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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 28, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EST

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housing priorities for the donald trump administration and later washington monthly senior writer anne kim talks about the u.s. cash bail system and impact on communities. ♪ with the stroke of his pen through executive order, president donald trump has dramatically if not temporarily changed u.s. refugee policy for seven predominantly muslim nations. welcome to "washington journal" for this saturday, january 28, 2017. we will talk about that executive order for the first hour which could limit the entrance into the u.s. based on religion and our question for you this morning -- should the u.s. limit refugees based on religion? here is how to join the conversation --202-748-8000 for.
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republicans, 202-748-8001. independents and all others --202-748-8002. we welcome you to comment on twitter, we will read as many tweets as possible and post your comments on we hope to have the entire text of the executive order up and available on our facebook page and also at a headline from the new york times this morning, their front page is a picture of the march in washington, the march -- the pro-life march in washington. the center headlight is donald trump targets muslim areas and refugee ban. syrians are blocked and a priority given to christians. they say donald trump closing nations border ordering of families fleeing the
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slaughtering syria be indefinitely blocked from entering the united states and temporarily suspending emigration from several predominantly muslim countries. the clearing the measure part of "an extreme betting plan to keep out radical islamic terrorism" he established a religious test from refugees from muslim nations and ordered that christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over muslims. it is being reported this morning in the new york times -- i mean the washington post whether headline, trump order halts on all refugee admissions for now and right that since the beginning of the syrian civil of the islamice state, many more muslims than christians killed or displaced because of violence, 82015 poll found that 78% of americans favored equal consideration for refugees regardless of religion, the order was called protecting the nation from foreign terrorists entering into the united states and contained a temporary entry been that would
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ban that would impact seven muslim countries. part of thespecific executive order that donald trump assigned at the pentagon yesterday, the secretary of homeland security is further directed to make changes to the extent permitted by law to prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious based persecution, provided the religion of the individual is a minority religion and the individuals country of nationality, where necessary and appropriate, the secretaries of state and homeland security should recommend legislation to the president that would assist with such prioritization. donald trump sign that executive order, the latest of a number he signed this week, his first week as president. this is what he said yesterday. -- presidentp: trump: signing measures to keep
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radical islamic terrorist out of the united states of america, we do not want them here. we want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love, deeply, our people. we will never forget the lessons of 9/11. nor the heroes who lost their lives at the pentagon. they were the best of us. we will honor them not only with our words, but with our actions. host: all of that available on our website at, search president trump. should the u.s. limit refugees based on religion? seattle washington, eric, democrats line. caller: thank you, good morning.
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president trump is married to women from czechoslovakia pennsylvania, their parents were considered communist, how can they come into the country and what will he do about limiting these countries with these visas, europeans coming in such as the ira and the right wing groups. an israeli killing and stabbing blacks in cleveland and throughout the united states, this is crazy, most people from , thewere from saudi arabia reason they are not going to allow saudi arabia to do this is because he has dealings with people and businesses. with certain islamic countries and he will not put the people on the list, donald trump is crazy and a walking impeachment, thank you. host: virginia beach -- excuse me, virginia beach next up, betty, good morning.
