigration policies, applied
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correctly and competently, it can represent a promising, first start and a prelude to new policies that protect our nation while maintaining american compassion and preserving american friendships. let's go to melissa, joining us from florida. good morning. my viewpoint on the world is angry, yes, we are angry because of how donald trump is a dictator. he is trying to rent the united states as hitler's. very josh'she is point of view comes across as angry. he is bitter, a hostile person. dividing the is world. i feel that we will be going to war because he is causing so inch outgroup -- upper and put
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is doing at the but using him and he is such a blind idiot that he does not see what is going on. he is sending out [indiscernible] for the federal government. we had letters that came out last week that are jobs of the cut. he is destroy the country but he feels he knows it all. at the immigration routes. william from maine, you disagree with president trump who says the world is a mess and angry. why? caller: i strongly disagree. this is like an eight year campaign by late night talk radio shows. and then you are getting blame on russia, which i think all the buy, and he wants to the once he is not our affiliated with prompt as he never showed his tax returns.
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[indiscernible] they have everybody connected around our enemies and europe. host: thanks for the call. the president yesterday with vice president pence and his senior staff in the oval office, comparing with world leaders, including angela merkel, president of france and president of russia. with the green president, from new york. go ahead. dolores, you are on the air. caller: good morning. i do agree that the world is a mass and that the world is angry. however, i do not agree that it stemming from the united states. there are areas in the world that are very unstable and very radical. this regime is kind of
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this situation, as well. we do not always agree in america, but we need to be looking forward to in 19 both sides because of the and of the day, we are all americans. disenfranchising people. it is really important that we look toward how can we come together to make america great again, not by exclusion and legislation. we also need to be mindful of what this is doing because yes, i do agree with the previous commentator that the issue with the voting situation is toolutely a ground leg to cause manytion
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other groups to be taken oil from the pole. i do agree with that. host: thanks for the call. this is from "the washington post." the president's order on immigration, demonstrations in a porch around the country, some images from jfk and new york, washington, dallas and san francisco. charles from florida. the morning. you disagree. why question mark -- why? caller: good morning. you don't have enough time to fully covered that, but i basically believe that he is playing into people's fears and using fear as a motivator to get support for the things that he is trying to do and on the other playing is really just
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against people's fears, and i think we has citizens of our country need to start examining where do our fears come from? if we thought more about where our fears come from, we could actually start to act from love rather than from fear, and i think that is what we need to do. host: thank you for the call. "washington post," know that perpetual motion presidency is focus. let's hear from jim in virginia. the morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. this did not happen overnight and will not get cured overnight, but everybody should relax a little bit, keep your eye on the same lights at the same end of the tunnel and try to bring our country together. the biggest thing is we are going to have the civil war in the united states. the craziness between people really needs to relax a little
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bit and think twice and speak once, and consider what if you are wrong? that is one of the great things that enables americans and all intelligent people to come to grips with, what if you are wrong? and then, they sit on that and that way, you have the equilibrium of you about process. thanks for taking my call. host: last word from susan in monroe, virginia. do agree with president trump. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i definitely agree with trump. i think he is doing a great job and i agree that all these immigrants coming over here is wrong. they are taking our jobs away from people. they sleep on job sites. 30 inet together and get an apartment, and they get green cards and listen them back over there to their friends so they can sneak over here. i think we need the wall. i think trump is doing a great
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job and he is going to continue doing a great job. these people that keep calling to talk about fear and all this other stuff, he is putting reality out. he tells it like it is and they cannot accept that. they are full's -- they are fools. big fools. i have the utmost respect for trump. host: i will stop you there because we are out of time. two are for all the calls and comments. we are back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, 4:00 on the west coast great "newsmakers" is next at the top of the hour with senator bill cassidy are you tomorrow morning, dylan scott to talk about medicare and drug talkingand melissa arra about student loan repayment. that is tomorrow morning. check out all of our program online at thank you for joining us on the sunday. have a great week ahead.
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really do it they live look on capitol hill. have a good sunday. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪ next, newsmakers with louisiana senator bill cassidy. then the confirmation hearing for tom price, nominated for secretary of health and human services. after that the director of office and management and budget with mick mulvaney. newsmakers welcomes senator bill cassidy as one of the small number of physicians in the number since 2009. he is advancing


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