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tv   Viewer Calls on President Trumps First Week in Office  CSPAN  January 28, 2017 2:52pm-3:05pm EST

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enhancing public safety in the interior of the united states. public safety in the interior of the united states. [inaudible] congratulations. what beautiful children and beautiful wife. [inaudible]
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you allt trump: thank very much. we're going to make the rounds and get a tour. so onr the last hour or c-span, you've been watching some of the activities and actions of president trump in his first week in office since his inauguration on january 20, and we would like to get your thoughts on how you think the president is doing in his first week. here are the numbers on your screen. us, as always, or leave a comment on our facebook page. the news media reporting on president from -- on president trump's first week in office. this headline from "the wall street journal" --
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this from "the business insider" politics section -- the story itself goes on --
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now your chance to weigh in on what you think -- how you think the last week has gone for president trump, his first week in office. billy, you are first up on the democrats line in benton, illinois. go ahead. >> i think he has done an outstanding job. it's wonderful what he has done. i backed him 100 percent. >> what in particular did he do this week that pleased you? >> he is keeping his word. you know, he is keeping his word. i'm 70, going to be 75 this year. roosevelt was the president when i was born. is the firstmp president that has kept his word. -- two -- tina is next
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on the line, republican caller. >> i would like to congratulate mr. trump and mr. pence doing a good job. i do not understand all the left-wingers protesting when our country is in danger and we do not know who is coming into the country. i think he is doing a good job mexicang illegal i immigrants and illegal foreign immigrants as well. . just want to congratulate him very proud to be an african-american voter who voted republican and will remain to be a republican voter. i will vote for him the next four years. and i will stand up and fight with this country just as well as he is fighting for our protection as americans. >> let's go to texas next. john joins us on the
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independents line. what do you think of mr. trump's first week as president? >> well, i mean, it's been one week. everything he says sounds good, but nobody is saying nothing about god. the laws of this land are supposed to be god's laws. you don't get to vote on what's right or wrong. you're supposed to do right, period, and that is the end of it, no matter what color a man is. all men, not just white men or black man or brown men. we need to get with god. mr. trump sounds like he is going to do some good stuff, but there's a lot of other stuff that needs to be did that is more important. we have people dying from
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cigarette smoke, cancer, alcohol every single day. that is a little bit more important than building a fence, 't it? -- ain you have to get everyone of them , like they swore in today putting their hand on the bible saying i swear to god. we are supposed to be doing what god said, not what man said. >> president trump spending a good part of his day with world leaders on the phone. the british prime minister was in town this week meeting with president trump, the first mr.ign leader to meet with trump since he became president a little more than a week ago. video shown a moment ago with vladimir putin, the russian .resident he also spoke with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the two agreed to meet on february 10. calls were made to german chancellor angela merkel, french president francois hollande, and
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later today at about 5:00 eastern, he has a call plan with australia's prime minister, malcolm turnbull. what do you think of president ? ump's first week in office let's hear from david on the line for democrats in kentucky. like tosir, i would complement -- i did not vote for mr. trump, but i'm very, very proud of what he has accomplished the first week. very, very proud. if i met the man, i would give the man a hub. if he keeps this up, i would probably vote for him next election. protects social security. i believe it was the second debate with hillary clinton, he said he would leave it alone, and i hope he protects that.
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i really liked the way he sounded his first week. i say go, trump. thank you, sir. is is i think he's a a a himwesome of and them as a. i feel like i'm a pretty
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open-minded person i watch him back and think of the idea that hillary clinton could have been in the white house with bill clinton, i couldn't even sleep the night of the election. they were going to be back in the white house, it was not going to be good. all of a sudden donald trump is sweating. as far as his first week in i don't think i ever saw jobs the way he has. it has been disappointing to see the people out there, the pundits that aren't even giving him a chance. -- aow disappointing that
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women's get-together last -- wherehere madame a madonna was out of place and inappropriate as usual. and how can they even do that. the democrats lost but the republicans lost to. -- lost too. he is doing something, making an effort, and he was able to be best to beat hillary. no -- he was able to beat hillary. nobody else would be able to beat hillary. he does believe in making america great again. people should give him a chance. way bigger problems than deciding if you like somebody or not. host: we will get a perspective from a democratic caller.
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carol in virginia. caller: can you hear me? host: i can, go ahead. caller: i'm very impressed. i voted for trump even though i'm a registered democrat. i love it. i have to say on the other side thingscoin, one of the that really nailed it for him was the fact that he was going to go after hillary, and i think that nailed it for the people voting for him. we are getting tired of politicians and celebrities. get criminal charges and i would like to see that -- we would get criminal charges. i would like to see that happen.
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host: we expect to hear face of nominee announcement from the president. number to will name a name another member to the anothercourt on -- name member, his selection to the supreme court, on thursday. now we are going to hear the first weekly address from president trump. this is the first one since he became president. he talks about signing the health careders and and immigration. we will hear the democratic address from house leader nancy pelosi with her reaction to last weekend's women march on washington and efforts to repeal the health care law. trump: my fellow americans, one week ago our administration assumed the enormous


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