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caller: good morning, my name is betty, that is right, in virginia beach, this is the most awful thing, i am ashamed, there should never be any religious test. he can try and say it is not a religious test but it is a religious test because i believe he said something about letting whichorities christians that is fine but this is the most shameful thing. and if the republicans -- the leaders of the republicans in congress, they really should be speaking out against this. i happened to be jewish, i am not that religious but that is what i am and i hope the anti-defamation league condemns this. all kinds of groups should be condemning this, a horrible, horrible, horrible thing, never a religious test to come here and as far as banning the syrian refugees that are mostly women and children, they go through a
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ing for a big vett couple of years and are extremely vetted already and it is the same thing like when jews were not let in during the second world war. and i heard cote d'ivoire's say that on morning joe -- cockie r oberts say that on morning joe and i agree with her, he is a horrible president, everything so far is that -- bad. host: joe ewing you the front page -- showing you the front page of the new york daily news as they show you the statue of liberty, michael, republican line, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. i have a different outlook on this. is somewhat islam
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of a political religion, especially if you look at it from the thinking of the radical islam where it is basically means submission. ,hey have throughout history many of them still believe in jihad and things like that. sayones that do -- i do not all due and i am not saying there are good muslims in this country, there are. the ones that believe in this .adical blend -- brand of islam they have never had a reformation like we have in christianity as we moderate some of these views. it is more of a political religion -- political theory than a religion, if you take it at his work which is to subjugate other people's and force them to conform to islam. on that basis alone we have to
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be very weary of who we admit to this country. to me, that is not -- christianity does not do that and judaism does not do that and buddhism does not do that. this is something we have to watch out for because it has been inherent in islam from the beginning of -- from its origins -- 600 ad. host: do you see conflict between the temporary ban and the refugee policy outlined by the president and the constitution's first amendment and the guarantee of religious freedom in terms of congress making no law regarding the establishment of a religion -- is this -- does this interfere with that? caller: that is an interesting point but i believe that as a
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constitution, it pertains to americans who are already here. i think that every country has the ability to limit who it admits to its country. i think that is not necessarily -- the constitution applies to americans who are under its jurisdiction, under the jurisdiction of the constitution and the fact that many of these islamic radicals do not believe in the constitution. test perfectly good litmus to ask these people if they will submit to become situation because a lot of muslims -- to submit to the constitution because a lot of these muslims, not all of them, in polls have shown many muslims do not believe in the constitution, they believe in sharia law. host: welcoming your views and thoughts on the executive actions on refugees signed by president trump yesterday. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans.
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all others --202-748-8002. should the u.s. limit refugees based on religion? a memo, this headline from december of 2015, jake cheney -- dick cheney, his view then, we have not heard from him early this morning come he thinks the muslim band against everything we stand for. former vice president dick cheney has denounced republican presidential candidate donald muslim plan to ban immigration in america, he says this whole notion we can say been i hope religion goes against everything we stand for and believe in. that is part of what dick cheney said in late 2015. gene, independent line, your thoughts. wilmington, delaware. caller: good morning. i have a lot of perspective, i
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am heavily involved in the interfaith movement with lots of muslim friends and i do a pakistani-christian -- deal with pakistani christians in this , there is no war -- there are thousands languishing in greece and thailand and they are persecuted and they deserve asylum here. this is totally against what we stand for as americans. i do not believe there is any kind of litmus tests that will ever tell you a person was a jihadi and the majority of muslims have no knowledge of their religion and the more we teach them what the hate is in it, the more they tell us what the hate is in christianity and for the men who say buddhist are nonviolent, they are killing thousands of muslims around the world, especially in burma and the fall, buddhists -- nepal,
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buddhists, who everyone considers the most peaceful people. when you take the oath, it supersedes anything and your god comes first but your nation then becomes america. host: she was talking about the situation in burma, the buddhist and the muslims in burma, the washington post and one of their main editorials this morning, asia's aleppo, the suffering has escalated, the transition from military rule to democracy remains as far from assured in burma on the military the comes a formidable force, now it is carrying out a scorched-earth offensive against some muslim militants. a campaign that is for 65,000 civilians to flee across the border to bangladesh amid reports of mass rape, torture, and the killing of innocents. you can read the entire piece at washington lots of comments on twitter.
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should the u.s. base -- ban refugees based on religion? jim says that middle east immigration 101, not all muslims are jihadist but all jihadist are muslims. this one says the people who love us and will not kill us act. this is not what america is about but we can say everything about what trump has done. president trump yesterday spoke with david brody of the .hristian broadcasting network here is some of what he had to say here. areefugee changes you looking to make, persecuted christians, do you see them as a priority? president trump: they have been
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horribly treated, if you are worried christian in syria, very tough to get into the united states, if you were a muslim you could come in but if you were a christian, it was almost impossible. the reason that was so unfair is because everybody was persecuted in all fairness but they were chopping off the heads of everybody. more so the christians. i thought it was very, very unfair. we will help them. host: that interview can be seen sunday at 11:00 on free-form which was formally abc family. here on c-span and c-span radio, asking you -- should the u.s. limit refugees based on religion? hemingway, south carolina, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. give me your tired, your huddled masses, your poor, that is what it says on the statue of liberty.
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unfortunately, our new president has not used heard about it or does not want to follow it. the most interesting part is the ban,ries that he wants to none of them were involved in the attack on 9/11. he stated that was a reason he wanted to protect us. isquestion to him is -- why he doing this when those countries were not involved? he is just playing to some sort out ---seated -- to keep [indiscernible] it is not what our country is supposed to be about. it is deeply disturbing and i hope folks wake up and protest or do something, we need to stop this before it gets so bad we
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cannot do anything about it. host: republican nine, pennsylvania, nathan -- line, republican -- pennsylvania, nathan. caller: first of all, i am amazed by the opinion of some people on the left or even some republicans to have this belief that america has an unlimited capacity to love at an unlimited resources, and limited space, but you need to look at a map. drive in a crowded suburb and look that we have a country of 326 million people, only 205 million when i was 12 years old in 1977. we will add 100 million people to this country if we do not slow down migration altogether. host: you are talking about the broader issue of numbers of people, rather than just taste on religion -- based on religion?
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caller: we have been ringing in muslim refugees for 15 years. go to lewiston, maine and see what somalia's are doing to that sudan,ringing them from the mennonites, the quakers, the lutherans have been bringing them in, it is a money racket with the lutherans. say,ther thing i wanted to this is something we have done it many times in our past, a lack of understanding or desk revisits in history, people forget that donald trump gave a hint of what he would do in his first debate when the only guy in 60 years to mention assimilation. onmentioned the moratorium migration from 1924 to 1965 we stop immigration, absorbed the great wave into one language, one people, one unity, one allegiance, if we do not do that, we will be a schizophrenic
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nation and a seven headed dragon going in seven different directions. he is talking about a regional, not a religion, a regional stop because in this time in our history that part of the world is on fire and you do not bring people in from an area -- look at the problems germany and france are having, they have maybe 20 or 30 years before they are gone. not because of muslims, they are not all terrorism -- terrorists but the fact that they are different and some people are assimilable and some are not. if we halted migration from every group in our history, i often point this out, if i could say one more thing -- host: wrap it up, you have made good points, one more point. caller: to the people who say this is horrible -- did we let germans and italians come into the country during world war ii, was ellis island opened for operation?
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of course not even though the majority of them would have loved to escape, we could not take a chance of one or two german coming in as saboteurs. the nation comes before the individual. host: i wanted to point out a tweet we saw from california, kamala harris, during the holocaust we fail to let refugees in like anne frank and we cannot let history repeat itself. he brings up a number of issues in terms of localities, let me read a quick piece from the washington post who are reporting on this executive order signed by president trump yesterday and right that the order also included a new policy that states in localities should have a say in determining whether refugees can resettle their. the secretary of homeland security to propose a way to make their involvement routine, governors and mayors mostly republicans have objected to refugees was they are admitted to their untry after being resettled in their jurisdiction, often in small and medium-sized cities where the
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cost of living is lower then it is an big coastal cities. earlier drafts of the order called for a creation of a safe zone to protect civilians in syria, a feature that could require committing thousands of ground troops but in the final order there was no mention of such zones. active calls, -- back to calls, massachusetts, independent line. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i wanted to point out that any sort of test you will do based on religion is going to be completely unobtainable and unenforceable -- how do you expect to asked somebody who is a terrorist that is looking to come into a country what religion they are or keep them confined to coming from a list?y on that if you want to come into this country and do harm, you will simply lie about your religion?
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how is anyone planning on verifying an individual's religion? we all have an interest in keeping terrorists out of our country but we cannot do that by banning a broad swath of individuals and expect that to make a difference. it is no different to me than airport security before 9/11 where they ask you if your bags were in your position the whole time and if anybody else touch them. if you just have had to answer yes and you are on your way through. it seems silly to me that you could keep out people looking to do bad things to us by the country they are or asking them what religion they subscribe to. with aew york times story about a town in massachusetts dealing with refugees and immigrants, a city built -- there is the headline, a city built on refugees looks at the plan with fear, the new york times running that went on
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it and her two sisters and mother arrived here late wednesday night, the somali family could hardly believe their good fortune, it is like a , theirome true she said arrival was more remarkable because they may be among the last refugees allowed into the united states before president donald trump closes the border, he cited executive order suspending the nations resettlement program temporarily with an eye toward shrieking it and it resumes, their family the city, 35f miles from boston with red brick factories lining its canals until they searched for it on google from kenya two weeks ago. if it is strange to them, having been here not strange for local, immigrants including many refugees are part of the fabric of a life in the city of 108,000 people which most a kaleidoscope of cultures, downtown bursting with restaurant serving ,ortuguese, mexican, greek cambodian, japanese fare and global features a statue of buddha and a plaque honoring nelson mandela and a site in the
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high school that welcomes visitors in multiple languages. colorful flags of various nationalities hang in the windows of homes and ethnic festivals are common. arabic is regularly heard in shops. don,ornia, democrats line, go ahead. caller: you said don? host: you are on the air. caller: good morning, i am calling once again, it seems like every single time i call and talk about the bible, you cut me off but just to warn to be able to say this to the blacks, so-called blacks, so-called hispanics and so-called native american indians who are the real hebrew israelite jews of america, you guys need to take this as a warning that these are the last days. this whole conglomeration of everything going on is all bible prophecy.
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the lord is bringing america to an end, america will be destroyed and there is nothing we can do about it, donald trump can do about it, that his wife he got trump to be president because he sees he will make everybody hate us after a file and that is what the bible says, all bible prophecy -- angeles,o in los california, david, independent line. caller: good morning. the, this seems to be and the disease of the american spirit where bigotry always trumps everything , the constitution, religion, everything, and it seems to me , of the lessons of history ,oral philosophy, or religion
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cannot seem to inoculate itself against the american bigotry. take history for example -- one of the reasons we are so inclined, they key just to be more open -- they teach us to be more open to immigrants was because of the lessons we should have learned with the holocaust where we turned away people and send them back to guest chambers , the jews in the united states have made a great deal of progress, the undercurrent of the spirit that kept them out and subject them to the kind of horrendous holocaust was the bigotry. this is a day of manifestation or all of those who run around professing to be strict constitutionalists and good christians at moral people, we
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must remember that history of the us, in spite strange way in which we like to put forth ourselves as moral and righteous people from a historical point of view, this ofthe reality of the spirit the thing of which obama talks about, perfecting the union. what is the thing that keeps us from the progress we need but this bigotry and racism? host: thank you for your comments. should the u.s. limit refugees based on religion? lots of comments on twitter. says the constitutionalists know nothing about our constitution, trump and gop have attacked the usa worse than islam ever could.
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one says sharia conflates law. john says when a religion stands for anarchy and deadly violence, why import folks who want to run over americans with drugs -- trucks? stevens as it is impossible to know someone's religion, it is a thought process, the discrimination is country appearance-based. if you wouldet like to weigh in. california, republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. , peoplealled infidel who have called in should read, the koran, the thing about the koran, page after page, it tells you what they will do to the
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infidel. there is no secret. it does not matter if you are a republican, democrat, independent, homosexual, they have the same thing for us. i do not say all muslims -- read the koran -- but if that is their bible and their philosophy and that is what they believe in , they are a danger to any democratic country that does not -- as far as not telling if they likeuslim, something crazy -- washer hand in pigs blood -- wash your hand and take blood -- in pig's blood. this country is under a siege of unimaginable terror and instability. i do not think donald trump's is the most ideal guy but hillary,
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i was looking at the complete trend of what america is and america stands as one of the only golden light shining in this world and if you get rid of america at the top, we are going back to the dark ages which is what the message is in the koran. read the koran. i have seen the author of infidel speak and she knows the problems with islam. it is in-depth. host: her -- one of her books is "infidel." go to to find her book. pot stand, new york, charles, democratic line. taking myank you for call. i am 97 years old and 97 years
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ago the women got the right to vote. it would be nice if the president would appoint a woman, perhaps maxine waters or gloria steinem or someone the people have some faith in. we have in the country has worked up until now and i think if our supreme court and our two political parties would continuether, we could with the harmony we have had for so many years. it is a shame that the black people have suffered for all of these years. the only reason is because they are so easily identifiable. if the white people had some way of showing their sympathy and understanding of the blacks position so that it would be recognizable, i think that would solve the problem.
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i do not know what it would be. thank you very much and i am sorry that we are politically in such a mess, but the wonderful turnout of the resistance to the mess is very encouraging. thank you. host: illinois, republican line, bill, your thoughts, should we limit refugees based on religion? caller: we do not and more and more c-span is misrepresenting and misreporting the facts like some of the mainstream media. this restriction is not based on religion, why do you pose that question? this is areas of the world we know terrorists -- host: i will let you speak but it is mentioned in the language of the executive order, i want to show you the executive order, the base of our question this morning -- the language of the
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executive order -- the secretary of state in consultation with the department of homeland security is further directed to make changes to the extent permitted by law to prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion and the individuals country of nationality. where necessary and appropriate, the secretaries of state and homeland security shall recommend legislation to the president that would assist with such prioritization. seven countries, all of them which are predominantly muslim countries. go ahead with your comments. caller: that is correct but there are some muslims who are also christians, not all islamic and from that religion. it is just a myth stated question and should not be even in consideration. andconstitution definitely i am sure congress would definitely oppose setting this
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thing up, interviewing based on strictly religion. i think you are misrepresenting a little bit. host: thank you for your input. here is what paul ryan had to say at a statement -- part of a statement -- paul ryan issued the following statement on president trump's executive actions on national security -- "our number one responsibility is to protect the homeland, we are a compassionate nation and i support the refugee resettlement program but it is time to reevaluate and strengthen the these a vetting process which is why we passed bipartisan legislation in the wake of the paris attack to cause the intake of refugees and the president's right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country and i also commend the president for taking action to rebuild the military." texas, linda, democrat line.
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caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i have mixed feelings, i think the executive order is a joke because he did not exclude the countries that bombed us on 9/11. -- united arab it emirates united arab emirates and saudi arabia and turkey, those countries did not get excluded, just the poor countries. i am against fundamentalist extremists of any stripe and as far as i am concerned they can export some of the ones we have in our country, whether they are christian or muslim, i do not care which. anybody that wants to cause harm to other people need to go. host: how do you determine that on entry? what is the vetting process to make sure they do not enter the country? caller: that is a hard one to call because they can lie.
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if they intend to do harm they can lie. host: staying in texas, marcy in houston on the independent line. theer: hello, i studied letters and correspondence of the founders on this specific subject while they were determining whether they should have freedom of religion. their argument was that -- their concerns at that time -- the catholic church in europe was dominating politics. theas making a lot of decisions, even courts of laws were run by bishops and clergy. they wanted to avoid that from happening in our new country. letters, that in their if we allow a lot of religions to come in there will be so many ing amongst each other that no one religion will be able to dominate. they were trying to avoid an aggressive religion that would try to unify under that religion
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and then take control of our nation. to the extent that muslims actions are aggressive, violent, and trying to threaten our nation, i would say that we need to have some restrictions on that. we would have to have restrictions on television was in, any religion -- televangelist, any religion that tries to dominate and control the government. however, there are some exceptions, i would not think a child that was a muslim who has taught to be muslim by their parents would not be a threat to her government. i would think that the child's mother, according to their religion, is not supposed to be political or outspoken would not be a threat to our government. to the extent that they would be a threat to our government in terms of an aggressive religion
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that has a policy of violence or death to the people who do not join the religion, even people that believe in religion, there is the old story of solomon, solomon had two women, one of the children -- child would die and the other child lived, the her have myto let baby, do not cut my baby in half and the child was humanity. the true mother does not want humanity divided. it is the fraudulent mother that says if you do not join my religion, you should die. host: mike in houston on the republican line, same question, good morning, go ahead. caller: good morning. i recall president obama having an outreach policy to muslims in nasa. it was exclusionary, quite a strange place to develop a muslim outreach but that is what
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i heard a number of times. there were no concerns about that. i can agree with a number of the other colors sing it is very difficult -- callers who say it is very difficult to decipher who are muslims who mean us harm and there are definitely some, and those who do not mean us harm. the middle east used to have a christian population of 10% or it is certain countries, not 10% or 20% anymore, it is 2% or 3%, churches that are blown up and destroyed and people are killed, the christians are killed. they are outnumbered. it seems to me that that would be the population that is most at risk for being killed in the middle east. the christians did what seemed
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based on the fact that we are a judeo-christian nation in terms of our constitution, what have more affection for the united states and the religious freedom , as opposed to the muslim countries that have less freedom of religion. ew research puts this into question, they look at refugees back to 1975, 1975 indochina migration after vietnam, 1980 the u.s. refugee act raises overall quotas for refugees, this is from pew research, 1989 the u.s. raise quotas on soviet refugees and in 1999 we accepted more refugees from kosovo and in 2004, 50 percent of overall admit of refugee from somalia and cuba and laos and the 2008, burmese were granted refugee status. i want to show you the latest nearly halfom pew,
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of u.s. refugees in 2016 were from the dominican republic -- democratic republic of the ,ongo, 19% syria, burma, iraq over half from three countries, congo, syria, burma. should the u.s. limit refugees based on religion? the executive action yesterday which affects particularly impacts seven majority muslim countries. princeton, new jersey, democrat line, greg. caller: how are you doing? host: fine thank you. caller: hey phillip talking about the koran, there are awful things in the grant i agreed that there are hundreds of millions of muslims who do not follow the literal teachings of the koran in that sense. those aspects of killing infidels, a might remind him of what is in the bible, a man or
7:42 am
woman who acts as a medium or clairvoyant should be stoned to death. -- prostitutes shall be burned by fire. we do not do that because there are a lot of people who are christians who do not take those things literally. very few people do. if you go to the new testament, jesus talks about treating your slaves, we do not have slaves anymore. it is the behavior with regard to your religion. that is a difficult thing. we have to protect ourselves from extremists but there are extremist from all kinds of religions. the highest profile muslims because of 9/11 but my understanding based on the data is most of the killings in the united states since 9/11 has froma result of christians a local domestic terrorist groups.
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we have to look at this more empirically and more logically. ting, ando have vet those things critical to keeping us safe but it has to be irrational policy and i'm hoping that they get down to that. yesterday i heard a republican congressman say that we should allow the christians from those countries to come in. muslims and are not not likely to be terrorists which tells you there is some inclination to look at muslims, not just country based, exclusion. affects sevenr predominately muslim countries, syria, iraq-iran, yemen, sudan, libya, somalia. the huffington, donald trump slams the door. a picture of the syrian boy who washed up on the shores during 5 million or 6he
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million refugees from syria that have been displaced in the country. lots of tweets. this one from virginia, born of are free to practice any religion they want but no foreigner has the right to enter america, we pick and choose. the freedom of religion does not mean anything, a religion cannot be outlawed, why did he not including saudi arabia, turkey, and egypt. robert says sharia law will not be tolerated in the u.s.. line,carolina, republican will. caller: i would like to address the last caller, he talked about the old testament, and he quoted some scripture from their of rules given to moses for the children of israel. that is a history of the jewish people, the hebrews.
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changed whenall usus christ came to give salvation. he did away with the law. he did away with the law. i will like to ask you and your callers -- how many of you have read the koran? i have, i am a christian but i wanted to know how these people worship and what they thought. host: what is your biggest take away from reading that? caller: it is not a history, the is instruction from start to finish. if it was written over time, and it gets more aggressive and more political as it goes. is instruction from start blueprint for the muslims to live by.
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if people do not live by the karen, that is just like a christian following his bible. the koran is given to you to follow, just as the new testament is given to us to follow in the footsteps of jesus. i would like to ask -- how many places the muslims live that they live in peace? where do they -- host: in the united states? caller: this is the only place they live in peace and now we are getting terrorism from them. all these terrorist acts or most of these terrorist acts are from muslims. that wherever they live around the world, they have been brutal against every other religion, not just a religion, a
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that they want to take over the world. think they will come here and live in peace, they are fooling themselves and they need to read the koran, find out what is in it, look at it, you will be appalled. host: a couple of comments and reactions from leaders both foreign and domestic, jeremy , theresaabor leader may is in the u.s. and with president trump yesterday which we will talk about later. tweaking, donald trumps appalling executive action against refugees, it is more important than ever to say refugees welcome. dakota, herom north said refugee policy will keep america safe, the north dakota senator admits past support for amnesty and border security and interview-- during an wednesday, he said the executive
7:48 am
order president trump is expecting to sign and did on friday, suspending refugee admissions as part of keeping america safe and a reasonable approach for the u.s. to take. blacksburg, virginia, democrats line. caller: i wanted to address everyone but the god who called from pennsylvania. seeming to interpret the constitution to only apply to americans and i would like to ask him to think about what he is saying. our founding fathers who put a lot of of thought into this had wanted to keep people of other religions from coming into america, they would put it into the constitution, congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion as it pertains to immigrants. can you imagine if they had said something like that? of course that is not what they meant.
7:49 am
it is so sad and frightening to hear someone who sounds otherwise reasonable talk in a way that makes this policy sound reasonable or logical or acceptable. it is not. this is wrong. as americans, we need to stand up for the founding principles of our country and make it very clear by resisting, getting in the streets and calling our senators and calling our congressman and saying no, we will not accept this executive edict to contra vent the constitution, not in america, not this time. host: appreciate the call, lots of comments on twitter. this comment from jam says this segment is proving everyone has their own interpretation of the bible. one saying freedom of religion
7:50 am
does not mean anything i can call a rose and can be outlawed. call,re minutes of your james and fort worth, texas, democrat line. caller: thank you for c-span. i see it as religious bigotry christian born south of the mason-dixon line and 72 years old and the true history of christianity in america, when we discover the new world, we invaded, we committed genocide, we plundered, we murdered, we have had slavery, we have racism, we had jim crow legislation, and we still have institutional racism, so the history of why christianity in america is just
7:51 am
as empirical as all of these imagine threats from the muslim world. of course there are muslims who are against us, we murdered civilians when we falsely invaded iraq and attacked civilian populations which is were isis and al qaeda comes from and we have to be honest about ourselves before we point fingers at the rest of the world . i am sorry that is the case but this is a land of many people and who is it that says that only christian conservatives caucasians should be allowed to hold power in this country, pure fascism and it scares me to death as a professional sociologist. thank you for c-span. host: christianity today published a couple of days before the order was signed yesterday, a state evangelical experts opposed donald trump's plan to ban refugees despite previous plans to -- the u.s. would be shutting its doors to thousands displaced in the middle east, at least temporary under an executive order president donald trump signed this week, yesterday, they write
7:52 am
that bridge in eight groups responsible for the resettlement morning criticized the decision to stop accepting any refugees into the united states for the next four months, a circling grabbed order of the order puts a definite ban on refugees coming from syria and a monthlong pause on anyone entering america from a handful of majority nations. their concern is that this action really does further traumatize a group of people that have already borne so much tragedy. the human toll is really crushing. from fort worth, look at how some of this is being reported in regional papers including the dallas morning news. the dallas morning news has a piece, and refugee didn't dallas, neighborhood newcomers say they came for peace as fear grows about a ban. they talk about a man who has a
7:53 am
simple message for the american he is just 15,c, he just wants peace, a work where he -- war weary refugee from afghanistan, the freshman in dallas express what others were feeling as they tried to distill the impact -- michigan, if i can find us from the detroit free press. in virginia on the democrats line. go ahead. off, i am amazed that i agree with dick cheney for the first time in my life. maybe the old man is getting soft in his old years. think -- one of the problems is that our politicians -- and obama is guilty of this also -- the first priority is to keep us safe. the first priority is to keep us free.
7:54 am
we have our guns and fbi and police and cia and homeland security. if that is not enough to keep us safe, so be it. thank you. host: robin, independent line, massachusetts. caller: good morning. host: good morning. -- [indiscernible] once they make it to the country and become part of our nation, they complain about the way to run our own religion which is christian and try to put their voice in the schools related to being christian and if you feel that way when you come to the country, we welcome you into it and i do not think you should be putting new rules based on your religion. if you use your religion against
7:55 am
hours, you should be based on your religion before you come into this country, you should be looked at. about your you feel religion versus our religion, if you come to our religion, you should get used to our religion, do not forget that we welcome you into our place, you do not welcome us into yours and when they come here, the lack of respect for our religion. host: you say the united states religion, you are saying it is christian? caller: the main religion in our country is christian. all the people that come from a different religion into this country, as long as they get comfortable, they change -- try to change it into their way, when i went to high school, [indiscernible] host: you are breaking up. headline from the detroit free press, how this is impacting that area, there headline the
7:56 am
order to limit refugees is a big impact for southeast michigan, the executive order friday suspended all refugee resettlement by travel from people from several majority muslim countries into the u.s. and said it was a necessary move to protect the nation from radical islamic terrorists and write the order will have an immediate impact in southeastern michigan which is home to the one of the largest arab-american muslim communities in the u.s. further in the article they talk about some of the legislators from the region in terms of their response. democratic representative john conyers of detroit, dan kildee of flint township, debbie dingell of dearborn and lawrence issued a statement saying the order constitutes a thinly veiled ban on entry based on religion, ignoring the carnal commitment of freedom. republican in north carolina. caller: how are you?
7:57 am
host: fine, go ahead. whatr: thanks c-span for they do, giving us access to our government the way you do, i appreciate it. -- i understand how people are feeling, i understand everyone has their own opinion, they are entitled to it but we have to remember to think about what speaker ryan said. when you read it earlier, i will at it like this, if i run line in my manufacturer and it is automated, and something goes wrong with that line i cannot fix it while it is moving, i have to shut it down to repair the problem. if we think about it in that terms, we are not looking at a religious thing, we are looking at shutting it down for a time to make sure everything is
7:58 am
running correctly before we turn it back on. we must look at it that way, this country is free for religion, the greatest country in the world and we have to quit fighting each other and quit getting out of this religious craziness that we are in. we all believe -- we all bleed the same blood, we are brothers. we live in the greatest nation in the world. that is all i have to say. host: appreciate that, research when the religious landscape study and how it breaks out in the united states, exploring the religious denominations by faith religions., christian 70% of the u.s. and 25% being evangelical, protestant, mainline protestant about 15%, historically black protestant about 6.5%. catholic is 20.8%. religions1.6%, other
7:59 am
and non-christian faiths, jewish, 1.9%, muslim at .9%, buddhist at .7% and hindu at .7% rhode island, john on the independent line. caller: good morning. i do not think we should stop refugees coming based on the religion. we do have to look at who is coming into our country. there are so many religions on the earth and we have caved growing's 40,000 years old -- rawiings 40,000 years ago, some of the hieroglyphs 15,000 years old, i hope c-span could bring on mr. dawkins or other people who would speak more scientifically about how actually the world was formed and god used to have one billion
8:00 am
things to do and scientist figure out how things actually work. yous job is limited and if prey on one hand or work really hard, try to love your and not just try to fill your pockets with money, and think about how affluent we are, the world would be a better place. we should bring people into our country. based on their thought process. view ofa scientific religion. appreciate that, john. joining us next to discuss the british prime minister's visit to washington after her visit with president trump, nina-maria potts will join us momentarily. later on, we will look at the state of the housing market and how the trump administration deals with housing policy.
8:01 am
he will be joined by lawrence yun -- we will be joined by lawrence yun. press conference between president trump and theresa may, they spoke on the special relationship. [video clip] pres. trump: the special relationship between our two countries has been one of the great forces in history for justice and for peace, and by the way, my mother was born in scotland. states renewsted our deep bond with britain -- cultural, financial, military, political. bonds, and weat pledge our lasting support to the special relationship. together, america and the united kingdom are a beacon for prosperity and the rule of law. that is why the united states
8:02 am
respects the sovereignty of the british people and their right freelf determination, a and independent person is a blessing to the world and our relationship has never been stronger. america and britain understand that governments must be responsive to everyday working people. that governments must represent their own citizens. madam prime minister, we look forward to working closely with you as we strengthen our mutual ties and foreign affairs. great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our two countries. on behalf of our nation, i thank you for joining us here today. it is a really great honor. thank you very much. theresa may: thank you very much, mr. president. can i start by saying i am so
8:03 am
pleased to be here today, and thank you for inviting me so soon after your inauguration. i am delighted to be able to congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory. as you say, the invitation is an indication of the strengthen importance of the special relationship that exist between our two countries, a relationship based on the bonds of history, family, kingship, and common interest. >> washington journal continues. host: joining us is nina-maria potts, who is feature news story editor. welcome to washington journal. --what kindy news of organization is that? guest: we are a television and radio and broadcast agency headquartered in washington d.c. i am ahead -- i am the head of news and we have7


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